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Residents to receive DVDs showing abuse 06-09-30 US, AZ   Chandler residents to receive DVD's showing Covance animal abuse vivisection
Fur Free Retail Program 06-09-30 world   International Fur Free Retail Program Fur
Champ for Chimps 06-09-30 world   From Seattle to Cameroon, she's a champion for chimpanzees saints
Speak National Demo 06-09-30 UK  October 21 protest
Milk exposed by MSN news 06-09-29 US   The truth about Dairy leaks out into mainstream media health
Eternal Treblinka Released in Japan 06-09-29 Japan Japan is the latest country to decide to publish "Eternal Treblinka" novel
I didn't do it, activist says 06-09-29 Canada Sinikka Crosland says she is not involved with a fake tourism website that disparages website
Birds catch eye of ARAs 06-09-28 US Water park�s birds catch eye of animal-rights group parrots
Parakeets gain legal protection 06-09-28 US, CT   ARAs have won in their attempt to protect shoreline monk parakeets colonies law
Protesters storm Cavalli fashion show 06-09-28 Italy   Anti-fur protestors storm Cavalli fashion show protest
Retail giants go anti-fur 06-09-28 UK   Retail giants in Scotland go anti-fur protest
Leigh Animal Sanctuary Protest 06-09-28 UK   Activists Protest the Sanctuary's killing protest
Activists Score Victory 06-09-19 US, CA   Activists Score Victory Against Battery Cages protest
Webb - Not Face of non-Organization 06-09-27 UK   Robin Webb tries to explain to judge that he can't be the face of a legally non-existent Org. law
ALF release fish from a Scottish farm 06-09-14 UK   Activists went to an intensive halibut farm near Oban fish farm
Stop The Killing Campaign 06-09-26 US, CA   Campaign against the needless slaughter of homeless animals by the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services protests
Hunting season is here... 06-09-24 US   Hunting season is here, and wildlife are running for their lives hunting
Pro Meat Report Lacks Credibility 06-09-23 New Zealand   Pro-meat report challenged by Vegan Society health
SHAC 7 Sentencing 06-09-23 US   SHAC 7 Sentencing: History repeating itself law
Testing on Chimps 06-09-23 world   Experimenting on Chimpanzees - history vivisection
New Prisoner - Dr. Joseph Harris 06-09-22 UK   New POW - Dr. Joseph Harris law
Next Blood Bath 06-09-20 Spain   And ... Spain's next bloodbath  bullfight
Vegan Challenges Professor to Triathlon 06-09-20 NZ   11-year old vegan challenges professor to triathlon  sports
Scientist jailed for sabotage 06-09-20 UK   Scientist jailed for animal testing sabotage vivisection
Spaymobile 06-09-19 US   The "spaymobile" in Crystal River serves pet owners. pets
Prison terms could drive stealthy violence 06-09-19 US   Activist: SHAC prison terms could drive stealthy violence. activism
Conspiracy to Incite Vandalism 06-09-19 US   SHAC7 sentences law
Solidarity needed in Oxford 06-09-19 UK   SPEAK says Support and Solidarity needed in Oxford protest
23 Rabbits Liberated 06-09-19 US, MA   23 rabbits liberated from a Massachusetts laboratory. liberation
Lab Eyewitness 06-09-19 US   Eye witness to vivisection discusses chimps vivisection
WSPA Petition 06-09-19 world   If you only sign one petition, we recommend that it be this one. Law
Most Outrageous Bird Contest 06-09-19 world   The intelligence of birds is usually underestimated by most people Speciesism
Lies and Truth about Heart Research 06-09-18 world   Lies and Truth about Heart Research in Animals vivisection
'Starfish model' for war on terrorism 06-09-18 US   How to counter a decentralized foe ALF Foes
Veterinarian says Jake was abused 06-09-18 US, PA   Vet says the dog that Tammy Grimes rescued had been abused rescue
