Why We Shouldn't Tolerate Animal Cruelty  
 The Criminal                               His act of animal        His crime(s) against
                                                              cruelty                  human(s)            

                         Pulled a rabbit's legs
                         out of its sockets when  Shot Kristin Lardner
 Micheal Cartier         he was four years old,   three times in the
                         and threw a kitten       head. She died.
                         through a closed window.

                                             Killed his mother, his
 Henry Lee Lucas         Killed animals and had   common law wife and an
                         sex with their corpses.  unknown number of people
                                              Killed his grandparents,
 Edward Kemperer         Cut up two cats.         his mother, and seven
                                                  other women.  
 Theodore Robert Bundy   Witnessed animal cruelty Killed thirty-three
                         by his grandfather.      women.

                         Participated in the
 Jeffrey Dahmer          deliberate killings of   Murdered 17 men.
                         animals by car.  
 Richard Allen Davis     Set "cat fires".         Murdered Polly Klaas,
                                                  age 12  
 Richard Speck           Threw a bird into a      Killed eight women.
                         ventilator fan.

                         Taped a cat to a car's   Killed two of his wives
 Randy Roth              engine and used an       and attempted to kill a
                         industrial sander on a   third.

                         Shot and killed two
                         healthy ponies, threw a  Murdered his wife,
 David Richard Davis     wine bottle at a pair of Shannon Mohr Davis, for
                         kittens, hunted with     insurance money.
                         illegal methods.  
 Peter Kurten            Tortured dogs, practiced mMrdered or attempted to
 The Dusseldorf Monster  bestiality while killing murder over 50 men,
                         the animal.              women, and children.

                         Would place a dog and a
                         cat in a crate with a
                         partition between them.  Raped and killed nine
 Albert De Salvo         After starving the       women by strangulation.
 The Boston Strangler    animals for several      He would often pose the
                         days, he would remove    bodies in a shocking
                         the partition and watch  manner after death.
                         them kill each other.

                                                  Killed six people in
                                                  random attacks. One
 Richard Trenton Davis   Bit the heads off birds, police officer who was
 The Vampire Killer of   drained animals for      at the scene of the
 Sacramento              their blood, killed      first murder confessed
                         animals for their having nightmares
                                                  about the crime for
                                                  months afterwards

                         Set fire to his own dog, Went on a shooting spree
                         Sparkles. He poured      which killed two girls
 Luke Woodham            accelerant down her      ages 16 and 17 after
                         throat and set fire to   stabbing his mother to
                         her neck both inside and death. He is 16 years
                         outside.                 old.

                                                  Decapitated 11-year-old
                                                  Jun Hase, and battered
``Kobe Killer'', as      Beheaded a cat and       to death a 10-year-old
 yet unnamed 15 year old strangled several        girl with a hammer and
 boy in Japan            pigeons.                 assaulted three other
                                                  children in separate

                         His grandmother forced   Killed Stephen Dempsey
                         him to kill and          with a bow and arrow.
 Richard William Leonard multilate cats and       And killed Ezzedine
                         kittens when he was a    Bahmad by slashing his
                         child.                   throat.

                                                  Shot and killed five
                                                  Jamie Paxton, 21
 Tom Dillion             Randomly shot people's   Claude Hawkins, 49
                         pets.                    Donald Welling, 35
                                                  Kevin Loring, 30
                                                  Gary Bradely, 44.

                                                  At the age of thirteen,
                                                  Smith bludgeoned Derrick
                                                  Robie aged four to
                         At the age of nine he    death. Smith lured the
 Eric Smith              strangled a neighbor's   little boy into the
                         cat, a Siamese.          woods, choked him,
                                                  sodomized him with a
                                                  stick, then beat him to
                                                  death with a rock.

                         When his dog had
 Jack Bassenti           puppies, he buried all   Raped and murdered three
                         but one of them alive.   women.

                                                  Shot thirteen young men
 David Berkowitz         Poisoned his mother's    and women.
 Son of Sam              parakeet out of jealousy. Two people died and at
                                                  least two suffered
                                                  permanent disabilities.
Thanks goes to Crystal Gill for correcting errors regarding D. Berkowitz.
                         Repeatedly threw a       Killed a young girl...
 Arthur Shawcross        kitten into a lake until after serving 15 and 1/2
                         the kitten drowned from  years in prison, killed
                         exhaustion.              11 more women.  
 These are a few of the killers who started with animals and progressed to people.
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