Dear Friends,

Today the Rodeo Mafia is learning that it has been SHARK’s prey during its just-ended 2004 season of animal abuse.  Throughout the year SHARK investigators have secretly video documented an incredible amount of abuse at rodeos from Florida to California and from Montana to Texas. 

Our targets have been rodeos sanctioned by the world's largest rodeo association, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).  We have filmed animals injured and dying and worst of all, animals left to die without veterinary care, in spite of rodeo claims that veterinarians attend all PRCA rodeos.  They may attend the rodeos, but simply for the sake of public relations.

At the PRCA’s national steer busting finals held in Amarillo, Texas last weekend, nine injured/dead animals were dragged out of the arena!  Another animal was forced to stagger out in spite of obvious severe distress while bleeding from the mouth.

So what are we going to do with all of this abuse footage?  We are going to give it to the media in Las Vegas, Nevada in advance of the PRCA National Finals Rodeo, which runs from December 3 through December 12.  We are going to hold a press conference and invite the administrators, contestants, stock contractors, corporate sponsors and others in the rodeo world.

If these thugs show up, we will confront them with their indefensible cruelty.  If they don’t show -- and I predict they won’t -- we will brand them as the cowards they are.  Then we will bring our footage directly to the corporate headquarters of the heartless businesses that enable rodeo animal abuse.

Within a couple/few days we will have clips from the latest season up on our website.

I am challenging PRCA commissioner Steven Hatchell to crawl out from under his rock and debate me in Las Vegas.  I predict the sun will go cold before that happens.  These  phony cowboys may think they were tough on their victims this season, but now they are going to get a taste of their own medicine just when they thought it was party time!

I am both thankful and humbled by the bravery and selfless effort of the SHARK investigators who gave so much of themselves to catch the Rodeo Mafia’s crimes.  They are the best of the best in the world of animal protection.  With these courageous souls and the new technology that makes their efforts harder and harder to detect, the Rodeo Mafia has nothing but heartache ahead. 

Kindest Regards,

Steve Hindi

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