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Sept 26

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Sept 5

The Land Newspaper
Battle begins for Canning
The Land Newspaper The AJP succeeded in electing former Animal Liberation front-man Mark Pearson to the NSW Upper House at the March election but is rated at ...

This video explains whether undercover farming videos change the way
we look at food

Animal shelters improving, officials say, but activists call conditions inhumane
"The running battle over the treatment of dogs and cats in
government-run shelters in the Los Angeles area has produced a mixed,
intensely disputed record of reform and has left animal rights
activists and many city and county officials at odds."

Sheriff's Office puppy raffle prompts social media firestorm
"CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. -- A tradition nearly 20 years old has ended
after it caused a firestorm with animal rights supporters on social

NJSPCA Bans 'Vulgar' Commenters From Facebook Page
"The list allegedly includes "outspoken" critics of the animal welfare agency."

Authorities investigate wild animal attack on LaFollette man
"LAFOLLETTE -- Authorities remain uncertain about the type of animal
that attacked a 27-year-old man Friday morning, leaving him with
severe injuries."

Telluride Film Review: 'Heart of a Dog'
"Dogs have clearly become an avant-gardist's best friend. First
Jean-Luc Godard delivered a funny 3D valentine to a pooch named Roxy
Mieville in "Goodbye to Language," and now the New York-based
musician/performance artist Laurie Anderson has woven a tide of
personal stories, insights and visual-musical riffs into a more
accessible but no less singular consideration of the species in "Heart
of a Dog.""

Awareness campaign for children on animal welfare comes to an end
"Today was the end of the end of the campaign of awareness, education
and promotion of animal welfare, which has been taking place in
various SkolaSajf centres scattered around Gozo and Malta."

Oh She Glows blogger makes vegan food enticing

Heidi Ho After 'Shark Tank': Interview With the Owner
"Heidi Ho brought its plant-based vegan cheese alternative to the
Shark Tank and struck a deal with Lori. We interviewed founder Heidi
Lovig back when she entered the Tank in Season 6. In July, we talked
to her again and learned that the company is expected to grow by 400
percentsince the show."

Herbivore Festival planned for early October at Crafton Hills College
"REDLANDS >> Crafton Hills College will host the area's first
Herbivore Festival. It will feature live entertainment, food vendors,
fitness activities, speakers and cruelty free product shopping
opportunities. The event is a celebration of plant-based living
according to organizer Colleen Hinds, a practicing vegan."

Sept 4

Animal rights initiative moving forward
"Recently released statistics from Los Angeles Animal Services show
that Best Friends Animal Society's NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles)
initiative is moving steadily towards its mission to transform Los
Angeles into America's largest no-kill city."

Pamela Anderson and Moby honor animal campaigners

Steelers fans protest Michael Vick with strong takes
"The protest was helped organize by Gordon Shotgun Shell- a former MMA
fighter who really dosent like Michael Vick at all. Gordon has a
pretty promnent profile as a animal rights activist and has even
challegned Mike Vick to a fight and been arrested in connection with
kidnapping dogs from neglectful families."

Animal rights activists protest over whale treatment at Tenerife marine park
"ANIMAL rights activists have called on the authorities to investigate
Loro Parque in Tenerife over the mistreatment of its orca whales."

Climate Change Is Actually Helping Whale Hunters -- Here's How

Anger as "disastrous" badger cull starts

Activists Demand Freedom for Georgian Dolphins
"A recent scuffle between animal-rights activists and staff at a
dolphinarium in the Black Sea city of Batumi has revived questions
about conditions for captive animals in Georgia, where flooding of the
country's main zoobecame world news less than two months ago."

Animal-rights activists closely monitoring P135-million Clark zoo
"CLARK FREEPORT--Animal-rights activists are keeping a close watch on
the P135-million zoo that will soon be established in this former US
Air Force base."

