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New international site to support local AR groups 12/01/02 world Its supporters aim to fight animal abuse by contacting those directly or indirectly responsible for animal abuse  
Winograd Indicts Wayne Pacelle of HSUS 11-08-06      
The end of commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean? 11-05-02 world    
Miss Florida USA 86's Animal Fur From Pageant 11-07-02      
Dying Man Reunited with his Dog in Last Wish 11-07-01      
News media could face prosecution under animal abuse whistleblower bill 11-04-08 USA    
Japan suspends annual whale hunt 11-02-16      
Fox mauled arm of hunt supporter on her birthday 'in revenge' attack 11-02-01      
Mask-Wearing Protestors in D.C. Can Now Be Arrested        
European Union takes major step to protect cats and dogs        
A Thanksgiving Day Prayer        
New Horror Story About Miami-Dade Animal Shelter        
Cattle Inspector Faked Mad Cow Reports        
Kraft Foods Switches One Million Eggs to Cage-Free        
sos-galgos stiergemetzel-als-kulturgutl        
INDIANA: Concentration Camps For Coyotes And Foxes To Become Legal        
New from Mike Palecek - November 2010        
The Rise of the Power Vegans        
Dairy's New Partnership With Newsweek Magazine 10-09-03 US    
Is Banning the Sale of Animals Beginning to Catch On? 10-08-22 US    
Man Arrested While Rescuing Dogs 10-08-22 US    
Texas Egg Protest 10-08-22 US    
English Musicians Saving America's Horses 10-08-20 UK    
Free the Orangutan Prisoners 10-08-12 Indonesia    
SHAC Action Alert 10-08-09      
Jentsch moves in: There Goes the Neighborhood 10-08-07 US, CA UCLA Primate Vivisector David Jentsch Buys New Mansion in Los Angeles Area; Next Door to Sharon Stone's Sister, Who is None Too Happy About It  
Group criticizes UF for animal deaths in its labs 10-08-06 US, FL An animal-rights group is criticizing the University of Florida for animal deaths at its laboratories.  
From Tests 2 Sanctuary 10-07-21 US 55 Macaque Monkeys Find Refuge as Advocates Rush to Collaborate and Construct Living Spaces  
Animal Autopsies in Gulf Yield a Mystery 10-07-15 US    
McDade Stalker 10-07-08 US Michael McDade has been cyberstalking animal rights activists, posing as the Seal Shepherd Organization  
Jane Velez-Mitchell Fights For Animal Rights 10-07-05 US CNN Reporter documentary on Animal Rights  
Trial By Tape Measure - The Story Of Lennox 10-07-02 UK Breed Specific Legislation trundles on and on, seemingly gobbling up more and more innocent canine victims with endless vigour  
ARAs Vs Primate Research 10-06-28 US, OR Protesters arrested outside Ore. primate center  
Pets Alive on Oreo's Law 10-06-20   Pet's Alive Rescue on Oreo's Law & Best Friends  
Engineer Resigns Over Primate Tests 10-06-27 US NASA Engineer Resigns Over Planned Primate Testing  
All Creatures Newsletter - Animals in Print 10-06-15   Newsletter, links  
Faux Chicken 10-06-09   link to Time Magazine article  
Ten Cutest Animals Threatened by the BP Oil Spill 10-06-02  Gulf of Mexico    
European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance 10-04-01       
Kevin Olliff enters plea deal, awaits sentencing 10-03-26      
Michigan Meatout Day 10-03-20      
Veg*n Antagonist Lierre Keith Pied in the Face 10-03-14 US, CA    
Pennsylvania Dog Activist Faces New Charges 10-03-11 US, PA    
Germans Against Spanish Bullfighting 10-03-09 Germany, Spain    
Japan Backlash on "The Cove" - Threats on the Horizon 10-03-08 Japan    
Japanese Guilty of Beaching Activists' Rights 10-03-02 Japan    
Waltzing Matilda 10-02-25      
New York: 9th Annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies 10-02-24 US, NY    
Celebrities Protest NASA Monkey Radiation Experiments 10-02-23 US    
Cease Animal Torture Animal Liberation Forum 4/2010 10-02-19      
Australia Threatens Japan Over Whaling Program 10-02-18      
Activist Boards Japanese Whaling Ship 10-02-13 Antarctica    
Whalers Return To Sanctuary, Epic Battle Erupts 10-02-12 Antarctica    
Five-Hour Battle At the Gateway of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary 10-02-11 Antarctica    
Sea Shepherd Escorts Whaling Fleet Out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary 10-02-10 Antarctica    
Whalers - Anti-Whalers Exchange Water Cannon Fire 10-02-08 Antarctica    
Bob Barker Rammed by Illegal Whaler 10-02-05 Antarctica    
AR Benefits 10-01-10 US, IL benefit show this coming saturday where all the proceeds are going to a local no-kill shelter; TAPS (tazewell animal protection society)  
Whale Wars 10-01-05     New Anti-whaling boats, battles with whalers. Ady Gil is sunk.   
Militant Direct Action (MDA) Awards 10-01-01   NIO's First Annual Animal Liberation / Militant Direct Action (MDA) Awards  
Shonan Maru No. 2 Attacks Sea Shepherd 09-12      
Paul Watson - Sierra Club 09-12      
McCartney - Meat Free Monday 09-12      
Dog Rescued from Cold Ocean 09-12      
Animal Liberation Forum in April 2010 at CSU-LB 09-12      
Crisis on the (U.S.) Coast 09-12      
Two Animal Abusers at Yale University Stop Torturing Animals 09-09      
Rare Vegetarian Spider Discovered 09-09      
Ducks Rescued 09-09-12 US, NY  Ducks rescued from Brooklyn Street   
Eagle's Animal Welfare Blitz Package 09-09-10 US, PA Eagles yesterday circulated a draft plan to animal-rights groups that calls for an immediate, widespread campaign to combat animal abuse in Philadelphia.  
Dennis Zeglin Shoots Caged Parrot to Death 09-09-04 US, NJ A New Jersey man shot the family's 20 year-old African grey parrot, Mikey, for annoying him while he was watching a NASCAR race on television.  
A vegan perspective on Michael Vick 09-08-14 US  A vegan's reaction to Vick being re-instated in the NFL   
A Dog Story - Ella 09-08-10    Dog stays with family car after crash   
Doe! Deer Rescuer Threatened With Criminal Charges 09-07-20 US After being rescued, Sunny the fawn faces euthanasia, while Sunny's rescuer is threatened with jail time.  
Mink Farming Stats, Released July 2009 09-07-15 US Statistics from last three years show a decline in mink farms  
Goose Roundup, NYC 09-06-10
Geese are being removed activism
Link to story about tortoise 09-06-07 US Tortoise given a toy truck for mobility story
bridge-goose-link 09-06-07   Urbana dedicates bridge to "special" goose  
duck rescue-link 09-06-07   NY officer helps mother duck get her babies out of a storm sewer drain  
rescued goose.htm 09-06-07      
ECEAE launches scathing attack on MEPs 09-05-05 UK ECEAE has launched a scathing attack on MEPs following their decision in Strasbourg today on the revision of the animal experiments directive. animal testing
ECEAE: Research Report is Deeply Flawed and Biased 09-05-05 UK   European ombudsman asked to investigate 'deeply flawed and biased' report about monkeys in research animal testing
Andre, the two-legged dog 09-05-01 US  A reason to ban traps story
Ties to Virus First Discovered in U.S. Pig Factories 09-05-02 US Crowded conditions on factory farms create breeding grounds for new viruses. farming
World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 09-04-20 US, NY Protests and educational outreach will be on-going daily from April 18 thru April 26 activism
Human Noises Cause Fish Stress 09-04-07 UK A study published in the journal Integrative Zoology reports that human-generated sound has detrimental effects on fish. fish
When Hanging Isn't Cruel 09-04-07 US, OH It was a Rodney King moment for the animal movement. A sow being hung by a Creston, Ohio hog farmer as a method of "euthanasia" in full view of a hidden camera. Activism
Monkeys seize moment to escape 09-04-03 US, OR The monkeys (which are Macaques, or snow monkeys) were last seen along the south edge of the university's west campus in Beaverton lab escape
Sick Sea Turtle Swims Right to Hospital Doorstep 09-03-31 US, FL A sick sea turtle swims to the doorstep of the only place in the world that is licensed solely to treat turtles story
Bardot to Obama: Save the seals 09-02-19 France Brigitte Bardot wants President Barack Obama to save the world's seals. activism
World Lab Animal Liberation Week 09-02-18 world Many kinds of events will be planned for World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week activism
Michigan Shelter Activism 09-02-11 US, MI  Michigan Shelter volunteers are furious that animals are going to researchers activism
A Nation Closes Its Eyes to the Massacre at the Gaza Zoo 09-02-06 Gaza News anchors were silent on the massacre at the Gaza Zoo by Israeli troops who shot and killed caged animals during Israel's recent assault on Gaza animal abuse
Environmentalist Sentenced to 21 Years 09-02-05 US Environmentalist Sentenced to 21 Years as a "Terrorist"; Violent Racists Receive Half That law
turkey farm workers indicted 09-02-05 US, VA Former Greenbrier turkey farm workers indicted on abuse charges law
Is Jailing of  Activists a Call to Action? 09-01-29 US Is Recent Jailing of Anti-HLS Activists a Call to Action? activism
NAALPO News, January 2009 09-01-29 US The latest issue (Vol. Five, No. 1: Jan 2009) and more info.
