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received anonymously:
"The Animal Liberation Investigation Unit has obtained damning photographs from within Primate Products, Inc. ( in Miami, Florida. The photographs reveal the true faces of vivisection and the global primate trade."

Click here to view the photos (download a zip file of the photographs here).

Warning: images are disturbing, but need to be viewed and acted upon.

MIAMI - Federal officials say they will inspect an animal research facility now that watchdog groups have complained about photos of bloody monkeys they say were leaked from inside.

Ten photos showing monkeys with deep gashes and open wounds surfaced on the Internet last week. An underground group calling itself the Animal Liberation Investigative Unit claims to have leaked the photos from inside the walls of Primate Products Inc. in Doral.

"Those pictures may be the tip of the iceberg," said Don Anthony, spokesman for the Fort Lauderdale-based Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. "Who knows what else may be going on behind the scenes?"

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