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May 31

States Target Animal-Rights Activists With Laws Banning Undercover Videos
"As animal-rights activists grow bolder in their efforts to document
the treatment of animals on farms and ranches, state lawmakers are
moving to restrict some of their efforts with laws that prohibit
workers from taking undercover videos at the facilities and impose
fines or jail time for those who do."

How Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Became an Animal Rights Activist
"The reinvention of Wal-Mart Stores continues. After surprising
observers by first raising wages above the mandated minimum and then
coming to the defense of gay rights in its home state of Arkansas, the
world's largest retailer is now asking its food suppliers to put
greater emphasis on animal welfare."

N.Y. judge asked to declare chimps ‘persons'

National Animal Rights Day celebrated in Colorado Springs

Ariel View: the next battle for rights

Our Water-Guzzling Food Factory

Edie Falco voices new anti-SeaWorld orca video

9 States Back Utah Ruling Tossing Federal Prairie Dog Rules

Animal shelter offers $1,000 reward over dog who had his muzzle taped shut

DJ's ugly rabbit-killing stunt did have a worthy message for us hypocrites

Caffè Nero bows to animal rights threats and bans 'badger cull' milk
after learning that activists planned to stage protests at outlets
forthcoming anti-austerity marches

Using Bodies of The Deceased to Advocate for The Living

Animal rights group rescue 64 dogs from Costa Rica puppy mill

Winnipeg businesswoman cuts deal to send loose pig to sanctuary

Chinese animal rights activists negotiating control over rescued dogs
"Nearly 500 dogs were rescued by animal rights activists May 21 near
the Chinese city of Tianjin."

Gay bull saved from the slaughter has an eye for the ladies after all!
A "GAY" bull saved from slaughter after an international campaign
appears to be on the turn after showing a more frisky side.

Expats pioneer animal care
"VietNamNet Bridge - Catherine Besch of the US keeps busy caring for
dogs, cats, chickens and ducks at a shelter in Cam Ha Commune, 2km
from Hai Ba Trung Street in Hoi An."

Children reportedly looked on in horror as the male teacher took the
furry rodent out of its cage and swallowed it whole
"Children reportedly looked on in horror as the male teacher took the
furry rodent out of its cage and swallowed it whole"

"Disagreements over the correct diet for a twelve-year-old boy became
so heated for one divorced Italian couple, the father took the matter
to court and won, meaning the mother must now cook him meat."

Many locals eating up idea of meatless Monday
"Since May 19, when the Long Beach City Council approved a resolution
that would dedicate Mondayss to vegetarian eating, word has spread
throughout the city about "Meatless Mondays.""

Q&A: Farm Sanctuary president Gene Baur
"Baur is the president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, the
organization that operates three shelters in New York and California
providing lifelong care for nearly a thousand rescued farm animals."

Portland a great place for vegans to live

Hangover Helper: Land of Kush's vegan brunch platter soothes our
brunch-starved soul,0,2665460.story

Raw Vegan Chef Serves Up Superfoods For Rapid Weight Loss
"Superfood Snacks," Julie Morris

Don't miss Bournemouth's Vegan Fair 12981277.Don_t_miss_Bournemouth_s_Vegan_Fair/

Miss Rachel's Pantry moving to larger spot

Inspiring GOOD HEALTH One Step AT A TIME

May 29

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Defies GOP Legislature, Vetoes 'Ag-Gag' Bill

Direct Action Everywhere May Day of Action
"The animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) held
their May Day of action in downtown San Francisco on May 23. The
activists traveled from cities in the U.S., Canada, and even Denmark,
to once again bring their "It's Not Food It's Violence" campaign to
the streets of San Francisco."

Complaints Spur Closer Look at Hawaii Animal Quarantine Station
"In March, Hawaii News Now reported that Christopher Rivera found a
dog leaving a trail of blood in a kennel at the quarantine facility.
And he got it all on video, which he posted to Facebook."

Harvard primate lab's end puzzles researchers
"At the end of May, the long history of the New England Primate
Research Center will come to an abrupt end as Harvard takes the
unusual step - one that is baffling to many researchers — to close the
Southborough facility."

National Animal Rights Day - Colorado 2015
"For the first time, Colorado Springs joins Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Seattle, New York, Toronto and Ottawa in hosting the
National Animal Rights Day event!"

3 Surprising Ways PETA is Actually Helping Animals

Animal rights supporters gather outside courtroom during hearing for
men charged in cat's death
"Virginia Beach, Va. – More than a dozen people, holding a picture of
a cat, stood silent outside a courtroom at the Virginia Beach General
District Court on Friday."

Phoenix man accused of animal cruelty in dog's death
"PHOENIX - A 31-year-old man has been arrested after a dog he was
caring for died while being kept in a wire cage in the sun."

High school yearbook publishes photo of student with slain giraffe
"This photo, in Guilderland High School's 2014-2015 yearbook, of a
student with a slain giraffe is flooding local social media with
arguments of displeasure."


Natural Bridge Zoo allowed to reopen, state regulators say

3 Reasons "Animal Welfare" Doesn't Work

Florida in top 20 for animal rights, ALDF lawyer tells how students
can get involved

‘Shame On You!' Animal Rights Activist Rips Kelly Osbourne For Buying $30K Dogs

Defense claims starving hens part of egg-laying process

Horse Pursuit Suspect Charged With Grand Theft, Animal Cruelty
"A San Bernardino man whose videotaped chase on a horse and subsequent
beating by deputies resulted in a $650,000 settlement was charged with
multiple counts Thursday."

Animal control finds 18 cats in Las Vegas motel room

Troubled Hope: On Animal Rights in Cuba

Suspended sentence for woman who laced supermarket meat with needles
"A German animal rights activist who hid sewing needles inside
sausages at supermarkets has been convicted of causing grievous bodily
harm. The 60-year-old said she only wanted to stop people eating
factory-farmed meat."

PETA Seeks Animal Cruelty Charges Vs Danish Radio Host Who Kills Bunny
During Broadcast

Animal rights group backs down over bid to change name of Ye Olde Fighting Cocks _bid_to_change_name_of_ye_olde_fighting_cocks_1_4092177

I'm a Hardcore Vegan—and My Live-In Boyfriend's a Big Meat Eater

Ecorazzi presents Toronto's First Annual Vegan Food and Drink Festival

New lifestyle, new eatery
"After giving up animal products, Spokane woman opens vegan pizzeria"

Girls Gone Vegan!
"vegan dessert delivery business"

SB150 festival had something for everyone — even vegans
South Bend 150 Birthday Celebration

"With over 60 vegetarian restaurants in Leicester, Amit Gokani, a
member of the Leicester Vegetarian and Vegan Group, claims that
Leicester is the ‘Veggie Capital of Europe'."

James Cameron: ‘We Consider Meat And Dairy To Be Basically Toxic'

May 28

Texas bill seeks to curb shark finning
"AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Texas lawmakers have sent to Gov. Greg Abbott a
bill that bans the sale of shark fins in Texas, a move aimed at
curbing the practice of cutting off the fins and tail and releasing
the fish to die."

Veteran, service dog turned away from restaurant; Manager fired
"And like a lot of veterans, Garrett uses a service dog to help with
his PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder."

Judge dismisses case from Ohio pair trying to keep pet bear

Would feral cat releases help cats or threaten wild birds? (Poll)

Sea lion impaled with spear rescued in Southern California
"SAN DIEGO (AP) - A giant sea lion impaled by a homemade spear is
recovering at SeaWorld after being rescued just off the Southern
California coast."

Man acquitted of animal cruelty for blowing pot smoke
"CHICAGO (AP) - A judge has acquitted a Chicago man of animal cruelty
charges filed after the man posted a video of himself smoking
marijuana with a chameleon."

Chicago Cops Staged a Photograph Where a Black Man Was Posed As a Hunted Animal

Fur seeks new look as traditional markets fade
"Fur sellers have bigger things to worry about these days than
paint-throwing animal rights activists."

Dog meat vendor with 1,000 frozen carcasses dies after shooting
HIMSELF with poisoned dart
"The Chinese man reportedly died after the toxic arrow struck him in
the leg during a demonstration on how to handle a deadly crossbow used
to execute canines."

Horse deaths reveal dark side of Rocio pilgrimage
"Shocking footage reveals the cruelty suffered by horses, donkeys and
mules during Andalusia's largest and most famous pilgrimage."