John Robbins Loses Life Savings 09-01-22 US   Author of "Diet for a New America" was a victim of Wall Street fraud baron Bernard Madoff story
Why the Obama White House May Go to the Dogs 09-01-15 US   When the CCF is concerned, we should celebrate politics
"Outlaw" Bikers Rescue Orphaned Kittens 09-01-13 US, NY A group of tattooed bikers rescued 180 stranded kittens yesterday afternoon activism
Vivisector Protection Bill 09-01-12 US, CA  Craigslist Censors Posts about Schwarzenegger Vivisector Protection Bill law
PETA Fur Protest in WA 09-01-03 US, WA  PETA Fur Protest in Yakima, Washington Fur
Dog owner risks his life to rescue his pet 09-01-05 UK  Dog owner risks his life by plunging into icy pond to rescue his pet Pets
Appeal to Help Animal Rescuer Marjorie Banks 08-12-29 US  Appeal to help a dedicated animal rescuer facing some financial hurdles activism
Two Victories for Primates in Los Angeles 08-12-29 US, CA  Description of the two recent victories for primates in Los Angeles activism
Evidence that ACC Brooklyn Committed Fraud and Murder 08-12-29 US, NY Evidence that ACC Brooklyn Charlene Pedrolie manager has committed fraud and murders everyday activism
California man takes duck under wing 08-12-19 US, CA   Man cares for duck dumped in lake story
Anti-fur Protest 08-12-17 US, DC  Anti-fur Protests in Washington DC activism
Blind Man Teaches Deaf Dog 08-12-15 US  story and video story
Dollars for Delilah 08-12-06 US RAW educates organization raising money for pet shop after November fire story
Vet Operates on Fish 08-12-06 US   Goldfish undergo surgery story
Animal Victories in 2008 08-12-05 US   Report by HSUS activism
ACLU Defends Animal Activists 08-12-04 US The American Civil Liberties Union defends ARAs law
Sea Shepherd goes into Action 08-12-03 world The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin departed the Port of Brisbane today activism
Poultry Pollution in Maryland 08-12-02 US, MD Maryland officials found it convenient to hold mute swans responsible for polluting Chesapeake Bay politics
Monk parakeets view of bunkers 08-12-01 US, Conn Monk parakeets view man-made bunkers as for the birds parrots
Pilots for Paws 80-12-01 US Pilots are donating their time, planes and fuel to transport dozens of dogs activism
Peter Singer on the Rights of Animals 08-11-22 US   Peter Singer discusses the current state of animal rights story
Resident takes plunge to save goose 08-11-20 US, Md Cam MacQueen goes into lake to make certain goose does not drown story
Man Gives His Life for His Dog 08-11-15 US John Petrik refused to leave the burning home until he was sure his dog was safe story
Voters Bust Myths 08-11-06 US   Voters burst the myth that the animal protection movement can't achieve real change law
How a 3-legged dog inspired our next President 08-11-05 US, IL How a 3-legged dog inspired our next President to make history ' and got a Congressional bill proposed in her name story
Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker 08-11-05 US, FL   A dog came out of nowhere and stopped a knife-wielding robber story
Ted Nugent Detained for Assault on Anti-Fur Activists 08-11-02 US, CA   Animal-hating rock star allegedly spits, threatens, grabs activists at Neiman Marcus activism
New Law Shields UC Scientists 08-10-03 US, CA New Law Shields UC Scientists. Recent Violence Spurs Governor to Pass Bill. law
Impeach Bush.Org 08-09-29 US   US Veterans hang enormous banner from the National Archive building. politics
EU Proposed Tougher Rules for Slaughterhouses 08-09-15 Europe   The EU proposed tougher rules for slaughterhouses to ensure that animals "are humanely treated" before they are killed. law
Dog Seized by W. Drayton Police 08-09-12 UK   Family Dog Seized by West Drayon police for wrong reasons and develops parvo in the pound law
Captive Parrot Demo 08-09-09 US, NY   Demonstration in NY on Sept 27 activism
Teen Forms Group 08-09-01 US  Teen forms group to stand up for animals in Springfield activism
NAALPO News July 2008 08-08-31 US  Newsletter news
Wayne Pacelle: Friend of the Meat Industry 08-08-18 US  Article by Dr. Steven Best about HSUS activism
ARA Convicted for Anti-Fur Sticker 08-08-06 US, NC  Sticker violation pales in comparison to cruelty of fur law
Los Angeles Mayor lists Foie Gras as a Favorite 08-08-10 US, CA He says foie gras is "great." story
Kansas McDonald's "Tagged" 08-08-11 US, KS   McDonalds Tagged by ALF  food
Bird Pet Store Protest 08-08-09 US, NJ Protest planned for August 23, 2008 activism
U.S. swimmer defies ban on AR protest 08-08-08 China Amanda Beard defies the request from China to not protest fur
Pigeon Shoot in PA 08-08-02 US, PA the cruelest pigeon shoot taking place at the Strausstown Gun Club in Pennsylvania hunting
ALF "Retaliation" 08-07-20 world Woman Sentenced to 2 Years for Rescuing Dog, "Terrorists" Rescue More Animals in Retaliation activism
Sean Kirtley's Judge was fan of blood sports 08-07-20 UK The judge disclosed in a letter to lawyers that "one of my hobbies is game shooting" law
Miss Furida, US 08-07-18 US, FL   Protestors object to fur given as a prize media
GlaxoSmithKline Kills 12 Babies in Argentina 08-07-15 Argentina  HLS Supplier does testing on children with disastrous results testing
"Support Black Riders" Conference 08-07-11 US, CA Conference Attempts to Forge Coalitions activism
Jennifer Pryor to Ed Boks - LA Calif. 08-07-20 US, CA Jennifer Lee Pryor writes to Ed Boks about the Los Angeles Animal Shelter activism
AR Protests Coast to Coast 08-07-12 US animal rights activists protesting all around the world activism
Campaign to End Primate Testing 08-07-10 Europe call for ban on the use of primates in European laboratories in response to evidence of widespread cruelty in the trade in wild primates animal testing
Man Saves Black Bear From Drowning 08-07-08 US, FL  Man Rescues Bear story
EU Seal Fur Ban 08-07-02 Europe  Seal Fur Ban  fur
Carol Whitehead 80-07-02 US

Sometimes, it's not the animals that give Whitehead the most trouble.

