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Canadian Returns Birth 06-03-31 Canada    Canadian returns her birth certificate in protest Activism, seals
Monks in Texas 06-03-31 Texas    Dallas: Utility to feather prolific parakeets' nest Activism, parrots
Vlasak Arrest 06-03-30 Canada    Vlasak as he turns himself in to authorities Activism, seals
Hunt Ecologically Wrong 06-03-30 Canada    The Seal Hunt in Canada is Ecologically Irresponsible hunting
Mexico Bans Seal Products 06-03-30 Mexico    Mexico bans import of seal products. politics
  Meatrix 2 06-03-30 world    Sequel to The Meatrix health
Farm Shelter 06-03-30 US, CA    California Farm Animals have a shelter Activism, farm
Vlasak Hunger 06-03-29 Canada    Anti-Sealing Activist in Jail on Hunger Strike Activism, seals
Ebay Fur Prot 06-03-28 world    Ethical Ebay Campaign -- stop selling fur Activism, fur
Chimp center troubles 06-03-28 US, OH    Chimp Center troubles continue; materials stolen Activism, chimp
Portland fur flies 06-03-28 US, OR    Animal-rights rallies strain ties between cops, business owners Activism, protest
Calif jail sued 06-03-27 US, CA    Jail sued for not providing vegan meals Law
Vlasak update 06-03-26 Canada    Update from the Canadian Seal Murders Activism, seals
Vlasak Canada 06-03-25 Canada    Anti-Sealing Activist & NAALPO Press Officer Traveling to Canada to Surrender Warrant Issued Last Month After Conviction for Approaching a Seal Killer on the Ice Floes Last March Activism, seals
Vivi Criminal 06-03-23 Brazil    Rio has just passed a law that PROHIBITS VIVISECTION TO ANIMALS IN ANY PART OF THAT STATE! Vivisection
Canada Woes 06-03-22 Canada    Canadian beef industry was heavily damaged when BSE showed up in a Canadian cow, yet the US ignores its own situation. Health, meat
Bardot Tears 06-03-22 Canada    Tearful Bardot begs Canada to scrap seal hunt Activism, seals
Monk Bill 06-03-20 US, CT    Monk parakeet bill approved by committee Activism, parrots
Dog Shooting Case 06-03-20 US, TN    U.S. Supreme Court declines to review appeal in dog shooting case Law
Singapore Queen 06-03-17 Singapore    No Bear Hug For The Queen: PETA Activist Arrested During Royal Visit Activism, fur
Tough Little Birds 06-03-17 US, CT    Animal rights activists today will ask lawmakers to take the monk parakeets of southwestern Connecticut off a list of invasive species Law
War Vs Seals 06-03-17 Canada    Seal hunt pales next to Iraq slaughter: Senator politics
Rumsfeld Profit 06-03-13 US, DC    Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug politics
Canadian Clubbing 06-03-16 Canada    When Canadians Go Clubbing Activism, seals
Ban Circus Will Kill 06-03-13 UK   Circus owner says if ban goes through he will kill his animals story
Monk Briefs 06-03-17 US, CT    Monk parakeets condemned for building huge nests on utility poles along the shoreline could get a legislative reprieve. Activism, parrots
Green Scare Protest 06-03-13 US, OR    Call for Weekend of Resistance Against Green Scare June 9-11 Activism, protest
CCF 06-03-12 Canada    editorial on Center for Consumer Freedom Against ALF
Ad Banned 06-03-10 Europe    Seal Ad Banned in Europe Activism, seals
Lab Lax 06-03-08 US, IA    Inquiry Finds Lax Federal Inspections at Kosher Meat Plant Factory Farming
Fights 4 Animals 06-03-08 US, MI    Huntington Woods man fights for neighborhood animals Activism
New Mouse Organ 06-03-08 Germany    After years of study, the laboratory mouse can still surprise. Animal Testing
Sealing Inhumane 06-03-07 Canada    We should be sealing the fate of an inhumane ritual. Activism, seals
Buffalo Betrayed 06-03-08 US, D.C.    Massive Slaughter Makes Bison Logo for Federal Agency "Misleading Advertising". Activism, buffalo
Randy Grim 06-03-04 US, MO    Homeless dogs are Randy Grim's passion. Activism, dogs
