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1.Artificial Skin Used as Alternative to Animal Testing
... Home RA News RA News RA News Artificial Skin Used as Alternative to Animal Testing Bioengineered skin is being used as an alternative to animal testing, especially in Europe, where regulators have ... ...asp?CID=116&DID=16191

2. Animal Testing Alternatives
... Science and Technology Sources on the Internet Animal Testing Alternatives: Online Resources Elizabeth Choinski Science Librarian University of Mississippi Libraries ... 

3. Animal DNA Testing - Genotying (Fingerprinting) and Biogenetic Services, Inc.
Home Page The Need The Science Plant Protein and DNA Testing Isozyme Purity Testing Isozyme Genotyping DNA GMO Testing ELISA GMO Testing DNA Genotyping Animal DNA Testing Genotyping Scrapie ... 

4. Animal Protection Institute - Animal Testing and Alternatives
Animal Testing and Alternatives How many animals are involved? Each year, an estimated 27 million animals in the United States are used in research, testing, and education. About half (14 million ...  

Protests held against this Herefordshire animal testing lab have spanned over the last 20 years ... ... The animal testing industry, its clientele and the government, are less than concerned about the ...  

6. Animal dna testing
Information on Animal dna testing Home dna paternity testing free dna testing dna florida paternity testing dna paternity tampa testing dna florida testing dna testing center home dna testing ... ...imal-dna-testing.html

7. WelchWeb - Alternatives to Animal Testing Resources
... More... Guide to the Collection Collection Development Policy Electronic Collection Development Policy Welch Print Journal Holdings Institute of the History of Medicine Alternatives to Animal Testing ... 

8. PRCA - ProRodeo - Animal Welfare
... PRCA - ProRodeo - Animal Welfare   ESPN | | WNBA ...  

9. Recommended animal testing, cosmetic animal testing, against animal testing
AJ Shopping Portal Animal Testing Animal Testing Product categories animal testing, cosmetic animal testing, against animal testing, argument against animal testing, fact on animal testing, argument ... ...nt/animal-testing.htm

10. - Alternatives to Animal Testing
Alternatives to Animal Testing A website dedicated to wild and domestic animals of all kinds. Home Page > Animals_index > Alternatives to Animal Testing We currently feature 394 Distinct Animal ... http://www.about-animals. ...stoanimaltesting.html

11. The Scientist :: EU appraises alternatives to animal testing , May 9, 2003
... ARCHIVES May9, 2003 Previous | Archive | Next DAILY NEWS EU appraises alternatives to animal testing Seminar considers implications of proposed new regulations and the need for alternatives. By ...  

12. UC Center for Animal Alternatives
Laboratory Animal Welfare and Alternatives This section concerns laboratory animal welfare and provides gateways to the information resources on 3Rs, animal use statistics, monoclonal antibodies ... http://www.vetmed.ucdavis ...Alternatives/main.htm

13. > Animal Testing
Animals Used for Clothing Animals Used for Entertainment Animal Testing Education Companion Animals ... ... We Are Here for You "Ushering drugs to market through animal testing is treacherous. Legal drugs ...  

14. EU puts squeeze on animal testing | The Register
... Warnings - view the best The Register -- Odds and Sods -- Science -- EU puts squeeze on animal testing By Pelle Neroth Taylor Published Monday 16th May 2005 10:06-?GMT The EU's scientists are ... ...05/16/animal_testing/

... Guide Literature Merchandise Other Companion Animal Food Issues Video Photos Iams is scrambling to ... ... went undercover at an Iams contract testing laboratory, where a dark, sordid secret was ...  

16. Altweb-Alternatives to Animal Testing on the Web
... Committee for the Validation of Alternative Methods Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing Laboratory Animal Unit, Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo National Centre for ...  

