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The following links contain useful information about dissection:

Problems with dissection - some may surprise you.

Dissection: Lessons in Cruelty -- a factsheet from PETA

A statement against dissection from the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights.

The Animal Rights Law Center of Rutgers Law School for info on conscientious objection to dissection.

View a picture of embalmed cats at Carolina Biological Supply Company, from whom the Division of Biological Sciences buys its specimens.

NORINA: Database of Animal-Use Alternatives

"Cut Out" Dissection -- AnimalLife, Spring 94

"Dissection...: Choice and Alternatives" by A. D. Bowd

Article on Cornell's Dissection Policy Campaign

Anamated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine

Resources from the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS):

Vivisection Documentaries. Educate yourself. Check out this 20-minute documentary:

HSUS: Animal Use in Education

Problems with Dissection: This page provides a brief summary of ethical, social, pedagogical, and environmental bases for rejecting traditional classroom animal dissection exercises.

Alternatives Loan Program (ALP): The ALP, plain and simple. Modern alternatives to old-fashioned dissection exercises.

To Harm or Not to Harm: Animals and Your Higher Education: This brochure helps empower college students to stand up for their right not to be forced to dissect or otherwise harm animals for a school assignment.

Attitudes Toward Dissection: Annotated List of Studies

Studies that Compare Dissection and Alternatives to Dissection

Humane Science Projects: A list of over 30 ideas for science projects, none of which cause any harm to animals. Invaluable for science fairs, and adaptable to a broad range of student ages.

Student/Teacher Conflict Regarding Animal Dissection

Humane Studies Using Students

Dissection Campaign Kit: A Dissection Campaign Packet for Students of high school age and younger


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