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Sadistically Sweet
Killing dogs over a cup of coffee
The real “life-saving” research going inside of HLS

“Huntingdon performs live-saving research!” This is the claim and justification for animal testing so often fed to the press on the sanitized tours HLS gives to reporters and government inspectors. It is an assertion that is, without a trace of doubt, fundamentally and factually FALSE. Huntingdon is not in the business of developing life-saving medicines and therapies, but is instead a Contract Research Organization – a for profit company – that only tests what products it is contracted to.

In the 50 years HLS has been in operations, taking over 9 million lives, how many medical breakthroughs has it been responsible for? Perhaps all of us concerned about animal protection and public safety missed the news that HLS has cured cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease! The sad fact of the matter is vivisection labs like Huntingdon use valuable time and resources and squander it on meaningless animal research. With more and more people becoming ill with cancer, AIDS, having heart attacks, and suffering various other ailments, we need now, more than ever, sound and sane methods of scientific research, methods that cast aside the archaic, barbaric, and refuted concepts of animal-based research.

Huntingdon, in its Public Relations war for survival, consistently touts its research as finding cures for diseases, exploiting the personal tragedies of sick people, and the vulnerabilities of most people fearing such disease-induced suffering. This is a PR move no different that exploiting the horrendous tragedies of September 11th for political assaults on civil liberties, for launching wars for oil, and silencing any dissent and disagreement. It is an obnoxious and morally-corrupt spin on reality to sell bloody services to a public with that has shown dwindling support for such violence to animals.

What Huntingdon fails to include in its press releases and public statements about its research is what the bulk of its work is really for – the toxicity testing of chemicals (like floor coverings), pesticides (like Monsanto’s weed-killer that poisons our food supply), pharmaceuticals (like diet-drugs), food additives (caramel food coloring is one of many), and dreaded GM foods. HLS does not brag about these tests to the public and would rather you don’t know about them. They are not saving our lives, but rather, in many circumstances – taking them. HLS is putting products onto the market that cause cancer, cause high-blood pressure and heart disease, cause people adverse reactions when taking these drugs, and destroy our earth and its creatures.

For those brave enough, take a look, explore one of the products HLS was recently exposed testing – the coffee sweetener called Sucralose. Hardly a cure for cancer, and hardly worth the pain and death that was inflicted for it.

 Under Cover Footage taken inside Huntingdon Life Sciences