Ecorazzi Presents the First Annual Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival

Author argues: Don't feel good about eating locally raised meat
"Modern Savage: Our Unthinking Decision to Eat Animals"
"James McWilliams calls out what he dubs the "omnivore's
contradiction," namely "our aspiration to grant animals moral status
and yet eat them.""

Low-Fat Vegan Diet May Improve Insulin Resistance, Reducing Diabetic Neuropathy
"The results showed the vegan diet, compared to following a non-vegan
diet, significantly improved diabetic nerve pain, improving blood
circulation and nerve function. Bonus: participants, on average, also
lost 14 pounds."

May 27

Lab chimps likened to enslaved blacks at animal-rights trial

Chimpanzee representatives argue for animals' rights in New York court
"Attorney for Nonhuman Rights Project says two chimpanzees are
unlawfully imprisoned and should be released as ‘self-determining

Chimps get day in court as lawyers for animal rights group fight to
free two apes kept by SUNY school
"Lawyers for the Nonhuman Rights Project will argue that two
chimpanzees kept for study by Stony Brook University have "personhood"
rights and should be freed."

Hearing begins in case of chickens abandoned outside Turlock
"A preliminary hearing began Tuesday in Stanislaus County Superior
Court for two people facing animal cruelty charges that stem from the
discovery of an estimated 50,000 hens left for dead at a ranch outside
"Wester also described the bottom level of the barns as being filled
with a "soupy" mixture of urine and feces that was about four to six
inches deep. He also said he saw several dead chickens in the


Think Rabbit Is The 'New Ethical Meat'? Think Again.

Stalemate: 2015 Legislature makes no change on animal-related laws
"Montana is the only state that has yet to criminalize attendance at a
dog fight."

Slaughterhouse ticketed following escape of cow that was wrangled on highway trenton_slaughterhouse_ticketed_following_escape_o.html

Animal rights group targets Beaver City dog breeder

Morgan County Fair says it has no plans to cancel hog wrestling
despite controversy

Peter Singer: On Animal Rights and Human Rights

New vegetarian and vegan short break launched in Leicester
"Amit Gokani, of the Leicester Vegetarian and Vegan Group, said: "For
a population of approximately 320,000, we probably have the greatest
concentration of vegetarian restaurants in Europe."

MBMS Fundraiser Features Vegan Cuisine
"...Grades of Green project at Manhattan Beach Middle School. That
program is all about environmental education, part of which is
encouraging students to have more plant-based meals because meat has a
huge environmental impact. As such the meals served to 430 people at
the MBS studios on May 29th will be entirely vegan – not an animal
product in sight."

Pleasing the Vegans

"Cookin' Up a Storm is a new cookbook, chock full of recipes by Laura Dakin"

Food La La: Satori offers pop-up vegan dining
"There are only six vegan restaurants on Oahu that I know of -- and I
frequent all of them often. They're good, but sometimes you just want
to try something new!"

Cookbook ‘Teff Love' puts vegan spin on Ethiopian cuisine

May 26

War veteran completes mission for others
"Iraq war veteran Dan Spangler and his dog Spanky set out on a
6,000-mile journey to raise awareness for the benefits of pet
ownership in the lives of veterans -- an effort known as Operation Keep
Your Spanky."

Should animals have the same rights as humans?

Non-human persons? Animal rights get legal leg up
""If we can do it for corporations" -- which are persons under the law
-- "there's no reason why a sentient living being can't be considered a

Abbot left with bleeding facial wound and broken arm after being
mauled by big cat at 'Tiger Temple' in Thailand
"The beautiful and unbelievably tame residents of 'Tiger Temple' in
Thailand have become a staple part of the southeast Asian backpacking
experience. But a terrifying incident has proved that cuddling the
giant animals is not always safe - even for the men who run the hugely
popular centre."

Danish radio host kills rabbit during live show about animal welfare
"Radio24syv presenter Asger Juhl was hosting a live debate when he
reportedly hit nine-week-old rabbit Allan with a bicycle pump, saying
it was a way of demonstrating the "hypocrisy" of animal rights
campaigners who eat meat from supermarkets."

Female bullfighter displays bull's ears to adoring crowd in South of
France after recovery from goring (PHOTOS)

Koala cull resumes in Australian tourist destination

Animal rights activists wants protection for stray dogs

Wellness experts weigh in on the vegan diet

Are Vegan Diets Effective Against Diabetes?

Author Victoria Moran has tips from her three decades of veganism
"Her new book, The Good Karma Diet"

Bottoms up? Hold on just a minute
"Most people are surprised to hear the term "vegan beer." But animal
products can make their way into brews (and wine and liquor), so it's
something vegans need to keep an eye on. Here are tips for folks who
want to keep their booze animal-free."

Car crashes into vegan market stall after Post Office robbery police
chase in Croydon

The Plantpower Way to a Vegan Diet for the 21st Century
The Plantpower Way, Rich Roll and Julie Piatt

Reviews of vegan restaurants Taste of Eden, Loving Hut, Vida de Cafe

May 25

Animal Rights Protest in San Francisco
"The animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere held their
May Day of action in downtown San Francisco on Saturday May23rd. The
activists traveled from cities in the US, Canada and even Denmark, to
once again bring their "It's Not Food It's Violence" campaign to the
streets of San Francisco."

Animal activists' protests drawing criticism
"Animal rights activists loudly shouting their protest -- "they make
money while we get sick" -- outside the home of someone they blame for
construction of the University of Washington's $124-million
underground research laboratory."

Vigil held for runaway cow killed after escaping from Trenton slaughterhouse vigil_held_for_runaway_cow_killed_after_escaping_f.html

Must respect animals' right to live free

Cruelty Towards Animals - Part 1 -

Donations pour in to help dog found hanging from tree

Why Zambia lifted ban on hunting lions and leopards

'Ag-gag' laws expose Coalition's freedom of speech hypocrisy,7751
"New laws proposing to fine and/or gaol animal welfare activists for
exposing animal cruelty shows that, under the Abbott Government,
freedom of speech is only a right for the Right. Peter Wicks from
Wixxyleaks reports."

Food Not Bombs celebrates 35 years
"SANTA CRUZ >> It is lunchtime on Sunday in downtown Santa Cruz. Food
Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry sits at the corner of Front and
Water Streets dressed in immaculate chef's whites."

Vegan Diet Eases Nerve Pain of Diabetes
"The study appears today (May 25) in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes
and was led by doctors and nutritionists at the Physicians Committee
for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a non-profit organization that
promotes preventive medicine and a vegan diet."

‘Kiss a Cow' shares vegan taste
"Asha Sanctuary kickoff fundraiser asks guests to celebrate hope for
animals and learn why its mission is important"

From the food editor: Going vegan for a week

Sorry... I'm Vegan.
"Science shows that we aren't designed to consume meat and dairy on
the level that we do yet there is still such rejection over the

One vegan spot out, one reopening dining/2015/05/25/foodstuffs-fresh-cafe-new-world-cafe-greek-food-fair-food-trucks-restaurant-week/27793891/
"Our mission from the beginning was to be able to provide quality
vegan food as well as a clearinghouse for ideas and events that push
back against … patriarchy, ecocide, white supremacy, homophobia and

Vegan alternative to Memorial Day cookouts
"BAY CITY, MI (WNEM) - The idea for a menu with a focus on a vegan
diet was started by the head chef's own lifestyle."

Vegan food company to launch equity crowdfunding campaign
"Auckland-based vegan food company, Angel Food, will launch an equity
crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe tomorrow."

May 23-24

Local attorney on mission to win legal status, freedom for chimps
"Should chimpanzees ... have the right to life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness? Steven Wise, a prominent animal rights attorney
from Coral Springs, has bet his career on it."

Celebrities urge McCrory to veto 'ag-gag' bill

Clash on treatment to continue after primate lab in Southboro closes

Animal-rights activists target construction workers on UW project
"SEATTLE -- Managers at the general contractor hired to build a new
animal testing lab at the University of Washington are locked in a
legal fight with an animal rights activist they claim has been
harassing them at their Eastside homes."

Animal cruelty laws questioned after allegations at Bozeman arena
"Charging documents claim Kountz knew a horse was injured and let it
suffer in order to collect its semen for breeding."

50th State Fair opens with final wild animal act
"HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The annual 50th State Fair opened Friday
night at Aloha Stadium with the rides, games, food and fun. But it's
the last year that a wild animal act will be part of the attraction."