What We Did To Rodney 06-09-18 world   Fund in relation to the story about Rodney story
Forget Sept 11 06-09-18 US   Essay on how Nationalism is used by politicians politics
Anti-Bullfight 06-09-15 Spain   Organization of anti-bullfighting protests protests
Fit For Purpose 06-09-14 UK   Critical statement on the purpose and responsibilities of the veterinary profession vivisection
Myth: Killing Can Be Kind 06-09-13 world   Editorial by Patty Mark animals
Tammy Grimes Arrested 06-09-12 US, PA   Grimes Jailed for Rescuing Dying Chained Dog rescue
Letter Re: Juice Company 06-09-11 US, CA   Response to article "Activists Target Juice Company" protest
Hunt Sab Press Release 06-09-11 UK Call for police to target the real hunt criminals as case against 7 anti-hunt protestors collapses hunting
UCLA Presents Distorted Image 06-09-11 US, CA   UCLA Presents Distorted Image of Animal Testing, Activists Allege vivisection
Activists Target Juice Company 06-09-10 US, CA   Firm seeks to bar AR protesters from posting employee data on the Web protest
Response to "Promoting Reform" 06-09-08 world   Response by G. Francione to essay by Singer-Friedrich (Sept 5) philosophy
Chimps develop code 06-09-06 Guinea   Chimpanzees develop their own green cross code for jungle highways speciesism
Offsite: Stone_traps 06-09-06 France Barbaric Stone Traps in France hunting
Court keeps poultry slaughter case alive 06-09-06 US, D.C.   A U.S. court ruled that the Humane Society can sue the government over the way chickens are slaughtered Law
MEPs vote to halt seal slaughter 06-09-06 Europe Green Plan to Ban EU Seal Fur Imports Wins Majority Support Law
30,000 Mink Liberated 06-09-03 Russia   30,000 mink released from fur farm liberation
Surgeon Walks a Thin Line on AR 06-09-05 US   Dr. Jerry Vlasak in world of surgery, but against vivisection news
Promoting AR by Promoting Reform 06-09-05 world   Essay by Peter Singer and Bruce Friedrich philosophy
Experts Call to Release Elder Chimps 06-09-05 US   Experts call upon labs to release elder chimps vivisection
"Anti-Bullfighting City" Campaign 06-09-04 Portugal   campaign in Portugal which aims to create the first Anti-Bullfighting City bull-fighting
AR Meeting with UCLA 06-09-04 US, CA   news conference on Sept 5 at the UCLA Chancellor's Office vivisection
What America Needs 06-09-03 US   Animal Rights: What America Needs Most activism
Mythic Non-violence 06-09-03 world   Essay by Taime Bryant philosophy
Direct Action 06-09-03 world   An essay from FreeThe Animals philosophy
Lindy Greene on "Violence 06-09-03 world   Controversy regarding the topic of violence as a potential strategy philosophy
A Cure for What Jails Ya 06-09-03 US   An Interview with Jailed "Eco-terrorist" Jeffrey Luers ALF POWs
FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned 06-09-03 US   Lawyers Point to Fine Line Between Sting and Entrapment law
End Circus Suffering in the Algarve 06-09-03 Portugal Holiday makers targeted in initiative to end circus suffering in the Algarve circus
Circus Protestors are OK 06-09-02 US, CA The ruling gives animal rights advocates the right to protest law
Reward for Arrest of Vivisector 06-09-01 US, CA Anonymous Celebrity Matches Reward for Arrest vivisection
A Man, plan, then FBI 06-08-30 US, IL   A Man, a Plan, a Dam. Then, an F.B.I. Call terrorism
A Chimp's Life 06-08-29 world   52 Years in a Lab vivisection
Tordesillas Demo '06 06-08-29 Spain   Anti-bullfighting Demo bullfighting
Demo At TEVA HQ 06-08-29 Israel   Demonstration at TEVA headquarters protest
Searching for a Way Home 06-08-29 US, LA   One year after Hurricane Katrina rescue
