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Animal Testing is Cruel

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Cages upon cages are stacked in a plain room. Each contains a monkey that will live there the rest of its life which could be years or days away.

From isolation and insanity they pace round and round in circles. When they are taken out different tests are performed on them. Among these brutal experiments, is being shoved in tubes to be bled, having tubes shoved down their throats, and being painfully injected several times.

Every animal, whose purpose in life, (determined by humans), is to be tested on, will never be free to live or ever be loved.

Animal testing is animal cruelty. It's something that goes unnoticed every day because of the benefits for people that are a result of it.

You are most likely connected with it every day; it's the new cosmetic line that you just bought, your shampoo you use daily, or maybe even a vaccine. It's something that's overshadowed by advancements in the medical field.


Whether it's a mouse, bird, bunny, or even a monkey, each animal is different. Animal testing can be unreliable because other animals are so different from humans. If the tests and results are unreliable this could ultimately lead to a dangerous outcome for the results of the products.

More importantly, animal testing is harming living creatures for data that is not one hundred percent reliable. Even if the results were one hundred percent reliable it still would be animal cruelty and wrong. However this point defends the argument that says that animal testing is not crucial to research. How can something be so crucial to research if the results are not even completely accurate?


Choosing the alternative methods of research would seem to be a no brainer decision. However, as long as people support the research by buying the products, they won't change to the alternatives.

So instead of doing nothing, refuse to use products tested on animals; shed a tear for the lonely souls in pain who will never see the light of day.

For a list of companies that do and don't test on animals go to:


Joanna Schumacher is a student at Golden High School.


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