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March 29

Animal rights supporters say 3 starved horses expose loophole in
Indiana's neglect law a660f41850d9494c8eebfcf056c1717b/IN--Animal-Neglect-Loophole/

Discussion on laws pertaining to animal rights and care planned for
Saturday in Myrtle Beach
"Area residents are invited to listen to a discussion Saturday about
animal rights and protection laws with Sen. Luke Rankin during the
Humane Lobby Day at the Grand Strand Humane Society in Myrtle Beach."

Bringing Extinct Animals Back to Life No Longer Just Part of the Movies

Carmen Sanchez-Hyman charged with four counts of animal cruelty

Ohio couple fights to keep toothless black bear as pet

PETA joins preclinical CROs at SOT to promote animal testing alternatives
"Testing the toxicity of drug candidates in animals is archaic and
unreliable according to PETA, which joined preclinical CROs at SOT to
put forward alternatives."

Lawmaker calls for heavier sentence after animal abuse, neglect case

After Abuse In A Peruvian Circus, A Bear Awaits A New Home

Mexico deadline to ban circus animals looms but doubt shrouds creatures' fate
"Circus owners claim the ban will put non-human performers in danger
as zoos and sanctuaries look unprepared to provide homes"

Animal activist finds life purpose in her work

Maple Lodge Farms launches probe
Mercy for Animals Canada
"TORONTO - One of Canada's largest chicken producers has launched an
investigation into alleged animal rights violations at its
slaughtering facility, a year after an Ontario court found it guilty
of failing to provide humane treatment for thousands of poultry."

Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt Quota Increased To Nearly Half Million

Record jail sentence for Calgary man who tortured and killed pets
still not long enough, animal advocates say


Famed Millennium Vegan Restaurant Plans A Comeback
"The chef of San Francisco's vegan institution, Millennium Restaurant,
has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new location, and a new

Vegan restaurant Motobar closes after four month run

Wanted: Vendor to offer vegan and vegetarian food options at New York State Fair

Deep-fried tofu on a stick? New York State Fair seeks vegetarian/vegan

Bake Vegan Cake, Be An Entrepreneur

10 things that might surprise you about Vegfest... that_might_surprise_you_about_Vegfest___/

Cup of noodles for vegans! Japanese Zen Buddhist temple starts selling
instant soba and udon

Julie Elmore spices up vegan cuisine in the caf
"If you eat at the vegan station at Guilford College's cafeteria, you
know Guilford's vegan chef Julie Elmore. And chances are, she knows
you too."

Garbage Plate, meet Compost Plate: Strong Hearts teams up with
Rochester vegan cafe _meet_compost_plate_strong_hearts_cafe_ teams_up_rochester_vegan.html

Jain youth to hold vegan promotion rally on Mahavir Jayanti in pink city Jaipur

Portland cafe that banned police during 911 call shuts down
"PORTLAND, Ore. -- After 15 years in Portland, a vegetarian and vegan
restaurant in Southeast has shut its doors."

Spring into a vegan lifestyle

March 28

U.S. gives approval for $350,000 rhino hunt sold at Texas auction

Will Gov. Ducey Sign or Veto Animal-Cruelty Bill?
"PHOENIX - Animal-rights advocates are calling on Gov. Doug Ducey to
veto a bill that reduces, and in some cases eliminates, criminal
penalties for acts of animal-cruelty involving livestock. The action
follows approval of House Bill 2150in the House and Senate."

Lainey's Army makes it to Albany along with reinforcements!l5JIPWwVZmzmzzMgMw9NVQ/

Md. officers learning to combat animal cruelty, fighting

Animal rights group protests circus, warns of TB risk from elephants

8 animals perish in suspected arson at G.W. Zoo in Garvin County

Animal advocates angered by practice used at horse show
JACKSON, Miss. --Animal rights advocates said horseshoes being used at
a horse show in Jackson on Thursday are torturing the animals."

The lawyer who founded River City Bulldog Rescue did it for her love
of the breed
"RICHMOND, Va. -- In an office of one, lawyer Elisabeth Custalow
depends on every ounce of legal assistance even from her drooling law
clerk, Tank. Custalow dedicates her life to helping four-legged
clients. She advocates for animal rights and fights cruelty across

Kittens saved from the brink of death after being abandoned in Chinese
street and covered from head to toe in yellow paint

Hopping mad over exotic animal threat
"A JOHNSTONE pet shop is backing a campaign which allows responsible
pet owners to keep exotic animals in their homes."

SPCA to launch nationwide animal-tracking software
"Shelter Buddy is a software system to track animals brought into SPCA
shelters and keep a record of their welfare through their lives."

James Cameron's Vegan Food Store Opens in NZ

Vegan Winos Can Now Enjoy Certified Murder-Free Chianti

Chianti wines go vegan this spring to satisfy growing demand in export markets

CAS encourages student input, increases vegetarian options
"Students gathered in Food Studio North to discuss campus vegan and
vegetarian options on March 12 in a talk led by Campus Auxiliary
Services Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator Cory Hancock."

5 Habits of Vegetarians You Should Steal

Just go vegan, your body will thank you for it

Artichoke burgers, pumpkin pie smoothies and kidney bean brownies:
Vegan blogger says her recipes will make you go meat-free (and even
raises her children on the diet)

Tips for Going Out as a Vegetarian

March 27

'Ask SeaWorld' ad campaign draws criticism

Beating Animals Breaks Law, Trying to Expose It Does, Too
Idaho lawmakers ban undercover videos on animal abuse

Welcome to the Cook County animal maze
"A patchwork animal-control system with no central database has made
Chicago and its environs a place where lost dogs stay lost. Animal
lovers and Commissioner John Fritchey want to change that."

Native Americans To Rally Against Seal Beach Coyote Trappings

Man beheads goat as others film gruesome event in New Orleans
"The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said
Wednesday that it received a cellphone video this week that shows a
group of at least five young men decapitating a goat over a small
plastic swimming pool with a "machete-like sword.""

31 dogs removed from West Knox home; breeder cited for animal cruelty

China's growing social media army mobilises against animal TV show
"Tens of thousands of critics have taken to Weibo, China's version of
Twitter, to demand the cancellation of Wonderful Friends, which airs
weekly on Hunan TV and features animals dressed in clothes and being
forced into potentially dangerous situations."

Ontario farmer's Twitter project sparks Internet war over animal care
and farm life
"He tagged the picture #farm365, a little-used hashtag that seemed to
sum up his project. And then the proverbial manure hit the fan."
"Within days, anyone watching the hashtag would have trouble finding
Campbell's day-in-the-life snapshots among gruesome photos of dead and
sick animals. The posts, coming from animal rights activists around
the world, called farmers "murderers" for raising animals for meat and
"rapists" in reference to artificial insemination practices."

Where is your meat coming from? British Columbians increasingly demand to know increasingly+insistent+knowing+where+their+meat+comes+from/ 10919360/story.html
"Interest in animal issues appears to be on the rise in B.C. The trend
can be traced to several high-profile animal abuse cases, as well as a
growing desire by many people to know more about where their food
comes from."

World's top zoo body accused of neglecting animal rights after acts of
cruelty caught on camera
"Zoos belonging to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Waza)
have been filmed over the past five years making animals perform
dangerous tricks, confining them to inadequate premises and beating
them, contrary to Waza's code of ethics, which demands the "highest
standard of animal welfare"."

Animal rights activist vindicated

Himachal Pradesh: Ban on animal sacrifice to continue, govt to wait
for SC decision, says CM

Kasukuwere attacks animal rights activist
"The Zimbabwean Minister of Environment and Water, Saviour Kasukuwere,
has labelled Johnny Rodrigues, Chairperson of the Zimbabwe
Conservation Task Force, as a "Rhodesian Selous Scout who wants to
tell us how to run our animals""

Man Accused Of Killing 10 Puppies With Rocks Banned From Keeping
Animals For A Decade
"An Australian man accused of killing at least 10 young puppies by
smashing their heads with rocks has been banned from keeping animals
for a period of at least a decade."

Aramark responds to petition from animal rights organization
"They're incredible, they're edible and soon they'll be cage-free."

Vegan Gastropub The Beer Plant Will Be '100% Plant Derived'
New vegan gastropub opening in Tarrytown promises hearty meals and craft brews

Cafe Gratitude, A Sunny All-Day Vegan Eatery in the New Heart of the
Arts District

Vegan Heaven in Japan
"Japan is the land of sushi and fish stock so at first vegans and
vegetarians may be concerned. But there is no need to worry. Vegan
food is known as Shojin Ryori - the food of the monks."

Bon Appetit ensures vegan food labeling after student was hospitalized last fall
"I have a serious food allergy to dairy, so I avoid anything with milk in it."

Behind the scenes at the 2015 Vegan Cheesesteak judging at Weavers Way the_2015_Vegan_Cheesesteak_judging_at_Weavers_Way.html

Salad Days Are Over
"Bistro Vonish, one of Austin's newest vegan food trailers, has maybe
had salad listed on the menu once since it opened in January."

Restaurant Spotlight: Teaism

Vegan Proteins from Glanbia Tap into Ancient Grain Trend

No strip club, but pot shop planned for Woodstock
"Residents of the Woodstock neighborhood in Southeast Portland are
concerned a new vegan restaurant coming to town will eventually become
a strip club."