Stop AETA 06-08-29 US   the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act is one of the most pernicious laws ever proposed in our lifetimes. law
Fishermen fear AR extremists 06-08-28 UK   Fishermen fear action by the Lobster Liberation Front fishing
Meat with a virus garnish 06-08-28 US   US FDA approves adding viruses to meat health
UCLA Test Transparency 06-08-28 US, CA call upon the vice chancellor to institute a policy of transparency for UCLA's labs vivisection
AR - voters can choose 06-08-28 US, AZ   Voters can choose to protect animals law
China Olympics 06-08-27 world   Reasons to boycott the 2008 Olympics protests
Mobile Zoos 06-08-27 Russia Action against mobile zoos has passed there. protests
SHAC in Israel 06-08-27 Israel Animal rights activists target Teva: 'Stop working with HLS'. vivisection
Anti-fur Victory 06-08-25 Austria Victory for anti-fur campaigners fur
Foie Gras Protest 06-08-25 US, ID  Planned protest over foie gras protest
Covance's animal testing 06-08-24 US, AZ   Covance refuses to take path from animal testing. vivisection
Help put the vivisection record straight 06-08-24 UK   What Tony Blair doesn't know about vivisection. vivisection
Feds Appeal Wiretapping Ruling 06-08-23 US   "There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution." law
Romanian Dogs 06-08-23 Romania   Video documentary of plight of dogs dogs
Bullfight Protest 06-08-22 Spain   Bullfight protest planned for September protests
SARC protests 06-08-21 UK   AR group pledges to hold weekly protests protests
The Christian and Animal Suffering 06-08-21 world   essay religion
Why People Kill Animals 06-08-21 Croatia   The main reason people kill animals religion
AR News 06-08-21 Croatia   AR news from Croatia activism
Homeless Dog Strategy 06-08-19 Serbia   New Belgrade Homeless Dogs Strategy dogs
Activists Freed 06-08-19 UK   Animal activists freed over filthy breeding centre Law
Culling Cormorants 08-08-08 Canada, US   Culling cormorants to acceptable level "not right" birds
Bones Says Thanks 06-08-17 South Africa   Will Bones ever stop saying thanks? seals
Chris DeRose Interview 06-08-17 US, CA   Interview with Chris DeRose activists
Demonstrations 06-08-xx UK, Brazil, India, Germany   PETA Demonstrations factory farming
Covance fight 06-08-17 US, AZ   Legal battle between Covance and PCRM will be expensive animal testing
Zapote 06-08-17 Mexico   Old circus chimp is saved by activists. Mexico
New Pages 06-08-16 website   In case you haven't seen this page.... website
Gas Chamber Man 06-08-16 US   Yes, I gas dogs and cats for a living. shelters
Massacring 90,000 Horses 06-08-16 US   Which is worse - killing 50,000 dogs or 90,000 horses? editorial
Abandoned Animals in the North 06-08-16 Israel   Animals abandoned in the North Israel
Compassion in Action 06-08-16 Tibet   Tibetan Volunteers for Animals Tibet
AR News - August 2006 06-08-15 Russia   AR Newsletter Russia
Activists Storm DC 06-08-15 US   Animal activists protest outside Washington DC offices of pharma. companies protest
CHAI Alert 06-08-15 Israel   Lifeline to animals in evacuated areas Israel
Demonstrations 06-08-13 Brazil  Videos of demonstrations Brazil
Cures and Controversy 06-08-13 US, CO   opinion of pros and cons of testing vivisection
3 Ferrets Liberated 06-08-13 UK   3 Ferrets Liberated from a Game Keeper United Kingdom
Fur and Meat Reactions 06-08-13 Russia   Protesting against the fur and meat industry Russia
Fur Shop 06-08-12 Sweden   Fur shop vandalism Sweden
Activists Re-Subpoenaed 06-08-11 US   San Francisco Bay area activists re-subpoenaed ALF Foes
ADL-LA LAPD 06-08-11 US   The real skinny behind the LADAS animal cruelty task force politics
