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Dissection Campaign Packet

The Humane Society of the United States has created a dissection campaign packet for students of high school age and younger. The aim of this project is to help you to inform teachers, students, and other members of the public about the dissection issue and the need to replace the practice of killing and cutting up animals for education with effective, humane alternatives. Some of the materials in this packet are listed below, with suggestions on ways to use them:

    The HSUS Videotape on Dissection is a useful tool to help you introduce other people to the dissection issue. Among the audiences you might seek to show the video to are Parent/Teacher Associations (PAS), student groups, and state legislators.

    "Dissection: Want to Know a Simple Way to Say No Way?" explains the issue in a nutshell, and gives you ideas for proceeding with your own campaign to change things at your local school.

    "Alternatives to Dissection: Borrow Them and Save!" lists the more than 100 dissection alternatives available for loan from The HSUS at no expense (save return postage) to the borrower. The more teachers and students aware of this program, the better!

    "How to Write a Letter to the Editor or to a PTA" gives you helpful hints on getting your message to a greater number of people. Sample letters are enclosed.

    The sample state choice-in-dissection law (Pennsylvania) and County policy (Prince Georges County, Maryland) are good tools for drafting your own version to pass on to an animal-friendly legislator or school administrator.

    "Humane Science Projects" gives teachers or students ideas for science fairs or other independent science projects. Teachers find it a highly useful resource.

These materials will assist you--whether you are working on your own or with others--in mounting a campaign to either 1) replace dissection with humane alternatives at your school, or 2) enact policies granting students the right to choose humane alternatives to dissection. They will also help you to foster public awareness in your community about the problems inherent in killing animals for education.

Please e-mail us at to request a dissection campaign packet, or write to us at The HSUS, 2100 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037.

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