Oxford Cat Threat 06-03-04 UK    Threats to kill Cats unless SPEAK reacts Activism, testing
Email Shac7 06-03-05 US, NJ    Where to email the SHAC 7 ALF POWs
Watson-McCartney 06-03-04 US    Captain Paul Watson's comments on the Paul McCartney interview media
PMcCartney-LKing 06-03-03 US    Transcript of CNN Larry King Interview with Sir Paul McCartney media
Activists Convicted 06-03-02 US, NJ   Activists Convicted in Federal Court of Violating Animal Enterprise Protection Act Activism, testing
Friend flash       Flash movie -- You've Got a Friend Fun
Grave arrest 06-02-27 UK   Further arrest in body theft case Activism
SHAC Trial closing 06-02-27 US   Trial examining tactics of animal-rights activists wrapping up Activism, testing
Egypt Suspends Imports 06-02-26 Egypt   Minister suspends live exports to Egypt farm animals
Genesis Protest 06-02-25 US, CA   Opinion and response: Protest of HSUS at the Genesis Awards politics
Radio In China 06-02-24 Turkey   Istanbul broadcasts ant-fur message in China Activism, fur
Coronado Indicted 06-02-24 US, CA   Former ALF Warrior Rodney Coronado Indicted for Making Speech politics
No Testing 06-02-24 Cayman Isl.   'Animal testing? No thanks' Opinion
Anita Roddick 06-02-24 UK   Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, discusses AR interview
Bikinis - KFC 06-02-24 US, NY   Girls in bikinis claim KFC tortures chicks Activism, chicks
Alaska - NOT 06-02-23 US, AK   Funny Protest against killing of wolves in Alaska Activism, wolf
AR Donations 06-02-20 US   Comparison of 2004 vs 2003 donations to AR Orgs AR Orgs
Sunless Hell 06-02-19 US, AZ   Arizona Voters on Humane Treatment of Farm Animals Act politics
100 Targets 06-02-19 world   Revealed: 100 companies targeted in new animal terror hit-list Activism, lab
monk sense 06-02-18 US, CT   Birds need only common-sense alternatives Activism, parrots
No To Chicken 06-02-17 world   Top ten reasons to say no to chicken health
Coretta S King 06-02-14 US, GA   Coretta Scott King's Belief in Animal Rights Saints
Dealing Dogs 06-02-16 US   HBO documentary media
CU Lab Closes 06-02-16 US, CO   CU Monkey Lab Closes, Gives Animals Away Activism, lab
Hip 2 go Vegan 06-02-14 US, IN   It's Hip to go Vegan veganism
SHAC trial 06-02-09 US   The SHAC 7 Trial update Activism, testing
SHAC - litmus 06-02-07 US   The SHAC 7 Trial will be an important litmus test Activism, testing
Oxford Braced 06-02-07 UK   Oxford University Braced against ARAs Activism, testing
China Changes 06-02-07 China   China's fur industry and how it's changing Activism, fur
AR v Glaxo 06-02-07 UK   ARAs vs. Glaxo Smith Kline Activism, testing
HLS pink 06-02-06 US, NJ   LSRI Dropped to Pink Sheets as Activist's Trial begins in NJ Activism, testing
SHAC-Thugs4pups 06-02-06 US   SHAC has one goal: Cripple a lab that tests (and kills) dogs and monkeys. Activism, testing
Battery Crusade 06-02-01 US, CA   New Target In 'Battery-Cage' Chicken Crusade Activism, farm
Parakeet Leap 06-01-29 US, CT   Avoid Leap to Ruin on Monk Parakeets Activism, parrots
Monkey Business 06-02-01 US, CT   At UConn, animal rights activist Justin Goodman protests the use of monkeys in experiments. Activism, testing
Fish Liberation 06-01-28 UK   Saboteurs suspected as 50,000 fish are released in reservoir Activism, fish
Monk Parrots 06-01-22 US, CT   Trouble-Free Living, If a Bird Is Willing Activism, parrots
Mad Canada 06-01-23 Canada   Mad Cow Disease found in Canada health
Arm Bears 05-11-01 US, NY   Support the right to arm bears Activism, bears
Halt Whaling 06-01-17 Vietnam   Diplomatic protest issued against Japanese whaling Activism, whale
Bernard Parks 06-01-22 US, CA   Los Angeles Councilman delays animal shelter politics
Dog Fur Law 06-01-21 France   French Government Bans Cat's & Dog's Fur. French Artists Satisfied. law
11 Arrests-NYTimes 06-01-21 US, OR   11 Indicted in Cases of Environmental Sabotage -- New York Times Against ALF