New Fronts for Animal Liberation 08-07-02 Australia  Opinion of the state of the AL movement essay
Complaint filed against Gratiot animal shelter 08-07-01 US, MI An animal rights activist has filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Agriculture shelter
Pet Safety and Protection Act 08-07-01 US Undercover investigation law - activism
NAALPO News Vol 4, no. 2 08-06-11 world  New articles, esays essays
No charge in vegan handouts 08-06-10 US, IL A former art teacher and veganl has been distributing a book that chronicles his firing. activism
Temma Martin standing up for pets 08-06-02 US, UT   Standing up for pets story
The State of SHAC, June 2008 08-06-01 UK & US  A "state of the un-union" article about SHAC activism
Jane Goodall appeals for animal testing ban 08-05-28 Belgium  Jane Goodall & other scientists appealed to European Union officials to do more to end the testing of animals for science. animal testing
Oprah Discussion of Vegetarianism and AR 08-05-22 US Animal rights discussions on Oprah's discussion boards. media
DC Horse Demo 08-05-21 US It was a wonderful demo, we caught the Embassy totally by surprise. protest
Veggie Pride Parade 08-05-21 US Proud Vegetarians, in Costume, Take to the Streets activism
WAR's Video Banned on MySpace 08-05-20 US WAR's first video, produced in collaboration with Protect the Innocent, has been CENSORED and BANNED by MySpace. media
Attack of the Invasive Species Committee of Maui 08-05-17 US, HI The Invasive Species Committee has scheduled the extermination of Conures any day now, by shooting. birds
Europe Bullish on Animal Rights 08-05-10 UK Europe's animal rights movement is ferociously against bullfighting activism
Mercy for Animals Undercover Investigation 08-05-09 US, CA   An undercover investigation into one of California's largest egg factory farms factory farms
A Call Out to Midwestern ARAs 08-05-08 US, IL   AR Conference in Chicago, July 25th through 27th, 2008 meeting
The Animal Research War - book 08-05-05 world   Book written from the perspective of animal researchers media
Asking for Help in Washington State 08-05-03 US, WA   Request to rescue animals in Washington activism
Truck Attacked for Supplying HLS 08-05-01 US, CA Delivery Truck in Garden Grove, CA Attacked by ALF for Supplying HLS activism
Activists Win Anti-Slapp Motion Against Los Angeles 08-05-01 US, CA This is the 3rd anti-slapp motion won by ARAs campaigning to "Stop the Killing" at LA's Dept. of Animal Services (LAAS) law
Power Co. Evicts Monk Parakeets 08-04-29 US, CT Connecticut's "United Illuminating" Evicts Monk Parakeets at worst time activism
PETA: It's Time for Liberation Project 08-04-20 world  Peta 2's project: The Time For Liberation Is Now activism
Ingrid_Newkirk Speech.mp3 08-04-15 US Ingrid Newkirk's speech at Non-Violence Conference speech
ARA Won Top Prize for Academic Work 08-04-04 UK Sheffield AR campaigner Dr Dan Lyons has won a top prize for his academic work against animal experiments. Animal Testing
Hysterical Hearn Hatefully Harasses Harp Seal Heroes 08-04-04 Canada Farley Mowat attacked verbally and activists attacked physically hunting
Filmmakers Outsmart Dolphin Killers 08-04-04 Japan Secret Film Will Expose Japan's Brutality media
Genesis Awards Protested 08-04-04 US, CA   HSUS Genesis Awards Protested Protest
Undercover Slaughter Investigation 08-03-30 US, CA   An undercover vegan spent 6 weeks working at a slaughterhouse activism
In Defense Of PETA Killing 08-03-30 US   Opinion of PETA conducting Euthanasia opinion
Japan Whale Experiments Bizarre 08-03-22 Japan  Japanese Whale experiments are Bizarre: Report animal testing
Statement about Tiger Ranch 08-03-20 US   Statement from a former LCA Investigator about the Tiger Ranch shelters
Delhi Blaze claimed by ARAs 08-03-15 US   ARAs take credit for blaze at taxidermist activism
Sea Shepherd Seal Defense Campaign 08-03-14 world   Sea Shepherd announces its Seal Defense Campaign for 2008 activism
University of Calif. reacts to ARAs 08-03-12 US, CA   U of C seeks injunction against ARAs law
Man Clinging to Boat: Save My Dog First 08-03-12 US, WV  Man clinging to boat says save my dog first news
Confronting Cruelty - AR Conference 08-03-11 US, UT   Confronting Cruelty. AR Conference in April, 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah confer.
Arrests in 1999 MSU Arson 08-03-11 US, MI   8 years after MSU's Agriculture Hall burned, 4 people have been arrested law
Hallmark/Westland a 'perfect storm' for activists 08-03-09 US, CA   Not only was there horrible footage for the media, but it was a school lunch supplier essay
California Regents Sue Animal Activists 08-03-09 US, CA The regents hope to win a permanent injunction law
Experts fear extremists from Britain 08-03-06 UK  Experts fear AR Extremists may be travelling from Britain activism
NY City Pigeon Netter 08-03-05 US, NY   Pigeon nutter, I mean netter, breaking laws activism
Animal Holocaust Videos 08-03-04 Brazil   AR Videos from Brazil activism
Whalers Shoot Watson 08-03-05 sea   Japanese Whalers Shoot Captain Paul Watson on the Sea Shepherd whaling
Global Boycott P&G 08-03-08 world  Global Boycott of Proctor and Gamble on May 17, 2008 activism
NAALPO Newsletter, Volume 4, No. 1: Jan '08 08-02-19 world   Newsletter activism
Animal rights groups gain momentum 08-02-18 US   Opinion media
First Veggie Pride Parade in America 08-02-10 US, NY   May 18, Greenwich Village, NY activism
Plan Expedites Alternatives 08-02-05 US   US plan expedites alternatives to animal testing testing
Conference for Critical Animal Studies 08-02-04 US Saturday February 23, 2008 Montana State University, Billings studies
Busiest Month for ARAs 08-02-02 US   January 2008 was the busiest month in years for animal liberationists activism
Feds suspend meatpacker 08-02-01 US, CA Feds suspend California meatpacker pending probe of animal abuse factory farming
Animal Rights Is Gaining Momentum 08-01-28 US   Animal Rights is gaining momentum on multiple fronts AR
First epistle: phoenix from the flames 08-01-24 US   POWs speak Law
Culp Attempts to Shut Down Exhibit 08-01-22 US, CA   Robert Culp attempts to shut down the elephant exhibit at the L.A. Zoo zoo
ADLA vs. Boks 08-01-21 US, CA   ADLA talks about Boks animal shelter
You Can Help Build A No-Kill Shelter 08-01-16 US   January 31 deadline animal shelter
Shelter Walkers 08-01-14 world  Short documentary animal shelters
Monasteries to go Vegetarian 08-01-12 world HH Karmapa directs his centres, monasteries to go vegetarian religion
Lorain County Pound 08-01-08 US   County Pound killing animals before their adoption date animal shelters
She Talks to the Animals 08-01-07 UK   4-year-old talks only to animals news
2007 Review: Animal Liberation Press Office 08-01-03 world   Review of the movement news
January 2008 Events in New York and New Jersey 08-01-01 US, NY, NJ   AR Events in New York and New Jersey in January 2008 activism
Rocket Dog Rescue Needs Help 07-12-24 US, CA   Pali lost everything and is now homeless along with her 11-12 dogs. Shelter
Sad Status of All Creatures Great and Small 07-12-21 US, NC   Sanctuary is not doing all it can for animals sanctuary
Patrick Range McDonald - Proud to Be a Sleazy Journalist 07-12-21 US Journalist with no integrity or regard for the truth writes misleading story about California activists media
Animal Lovers Sue LA County 07-12-21 US Animal lovers sue Los Angeles County Animal Control Dept. to end unlawful and abusive treatment of animals law
Serial Pet Killer Goes Free in Missouri 07-12-16 US An activist goes to jail for saving a dog and a pet serial killer goes unpunished! What a "wonderful" world! law
Tivoli Terrace - Not Compassionate 07-12-15 US  Millennium Singles uses peacock feathers, insults compassionate people activism
Mink Farm Closes 07-12-15 US   Mink Farm Closes fur farming
Research Monkeys in South Carolina 07-12-14 US   Research Facility in South Carolina abuses monkeys activism
Blogtalk Radio to Interview T. Sutton 07-12-07 internet 12/16/2007 5:00 PM Tiffany Sutton speaks on Animal Rights and Living Cruelty-Free media
Verizon hinders search for dog's torturers 07-12-06 US Phone company's foot-dragging stymies police, owner in search for dog's torturers story
Celebrate National Bird Day 07-12-05 US January 8, 2008 activism
HLS Protest  USA East Coast 07-12-05 US   Protest on Dec 8. activism
The Wachovia Story 07-12-01 US   The story about the Wachovia Bank selling its shares of HLS activism
Hate Crimes Vs. Terrorism 07-12-01 US   What should Americans worry about? media
Tiffany E. Sutton; author on a talk show 07-11-23 US; internet   Author to speak on internet radio media
Wachovia Sells HLS Shares 07-11-20 US Wachovia sells all shares of Huntingdon Life Sciences following ALF attacks activism
Letter to US Judge Russell W. Annich 07-11-11 US, NJ   Letter written to explain dog's nature to a judge  law
Progress towards Ending Seal Hunt 07-11-01 world International Progress Towards Ending Canada's Annual Seal Hunt activism
Lobsters Escape in Germany 07-10-29 Germany  Lobsters Liberate Themselves story
New AR website in Los Angeles 07-10-29 US, CA takes on a sleazy, oppressive, and fascist City government media
Is Univ. of Hawaii Hiding Animal Torture? 07-0-22 US, HI   Letter to the editor of Hawaiian Newspaper animal testing
News of a shocking discovery 07-10-22 Spain   Large facility for monkey breeding for vivisection found in Spain animal testing
Amy Kerwin: Giving Back to the Monkeys 07-10-14 US Amy Kerwin worked as a UW primate researcher. Now she's trying to create a sanctuary. animal testing
International Conference for Critical Animal Studies 07-10-14 US, Montana Program Theme: Animal and Earth Advocacy: Links of Life confer.