Dog Meat - Philippines 06-08-06 Philippines   Letter of protest activism
SHAC Protest 06-08-10 UK   Protest of Huntington affiliate protest
Don't Dogs Have Rights? 06-08-10 China   Chinese Outcry at killing of dogs China
Randy's Story 06-08-10 US   Randy Warner fights politicians law
Activists Attack Festival 06-08-09 Sweden AR Sweden launched an attack against the Gates of Metal festival protest
Are We Nicer than Chinese? 06-08-09 US   Are we nicer to dogs than the Chinese? editorial
Vivisector Halted 06-08-09 US, CA   UCLA confirms that vivisectionist has halted tests vivisection
Longdog Lib 06-08-09 UK   2nd edition of Longdog liberation activism, dogs
Rally vs B&K 06-08-09 UK   National March and Rally against B&K protest
Israeli's Work to Save Pets 06-08-03 Israel   Israelis work to save abandoned pets pets
George Week of Action 06-08-09 UK   Week of action for George, Sept 4-9 vivisection
California Science Center 06-08-08 US, CA   Protest against the California Science Center activism
UCLA Vivisector Quits 06-08-07 US   UCLA Vivisector quits animal experiments vivsection
ALF Attacks Oxford Suppliers 06-08-07 UK   ALF attacks Oxford University suppliers animal testing
CEO Supports PETA 06-08-04 India   Youngest CEO supports PETA India
Extreme Webs 06-08-04 world   Industries are concerned AR presence growing on youtube media
Animal Enterprise Act 06-07-29 US Using an obscure law to charge nonviolent activists with terrorism ALF Foes
Who Sells Dogs to Research 06-08-04 US   Dealers who sell dogs or cats to laboratories for experiments activism
ALF linked to anti-sealing 06-08-04 Canada   Anti-sealing website activism, seals
Parrots Need Help 06-08-03 US   Parrots at Scudders Breeding Aviary are in dire straits activism, birds
Pet Meals on Wheels 06-08-01 US   Meals program caters to pets pet care
Lemming Myth 06-08-01 US   Disney corrects lemming myth media
Covance Bedfellows 06-08-01 US   Who's in bed with Covance animal testing
Peta/ALib 06-08-02 US   PETA launces animal liberation project media
SHAC Terror 06-08-02 US Animal activists fall victim to new law Animal testing
Eco-Misanthropes 06-08-02 world   Eco-misanthropes want better world through mass extinction Essay
ALF Strikes LA Shelter 06-08-02 US, CA   ALF strikes home of LA Animal Shelter animal shelters
ALF v Univ. Suppliers 06-08-02 UK   ALF sets sites on University suppliers animal testing
Lobsters and Feelings 06-08-02 US In our dealings with animals, good feelings count Speciesism
Winkies Depression 06-08-02 US, TN   Winkie's Depression after death of handler elephant
Helter Shelter 06-08-01 US, CA    Los Angeles shelter out of control activism, shelters
MadisonEditorial 06-07-31 US, WI   Editorial on the primate testing activism, primate
Puppy Mill Video 06-07-28 US   Video intensifies puppy mill issue activism, dogs
9 Goats Rescued 06-07-26 UK   9 goats rescued from military experiments animal tests
Old Zoo Animals 06-07-26 US   How some of America's zoos get rid of old animals zoos
Beirut Rescues 06-07-26 Lebanon   BETA Rescues in Lebanon rescues
ELP Bulletin 06-07-25 UK   ELP bulletin. 3 POWs POWs
Seal Defenders 06-07-24 Canada   New activist action plan. You can help. activism - seals
Rodeo Bull Dies 06-07-24 US, CA   The crowd watched in dismay as the bull writhed in the dirt entertain
Kitty Liberation Front 06-07-24 US, CA   landmark shelter case in Bakersfield, CA Law
AVMA Against Animal Welfare 06-07-24 US, HI  AVMA prioritizes agri-business above animal welfare factory farming
Speak for George 06-07-23 UK   Police ban SPEAK protest testing
Day of Fighting Experiments 06-07-22 Croatia   First day of Fighting against animal experiments testing