March 26

"Lainey's Army" marches for animal rights
"ALBANY - Animal rights activists marched to the Capitol Tuesday
morning, ending a 10-day, 114 mile walk to raise awareness for what
they say are needed changes to New York's animal abuse laws."

Animal rights activists outraged over plea deal in cat abuse case

Japanese teacher sparks outrage after getting students to dig graves
for five stray kittens he buried alive

'No concerns' for animal circus in Stanton
"Campaign group Animal Defenders' International (ADI) has called for a
boycott of the circus in Stanton, claiming animals were subjected to
'constant travel' in 'rudimentary, temporary accommodation'.'

Fiona Oakes: The vegan 'Queen of the Extreme'
"BBC Look East went to meet Oakes, who is also a vegan and nicknamed
the "Queen of the Extreme", as she prepares to race 150 miles across
the Sahara Desert to raise money for her animal sanctuary."

Vegetarian Kitchen: On-again relationship with plant-eating feels good
after dabbling with meat
"Mainers who gave up vegetarianism, then returned to it, are happy
about it for health and ethical reasons."

The Vegan New Wave
"Using only plant-based ingredients, vegan chefs are whipping up some
of the most creative food in the East Bay."

Going Analog at Downtown Oakland's New Late-Night Sandwich Spot

Lancaster city council approves vegan bar
"Come mid-May, Lancaster city should have its first vegan bar and restaurant."

Brunch at Tree House: Vibrant Vegetarian and Vegan Plates, Cocktails
and Doughnuts 2015/03/brunch_bucket_list_tree_house.php

March 25

Animal rights advocates lobby in Albany


Fourth monkey-breeding company moving to Hendry County

Appeals court hears arguments over license for orca 'Lolita'

Bags of dead dogs and roosters being dumped along Dallas roadside
blamed on illegal animal fights run by gangs

Animal welfare at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of
Harry Potter to be reviewed 11874600.Animal_welfare_at_Warner_Bros__Studio_Tour_London___ The_Making_of_Harry_Potter_to_be_reviewed/

Animal rights protestors demonstrate at Rainworth circus

Weight Lost: Man Quits Alcohol, Goes Vegan And Drops 186 Pounds

'Young, relatively wild, and vegan'
"My road to veganism began as a little, and fairly ignorant,
13-year-old me was introduced to vegetarianism through some amazing
new friends, and some internet research. With that decision, I'm
pretty sure I terrified my parents. If they only had known what was

Food activist Bryant Terry returns to New Orleans as part of the
Tennessee Williams festival food_activist_bryant_terry_is.html
"Now the author and co-author of four cookbooks, Terry's work has been
in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Food and Wine,
Gourmet and other publications and blogs. His latest cookbook is
"Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean & Southern Flavors
Remixed," from Ten Speed Press in Berkeley."

SeaWorld defends animal handling in PR drive after Blackfish dents revenue

Oregon Supreme Court nixes rulings that animals can be victims

Lawmakers say horses aren't animals
"The bill would "weaken the already-meager protections for farm
animals in Arizona," according to Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society
of the United States."

Meat-eaters and animal activists spar in online debate over
family-owned Heart 2 Heart Farms
"About a week ago, farmer Tyler Boggs said something puzzling started
happening. Hundreds of people began leaving one-star reviews on the
Heart 2 Heart Farms' Facebook page with messages like "Horrific. No
Compassion. Murderers and Slaughters.""

USD panel bites into food politics
"Idea for panel came out of Death For Food controversy"

What Happened to Vegitas?

No Wild-Eyed Vegan, New York Times' Nick Kristof Assails Chicken Abuse
| Martha Rosenberg

'White God' Director on Unleashing 250 Dogs on Budapest and Why More
Films Should Take Risks

Chicken-sexing breakthrough earns award for German scientist
"Since most poultry farms routinely kill male chicks - because they
cannot lay eggs and because male fowl meat is not tasty - this will
avoid unnecessary animal suffering. Discarding unhatched males still
in the egg will have fewer ill effects."

Nicolino Camardi should get 3 years in animal abuse case, says Crown

Animal Groups Take 90,000 Signatures to Parliament Calling for
Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban
"Model Anna-Lisa and Miss Universe NZ Rachel Millns, said: "True
beauty has to be more than skin deep, and that means saying no to
abusing animals. Kiwis say no to cosmetics cruelty, and so do we.""

Queensland scientists roped into rodeo animal welfare debate
"Professor Clive Phillips, from the University of Queensland's Centre
for Animal Welfare and Ethics, said his team had been working closely
with the rodeo industry to determine just how much stress young cattle
were enduring."

'Meatout' encourages students to explore vegan options
"Speak Out for Species, a student organization on campus, hosted their
annual Meatout celebration Monday in Tate Plaza to spread awareness of
the benefits of "going veg.""

Plantbar Swings Into Camden Yards
"A new organic food stand/juice bar will offer healthy options at Oriole Park."

A third Trenton pork roll festival is scheduled in May, but this one less meaty a_third_pork_roll_festival_is_scheduled_in_trenton.html
"Graham Apgar will host the Trenton Vegan Pork Roll Festival from noon
to 5 p.m. May 23 at the Gandhi Garden on East Hanover Street, and he
is challenging people to cook up a pork roll substitute."

The Bikini Body and Banana Girl Fight It Out in Court
"Kayla Itsines, the 23-year-old brainchild behind Bikini Body Guide,
has sued Leanne Ratcliffe (aka "Freelee the Banana Girl") and her
partner, Harley Johnstone (aka Durianrider), for defamation in a
series of social media blasts that allege Itsines's $120 program
starves people and that her partner, Tobias Pearce, who regularly
appears on her social media accounts, is using steroids."

Europe's biggest vegan festival to hit SECC in December

Meatless Monday: V Street Smarts

Olivieri: Vegan cheesesteaks even better this year

Not All Wine Is Vegan, And Here's Why

Food La La: A New Beginning
"I titled this post "A New Beginning" because I am changing the
direction of my blog. I'm still writing about food, but will now focus
on vegetarian and vegan living. I am changing direction because I made
the decision to cut out meat -- and eventually all animal products --
from my diet."

March 24

Lainey's Army walks from Rome to Albany to fight animal cruelty
"Lainey's Army, a group of animal rights activists, walked through
Schenectady Sunday on their way to Albany, a 114-mile walk of
awareness that started in Rome, Oneida County. The group carried a
chain with links on which they engraved the names of loved pets."

Activists: Too much monkey business in Hendry
""This secrecy is wrong," wrote Fort Myers animal rights supporter
Madeline Doran in an email."

Animal rights group adopts lab animals
"...the Beagle Freedom Project to adopt animals being used for testing
in university labs, including at Wayne State University and Michigan
State University."

Animal rights activists protest use of animals in Yale labs

Boston Yeti selling swag to benefit MSPCA's animals in need
"The abominable snowman gained a huge following on social media during
Boston's epic winter by running around the city in costume and
stopping to help dig out stranded drivers. Now the unidentified
prankster is selling Yeti swag to raise money for the Massachusetts
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."

Police: Woman assaulted, 2 dogs injured in Baltimore
"BALTIMORE -- Baltimore police say officers discovered a pair of
injured dogs in a home after they were called to a house for a report
of an assault."

Animal Rescue League prepares for BARKFEST 2015
"It's a bird! It's a plane! No, its Brookhaven Animal Rescue League
gearing up for BARKFEST 2015. The family fun day will be Saturday, May
9 on the campus of the Mississippi School of the Arts."

Bar owner turns away woman's service dog: 'It's just a pet'

Puppies Rescued in Yazoo City after Viral Video on Facebook

Dogs on the dole: animal screen stars to take their last bow-wow

Activists rekindle dog meat dispute
"Animal rights activists from the U.S. freed 57 dogs destined for
slaughterhouses in South Korea, according to statements on their
websites on Friday, touching off an ongoing debate here between
supporters of dog eating and those of animal rights."

Frenchman fights to make Gabon a gorilla haven

Animal reality show starts debate on animal rights
"China's first animal reality show has sparked debate over whether
appearing on television puts zoo animals in distress."

Activist roughed up for 'stealing' dogs
"NEW DELHI: An animal rights activist was allegedly roughed up on
Saturday evening by residents of an apartment building in Mukherjee
Nagar when she tried to pick up four dogs from the north Delhi colony
to sterilize them."

Vegan for the love of beasts

Vegfest climax for new ethical festival in Glasgow

'Meatout Monday' Potluck Rings in Spring

March 23

Victim Uses Media Interest in His Assault to Generate Attention for Animals
"When Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) organizer Nicholas Shaw-Mcminn
arrived at an upscale French restaurant in California to protest foie
gras, he was not expecting to be attacked with a weapon by the
restaurant manager."

County program launched to save domestic violence victims' pets

Animal rights advocates march to Scotia Saturday
"From Amsterdam to Scotia, a group of animal activists are walking
Route 5 Saturday in an effort to change animal abuse laws in New York

Inspectors: Seattle research institute hurt animals in tests
"SEATTLE (AP) -- Animals used in experiments at Seattle Children's
Research Institute were denied proper care, according to inspection
reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture."