Research Posing as Rescue 07-10-12 US   List of Animal Researchers Posing as Rescue and / or Transport Groups alert
Primate Liberation Week 07-10-12 US   National Primate Liberation Week starts Saturday Oct 13 protest
Animal Advocates 07-10-11 US   Peter Young and other ARAs activism
Loving Animals 07-10-12 world   Editorial from opinion
The Squirrel Wars 07-10-11 UK   Fight over squirrels in the United Kingdom activism
Gloria Steinem on Covance 07-10-10 US, WI   Gloria Steinem says no to Covance Cruelty animal testing
Animal Ethicists Research Lab 07-10-10 US   PETA undercover at Vanderbilt University animal testing
Anti-fur Demo/March 07-10-09 US, MD  Plus International Day of Action - Oct 27 & November 3rd protest
LOHV - NYC Celebration, November 10 07-10-04 US, NY League of Humane Voters of New York City celebrates 6 years of political action for animals! activism
Volunteer at LAAS Resigns 07-10-03 US, CA  Yet another frustrated employee at Los Angeles Animal Shelter politics
Ecuador Poisoning Dogs 07-10-02 Ecuador   Ecuador poisoning dogs activism 07-10-01 Spain Barbarie en Algemesí 2007  
Warwak vs. Fox River Grove School District 07-10-03 US, IL  Vegan teacher who was terminated is seeking reinstatement law
Protest Huntingdon Life Sciences October 7, 2007 07-10-03 US, NY   Protest in New York City October 7 Protest
Cats on Meth at Ohio State University 07-10-02 US, OH Cats-on-meth testing begins again animal testing
Moravek Biochemicals Terminates Animal Lab 07-10-02 US, CA Moravek Biochemicals Terminates Business with Notorious Animal Lab activism
Hardee's, Carl's Jr. and PETA Reach Deal 07-10-01 US, CA Fast-food chains will begin purchasing eggs and pork from suppliers who do not keep animals in cages or crates activism
Coca-Cola Pulls Funding for Animal Tests! 07-10-01 Europe PETA Victory: Coca-Cola Pulls Funding for Animal Tests! activism
foa/a-note-to-our-members 07-09-20 US   Friends of Animals response to LTE regarding Primary Primates shelters /watch?v= 7KY9LaxVkDM 1992 world Video of child from the UN Earth Summit 1992 but relevant today. activism
Eric McDavid's Trial 07-09-19 US, OR   Trial of Eric McDavid law
Rod Coronado Trial 07-09-14 US, CA   Trial of Rod Coronado law
Vegan Teacher May Lose His Job 07-09-12 US, WI  Vegan teacher spreads word about diet and is removed activism
LA Mayor Supports Animal Cruelty 07-09-10 US, CA Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa supports criminal animal cruelty and neglect. activism
EU to world: Don't use primates in experiments 07-09-09 Europe EU to world: "The use of primates n experiments is not acceptable." animal testing
Anita Roddick and the Body Shop 07-09-06 France Anita Roddick has used The Body Shop's buyout by L'Oreal to teach the French giant about community trade shopping
Crush the Cage Conference 07-09-05 US, MA conference for the Northeastern animal liberation movement, November 9-11. activism
New Mexico Establishes Animal Abuse Hotline 07-08-26 US, NM   Animal Abuse Hotline created. activism
Mayor fails animals, then lies about it 07-08-25 US, CA  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa fails Los Angeles' animals, then lies about it shelters
Protest Huntingdon Life Sciences 07-08-22 US, NY Date/Time: August 26, 2007 at 2:00 PM
Place: 279 Central Park W. (88 St.) - New York City
Dogfighting In Kansas 07-08-18 US, KS   There is an alleged large dogfighting ring based in Atchison county, Kansas dog fighting
A Note About Michael Vick by Francione 07-08-17 US, GA Comments about the prosecution of Vick law
Support Ban on Cages 07-08-16 world Why Animal Rights Advocates Should Support Efforts to Ban the Cruelest Confinement and Most Abusive Slaughter of Farmed Animals farm animals
Fur Underground 07-08-15 world   "Behind the Mask" reactions media
Did Rescuers Go Too Far? 07-08-14 Canada Tre Smith smashed a window and pulled Cyrus from an overheated SUV. He handcuffed Soderholm to the car. law
AR Gets Righteous 07-08-14 UK  Evolution of animal rights activists philosophy
Will No Cage Hold Him? Monkey Again Escapes Zoo 07-08-13 US, MS A 9-year-old capuchin monkey at a Mississippi zoo, escaped his cage for the second time. zoos
youtube/watch?v=BGRbsefDybs 07-08--12 US 823,187 - the number of sentient beings killed for food while you watch this. veganism
LTE - Abolishing Cruelty 07-08-11 US, NC   Letter to editor: Abolishing Animal Cruelty activism
Hotel Protest 07-08-10 UK ARAs demontstrate outside Thornbury's luxury Castle Hotel activism
Necessary Anthropo-morphizing 07-08-09 US   Of Michael Vick and the nature of animals philosophy
Environmentalists vs ARAs 07-07-20 US, WA Environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, say the number of geese should be reduced. activism
Grand Jury Urges Changes 07-07-20 US, NY The Ulster County grand jury that cleared animal abuse suspect Bruce Van Bramer in August 2006 has recommended sweeping changes to the state's animal cruelty laws. law
Animals Getting More Legal Protection 07-07-12 world In the United States, lawyers and legislators devote more of their time to animal rights. law
Last Chance for Animals' Undercover Investigation 07-07-12 US Investigation Into Rendering Facility Illustrates Dog and Cat Overpopulation Problem activism
Animal Welfare Issue is Boiling 07-07-09 US Many firms in the industry have moved to undertake a number of changes in response to customer concerns. society
Moby Hits Live Earth for Selling Meat 07-07-09 world Moby has hit out at organisers of the Live Earth concerts for selling meat at the shows food
Oregon Lawsuit for Chimp 07-07-09 US A lawsuit started by an Oregon animal sanctuary law
Exposed - UK's animal labs fail EU standards 07-06-21 UK   Conditions for animals in Britain's research laboratories fall short of new Europe-wide guidelines which enter into force June 15. law
Cat and Dog Fur to be outlawed 07-06-19 Europe   Cat and dog fur to be outlawed in Europe law
Biteback Wins Law Suit vs NYSE 07-06-14 US, FL   Judge dismisses lawsuit against Animal Rights Web site law
Intentional cruelty now a felony 07-06-04 US, HI   New state law makes intentional animal cruelty a penalty law
Pepsi & Coke Stop Animal Research 07-06-02 US  Pepsi and Coke agree to stop financing research that uses animals activism
Animal Volunteers Change Strategy 07-05-31 US, CA Former Rescuers Target LADAS Volunteer Coordinator for Incompetence activism
NYSE Sues Biteback 07-05-30 US, FL   New York Stock Exchange is Suing owner of Biteback law
Exhibit Comparing Rights 07-05-30 US, CA   UCLA Exhibit comparing animal and human rights activism
Death For No Reason 07-05-25 US, OR   Denali: Pit bull incarcerated and killed by ignorance law
Investigation Exposes Slaughterhouse Cruelty 07-05-22 US   New investigation by Mercy for Animals exposes slaughterhouse cruelty  activism
Animal Rights Lawyer - Steven Wise 07-05-11 New Zealand  Animal rights Lawyer in New Zealand activism
Penalty for Animal Cruelty in Michigan 07-05-09 US, MI   In Michigan, a judge has thrown the book at a young man for animal cruelty. law
Police Bloody Field Workers Filming Bison 07-05-10 US   Police Bloody and Arrest Field Workers filming Bison Haze on Public Grounds activism
Encyclopedia of Life 07-05-10 world   Scientists are compiling an online, free encyclopedia of life info
PepsiCo Stops Animal Testing 07-05-09 world   Pepsi Co Stops Funding Animal Testing animal testing
ARAs in Boston for Bio-tech Meeting 07-05-05 US  ARAs will protest the second week in May protests
Vet Fined for Calling ARAs "Terrorists" 07-05-05 Netherlds Leeuwarden appeal court has sentenced a vet, J. Plantema, to pay damages of 200,000 euros to animal rights group WakkerDier law
Toronto No-kill Shelter in trouble 07-05-01 Canada   Toronto no-kill shelter in danger of shutting down shelters
Europe set to outlaw cosmetic testing on live animals 07-04-29 Europe   Tests on rabbits & mice will soon be banned after scientists announced that most experiments can be carried out using non-animal alternatives.   animal testing
IFAW Podcast 07-04-25 world   May 9 Podcast. Efforts to stop commercial whaling whaling
Lab Animal Week '07 - Commentary 07-04-24 world   Commentary on what it takes to wake people up animal testing
LTE: Curb Animal Cruelty 07-04-22 US  Letter to the editor: It's time to curb animal cruelty  philos.
