News: 11/20/2004--Please let their mothers and daughters know about this!

     Inland Steel has a colony of 100+ feral cats. The company, sensing that the cats are a problem, decided to hire an exterminator to poison them.  That proved to be too expensive, so an employee (Mike Nelson) stepped up and offered to gas them in the company's gas chambers (he said he enjoys doing it). He got approval from his boss Jim Bradley (general manager) and this can be traced all the way to Windle Carter (VP of steel making). Mike is using jaw traps (like little old fashioned bear traps) to trap the cats, throwing them in his car and transporting them to the gas chambers where they are inhumanely gassed six at a time. The cats are located in 4 BOP. This is a department and it stands for 4 basic oxygen department. There are 6 floors in the department but the cats that are being gassed are taken from the 1st floor. The gases used are not Carbon Monoxide either. Jim Bradley has also been sending people home without pay that object to the cat gassing or that try to trap the cats themselves (Several of these cats have been trapped, neutered, and released successfully).