Ringling Bros. Is Ending Elephant Acts -- Now SeaWorld Has No Excuse

Chefs waste no time returning foie gras to menus after judge lifts ban

"They really are slaves': US lawyer argues chimps are people too
"Wise made his argument at the TED Conference that wrapped up in
Vancouver, Canada on Friday."

Limerick animal rights campaigner welcomes 'progressive' move by New York mayor
"LIMERICK animal rights campaigner John Carmody has welcomed the
forward-thinking legislative efforts of Mayor of New York, Bill de
Blasio, to ban horse-drawn carriages in the Big Apple."

Animal rights group blasts 'sickening' experiments on rats at
University of Birmingham

Magical Harry Potter tour branded 'cruel' as terrified owls are kept in cages

Matt Ball: Changing the world by example, advocacy
"As someone who's been a vegan for nearly 25 years and is well
involved in the local animals rights community, Peggy Raisglid admits
she was nervous when prominent activist Matt Ball showed up at her
vegetarian eatery."

School meal legislation goes to Christie's desk
""Making vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal and other cultural dietary
options available can increase the likelihood that students will eat
the food on the menu and help ensure that New Jersey's school
nutrition programs reach their intended goal.""

Philly's best vegan cheesesteak

Beloved Vegetarian Spot Pukk Will Serve Its Last Meal On Sunday

This is why I love being vegetarian

March 22

USDA responds to animal abuse allegations against GRU

PETA Angry With Robert Durst for Reportedly Beheading Cat

Journal Writing Project: Do animals deserve rights?

HD-170: Del Ricci Wins Humane PA Endorsement
"Humane PA, a nonpartisan group supporting animal rights,announced its
endorsement of Del Ricci on Friday, reminding supporters to vote for
the Democrat next week."

Lawyer campaigns for chimpanzees to be granted human rights
"A US lawyer has described his mission to prove that chimpanzees,
dolphins, elephants and gorillas should be given the same legal rights
as humans.
"Steven Wise, who addressed the TED Conference in Vancouver, explained
that personhood was a legal concept which applied to companies,
religious sites and even parts of nature such as rivers, and so should
be granted to some animals."

Dogs saved from Korean dog-meat farm arrive in Calif.

Saving China's Dogs
"Earlier this month, in part of a video campaign released by PETA,
actor Joaquin Phoenix spoke out against China's dog leather industry,
calling it "one of the worst things" he's ever seen. But what exactly
is the situation of dogs in China?"

Marchioness who starred in 80s crime drama C.A.T.S. Eyes wins
four-year battle over giant pig farm
"An aristocratic actress turned environmentalist has halted plans for
one of Britain's first factory pig farms after teaming up with TV star
Dominic West."

NSW election 2015: Labor to ban puppies from pet shops

Call to punish cruel farmers


Thousands around the world celebrate spring by going meatless for a day
"Members of a Toronto animal rights group dished out free vegan treats
to University of Toronto (U of T) students during the lunch hour on

Ramen Champ's Meat-Free Shio Is The Best Ramen You Aren't Ordering
"But it's Ramen Champ's meat and dairy-free vegan bowls that have been
secretly stealing the show lately; Cailan estimates they sell half as
many bowls as their signature tonkotsu, which is no small feat
considering the size of the space."

And the winner of the 'Vegan' category in the 2015 Advance Cookbook is ...

Is India ready for vegan fashion?

March 21

Group Working to Make Sure Animals used in Lab Experiments Find Homes
"The Beagle Freedom Project is flooding publicly-funded animal
research institutions, like Ohio State, with open records requests
about the animals."

GRU says allegations of animal abuse are false
SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now)
"AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Georgia Regents University is under fire from a
watchdog group that said the university mistreated animals at its
research facilities, but the university said those allegations are

Monkeygate: Bewildered Florida Residents Discover Another Secret
Monkey Breeding Facility

Struggling SeaWorld reels in theme park vet to fill CEO vacancy

Scalding Live Chickens Is Business as Usual on Factory Farms

Bringing LC together through furry friends: Human-Animal Studies
Conference bridges gap between the two campuses

PETA: Day In The Life of Factory Farm Chicken
"On Thursday, the Body of Animal Rights Campaign (BARC) and the People
for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA2) gave many reasons when
both organizations hosted a virtual simulation event for students to
experience a chicken's everyday life on a factory farm."

Might Ringling's retiring of elephants signal Americans' retiring
sense of entitlement to view wildlife?

Nearly Naked PETA Ladies Protesting Ringling Bros.' Circus Use of Elephants
"Says circus plan to stop using animals should start now, not 2018.
Protest taking place Thursday in DC, just outside circus performance."

Circus brings protesters, parents to Chattanooga

Moolah Circus organizers taking steps so elephants don't get loose again
"ST. CHARLES -- Organizers of the Moolah Shrine Circussaid Thursday
that extra precautions are being taken to avoid a repeat of last year
when three elephants got loose in the Family Arena parking lot."

Woman kept 85 live dogs, dozens of dead animals in house
"FREEPORT, Ill. -- A woman is being held in Wisconsin who authorities
in Illinois say had 85 live dogs and at least 65 dead dogs and cats at
a rural rental house."

Nice (o)ink! Pigs tattooed with Disney characters and Louis Vuitton
logos before being sold for more than £50,000

EXCLUSIVE: Trendy winter coat maker Canada Goose accused by
campaigners of 'using fur obtained by cruelty to animals and covering
up truth with false marketing

French court clears foie gras producer of animal cruelty

The case for vegan cuisine

11 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Were Vegan

Being Vegan At Campus Dining Halls being-vegan-at-campus-dining-halls/

Harvard undergrads fundraise for 'guilt-free' vegan cupcakes

Vegan food and speakers at Northampton's Valley Vegfest scheduled for
Saturday, March 28 valley_vegfest_scheduled_for_s.html

Glasgow venue to host vegan-friendly mini festival

Metro East Eats: Vegetarian and Vegan
"The Alestle staff visited locations in the Metro East­ that are
vegetarian or vegan friendly. We reviewed each restaurant, based on
criteria such as cost relative to meat dishes, vegetarian/vegan
friendliness, atmosphere, freshness and tastiness. Scores were
determined by each staff member's satisfaction."

Vegans give Island thumbs up
"Friendly residents, beautiful beaches and great vegan food got
Bermuda a thumbs-up from Canadian bloggers."

March 20

French foie gras producer acquitted in animal cruelty trial
"A French foie gras producer has been discharged following a trial
over "extreme cruelty to animals" at a court in western France."

Cage-Free Hens Study Finds Little Difference in Egg Quality
"Cage-free facilities have higher hen-mortality rates, according to
food-industry backed research"


'19 Kids & Counting' Duggar Wild Hog Animal Cruelty Hunting Picture
Follows Derick Dillard Cat Sledding Controversy
"PETA is going to be all over this one. The Duggars of 19 Kids &
Counting seem to be making a lot of work for the animal rights
organization over the last couple weeks."

SHARK has at least one ally on Will County board
"Liz Collins, R-Plainfield, said she would like other options,
including deer sterilization, explored in the district's effort to
curb the deer population. Collins was the only board member at a news
conference Tuesday organized by Showing Animals Respect and Kindness,
or SHARK."

Harlem non-profit says allegations of misuse of funds and mistreatment
of birds are false
"HARLEM, GA (WFXG) - Feathered Friends Forever is speaking out against
allegations that they have misused funds and mistreated animals."

Circus uses elephants despite welfare concerns
"Indiana Animal Rights Alliance said on its Facebook page that the
group plans to protest the circus in Lafayette. As of Tuesday, five
people said they will protest. The group did not respond to requests
for comment."

Foie gras: is it acceptable to eat liver from a force-fed bird?
"The verdict in a landmark case about foie gras is due to be delivered
tomorrow in France, potentially paving the way for further
prosecutions against producers of the controversial dish."

Ban on circuses could leave thousands of animals in Mexico homeless

RSPCA drops its last hunting prosecution
"The animal welfare charity says there is no longer a "realistic
prospect of securing a conviction" against a master of the Cattistock

Why Did KFC Let a TV Crew Inside Its Chicken Operation?
"BBC television is about to give viewers an in-depth look at how KFC
raises, kills, and serves millions of chickens to its British
customers every year."

Father-of-two who plastered stickers on supermarket chicken claiming
'Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism' says he is an animal rights
activist and not a racist
"Liam Edwards, 29, walked into a Sainsbury's store in Salford, Greater
Manchester, with the #BanHalal stickers and stuck them on numerous
packets of meat in the chilled goods aisle."

Resolution reached in case of teen killing kitten with blow darts
"ST. GEORGE -- The 5th District Juvenile courtroom was full Wednesday
as attorneys presented the judge with a resolution reached in an
animal cruelty case involving a teen who shot and killed a kitten with
blow darts in June 2014."

Best vegan cheesesteak? Here's the People's Choice cheesesteak__Here_s_the_People_s_Choice.html

Mayor Charlie Hales wants you to go vegan on March 20 mayor_charlie_hales_wants_you.html
"In conjunction with Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), a national
nonprofit organization advocating to end the use of animals as food,
Hales has proclaimed March 20 as "Meatout Day" in Portland and wants
you to "explore a nutritious and wholesome diet of vegetables, fresh
fruits and whole grains.""

