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An international coalition of animal protection groups from Europe and North America started the world's only internationally recognized scheme which can enable consumers to easily identify products not tested on animals. In the UK this scheme is known as the The Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) and The Humane Household Products Standard (HHPS).

Directive 86/609 is the law that controls animal experimentation in Europe. This legislation is still being reviewed but the draft of its replacement is expected to be ready very soon. It is expected and hoped that the revision will promote the use of alternative techniques and improve animal welfare. It should also reduce experiments on non-human primates and in particular control the care of animals used in new research methods.

The UK government can use the review of Directive 86/609 as an opportunity to make a superior commitment to the "3 Rs" principle to refine, reduce and replace animals in experiments. One such way is to replace the testing of Household products with validated alternatives. Early Day Motion (EDM 1215) calls on the UK Government to ban the issuing of licences to test household products and their ingredients on animals. For this to be have success around 200 MP signatures are required.

You can ask your MP to sign EDM 1215 via

More about the HHPS can be found at

The RSPCA have approved a petition, "Take Action", which asks the British government to commit to ending the use of animals in experiments by substituting them with humane alternatives.

You can sign this RSPCA petition at

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