Protesters hit Natural Bridge Zoo

Protesters Rally Outside Miami Seaquarium To Free Lolita

PETA wants school district to ban cruelty to animals

Battles over Sea Mammals Hit Courts, State Legislatures
"Washington state Senator Kevin Ranker (D-Orcas Island) introduced
legislation that would make it a criminal offense, punishable by up to
six months in jail and a $100,000 fine, to keep whales, dolphins, and
porpoises in aquariums."

Animal advocates plan weekend protest outside Puppy Experience in Aquebogue

Circus Elephants: Animal Welfare Law Violated By Circus, Elephants
Believed To Be In Danger

Walmart pushes stricter animal welfare policy
"Walmart is calling on its food suppliers to follow stricter
guidelines for animal welfare and the use of antibiotics as it aims to
be more transparent with customers about where its food comes from."

Animal cruelty charges adjourned to June 19
Mercy for Animals
"A case of alleged animal cruelty by a Kitchener-based turkey breeder
and five of its employees was set to proceed on Friday, but was
adjourned to June 19."

Strong Hearts Cafe will open first vegan/vegetarian food stand at New
York State Fair strong_hearts_at_the_fair.html
"SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- This summer, Syracuse's Strong Hearts Café will
offer the first all-vegan/vegetarian menu in the history of the New
York State Fair."

Thousands head to Bristol's Vegfest to celebrate vegan food

Your dark chocolate is probably milk chocolate
"The FDA tested 94 dark chocolate bars, bought in different areas of
the country, from a range of product lines and manufacturers. Their
findings might upset those who try to avoid milk but love chocolate."
"Some products had milk levels as high as those found in products that
declared the presence of milk."

Navi Mumbai resident plans vegan wedding for daughter
"Animal welfare activist Anand Siva plans to get his daughter
Shasvathi Siva, 24, married in a purely vegan style and is totally
excited about it."

Marin Vegan Bake Sale and Veggie Grill Raising Money to Help Local
Humane Society

Table for 9: Smoke & Barrel
"WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A BBQ joint in Adam's Morgan doesn't just serve
brisket and beer; it also serves vegan barbecue. Other vegan options
include vegan spare ribs, vegan chicken cutlet/ fish cutlet
sandwiches, and sweet potato and oat burgers."

May 22

PETA Says The NRA Backed Plan To Vote On Texas' Right To Hunt Is Bizarre

Federal agency accuses Moolah Circus operator of mishandling elephants

Ringling deception

3 Reasons All Feminists Should Support Animal Rights

Flagler firefighters lauded for saving dogs from fire

Egypt struggles to prevent animal cruelty

Animal activists vandalise National Farmers Federation's Canberra office
"The latest graffiti at the National Farmers Federation's Barton
office calls on the federal government to "ban live exports"."

Animal rights radical aiming at top office in the RSPCA wants to
'phase out' pet ownership

London Activists Stage Provocative Disruptions Inside Restaurant that
Serves Foie Gras
"If you own a restaurant in London, you'd better think twice before
serving foie gras. That is because London Vegan Actions, an animals
rights group that "turns actions into victories," could very well
disrupt your diners – over and over – until you take it off the menu."

Voiceless 'unclear' on factory farms agriculture/livestock/general-news/voiceless-unclear-on-factory-farms/2732699.aspx

Wife Corrals Texas Cattle Rancher Into Becoming Vegan
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary
"A family cattle ranch run by a fourth-generation farmer has gone from
raising cattle for slaughter into a vegan sanctuary for their herd."

More fashion designers opting for faux fur, vegan leather
"PETA better be proud: More fashion designers than ever are passing on
animal products in their collections, opting instead for faux fur and
vegan leather."

Vegan on Shavuot: Miracle or misery?

Scarpino finishes a week of eating vegan

Life In Berlin: Being Vegan In Berlin

PETA's "Lettuce Ladies" Visit Hollywood

Six restaurants serving great vegan cheesesteaks
"A trip to Philly isn't complete without a cheesesteak, regardless of your diet"

Women2day: V is for Vegan

May 21

What Happens to the Animals?
"In the second half of our series about the closing of the Natural
Bridge Zoo, we explore what sometimes happens to all the animals once
a zoo loses its license, and we take a look at the exotic animal

Possum bill moseys into Senate
"RALEIGH, N.C. -- The latest chapter in the legal saga of the Brasstown
Possum Drop is headed for the Senate floor after winning approval
Wednesday from the Senate Agriculture and Environment committee."

Texans to decide whether huntin' and fishin' a constitutional right
Voters will decide in November whether they agree.

California lawmakers propose harsher penalties for animal cruelty

Could Your Pet Be in Danger at the Groomers?

Circus brings excitement and protest
"MASON CITY, Iowa – Hundreds are expected to attend the Shrine Circus
as it makes it's way to Mason City, even as they're met with

Concerns growing over pig wrestling competition during Whitley County 4H Fair
"COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. (NBC33) - A controversy is brewing in Whitley
County surrounding the upcoming 4H Fair. Animal rights supporters have
been voicing concern over the fair's pig wrestling competition due to
concerns about the animal's well-being."

Texas hunter bags rhino on controversial Namibia hunt

Barker weighs in on orca with premier
"He spoke with Premier Kathleen Wynne last week to urge her to include
Kiska, Canada's lone killer whale who lives at Marineland, in
Ontario's proposed orca ban."

Mexico files complaint against Maya duck-killing ceremony

Orang-utan named Sandra fights for rights in Argentina court
"The case concerning whether Sandra should keep living at the same zoo
made it to court this month, where Judge Elena Libertori is hearing
the arguments, and will rule."

Canadian animal abuse laws lacking compared to new FBI rules

Stand up and speak up for their rights
"The time has come for Malaysia to commit itself to implementing
international and humane animal welfare standards, strengthened by
universal human values through the early introduction of the Animal
Welfare Act."

8-Year Old Vegan Calls for Meatless Mondays in Long Beach
"Could you ask for a cuter spokesperson for Meatless Mondays?"

Hummus and mutiny: what happened when my family went vegan
"Heeding warnings that consumption of meat and dairy are the biggest
threat to the environment, Becky Dickinson attempts to turn her family
vegan for a week"
" According to Google Trends, vegan searches have now overtaken
vegetarian ones. And Jasmijn de Boo, CEO of The Vegan Society, says:
''The number of people taking The 30 Day Vegan Pledge continues to
increase with around 500 people a month trying vegan for a month. Of
those completing the survey, 93 per cent say they will remain

Study backs Maine women who lost weight on vegan diet
""I grabbed a trash bag and cleaned out my fridge and pantry," said
Coyle, 28, who lives in Portland. "Then I went to Trader Joe's and
spent more on fruits and vegetables than I had in the past decade.""

Going vegan could be easier than you think

Should I Eat Tempeh?

May 20

L'Oreal is 3D Printing Human Skin to Bring an End to Animal Testing

Closing a Zoo: Infractions Large and Small
"Karl Mogensen, 76, has owned and operated the Natural Bridge Zoo for
42 years. But as of early March – the month he typically opens for the
season -- the Zoo lost its license to exhibit wild animals."

Connecticut Senate votes to toughen animal abuse penalties
Bill Eliminates Accelerated Rehabilitation For Repeat Animal Abuse Offenders

Attorney Wants Criminal Charges for Church Pig Rassle
"An attorney from Racine wants a special prosecutor to pursue criminal
charges against a church that used to host a pig wrestling event."

Animal rights activists rally against man accused of torturing,
killing pit bulls

St. Pete dog's injuries believed to be result of dog fighting
"A young pit bull was rescued from the street, badly cut, scratched
and bitten. St. Petersburg Police believe the animal's injuries are
the result of dog fighting."

Animal-rights activists confident of trial conviction after alleged
dog-abuser rejects plea offer
"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Alleged dog-abuser Alsu Ivanchenko stunned
some court watchers on Tuesday by rejecting a plea agreement that
included six months' jail time and restitution."