17. The Seattle Times: Local News: UW professor barred from animal testing
... UW professor barred from animal testing By Sharon Pian Chan Seattle Times staff reporter E-mail this article Print this article Search archive Other links Letter informing Dong of suspension [PDF] E ... http://seattletimes.nwsou ...5354_uwanimal19m.html

18. Animal Concerns Community - Animal Testing
advanced search Site Map Animal Concerns Forum About Animal Concerns EnviroLink Network Suggest a Resource Animal Testing Actions You Can Take (7) Articles (22) Educational Resources (9) E-Mail Lists ... http://www.animalconcerns ...24&topictype=subtopic

19. OECD Reaches Agreement to Abolish Unnecessary Animal Testing, 29 Nov 00
Back to Newsroom Back to OECD Home page News Release Paris, 29 November 2000 OECD Reaches Agreement to Abolish Unnecessary Animal Testing OECD countries, through the OECD Chemical Committee of ...  

20. fast facts about animal testing
... here > > > FIND OUT > fast facts related topics > > > beliefs | health animal testing Animal testing is when scientists, students or commercial firms such as cosmetic companies ... ...ges/0,,622679,00.html

21. Americans for Medical Progress : Is animal testing really necessary to our h...
Animal Rights Activities Medical Research News Legislative News AMP In the News AMP Editorials Is animal testing really necessary to our health? Jacquie Calnan, Americans for Medical Progress Source ...  

22. Experts at Delray meeting stress need for care in animal testing: South Flor...
... Archives Customer service News by e-mail Experts at Delray meeting stress need for care in animal testing By Cadence Mertz Staff writer Posted May 12 2005 Delray Beach? With the debate over animal ... http://www.sun-sentinel.c ...y?coll=sfla-news-palm

23. Uncaged Campaigns: Pet food and animal testing
... links ACTION: uncaged action diary dates email campaigns join us / donations 'Pet' Foods and Animal Testing Policies The companion animal food industry has become big business in recent years. The ...  

24. Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Animal Product - Fact Sheet - Animal Welfare
... research, teaching, or testing involving animal use. Such laboratories have established ... Veterinary Medical Association Ontario Farm Animal Council Manitoba Farm ... http://www.inspection.gc. ...nsport/welfproe.shtml

25. Lot of useful info about animal testing for medicine
animal testing for medicine here Lot of info about animal testing for medicine If you need more info about animal testing for medicine then visit link below Go to main page internal medicine ...

26. ANIMAL TESTING. Free term papers for college, book reports and research pape...
Essay Express Free Essays, Free Research Papers, Free Book Reports and Free Term Papers FREE ESSAY ON ANIMAL TESTING Click here for more essays on ANIMAL TESTING Speaking Outline: Animal Testing ...  

27. 50 Disasters of Animal Testing
... And yet animal testing had indicated that it could be used without side-effects occurring. 20. Amrinone, a medication used for heart failure, was tested on numerous animals and was released without ... http://www.freetheanimals

28. SEC Says Shareholders to Vote on Animal Testing -
... GO! SEC Says Shareholders to Vote on Animal Testing Recent news reports indicate that the Securities and Exchange Commission have advised Schering-Plough and Johnson & Johnson that they must allow ... http://www.associatedhuma ...showarchive.asp?id=63

29. The Pill and Animal Testing by Anai Rhoads
... As you can see, it is not only the animal testing that is a concern when using the pill. I have not been able to find a pill that has not been tested on animals, but did find one that seems to be ... 

30. animal testing alternatives
low graphics animal testing alternatives other: animal experiments; animal welfare; laboratory tests; mathematical models; research University of California Center for Animal Alternatives : UCCAA The ... ...b47fde2bc89dca93.html

31. BUAV - British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection - Campaigns - Pet Food...
... CENTRE CAMPAIGNS Chemicals testing Primates Household products Pet food testing basic facts animal testing companies other pet food companies no testing pet food Cosmetics testing Genetics Non-animal ... ...etfood/companies.html

32. Fazed - Animal testing - The argument against
Animal testing is morally wrong by Kate Teasdale Animal testing is cruel and inhuman! It is morally wrong to torture animals for our own benefit. Over 3 million animals have been tormented all in the ...  

33. Downbound: Animal Testing
... Strategy Animal Acts Animal Companion Care Animal Racing Animal Rights Animal Sacrifices Animal Testing Animal Welfare Avian (Bird) Flu Blood Diamonds Bull Fighting Circuses Climate Change ...  

