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MARC Grades Harvard on Primate Treatment!

MARC Grades Harvard on Primate Treatment! (Final Grade at End)

In getting ready for today's protest at Harvard, we decided to turn the tables and test Harvard. The MARC test evaluated the way this prestigious institution is treating humanity's nearest genetic relatives. One of our banners has this quote from Dr. Jane Goodall, "We shouldn't be expanding the Primate Research Centers. We should be closing them down, all of them. That people can go to work every day and allow such barbaric conditions to continue is a very black mark against humanity." This seems especially apropos given that in 2007 the European Parliament called for an end to all non- human primate research.

So we analyzed what Harvard is doing to the 2000+ primates at their New England Primate Research Center(NEPRC) and here is some of what we found:

We found that no federal law regulates what happens to these animals during actual experiments. Under the Animal Welfare Act, even food, water, medical care, and infant access to mothers can be denied if it is deemed to be necessary for the experimental conditions. And for even the minor welfare measures that are enforced, law enforcement is notoriously lax, and ethical decisions are made by industry insiders, often co-workers and friends of the researchers.

NEPRC is part of the Harvard Medical School and is one of the 8 Primate Research Centers in the nation. Harvard is the #2 most funded animal research lab in the nation, getting at least $250 million per year! That's enough to pay for health insurance for over 20,000 families.

Many of the Harvard primates have been the victims of cocaine and heroin studies (forced addiction), and some of these studies have been going on for 40 years! Plus they have endured horrible stress studies, failed xenotransplantation experiments, and a variety of painful invasive procedures. And Harvard is one of a very few vivisection facilities still using electric shock on primates.

Harvard will say they are conducting important AIDS research on these animals, but the truth is that not a single positive gain has actually ever happened. Except a lot of animals have died horribly. In fact, because primates don't get AIDS and humans don't get SAIDS (simian AIDS), Harvard researchers have combined the two, creating a new and highly fatal disease. You don't have to have a Harvard degree to know the last thing we need are new genetically engineered diseases.

Despite decades of saying that they apply the 3R's (reduction, refinement, and replacement), Harvard has EXPANDED its primate population in the last decade.

Like all vivisectors, Harvard says they are only "using" animals for important medical research. After searching for any truth to this, instead, as we reported all week, we found quite the opposite, including the following specific experiments.

Harvard pulls in about 2 million dollars a year to give drugs to animals, that's enough to treat over 1000 addicts. Harvard has published 75 separate papers and studies about cocaine use in primates. One researcher, Bertha Madras, has been giving drugs, mainly cocaine and heroin to animals for over 40 years. So we say to Harvard: we have plenty of addicts to study, and recreational drug research is not exactly cutting edge technology worthy of torturing our closest animal relatives. Researcher Roger Spealman addicts monkeys to cocaine, breaks them of their addiction, then "induces social stress" to see if they re-addict. You don't have to be a Harvard professor to know this is stupid and wastes tax dollars; any drug counselor can tell you that stress can cause re- addiction, and, the last we knew, monkeys don't naturally seek out cocaine in the first place!

Another researcher studies fear in monkeys. He uses raptor calls (hawks and other birds of prey) to frighten young monkeys in order to monitor their fear reactions. This is both cruel and moronic.

Harvard researcher David Adams has repeatedly tried to transplant pig kidneys and hearts into baboons. This failed at least 11 times, killing both animals every time. Primates and pigs rank 2nd and 4th in animal intelligence. We'd be hard pressed to give David Adams such a high ranking.

As of 1999, Harvard researcher John Assad was attaching PERMANENT head restraint bolts to primates' skulls so he can keep them still to benefit his research. Many Harvard researchers routinely implant electrodes into primates' brains and eyes. And very recently, a researcher let a monkey die in a restraint chair when he left to have lunch.

For more evidence, see

For all these reasons, we say Harvard gets failing grades for what they are doing to primates!

So, for egregious and unnecessary cruelty to our nearest genetic species:

Harvard Final Grade: F minus!

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