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The Rotten Truth Behind Iams' "Dental Defense" Diets

Procter and Gamble ... one of the biggest companies that do HORRIFIC testing on animals PLEASE do NOT buy any products made by P&G.

This is what they do to dogs.

Instead of testing dogs in the home or providing a reasonable living environment for their dogs, Iams does whatever they can get away with. When they get caught, they lie their way out of it or contract out to new labs and claim they're no longer torturing dogs. This is just one more example.

There are so many dog foods available, there is no reason to continue to support a company who puts profits ahead of the welfare of living creatures. The Rotten Truth Behind Iams' "Dental Defense" Diets is just one more example.

Pets and Animals The Rotten Truth Behind Iams' "Dental Defense" Diets

Iams should change the name of its "Dental Defense" diets to "Dental Destruction, " judging by the bloody gingivitis experiments on dogs that the company is currently funding to study its food formulas. As far back as June 2002, Iams promised that it would "not contract for, nor conduct, any study involving surgeries to create or mimic diseases . ; nor w[ould] the company use non-surgical methods to induce or simulate diseases that are not acceptable in nutritional or medical research on humans; nor w[ould] the company fund any university positions that may be involved in such activities for the study of cat and dog nutrition." But, none of this is true, since, according to new publicly available documents that PETA obtained from the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), Iams has committed funds from November 2002 through October 2005 for an experiment conducted by Dr. Roger B. Johnson (which is a follow-up to his similar 1999 Iams-funded study) that involves inducing gingivitis-a painful stage of periodontal disease-in 21 beagles by cutting and suturing their gums. To make matters worse, and as more proof that Iams lies through its teeth, Dr. Johnson states in item 19 of his "Animal Activity Protocol" that "[a]t the end of the experiments, the animals will be sold and transferred to another research facility." This is precisely how Iams operates-keeping dogs in cramped cages and conducting invasive tests on them for years on end, and then "adopting" them out to other testing laboratories rather than into loving homes. No wonder Iams has never revealed the location of its "retirement center." There is no reason why Iams should be violating its research policy and purposely inducing gingivitis in healthy dogs! Please e-mail Iams or write to the address shown below and demand that the company immediately end this experiment, release the dogs to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, and use humane testing alternatives such as collaborative veterinary clinic studies (in which dogs who have naturally developed gingivitis are volunteered to participate in the study by their human caretakers).

Jeffrey P. Ansell, President Iams Company
7250 Poe Ave.


OH 45414-5801

Iams has gotten away with murder for long enough! Read our letter to Procter & Gamble (Iams' parent company) regarding this bloody experiment and other troubling issues.

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