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Unethical Primate Research at UW

Thurs Dec 3rd Animals Have Rights & Undercover TV on WYOU


Thanks to all of you who came on Tues to hear Rick Marolt talk about "Why Primate Research at the UW is Unethical" campus_connection/article_5c5183f8-dddb-11de-b015-001cc4c03286.html?mode=story 

Luciano Matheron videotaped it for us and will air the first hour of it on his show between 8-10 pm tonight, on his show "Freedom of Peace" on  livestream, on line and also on Cable 95 or Digital 991.

And I will re-air it next week on our program, but tonight ,from 10-11pm, I am showing Rick & Leslie's June 1st episode, where Rick talks about Bill Lueder's Isthmus cover story about Monkey ro4040

Please check out Bill's extensive coverage and documents on this link regarding primate research.

Leslie discusses our relationship with our companion animals and the regulation of dangerous dogs.

During the 2nd half hour, we replay a 2005 A-Z presentation at the Red Gym on campus, focusing on experiments of Stephen Suomi, Richard Davidson and Mary Schneider. Rick cites the many studies being done non-invasively with human subjects, so why do we continue to experiment on monkeys? Could money be a reason?

IDA Undercover TV follows from 11-11:30.

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