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FBI Accusers Hunting Animal Abusers

June 24, 2015

FBI Accusers Hunting Animal Abusers

Criminal minds at F.B.I. now eyeing un-subs who
abuse and torture defenseless animals.
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FBI Accusers Hunting Animal Abusers
"The FBI has always supported big
business and big government."
 - Leonard Peltier
*     *     *     *
What is going on in the world of Charlotte and Wilbur
and Lambchop? The FBI has traditionally supported
middle American values which include mom, apple pie,
racial discrimination, PAC bribes, and pharmaceutical
company crimes against man. Suddenly, FBI’s taken a
sharp turn to the left of center by investigating animal
rights abusers. Hooray for FBI! Don't think we do not
notice such change which will make America a better place.
*     *     *     *
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a new
agenda. Investigate and put an end do animal abuse.
Most Americans relate to the FBI from the Emmy Award
winning television series, Criminal Minds.
When the subject of a Criminal Minds show is animals,
Aaron Hotchner leaves his usual stand-up comedy
routine back at the office when pursuing kitten
abusers. Derek Morgan displays his rare ferocious
pit bull-like manner when tackling quarterbacking
football dummies who breed less-ferocious half-breed
fighting dogs, while Spencer Reid speed-reads through
rambling impossible-to-comprehend boring intellectual
treatises written by men such as Tuttle and Robbins
in order to profile the aberrant personalities of
anti-social Chicken McNugget eaters.
Men and women from FBI's new BAA unit (Behavioral
Animal Abuse unit) are focusing their attention on Idaho
( Washington and Oregon to the west, Wyoming to the
east, Montana to the north, and Utah and Nevada to
the south) for crossing state lines and turning local
state crimes into federal cases in which FBI is then
given jurisdiction to investigate.
The crime being committed by Idaho legislators? The
offensive and unprecedented felony of legislative
stupid. That's right. Men and women elected to Idaho 's
state Assembly are stupid and are enacting unconstitutional
criminal statutes based upon the old Nazi Third Reich
Juris Imprudence; the pure political art of the stupid.
What exactly is Idaho doing?
They are passing laws to fine and imprison animal
rights activists who document animal abuse committed
on factory farms, and excusing and praising the criminal
dairy and meat producers while punishing evil documentarians.
In 2015, FBI set up a new inner agency to investigate
crimes against animals called the National Incident-Based
Reporting System, or NIBRS. See FBI's website:
David Rossi of Criminal Minds commented on a future T.V. plot:
"We build a prison large enough to incarcerate
all 1,340,000 stupid unsubs in Idaho and then the
inmates hold a mass prison break to abuse Nevada
jackrabbits just for the fun of it. FBI has statistics
showing that an animal abuser often gets his perverted
start by abusing cow's milk and becoming a cereal killer."
By their courageous policy change, FBI is
turning America into a nation of compassionate
citizens who will take the next logical step of
treating their fellow man with love. It always
begins with the way we treat animals.
*     *     *     *
"Kindness and compassion towards all living
things is a mark of a civilized society.
Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed
against human beings or against animals, is
not the exclusive province of any one culture
or community of people."
 ― Cesar Chávez
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