Animal Rights Militia 06-07-14 Spain   Animal Rights Militia in Spain claim two actions against HLS Animal testing
Calif Circus Protests 06-07-18 US, CA   Protests against the circus protests, circus
Namibia Seals - Protest 06-07-21 South Africa   Protest for Namibia Seals activism, seals
Heather - China 06-07-20 China   Heather wins victory for dogs and cats in China Fur
Bardot to Sweden 06-07-20 France   Brigitte Bardot may move to Sweden over Animal Rights Celebrities
Moby at Farm Sanctuary 06-07-20 US, NY   Moby's Observations at the Farm Sanctuary Celebrities
Interview at a Dog Pound 06-07-20 US   Interview at a Dog Pound Companion Animals
Veggie Trends 06-07-20 US   Trends in vegetarianism Health
Mexico ALF 06-07-20 Mexico   Link to animal liberation site Actions
Pig Hunters 06-07-19 US, HI   Hunts Planned to Counter "Invasion" of Pigs Hunting, pigs
HI Feral Pigs 06-07-19 US, HI   One man embraces the presence of feral pigs Activism, pigs
Covance campaign 06-07-18 US The 'COVANCE Campaign' are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website Animal Tests
Israel-Beirut War 06-07-18 Lebanon   Forgotten Casualties of War Actions
Mad Cow Incubation 06-07-18 UK   Study says Mad Cow disease may be incubating in thousands of people health
Oxford TV debate 06-07-18 UK   TV to host vivisection debate vivisection
Darren Thurston 06-07-17 US, OR   Darren Thurston changes jails, would appreciate letters ALF POWs
PA Puppy Mills 06-07-11 US, PA   Undercover video on the problem of puppy mills in Pennsylvania. puppy mills
Meat Protest 06-07-13 US, CA   Playboy bunny Robin Arcuri
protests against the meat industry
Beyond Might Makes Right 06-07-15 world   In searching for a consistent ethic, if one believes that humans have rights, there are no legitimate grounds for rejecting rights for other animals. Essay
Fish Pain Studies 06-07-14 world   Update on the studies of fish and pain Fishing
Mice Share Suffering 06-07-13 US, Canada   Rodents and humans have a link in shared suffering. Speciesism
Rescuing Farm Animals 06-07-13 US, FL   Saving animals set for slaughter Farm Animals
Mexican Wrestlers 06-07-13 Mexico   Mexican Wrestlers Are Fighting for Animals media
George - Oxford 06-07-12 UK   More Oxford horrors vivisection
ALF v LA Vivsector 06-07-12 US, CA   UCLA Vivisector Lynn Fairbanks Targeted by ALF Vivisection
Anti-circus Demo 06-07-12 US, TX   Anti-circus demonstration circus protest
VERO- New Oxford Group 06-07-12 UK   New group - VERO - calls Oxford University to account over animal lab vivisection
Tahitian Noni No Tests 06-07-12 US, UT   Tahitian Noni stops supporting testing on animals Testing
Peter Young in Solitary 06-07-11 US, CA   Please write to Peter Young ALF POWs
Teaching Compassion 06-07-11 US   Teaching Compassion may be all the new raqe. Education
Cell tests less beastly 06-07-11 US, D.C.   PETA calls cell tests less beastly Testing
SARC Trial 06-07-11 UK   The jury is due to go out for the animal rescue workers on trial at Chichester Crown Court. Law
Steinem vs NIH 06-07-10 US, D.C.   Gloria Steinem to NIH: Stop �Triple Injustice� of �Cruelty, Fraud, and Waste�! Testing
Bamboo's Story 06-07-10 US, WA   Elephant needs better home. Protest. Elephants
Doomed Monkeys 06-07-10 UK   Doomed monkeys on horror trip. Animal Tests
Fascists in Swing 06-07-08 US, D.C. FBI plans new Net-tapping push (A move to make current practices legal) Anti-ALF
Duck Farming 06-07-08 world   Why farmed ducks endure worse conditions than battery hens factory farming
Kosher Slaughter 06-07-08 world   Opinion of Kosher slaughter Slaughter
Eternal Treblinka 06-07-08 world   France and Spain are the latest countries to translate and publish Eternal Treblinka Novels