"Obsessed" vegan cheesemaker found calling after career in restoration
"Lori Robin didn't set out to start a vegan cheese company. A gilder
and stone carver by trade, she had planned to teach restoration
workshops for antiques lovers in a studio in the Delaware County
village of Fleischmanns."

Sydney Vegan Festival to feature Thug Kitchen bloggers, cooking demos
and live music

Vegan Chef Sues Former Restaurant For Using Her Likeness
"Law360, New York (March 18, 2015, 4:23 PM ET) -- A famous vegan chef
known as Chef Tanya filed suit on Tuesday in California district
court, alleging Native Foods Holdings LLC, which she launched but sold
in 2008, has unlawfully profited by continuing to use her likeness to
advertise its chain of restaurants."

SOU Leading Way in Plant Based Diet

March 19

Nevada bill would let pets use pot; proposal calls for medical
marijuana cards for animals

Virginia establishes first attorney general's animal law unit

Gainesville City Council approves solution on stray cats

Former Animal Center Volunteer Coordinator Drops Claims Against County

Animal rights groups want SC to toughen cruelty laws

Critics say dog shelter can do more

Peter Fricker: Media missing the big stories on animals

Kangaroo fertility trial an expensive sop to cull opponents

Billion Dollar Chicken Shop Lifts The Lid On 'Wretched' KFC Chicken
Farms: 'These Birds Have No Meaningful Life'
"An explosive documentary which lifts the lid on the 'oppressive'
conditions inside the UK's 1,000 farms which supply KFC with 23million
chickens a year has been hijacked by animal rights campaigners to
highlight the 'wretched existence' these chickens, marked for
slaughter by Colonel Sanders, endure."

Staffordshire Moorlands farm under investigation before animal welfare protest

Animal activist slams Rawat's suggestion on leopards
"A noted animal rights activist today slammed Chief Minister Harish
Rawat's suggestion that excess population of leopards should be
shifted out of the state to reduce man-animal conflict."

Vegetarian Kitchen: New vegans explain their motivations and how easy
or hard it is to eat differently
"EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the fifth in a seven-part series about what it
is like to be a vegetarian in Maine today."

Vegan Festival expands to Edinburgh following overwhelming demand

Vegan eatery with wholesale biz is a whole other animal _eatery_with_wholesale_biz_is_a_whole_other_animal.html
Vegan Commissary

Highly populated areas provide more vegetarian and vegan options
making plant-based diets easy in SoCal

Vegan fare bursts with flavour and colour
"MONTREAL, QUE.: MARCH 4, 2015 -- Reveena Rothman-Rudnicki (right) and
friend Ruth Stewart-Patterson film a cooking video for Reveena's
YouTube show called Reveena's kitchen in Montreal, on Wednesday, March
4, 2015. Reveena's kitchen is billed as 'a cooking show dedicated to
fast, fresh, and fun vegetarian recipes."

Namaste for Dinner: New Yoga and Raw Vegan Dinner Series Coming to Fishtown

Bistro features vegan dining, education

Mayo goes green

March 18

Animal rights activist attacked outside Palm Springs restaurant

Animal rights group alleges 'torture' by chicken processor supplying GFS
"GFS, the largest private food service distributor in the country,
supplies several national restaurant chains including P.F. Chang's,
Perkins, Culver's and The Melting Pot."

Ozzy Osbourne And Anthony Kiedis Shooting Animal Rights Video
"The veteran musicians have filmed a promo for Animals Asia's Let a
Bear S**t in the Woods campaign, which is reportedly inspired by 1984
'mockumentary' This IsSpinal Tap."

Compass expands its cage-free policy to include liquid eggs

Defendant in 'dead chicken' child abuse case rejects plea deal
"A man accused of a handcuffing an 11-year-old boy to a front porch
with a dead chicken tied around his neck turned down a plea deal in
Union County court on Monday."

Adorable Bison Video Draws Attention To Animal Cruelty Accusations

In Raleigh, activists call for more humane poultry slaughter methods

Maui Farm Sanctuary Gets National Exposure on Reality TV
Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Animal-rights group protests Edgar donkey basketball

East Texas animal rights group alleges horse abuse in Nash

Norman Reedus Cuddles A Kitty For Animal Rights

Video: 'Horrific' animal cruelty at UK halal slaughterhouse

SC to states: Prevent cruelty to animals


How Blogger Dropped Meat 'Cold-Turkey' and Went Vegan: Laura Wright of
The First Mess

5 Reasons to Love New Plant-Based Food Cart Juniper
"Gourmet gluten-free vegan eats made by five young women striving for
social justice--what's not to love?"

My Difficult, Revelatory Three Days of Eating LikeBeyoncé

4 new cookbooks emphasize quick, easy, delicious recipes: Going Vegan 4_new_cookbooks_emphasize_quic.html

Town's first vegan fair success 11858767.Town_s_first_vegan_fair_success/
"On Saturday, St Stephen's Church in the town centre was transformed
into an oasis of healthy, compassionate, planet-friendly living,
showcasing the best in veganism."

March 17

Ex-SeaWorld trainer's book debuts this month
"John Hargrove, one of the former SeaWorld trainers featured in
"Blackfish," has a book coming out March 24 -- "Beneath the Surface,"
published by Palgrave Macmillan."

5 TED 2015 Activists That Are Fighting For Social Justice
"Using a long-term litigation campaign based on existing habeas corpus
law, Steven Wise and the Nonhuman Rights Project are redefining the
playing field for animal rights law."

State Mulls Ban on Sale of Ivory Products state_mulls_ban_on_sale_of_ivory_products/
"A public hearing was held Wednesday on a bill that would prohibit the
sale in Connecticut of products made out of ivory and rhinoceros

Sweetwater's Rattlesnake Roundup draws scrutiny
"Every year the Rattlesnake Roundup puts Sweetwater momentarily on the
map. New Englanders put on their safari hats and head south; curious
Australians come to see how Texas' wild West lore measures up to their
own; Japanese businessmen wander around the fair wide-eyed and
excessively sun-screened."

Donkey owners refute allegations about animal handling latestunleashed/2972876-8/donkey-owners-refute-allegations-about-animal-handling

Shooke Unleashed comes to the rescue
"Since January, Shooke Unleashed Animal Rescue has transported more
than 750 dogs and cats out of the area, according to founder Summer

Dogs removed from home could be returned to owner with animal abuse record

Are Veterinarians Your Dog (and Your) Best Friends?

When apes have choices and preferences (commentary)
"One question that desperately needs to be asked when we talk about
the rights of an intelligent species like apes is whether we allow
them choices and preferences in the rights we give them."

Does Destroying Ivory Really Save Elephants?

Japanese activists fight against the tide to save whales and dolphins

MP advocates tougher penalties for animal cruelty
"A Russian lawmaker has drafted a bill toughening the punishment for
cruelty to animals, citing requests from concerned citizens and groups
and also experts' claims that those who are cruel to animals can
become dangerous to people."

Activists urge legislation regulating pet transport 2015/03/16/2003613673
Taipei Times

Illegal pet business brisk as officials look the other way

Meatout Day in Delaware set March 20
"Gov. Jack Markell has proclaimed Friday, March 20, Meatout Day in
Delaware, and urges state residents to skip meat and "explore a
nutritious and wholesome diet of vegetables, fresh fruits and whole


Kitchen Farmacy: Easy vegan

Vegan restaurateur changing how the nation eats, one bite at a time
"TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A pet-friendly, environmentally conscious and
locally sourced organic vegan restaurant wants to change the way
Taipei thinks of food, one bite at a time."

Eat vegan for a day March 20
"Did you know that for the last 20 years the first day of spring has
been designated as an international event called Meatout?"

Amsterdam Falafelshop spices up Kenmore Square
"Matt D'Alessio, owner of Davis Square's Amsterdam Falafelshop, wanted
to expose BU students to just that when he decided to set up the
franchise's second Boston location in Kenmore Square. The restaurant
officially opened its doors on Friday afternoon."

The 12 Vegan Foods From Trader Joe's That Everyone Loves

Letter: Ring in spring with veganism

What to Eat on a Pegan Diet
"The idea comes from Dr. Mark Hyman, director of the Cleveland Clinic
Center for Functional Medicine. Hyman borrows the high quality, whole
foods concept of Paleo and applies it to the dietary advice he already

March 16

No citation over Maine elephant keeper's death

Animal Welfare Advocates Criticize new Wyoming Law

To Kill a Chicken

Did circus, city of Asheville violate animal welfare rules?