Meet These Latino Vegan Restaurateurs

'Forks Over Knives' sequel shows Ky health battle
"When she switched from McDonald's cheeseburgers to plants three years
ago, Terry Gassman lost 110 pounds and eliminated her diabetes and
stroke-threatening high cholesterol."
"A political documentary, "PlantPure Nation" follows the failure of
Nelson Campbell and Rep. Tom Riner (D-Louisville) to pass legislation
in Kentucky that would recognize the health benefits of a diet
composed primarily of fruits, vegetables and legumes."

Sept 3

Police Dogs' Lives Don't Matter? 12 Police Dogs Died Of Heat Exhaustion In 2015
"A growing number of K9 unit police vehicles are equipped with "hot
dog" alarms to prevent police dog deaths, but alarms and air
conditioning can still fail."

Anti-Vick group holds vigil outside Steelers game
"They carried candles and waved signs that included photos of bloodied
pit bulls. There were 100 to 200 of them at what they called "The
Candlelight Vigil for the Victims of Michael Vick.""

Is Chipotle evil? This ad campaign says absolutely
"New Yorkers, en route to work, were likely the first to see it,
because it's inaugural imprint was in the New York Post, in the form
of a full-page advertisement. And it isn't at all kind to Chipotle."
"The campaign is being funded by the Center for Consumer Freedom
(CCF), which is only apparent once one scrolls to the very bottom of
the Web page. CCF is a nonprofit organization which lobbies on behalf
of the food companies. The group's mission is perhaps most clearly
evident in those it deems its adversaries.
""A growing cabal of activists has meddled in Americans' lives in
recent years," CCF says on its Web site. "They include self-anointed
'food police,' health campaigners, trial lawyers, personal-finance
do-gooders, animal-rights misanthropes, and meddling bureaucrats.""

"The cow was lying in a large pool of blood": the horrifying animal
abuses the feds ignore
"Not a lot of people know this, but in most cases it's actually
illegal for cows and pigs to feel pain when they're slaughtered."

Pet store draws code enforcement warning
"Animal rights activists urged the city to pass the law earlier this
year after businessman David Salinas opened his Oceanside Puppy store
on Oceanside Boulevard in 2014. At the time, the store was selling
dogs and cats obtained from Missouri-based Hunte Corp., which animal
rights activists have called a commercial "puppy mill.""

PETA protests Worth Avenue merchant
"Members of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, protest
Hermès' use of alligator and crocodile leathers in their handbags
Thursday on Worth Avenue. Rose Lines, lying on the ground, was
air-brushed to resemble an alligator with fake blood to attract

SeaWorld says it won't take beluga whales captured in Russia

Japanese town's controversial dolphin hunt begins
"In the annual hunt, people from the southwestern town corral hundreds
of dolphins into a secluded bay and butcher them, turning the water
crimson red. The scene was featured in "The Cove" documentary, drawing
unwanted attention to the little coastal community."

Pamela Anderson to address ecology, animal rights at Russian forum
"American model-actress Pamela Anderson is in Vladivostok, Russia, to
address ecological and animal cruelty issues at the Eastern Economic

India's camel population is plummeting -- and only slaughter can save them now
"Calling any potential move to normalize camel slaughter "a cop out,"
Arpan Sharma, a spokesman for the Federation of Indian Animal
Protection Organisations (FIAPO), says Indian state governments should
instead look for other ways to support breeders like the Raika."

Australia under fire for lobbying on California kangaroo trade
"The California senate will vote on Thursday on a bill to extend a
moratorium indefinitely on the sale of kangaroo products like premier
league baseball mitts and fire retardant gloves favored by U.S.

Badger culls begin in Dorset despite opposition from animal rights groups
"Badger culls have begun in Dorset and are continuing in other parts
of England, despite a call from Queen guitarist and campaigner Brian
May for them to stop while he seeks a judicial review."

