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Day of Atonement for Eric Ledbetter

Day of Atonement

Michael Vick tortured and killed dogs and went to jail for his actions. Eric Ledbetter tortured and blinded and killed dogs and was praised by his Cornell University colleagues.

Today (Monday, September 28, 2009) is Yom Kippur, a day of fasting in which Jews throughout the world meditate and reflect upon past transgressions. For a Jew, today's thoughts are reserved for personal reflection and introspection.

On this day, I dedicate my column to Dr. Eric Ledbetter of Cornell University. He and his team of researchers injected herpes virus into the eyes of (he calls them "naive") dogs, just to see what would happen. The dogs went blind and suffered severe pain in the process. Duh. A link to his June, 2009 study:

http://tinyurl. com/ybqnapx

Should you wish to contact Dr. Heshouldknowbetter Ledbetter:

ecl32@cornell. edu

My day of atonement fantasy for Eric would be to inject herpes virus into his eyes. I know the results of my study before the conclusion:
In the future, he would see no evil.

Think of what science taught us from his study. Poke dogs in the eyes with hypodermic syringes filled with herpes virus and they will need seeing eye persons.

Who else should spend today atoning for past sins? A group of Chinese scientists who inoculated tiger pups with the AIDS virus, just to see what would happen. A link to their May, 2009 publication:

http://tinyurl. com/ybpnvzj

These so-called people of science must sense that their work is more than just deceptive and self-serving.
It is merciless. It is shameful. I've never before heard of tigers with AIDS, but shall forever in the future avoid tiger bites when I am on safari.

Can Japanese scientists atone for the worst example of animal research?

I can never forgive the scientists who published the most horrible of studies in the December 2002 issue of New Scientist. Can they forgive themselves?

http://www.newscien news/news. jsp?id=ns9999313 5

These Japanese researchers decapitated the heads of 12-day-old rats, and implanted them onto the thighs of adult rodents.

Think of the possibilities for humans! If we perform this same technique on Americans, in the event of a nuclear terrorist attack, we'll be able to kiss our own asses goodbye.

One scientist, Nobufumi Kawai, at the Jichi Medical School in Tochigi, claims that the grafted heads could become "excellent models" for investigating brain function in human infants.

Today I may atone for my own selfish fantasy which involves Dr. Kawai's upper thigh and the transplanted head of one of Michael Vick's abused pit bulls...

Then again, I may not. Perhaps I'll just fantasize about developing an AIDS vaccine for a group of Chinese Nazi doctors.

On this sacred day of atonement, there is neither penance nor expiation for the things men do to animals.

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com

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