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Dear ARAN Supporters;

Our campaign partners at Animal Defenders International and National Anti-Vivisection Society have just released footage of their new 2009 investigation into the international trade in primates used for experiments. This shocking footage is a must see for people who support animals in experiments and medical research -- see what these industries are desperate to hide.

At 2pm today, campaigners from ADI and NAVS held a conference at European Parliament to launch the findings of their 12 month investigation into the trade in wild caught primates, their suppliers and of course the laboratories that use primates in experiments, including the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences. In this detailed investigation, primates were tracked from been caught in the wild, straight to the laboratory.

Please click here to see the twenty minute documentary ADI and NAVS have just launched which is been supported by many European Members of European Parliament (MEP's). This new investigation is all part of a European initiative to ban the use of primates in experiments and is been coordinated by ADI and NAVS. What are Animal Rights Action Network doing to support the declaration and to stop the trade in primate for experiments? In Ireland, Animal Rights Action Network is working in close collaboration with ADI and NAVS to ensure that all Irish MEP's support a European declaration that would put an end to the use of primates in research and to call for modern, sophisticated alternatives that would advance medical research . For many weeks prior to this launch, ARAN had been lobbying Irish MEP's to support the 'Save the Primates' campaign. In the coming day's and weeks, ARAN in conjunction with ADI and NAVS will be promoting this latest investigation into Primates and Huntingdon Life Sciences across Ireland and calling on MEP's and the Irish government to support a ban on the use of primates in experiments.

GET ACTIVE AND SHOW YOU CARE: We cannot do this without your help! If you'd like some postcards to send to MEP's please contact us, of course a SAE would be much appreciated to help us offset the cost of mailing. We've got until April to make a huge difference and if people from across the nation get involved then Ireland will be seeing to be backing this vitally important initiative to end primate cruelty in experiments.

Please be sure to visit  right now to learn more about this latest investigation and contact Animal Rights Action Network today to lend your voice to the campaign in Ireland.

Thank you for all that you are doing to put an end to cruelty to animals, together we're making a big difference.

Animal Rights Action Network 'Cruelty to animals must stop. FULL STOP.'

Huntingdon Life Sciences Infiltrated and Exposed Yet Again

Post forwarded from SHAC list:



Animal Defenders International have just published a report and film exposing every aspect of the vivisection primate trade across three continents including sending a worker undercover inside Huntingdon Life Sciences. They have revealed primates being torn from the wild and placed into tiny prisons in Vietnam, to then endure a thirty hour journey in a restrictive cage arriving at Huntingdon Life Sciences in the dead of night to undergo horrific experiments.

The undercover worker filmed monkeys strapped in to chairs and forced to inhale products. Many were left in one cubic metre cages and then taken out to be held down by workers as tubes were forced down their throats. Primates inside HLS are living in cramped, dirty baron cages. The  psychological damage inflicted on these innocent beings lead them to chew their own fingersand toes off the the bone; and one primate's face became so injured she had to be force fed.

During the year long ADI investigation 217 primates were killed in just five studies for customers including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), AstraZeneca and the MoD.

To view the ADI report and view the video footage shot inside HLS, visit:

After the 1997 expose when HLS workers were filmed abusing animals GSK and AstraZeneca both dropped HLS. They soon went back to them when Brian Cass promised to turn the company around, but said if it ever happened again they would not use HLS to contract experiments. We all know this kind of thing is going on every day inside HLS, but now we have up to date footage from inside HLS during 2008.

Please contact GSK & AstraZeneca and ask them to stop contracting experiments at HLS and ask them to look at the undercover footage and report written by the Animal Defenders International. There is a sample email below with details on who to write to.

Do not let these animals die in vain; now is the time to take action. We must stand up and fight against animal cruelty, we urge everyone who can to attend our next national protest in London on the 27th of february where we will protest against HLS's financial backers. For more info see:


To whom it may concern

I am writing to you regarding a recent investigation carried out by the Animal Defenders International (ADI). They sent an undercover worker into HLS to work in the primate unit during 2007 and 2008.

The undercover investigator witnessed five studies including one sponsored by your company.

The primates in HLS are living in dirty baron cages and are being captured in the wild having to endure 30 hour journeys in cramped conditions. The living conditions are having serious psychological effects on the primates leading them to self harm, they are chewing their own fingers and toes off and one primate's face became so injured she had to be force fed.

All this cruelty has been caught on camera and HLS is guilty of yet more cruelty, now being exposed for the seventh time in ten years. HLS have also been caught out carrying experiments over the severity limit of their licence - yet more law breaking in the worlds most notorious laboratory.

As you are aware this is not the first time HLS have been caught out, and your company has given them too many chances, it is now time to turn your back on criminality and the disgusting violence inside HLS. In light of this recent investigation I am calling on you to halt all contracts with HLS with immediate effect.

Please visit  for more information.

[your name here]

AstraZeneca  - Chief Executive Officer  - Chief Financial Officer  - Executive Vice President North America  - Executive Vice President, Europe and ROW  - Executive Vice-President, Operations  - Executive Vice-President Discovery Research  - Executive Vice-President Human Resources  - Senior Non-Executive Director GlaxoSmithKline  - Andrew Witty - New CEO & on Board of Directors  - Chief Financial Officer & on Board of Directors

- Chairman of Research & development & on Board of Directors  - President of Global Manufacturing and Supply  - President of Asia Pacific/Japan

- President of North American Pharmaceuticals & on Board of Directors  - President of Consumer Healthcare  - SVP, Company Secretary & Compliance Officer - Chief of Staff  - SVP, Human Resources

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