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Laboratory Animal Use Figures for US, EU, UK

The most recent laboratory animal use figures for the US, EU and UK are now online at, together with an expanded list of peer-reviewed scientific studies and governmental reports describing the human clinical and toxicological (ir)relevance of animal experiments, their animal welfare costs, and 3Rs alternatives. Collectively this data provides some of the strongest scientific evidence against animal experimentation in existence.

This service is provided for the assistance of animal advocacy campaigns, along with: over 400 educational studies describing humane alternatives to harmful animal use in biomedical education and related resources, including a review of over 30 studies comparing student learning outcomes obtained via harmful animal use with those obtained via humane teaching methods. support and guidance for students unwilling to harm animals for their education. comprehensive information about the health and nutritional aspects of vegan companion animal diets. letter to the editor, editorial and news contact details for leading newspapers in major regions of the world, along with newspaper rankings and circulation figures. experts with qualifications, knowledge, skills or experience, of particular value to the animal protection movement.

I hope you find these resources beneficial.

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Animal Consultants International

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