Animal lover believes in the human touch
"As executive director of the Animal Concerns Research and Education
Society (Acres), an animal welfare group he founded as an
undergraduate, Mr Ng could easily be dismissed as a single-issue

Selling birds with clipped wings, de-clawed kittens: the horrors of
India's unregulated animal trade
"The Law Commission has urged the central government to implement
five-year-old rules for regulating the callous animal markets in

Peta to Organise 'Vegan Dahi-Handi' in Nagpur
"The event will be held to encourage devotees of Lord Krishna to be
kind to cows by leaving dairy foods out of their celebrations."

Driftwood Magazine's debut issue explores what it means to be vegan
beyond recipes: Going Vegan driftwood_magazines_debut_issu.html
"Enter Driftwood Magazine, a Portland-published quarterly that's
unlike anything else out there. Instead of being focused on food and
cooking, it covers vegan travel and culture from the perspective of
people who aren't recent converts, but have been pursuing veganism for
a long time – "graduates," as the magazine calls them."
"Driftwood Magazine is $14 per issue (or $50 for a four-issue
subscription). Single copies can be purchased online and at Herbivore
Clothing, 1211 S.E. Stark St., along with other stores around the
country. The magazine can also be purchased in a digital edition for

From junk food to a vegan diet
"Market vendor Sharon Wu's new way of eating after her mother's battle
with cancer"
"It was a life-changing journey and persuaded her to switch her
relatively new vegetarian lifestyle for a vegan one. It inspired her
to launch a business offering local, raw, vegan, organic food – four
important elements of her own eating plan."

Confessions of a Meat-Loving Vegetarian
"As my levels of animal-product intake increased, so did my guilt. I
was caught in a troubling dichotomy. On the one hand, I was a champion
of universal rights--as a lawyer, I fought for fundamental issues such
as poverty, the environment, and political asylum. I'm what you'd call
a bleeding liberal. On the other hand, my Scarlet letter bore a
hot-iron "C" for carnivore."

Five caterers bringing vegan food to the event world
"The rise in popularity of vegan diets means that event organisers are
increasingly expected to cater for guests with such preferences. Event
meets five caterers making vegan food accessible for all."

Should I Eat Nutritional Yeast?
"5/5 experts say yes."

Global Warnings: Eating environmentally conscious in Athens is easier
than one might think
"The 2015 cow inventory in the United States totaled nearly 90 million
cattle and calves. That insurmountable number means an equally
insurmountable pile of, well, excrement. Farm animals produce 500
million tons of it per year."

30 foods you probably didn't know were vegan
"Being vegan is simpler than ever. The quantity of stylish eating
places, meals blogs and vegan-friendly merchandise has exploded in
recent times, making those that are meat, dairy- and egg-free smile
from ear to ear."

Egg producers caught conspiring to shut down a vegan mayo startup
"According to documents recovered from the AP, the American Egg Board
-- which is run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture -- has been on a
campaign to get Just Mayo off grocery-store shelves."

California Kangaroo? Why Australia is lobbying in the Golden State
"The Australian government has come under fire for efforts to
influence the outcome of pending legislation across the Pacific."

UFC 191 'Anti-Rumble Rally' Now Includes Animal Rights Activists
"Well now things have been stepped up again just two days before the
PPV (pay-per-view) card in Las Vegas, as animal cruelty activists have
joined forces with the protest organizers, MMA Watchdog, to promote
the sacking of Johnson over allegations of cruelty towards dogs, as
well as the allegations of spouse abuse in the past."

Dallas City Council's lengthy session on stray dogs has more bark than bite

Pamela Anderson makes animal welfare plea to world leaders, promising
to campaign to save Siberian tigers and leopards

Pamela Anderson gets fired up as she campaigns against whale hunting
at animal rights forum in Russia

Vegan restaurants gain popularity among non-vegans
"The vegan diet has been around a long time, but it's gaining a new
following. It's strictly plant based - no meat, fish, poultry, eggs or

5 reasons the Pope should eat vegan in Philly _Should_Eat_Vegan.html
"The pope should eat vegan while in Philadelphia. Here's why."

