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Animal Cruelty - Hall of Shame - United States

United States, November 2007

NC, Browns Summit - Darryl Keith Holt- Guilty of cruelty to animals

OR, Beaver creek - Shellie Ann Anderson - horse neglect suspect

AL, Chickasaw - Ralph Allen Fisk 22 -Torturing a kitten

AL, Lacey Spring - Robert Allen Wilkerson + Eugenia Wilkerson - Guilty of horse cruelty
Lacey's Spring couple plead guilty, ordered to get rid of 10 horses

AR, Bentonville - John David Reed 27 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Man serving jail time for animal cruelty 

AR, Bentonville - Daniel Lee New 25 - Guilty to cruelty to animals
Man sentenced to 10 days for animal cruelty

AZ, Buckeye - Douglas Burns 54 - Guilty of cruelty to animals
Man who had sex with dog may have to register as sex offender

AZ, Maricopa county - Lillian Campo 27 years old -Accused of animal cruelty
Woman Accused of Animal Cruelty, May Face Other Charges

CA, Dunnigan - Sally Keaton - Guilty of animal abuse

CA, Fontana - Leonardo Benito 37- Guilty animal cruelty
Owner admits animal cruelty

CA, Lynwood  - Young Sam Park 52 on 22 counts of animal cruelty

CA , Manteca - Jorge Tescano - Duct taped his dogs mouth shut

CA, Marysville - David Davis -shooting a goose for no good reason

CA,Redwood city - Janet Wherry 64 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Animal abuse case settled

CA, San Mateo - Timothy A. McKevitt 19 - and Jonathon M Porter 20 - Guilty of killing a pet Ostrich

CA,Ventura - Tony Mosqueda 18 - for the Torture of a autistic boy's tortoise

CA, Visalia - William Harmon 43, Scheme to kill Shelter animals

CA,Vista - Robert Eugene Brunner - Guilty of killing a cat with a bow and arrow
Man Who Shot Cat With Arrow Sentenced

CO, Aurora, Shirley Bowman, 700 counts of animal cruelty

CO, Calhan - Guilty of animal cruelty

James Shurgart and Jacqueline Grey

Read their guilty story and about the people who did not turn their backs
SAINT Animal Rescue

CO,Eaton - Jacqueline Jax Lovelace - Convicted in the death of a horse
Woman sentenced in horse starvation case

CT, Fairfield - Robbin D'urso 45 - Guilty of 5 counts of animal cruelty
Jail time imposed in animal-cruelty case

CT, Manchester - Marlene S. Diaz 24 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman Pleads Guilty In Dog Abuse Case

FL, Cape Coral- Tracey Bellefontaine- stealing and selling puppies

FL , Fort Myers - Jackie Jarrett - 48 animal abuse violations

FL, Gifford - Travis & Jeane Jackson - Guilty animal cruelty
Gifford couple guilty on animal cruelty charges

FL, Lee county - Patricia Sue Garlick - Guilty of killing her dogs
Woman convicted for shooting her dogs

GA, Gwinnett - Michael Mustachio - Guilty of Killing a dog
Former deputy found guilty: Man gets probation for killing coon dog

GA, Pikes county - Roger Lee Prater - Guilty 31 counts of animal cruelty
Georgia Man Gets 5 Years, Fines for Horse Cruelty

GA, Warner Robins - Brenda Mc Anally 59 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman gets probation after 112 cats seized

HI, Kauai - Steve Cummings 48 - Guilty of starvation of his 20 dogs
Man sentenced for animal abuse

IA , Montrose - Michael Cane 30 - Guilty of horse abuse
Montrose man pleads guilty to animal cruelty charge

IL, Charleston - Roxanne Smith - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman cannot care for horses, court rules

IL, Decatur - Quentin L Pruett 29 - Guilty of animal torture
Decatur man sentenced after conviction for animal torture

IL, Hanover - John W Meyer 42-Guilty in a puppies death
Owner guilty of cruelty to puppy

IL, Maryville - Georgia Wilson 43 - A warrant to arrest her for animal cruelty was issued
Cruelty charges against vet shock fellow workers
Woman charged with cruelty to her animals

IL, Monmouth - Brenda Stokes 54- Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman found guilty of animal cruelty

IL, South Holland - Kevin Tayor 37- Guilty 37 counts of animal cruelty
Man charged with cruelty, dog fighting

IN, Muncie - Christopher Wilson 22 - Guilty of dog fighting
Muncie man guilty of dog fighting

KY,Covington - Emily Mardis 68 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman pleads guilty, may get dogs back

LA,Logans port - Billy Alger 43 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Logansport dog killer pleads guilty