Animal-rescue groups suing to save Rottweiler from 'abusive' owner

Pamela Anderson banned from 'The Simpsons' co-creator Sam Simon's
funeral over $800G ring: report

Finding a 'palatable answer' to deer overpopulation
"Protests continue over culling method in Mt. Lebanon"

Snakes on the plain: Texas festival sees pageant winners wade through
rattler pit
"Miss Snake Charmer is the face of a decades-old tradition featuring
skinning and beheading that has prompted anger from animal rights

Gorilla freed from Thai shopping centre zoo after 30 years in captivity

Watch: The heart-warming moment tiny puppy is rescued with soap and
water after getting its head stuck in steel pipe
"This is the heartwarming moment a tiny puppy was rescued from a steel
pipe in Thailand after animal activists used soap and water to free

Two zoo elephants to be unchained & kept in special enclosure

Amy's Kitchen: Who's Ready For An Organic Fast Food Drive-Thru?
"Amy's Kitchen is opening an entirely vegetarian, almost entirely
organic version of the classic drive-thru restaurant that busy
Americans love."

Meatless Like Muhammad?
"Nowadays, our meat eating habits severely contradict the Prophet's ﷺ,
Umar's, and early Muslim society. There is a reason they ate meat
occasionally: it is harmful when eaten regularly. Regular meat intake
coincides with increased disease: heart disease, cancer, and obesity.
Meat is a beneficial and permissible food, and we are blessed to have
it available to us."

A meatless lifestyle can be healthy and flavorful

Sawgrass Tiki, Ray's Vegan Soul team up for afternoon tea
"St. Petersburg's Sawgrass Tiki Bar & Tea House and Ray's Vegan Soul
are looking to bring low tea, or afternoon tea, back in style, with
good food, of course."

March 15

Cole Bros. Circus to stop in Beaufort; so will protesters

Sam Simon was an animal-rights hero. Just ask these 400 chinchillas.

Controversial UW-Madison monkey study won't remove newborns from mothers

Animal rights group begins 114 mile walk to Albany

PETA Cites Dog Cruelty in Calling for End of the Iditarod

Letters to the Editor: Animal rights: Seattle is hypocritical

Former Miss Universe angers animal rights activists with endangered
monkey selfie

The death of Mr Pig and the truth about the RSPCA
"The decision to destroy a beloved pet suggests that the animal
protection charity has lost its way"

Why we should eat vegan 'fish' options – Peta's Mimi Bekhechi

Animal rights group files complaint against Canada Goose
"An animal rights group has filed a complaint with the Competition
Bureau against Canada Goose. At issue is how coyotes used for fur trim
on the coats are caught. Christina Stevens reports."

FARM encourages the world to go vegan March 20 2015/03/13/meat-day/70305094/

Katuah Market and Asheville Vegan Society to host benefit for Chicken
Rescue and Sanctuary

No meat, more choices on hospital menus
"It was a bit surreal at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido on
Thursday and Friday.
"A group of hospital chefs gathered to learn the secrets of vegan
cooking from a Texan with a supple Southern drawl."

"Bread & Butter" is your vegan and gluten-free guide to savory baking
"The founder of BabyCakes NYC covers everything from bagels to puff
pastry in her latest cookbook."

Raw food chef-evangelist Anna Marie Harouvis shares her favorite Cle
dining spots: 5 for Friday

Vegan fair looks set to be besieged by food lovers from across the region _set_to_be_besieged_by_food_lovers_from_across_the_region/
"REDDITCH'S first vegan fair, taking place tomorrow, comes with a
special side dish - a challenge for Parliamentary candidates."

Grab a Spork! Going Vegan at The Four Seasons Los Angeles hotels/Grab_a_Spork!_Going_Vegan_at_The_Four_Seasons_Los_Angeles

How can a vegetarian graze on D.C.'s essential dishes? Glad you asked.

Vegan Nachos with Rat Fist - March 10, 2015 vegan_nachos_with_rat_fistmarch_10_2015.php

BiteClub: In mixed company
"Sprouted macro bowl, meet foie gras... Can't we all just get along?
Vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, locavores, lacto-ovovores, the
gluten-intolerant and spice avoidant?"

March 14

Prosecutors drop charges against animal rights activists in monkey farm case
"In November 2014, seven animal rights activists were arrested for
driving onto a monkey farm off of State Road 80 in Labelle."

Monmouth County SPCA chief quits after being accused of sending staff
racist texts monmouth_county_spca_chief_quits_after_being_accus.html

Animal rights group questions deer kill
Showing Animals Kindness and Respect (SHARK)

Proposal would take the circus out of Pa.; leaving wild animals at
state line not an option proposal_would_take_the_circus.html
"A spokesman for the parent company of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum &
Bailey Circus say the proposed ban on wild animals in traveling
exhibits would stop their shows from coming to the Keystone State."

Native Americans Want to Hunt Gray Whales, Again. Do They Have the Right?

Inside the Foie Gras Wars

State bill requires animal shelters file monthly reports

Legislators, ASPCA host 'Voices for Animals Day'

At PETA's shelter, most animals are put down. PETA calls them mercy killings.

WJBF Investigates: Animal Activists Have Concerns About Bird Rescue
Feathered Friends Forever, Harlem, Georgia

Animal-abuse advocates criticize new Wyoming law

Circus act retreats as Turkish animal rights activists push

Animal rights activist bitten by dogs
"Srinagar, Mar 12: Veterinarian and former president Society for
Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (SPCA) Dr Gowhar Nabi Gora has
been bitten by stray dogs."

Animal testing restrictions are wasted opportunity, say campaigners
"Animal rights groups accuse government of betrayal after minister
announces ban on animal testing of cleaning products but not

Call for Edinburgh Zoo to halt "party" nights

Animal welfare groups may be losing their appetite for meat
"Vegetarian and vegan menus are not always the case with other animal
welfare organizations. But that may be changing."

Cooking up a storm: The rise of African superfoods

Equinox Restaurant Brings the Heat With Its Vegan Smackdown Challenge
"Vegan food has never been hotter. Beyonce just launched a vegan food
delivery service, Ikea will soon offer vegan meatballs, and from 2005
to 2014, Google trends reported a threefold increase in vegan
interest. Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff Gray have been offering vegan
dishes at Equinox for many years and are well known for their Vegan
Brunch, so it seemed fitting to take it to the next level with a Vegan
Smackdown Challenge, kicking off in April."

Fill Growlers and Kegs at One Kombucha Brewery in Palm Beach Gardens fill_growlers_and_kegs_at_one_kombucha_brewery_in_ palm_beach_gardens.php

Veggie-Centric Urban Fresh Is Closing Downtown
"Downtown's top spot to eat vegan is soon going to leave the scene
soon. Kathy Iannacone, owner of Urban Fresh, says she's been telling
her customers as much as possible about the restaurant's imminent
closing to ease the blow."

March 13

Ga. Aquarium CEO speaks out about dolphin trainer's death

Puppies 'Viewed as Livestock' in Amish Community, Says Rescue Advocate

Chicken hatchery coming to Wilton
"Animal rights groups have protested the company for its operations."

Activists accuse Brentwood school officials of 'entombing' feral cats

PETA asks Tim Burton to give 'Dumbo' remake a happier ending

Nearly naked PETA supporters skate in Clinton Square to protest fur,
leather industries nearly_naked_peta_supporters_skate_in_clinton_ square_to_protest_fur_leather_clot.html

Tireless Nikki Reed Shares Her Passions: Autism, Animals, and More

Considering the positive side of Canada's fur trade

Chinese reality show under fire for forcing elephants to have pedicures
"Millions have tuned in to a controversial television sensation in
which Chinese celebrities perform tasks with chimpanzees, giraffes and

British husband and wife jailed over 'appalling' animal cruelty

'Mutant' animals being bred for hunters to kill in South Africa

Profiling ups risk for Asian rhino horn mules
"Rhino horn syndicates may have replaced Vietnamese couriers with
white South Africans to courier the illegal horns on commercial
flights from Africa to Asia because of courier profiling."

Fresh move to get council to ban animal act circuses

INFLUENCE GAME: Meat industry fights new dietary proposal

Does Being Vegan Really Help Animals?
"I decided to pose a few questions, by email, earlier this week to
three animal activists and vegans: Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society
of the United States, Bruce Friedrich of Farm Sanctuary, and Alka
Chandna of PETA."

She can, vegan too
"When Sneha Sethupathy decided to go vegan, she knew her friends would
never let her live it down. She stayed strong the first nine times
they called what she ate rabbit food. The tenth time around, she

Vegan cheesesteak update Cheesesteak_Update.html

Vegetarian recipes for your St. Patrick's Day celebration
"But uber-strict vegetarians and vegans beware: Guinness Draught is
made using isinglass -- fish bladder -- which strains out unwanted
particles. There are stouts out there that don't use isinglass, which
can be substituted. Guinness Extra Stout has been declared vegan
friendly, so it's still possible to do St. Patrick's Day right."

