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May 13, 2009

 The vivisectors are getting clobbered - again

My friend Doug Leith told me of two public debates between the vivisectors and European doctors who oppose experiments on animals. These debates were at Sheffield University and in the House of Commons.

You will be pleased to know the vivisectors were soundly thrashed and both resolutions were carried "that animal experiments should be abolished".

Now, the final nail in the coffin of the profiteers.

Doug reports of an admission from the former scientific director at Huntington Life Sciences. Remember, HLS is the most notorious abuser of animals in the drug manufacturing industry. These guys are contract killers - listed on the stock exchange!!!

This is what he said ""There is at best a 5% to 25% chance that a substance tested in animals will have the same effect in humans."

Oh bliss! O joy! If these are the odds, I'd rather my medication be tested on a turnip.

If you think these are good odds, then may I suggest you spend more time at the casino or the dog track? I would love to be your bookie!

You get better odds tossing a coin. . . . . . 50/50.

Isn't it about time we told our doctors NOT to prescribe quack medication to us? Would you send your kids to a school that only 5 - 25% of the students graduated? Isn't it about time someone launched a class action against the medical profession who peddle crap, profit from it, deceiving (or possibly killing) their patients in the process?

Do we have to wait until one of our loved ones is in the morgue before we ask "what the hell are you quacks doing?" The next ignoramus medico who prescribes animal tested medication for me is going to get a verbal blast that will empty his waiting room in an instant.

Ironically, it will probably do his patients more good than seeing him.

At least they get better odds running down the street.

Philip Wollen


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