LA,St Rose - Ronald Douglas Lloyd 41 - Guilty of animal cruelty
St. Rose man pleads to tossing cats on road

MD, Frederick - James Kenneth Flohr jr - guilty of animal cruelty
 Dog assaulter sentenced to jail time

MD, Hagerstown - John Edward Mock Sr 47 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Local man who injured Chihuahua back in court

MD, Harford county, Donna Bell 118 counts of animal abuse

MN, Eagan - Nathan David Andersen 25 - Guilty of beheading of his girlfriend's pet parakeet
Man gets 30 days for beheading parakeet | North Dakota News

MN,St Paul - Anthony Albert Gomez 24 - Guilty of Decapitating a dog
St. Paul man sentenced in dog decapitation

MO, University City - Alfred Jordan 20- Guilty of setting an Opossum on fire
Man gets probation for torturing animal

MS, Vidalia - Debbie Palmer - Guilty of animal cruelty

MT, Fort Shaw - Eugena Fugate - Guilty of cruelty to cats
Area woman pleads guilty for abusing 53 cats-

 NC, Browns Summit - Darryl Keith Holt- Guilty of cruelty to animals
Man charged with animal cruelty for abandoning chickens

-NC, Apex - David Watts - guilty animal cruelty
Apex Shepherd Found Guilty of Animal Cruelty

ND,Bismark - Erron St Clair 26 - Guilty of killing a puppy
Man Given Time Served for Killing Puppy

NE, Brady - Hazel Brackman 72 - Guilty of poisoning a dog
Brady woman found guilty of poisoning dogs 

NE, Minden - Jim J Myrick 59 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Minden man waits for sentencing in animal abuse

NM, Alamogordo - Guilty of animal cruelty
Daisha Lombard
Nicholas Stogden
James Manzanares
Girl sentenced for dog attack

NY, Fort Ann - Jane Seeley - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman takes plea deal in dog abuse case

NY, Lake Carmel - Trudy Byrnes 56 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman found with 23 pets fined $100 and gets probation

NY, NY - Olegzindanov - Guilty of killing a puppy
Roommates' cats may mean jail for NYC puppy killer

NY, Tompkins county - Alexander Atkind - Guilty of cruelty to a dog
Alex Atkind '06 Pleads Guilty to Animal Abuse

NY, Troy - Dennis Christensen 45 - Guilty of killing a kitten
Man gets jail time for killing kitten

 NY,Ulster Christoper Closi 45 and gloria Closi 44 Charged with torturing & injuring animals

OH, Columbus - Maureen McLaughlin - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman who killed stray dogs and cats gets 1 year in jail

OH, Dayton - Guilty of animal cruelty
Louis S Davis 37
Simon J Denby 34
Donyell C Moschetti 35
Three Ohio men sentenced on dogfighting charges

OH,Dover - Micheal G Ray 49 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Dover man sentenced for abuse of 29 dogs

-OH, Franklin - Roy Hoffman - Guilty animal cruelty
Farmer guilty in cattle deaths

OH, Hamilton county - Levonn Smith - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman guilty of dog cruelty

OH, Parma - Shawn Manley 31 - Guilty animal cruelty
Animals in the news: Parma man convicted of beating girlfriend's cat

OH, Rayland - Neil Rager 22 - Guilty of killing a puppy
Man Admits To Beating Puppy To Death

OH,Somerville - Otis Clark jr 48 - Admits abuse of dog
Ohio man admits abuse of chained dog

OH,Trenton - Lauren Spencer 27 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Woman convicted of animal cruelty

OK,Millcreek - Barbara Knight 56 - Arrested again on animal abuse complaint
Woman hit with animal abuse complaint

OK,Oklahoma City , Elizabeth A. Miller, 38, found guilty of a misdemeanor count of torture to animals,
Woman guilty of torturing animals gives up all claim to the pets

OR, Beaver creek - Shellie Ann Anderson - horse neglect suspect

OR , Klamath Falls - Benjamin Noller 21 - Guilty of decapitating a cat's head
an found with head of ex-girlfriend's cat gets 52 days in jail

OR,Wallowa - Jim Walker - Guilty of animal cruelty
Walker pleads guilty, agrees to list property and leave county

PA, Elizabeth - Robert Sanetta 25 - Guilty of beating a dog to death
Man gets 2 to 4 years in prison for role in dog's beating death

PA,Holland - Paula Hutchinson - Guilty of dog Cruelty
Dog breeder pleads guilty to animal cruelty, is fined $1000

