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I received a flyer from S.A.E.N (Stop Animal Exploitation Now) in 2007. The caption in bold type read "Denying water to rhesus monkeys for 22 hours per day - there is no other word for this but...TORTURE.

Certainly anyone who claims to be compassionate would have to agree that depriving water to anyone - no matter the species for this length of time is cruel. Yet per Michael Budkie, the Executive Director of S.A.E.N. this happens in a laboratory many times. Rhesus monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and many other species are purposely deprived of water by people who call themselves "scientists."

Michael Budkie for the past few years has been tireless in his efforts to expose much cruelty to animals in laboratories with his main concern the primates. And well he should be concerned for them as they have been subjected to many cruel experiments over the years.

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