Dolphin 'reality show' filming suspended in Portugal

Investigation launched into claims Australian cattle were slaughtered
with sledgehammer in Vietnam
Animals Australia

Peeling the onion of Israel's new vegan party

Vegan Diets Find Support From Government And Hit Their Stride With
Vegan Pledge Program

Peru beyond the Inca trail: Join the Peruvian jet-set for vegan
restaurants and superlative surfing

Vegan in search of lost time

God Help Me, My Daughter's Gone Vegan


Chickpea, Worcester's newest vegan sandwich and ice cream shop, to
open on May 25
"Chickpea, which was funded through an IndieGoGo campaign and a $1,000
grant from The Pollination Project, will donate 100% of profits to
VegWorcester, a Central Massachusetts organization that advocates for
vegan living."

May 19

In U.S., More Say Animals Should Have Same Rights as People

'Ag-gag' bill goes to governor
"RALEIGH, N.C. -- State lawmakers gave final approval Monday night to a
measure that would allow business owners to sue employees who conduct
undercover investigations."

Feds investigate Facebook video of driver running down federally protected geese
"LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Federal investigators are closely
reviewing a video captured in Louisville which shows a driver speeding
up and running down a pair of geese, apparently killing one of them."

School's tiger under scrutiny in Ohio exotic animal crackdown

Watch: Animal activists rally at alleged dog abuser's appearance watch_animal_activists_rally_a.html
"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Horns blared on Stuyvesant Place outside state
Supreme Court, St. George, Tuesday morning as motorists showed their
support for animal rights activists rallying against alleged
dog-abuser Alsu Ivanchenko."

Ogden woman studying animal law hopes to present ordinances that protect pets

Why SC's Animal Cruelty Laws Rank 45th

Facebook post leads Ascension Parish officials to ban animal rescue
group from parish animal shelter

Pamela Anderson Strips Naked & Recreates ‘Psycho' Shower Scene

Opinion: Human rights? Don't forget animal rights…

Fox Hunting Fight Fires Up UK Animal Lovers: Conservative Party Told
To ‘Keep The Ban'
"The fur is flying in the U.K. Thousands of animal lovers across
England and Wales are telling British Prime Minister David Cameron to
keep a ban on fox hunting in place after some members of the
Conservative Party said they hoped to see the controversial blood
sport return to the English countryside."

No bananas please, we're vegetarian! The foods you think are safe to
eat but actually contain SECRET animal products
"A range of foods, from fruit and packaged cereal to beer and even
figs, are assumed to be safe to eat, yet an expert warns that these
items can contain animal products."

Welcome to the Vegan Paradise of Booze and Chili Cheese Fries
Los Angeles Vegan Beer and Food Festival

'I've banished all my menopausal symptoms by going VEGAN,' claims woman, 47
"A woman who began suffering symptoms of the menopause at just 41
claims she has managed to stop them all by going vegan."

Vegan, paleo or whatever: New Colorado Springs eatery will suit 'any
dietary requirement'

Vegan and vegetarian options are expanding for downtown Phoenix foodies

Two Newcastle vegetarian and vegan restaurants celebrate National
Vegetarian Week

Vegan Food Now on the Menu at the Hollywood Bowl Signaling a shift in
L.A.'s eating habits, Gracias Madre and Cafe Gratitude will be serving
raw kelp noodles and macrobiotic bowls to concert goers

May 18

Florida monkey farm that 'takes fetal tissue from unborn macaque
babies' investigated after campaign by animal rights activists

Another severed cat found in Naples, reward offered for tips leading to suspect

How Koch Foods Built a $3 Billion Chicken Empire

Sales from children's book set will help support animal rights
"Michael-Blu DeFrancesco and Seth Daniel Lewis will donate a portion
of the proceeds from their books to no-kill animal shelters across the

Love animals? Here's how you can help
"During the past years of actively advocating and rescuing animals, I
have found there to be different levels of advocacy and rescue. Can
you be an advocate just because you love animals? Yes, that is where
it all begins."

Emails: Auditor pushed for animal control investigation
"New Castle County Auditor Bob Wasserbach used his position to steer a
2013 audit of the county's dog control services –– and later pushed to
have the government contract altered to benefit a pets group where
he's on the board, emails obtained by The News Journal show."

$60K a pound: Illegal rhino horn now declared more valuable than gold,
diamonds and cocaine
"Decades of conservation efforts are being reversed by the entrance of
organized crime into the ivory and rhino horn markets."

Animals are now legally recognised as 'sentient' beings in Australia
"The Australian Government has formally recognised animals as
'sentient' beings by amending animal welfare legislation.
"The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill  was passed on Tuesday."

China lion shot after killing man in zoo and escaping

Anti-vivisection activists win right to legal challenge over how Home
Office investigated the care of animals at leading research
"The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) lawyers
argued that the way the Home Office responded to allegations of
"appalling animal suffering" was inadequate."

Animal rights group campaign for St Albans pub to change name _group_campaign_for_St_Albans_pub_to_change_name/
"People for the Ethical Treatment of Aminals (PETA) director Mimi
Bekhechi said today the animal-loving campaign group want to change Ye
Olde Fighting Cocks to Ye Olde Clever Cocks to "reflect compassion for

Little River puppy farmer fined $5000, banned from running domestic
animal business

Save the swans protest
based Reach Out for Animal Rights group (R.O.A.R.)

Confronting footage sparks fresh claims into animal welfare handling at rodeos
"Lyn Charlton, who is responsible for having the Huntly Rodeo closed
down last year, is on a crusade to have animal welfare regulations
adhered to in New Zealand."

National Vegetarian Week: Where to eat if you are looking for veggie options
"Celebrate National Vegetarian Week with a visit to one of these food
hot spots. We pick out 10 of the best places in Wales to enjoy
vegetarian food"

Raw power to fight MS
"Eugene multiple sclerosis patient swears by her vegan diet"

Meatless Monday: For Your Own Good (Karma) -- Victoria Moran and The
Good Karma Diet

Paleo + vegan diet = the Pegan food plan

No Meat Please: 21 Vegetarian & Vegan Celebrities

Vegan at the Bend: A road trip to North Carolina offers a ton of
vegan-friendly meals

May 17

Dinner for two? NY bill would let dogs into outdoor dining areas

City's review of carriage industry will be 'tainted' by consulting
firm's NYCLASS ties: watchdog

KFC tastes good, but ...

It's Super Sad How Lab Monkeys Are Treated
"Animal welfare activists are asking a federal agency to mandate labs
using monkeys for research to treat them better."

Pupping Season Ends, But Rope Remains at Children's Pool
"The City Council adopted the ban early last year after a rope barrier
failed to discourage people from bothering the seals and their

Authorities rescue dozens of sick dogs from Glencoe house
"GLENCOE, Ill. (AP) - Authorities wearing hazmat suits have removed
nearly 40 dogs covered in feces and matted fur from a home in the
Chicago suburb of Glencoe."

Killing Barred Owls to Keep Spotted Owls Breathing

The shameful truth about UK's squalid puppy farms: Greedy breeders
caught keeping dogs in dirty cramped cages

Swiss researchers decode horse communication

Animal rights group sends petition to Vietnamese legislators
"The organizer of a recent campaign against dog meat trade has
submitted a petition to Vietnam's National Assembly, asking
legislators to include animal protection provisions in their
discussion of a veterinary bill next month."

Hunting ban 'could be repealed within a year' after Tory victory in
General Election

Dolphin stranded in Somerset after swimming up river

Animal Justice Party's Mark Pearson insists NSW inquiry ends puppy farms in year

We are against illegal slaughter of all animals, say activists
"NAVI MUMBAI: While there is a raging controversy about the newly
introduced anti-beef law in the state, several animal rights activists
have pointed out that they are concerned about illegal slaughter of
all animals."

National: How the Scottish National Party could affect the fox hunting
ban repeal

Animal Rights
"Karachi has just had a mass poisoning campaign of stray dogs, whose
carcasses can be seen lined at the side of a main road. There were
alternatives to this inhumane act."

Moby maps his road to veganism
"The DJ and musician Moby, a vegan for 27 years, plans to open a vegan
restaurant this summer called Little Pine in Silver Lake. He recently
appeared at the Skirball Cultural Center in conversation with the
co-founder of the animal welfare organization Farm Sanctuary, Gene
Baur. We asked him about veganism and creativity."