10 Against Testing 06-07-07 world   Ten Strikes Against Animal Testing Anti-vivisect.
NAALPO - FBI 06-07-06 US, CA   NAALPO Press Officer turns down offer to speak with FBI ALF Foes
No Burgers Heaven 06-07-06 US, IN   Interview with Dr. Stephen Webb Religion
Silk - Ahisma 06-07-06 India   Silky touch: Innovator produces eco-friendly yarn Shopping
Vancouver - Rodeo 06-07-01 Canada   Vancouver outlaws rodeo Rodeo
Behind the Mask-trailer 06-07-04 US    See movie trailer, order DVD media
Hynde - terrorists 06-07-03 world    Chrissie Hynde -- And the real terrorists are...? media
Dogs to Science 06-07-02 US   Areas in the US where stray dogs may end up in science labs Activism, dogs
Fast Food Nation 06-07-01 US   Movie trailer and link to website media
SF Veg Pride 06-07-01 US, SF    Vegan Outreach event Activism
Mice Show Empathy 06-06-30 Canada    Mice show empathy for fellow rodents Speciesism
Canada -Memorial U 06-06-29 Canada    Memorial Univ. stops using animals anti-vivisection
Charlotte's Pig 06-06-29 US    Charlotte's Pig Spared from Hog Heaven story
Meat with Feelings 06-06-29 world    Pigs, the other white meat -- with feelings Factory Farming
Fit to be Tied 06-06-28 US, PA    Would you stay chained to a doghouse for two weeks? Activism, dogs
AR Extreme Myth 06-06-25 world    Pro-vivsectionist extremism exposed Vivisection
About July 4 06-06-05 US    Thoughts and advice on independence Day Patriot Act
Science to Pasture 06-06-28 World    Universities should not put service to private industries above public interest Education
No EU Funds 06-06-21 Europe    No EU Funding for the Oxford Lab Lab tests
NAALPO update 06-06-23 US    Update on activities of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office news
Restaurant 06-06-23 China    Chinese animal rights campaigners close down restaurant. Activism, Protest
Denmark lab tests 06-06-23 Netherlands    The country's medicinal companies find ways to reduce the use of laboratory animals for research Lab tests
Politics of Veget 1995 world    Agenda for a New America -- The Politics of Vegetarianism essay
Puppymill Liberation 06-06-23 US    PuppyMill Liberation Rescue, dogs
Cops Assault Protestors 06-06-23 UK    Police Assault Protesters in Oxford Animal Demo Activism, testing
Farm Animals Deserve Better 06-06-23 world     Editorial by Michael Markarian Factory Farming
Ferdin Jailed 06-06-22 US, CA    Animal Defense League Activist Sentenced to 90 Days Imprisonment Law
Fur Store Standoff 06-06-22 US, OR    Standoff continues at fur store Activism, fur
Test Tube Meat 06-06-21 world    Test tube meat may be on the shelf in a couple years. Health
Legal Abuse of Animals 06-06-21 world    The intensive "factory farming" of animals has become a global phenomenon Essay
Great Apes Project 06-06-18 Spain    Let Great Apes be Apes. Advocating simian rights an attack on human principles Essay
EU 2 stop testing 06-06-21 Europe    EU moving to eliminate animal testing Activism, testing
Chained Dog Contest 06-06-20 US, PA    Last Person to Withstand the Boredom of Living Chained to Doghouse Wins Activism, dogs
Targeting Testers 06-06-20 US, NY    Animal rights activists move beyond fur and the circus Activism
Touting Animal Rights 06-06-16 US, OR    What's so wrong with touting animal rights? Essay
Rodeo Ban 06-06-15 Canada    Vancouver first city in Canada to ban rodeo Law
Maine- ARLaw 06-06-11 US, ME    Maine Adds Fido to Protection Orders Law
