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Fiends start on animals
Torturers ... Ian Brady, left, and Fred West

MANY notorious serial murderers got their first taste for killing by torturing and slaughtering pets.

Monsters including Ian Brady, Dunblane gunman Thomas Hamilton and schoolboy killer Robert Thompson reportedly "practised" on animals.

And expert Kate Fowler-Reeves, who wrote a report for police in links between animal and human abuse, said: "To protect animals and people, we must stop violence at its roots."

Kate, from animal rights charity PETA, praised The Sun campaign.

She said "Taking animal abuse seriously is the first step and it's wonderful that The Sun has taken on this issue at a national level.

"It's important to recognise the signs in children. You don't know what you are stopping, but they could be the next Robert Thompson."

Thompson - just ten when he and Jon Venables killed toddler James Bulger on Merseyside in 1993 - had earlier vented his rage by pulling the heads of baby pigeons.

Moors murderer Ian Brady tortured cats before throwing them off the roofs of Glasgow tenement buildings. He went on to murder five children with twisted Myra Hindley.

Gun nut Thomas Hamilton squashed rabbits' heads under the wheels of a car and encouraged boys to shoot animals at random before killing 16 tots and their teacher in a school gym in 1996.

Cromwell Street killer Fred West who murdered at least 12 victims before burying them at his Gloucester home, was said to have battered rabbits as a boy.

Mary Bell throttled pigeons as a cry for help during a harsh childhood of abuse. Then, aged just ten, she strangled two toddlers.

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