I'm going vegetarian 3 times a week says Jamie Oliver (who's got a
veggie cook book coming

Adopting a vegan diet has helped an Irish golfer to edge closer to the
European Tour

La Vida Veggie invites meat-eaters to try vegan fare in downtown
Beaverton (photos) la_vida_veggie_invites_meat-ea.html

Vegan diet trend on the rise throughout celebrities, food companies
and restaurants

May 15

Consulting firm head hired by de Blasio for Central Park carriage
industry review was early supporter of NYCLASS

Animal rights group: Princeton University's monkey handling 'deserves
a serious penalty' animal_rights_group_princeton_universitys_monkey_h.html

School Apologizes Over Video Showing Students Playing With Dead Cats

New app helps owners find lost dogs
"Finding Rover, a free phone application that will enable a person who
has found a stray dog to locate its owner at Internet speed."

Michigan executive Cathy Bissell talks about taking part in
controversial animal 'rescue'
Animal Rescue Corps

A New York State Senate Bill Is a Win for Four-Legged Guests in
Outdoor Restaurants

Ban On Performances By Wild Or Exotic Animals Takes Effect On May 21st

MEPs unconvinced by European Citizens' Initiative on vivisection

Argentine zoo improves space for orangutan designated as "non-human person"
"The Buenos Aires Zoo is renovating the enclosure that houses
"Sandra," a female orangutan at the center of a legal battle between
the facility and animal rights activists calling for her transfer to a
wildlife sanctuary, a dispute that has resulted in the creature being
recognized as a "non-human person.""

Mass Poisoning of Stray Dogs in Karachi, Pakistan, Condemned by Activists

Brian May blasts David Cameron over support for 'psychopathic' fox
hunting and badger cull

NVMA Urges Bauchi Governor-Elect To Protect Animal Right
"The Nigeria Veterinary Association of Nigeria (NVMA) on Thursday
called on Bauchi state Gov.-elect, Mr Mohammed Abubakar, to give
priority to protection of animal rights in the state."

Animal rights activists flay Cong for using donkeys during protest in Jabalpur

How did I find Ikea's vegan meatballs, you ask?

Murphy: Animal-free shopping
"But here's the best part of the world's first vegan mini-mall: There
is a vegan strip club next door."

Chef Roberto Martin unlocks secret to flaky no-butter croissants:
Going Vegan (gallery) chef_roberto_martin_unlocks_se_1.html
"How is your new cookbook different from "Vegan Cooking for Carnivores"?"

New Nashville bakery offers gluten-free treats
Vegan Vee Gluten Free Bakery
"Her husband, Jim, said he loves to see the reactions of children who
suffer from food allergies when they walk into Vegan Vee."

PETA names Shimmy Shack one of the 5 best vegan food trucks in America

May 14

Research monkey farms in Florida draw howls of protest

Berkeley students protest for cows' rights on Mother's Day
"On May 10, the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy (BOAA) at UC
Berkeley protested the consumption of mother cows' milk at Andronico's
Community Market and Safeway, two dairy and meat-selling grocery
markets in the San Francisco Bay area."

Princeton University issued federal citation after monkeys escape
cage, sustain injuries princeton_university_issued_federal_citation_after.html

Newly formed animal rights group starts momentum to strengthen welfare laws
"Stopping puppy mills and animal abuse in Horry and Georgetown
counties was the topic of discussion Wednesday night during a meeting
of Animal Voice Alliance at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center."

The Role Of Science In A Push For Animal Liberation

Animal rights group targets Waverly company
"Stop Animal Exploitation NOW, an animal rights group based in
Milford, Ohio, filed a complaint with the USDA seeking a federal fine
and the termination of Liberty's license as an animal breeder."

Tempers flare at arraignment in animal cruelty case
"A Tulsa man accused of leaving a dog to starve to death clashed with
animal rights advocates after he appeared in court Wednesday for an

Seoul to Employ 1000 Animal Rights Monitoring Agents until 2020
"SEOUL, May 14 (Korea Bizwire) -- Seoul city is planning to employ
1,000 citizens as animal rights monitoring agents until 2020,
according to a statement presented at an open debate about animal
rights on May 12."

Why did Prince Charles criticise animal rights activists in Black Spider memo?

Fox hunting and anti-vivisection: Why animals matter more than people
"Outrage at fox hunting and anti-vivisection campaigns are just two
examples of people putting animals first. But why do we favour other
species over our own?"

Nationals MP Adam Marshall to chair puppy factories inquiry
"The Nationals MP whose electorate has seen four puppy farms raided
during the past six months has been named as the chair of the
parliamentary inquiry into puppy breeding practices."

Sandra the orangutan will enjoy legal representation in court

If a Holocaust survivor can admit there's an animal holocaust - we can too
Dr. Alex Hershaft

Did Beyoncé and Jay-Z Kick Off a Vegan Craze?

Major Plant-Based Medical Center Opening in Washington, DC

Vegan charity shop set to open
"Consumers will soon be able to shop at a vegan charity store, thought
to be one of the UK's first.
"The Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT), a non-animal medical research group, is
preparing to launch the vegan shop in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, this
summer, which they believe is a first for a national charity."

Carrie Underwood's post-baby bikini selfie a vegan win and earns her fan praise
"Some vegan lifestyle followers are looking at her quick weight loss
as a 'win' for being vegetarian while her agents are likely going to
work with a smile on their faces as they think about potential
endorsement opportunities such as a vegan diet book."

Vegan and Vegetarian

Tearoom and Vegan Cafe, Calabash Tea & Tonic, Now Open in Shaw 2015/05/12/tearoom-and-vegan-cafe-calabash-tea-tonic-now-open-in-shaw/
"There's no ice at Calabash Tea & Tonic, a new tearoom and vegan cafe
that opened last week in Shaw."

May 13

Dead cats used to perform dance in Oklahoma high school biology class
in video posted by PETA

The Lady Margaret Animal Foundation honoring Sam Simon's life & animal advocacy

Monkey business in Florida draws scrutiny from community and animal
rights activists

Seattle elephants arrive safely at Oklahoma City Zoo

Pop Stars Fifth Harmony Are Urging Fans To Do More To Protect Animals
As Part Of A New Peta Campaign

Barbaric bloodsport in Northern Ireland - horrific pictures show pets
with their faces ripped off after hunting foxes

Maneka Gandhi opposes 'no feeding stray dogs' notice at St Stephen's
"St Stephen's college has warned its students of disciplinary action
if they are found offering food to dogs on campus with the move coming
under fire from the Maneka Gandhi-led People for Animals(PFA) which
charged that it was in violation of animal rights."

Supreme Court Warns Against Cruelty Toward Animals During Festivals
"NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today threatened that it will take
action for 'contempt of court,' if owners of animals are found to have
been cruel to them, even if it was for a festival ritual."

Animal welfare panel member steps down
"The former head of Western Australia's RSPCA has stood down from a
panel that will advise the government on animal welfare issues after
it emerged he had criticised his ex-employer."

PETA alert! Ranveer Singh's new ad might get targeted for animal
cruelty- watch video

Charlotte VegFest vendor Lee Rathers talks animal agriculture, more

Cal Poly Pomona student at center of free speech debate
"Cal Poly Pomona student Nicolas Tomas never thought handing out
leaflets promoting a vegan diet would become so controversial."

Does a Vegan Diet Lead to Cavities?
"Meat and dairy can protect against plaque and gum disease, but vegans
aren't necessarily screwed! Here's how to score healthy teeth on a
vegan diet"

Vegan doc emphasizes lifestyle

Farm Spirit Vegan Restaurant Readies to Open, Unleashes Dinner Tickets

Adult Swim Games' 'Tofu Hunter' Mocks Vegans This Week

May 12

Alabama lawmaker blocks legislation restricting puppy mills alabama_lawmaker_refuses_to_le.html

TN lawmaker pushes to make cockfighting a felony

Richmond City Council approves ban on elephant bullhooks

Hamsters Battle in Roid Rage Fight Club
"A Boston professor is pitting the furry critters against each other
to study aggressive behavior--but critics say the experiments dabble in
animal cruelty."

Fewer animals killed at Orange County shelter in 2014; rate fell from
50 percent to 33 percent in 5 years

Activists Disrupt Economic Development Conference on Behalf of Lab Monkeys

Vegan Group Protests Foie Gras in S.B. Restaurants
"Demonstrators Call on Bouchon, Olio E Limone, Seagrass, and Others to
Stop Selling the Divisive Delicacy"

Animal rights group discusses demands with Istanbul municipality
"A group of animal activists met for the first time with Istanbul
Metropolitan Municipality representatives to present their demands
about stray animals and newly constructed animal shelters."