FBI Witch Hunt 06-01-21 US, OR   11 Indicted in Latest Round of FBI Environmental Witch Hunt Against ALF
Tim Hitchins 06-01-18 US   A Message from Tim Hitchins: Statement for Truth Against ALF
Japan Beef Ban 06-01-20 Japan    Japan halted imports of U.S. beef on Friday health
Industry footage 06-01-20 US, CA   Bay Area Animal Group to Screen Rare Agribusiness Industry Footage for the Media and Public Activism, farm
Activists Arrested 06-01-19 US, OR   Two Oregon Activists Arrested Activism, horse
Anti-Covance 06-01-17 US, AZ   Anti-Covance ad on radio. G. Gordon Liddy speaks out for PETA Anti-vivisection
Built 4 Birds 06-01-16 US, CT   Group constructs alternative nesting after UI clears utility pole Activism, birds
Stock Ad 06-01-15 US   Peaceful Prairie Ad for Western Stock Show Activism, Farm
Buffalo Hunt 06-01-14 US, MT   Montana Buffalo Hunt Video and update Hunting, Buffalo
Oxford Prot 06-01-14 UK   Brit animal rights protesters clash with police in Oxford Activist, prot
anim childlaw 06-01-14 Australia   Animal sadists to lose jobs law
ADL Case 06-01-10 US, CA   C.A. Overturns Restraining Orders Against Animal Rights Activists politics
EU welfare shift 06-01-11 Europe   EU considers food labels to improve animal welfare politics
Spain Beagles 06-01-11 Spain   ALF in Spain liberates 28 beagles in memory of Bill Rodgers. Activism, dogs
EU - China Bears 06-01-10 Belgium   EU wants China to end bear farming Activism, bears
e-annoying 06-01-09 US, DC   It's now illegal to be annoying politics
Logan Vegans 06-01-09 US, CA   Union City, CA. Logan students satisfy vegan cravings Health
Sea Shepherd 06-01-09 Jap-Aus   Sea Shepherd Sideswipes the Japanese Supply Ship Oriental Bluebird Activism, whale
Whaler threat 06-01-10 Jap-Aus   Japan's whalers threaten to call airborne police Activism, whale
Lakeland Circus 06-01-08 US, FL   Circus Animals Inside, Protests Outside Activism, Prot
Mouse fire 06-01-08 US, NM   Mouse thrown into fire sets home ablaze News, Karma
watching Gpeace 06-01-07 Jap-Aus   Protest fails to halt carnage Activism, whales
Death of Whale 06-01-06 Jap-Aus   Graphic Footage Depicts Agonizing Death for Harpooned Whale Activism, whales
Slaughter 06-01-05 Jap-Aus   The Slaughter of an Exhausted Whale Calf Activism, whale
Cow Escapes 06-01-06 US, MT   Cow Escapes Meat Plant, Dodges Cars, Train News
HLS Sued 06-01-04 US, NJ   New Jersey SPCA sues Huntingdon Life Sciences Activism, labs
Best Friends rant 06-01-03 US, NV   Rescue DUMPS Dogs - With "Best Friends" who needs Enemies! Activism, Pets
Mowat update 06-01-04 Jap-Aus   Update from the Farley Mowat, chasing Japanese Whalers Activism, whales
U of Iowa Eggs 06-01-03 US, IA   Pilot program will use eggs from hens not kept in cages Activism, Farm
Laramie Shelter 06-01-03 US, WY   Rescuing pets from "death row" Activism, Pets
Meat Is Murder 05-12-29 US   Dr Jerry Vlasak reminds the media that meat is murder Activism
Sheffield U 05-12-22 UK   Did a British university sell out to Procter & Gamble? Animal Testing
Thames Bobbies 05-12-22 UK   Thames Valley Police Officers Arrest Peaceful Protestor Activism, arrests
US Justice 05-12-27 US   Dogs convinced me of need for judicial reform Law
Sea Shepherd 05-12-27 Aus-Japan   Captain Paul Watson Responds to Hiroshi Hatanaka, the Director-General the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research Activism, Whale
parakeets2 05-12-25 US, CT   Parakeets merit respect from UI Activism, parrots
Austria Ban 05-12-22 Austria   Austria Bans Experiments on Primates politics
Farley Mowat 05-12-22 Aus-Japan   Sea Shepherd's Marley Fowat is in pursuit of Japanese whalers Activism, Whale
Greenpeace 05-12-21 Aus-Japan   Greenpeace disrupts whaling off Japan Activism, Whale
Boar Lib 05-12-23 UK   Boars liberated from a North Devon farm. Animal Lib.
