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New York Times Magazine article on animal rights

There was a lengthy article in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine entitled "An Animal's Place," by Michael Pollan. The article outlined many animal issues, particularly the arguments for vegetarianism and veganism, and also went into great detail about the treatment of animals at factory farms. Pollan's article educated many people about the treatment of farmed animals and the reasons many of us follow vegetarian and vegan diets. On the other hand, from the animals' perspective, there were some flaws in the piece as well.

The article is quite long, so rather than attaching it, we've provided the link here:

Please write a letter to the editor thanking The New York Times for covering animal rights issues and offer any polite comments you may have about the piece. It is crucial for the Times to know that this
is an issue that is important to many people, and for the animals' side of things to be heard.

Letters to the editor can be sent to

Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of animals!