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Developing New American Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction

Developing New American Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction

"Free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction."
- George W. Bush

How is President Obama preparing for the "next" conflict?

Obama has approved construction of a biological weapons facility which will create and test out new genetically engineered weapons of mass destruction ... you know ... just in case there comes a need to use them ... How will politicians present this new monstrosity to the American people? Probably a variation of this:

The proposed 2012 multi-zillion dollar Obama budget includes $150 million for a new Homeland Security Biological Animal Research laboratory to be constructed at the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, Kansas. The new animal testing research lab will expose farm animals to sophisticated means of torture. The cost for this brave new world lab to be completed in 2017 will be over $650 million. That will become a future president's problem. Where will the additional half-billion come from? You can probably guess...

Now for the biggest Weapons of Mass Destruction lie which most Americans are not aware of.

Was Iraq in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Of course they were. How do "insiders" know for sure? Because...those weapons were developed at Fort Detrick, Maryland and sold to Iraq before the first Gulf War. We made 'em. We sold 'em to Saddam. The deal was brokered by the Banco di Livorno.

The perceived 'weapons of mass destruction lie' was not a lie at all, but the George Bush legacy was that in order to protect his own father's deceit (sale of horrifying weapons to Iraq when we were friends with Saddam), the full truth was not revealed. Until now.

Soon new weapons of mass mayhem will be manufactured and tested on future animals that will suffer in what is now a Kansas field...

What do you do in case of a biological weapons attack?

Everything you wanted to know from the scientists who run such programs. The antidotes:

Robert Cohen

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