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Alternatives To School Hatching Projects

United Poultry Concerns
31 March 2010

Hatching Good Lessons - Alternatives To School Hatching Projects Revised & Updated
http://www.upc- hatching/ alternatives. html

United Poultry Concerns is pleased to announce our updated Educational Resources on replacing school hatching projects for Grades K through 6. If you are a teacher or a parent, or are aware of a classroom bird-hatching project taking place or being planned or contemplated in your local kindergarten, daycare center, or elementary school, please click on the above link to see - and share - the great classroom programs, activities and products that are now available to teach young students about avian life cycles while inspiring students to appreciate, respect, and learn about the amazing life of birds on our planet and in their own neighborhoods.

This material will soon be available in a printed booklet. When it is, we will
post an announcement. Meanwhile, thank you for bringing humane education into your community classrooms. For our complete section on alternatives to
bird-hatching projects, please go to http://www.upc- hatching/ . Thank

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