The Vegan Roadie Visits Indianapolis Sub Zero

A father-daughter team tries to beat Trojan with vegan latex

Malibu C Certified by PETA as Cruelty-Free

March 12

Top New Jersey Animal Cop Sent Racist, Homophobic Text Messages, Lawsuit Alleges
Chief Victor "Buddy" Amato

Latest Flap on Egg Farms: Whether to Go 'Cage-Free'

Ricky Gervais - Leonardo Dicaprio And Ricky Gervais Honoured For
Animal Welfare Work

Egypt Jails Men for Dog's Brutal Killing Aired on Internet

Inside the lives of the extreme protesters who say they will stop at
nothing - violence included - to get the change they want
"TV crew follows four activists including animal rights campaigners"

Animal Liberation chief Lynda Stoner slams Mosman Council for refusing
to halt 'sickening' rabbit cull plans

We Tried Beyoncé's Vegan Food Delivery Service

Teenager goes vegan for Lent

NYC's Largest Vegan Fast Food Chain Adds Two More Locations

23 St. Patrick's Day recipes gone vegan ___s_Day_Recipes_Gone_Vegan.html

The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon gave more than $100 million to fight
animal cruelty

Sam Simon: A look at the 'Simpsons' co-creator's philanthropy
"He then established the Sam Simon Foundation, which rescues dogs from
animal shelters and trains them to assist the disabled. He also
donated to Mercy for Animals and the Sea Shepherd Conservation
Society, among other groups. In 2013, People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals' Norfolk, Va., headquarters were christened the Sam Simon
Center in recognition of his support for that organization."

These Gory New Hunting Competitions Have Taken the Country By Storm
"Contestants can earn tens of thousands of dollars for killing
coyotes, bobcats, and foxes."

FBI Investigating Attempted Firebombing Of KFC; Animal Rights Group Suspected
RENO, Nev.

Iditarod Sled Dog Race 2015: Is The Race Humane To The Dogs?

Animal rights activists offer Vanderbilt students cash
10 Billion Lives Tour, part of the Farm Animal Rights Movement

Opponents denounce Mt. Lebanon deer cull

Defense attorney says Ecorse animal cruelty case 'neglect,' not torture doc54ff587e712f5909845002.txt

Under pressure, Margaretville school district considers canceling
'donkey basketball' game

City Board of Health Dashes The Hopes of Ferret Fans

Thornton pet store owners charged with animal cruelty

Rankin deputy helps with removal of 140 dogs from puppy mill

Organizers of Pamplona-style bull run agree to steer clear of California
"The organizers of a bull run like the famous annual event in
Pamplona, Spain, have agreed to keep the adrenaline-pumping gathering
out of California as part of a lawsuit settlement with animal rights

Norway whale meat dumped in Japan after pesticide finding

A woman on a mission to save Italy's pigs

Crufts controversies revealed: Poison, chewing gum and animal cruelty
"CRUFTS dog competition has become mired in controversy this week
after a dog died after allegedly being poisoned - but this is not the
first time the prestigious contest has faced a scandal."

Vegan Peeps Are a Thing, and So Are Vegan Peep S'mores veeps_are_vegan_peeps_from_vegan_marshmallow _company_sweet_and_sara.php

Vegetarian Kitchen: Church-run vegan cafe a surprising find in former Pizza Hut
"The Seventh-day Adventist Church converts a Lewiston building into a
restaurant and community center."

Cookbook Critic: Guide to going vegan after age 50

"On March 14, Aamir Khan turns 50. And one of the turning points in
his life, as he hits the half century mark, is the decision to turn
vegan. Aamir who enjoyed fish, meat, chicken and eggs has now turned
completely green."


Talking vegan cuisine with Upohar owner Srirupa Dasgupta

March 11

Sam Simon Quotes: 10 Sayings To Remember Animal Rights Activist

6 Ways The Simpsons creator Sam Simon championed animal rights

FBI Investigating Damage at Reno KFC
"When employees got to work the morning of Monday, March 9, 2015, they
found the letters ALF spray-painted onto the drive-through menu. Those
letters often stand for Animal Liberation Front, an animal rights
group that has been accused of using illegal tactics. But it has not
been determined yet that's what the letters stand for in this case."

Wyoming lawmakers: Bill isn't an "ag-gag"

Ohio Cheese Company Changes Policies After Animal Cruelty Accusations

Stricter Oversight Ordered for Animal Research at Nebraska Center

After Dog Shootings Animal Groups Demanding Police Training
"NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) -- Last year, in the state of Texas alone,
some 200 dogs were shot and killed by police officers. Those numbers
have some animal protection groups demanding mandatory training for
all law enforcement officers."

Mute swans may have a new lease on life

Legislator pulls plug on controversial cougar bill

Support the causes, groups you believe in
"PETA found me. Their people know where I live, and they are coming for me."

Neighbors protest school's donkey basketball fundraiser

'Distressing & disturbing': 2mn animals experimented on at UK universities
British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)

Crufts dog poisoning: This 'murder' lifts the lid on all our canine failings

Lifelong Vegetarian Stella McCartney Debuts Faux Fur Coats, Refuses
the Real Deal
""I've been speaking to younger women about it recently and they don't
even want real fur," the designer said."

Sam Simon, Who Helped Shape 'The Simpsons,' Dies at 59
"Asked whether he was imposing his own vegan diet on those his charity
served, Mr. Simon said: "They can eat all the meat they want. I'm just
not going to pay for it.""

Seven vegan #firstworldproblems seven_vegan_firstworldproblems_1_3985136

The change that saved my life

Cider Press Café committed to its all-vegan menu

Mina's Mediterraneo Does the "Veganeo" on 79th Street _does_the_veganeo_on_79th_street.php

Homely vegan food at Conscious 108 in Greenside, Jozi

MuLondon Wins Best Vegan Cosmetic Product In Viva! Awards
"MuLondon's deliciously fragranced, cruelty-free and vegan Organic
White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser has been chosen as the winner of
the 20th anniversary Viva! Award in the 'Best vegan
toiletries/cosmetic products' category. The awards were part of
Viva!'s 20th anniversary celebrations to mark two decades of working
towards ending animal suffering."

March 9

U.S. study may allow tribe to hunt gray whale

Family upset after pit bull shot by Ogden police near car with kids
inside; dog was later euthanized
pit bull

Soldier fights for right to live in Indiana with pit bull

'Secret' Stoughton business boosts state fur trade
"The Coalition Against Fur Farms lists addresses and phone numbers of
businesses that "need investigating" that includes fur farms, mink
research labs, pelt processors, feed suppliers as well as receiving
and grading facilities such as NAFA in Stoughton and Fur Harvesters
Auction in Cambridge."

Animal rights and why they matter

Pirates filmmakers urged not to use real monkeys
"Producers who are currently shooting the blockbuster in Australia
reportedly plan to import a pair of white-throated capuchins to appear
in the movie, but animal rights campaigners are urging them to use
computer-generated imagery instead."

VIDEO: Now, some divine help for animals in Brazil
"In the city, people prefer to take sick pets to Spiritualist
Association of Friends of Animals instead of the vet because they
believe that the healing power of God will reach animals too."

Pigs to the slaughter: An end to Vietnam's bloody festival?

VIDEO: Watch the dramatic moment animal rights protester invades
Crufts Best in Show presentation the_dramatic_moment_animal_rights_protester_invades_Crufts_ Best_in_Show_presentation/

Poisoning investigation after Crufts dog dies
"London (AFP) - The owners of a prize-winning Irish Setter who died
after competing at the renowned Crufts dog show claimed on Sunday
their dog had been poisoned at the British event."

Beef ban: City Speak
"Vegan or beef-loving, anti-ban or pro-choice, everyone in Mumbai has
an opinion on the government's ban on beef in Maharashtra. Even as
restaurants alter their menus, Anjali Lukose takes stock of what
Mumbaikars think."

'Health workers abused my vegan daughter's human rights by trying to
feed her cheese and tuna'
"Health chiefs are investigating after Mr Main said while in the unit
she has been offered fish and dairy products by staff, despite making
it clear she was a vegan who avoids animal products on moral grounds."

Being vegan offers positives, negatives

Get Waisted vegan diet plan has two goals
"Appealing to vegan-curious dieters in central Arkansas, Amanda
Cabaniss-Rogers is area director for a vegan diet program called Get

Rock and roll Vegfest 11842352.Rock_and_roll_Vegfest/
"Hannah Collisson speaks to Tim Barford, founder of VegfestUK
Brighton, one of Europe's largest vegan events."

How To Go Vegan In One Week: A 7-Day Detox Plan

March 8

US study could allow hunting of North Pacific gray whale

SeaWorld Researchers Change the Conversation--Saving Stranded Sea Lion Pups

Weidenbener: Fenced hunting fight should end

With elephants going away, do circuses belong anymore? readers/2015/03/07/elephants-going-away-circuses-belong-anymore/24538407/
"What they said"

Film festival mixes seriousness, satire to educate about animals ENTERTAINMENTLIFE/150309978/13926/LIFESTYLE
"Produced by California's Center for Animal Protection & Education,
the event highlights the growing role of pets not only in animal
lovers' everyday lives but also in their entertainment choices."

How Fashion Fell Back in Love With Fur--And Where's PETA?

Spanish aquarium trainer found dead in airport parking lot after video
allegedly shows him kicking, hitting dolphins: report

Mob forcibly drives away seized truck full of sheep

Fake 'skin polar bears to tackle global warming' video sparks global
animal rights campaign

Ag Summit offers "substantive" difference for crowd presidential/caucus/2015/03/07/iowa-ag-summit-live-updates/24447461/
""Every discussion of agriculture should include veganism," said Matt
Bruce, a campaigner with PETA. "

The Stand Changes Hands
"The order-at-the-window cafe at 238 Thalia St. was one of the first
restaurants in Laguna Beach to offer an all-vegan menu."

