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In Defense of Actual Animals

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"In Defense of Actual Actual Animals: Beyond the Welfare-Abolition Impasse" is available here:


This brief strategic action memo sketches the outline of the controversy and offers practical tips for creative conflict resolution among allies, arguing that activists must learn to argue constructively and that proposed measures must be individually analyzed in context rather than unequivocally supported or opposed in the abstract.

The Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center offers a haven to roosters, hens, and ducks while working toward the liberation of all animals. Working in a locale where multinational poultry production and export corporations exploit people and poison the environment in the course of killing more than a million birds each day, the Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center understands that the abolition of animal agriculture will require a foundational restructuring of global farming and food trade practices as well as fundamental revisions in the ways that people think about themselves in relation to animals. This is one of a series of papers intended to build the capacity of the animal liberation movement to achieve such substantial changes.

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