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When Horses Romp the Sun Also Shines

When Horses Romp the Sun Also Shines

"It is not difficult to understand that after Descartes vivisection increased. It has only been about four centuries now since he postulated his mechanistic universe that in effect reversed the medieval view that all living creatures had souls, reserving that capacity only for our own exalted species. Animals, like nature, being nothing more than part of the machinery, hence soulless and without consciousness, could be exploited at will'."

by David Irving


Over the past decade articles and investigations by a small but determined new breed of scientists have pried the barn door open yet wider in an effort to show an old guard of scientists and a public used to old guard thinking that yes, animals do have consciousness. It seems like it shall not be long before all the horses within the barn are racing through the ever widening doorway to the beckoning pastures beyond. The old guard shakes its head in dismay. The farmer spits in the dust. "Gol' durn critters," he says. "Practically ran me over after all I did for 'em."

Meanwhile, those who belong to the old guard will continue to kick the dog, just as they have done since the days of Descartes, secure and nestled round with deeply held scientific views that the victim lacks consciousness. Therefore

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