Animal rights groups concerned about pet baiting as Darwin suburbs
deal with feral cat issue

Beyonce: I Am NOT a Vegan! I Wear Deodorant!
"There's a negative stereotype. You picture someone who lives in
Colorado that doesn't wear deodorant."

Veg out: How to eat plant-strong in Southwest Florida

Ravi DeRossi to Open Avant Garden, His Upscale Vegan 'Passion Project'
on 7th Street

Vegan lunchtime options are absent from shelves, say campaigners
"Report finds that just 3% of the 620 sandwiches surveyed from eight
supermarkets and four high street sandwich chains were completely

Vegan student finds dead insect in his loaf of bread (related)
"Horrified vegan student finds dead insect in his loaf of bread and
vows to swap brands."

May 11

Small protest at Kennywood seeks release of whale in Miami yourmckeesportmore/8334458-74/kennywood-park-palace#axzz3ZpwdWOsi

Animal rights group plans welfare rally in Carolina Forest
Animal Voice Alliance

Jane Velez-Mitchell, monkey protesters crash summit

2 plead not guilty to attacking dog with machetes

"The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has sent the
Seaquarium a letter notifying its intent to file a lawsuit in federal
district court under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The letter says
that the orca Lolita's captivity at the Seaquarium is unlawful because
she is being harmed, harassed, and/or wounded in her tank, which is a
violation of the ESA."

Kijiji won't stop breeders from selling animals on its site despite criticism +from+selling+animals+site+despite/11047281/story.html

VIDEO: Lobsters liberated from Dublin restaurant by animal rights activists
"Members of the National Animal Rights Association (NARA), Direct
Action For Animals, and Alliance For Animal Rights swooped on the Ka
Shing Chinese restaurant as busy Friday trade got under way about

Three College Students Are Behind Bars For Killing And Cooking Pet Dog

Beasts of burden

Newborn Puppies Brutally Massacred In Alexandria
"Outrage has spread in the coastal city of Alexandria and across Egypt
on social media after six puppies were tragically and barbarically
massacred on Saturday."

Eating his veggies: Nine-year-old vegan Dane Showalter would not have
it any other way
"Dane Showalter has never eaten meat, gulped a glass of milk, slipped
on leather shoes or a wool sweater.
"Dane is a vegan, and he says life without things like burgers and
milkshakes isn't difficult. The 9-year-old really doesn't know any
other way."

The case for a vegetarian-themed dining hall


Lettuce Love Cafe Fosters Growing Vegan Movement with Launch of New Mobile App
"Burlington, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2015 -- Recent reports
indicate Ontario's vegan population has currently reached an estimated
4 percent with the number of converts expected to increase
exponentially over the next decade."

May 10

Popular circus act draws a large crowd along with protestors in Rockford

Portraits of Exotic Birds Recovering at Sanctuaries

Holocaust survivor in defense of the animals,7340,L-4655781,00.html
"After experiencing the cruelty of the Nazis firsthand, 81-year-old
Alex Hershaft is sure he survived purely to end man's cruelty towards
farm animals."

Animal Justice Party MLC bringing animal rights to senate
"The first AJP member in Australia to be elected to Parliament and
only the second member elected across the world said he would bring
issues of animal welfare and cruelty before NSW Parliament."

May 9

Hawaii could be first to ban wild animal acts

For the Animals, the Zoo Is the Unhappiest Place on Earth

Animal rights protesters to target Kennywood, other Palace
Entertainment parks Saturday yourmckeesportmore/8332385-74/kennywood-parks-palace#axzz3ZevEzt00
"With increased police presence planned in response to last week's
disturbance at Kennywood, park officials are bracing for Saturday
protesters seeking release of a killer whale from a Florida park."

Governor Ige Pledges Ban on Wild Animals for Entertainment Acts
"HONOLULU -- Gov. David Ige has pledged to discontinue the issuance of
permits for entertainment acts involving wild animals. More than 40
U.S. cities and 30 countries prohibit the use of wild animals for
entertainment purposes, including circuses and other performing acts.
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Hawaiian Humane
Society, Three Ring Ranch and Animal Rights Hawaii commend Governor
Ige for recognizing that the use of wild animals for entertainment
purposes inherently compromises animal welfare and public safety."

Protesters Rally Nationwide In Support Of Lolita, The Killer Whale
"MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Supporters of Lolita, the Killer Whale held a
protest on Saturday at the Miami Seaquarium."

USDA attempts to show its 'humane' side
"The body proposes new regulation for veal meat; but sadly, it's 'as
small as a mustard seed' for animal rights."

Northern Idaho county's last dairy farm shifts gears
"Animal rights has become the new issue. The Poelstras are inspected
regularly. But the pressure is coming not directly from regulatory
agencies, but cooperatives such as Darigold, which must certify that
suppliers like the Poelstra farm are in compliance."

GUEST EDITORIAL: Chimp case questions animals' right to freedom

Delaware County reconsiders fair's pig wrestling event
""It's terrifying to the pigs," said Joel Kerr with the Indiana Animal
Rights Alliance."

How the Bay Area's last slaughterhouse dodged the axe

'Adopters' take up the cause of research dogs in Minnesota and beyond

Protesters gather at circus in Youngstown
"About one dozen protestors were out in front of the Covelli Centre
Saturday morning, and they plan to be out for every circus performance
this weekend."

Circus defends using animals in performance as protesters demonstrate
in Hereford _animals_in_performance_as_protesters_demonstrate_in_Hereford/

Circus comes to Rockford, so do the animal rights activists

PETA sues U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

PETA Gives Maine Firefighters Vegan Cookies for Saving Fish From Fire
"BANGOR, Maine -- The city's fire department is receiving a
Compassionate Fire Department Award from PETA for their efforts in
saving a young boy's fish in a recent fire."

Ricky Gervais reminds UK of David Cameron's promise to vote on
repealing fox hunting ban after Conservative election victory

Fury as tame pigs killed on Bear Grylls' isle: TV adventurer at the
centre of row over animal cruelty
"TV adventurer Bear Grylls was at the centre of an animal cruelty row
last night as it emerged pigs were specially shipped to an island to
be slaughtered by contestants on his show for 'entertainment'."

MEPs' debate on animal research ban worries scientists
"European parliament to discuss scrapping of all animal research in
response to citizens' initiative petition signed by 1.2 million
"Researchers fear that the petition, which was drawn up by the
Italian-based Stop Vivisection European citizens' initiative, could
sway many newly elected MEPs who would then press the European
commission into scrapping the directive which, in the UK, is enshrined
in an amendment to the 1986 Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act."

3 students held for killing, cooking pet dog
"The students -- Romen, Michel and Daljith, all aged around 20 and
studying computer application and animation at private colleges in
Bangalore -- have been booked under Section 428 of the Indian Penal
Code (mischief by killing or maiming animal of value of Rs 10 or
upwards) on the basis of a complaint lodged by their neighbour
Chandrashekar, an animal rights activist, and other members of the
Animal Welfare Association, the police said."

Holocaust Survivor, Animal Rights Activist Shares Wisdom With Next Generation
"Dr. Alex Hershaft is the co-founder of the Maryland-based Farm Animal
Rights Movement (FARM) and has spent the last decades of his life
working to help protect animals."

"Gov. Chris Christie yesterday vetoed a bill -- approved
overwhelmingly in both the Senate and Assembly -- that would have
required middle schools and high schools to create advisory committees
to help develop alternate menus for school lunch, including options
for vegetarian or vegan students."

Christie sticks fork in vegetarian bill

Vegans strike back: Activists charged with thrashing their 'worst
nightmare' deli
"Three animal rights activists are facing over 279,000 rubles ($5,450)
in fines, after carrying out a campaign of violence and threats
against a St. Petersburg delicatessen with an "offensive" name:
'Vegan's worst nightmare.'"

Euro Vegan Voyages Launches in Spain with Mimi Kirk
"Euro Vegan Voyages is designed to offer people around the world a
luxurious and gastronomic vegan adventure in experiencing a country
and its vegan treasures. The tours are open to people that are vegan,
people that are "Veg-Curious", or to people that just want to have
amazing food."

May 8

Mountaire says it will fire workers who abuse chickens at Lumber Bridge plant

Animal rights rise in Americans' conscience

Farm Animal Rights Movement fostered feedback through a graphic video

Animal control officers seize 50 cats, dogs, arrest N. Knoxville resident

2015 CFHS National Animal Welfare Conference in Vancouver sparks humane dialogue
"The 2015 Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) National
Animal Welfare Conference took place in Vancouver on May 2 - May 5th
at the River Rock Casino Resort."