What's For Vegan Easter Dinner?

March 7

Progress for elephants, and for the animal rights movement By Peter Singer

New report opens door to possible whale hunting for Makah tribe

Minneapolis overhauling approach to animal control
"An increasing number of dogs and cats that come to Minneapolis animal
control facilities are getting a new chance at life as city officials
are trying to reduce the killing of stray and unwanted animals."

Online petitions seek closure of the Natural Bridge Zoo

Animal advocates fight to change cruelty laws
"HARTFORD, CT -- Animal advocates are trying to make changes and
introduce a set of new bills all aimed at protecting animals."

State man convicted of animal mistreatment
"A western Wisconsin man has been convicted of multiple counts of
mistreating animals after authorities found dead and malnourished
horses, and unsanitary conditions, at his ranch in Polk County."

Ohio animal shelters on alert after series of break-ins

Another video released of alleged animal abuse from trainer
"ATLANTA (CBS46) - CBS46 has obtained disturbing new video of a
trainer allegedly abusing dolphins in Spain."

The Independent: Homeless animals shot, beaten and burnt ahead of
European Games in Baku

Dog Barbarically Tied To The Back Of A Car And Dragged To His Death
"A helpless dog is tied to the car and dragged along the rough gravel
of a Cairo road by an unidentified person. Captured on film, the dog's
lifeless body is seen dragged at high speeds by the individual in an
old Mercedes."

Rodents to be given human rights under Green Party plans
"Animals would be protected under human rights laws and new taxes
imposed on nappies under plans to be considered by the Green Party."

Ministers reject call to ban religious slaughter of animals that have
not been stunned first despite 100,000-strong petition

Vegan Activism Lifestyle Highlighted In 'Life According To Ohad'
""Life according to Ohad" follows its eponymous character as he tries
to re-bond with his family. Ohad is an animal rights activist, who
throughout the documentary sneaks into slaughterhouses, chains himself
to chicken crates and performs unsettling public demonstrations with
his teams of activists."

Hampton Creek, Maker of Plant-Based Protein Foods, Signs Distribution
Deal With Foodbuy

Love Bacon AND Animals? 'Reducetarianism' May Be For You
""Part of the problem with the vegan and vegetarian messaging is that
it resonates with many people as an all-or-nothing commitment, that
the only way to contribute to the environmental, animal welfare and
health movement is to completely eliminate meat from a diet," says
Kateman, who debuted reducetarianism with a Tedx talk late last year,
along with a fully-funded Indiegogo campaign.
""The most effective question we can ask is not how can we increase
the amount of vegetarians and vegans," he says, "but rather, how can
we reduce the amount of meat consumed?""

VegfestUK sets its stall out for big growth in veganism
"More than 10,000 people are expected this month to attend the two-day
VegfestUK, which will include 200 stalls."

How Healthy Food Blogger 'Deliciously Ella' Changed Her Diet, Saved Her Life
"...started developing plant-based recipes on a blog she
calledDeliciously Ella. Just over a year later, she's got a healthy
following--and a healthy body--as well as the fastest-selling debut
cookbook ever in the UK. The US version of Deliciously Ella is on
bookstore shelves this week."

The world's first vegan parmo comes to Stockton 11840274.The_world_s_first_vegan_parmo_comes_to_Stockton/

Lenny Kravitz And Denzel Washington Have A Boys' Night At Trendy Vegan
Eatery Crossroads lenny_kravitz_denzel_washington_vegan_crossroads_photos_030615

Woochi Japanese Fusion and Bar has plenty of options for vegans

March 6

Animal rights groups can sue Napa restaurant over foie gras

Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Hendry County monkey breeding farm

Jane Velez-Mitchell Asks What Chapman Is Hiding From
"Hendry county asked Circuit Judge James D. Sloan to dismiss a suit
against them over a county commissioner and building and zoning
officials' secret meetings and correspondence that changed
agricultural zoning regulations to allow a monkey breeding facility
for up to 3,200 Macaque monkeys in an agricultural zoned parcel in
western Hendry county."

Bob Barker against Seattle elephants moving to Oklahoma City Zoo

Hearing on 'puppy mill' bill raises hackles during testimony
"Advocates seek to ban sale of out-of-state bred dogs, while pet store
owners protest law will destroy their businesses without solving

Animal-Rights Advocates Cheer End Of Elephants In Circus
"NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Katherine Meyer, an attorney with the
Wildlife Advocacy Project, about how animal advocates are celebrating
the end of elephants in the Ringling Bros. circus."

'It was a bunny house of horrors': Cops bust hoarder with over 170 rabbits

Colorado rescue gains roosters taken from Laramie County cockfighting ring

Dog stable after being shot, tied to Florida train tracks

Judge denies lower bond in severely beaten pit bull case
"Olaf, a rescued pit bull named after the lovable snowman from
Disney's Frozen film, has healed enough from severe abuse to be ready
for adoption to a loving home in South Florida."

Smithtown residents file formal complaints against town animal shelter

PETA Offers $5,000 Reward for Chicken Vandals
"Clarendon County, SC (WLTX) - Animal rights group PETA is offering a
$5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of
the people who killed over 300,000 chickens in Clarendon County."

Animal activists plan protest against Lennon Bros Circus in Dingley
"Freedom for Circus Animals Australia plan to picket Lennon Bros
Circus's Dingley site on the corner of Boundary and Centre Dandenong
roads from 3pm to 4.30pm on Saturday."

Vegan Cheesesteak Contest judges announced 20150305_Vegan_Cheesesteak_Contest_judges_announced.html

Clinton Township couple promote plant-based diet through website, group meetings doc54f9b2017b637757426012.txt

Veganism: A healthy and cheap way of living?

How Tiny Habits Will Help You Go Vegan

Native Foods Cafe

Taste Test: Which Frozen Veggie Burger Brand Is The Best?

March 5

Ringling Bros. to eliminate elephant acts

PETA, ACLU file lawsuit on behalf of Ohio teacher
"Allison was removed as a Title I tutor at Green Elementary School by
the school district in August 2014 for sharing his personal beliefs
about the treatment of animals on dairy farms on his Facebook page."

Did a Syracuse animal rights activist steal 2 ducks from a farm?
"Late one night in 2011, Amber Canavan snuck onto a Foie Gras farm in
the southern Catskills. Video camera in hand, she recorded what she
saw and provided it to theAnimal Protection and Rescue League, which
published some of it in a video."

Animal protection bill introduced to regulate when and how animals are
chained-up outside

Donkey basketball in Redford draws PETA activists' ire 2015/03/04/donkey-basketball-game-redford-union-peta/24404295/

A mammoth dispute: Plan to move Seattle elephants to Oklahoma City
draws protests
"A plan to move two Asian elephants from a Seattle zoo to the Oklahoma
City Zoo's elephant habitat is drawing protests from animal rights
activists, Seattle City Council members and that city's leading

Nikki Reed Testifies for Animal Rights & Her Favorite Beagle, Fiancé
Ian Somerhalder Shows His Support
"The animal activist and actress traveled to the State Capitol in
California Tuesday afternoon to testify on behalf on Assembly Bill 147
that could help give cats and dogs the opportunity to be adopted after
they've been tested on."

Online petitions seek closure of the Natural Bridge Zoo

State inflating bear population total to justify expanded hunt, opponents allege
"Opponents of a bigger, longer bear hunt charged today that the state
is artificially inflating the number of bruins in New Jersey to
placate hunters, and have vowed to fight a plan to kill more bears
each year."

Saying no to factory farming should be everyone's fight

Vegan teacher sues Wayne County district over Facebook post that cost him job

The Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics: How Should Vegans Live,
by Xavier Cohen.

Vegan Feast on Tap for Festival Kick-Off
"New York, NY, March 04, 2015 --( A three-course vegan feast
created by Chef Jay Astafa will kick off the 2015 version of the New
York City Vegetarian Food Festival on Friday evening, March 13, at the
National Gourmet Institute in Manhattan."

Vegan Survival Guide toasts Austin
Vegan Survival Guide to Austin

Veganism and yoga are connected

Ready Pac launches vegan organic salad

Califia Farms Vegan Protein and New Single Serve Almondmilks to Hit
Supermarket Shelves this Month
"Plant-based single-serve Protein Almondmilk is dairy-free, soy-free,
GMO-free and now carrageenan-free; 10.5-ounce bottles can be found in
dairy cases and grab-n-go section at retailers nationwide"

March 4

McDonald's to start serving non-antibiotic chicken mcdonalds_antibiotic_free_chic.html

Protest organized by local activists prior to Jones County animal cruelty case
Southern Cross Animal Rescue
"JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Supporters of animal rights will hold a
peaceful protest Thursday prior to a hearing in Jones County Justice
Court for a man charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty."

Breeder Group That Totally Swears It's Not a Breeder Group Is Fighting
Law That Regulates Breeders breeder_group_that_totally_swears _its_not_a_breeder_group_is_fighting_law_that_regulates_breeders.php
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
"A San Antonio-based commercial animal breeders' interest group is
once again seeking to neuter a 2011 statute licensing and regulating
people who own 11 or more female animals for breeding purposes."