The US egg lobby is afraid of plants
"Plant-based Just Mayo product seen as 'a crisis and major threat' to
egg industry, emails show"

Government-backed egg lobby tried to crack food startup, emails show
"USDA official joined American Egg Board in planning to ruin Hampton
Creek, Silicon Valley firm that created plant-based egg alternative
and Just Mayo"

Vegetarian focus group holds first meeting of semester
"Rodriguez said UT was rated in the top 20 vegetarian schools for the
past three years, but it was not even close this year, which concerned

Sustainable Vegan Market Booming In Berlin

Sept 2

Group fighting for chimps' freedom not giving up
"Steve Wise, president and chief litigator of the Nonhuman Rights
Project in Coral Springs, said he plans to appeal the court's

Animal rights group's suit says Stony Brook University failed to
provide adequate information about research dog Quinn
"The Beagle Freedom Project said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in state
Supreme Court in Suffolk that the publicly funded school provided an
inadequate answer to its FOIL request in March about Quinn."

Dairy expansion proposals stir controversy
"Proposed dairy expansion plans in Oregon have come under fire from
vegans and animal rights activists."

Mistreatment of animals continues at Natural Bridge Zoo, critics say
"Two advocacy groups say animals are still being mistreated at the
Natural Bridge Zoo, which was allowed to reopen in May after
correcting problems cited by state and federal regulators."

PETA: UniverSoul Circus elephants may have tuberculosis

Animal Rights Activists Show Up in Force to Protest Shelter Conditions
"On a day when Orange County supervisors were slated to officially
respond to grand jury reports slamming the county animal shelter's
management, more than a dozen animal advocates showed up to the
supervisors' meeting to join the grand jury's scathing criticisms and
urge major changes."

Scientists Invent Bionic Micro-livers to Replace Animal Testing
And while about inventing it, the team unraveled a mystery going back decades
"Why replace lab rats with high-tech and presumably expensive bionic
"Leaving animal rights aside, one problem with animal models is that
different species may react in different ways to the same drug.
"A classic example is that the Valium that soothes your nerves can
kill your cat, in high doses (through liver failure!). Chocolate will
charm the kids but will damage the dog, and penicillin may save your
life, but administer it to your hamster and he's toast."

These rescued South American circus lions are heading back to Africa
"After the shocking death of Cecil the lion this summer, here's a rare
piece of good news for Africa's biggest cat. A total of 33 lions
rescued from miserable lives in circuses in South America are heading
home next month, back to Africa, in what's being billed as the largest
ever airlift of its kind."

Thousands of dogs saved from Yulin Dog Meat Festival still on death row
"Around two-thirds of the dogs rescued from China's vile dog-eating
festival in June have died or are seriously sick, a recent report

There is literally a US government conspiracy against vegan mayo

Honey isn't vegan: Cruelty-free Rosh Hashanah honey_isnt_vegan_cruelty_free_rosh_hashanah
"Ten years ago, Karpel went vegan -- eschewing all animal products --
after one of her daughters showed her videos of animals on the way to
the slaughter. So her Rosh Hashanah table now excludes meat and dairy
as well as a traditional staple that might be surprising to some
nonvegan Jews: honey, which for centuries has been symbolic of the
Jewish wish for a sweet new year."

In Pursuit of the Perfect Vegan Backpack

Full Bloom Opens With Plant-Based Cuisine and a Killer View
"We became aware of the fact that the future must be vegan. It has to be vegan."

Cat advocate employees resign amid separate visions
"All four of Shreveport Bossier Animal Rescue'semployees resigned
Tuesday. Sue Sandifer, one of the staffers, said the employees did not
agree with the board on the direction of the rescue. She also hinted
at other issues such as a lack of communication but did not wish to
discuss them."

Japan Releases US Animal Rights Activist After Arrest, On Eve of
Annual Dolphin Hunt
"Japanese police today said they have released US animal rights
activist Ric O'Barry, who trained dolphins for the TV show Flipper,
after he was arrested near the infamous whaling town of Taiji."