Animal welfare advocate named SPCA volunteer of the year
"KAMLOOPS -- For more than twenty years, Michelle Virdee has
volunteered at the Kamloops B.C. SPCA branch. She has witnessed her
share of tragedies and triumphs, all in the name of animal welfare."

Spanish zoo hit with criminal complaint over chimp deaths

Escaped chimp found drowned after mate shot
"The primate couple - a male and a female called Adán y Eva (Adam and
Eve) - ran off together after breaking down the bars of their cage at
Sa Coma safari park on Monday afternoon."

Help for the helpless 2015/05/08/2003617746
"Animals Taiwan will celebrate the launch of their new calendar this
Sunday with cars, dogs and drag queens -- all in the name of raising
awareness of the mistreatment of animals"

The mule killers
"The army guns down mules for allegedly helping PKK rebels"
"THE Turkish army has fought on and off against rebels of the outlawed
Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) since 1984. It is now hunting down
their allies: mules. Turkish soldiers have killed at least 32 since
March 23rd. Eight others tumbled off a nearby cliff as they fled the
shooting. The slaughter is centred in Ortasu, a village in the
mountainous south-eastern province of Sirnak, bordering Iraq.
Animal-rights activists have protested, but to no avail."

Open Drum: how to deal with vegan 'abolitionists'
"As a farmer of free-range pigs I've been drawn into arguments with
vegan "abolitionists" before. Here's how to deal with this
particularly emotive subset of the animal rights movement, writes
Tammi Jonas."

Police State USA: Counterterrorism Unit Eyed "Vegan Potlucks," Documents Reveal
"A Facebook event page created by animal rights activists last
September was monitored by a Texas counterterrorism unit, recently
uncovered emails show."

Why Wendy's Vegan Black Bean Burger Isn't Masquerading as Meat
"The veggie burger being tested at several Ohio locations generates
impressive initial fanfare."
"Though the cheese and ranch sauce, which also contains cheese, are
not vegan, the patty is cooked in a separate oven, far away from any
animal product, to ensure total vegan-ness."


Vegan cafe Chickpea to open May 25 150509660/101008/NEWS02
"WORCESTER - Chickpea, 589 Park Ave., the vegan cafe that will donate
its profits to animal advocacy charities, will open for business
Monday, May 25."

Toronto to get its first vegan pizzeria and snack bar toronto_to_get_its_first_vegan_pizzeria_and_snack_bar/

May 7

UPDATED: FBI offers reward in Reno KFC firebombing/arson case
""The reason they're kind of looking at this from our joint terrorism
task force is that the letters 'ALF' were spray-painted on the
Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-thru." Moore explained 'ALF' stands for
Animal Liberation Front which she describes as a animal rights
activist group that has been linked to prior violence."

Video Shows Wal-Mart Supplier Hitting Pigs
"LITTLE ROCK - The animals rights group Mercy For Animals on Wednesday
called on Walmart to adopt stricter standards for its pork suppliers
and showed reporters a video of workers hitting pigs at one of the
retail giant's suppliers in Colorado."

Rescue honored for animal-friendly menus
"ALIVE Rescue, which has made it a policy of serving vegetarian and
vegan fare at its various events, has been recognized for the
animal-friendly initiative.
"Animal Place, the respected farmed animal sanctuary located in
California, has named ALIVE its shelter of the month."

Israeli activists kick against animal suffering
"Israel's animal rights activists staged Wednesday a protest in
central Tel Aviv, squeezing themselves into an animal transportation
truck and wearing cattle ear tags, in a demonstration of the suffering
of animals transported to a slaughterhouse."

Circus appeal marred by captive animal performances
"KARACHI: While countries across the world are taking steps to stop
the exploitation of animals, especially those that live in the wild,
it is unfortunate to see that animals in the heart of the city and
under government patronage are being used for public amusement."

Devaswoms deny report on violation of animal rights

Whole Foods plans new chain to court millennials
"A name for the new chain wasn't disclosed; the Austin, Texas-based
company said more details will be shared before Labor Day."

The 10 Best Vegan-Friendly Meat-Serving Restaurants In Brooklyn

Two vegan restaurants open downtown on same block
Urban Fresh; Veg in a Box

PETA to buy groceries for 10 single Memphis moms who go vegan
"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is offering to buy
groceries for 10 single Memphis mothers who pledge not to eat animal
products for one month with their children."

May 6

Gilbert couple re-indicted on animal cruelty charges after dogs die at
boarding facility

Animal Lover Ricky Gervais Assassinates 'Extreme Huntress'

Bardot foundation calls on Spanish city to scrap plan to kill stray cats

I Accidentally Started a Vegan Bakery That Turned My Life Upside Down

At vegan supper club, great food, good social vibe

The Best Vegetarian Dishes At Meat-Centric SF Restaurants

Happy Elephant Vegan a feel-good Asian eatery in Long Beach

Animal Activists Press NJ Officials to Tranquilize Deer With Arrow
Lodged in Nose

Ohio Wesleyan Accused of Misreporting Animal Experiments
SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!)
"DELAWARE (Tom Bosco) -- An animal rights group is taking a central
Ohio university to task for conducting spinal cord experiments on
guinea pigs and then improperly reporting to the government."

Activists protest circus in Hailey
"A grassroots effort to keep circuses that use lions, elephants and
other exotic animals out of the Wood River Valley is gaining traction
in Hailey."

Kim Kardashian Yelled At By Animal Rights Activists In Barnes & Noble
"Her "Selfie" book signing was interrupted over her support for fur."
Animal rights activists crashed Kim Kardashian's book signing and
chanted 'murderer'

Student Protests Against Whole Food Marketing Tools
"There has been much national mobilization and protest recently
regarding the Whole Foods Animal Compassion claims, which sells the
idea that the corporation raises and kills animals in a humane way.
Across the country, animal rights activists--including multiple from
Connecticut College, some of which are from the CONN C.A.R.E.S.
organization, have gathered on several occasions to peacefully protest
the campaign that Whole Foods has created."

5 Christian Denominations With Liberal Views on Animal Rights

Outrage in Spain after police gun down escaped chimp
"Animal rights groups slammed Spanish police Tuesday for shooting dead
a chimpanzee named Eve who escaped from a zoo on the holiday island of
Mallorca with her companion Adam."

Photographs showing tourist riding a tortoise as it's 'prodded with a
screwdriver' at Chinese zoo cause outrage among animal rights

Zimbabwe vows to export elephants despite criticism

Man sentenced to 3 years in jail for torturing cat to death
"A university student who tortured a cat to death at his home has been
sentenced to three years in prison, a ruling which the judge said was
based on "conscience," and one which was hailed by animal rights

Animal justice takes front seat
"MARK Pearson's elevation to the NSW Upper House for the Animal
Justice Party (AJP) could be regarded as just reward for ongoing
animal rights campaigning underpinned by acts of civil disobedience
connected to Animal Liberation."

Animal testing at odds with German public opinion
"Facing threats, the head of a renowned research department in Germany
has stopped experimenting on monkeys. The institute he works for will
carry on doing so. DW takes a look at where Germany stands on animal

Being Vegan Makes Me a Better Poker Player
"As winner of six World Series of Poker bracelets, two European Poker
Tours, and a place in the Poker Hall of Fame, Daniel Negreanu is one
of Canada's most prolific poker players. ... He has been vegan for the
past nine years and is currently working with James Cameron on a
documentary to dispel the "real men eat meat" myth."

Grapevine: Vegan Aviv
"Tel Aviv has a surprisingly large number of vegan restaurants, and
non-vegan restaurants that have several vegan dishes on the menu."

Food La La: International Vegan Dinner Club
"I recently started following vegan Hawaii Facebook groups to connect
with other vegans and research more about the lifestyle. That's how I
learned about the International Vegan Dinner Club, held Tuesdays
(except the second Tuesday of the month) at Coffeeline inside the YMCA
at 1820 University Ave."

Woodlands mom shares passion for healthy eating on a budget
"Ganapathy has been a vegetarian her entire life and switched to vegan
last year. Her taste testers are her children."