Michelson 05-12-21 US, CA   Gary Karlin Michelson helps LA's animal problem AR supporters
Judge quits 05-12-21 US, DC   Upset over revelations about secret spying authorized by the president and the legality of it, federal judge James Robertson decided to step down politics
FBI in Indiana 05-12-21 US, IN   ACLU claims FBI planned to spy at IU politics
ADL Lawsuit 05-12-21 US, CA   ADL-Los Angeles Files Multi-Million Dollar Claim Against City Attorney, Other Officials politics
Inhofe Expose 05-11-x US, DC   Expose of the Infamous Senator politics
Vlasak-Senate 05-11-x US, DC   Dr. Jerry Vlasak's statement to the terror Sentate sub-committee politics
Arson Probe 05-12-17 US, OR   Environmental-arson probe has Eugene activists on edge Activism, arrests
ADL Lawsuit 05-12-17 US, CA   L.A. city attorney goes after animal rights activists politics
Whale Rescue 05-12-16 US, CA   Daring rescue of whale off Farallones Activism, Rescue
Stuckey Fired 05-12-16 US, CA   Animal manager gets axed. 'No-kill' backer to head animal control agency politics
Stuckey Fired 2 05-12-16 US, CA   Extremists muck up debate over policy at L.A. shelters politics
Buffalo Campaign 05-12-15 US, MT   Update on Montana Buffalo Hunt Hunting, Buffalo
China on AR 05-12-13 China   China Daily newspaper says "Let us respect animal rights" Media
Sea Shepherd Trial 05-12-14 Canada   NAALF Press Officer and 10 Other Sea Shepherd Crew To Stand Trial for Defending Seals Activism, arrests
Larry King-fur 05-12-12 US   Transcript of Larry King show about dog and cat fur from China Media
FBI Arrests 05-12-11 US, OR

  Federal Agents, Frustrated and Publicly Humiliated, Arrest Six Activists for 7-Year-Old Acts of Sabotage

Activism, arrests
Philly Protest 05-12-08 US, PA   Demonstration called for consumers to eat a vegetarian diet as a means to avoid bird flu Activism, protest
Buffalo Hunt 05-12-08 US, MT   Update on Montana Buffalo Hunt Hunting, Buffalo
6 Arrested 05-12-08 US, OR   6 people arrested for Northwest ecoterrorism attacks Activism, arrests
Bear Hunt Arrests 05-12-08 US, NJ   4 Bear Hunt Opponents Arrested Activism, Bear
British hen rescuer 05-12-07 UK   British Hen Rescuer found NOT GUILTY Activism, Hen
Katrina rescue 05-10-x US, LA   5 kb wmv 2-1/2 minute movie Activism, Rescue
Verdict on Sealers 05-12-07 World   International Court of Justice for Animal Rights Law, AR
Bear hunt 05-12-07 US, NJ   Status and statistics of the bear hunt Activism, Bear
Dogs Laugh 05-12-06 US   Have you heard the one about the laughing dogs? Pets, Care
Monk parakeets 05-12-06 US, CT   Parrots get a months reprieve Activism, Parrots
Heather Mills 05-12-02 UK   Dog and Cat Fur Activism, Fur
Rescuers are Saints 05-12-04 US   Rescuers Have Walked Among Saints Activism, Essays
Monk news 05-12-02 US, CT   Darien's Friends of Animals defends nesting parakeets Activism, Parrots
Response 2 Rod C 05-12-02 US   Responses to comments by Rod Coronado Activism, Essays
China dog story 05-11-29 UK   McCartney boycotts China over fur Activism, Fur
Monk Battle 05-12-02 US, CT   Officials defer to feds on parakeets. Struggle brings arrest for parakeet protester. Activism, Parrots
Wellington Protest 05-12-01 New Zeal.   Three Animal Rights activists arrested in Wellington, NZ. Activism, Pigs
Coats 4 Cubs 05-11-26 US, MA   Massachusettes AR Coalition on Fur Free Friday Activism, fur
