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Report exposes extreme animal suffering  U.K. Science Without Suffering Report exposes extreme animal suffering

The Dr Hadwen Trust's latest report, "Science Without Suffering," exposes extreme animal suffering in UK laboratories and urges the government to implement a targeted time-table for the total replacement of all animal experiments with non-animal techniques.

Launched for World Day for Laboratory Animals, April 24th 2007, the report provides a chilling insight into the reality of life for so many animals used in UK experiments. Contrary to the reassuring impression often presented by the UK government and animal research industry, animal experiments in Britain today can still involve very high levels of suffering. "Science Without Suffering" uses published research to shine a spotlight on these experiments and the system that permits them despite their scientific weaknesses and the extreme suffering involved.

Wendy Higgins, of the Dr Hadwen Trust states: "We believe that if the public was aware of just how much suffering animals in laboratories are allowed to experience, they would be extremely alarmed. As well as causing pain and suffering, these animal experiments are scientifically unsatisfactory because differences between humans and animals can give rise to misleading results. Furthermore, there are more reliable and relevant non-animal research approaches that cause no suffering at all."

The report contains six examples of British animal experiments including:

a. deliberately brain damaging non-human primates
b. inducing lethal heart failure in mice
c. subjecting guinea-pigs to lethal infectious disease
d. injecting 'banned' toxins in rodents' paws
e. forcing toxic substances down dogs' throats and
f. deliberately infecting fracture wounds in sheep

According to a statement by the Dr Hadwen Trust they would like to see the replacement of all animal experiments. However, at the very least they would like to see a swift end to experiments causing animals significantly high levels of suffering.

The statement goes on to say: "We believe that the government has a moral and scientific responsibility to hasten the cessation of animal use in science. For this reason we also call on the government to commit to a targeted time-table for the complete replacement of all animal experiments with non-animal research methods. In other words, a strategy to achieve science without suffering, for the benefit of people and animals alike".

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