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Harvard Halts Animal Research After Fourth Primate Death

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Harvard Halts Animal Research After Fourth Primate Death

03/05/2012 Daniel B. Moskowitz

After the death of another primate, the head of Harvard's primate research center has resigned, and the university has initiated a review.

The moratorium is just part of the university's attempt to solve problems at the center. In addition, a team of veterinary staffers will monitor animals and procedures more frequently, and a panel of outside experts will suggest ways to improve review NEPRC operations.

"My involvement in this has been very substantial over the last year, but it is getting raised to a higher level in terms of my person direct engagement," Jeffrey Flier, dean of the Harvard Medical School, said in a statement.

The actions come in the wake of the February 26 euthanization of an elderly cotton-top tamarin monkey that was terminally dehydrated after being left without water in its cage for an extended period of time. This recent death was the fourth reported at the university since 2010

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