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Animal Abuse and Serial Killers

Every time a serial killer or perpetrator of a particularly violent crime is apprehended, you can bet that, eventually, it will be revealed that the killer "practiced" his crimes on animals. In the case of Steven D. Green, the former soldier accused of orchestrating the murder of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and her family, testimony at his alleged co-conspirators' recent court-martial hearing revealed that Green had previously set a puppy on fire and thrown the animal off a roof. Chillingly, the young girl who was raped and killed was also set on fire.

In Arizona, accused serial shooters Samuel John Dieteman and Dale S. Hausner allegedly shot nearly a dozen animals as well as 17 people during their 2-month-long killing spree in and around Phoenix. I believe that, as officials delve into their backgrounds, more cases of cruelty to animals will be unearthed, as they have been in virtually every serial killer case.

"There is not much of a leap between hurting poor defenseless animals to inflicting terror on vulnerable unsuspecting humans," commented Phoenix's KTVK-TV anchor Frank Camacho, about the Serial Shooter case. "Catching an animal abuser early is one reason why the Humane Society has a team of investigators on staff who handle nothing but animal cruelty cases."
It is vital that violent attacks on animals, especially among young people, are taken seriously. Perhaps, if Steven Green's cruelty to animals had been reported and he had gotten the treatment he so desperately needs, Iraq would not be mourning the loss of a girl and her family who appear to have died at the hands of the young men who were charged with protecting them.

Alisa Mullins is Senior Writer for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510;

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