May 5

""We're seeing workers who are punching birds and throwing birds
around," said Erica Meier with the animal rights group Compassion Over
Killing. "There are sick and injured birds who are pulled out of the
slaughter line and dumped onto a dead pile that includes not only dead
birds but dying birds and they're just treated like trash.""

Court hearing Monday about carriage horses
"ST. LOUIS - An animal rights group fighting for more oversight in the
horse-drawn carriage industry will be in court Monday. The group wants
a judge to ban horse-drawn carriage companies in the City of St. Louis
and St. Louis County if they don't follow regulations."

SeaWorld fraud lawsuits could be tough for consumers to win

Ethicist Peter Singer says case hearing chimpanzees' right to
personhood may 'narrow the gulf' between humans and animals

Max Planck neuroscientist abandons primate research due to animal
rights lies and harassment animal_rights_lies_max_planck_neuroscientist/

Animal Welfare Debate Is Alive and Well in Vietnam

Animal Welfare Bill Set To Pass
"This will be followed by the interrupted third reading debate on the
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill which is generally supported though some
parties believe it does not go far enough to crack down on cruelty to

"JOHANNESBURG - A planned rodeo in Wolmaransstad, in the North West,
has been cancelled after a court intervention by the farm animal
protection unit of the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA)."

Anti-hunt campaign uses pictures of 'sly' foxhunters to highlight
calls for ban to be strengthened

Shooters and Animal Justice parties look at unlikely team
"The Animal Justice Party leader will become the first member of any
parliament under the British Crown to be elected on a solely animal
rights platform when he is sworn into the NSW upper house today."

Instead Of Rescuing It, This Animal Rights Group Strapped A Go-Pro On
A Stray Dog. Here's Why. [VIDEO]

Tofurky Co. And Allies Support Draft US Dietary Guidelines Advising
Americans To Eat Less Red Meat
"America's meat industry has fought for decades against changes to the
nation's official dietary recommendations that would suggest limiting
meat consumption as part of a healthy diet. Now, the companies that
represent plant-based food products such as tofu and seitan are biting

Vegan Eatery Wild Ginger Sues Queens Copycat
"The owners of a Broome Street pan-Asian vegan eatery are suing a
restaurant in Astoria over claims the Queens outlet bit their style,
from secret recipes to decor to menus. According to a copy of the
lawsuit obtained by the Post, Jujube Tree, which opened in October on
30th Avenue, is essentially a copycat of the Manhattan eatery."

20-Year-Old LES Vegan Eatery Closing Amid Declining Foot Traffic, Rent Hike
Tiengarden Vegan Kitchen

This one-of-a-kind mini-mall in Portland is a vegan paradise

Sustainable, vegan, gluten-free: the trends that are killing cooking
"Sorry, vegetarians and vegans: I love meat and fish and products
derived from them. So do most human beings. Depletion of the oceans
and of certain land species is a serious issue, but I'm interested in
sustaining my appetite, too."

May 4

American Humane Association marks 100th year of Be Kind to Animals Week

Proposed ban on cat declawing gets support in New York Senate

Go Vegan Santa Barbara Protests Sale of Foie Gras Outside of Bouchon Restaurant protests_sale_of_foie_gras_20150503

SUNY chimp case questions animals' right to freedom

US animal rights movement founder, Holocaust survivor in Israel for
speaking tour
"Dr. Alex Hershaft is visiting Israel to deliver a series of lectures
to the public, engage with animal rights activists and meet with
various dignitaries, including President Rivlin."

NSW electoral success prompts animal rights party to field candidates
in Tasmanian seats
"THE Animal Justice Party plans to run Tasmanian candidates in state
and federal elections from next year."

Animal rights activist denies 'hate campaign' claims over kennels

The mules targeted by armed forces
"When people talk about "mules" engaged in smuggling they usually mean
people, but in a remote corner of Turkey it is the four-legged variety
that carries illicit goods across the border from Iraq. Now it seems
these animals are paying the price."

The world's first vegan mini-mall. Yeah, you're in Portland
"You're wandering the well-stocked aisles of Food Fight!, a rare,
all-vegan grocery store in the middle of what is billed as the world's
first vegan mini-mall. In Portland. In Oregon. Of course."

Action Line Vegan vagrancy begs the question of 'niche' panhandling 150509889
"Email questions to or mail them to
Action Line, The Durango Herald, 1275 Main Ave., Durango, CO 81301."

Social entrepreneurs pursue success via vegan café
"...the pair of social entrepreneurs plan to donate their profits --
after drawing salaries -- to animal advocacy groups."

May 3

The 30-year fight for chimps' rights
"Could an animal be considered a legal person and have rights? The
answer could come as soon as this month as a US professor uses the
argument that ended slavery in a bid to liberate chimpanzees."

Dozens protest animal abuse after Merced dog attacked with machetes

PETA suing USDA over La. Purchase Zoo licensing

Editorial: Send animal abusers, spectators to jail 150509917/101041/OPINION
"U.S. Rep. Tom Marino, R-10, deserves credit for spearheading a
bipartisan measure that goes after such morally corrupt people. The
Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act of 2015 passed easily, with
226 co-sponsors from both the Democratic and Republican sides of the

GuZoo closure celebrated by animal rights activists
""It has been labeled one of the worst zoos in Canada," said Toveh
Reece with Voice for Animals."

Animal Justice MP Mark Pearson wants to ban battery hens
"The Animal Justice Party's first politician elected to an Australian
parliament, Mark Pearson, wants NSW to ban battery hens. He believes
he can muster the numbers to pass a law."

He dreamt of being the first vegan to climb Mount Everest from Nepal.
Then the earthquake happened.

Could five meals a day of vegan food become the ultimate celebrity diet?
"Jennifer Aniston's revelation that she 'stays in shape' by scoffing
five times daily is only matched by Beyoncé and Jay Z's groundbreaking
22-day stint as vegans, now immortalised as a book"

A Gorgeas Mix Now Delivering Vegan Meals in OC a_gorgeas_mix_vegan_orange_county.php
"Since 2013, Oceanside-based A Gorgeas (pronounced "gorgeous") Mix has
been delivering vegan meals to San Diegans and is now bringing their
services to Orange County."

I Ate Eggless Egg Rolls in a Vegan Strip Club
"Casa Diablo, the world's only vegan strip bar"

MSG is ditching meat because Morrissey's vegan
"Carnivorous fans flocking to Madison Square Garden to see rocker
Morrissey next month will be forced to go vegan or go hungry -- because
the arena is giving in to his demands to ban meat at the performance."

The Vegan Vodou High Priestess of New Orleans Isn't Interested in
Animal Sacrifice
"Surprisingly, it's not race or nationality that separated Glassman
from the Vodouisant traditionalists--it's her veganism."

How to Make an Amazing Vegan Cream Alternative Out of Onions. Yes, Onions. substitute_onions_provide_the_base_of_this_amazing_dairy_alternative.html

Just In Case You Thought Your Wine Was Vegan thought_your_wine_was_vegan-155235

Vegan Commissary Expanding Hours to Include Lunch and Dinner


May 1

Police tasering animals: RSPCA's 'serious animal welfare concerns'
about officers' use of 50,000-volt stun guns
Online poll: Should police be allowed to taser animals?

Animal rights activists protest Ringling this week at the Times Union Center

Circus comes to Albany, animal rights groups gear up to protest

Doris Day: Screen Legend & Lifelong Animal Lover
"Today on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, we're spotlighting the
good works of pioneering animal rights activist Doris Day."

Animal Rights Group Want Idaho Ag Gag Law Thrown Out

Did Mattel really pull SeaWorld Barbie for animal rights?

Morrissey: a non-vegan menu at Live Earth 2015 would be 'greenwashing'
"Former Smiths frontman called a vegan menu a moral duty for the
organisers of this year's climate change awareness concerts, in open

Domino's shareholders nix vegan toppings proposal 04/22/dominos-vegan-toppings/26181571/

Shizen Conquers Vegan Sushi + Ramen in Sleek Digs in the Mission
"Vegans of San Francisco may still be shedding a tear over this
month's closure of famed restaurant Millennium. But fear not,
tofu-lovers. There's a new veggie hotspot in town, and it's offering
up one of the city's most beloved cuisines--Japanese food, ramen
included--in fully meatless fashion."

3 Health Tips for the Vegan Cook
"Lisa Gorman, RN, shares tips for eating healthy without animal products"

What To Eat And Drink At The 2015 L.A. Vegan Beer & Food Fest

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