34. Information About Animal Testing on Products
... The Peppy Pets" E-mail First Name Subscribe Information About Animal Testing on Products What's So Bad About Animal Testing? By: Kristen Hall Last week, I was speaking with a member of my family ... ...o-animal-testing.html

35. animal testing alternatives
low graphics animal testing alternatives other: animal experiments; animal welfare; computer ... ... transgenic animals; animal welfare; animal testing alternatives; UK; Last modified: 13 May 2005 ...b47fde2bc89dca93.html

36. Animal Testing
... Good tin. Home | About Us | Animal Testing | Candles | Pricing | Photo Gallery | Gifts | Ordering | 3 Free Deal | Holiday's | Contact Us | WAIT | Business Acct's This site was last updated 08/03/04  

37. animal testing
The Dilemmas behind animal testing By Joseph Wong Vivisection, or animal testing, is a very old and well-known procedure. We have been using vivisection since the beginning of scientific medicine ... http://www.animalliberati ...of animal testing.htm

38. Animal Testing With Cosmetics
Animal Testing With Cosmetics If I only had animal testing with cosmetics... web site Search for animal testing with cosmetics The most accessible ... http://animal-testing-wit

39. Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments
... 259464 researching alternatives to animal use in research, testing and education THE AIMS OF FRAME FRAME considers that the current scale of animal experimentation is unacceptable. However, we also ... 

40. natural organic make-up - animal testing policy
... to you contact us catalogue & purchase order our retailers product reviews policies animal testing delivery privacy refund the management team lori stryker's bio yu-hon li's bio michael ng's ...  

41. Against animal testing Petition
Against animal testing View Current Signatures - Sign the Petition To: Companies who test on animals Each year about five million dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, monkeys, and other animals die in lethal ... http://www.petitiononline ...awsclub/petition.html

Animal testing continues at U.
Needless to say, as a research institution, the University conducts plenty of research. This isn't an issue for most people, but groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said the University's testing of animals for research is problematic. The University conducts animal research on a wide range of animals, from mice to horses, and in return, uses the research for husbandry and biomedical advances.

Jarrod Bailey Is No Animal Rights Activist?
Of course Bailey, who seeks to abolish all animal testing, is an animal rights activist.

BUAV Drops Cruelty-Free Pet Food Standard
For the past two years conscientious UK pet owners have looked to the Not Tested on Animals scheme run by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, (BUAV) for information about petfood companies and their policy on animal testing.. Thursday 16 June 2005

Tony Benn chairs debate: Animal Experiments - Science or Fiction?
This is the one debate on animal testing you need to hear. For the first time, the medical utility of animal experiments will be discussed without the...

covance infiltrated again!
At a news conference this morning, PETA revealed the findings of an 11-month undercover investigation into Covance the global animal testing company that owns one of the worlds largest contract animal-testing laboratories. At the laboratory, in Vienna, Va., PETA secretly...

Gillian Anderson Posts Controversial Video of Animal Testing on Her Web Site
Norfolk, Va. , Creepy labs. Mad scientists. Screaming monkeys. And a billion-dollar animal-testing company paying big bucks to try to cover up what it does to animals.

The World Leader in Botanical Beauty Care Online Store
The online direct selling store owner Zdenka Prokop, Independent Beauty Counselor, has deployed the website; open 24/7 for sale of Yves Rocher, and Kiotis products with no animal testing. The store with France fragrances and beauty products for skin care and body care, are shipped from Canada and France to Nashville, Tennessee. [PRWEB Jun 15, 2005]

Animal activists PETA raise corporate America's ire, TX -... clothing retailers to boycott Australian wool and pressuring Revlon , Avon Products Inc. and more than 500 other cosmetic companies to stop animal testing. ...

Animal testing and cosmetics
Hi, can anyone send me a link to a site which lists cosmetic products that involve animal testing. Many thanks James

Sequani Besieged by Surprise Action
As the world day for laboratory animals march in Dover was effectively rendered pointless by the police and council in Dover leading to the march being postponed, animal activists from all over the Midlands decided to hold their own unadvertised 'Day of Action for the Animals'. The Stop Sequani Animal Testing campaign, including activists from West Midlands Animal Action and Save the Newchurch Guinea pigs amongst others held a surprise demo at Sequani animal testing labs in Ledbury followed by Gateway to Hell campaign demos in Worcester. Full Report

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