Universities accused of 'cruel' animal tests 07-04-22 UK BUAV has accused universities of 'cruel' animal testing animal testing
Action to Curb Protests 07-04-22 UK   Glaxo Kline Takes Action to Curb Protests  animal testing
Mexican Rodeo 07-04-16 US   Activists in U.S. Protest the Rodeo rodeo
Duke Univ. Stops Using Live Pigs 07-04-16 US, NC   Duke Univ. School of Medicine confirmed it stopped using live pigs animal testing
Sealing Boat Sunk in Newfoundland 07-04-15 Canada   Sealing boat burns  news
More on Don Imus 07-04-15 US   Commentary by Robert Cohen media
University to reduce animal tests 07-04-14 UK   Aberdeen University is committed to reducing animal testing animal testing
Cops Need Pampers 07-04-14 US, CA   Santa Monica Cops Need Pampers for their Lack of Control protests
Lobster Liberation 07-04-13 US, ME   300 Lobsters freed liberation
Nests removed but birds here to stay 07-04-11 US, CT   Nests of Monk Parakeets were removed, but the birds stay anyway birds
Meat Down, Veggies Up, Says New Research 07-04-11 US   1 in 4 U.S. adults is eating less meat compared to a year ago, and 1 in 8 is a semi-vegetarian food
5th Animal Lib. Conf 07-04-11 US, NY   Saturday April 28th, Hall of Languages, Syracuse University meeting
Legal battle: My son, the chimp 07-04-11 UK   A British woman has launched a court challenge to become the legal guardian of a chimpanzee law
Rally for Grimes in US 07-04-07 US, PA   Rally for Tammy Grimes in Pennsylvania. April 17 dogs
.pdf1 .pdf2 .pdf3 07-04-02 US   Letters from No-kill Shelter Guru to HSUS pets
The dog food conspiracy 07-04-02 US   Interesting Video on dog food pets
Hidden cost of "cage-free" eggs 07-04-02 US The hidden cost of selling the public on "cage-free" eggs food
ARAs Praise Burger King 07-04-02 US Burger King To Sell Products From Cage-Free Chickens, Pigs food
Orangutan Diary 07-04-01 UK   The long-anticipated series of Orangutan Diary will air next week. TV
'Throwaway' Kids & Animals Find Each Other 07-03-30 US   When troubled kids began to take care of abandoned animals they learned love activism
Glaxo Smith Kline Fined 07-03-29 Australia   Glaxo Smith Kline fined for false advertising. food
Burger King Improves 07-03-29 world   Burger King requires its suppliers to be more compassionate. food
Suburban parakeet 'pests' face drastic cull 07-03-26 UK   Ringneck Parakeets in London face drastic cull as numbers grow. birds
World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2007 07-03-25 world   World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2007, April 22nd - 28th. animal testing
Do Evil CEOs Sleep at Night? 07-03-23 US   Does Kentucky Fried Chicken deserve a blessing from the pope? food
W. Puck's Animal-Welfare Policy 07-03-23 US   Celebrity Chef Announces Strict Animal-Welfare Policy. activism
Pets' Owners Angered by Delays in Response 07-03-22 US   Pets' Owners Angered by Delays in Responses from Pet Food Companies. pets
List of Pet Foods Recalled 07-03-19 US  List of all the pet foods that have been recalled. pets
NYC Meatout March 22 07-03-17 US   An evening of life-changing talks! activism
Regarding: Suzanne and Mark Taylor 07-03-16 UK   Comments from the aunt and uncle of Mark Taylor. law
Heather Mills vs. Pig Farmers 07-03-15 UK   Heather Mills has accused Marks and Spencer of "consumer duping". factory farms
Farm Animal Adoption Network 07-03-15 US   Farm Sanctuary will help you adopt a farm animal. activism
Moratorium on animal testing 07-03-15 US   Sociology announces a moratorium on animal testing vivisection
Lab Animals Saved 07-03-09 UK   After five years of fierce campaigning there is a new piece of EU chemicals legislation. law
The Garroting of Commonsense 07-03-08 UK   Three activists sentenced beyond reason. law
Ex-Farmer Becomes a Vegetarian 07-03-06 US, MI   Former Beef Cattle Farmer becomes a vegetarian after reading a bumper sticker. health
ARA Mark Taylor Jailed 07-03-06 UK   Animal Rights Activist Mark Taylor jailed for four years. law
Groups Rally for Telegraph Hill Parrots 07-03-05 US, CA   Groups Rally to support the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. parrots
Mount Joy egg-farm cruelty case resumes 07-03-02 US, PA   COK's investigation inside Esbenshade Farms. law
Prince says ban McDonalds 07-03-02 UK   Prince Charles says ban McDonald's food for health of country. health
Do You Remember Love? 07-03-01 world   video poem from a dog. video
Honey Bees are Disappearing 07-02-27 US   mysterious disappearance bees
Saving a Monkey 07-02-27 US   many people are trying to get a monkey out of a lab testing
News As Propaganda 07-02-27 UK  commentary on the media media
Downtrodden 07-02-25 world  graphic Youtube video on animal cruelty media
Seal Strategy 07-02-25 world Strategy to help support the seals activism
The Death Star Returns home 07-02-25 Canada   Commentary by Captain Paul Watson activism
Memorial to Jerom 07-02-23 US February 13th is the day that Yerkes killed Jerom. activism
Get Ready to Rumble for the Seals 07-02-23 Canada   Steps to take to support the Seals in 2007. activism
Donations helped group, not pets 07-02-23 US   Sometimes your money doesn't go where you think it is going. orgs
Monumental Effort For Seals 07-02-22 Canada A Protest of Canada's Seal Slaughter seals
Goose Roundup 07-02-22 US   How to get rid of geese without shooting them birds
Sea Shepherd Fund Raiser 07-02-22 Canada   Fund Raiser in Toronto for the Sea Shepherd activism
ARAs Vandalize Ingelwood 07-02-21 US, CA   ARAs Vandalize Ingelwood activism
Skinned Alive for Their Fur in China 07-02-21 world   Dogs and cats skinned alive for their fur in China fur
Free Speech? Not in Utah 07-02-21 US, UT   Free Speech is an idea that Utah is still getting used to. protest
MEPs thoughts on Bullfighting 07-02-20 UK   British MEPs opinion on bullfighting politics
Schumacher Furs owner to close store 07-02-19 US   Schumacher Furs owner plans to close store permanently fur
UCLA Valentine's Day Demo 07-02-14 US, CA   Activists from as far away as Australia convened on UCLA's campus protest
Distance from Seal Hunt 07-02-15 Canada   Letter on 10-meter observer distance from seal hunt protest
Covance Protest Video 07-02-15 US, AZ    Youtube link protest
Agency helped animals that no one else would 07-02-15 US  Background of horrors found in some American towns activism
Foster Farms' Bully Tactics Backfire 07-02-15 US   Foster Farms loses court case activism
Should ARA's Continue to Support PETA? 07-02-14 world   Has PETA lost credibility with ARAs? activism
Japanese Whalers Shut Down By Their Own Folly 07-02-13 world   Japanese Whaling ship is afire whales
Gee Whizz a Hero 07-02-06 UK   WHIZZ the Newfoundland dog was hailed a hero story
Refrigerator Duck 07-02-06 US   Duck survives being shot, 2 days in refrigerator, then recovers from flatlining in surgery story
Peter Young Is Free! 07-02-04 US   Animal Liberator Peter Young is Free POWs
Help Chained Dogs Anonymously 07-02-02 US   Dogs Deserve Better will anonymous email a letter to owners of chained dogs activism
UCLA Grad Burns Diploma 07-01-24 US, CA   UCLA Graduate Burns Diploma in Protest Against Primate Vivisection   protest
