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Why Do Rescuers Do It? -- real video(.ram) showing testing

Wasted Lives, video that shows how and why animals are used in experiments, and tells how they hold up medical progress. Tells what alternatives there are. Including interview clips with Dr Ray Greek. 5.04 megabytes, 20 minutes. Low quality. Video by Animal Aid, more available from

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty videos one and two, both showing lots of inspirational footage of anti-vivisection demos, liberations etc set to fast paced music. Approximately 17 mb each.

Malish--Movie about a monkey called Malish, who was used at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, used in memory "research". He experienced horrendous suffering. Video by the Israeli Society for the Abolition of Vivisection. Five minutes 33 seconds , 3.74 megabytes. A higher quality version, as well as many more animals rights related videos, can be found at

After 8 months of waiting, the Student Organization for Animal Rights and the MN Primate Freedom Project have succeeded in obtaining 4 hours of video footage of primate laboratories from the University of Minnesota: The tapes reveal appalling conditions in which animals are housed in tiny, barren steel cages with virtually no psychological stimulation. One monkeys sits in her cage alone, biting or sucking on the cage bars almost continuously for over an hour. Another repeatedly walks back and forth, from one corner of the cage to another. This sort of behavior, known as stereotypy, indicates poor psychological well-being.

At one point, 2 monkeys are visible huddling together in the back corner of a cage. In the background, lab workers can be heard discussing the animals. They agree that neither would be capable of subjecting the monkeys to what they are about to experience at the hands of the vivisectors: "There's not too many things I can't do, but I couldn't do this ... I don't even have a hard time with the little puppies."

Two 12-second video clips and one audio clip are available for download from our web site. We are also planning to duplicate these tapes in full so that they may be shown by other groups. If you would like one, please email me. There will be a small fee to cover the tape and postage, though we're not sure of the amount yet.

Note: these tapes were obtained by requesting them from the institution under a Minnesota state law similar to FOIA.

Student Organization for Animal Rights
& MN Primate Freedom Project
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Minneapolis, MN 55414

Since the server for the web site of SOAR and the Minnesota Primate
Freedom Project is down, and many people have been anxious to download the recently released primate lab videos, has graciously agreed to mirror our site.

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