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Animal Experimentation: No Lie Can Live Forever

Animal Experimentation: No Lie Can Live Forever

A Lie That is Killing Us
Animal experimentation, also known as vivisection, is directly responsible for the rampant growth of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, birth defects, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, leukaemia, all kinds of mental diseases, and an endless list of many other old afflictions as well as scores of new ones, such as Alzheimer's disease and AIDS. These diseases are causing the most massive, systematic, and widespread destruction of human health ever known. The reason is fundamental: Today's research is based almost entirely on animal experimentation, which is a medical and scientific fraud. It is impossible to re-create a naturally occurring disease in a healthy animal simply because once it is "re-created," it is no longer the original, natural disease. The predictable result of looking at artificially diseased animals is that the data obtained is not applicable to man and thus is tragically misleading. This is the reason why no disease has been cured in the 20th century except for the control of infectious diseases, which was accomplished thanks to nutrition, hygiene, and public sanitation. Consequently, all the old diseases along with the new ones are killing and damaging more and more people every day, including you and your family and friends.

A Lie That is Costing us Trillions of Dollars (Yes, Trillions!)
There is no money to be made from healthy people. This is why the medical and research establishments are not in the least interested in prevention (practically all diseases are preventable). The criminal refusal to remove the known causes of so many human ailments guarantees a situation where practically everyone is sick or will eventually get sick (the flat refusal to educate people about the vital need to adopt a vegetarian diet is a prime example). Once millions upon millions of people are sick and dying and pronounced "in need" of drugs, tests, radiation, surgeries, transplants, and all kinds of medical attention and intervention, the expenditures connected with "health care" skyrocket accordingly. In 1991 alone, the United States spent 750 billion dollars on what should more appropriately be called "sickness care." It is conservatively estimated that by the year 2000, annual "health care" costs in the United States will have increased to at least 1.5 trilllon dollars ($1,500,000,000,000). (1) Needless to say, such astronomical expenditures (which have made countless doctors, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies , and all kinds of institutions rich) have already broken the financial back of the country. It is clear that prevention, and not "health care reform," is the real cure.

A Lie That Tortures Billions of Animals
It is estimated that, just in the United States, 100 million animals of all kinds are tortured to death every year by vivisectionist mills, which operate hidden from public view in colleges and universities, hospitals, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic and tobacco companies, countless other corporations such as General Motors (in car crash experiments), and by NASA and the military. The number of animals used by the military is unknown and thus is not included in the 100 million figure. In addition, millions of animals are consumed by the vivisectionist machinery in other countries all over the world (countries that follow the "scientific standard" set by the United States). The 1991 budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Washington, D.C., the largest source of funding for vivisectors, was 8.6 billion tax dollars ($8,600,000,000). (2) Because of AIDS (the new gold mine for the biomedical establishment), we are now pouring more billions into the pockets of the very "researchers" and "scientists" who never cured cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or anything else despite having consumed hundreds of billions of our tax dollars and billions of animals just in the last few decades.

A Lie That is Destroying the Planet
Not only are our health and economy being systematically destroyed by the vivisectionist mind-set, but so is our environment. The massive production and widespread use of pesticides and countless other chemicals found "safe" based on animal tests are responsible for the relentless and massive pollution of our land, rivers, and oceans, the consequent poisoning of our food and water supplies, the destruction of the earth's protective ozone layer, and many other threats that are jeopardising the very survival of life on the planet.

A Lie That is Responsible for the Birth and Growth of Nuclear Arms
Horrifying chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, possessed by an ever-increasing number of countries, were developed by vivisectors and "tested" on animals the same way a drug, detergent, or toothpaste is "tested" on animals. Conventional weapons of all sorts were also created in vivisectionist laboratories, where animals are routinely used as surrogates for man in warlike situations.

A Lie That Sabotages Real Solutions to Drug Addiction and Mental Disease
There is plenty of tax money to fund endless numbers of grotesque and useless "experiments" where perfectly healthy animals are turned into drug addicts and alcoholics. No money is available, however, to help the millions of human beings who are being destroyed not only by the drugs and alcohol they are addicted to, but also by the utter hopelessness they feel when life-saving treatment is denied them because of this criminal waste of precious resources. The same applies to the increasing numbers of mentally ill people who are often totally ignored, while incredibly huge amounts of money are poured by the National Institutes of Mental Health and other sources into psychological and other "experiments" where animals are driven insane. It is important to remember that the overwhelming majority of homeless people are drug addicts, alcoholics, and/or mentally ill individuals.

