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Research should be questioned
by Ritchie Laymon

To the Editor:

I've demonstrated against many experiments at Ohio State that subject innocent animals to unconscionable levels of pain and distress.

One that particularly torments me, whenever the image pops into my mind, is an experiment that Jackie Wood performed on cotton-top tamarin monkeys.

These animals, who look like little children at play, would normally spend their lives socializing in the tropical climes of South America.

In the OSU labs, where they were imprisoned (not a pleasant word, but apt), the hot, humid weather of their homeland was denied them in favor of an "unnatural" cooling chamber from which they could not escape.

The constant, desperate and never-achieved search for warmth was meant to give these helpless creatures ulcers, which would lead to ulcerative colitis. And if Jackie Wood - the compassionless vivisector who devised this plan - got lucky, the cotton tops would eventually develop colon cancer.

Research mouthpiece Earle Holland is dead wrong when he says those who protest animal research do not offer themselves as subjects. I check out every advertisement that OSU posts for clinical trials.

Most I can't participate in because I don't suffer from the disease being studied or I am too old, or too young, or not a smoker, or whatever. But I did find one option for which I was well-suited: the Women's Health Initiative.

I was accepted into the dietary program of this nationwide study and after 10 years of participation. The study is now complete and the results, as they roll out, are making headlines and changing therapies on a regular basis.

It was a rewarding and educational experience and I would recommend everyone volunteer to help advance human research by becoming a human test subject.

I stress the word volunteer. We can choose. The animals are given no choice but to suffer and die.

Ritchie Laymon

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