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True Animal Testing Data

December 2008

All a person has to do is cite simple arithmetic to show the lack of success from the animal-model.

The FDA in the USA cites an initial 92% failure rate for those drugs which successfully pass animal trials.

After human clinical trials are completed this increases to a larger 96% failure rate.

Post market drug surveillance over the next few years adds another 3.1% producing just over a GRAND TOTAL of a 99% failure rate!!

If one were to list all research methodologies (there about 40-50 in total), none of these methods failure rates come anywhere near 99%.

Sadly, this 3.1% is the 5th leading cause of death at about 110,000 people due to NONERROR (not side effects) poisonous reactions from these "perfected" animal-tested drugs.

For those who are not killed 15% of all hospital beds are filled with patients from these very same drugs that killed the 110,000!

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