Vlasak & dissention 05-11-x US, CA   To those who fear Jerry Vlasak causes dissention Activism, essay
Monk Parakeets 05-11-27 US, CT   Eradication of Parakeets Draws Protests Activism, Parrots
NJ Bear Hunt 05-11-20 US, NJ   New Jersey bear hunt protestors Activism, bear
Operation Parakeet 05-11-19 US, CT   Activists take to streets for put-upon parakeets Activism, parrots
Rod C Statement 05-11-19 US   Statement by Rod Coronado on the AL movement ALF Premise
Monk Parakeets 05-11-18 US, NJ   NJ Wild Parrot Nest Teardowns postponed until 2006
  see also
Activism, parrots
ADLLA Kirariley 05-11-18 US, CA   KIRARILEY's post to ADL-LA, and response politics
Cruelty maps 05-11-17 US   Interactive Animal Cruelty Maps Abuse Correlate
Madonna 05-11-16 US, CA   Madonna gives up hunting after watching bird die Musicians
Heather McCartney 05-11-17 UK   Auction of "Veganized" Cadillac activism, charity
Penn St Fur Prot 05-11-18 US, PA   Fur protest challenges downtown clothing store Activism, fur
Long Island Deer 05-11-17 US, NY   Long Island Deer Kill Suspended Two Days After Strike Activism, deer
Bear Hunt Sabs 05-11-16 US, NJ   Now Recruiting Bear Hunt Saboteurs Activism, Bear
Ginny the Dog 4 Cats 05-11-15 US   Hero dog to be cats' meow Pet, story
Vlasak-Ninjas 05-11-14 US, CA   Behind The Story: Ed Bradley Vs. Eco-Ninjas in Harlem Activism
Hearts of Katrina 05-11-14 US, LA   Tiny Heartbeats Amid Katrina's Wreckage Activism, rescue
No Kill & HSUS 05-11-13 US   Why Won't the HSUS sign a no-kill pledge? essay
Ingrid on Ebay 05-11-12 US   Ingrid auctioned on Ebay. PETA answers questions from bidders. Interviews
New Animal Views 05-11-12 World   Westerners are changing the way they see animals, study shows philosophy
Pot Hole Prince 05-11-12 US, CA   More on Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa politics
Vlasak on 60 Minutes 05-11-10 US, CA   Dr. Jerry Vlasak on TV show "60 Minutes", Nov 13 Activism
Mean Streets of LA 05-11-10 US, CA   Recap of last few weeks in regard to the humane community and Mayor Villa La GROSSA. politics
LA Jungle 05-11-09 US, CA   Guerdon Stuckey has thrown the LAAS department into disarray politics
Trader Joes 05-11-08 US, CA   Trader Joe's Gives Birds Something to Sing About Activism, hens
Angel Dogs 05-11-7 US   Stories compiled by Angel Animals Novels
Monkey luv 05-11-7 US, CA   Primates Are People, Too Speciesism
Slip Sliding 05-11-7 US, NY   Operation "Slip Sliding" Continues Activism
PETA crisis 05-11-6 US, VA   Publicity Pimps and Extreme Schemes: PETA's Public Relations Crisis and the Future of Animal Welfare Movement Activism
Eternal Treblinka 05-11-6 US, NY   Author of 'Eternal Treblinka' Returns His Graduate Degrees to Columbia University to Protest Its Horrific Experiments on Animals Activism, protest
PC Foxes Hunters 05-11-5 UK   PC Foxes the Hunters Activism, fox
Villaraigosa 05-11-4 US, CA   Villaraigosa Home Demo Wrap Up! politics
Charlotte Laws 05-11-03 US, CA   Mayor Villaraigosa and the Truth about Cats and Dogs politics
Letter 2 Editor 05-11-03 US, CA   Letter to the Editor regarding Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa politics
WI primate protest 05-11-02 US, WI   Primate Protesting in Madison, Wisconsin Activism, primate
Stuckey Wars 05-11-02 US, CA   Villaraigosa Backs Animal Services, Praises Task Force politics
