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Should animals die so scientists can pursue possible life saving treatments for people?

There are quite a few comments on this story already. While some news articles have very few worthy comments, this one is probably worth ARA members putting in their intelligent opinions as a way of educating a few people. While it is true that few of us do not take any medication or undergo treatments which have not used animals in the process, to me the treatment is at issue here - some readers seem to think there are no alternatives in any situations and that animals are always treated as humanely as possible which is obviously untrue.



Billboards are made to draw attention and that's exactly what's happening in Seattle.

These billboards ask a controversial question -- should animals die so scientists can pursue possible life saving treatments for people?

The billboards are paid for by the Foundation for Biomedical Research. The private D.C.-based group lobbies lawmakers and the public in favor of using animals to look for human cures and treatments.

Liz Hodge of the Foundation for Biomedical Research said, �The point of the advertising is just to make people think about where are my medicines coming from when my kid is sick, how are those things developed."

Animal rights groups say even animals bred just for research should not have to die.

Kathy Gullerimo of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said, "It still doesn't make any difference, I think, to any feeling, human being what the species is. They all experience pain. They all can suffer."

For most people seeing the billboards, the argument isn't black and white.

One woman said, "I don't think it should be done for non-medical, and non-life saving purposes. I'm not sure that shampoos, conditioners things like that."

Another woman said, "I bet there are ways to do it humanly and ways that aren't so humane."

It's a debate these billboards are designed to get more people into

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