Costco Demo 06-06-05 US, CA    Protest against Foster Farms and Costco Activism, Protest
China Bear 06-06-15 China    205 bears rescued so far. Activism, bear
Free Boar 06-06-12 UK    Wild Boar Freed from the Otter and Owl Centre in Hampshire Activism, boar
Spain Going Ape 06-06-10 Spain    Spain Going Ape for Animal Rights Law
Mink Farm Fire 06-06-09 Italy    A mink farm in Rovolon, near Padova, was attacked with fire Activism, mink
Vegan Fest 06-06-09 Austria    Austrian vegan festival is a success Activism
AR Shift Needed 06-06-06 UK    The Animal Rights Movement: Time for a Major Shift Philosophy
McDavid 06-06-08 US, CA    FBI confidential informant also said to be provocateur Law
House Arrest 06-06-08 US, NY    Former Member Under House Arrest on Charges of "Eco-Terrorism" Law
Abused Miracle 06-06-05 US, CA   Abused dog's 'miracle' comeback has sad ending Story
35 hens 06-06-05 US, DE    35 hens were liberated from a battery cage facility in Delaware Activism, hen
Seal Skin Subsidy 06-06-07 Canada    Principal Buyer of Canadian Seal Skins Subsidized by Government To Burn Pelts Activism, Protest
Whale Rescue 06-06-01 US, CA    Peter Wallerstein is the last hope for injured and trapped sea mammals along the SoCal coast Animal Rescue
Money Talks 06-06-01 UK    Greg Avery talks about SHAC, more Animal Testing
Morrissey Attacks 06-05-31 UK   Singer-songwriter Morrissey branded Oxford "the shame of England" in an attack on Oxford University's controversial animal research lab. Animal Testing
ADLLA Verdict Summary 06-05-31 US, CA    Summary of Verdicts in Trial against "focused" protestors Law
Addresses - Morrissey 06-05-31 UK    AR group reveals university lab builders' secret address. Animal Testing
monkeys - glasses 06-05-29 China    Monkeys wearing glasses to improve children's eyesight. Animal Testing
China dogs 06-05-24 China    China pledges to stop cat and dog fur trade. politics, law
Singer On Oxford 06-05-19 UK    It's a mistake for Oxford University to silence those who oppose animal research. Animal Testing
kfc-amazon 06-05-18 world    Kentucky Fried Amazon? Story
Puck Protest 06-05-18 US, CA    Activists tell Wolfgang Schmuck to get veal off the menu! Activism, Protest
"Digger" Speaks 06-05-16 UK    "Grave Digger" Speaks about trial and conviction. Law
Have Mercy 06-05-16 US, TX    Commentary: Have Mercy. Animal Abuse
Stem Cell Testing 06-05-15 Germany    Stem cells may replace animal testing. Animal Testing
ADLLA Trial 06-05-15 US, CA   Jury Selection Begins in the Trial of Two ADL-LA Members. Law
E.Union Torture 06-05-09 Europe   European Union allows sadistic torturing of animals because its tradition! politics
Bird Flu Rumsfeld 06-05-07 US    Some Bird Flu Details the Government Failed to Tell Us. politics
Food & Felonies 06-05-06 US, MI    Wegman's Egg Case. Activism, Hens
GSK Battle 06-05-06 US    Animal rights activists target investors in GlaxoSmithKline. Animal Testing
Hunter Story 06-05-06 US, WI    Hunters in action. Story
Pro-Test Debate 06-05-06 UK    Why Pro-Test Can't Win a Fair Debate. Animal Testing
AVMA Priorities 06-05-03 US    American Veterinary Medical Association asked to prioritize what is more important: Animal welfare or money? Animal Testing
Eco terrorism 06-05-06 US, WA    Who is a terrorist? Philosophy
ARA Acquitted 06-05-04 US, NY    Animal-rights activist who filmed egg farm acquitted of burglary. Law