Bombing Threat Continues 07-01-23 UK   Letter bomb attacks could continue, according to an Oxford-based AR group direct action
Raided Rescuer 07-01-19 US, CA   More on the raided rescuer in Los Angeles law
POM PUSS Lies 07-01-19 US  POM thinks it can test on animals and not be blamed. testing
ADLLA Demo Wrap Up 07-01-19 US, CA   ADLLA Mobile Demo Wrap Up for January 14, 2007 protest
POM Wonderful Halts Animal Testing! 07-01-18 US   Animal Activists Declare Victory as Pomegranate Juice Maker Halts Cruel Experiments testing
"Today Show" Shows Cruelty - Again! 07-01-17 US   The "Today Show" displays a scared infant chimp and talks about its discomfort. media
SPLC Report on SHAC 7 07-01-17 US   S.P. Law Center (honored by "Friends of Animals") reports on the SHAC 7. media
Letter to POM Supporters 07-01-17 US   Open letter to POM and its supporters. testing
Whole Foods Market Pulls POM 07-01-17 US   Whole Foods Market Pulls POM Wonderful Products. testing
Protest at NYSE Board of Director's Home 07-01-14 US, D.C.   Protestors demonstrate in front of home of New York Stock Exchange Director. protest
Lawsuit vs Petco 07-01-14 US   Lawsuit alleges harassment, neglect at Petco. law
SPCA Raids home of critic 07-01-13 US, CA   In an historically colossal ignorant move made by anyone supposedly caring animals... politics
Goat Escapes Slaughter 07-01-12 US, NY   Brooklyn goat escapes slaughterhouse slaughter
Report on Alt's to Anim. Testing 07-01-12 Europe   EuroNews report on alternatives to animal testing testing
Ed Boks Kills Companion Animals 07-01-09 US, CA   The incompetence at the shelter is becoming legendary. shelter
Farm worker attacked by herd of pigs 07-01-08 UK   Rebel Pigs! news
Co-op Pulls POM Products from its Shelves 07-01-08 US   More fallout from POM animal testing protest activism
ARAs Continue Campaign Against Abusers 07-01-08 world   Since AETA passed, activity has increased. news
Peaceful prairie 07-01-06 link   Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary link my_tribute __to_them 07-01-06 link   WAG Tribute to Animals in Greece link
ALF Attacked by CattleNetwork 07-01-06 US   CattleNetwork blasts the ALF media
Chimps R Us 07-01-06 US   How laboratory chimps are portrayed in the media media
"Natural Selection" Shelves POM 07-01-06 US, OR   Waldport-based Natural Selection has also pulled POM products from its shelves activism
Chicken Factory Burned 07-01-04 NZ   The Tegel factory in Christchurch has been badly damaged. news
POM VP Resigns Under Siege 07-01-04 US, CA   POM Wonderful Vice-President Resigns Under Siege. activism
January 5th "National Bird Day" 07-01-04 US, MO   St. Louis declares January 5th to be "National Bird Day" birds
Cracking Down On Pet Owners 07-01-03 US, NM   A growing number of cities are passing measures aimed at ending euthanasia. shelters
Beware of the Boar 07-01-02 UK   Wild boar, possibly liberated, are seen. liberation
NRA comment on terrorists 06-12-28 US   NRA comment on other terrorists (3.7 Mb .pdf file) politics
Wild Parrots in Brooklyn 06-12-28 US, NY   Wild parrots have colonized the wilds of Brooklyn birds
Operation: 12 Days of Xmas '06 06-12-25 world   Suggested actions for the holiday season activism
Lunardi's targeted by animal rights group 06-12-22 US, CA   Rtailer in the area to be targeted by East Bay Animal Advocates. protest
POM's wonderfully misleading "snake oil" juice 06-12-22 US   Anonymous opinion of POM's Wonderful juice. activism
POM Pulled by Wild Oaks Markets, Inc. 06-12-22 US   Wild Oats Markets Inc. pulled bottles of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice from shelves in seven stores. activism
We Believe - video 06-12-20 world   Positive message in video media
POM Hoax? 06-12-20 US, CA   POM announced that the contamination of its products was a hoax. activism
Animal Rights Wronged 06-12-20 UK   Vilification of AR's by Blair, others essay
Activists Shrug Off AETA 06-12-20 world   Activists don't seem to be deterred by Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act activism
POM Contaminated by A.R.M. 06-12-19 US   POM Wonderful Juice Contaminated by Animal Rights Militia activism
UI, monk parakeets get along uneasily 06-12-18 US, CT   Connecticut's monk parakeets have recovered from last year's eradication program birds
SPEAK: More Deceit and Lies Revealed 06-12-17 UK   SPEAK reveals info that calls into question the professional standards of the legal firm chosen by Oxford University to represent them. law
Kazakhs Not to Eat Meat 06-12-17 Kazakh   Two Brits protest meat eating in Kazakh. protest
SuperSeal Woman Soars to Save the Seals! 06-12-14 US, CA SuperSealWoman is "flying high" in San Francisco, snatching a sealer's club and saving a helpless harp seal pup. activism
Shame on Grand Stair Case National Monument 06-12-12 US, UT   National Monument in Utah sets indiscriminate traps. activism
From Maria to Madonna 06-12-12 UK   Maria responds in lyrics to Madonna's callousness. fur
HLS MOBILE DEMO WRAP 06-12-12 US, CA   40 ARAs met at "House of Vege" on Pacific Coast Highway Protest
SPEAK Founders Facing Imprisonment 06-12-12 UK   Oxford University is now seeking to imprison two of the founders of SPEAK - Robert Cogswell and Mel Broughton law
Woman Arrested for Helping Neglected Dog 06-12-10 US, CA Urge D.A. to Drop Charges against Woman Arrested for Helping Neglected Dog law
Stolen Pet Ring 06-12-10 US, AZ   Alert activism
Owners Allege Gruesome Pet Slayings 06-12-04 US, LA   Investigation into unnecessary massacre of pets during hurricane katrina. law
EU, CoE and OIE agree on a declaration on AW 06-12-01 Europe   Declaration entitled "Animal Welfare in Europe: achievements and future prospects". law
Ape Smuggling, how to help 06-12-01 world   A chimpanzee cartel thrives on the back of demand from private zoos and leading hotels. activism
Hundreds of animals liberated 06-12-01 Italy   25 monkeys and 1000 mice have been liberated from a breeding unit of Harlan, Italy. liberation
Protests spur Portland fur dealer's move 06-12-01 US   After 112 years of doing business in Portland, Schumacher Furs is pulling out. fur
Animals Party at Parliament 06-12-01 UK   "Animals Count" party is formed. politics
Fur Free Friday in Belgrade 06-12-01 Serbia   Fur Free Friday Protest fur
National Bird Day 06-12-01 US   Facts about National Bird Day birds
Win for Primate Freedom Project 06-11-30 US   ARAs came closer to establishing a national primate research exhibition activism
Oxford University Arson 06-11-27 UK   ARAs claimed responsibility for an arson attack. activism
Animal rights extremists to face trial 06-11-27 UK   Three alleged ARAs accused of intimidating vivisection companies will stand trial in February. POWs
Labor vows animal cruelty crackdown 06-11-27 Australia The Victorian Labor Party today turned its election campaign to pets. politics
Open Hen Rescues 06-11-25 Czech Republic   Open hen rescues in August and October, 2006. liberation
35 Chickens Liberated 06-11-25 New Zealand   35 Chickens Liberated from West Auckland Egg Farm. liberation
Vegetarian & Thanksgiving = Scorn 06-11-23 US   Vegetarians may have to deal with scorn at Thanksgiving. vegetarian
Pigeon Feeding Day 06-11-23 UK   SAT 25th NOV - The North Terrace, Trafalgar Square, London. pigeons