German zookeepers shoot orangutan which broke out of its enclosure in Duisburg

People for Animals in Pune to set up camps to promote veganism
"From Thursday, September 3 onwards, People for Animals (PFA) will be
promoting veganism across city for a period of 10 days and hold
awareness campaigns.
"The camps will be held during the 10 holy days of Jains, collectively
called Parushan. They will be conducted at 12 Jain temples located in
Swargate and Pimpri."

Absence of Meat Makes the Heart Grow Stronger
"If we improve the way we eat, we'll help prevent America's deadliest disease."

PETA's Ingrid Newkirk on Why Sublime is the Number One Celebrity Vegan
Dining Spot in the U.S.
"PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said that the award was based on
seeking out veg-friendly restaurants outside the normal
celebrity-studded meccas of New York and Los Angeles."

Sept 1

Top NY court won't hear chimps-are-people appeals
"New York's highest court declined Tuesday to hear a pair of appeals
from the Nonhuman Rights Project, which had argued that chimpanzees
display enough characteristics similar to humans to be granted basic
human rights, such as protections against unlawful imprisonment."

Rihanna Targeted By Anti-Fur Protesters At Perfume Launch In Brooklyn [Video]

Deer with arrow lodged in face is saved
"The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife successfully removed
most of the arrow from the deer's face after tranquilizing her Tuesday
morning at a private property off Suffolk Way. The doe, whom activists
have named Grace, was in good health and released back into the wild
with her fawn, wildlife officials said."

Bear hunting quota to be set at Fort Lauderdale meeting

Animal welfare advocates hail prison sentence for fired cellblock
attendant in dogfighting case
"Animal welfare advocates were encouraged Tuesday by the sentence that
a State Supreme Court justice imposed on a former Buffalo Police
Department cellblock attendant who will serve a minimum of nearly
three years in prison for his convictions on dogfighting charges."

Melbourne's horse-drawn carriages: Animal rights group in push to have
them banned
"Animal rights group Melbourne Against Horse-Drawn Carriages wants the
practice stopped, saying it's cruel, outdated, and hazardous to
passengers and other road users."

Cops book a man for puppy's death, ignoring vet's advice
"The Rajasthan Police have booked a man in Jaipur for not taking care
of his puppy which led to the latter's death and are planning to
charge-sheet him under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960,
according to the police on Tuesday."

Tough to be a vegan NFL player?

Vegan Chef Wins Omnivore Chili Cook-Off
"Chef Mama T's vegan chili won a Honolulu chili cook-off against two
meat-based chilis. Her secret? She didn't tell the judges that her
chili was vegan until after the votes were in."

What Vegan Pizza Actually Tastes Like (According to a Non-Vegan)
"I learned the hard way that my son, Noah, can't tolerate dairy. Our
first indicator: I ate ice cream, breastfed him a couple of hours
later, and then my husband and I spent the entire ensuing night
dealing with an inconsolable kid, whose stomach was hard as a rock and
was clearly in a boatload of pain. The doctor confirmed the allergy a
week later. Whoopsie."

Golden Mean: Best Organic Vegan Cafe in Los Angeles | Ira Israel
"He named the restaurant Golden Mean because of his enthusiasm for
uniting scientific laws with spiritual principles. Golden Mean
actually means "the ideal moderate position between two extremes.""

How going vegan is a win-win
"In her newly-published book, Tallman delves into the statistics
behind meat and dairy consumption, and how reducing it, or completely
cutting it out and going vegan, can reduce one's eco-footprint."

A Pittsburgh Animal Rights Group Is Planning A Candlelight Vigil For
'The Victims Of Michael Vick'
"A petition started by Steeler fans requesting he be kicked off the
team has already amassed over 30,000 signatures. Now comes a
#neverforget animal advocacy group with its plans to hold a
candlelight vigil in memory of all the Shilohs, Fidos and Lassies Vick
tortured and killed."

