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The Day of the Bullies

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The Day of the Bullies

By David Irving


Conservatively speaking, approximately 100 million vertebrates in the world are experimented upon annually by the animal research industry of which approximately 22 million animals belong to the United States. Most of the animals are killed after research. While the animal research industry has managed successfully to brain wash the public into thinking animal research consists primarily of medical research, that is not the case. A large portion of animal research takes place in the cosmetics industry, the military, the EPA, the FDA, private research laboratories for industrial use, animal food companies, and others.

As an example, hundreds of thousands of military experiments have been conducted on animals in the greatest secrecy at a cost to taxpayers of over 100 million dollars annually. The military shoots, blasts, burns, scalds, and poisons animals. It subjects them to radiation, nerve gas, mustard gas, breaks their bones, and tortures them in every conceivable manner like attaching cartons of mosquitoes to restrained monkeys

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