Terror road show 05-11-02 US, NY   ARs and the NY Stock Exchange Activism
Mouse Songs 05-11-01 US, WA   Male mice sing songs of love Speciesism
Elephant Graveyards 05-11-01 UK   Elephants never forget their dead. Speciesism
PCRM vs CCF 05-11-01 US, D.C.   The PCRM responds to a news release by the CCF, a group funded by the tobacco, meat & junk-food industries. politics
Dog Rescue 05-11-01 US, NC   Man's best friend is rescuer too Pets, story
Pound Seizures 05-11-01 US   More on Pound Seizures Law
US Petition 05-11-01 US, NE   pdf file Petition for Enforcement of Nebraska Animal Cruelty Laws Law
Ireland AR 05-11-01 Ireland   Ireland AR Action. Some of the wildest stuff yet. Actions
LA Animal Services 05-11-01 US, CA   Chief Vet Finds Suspicious Device on her Porch politics
Bear Friend 05-10-31 US, OR   Love Affair With A Bear Runs Afoul Of The Law Law
fire Villaraigosa 05-10-30 US, CA   Los Angeles activists want Stuckey out of Animal Services politics
fire Villaraigosa 05-10-30 US, CA   Activists take protest to Mayor's doorstep politics
Bloody Protest 05-10-29 UK   Campaigner beaten up as hunting mob ignore help pleas Activism, fox
Emily the Cat 05-10-28 US, WI   Cat travels Overseas Alone story
Chino bomb 05-10-28 US, CA   Neighborhood evacuated in bomb scare Activism
Price of Crime 05-10-27 World   Price may be the loss of migratory birds essay
Bird Flu 05-10-24 World   Media Coverage of Bird Flu Misleading essay
S Africa Targets 05-10-25 S. Africa   South Africa Targets 'Despicable' Hunting Activism, hunting
Temple Grandin 05-10-25 US, CO   I'm an anthropologist from Mars biography
Vlasak 2 Senate 05-10-26 US, DC   Statement by Dr. Jerry Vlasak. Senate Committee Hearings on Eco-Terrorism & the Anti-HLS Campaign Activism
US Senate v Shac 05-10-25 US, DC   US Senate Targets SHAC Campaign politics
Stanford Protest 05-10-21 US, CA   Stanford students and community members protest use of tens of thousands of animals in Stanford labs Activism, labs
French Chef Veget 05-10-24 World   French Chef Now a Vegetarian health
Dade County 05-10-24 US, FL   Problems plague Dade County Animal Shelter politics
Pasado Lies 05-10-23 US, LA   Pasado continues to lie to make money politics
Covance v. PETA 05-10-22 US, VA   Covance drops lawsuit against PETA Law
Villaraigrosa 2 05-10-22 US, CA   L.A. mayor, animal activists meet but resolve nothing politics
HSUS is MIA 05-10-20 US, LA   HSUS missing in action. New Orleans - desperate plea politics
UCLA protest 05-10-20 US, CA   AR groups rally against medical testing on primates Activism, testing
Best on TV 05-10-18 UK   Steven Best interviewed on UK TV. Activist or terrorist? Activism
Activism Worldwide 05-10-x World   Photos of recent activism around the world Activism
Attack on SABS 05-10-17 UK   Hunt master to plead guilty to attack on hunt saboteurs Activism, fox
Villaraigosa 05-10-17 US, CA   Protest by ADL-LA on 05-10-22 politics


US, CA   Foster Farms protest Activism, hens
Beware Covance 05-10-15 US, AZ   Beware Trojan Horses! by Gayle Dean politics
HSUS v Pasado 05-10-15 US, LA   Pasado responds to HSUS politics
Slip Sliding 05-10-14 US, NY   Win Animal Rights launches a full out offensive campaign against the investors and market makers of LSRI Activism
Slip Slide day 2 05-10-15 US, NY   Day 2 of Slip Sliding Activism
Katrina Research 05-10-13 US, LA   Katrina Leaves Scientific Research in Ruins. Activism, labs