PA, Lake Ariel - Marion Mansour 44 - Guilty animal cruelty
Lake Ariel woman pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Pa, Loyalhanna - Gary E Kiser 29 Guilty of animal cruelty
Loyalhanna man sentenced for killing hunting dogs

PA, Phila - Charlies J Friel III 22 - Guilty of killing a dog
Owner gets probation for beating dog to death

Pa, Phila - Barry White 33 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Man pleads guilty

PA, York - Louis Rice - Guilty of animal cruelty
PA, York - Dorothy Rice - Guilty of animal cruelty
PA, York - Ami Charlton - Guilty of animal cruelty
Pit bull left to die finally enjoying 'a life of luxury'

SC, Charleston - Javon Patrick Morris 22 - Guilty of animal cruelty
Man Gets 3 Years for Puppy Toss

TN, Bristol - Karen Harlan 47 - Guilty of horse cruelty
Harlan gets 90-day jail term in horse cruelty case

TN, Nashville - Chad Crawford - Guilty of animal cruelty
Man Found Guilty In Deadly Dog Kicking

--TN, Nashville - Carl Leon Houston 39 - guilty of animal cruelty
Man guilty in attack on girlfriend's pig

TX, Austin - Joanne Hinojosa

Joanne Hinojosa

Woman Faces Charges For Stabbing Husband's Dog

Pet-Abuse.Com - Animal Abuse Case Details: Dog stabbed 27 times ...

TX, Bastrop county, Erin Schmitz and Melton Evans - Animal cruelty --

TX,Cook county - Brian Bailey 48 - Guilty of animal crulty

1 pleads guilty to dogfighting charges

TX,Dallas - Deshawn Brown 22 - Guilty of killing a dog

Man sentenced to four years in dog's death

TX,Dallas - Kenneth Ryan Peterson - Guilty of murdering a horse

Former A&M student sentenced to 9 months for horse's torture, death

----TX,Greenville - Richard Holtzman & Kathy Donath - Pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Couple pleads guilty to animal cruelty charges--TX,Groves - Benjamin Garcia 26 - Guilty of animal cruelty

Rooster case 'swearing match' ends in plea deal -

TX, Houston - Ronald Munerlyn 48 - Guilty of animal cruelty

Guilty Houston man says he trained pit bulls to fight

VA,James city - Donald Hunt 55- Guilty of killing cats

Cat killer gets one-month sentence--VA, Lexington - Robert Carlni - Guilty of beating 2 dogs to death

Local Man Sentenced Under T-Bone Law

VA, Loudoun - Hashim L McGee - Guilty of setting dog on fire

Man Pleads Guilty To Cruelty After Burning Dog

 VA,Richmond - Nathaniel Tolliver - Guilty of animal cruelty
Richmond Man Sentenced For Animal Cruelty

VA,Smithfield - Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons -Guilty of dog fighting

WA, Kent - Dennis Phillip Billups 50 - Guilty of horse cruelty

Guilty verdicts in neglect of horses

Jun 7, 2006

A public update has been posted to this case: Case: ----------------------------------------------------- Dominick Donovan and Jennifer Barisano appear to be back in business in Long Island, New York, operating a training center by the name of K9 Control. Their website,, makes no mention of their animal cruelty convictions. ----------------------------------------------------- The owners of a Back Mountain kennel where 35 dogs died last January were sentenced to 60 days in jail and ordered to pay more than $1,500 in fines on animal cruelty and abuse of animal charges. Dominick Donovan and his wife, Jennifer Barisano, owners of Pet Care Associates in the Kunkle section of Dallas Township, were convicted on April 10 of failing to keep their kennel in sanitary condition, failing to clean and sanitize daily, failing to maintain adequate drainage in dog quarters, and failing to obtain the necessary kennel licenses. Magisterial District Judge James Tupper, Trucksville, also found the couple guilty of not providing veterinary care for 24 dogs in the kennel as ordered by the state Department of Agriculture. According to citations issued by Pennsylvania dog warden Ellen Howarth, 12 dogs died after they did not receive care after an initial inspection. In all, 35 dogs died from contracting Parvo virus at the kennel. The specialty police dogs that died belonged to Donovan and Barisano, who also operated a dog breeding and training business. In February, Donovan said he closed down the kennel when the Parvo outbreak started and no animals belonging to his customers were affected. Pet Care Associates, a boarding, grooming and veterinary service facility located off Old Tunkhannock Road, was purchased by the couple last year. Sincerely, Joanna Toms Director, Shelter Outreach 1-888-523-PETS ext. 200 Reporting Abuse - Submission Guidelines - Search Database - Our Sites: - online AC and HLE community - animal caregiver social network - sign up for our newsletter & case updates


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