Feeding Turkeys 06-11-23 US   The honored dinner guests were turkeys. factory farm
Every Dog Has His Day 06-11-21 world   Every dog really does have his day. story
Group Alleges Cow Abuse 06-11-21 US, FL   An AR organization questions practices of UF's dairy research. factory farms
New COK Investigation 06-11-21 US   COK challenging the practices of a leading N.C. turkey hatchery as inhumane. factory farms
Activists Target Mayor After Deer Killing Resumes 06-11-20 US, NY Activists Again Target Mayor of Lloyd Harbor After Deer Killing Resumes. activism
Covance 2006 - editorial 06-11-20 world   editorial of what Covance has been doing animal testing
Hawaii Pet Slaying - editorial 06-11-20 US, HI   Editorial on the Hawaii Pet Slayings activism
Chicken Smarts 06-11-19 world   They are smarter than we thought. speciesism
Did Humans Invent Right and Wrong? 06-11-19 world   Is Morality Part of the Inheritance from our Primate Ancestors? speciesism
Millennium Restaurant 06-11-19 US   World Class Vegan Food health
Primary Primates Haven Fight 06-11-19 US   Another summary of the sad events at Primary Primates activism
New Food Seal 06-11-19 US   Animal Welfare Approved Surpasses Other Seals welfare
Geese and Humans 06-11-19 US   Can't we all just get along? essay
Art Gallery in Zagreb 06-11-19 Croatia   Art Gallery is target of activists in Croatia activism
Political Party for the Animals 06-11-15 Nether-lands   New political party should win seats in government politics
The heat is turned up in Austria 06-11-15 Austria   Fur demo in Austria protest
NY Hunt Protest 06-11-13 US   Police arrested two ARAs after they chained themselves to the doors of the Diocese of Rockville Centre headquarters. protest
AETA Commentary 06-11-13 US   Commentary on the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act law
ARAs chain themselves to SA piggery 06-11-13 Australia   25 ARAs from around Australia converged on a piggery and chained themselves into the stalls in protest of conditions. protest
China Crackdown on Dogs 06-11-13 China   Protesters decry Chinese crackdown on dogs. protest
Animal activists step up political pressure 06-11-13 US Lawmakers who don't support certain legislation find themselves targets as groups' clout grows. activism
SARC Liberates 22 Chicks 06-11-13 UK   22 chicks were rescued from Lloyds Animal Feeds Ltd's Livestock. chicks
DOJ Rejects 87% of FBI's Terrorism Cases 06-11-13 US   Department of Justice Rejects 87% of FBI's Terrorist Cases. law
Cat & Bird Dilemma 06-11-13 US   Man discusses 'dilemma' of cats, birds. story
LA Activists vs. POM Juice Co. 06-11-13 US   7 activists in LA had their homes raided in connection with a campaign against the POM Wonderful juice company activism
Liberation for Barry Horne 06-11-12 Spain   Another liberation in remembrance of Barry Horne's death. mink
Dogs Electrocuted in Shelter 06-11-12 Mexico   video evidence shelter
POM-maker killed untold numbers of animals 06-11-10 US POM-maker has tormented and killed untold numbers of animals by funding cruel and pointless experiments. animal testing
Shame on Hawaii. Paradise - NOT. 06-11-09 US   Laws in Hawaii still treat animal cruelty as a misdemeanor. law
Vegan Vandal 06-11-08 Australia   A "VEGAN vandal" has gone on the attack. protest
Covance Fight 06-11-08 US, AZ The battle over Covance continues to rage in Chandler. protest
AR Ad in University Publication 06-11-08 US, PA   The first-ever advertisement urging the nation's professors and administrators to help end our universities' service to the flesh, milk & egg industries. media
Liberation at Galicia Fur Farm 06-11-08 Spain   In remembrance of Barry Horne's death. mink
Protest HLS in New York, Nov 12 06-11-06 US, NY   Protest Huntingdon Life Sciences for killing 500 animals every day. protest
Imagine - PPI Update 06-11-06 US, TX   Updates on the situation. activism
Response to PBS Show on Chimps in laboratories 06-11-06 US   Responses to the PBS TV show about chimps in labs. media
20 Battery Hens Rescued 06-11-06 New Zealand  20 Battery Hens Liberated. Hens
"ALF" Raided in Calif. 06-11-03 US, CA   Follow up story on police raid. law
SOS for Dogs and Cats in Serbia 06-11-03 Serbia   SOS for dogs, cats and animal welfare organisations in Serbia. activism
Detroit's Animal Control in Dire Straits 06-11-03 US, MI   The city's Animal Control Center is under fire because of inhumane conditions and the mistreatment of animals. activism
Dogs In Istanbul 06-11-02 Turkey   Report on status of dogs in Turkey.  activism
NAALPO Raided 06-11-02 US, CA   Santa Monica Police Raid Homes of Two Animal Liberation Press Officers law
COK's ad - A Side of Truth 06-11-01 US   Ad showing diners how their food is treated prior to it showing up on their plate. media
Gay Animal Museum 06-11-01 Norway   Museum with documentation of gay behavior among animals, just another way they are similar to humans. news
Green for "Go Vegan" 06-11-01 UK   More people are giving up eating and wearing animal products by turning vegan. health
UK Government Accused of Extremism 06-11-01 UK   A leading vegan has today accused the UK Government of extremism. politics
Boycott Leather 06-10-30 India Demonstration at a Hemant Trivedi fashion show. protest
Nutria Breeder 06-10-30 France   Ch'teau-Landon's nutria breeder (in the Paris suburbs) was the target of ALF activists. liberation
Vegetables may keep brains young 06-10-28 world   Research health
Politics 06-10-28 world   updated politics
What Your Pet Is Thinking 06-10-28 world   Research about animal intelligence speciesism
BUAV on EU Review of Legislation 06-10-28 UK   Responding to the EU review of legislation governing primate supply to and use by the research industry law
Lonza Protest 06-10-28 UK   ARAs waving placards surrounded pharmaceutical company, Lonza. protest
Animal activists target scientists 06-10-28 US, UT   ARAs campaign outside the homes of Univ. of Utah researchers. protest
Fighting for Animal Rights 06-10-28 UK   Animal rights protesters returned to a site in Maidenhead. protest
Fostering Liberation 06-10-28 US, CA   The Intersection of Eco, Worker, & Animal Struggles in Fight Against Foster Farms. activism
Poultry industry outraged 06-10-28 US, AR Poultry industry outraged at commercials accusing them of using rivers like open sewers. media
Svilajnac Serbia 06-10-28 Serbia   Updated report from Svilajnac. activism
Ape's Rights 06-10-27 Spain   Party is promoting initiative to recognize great apes as different from other animals. law
Circus Protest - Bridgeport 06-10-26 US   Protest of circuses. protest
Supermarket chain under fire 06-10-26 Netherlands   Protest after chain introduced a line of halal meat protest
Laois Fur Farm Targeted 06-10-26 Ireland   Laois Fur Farm Targeted in County-wide Day of Action fur
Report from Serbia 06-10-26 Serbia   Report from Svilajnac activism
USDA seized animals from Animalogic 06-10-26 US   The USDA seized these animals from Animalogic/Joe Merzlak then turned them over to the US Animal Protection activism
WSPA accused in Belgrade 06-10-25 Serbia   WSPA is accused of ignoring dog massacre in Belgrade activism
Hunting ' bad for animals, bad for America 06-10-25 US   Article by Kelly Overton about the effects of hunting. hunting