Peta Pie 05-10-12 France   Paris PETA pie in face of Vogue. Acivism, fur
SHARK - Rodeo Photos 05-10-x US, WY   Still photos taken at Rodeo Activism, Rodeo
Hillside Sanctuary 05-10-x UK   Exterminating pigeons Activism, birds
Hillside Reply 05-10-17 UK   Reply to above Activism, birds
InHumane S U S 05-10-12 US, LA   More frustration dealing with the HSUS. politics
Israel 05-10-x Israel   World Farm Animals Day in Israel ALF Actions
Barkslope Newsletter 05-10-x US, LA   Save a life during "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month" Activism, rescue
Help a Baboon 05-10-x Lebanon   Life Sentence Activism, primate
HSUS over line 05-10-10 US, LA   The Humane Society Crosses the Line, by NAALPO politics
Chicken Rights 05-10-10 Italy   Rome activists battle for chicken rights Activism, hens
Ontario Egg Barn 05-10-10 Canada, ON   Activist calls Ontario egg barn 'horrific' Activism, hens
Robert Bass 05-10-x US, FL   Vegan for Life. By Robert Bass, Ph.D. health
Rosebraugh 05-10-x US, OR   Craig Rosebraugh's War, by Bill Donahue biography
Austin Firemen 05-10-09 US, TX   Despite ridicule, four firefighters stick to vegetarian diet. health
Heather Calls Pals 05-10-08 UK   Mills-McCartney calls on Clooney + pals in fur war Activism, fur
Veggie Diet 05-10-x World   Are Vegetarian Diets Unhealthy? Various Quotes Veganism
Life Or Death 05-10-x US, TX   In a Fort Worth Texas Shelter Pets
French Prot 05-10-06 France   Toulouse. France. Activism
Poster 05-10-x US, CA   .pdf file. Advertisement in LA Times. Protest against Trader Joes. Activism, prot
Katrina-pets sill found 05-10-07 US, LA   Trapped New Orleans pets still being rescued Activism, rescue
KFC Hearse 05-10-x US, KY   Protester's vehicle plays a role in her anti-KFC campaign Activism, hens
Danae Kelley 05-10-07 US, CA   Activist Is Free Again, But for How Long? Activism, POW
Aurevoir to foie gras? 05-10-x US, Il   by Joe Moore, alderman of the 49th ward, Chicago politics
Abuse Clouds Expansion 05-10-07 US, MO   Animal abuse charges cloud egg factory's expansion Activism, hens
Lenderman 05-10-06 US, NM   Alysha Lenderman is a hometown hero. Activism
Murder Most Fowl 05-10-x US, NY   by Mark Hawthorne essay
Onto Chicken Farms 05-10-05 US, PA   Group Sneaks Onto Chicken Farms, Makes Video. Activism, hens
PETA - Whatever It Takes 05-10-x US, VA   PETA has a ruthless approach for getting coverage in the mass media -- with enviable results. Activism
Blair in Gonzales 05-10-04 US, LA   From Linda Blair: HELP NEEDED in Gonzales Activism, rescue
ADL-LA isn't ALF 05-10-04 US, CA   The Animal Defense League in LA gets incorrectly confused with the ALF, most likely out of ignorance. politics
Prot-Portugal 05-10-04 Portugal   ADI 'Stop Circus Suffering' Campaign in Portugal Activism, prot
Times on AR 05-10-03 UK   Times (UK) editorial against animal rights activists slams cosmetic testing on animals Activism, testing
Joseph Protests 05-10-03 World   International Day of Action against Joseph, reports Activism, prot
Stuckey_scam 05-10-x US, CA   ADL-LA Fighting Against Animal Shelter's Abuse politics
Fur 05-10-02 UK   Heather Mills McCartney has gone to war against supermodels Activism, fur
Elephant Videos 05-10-x US, TN   Videos from the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary story



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