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Announcing: The National Primate Research Exhibition Hall located in Madison, Wisconsin

If someone had shouted, “Holocaust!” everyday at the entrance to a death camp, would it have made a difference? If someone had held a sign proclaiming “Atrocity” at the entrance to Mengele’s lab would children have been saved? Weren’t people morally obligated to speak out?

Like a Holocaust Memorial at the Gates of Auschwitz, the National Primate Research Exhibition Hall makes the clear statement that what is occurring in these labs across the country and the world is wrong and must be stopped. Sandwiched tightly between the historic and infamous Harry H. Harlow Primate Psychology building and the National Institutes of Health’s flagship vivisection lab, the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, the Exhibition Hall’s permanent presence and clear voice will be impossible to ignore.

People everywhere have a moral duty to speak out.

For those with broadband or great patience: 100 Mb .mpeg, 20 minute video of primate testing


The National Primate Research Exhibition Hall • (608) 237-2500 •
• Primate Freedom Project P.O. Box 1623 Fayetteville, GA 30214 •
• Alliance for Animals 122 State Street #406 Madison, WI 53703 •