Animal rights activist Ric O'Barry arrested in Japan ahead of Taiji
dolphin hunting season
"Animal rights activist Ric O'Barry, well known for his appearance in
the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, has been arrested near the
Japanese town of Taiji as its controversial dolphin hunting season

German animal rights activists angry after orangutan killed

Boxing orangutans aside, Thais warm to animal rights
"Female orangutans, decked in bikini tops and miniskirts, pretend to
seduce monkey musicians as rowdy ape fans drink beer and throw cans at
the two orangutans play-fighting."

Pink cat rescued in Bahrain by animal rights activists

Vegetarians and Money: Results From a National Survey | Hal Herzog
"...I had just read on the website Faunalytics about a national survey
of American food habits. It found that vegetarianism and veganism were
more common among lower income groups than among people making more

Aug 31

Tenn. authorities investigating ex-McDonald's chicken supplier for cruelty
"The animal rights group Mercy for Animals released secretly recorded
footage last week that appears to show the operators of T&S Farm as
they allegedly clubbed small and deformed birds to death using a pole
with a spike or nail attached to it. The group asked Tennessee
authorities to prosecute the farm owners for violation of state laws
prohibiting animal cruelty."

Lawmakers send Jerry Brown bill to ban bullhooks on elephants
"The Senate on Monday sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill that would make
California the first in the nation to ban elephant handlers from using
bullhooks, a sharp-pointed implement activists say is inhumane."

The New Favorite Charities of Animal Lovers

3OYS investigation helps police in animal cruelty case
"A 3 On Your Side investigation revealed new details about a shocking
animal cruelty case that first made its appearance on Facebook. The
posts contain images of a cat burned alive, along with profanity-laden
posts by someone named Shay Houston. "I swear I do not like animals
but the hate I have for CATS!" one post said. "Burn, little mf,

Round Rock pet store fending off negative criticism
"ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) -- A national animal rights organization is
calling for changes after pictures of dogs being sold at at a pet
store in Round Rock went viral over the weekend. However, the store's
owner insists everything is being done legally."

Seabirds 'blighted by plastic waste'
"About 90% of seabirds have eaten plastic and are likely to retain
some in their gut, a new analysis estimates."

Deopokhari festival in Nepal sees men ripping apart live goats

Animal group controversially invites kids to crawl inside pet cages to
learn about bad breeders
"Radical Hong Kong animal group Non-Profit Making Veterinary Clinic
(NPV) has sparked controversy by inviting small children to walk a
mile in caged pets' shoes – or, more accurately, spend time inside a
cramped wire cage."

Humane society issues warning after 80 cats turned up dead or dying since June

Chipotle Slapped With Lawsuit for Allegedly False GMO-Free Claims
"The first chain restaurant to declare its menu free of genetically
engineered ingredients still serves items that are either made with or
raised on modified crops."
"However, if you stray from eating vegan or drink a soda, then you
will either be eating foods that came from animals raised on GMO feed
or consuming GMOs directly in the form of high-fructose corn syrup.
"A lawsuit filed in California on Monday is seeking class-action
status and alleges that Chipotle's GMO-free claims amount to false
advertising, entitling all California consumers who have eaten at the
chain since the announcement to financial reimbursement."

How to Ask for Menu Modifications Without Being "That Guy"

Meatless Monday: The Vegetable Lady and the Easy-Going Overachiever --
Kathy Hester and "The Easy Vegan"
"Recipe developer, slow cooker guru, pr pro, cooking instructor and
five-time cookbook author Kathy Hester owes her success to being an
overachiever who's not afraid to fail. "You can't be successful at
something unless you're willing to fail brilliantly," she says. "I do
some boneheaded things just to see if it'll work.""

MiVT: Vermont Vegan Supply Tattoo Soap
"Already eating a vegan diet, the two started looking at their
cosmetics and knew they needed a change. A lot of companies test on
animals, will put lanolin in their products -- animal fats, dairy
products. We gear this towards being a vegan product. It cuts down on
the amount of possible allergens that people can have," Shepard

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