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Facts About Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence

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I promised a companion article to Dogs for Vets: a great idea, but screening Vets for Pets is also important that would stress the importance of ensuring anyone, not only combat Veterans, who is considering getting such a trained animal must be screened.

It has taken a while to put this story together, because just going through the images was heartbreaking if one is a dog lover. I’ve used only two such images to make points, and these are the least offensive. The problem is THAT BAD.

I also feel it important that Veterans be screened before getting such animals based on personal experience. While observing a PTSD rap session at the Dayton VAMC, one Vet brought his companion dog in to be a sort of break the ice with the group that I found commendable, however another Vet talked about how he still enjoyed killing small animals in his backyard. This guy was wheelchair bound and that angry still – he was a Vietnam Vet.

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