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USA Animal Abuse Statistics

The statistics in the Abuse Database are available in full-color, real-time graphs. Click on the graph title from the list below for the real-time statistical graph.

The statistics we provide are cumulative, so the graphs are a compilation of all of our cases, not from any particular year. Although our oldest case is from as far back as 1940, the vast majority of our cases are from the years 2000-present. As our database continues to grow, we will add the ability to break reports down by year as well to more reports. Graphs represent U.S. cases only, unless otherwise stated.

Because there is quite a lot of information offered in some of the graph images, some of them are very large - you may wish to maximize your browser window while browsing this section to be able to see the full images without horizontal scrolling. Additionally, if you are on a slow Internet connection, they make take a little while to load. Please be patient.

Yearly Reports

Report of Abuse Types (by year and/or state)
Animal Mortality (by year and/or state)

Life Cycle of Abuse

Age Ranges
Age/Gender comparison
Age/Gender by Abuse Type

Types of Abuse/Case Status

U.S. Types of abuse
Most common animals by abuse type
Case Status (overall and by abuse type)
Abuse Types with documented child/elder neglect
Felony vs. Misdemeanor - 2000 through 2007

Offleash/Unconfined/Nuisance Animals

Percentage of Retaliation Cases Involving Offleash/Unconfined Cats & Dogs
Abuse Types Involving Offleash/Unconfined Cats & Dogs
Abuse Types in Retaliation Cases Involving Offleash/Unconfined Cats & Dogs

Tethered Dogs

Types of Cruelty to Tethered Dogs
Tethering in Pit Bulls vs. Non-Pit Bulls
Cruelty Cases: Pit Bulls vs. Non-Pit Bulls


  Abuse Types in Cases Where Animal Was Intentionally Bound or Tied
  Reporting Parties
  Abuse Types in Cases Involving Drugs or Alcohol
  Cases Added/Updated (by year)
  Crimes by Year

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