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WHY ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION IS MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC FRAUD The medical and scientific fraud of vivisection is based on the following lies that the biomedical empire relentlessly spoon feeds the public in countries all over the world with the help of the beholden media:

Lie number 1: It is possible to re-create a naturally occurring human disease in a healthy animal (what researchers call "an animal model of a human disease")

Scientific fact number 1: It is by definition impossible. Trying to re-create spontaneous human diseases (naturally occurring diseases that arise from within) in a healthy being constitutes "experimental research." It is impossible to re-create a naturally occurring human disease in a healthy animal (or in a healthy human being for that matter) simply because once it is "recreated," it is artificial and is no longer the original, natural disease. Clearly, "re-creation" and "spontaneous" are contradictory terms. It then follows that experimental research cannot find cures for any diseases no matter how many millions of animal or human experiments are performed (human experiments are also commonplace). It is sometimes possible to re-create some of the symptoms of a disease but never the disease itself. The exception to this fact is the case of infectious diseases. However, animals do not get human infectious diseases and we do not get theirs. This is why vivisectors cannot infect a single animal with human AIDS despite massive efforts aimed at creating "an animal model of human AIDS." (Besides, a non-human animal cannot have a human disease because each species of animal is a different biomechanical entity.) Obviously, prevention is the ideal situation. Once disease has occurred, however, the only hope for a successful treatment and possible cure is clinical research, or the observation of human beings who have naturally occurring diseases. Clinical research is the only way to get valid answers. Tragically, we keep financing experimental research to the almost total exclusion of prevention and clinical research.

Lie number 2: It is possible to learn human anatomy and physiology by studying four-legged animals (quadrupeds), fish, and/or birds.

Scientific fact number 2: Animals are totally different from man and from each other genetically, histologically, anatomically, physiologically, immunologically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually and socially. It is clear that human medicine cannot be based on veterinary medicine.

Lie number 3: It is possible to predict human reactions to drugs, vaccines, and other chemicals by testing them in animals.

Scientific fact number 3: Animals react differently to drugs, vaccines and other chemicals not only from man, but also from each other. Hence the incalculable damage to human health caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Lie number 4: Animal experimentation is useful in order to learn about animal disease in veterinary schools.

Scientific fact number 4: No knowledge about animal disease can be obtained by looking at artificially diseased animals (experimental research). Same reasons as in Scientific fact number 1.

The New Anti-Vivisectionist Movement
The new anti-vivisectionist movement, represented by SUPRESS, is seeking the total abolition of animal experimentation and testing on medical and scientific grounds. For the first time ever, the public is being informed about one of the most suppressed issues of the last 100 years: the connection between animal experimentation and the systematic devastation to our health, environment, and economy.

Beware of the "Animal Rights" Trap
The biomedical empire has a vested interest in promoting the slogan "animal rights" because making vivisection a moral, ethical, philosophical and/or religious issue is the most effective way to shift the public's attention away from its medical and scientific fraudulence. For decades the vivisectors have been able to disarm the opposition by using the tired line: What will it be, your dog or your baby? (which implies that anyone opposed to animal experimentation is anti-human). We are now painfully aware of the fact that this emotional question tries to hide an indisputable fact: Vivisectors routinely take the lives of both the dog and the baby. Vivisection as it is presented to the public is not a moral issue. It is a medical and scientific issue, a human health issue.

Educate Yourself
You can bring the abolition of vivisection one step closer by informing yourself:

Books: Slaughter of the Innocent, by Hans Ruesch; Naked Empress, by Hans Ruesch; 1000 Doctors Against Vivisection, by Hans Ruesch

Video: Hidden Crimes (78 minutes)

Participate: in the Revolutionary Worldwide Campaign to Abolish Vivisection.

For details of these and other books and videos, and other ways in which you can help please contact:

Great Britain:
PO Box 82
BS15 1YF
SUPRESS/Nature of Wellness
PO Box 10400
PO Box 234
NSW 2783
POB 152
Via Motta 51-CH6900

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