Movie Review: Your Mommy Kills Animals 06-10-25 US   Movie about the SHAC trial and more. media
Action Against Hypermarket 06-10-24 Russia   Action against hypermarket "The world of fur and leather" actions
Video Prompts Vivisection Ban Call 06-10-24 UK   Influential Euro-MP Dr. Lucas has called for a ban on animal tests using primates. vivisection
Ruby's Plea 06-10-24 US, OH   Boycott orchard in Ohio. activism
Compassion for Animals Symposium 06-10-24 US, FL  6th Annual Compassion for Animals Action Symposium. activism
Contact Mace Ltd. about Oxford Lab 06-10-24 UK   Contact information for Mace Ltd. activism
October 2006 Liberation 06-10-23 Germany   Liberation from a circus. liberation
Town in Tune with Protest 06-10-22 UK   Thanks to Swindon for listening to protestors. activism
ARAs to intensify anti-fur campaign 06-10-22 Austria ARAs intensified protests against shops not adopting an "ethical" policy fur
Washington Activists with Passion 06-10-20 US   Jennifer Kolar and Lacey Phillabaum seem unlikely criminals. activism
ARA's Target Olympic site 06-10-20 UK   Activist's announce the next target: 2012 Olympic site protest
Doogie Visit by T. Grimes 06-10-20 US   Tammy Grimes visits Doogie story
Anti-fur protest 06-10-18 Japan   Anti fur protest planned protest
AR Group files complaint against UC Davis 06-10-17 US   S.A.E.N. has filed a complaint with federal regulators saying monkeys at UC Davis were mishandled law
Public want animal cruelty measures 06-10-17 UK   Majority of people believe crimes against animals should carry the same penalties as those against humans. opinion poll
Letter from PETA to FOA Board regarding PPI 06-10-17 US   PETA questions FOA's legal support of Primarily Primates, Inc. law
Factory Farming Monkeys 06-10-16 UK   Factory farming of monkeys: the footage they don't want you to see animal testing
Research to Cut Animal Testing 06-10-16 UK   U. of Manchester to develop new techniques to reduce the need for animals in testing. animal testing
Namibia Secretary Falsifies Seal Population 06-10-16 S. Africa   Namibian Permanent Secretary Falsifies Seal Population to Conceal its Unlawful Seal Cull policy seals
Vivisection Corruption 06-10-16 UK   Morally bankrupt UK officials protect worst of worst. vivisection
ANIMALS VOICE MAG. IS BACK 06-10-16 world   The Animals Voice Magazine has returned. links
LADAS 06-10-16 US   crosspost website request links
Dog Rescued 06-10-16 US   video of dog getting a better life rescue
Vivisector Speaks 06-10-16 UK   Vivisector talks about HLS vivisection
Fur, Butcher, Body Shop attacked 06-10-16 France   Attack on businesses protesting
Mink freed from Galicia farms 06-10-16 Spain   Thousands of mink freed from farms in Galicia. liberation
Butcher Shop 06-10-16 Netherlands   A van belonging to butcher 'Van der Schoot' has been burned down. protesting
Burberry 06-10-15 world   Burberry continues to use fur in its designs. protesting
Neglected Chimps Rescued 06-10-14 US, TX   Texas has taken over operations at a sanctuary that's home to close to 1,000 monkeys, chimps and more. rescue
UCD Primate Practices 06-10-13 US, CA   A former employee claims she witnessed veterinarians abuse monkeys. law
Lobster Liberation 06-10-13 US, CA   Douglas Tabler of Eureka was disturbed about lobsters being held. liberation
Anti-Fur Week, day 2 06-10-13 UK   Day 2 of Anti-Fur Week, and another very successful day protests
Oldest Chimp in U.S. Lab to Retire 06-10-13 US   The oldest known chimpanzee used in research to retire after 54 years. testing
Pig Farm Investigation 06-10-13 Austria   A two-month investigation conducted by ARAs farming
Day of Action for Primates 06-10-12 UK   Day of Action for Primates: November 18th Help needed activism
ARA's in Court for showing pictures 06-10-12 UK Five ARA's have been accused of causing distress to members of the public law
That Fish You Caught Was in Pain 06-10-10 world   Research article by Victoria Braithwaite fishing
Letter from Linda Blair 06-10-10 US Campaign called "HOME AT LAST" to raise funding for  animal rehablitation property. protection
Pensioner cleared of harassment 06-10-10 UK A pensioner has been cleared of harassing workers at contract animal testing laboratories, law
Debate of Mice and Men 06-10-10 US, CA Recent actions by ARAs have prompted discussion of UCLA's research practices activism
Activists request a meeting 06-10-10 US, CA   Activists have requested a meeting with the UC Chancellor activism
UCLA Protest 06-10-10 US, CA   Activists marched through the UCLA campus protest
Injured dog limps into hospital ER 06-10-10 US, CA   An injured dog walked into an ER waiting room story
Largest anti-bullfighting demonstration 06-10-10 Spain Over 1000 activists participated in what is being hailed as the biggest AR demonstration protest
Activists destroy 20 bird trapping sites 06-10-08 Austria   Activists destroy 20 bird trapping sites direct action
ALF in Paris 06-10-08 France   Activists vandalized a butcher shop 'Roger', and more. direct action
Lacy St. Protest 06-10-06 US, CA   ARAs convened at the event for the new Animal Services "shelter" on Lacy Street. protest
Manager -Arsonist blamed ARAs 06-10-07 US, MA A store manager-turned-arsonist masked the crime by making it look like the work of ARAs. news
Speaker Wants Ban on Cattle Slaughter 06-10-06 Sri Lanka   Sri Lanka speaker asks for total ban on cattle slaughter Morality
Poet Swaps Places with Lions 06-10-06 China   Poet swaps places with lions to draw attention to animal rights protest
National Primate Freedom Week 06-10-06 US, CA   National Primate Freedom Week starts protests at UCLA on Sunday, October 8 protests
Analysis of AETA 06-10-06 US   Astute analysis from law
Free Range Egg Ad 06-10-05 New Zealand   Animal Liberation NSW has launched a TV ad campaign targeting Australia's battery hen industry. Factory farming
Grand Jury Resistance Project 06-10-05 US, CA   Activists will demonstrate Thursday at 9am, San Francisco law
Director has beef with burgers 06-10-05 US   Fast Food Nation director Richard Linklater has a beef with burgers health
BUAV's new investigation - "Monkey Business" 06-10-05 UK   BUAV's new undercover investigation ' "Monkey Business" vivisection
Oxford Dons Fight the Lab 06-10-05 UK   Oxford dons have united for the first time to oppose Oxford's plan for an animal-testing lab vivisection
Battery hen campaign leaves a bad taste 06-10-5 US   Egg producers believe a graphic television ad campaign may damage an already struggling industry. factory farming
Andrew Stepanian -- Interviewed 06-10-04 US   Andrew Stepanian was interviewed as he heads for jail activism
Veg Week highlights 06-10-04 US   The kickoff event highlighted the plight of animals and how they feel. activism
International AR Day 06-10-03 world   International Animal rights Day, December 10, 2006 activism
Price of Cheap Eggs 06-10-03 world   The sad life of a chicken. farming
Farmed Animal Death Toll 06-10-02 US   The total number of land-based animals killed for food in the U.S. farming
Katrina Pets, one year later 06-10-02 US, LA   One year later, the forgotten pets of New Orleans remain forgotten. rescue


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