Mink Released 06-05-01 US, MN    Hundreds of Captive Mink Released From Minnesota Ranch. Action by ALF in Support of Jailed Activist Peter Young. Activism, Mink
NYSE Hostage 06-05-01 US, NY    About the ad in NY Times regarding ALF and the NYSE. Activism, Testing
Critique NAALPO 06-04-29 US    A Critique of the Animal Liberation Press Office Media
Wall Street a Hostage 06-04-27 US, NY    Newspaper Ad claims that Wall Street is being held hostage. Finances
Terror Crackdown 06-04-27 US, WA    Inside the shadowy world of domestic terrorism. Law
Oxford Protest 06-04-27 UK    SPEAK protest of 1200 people. Activism, protest
Conserv-atives on Earth Day 06-04-24 world    Essay on what conservatives should think about "Earth Day" Earth
Lawsuit vs Testing 06-04-27 US, AZ    Animal rights group gets suit OK. Court gives go-ahead for bid to recover federal money. Law
Foie Gras Free 06-04-26 US, IL   Chicago is now foie gras free Law
Portland fur Demo 06-04-26 US, OR   Demonstration outside Schumacher Fur Company Activism, protest
Primate Demo 06-04-25 US, OR   Demonstration outside OHSU's Oregon National Primate Research Center Activism, protest
Castro Valley 06-04-21 US, CA   Possible ALF action in Castro Valley ALF
Pet Population 06-04-20 world   "This is Goodbye": Powerful video on immorality of pet overpopulation. Pet Care
Against Covance 06-04-20 US, AZ   Rally Against Chandler Covance Activism, protest
Eric McDavid 06-04-18 US, CA   Eric McDavid Needs a Doctor Law
Burberry Bans Fur 06-04-14 US, NY   Burberry Bans Fur From China. Thanks to Heather McCartney. Activism, fur
Activist Braves Cold 06-04-18 Canada   Activist braves cold and violence for her cause Activism, seal
Mad Cow Japan 06-04-15 Japan   Japanese Officials Resign of US Mad Cow Debacle Health
Channel Islands 06-04-13 US, CA   Notes on the Channel Islands California Killing Fields Activism
Egg Plant Evidence 06-04-12 US, PA   Egg plant loses bid to suppress animal activist's evidence Law
Vlasak Released 06-04-10 Canada   Jerry Vlasak, MD Released from Jail in Canada Today Activism, seal
Vlasak Protest 06-04-08 Canada   Protest organized for Dr. Jerry Vlasak Activism, seal
Seal Report 06-04-08 Canada   The Good, the Bad, The Ugly, the Beautiful Activism, seal
World Lab Anim Week 06-04-07 world   World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week, April 23-30 Activism, lab animals
Foster Litigation 06-04-07 US, CA   Foster Farms Threatens Litigation Against East Bay Animal Advocates Law
Vlasak Ap06 06-04-06 Canada   Anti-Sealing Activist in Jail on Hunger Strike (since Monday, March 27, 2006) Activism, seal
Whale News 06-04-05 Japan   Five major food firms dump shares in whaling operator Activism, whale
Seal Offer 06-04-04 Canada   Connecticut Businesswoman Makes $16 Million Offer to Canadian Prime Minister to End Slaughter of Canadian Baby Seals Activism, seal
Whaling Victory 06-04-03 Japan   Environmentalists hail victory as Japanese firms quit whaling Activism, whale
Anim Lib Project 06-04-04 US, CA   Within the Human Community and Across Species Boundaries, Inequality Runs Rampant ALF
Confiscated Video 06-04-03 Canada   Now see the HSUS video that was confiscated in Canada Activism, seal
Vlasak 8th day 06-03-03 Canada   Eighth Day of Hunger Strike & Imprisonment for Anti-Sealing Activist, Dr. Jerry Vlasak Activism, seal



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