Noise complaints could shut down animal haven
Duke's Animal Haven

Four bears die in captivity on northern Vietnam farm

Animal rights campaigners hit out at councillors over circus vote

Should cruelty footage be reported immediately? Activists target Back bill
"Should the animal rights groups responsible for uncovering damning
evidence of live baiting cruelty in the greyhound industry last month
have reported the footage to authorities as soon as they received it?"

Meatless Mondays campaign encounters pushback from students meatless-mondays-campaign-encounters-pushback-from-students/

Green is the new black: how veganism became sexy in London green-is-the-new-black-how-veganism-became-sexy-in-london-10083206.html

Superest Bowls
"A survey of meatless, bowl-based meals."

3 Dairy Substitutes to Make Baking Vegan Desserts a Piece of Cake
"Going vegan is growing in popularity. Beyonce's vegan meal delivery
service, James Cameron's vegan school and concerns about the impact
animal agriculture has on our health and environmental sustainability
is drawing main-stream media attention to the animal-free lifestyle."

Vegan Happy Hour Series Begins at Whole Foods Downtown Miami hour_series_begins_at_whole_foods_downtown_miami.php

NRA Secretly Backs Group Aiming To Save Elephants Now, Kill Them Later

Animal rights groups outraged by cruelty charges after NC woman
charged with starving dog

Animal rights group to start working with UNC

St. Anne kennel draws scrutiny from animal welfare groups
"Local animal rights activists along with an advocacy group in the
Chicago suburbs, are taking aim at a dog kennel in St. Anne they
allege is really a "puppy mill.""

Dead, Decapitated Animals Spark Speculation

Greyhound-racing industry could get more scrutiny
"In an opening-day victory for animal-rights activists, the Florida
Senate unanimously passed a bill Tuesday requiring dog tracks to
report all injuries of racing greyhounds."

Matador Madonna in 'glamourizing gore' row
"Animal rights activists have called on Madonna to stop 'glamourizing
gore' by dressing as a bullfighter, as the US star announces a
Barcelona date on her upcoming tour."

Forced to fight to the death: The cruel dogfights in northern China
that organisers insist are just 'entertainment'

Joaquin Phoenix Speaks Out Against China's Brutal Dog-Leather Industry
in New Video

Prince William's tour of China to promote animal rights ends with
embarrassment at elephant sanctuary

Vietnam Pig Slaughter Festival: Government Speaks Out Against Violent

"No Blood For Vanity!" Hong Kong Animal Right Activists Protest the Fur Fair

Japan's Cat Island: A bad precedent or new form of tourism?

EXCLUSIVE: Injected with arsenic, Viagra and cocaine to make them go
faster in win-or-die races, the evil trade of unwanted Australian
greyhounds to Asia and South America is exposed

Calgary's 'Ruby' case sparks renewed call for tougher animal cruelty penalties

Should cruelty footage be reported immediately? Activists target Back bill
"Should the animal rights groups responsible for uncovering damning
evidence of live baiting cruelty in the greyhound industry last month
have reported the footage to authorities as soon as they received it?"

Brother Wolf Goes Vegan
"ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- A local animal rescue operation is taking their
stance on animal welfare one step further.
"Brother Wolf is going vegan, meaning events they sponsor from here on
out will not serve any animal products."

Meet the 78-Year-Old Vegan Bodybuilder (With Video)

Cult following helps bankroll S.F. vegan pioneer's move to Oakland
"San Francisco vegan pioneer Millennium will close its doors this
spring, but the restaurant's cult following is helping to fund its
move to Oakland."

World Chefs: Vegan cookbook author extols dairy-free life

Hyde Park a Paradise For Chicago Vegans, According to Yelp

Man vs. Bey: Watch As One Guy Attempts The Beyoncé Vegan Diet

March 3

The unintended consequences of California's chicken cage law
"As an unintended consequence, it's one of the first times in recent
history that conventional egg producers and animal rights activists
have both opposed the same law, albeit for different reasons."

Towns prohibit disabled soldier's pit bull

Animal rights group calls for Ontario to close livestock auction for cruelty
""This facility has been operating in blatant disregard of California
animal cruelty laws," Vandhana Bala, general counsel for Mercy for
Animals, said Monday."

Woodland Park Zoo elephants to Oklahoma City? Not so fast

Students Discuss The Ethics of Animals Testing

Animal use in research on the rise despite government data, study finds

Man gets 4 to 10 years in prison for lighting match in Vegas pet shop
with 27 dogs in cages

Coyote Committees, Community Concord Fall Afoul of Emotion, Animal
Rights Activists

Co-defendant in Rocky Acres animal cruelty case arrested in Florida
after fleeing
Rocky Acres Horse Rescue

St. Clair County to announce new rules for investigating animal abuse


'One of the worst things I've ever seen': Joaquin Phoenix speaks out
after watching horrific video of dogs being brutally slaughtered in
China to be made into LEATHER

Animal abuse videos spark push for stronger laws
Rescue Japanese Animal Victims

Labor animal welfare board to advise Queensland Minister on best
practice for livestock industry
"The Australian Welfare Advisory Board (AWAB) is a key priority in
Labor's Food and Fibre document, released prior to the party's shock
victory at the polls last month."

Animal rights activist criticizes municipality's pet tax _municipality_s_pet_tax/

The Best Vegan Eateries Throughout the US

Vegetarian vs. vegan

Plant-based planet

Vegan cookbook author extols dairy-free life


Jared Leto Cuts Hair for Suicide Squad: His Vegan Diet and Yoga Workout Secrets

Mellow Mushroom Adds New Vegan Menu

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

March 2

Puppy Mill Protesters Rally In West Springfield

Squirrel Slam in Holley draws few protesters

Can captive bears help those in the wild?

Les Mis actress Samantha Banks "drowns" in tough animal rights a

"Annie the Owl is set to open in Soho, London, from 19-25 March
combining cocktails with a live-owl exhibition overseen by the
expertise of professional falconers."

New Draft Animal Welfare Act looks to safeguard animal rights -- A
voice for the voiceless
"One of Sri Lanka's most antiquated laws that sets out offences and
penalties for mistreatment of animals is the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Ordinance, No.13 of 1907 (last amended in 1955."

Animal Rights Activists Protest Against Illegal Horse Ride
"THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  Animal rights campaigners are up in arms against
the recent conduct of an unauthorised horse ride in Ernakulam district
of Kerala, despite alerts from the Animal Welfare Board of India

Wagner's Poultry Farm in Coldstream rejects cruelty accusations
"A YOUNG animal rights ­activist is calling on a Coldstream poultry
farm to change its practices claiming they are cruel and ­inhumane."

Activists seek action against killing of stray dogs
"Animal rights group Karuna Animal Rescue Ministering and Management
Association and Aishwarya Prem, a resident of Thevara area, have
approached the Thevara police seeking action against those who
thrashed the dogs to death."

21-day vegans see unexpected perks

Meatless Monday: Start National Nutrition Month with a Visit from the
Veggie Queen

V Street goes back to the future with new seitan specialties

The Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Dallas

New vegan, dairy free soft serve ice cream on offer at Sadhana Cafe in Enmore

28 items that are cheaper at Whole Foods

The GHT Companies to Unveil Exclusive Vegan D3 Gummy Product at
Natural Products Expo West

March 1

Animal Rights Activists Stage Protest Outside Manhattan Whole Foods
"A group of activists who claim Whole Foods's "Certified Humane"
animal product suppliers are fraudulent staged a protest outside one
of the company's stores in Chelsea today, as part of a worldwide
effort to promote animal welfare."

Secretive research monkey facilities come under scrutiny in Florida
"As other developed countries back away from primate research, one
Florida county is about to become home to more research macaques than

'Squirrel Slam' showdown
"HOLLEY, NY - A yearly squirrel-hunting contest once again drew
demonstrators on both sides to the streets of the Orleans County
Village of Holley."

Dog tethering rises as key issue in Gwinnett's proposed animal ordinance changes
"Do Gwinnett County's public safety officers have better things to do
with their time than hanging out to see how long a dog has been
tethered to a post?"

Puppy mill protestors target Carlsbad pet store

Karma, The Labrador Dog, Shot Twice In The Head, Animal Rights Groups
Offer Reward For Shooter

Sparring for animal rights in Sri Lanka
SPAR (Society for the Protection of Animal Rights)

First private society for animal rights to be established
"The Ministry of Agriculture completed a study to establish the first
Saudi private society for animal welfare, with their local
headquarters to be based in Riyadh, sources close to the ministry
informed, adding that more branches are expected to open in the

Cat dies after being dyed by pink-obsessed owner

Cairo demonstrates for stricter animal rights law

Four for trial in Egypt Internet dog death case

Fujairah's white knights for injured stray animals
"An animal welfare group that was formed after finding a seriously
hurt donkey now has 200 members and a Facebook page"

Amy's Kitchen seeks to shake up fast food industry
"This spring the Petaluma natural foods maker will open its first
Amy's Drive Thru restaurant on Redwood Drive in Rohnert Park, about a
block from the perennially packed In-N-Out Burger. Amy's organic,
all-vegetarian menu will include meatless burgers, hand-scooped ice
cream shakes, single-serve pizzas, burritos and salads."

Bringing a community of activism and food together

Vancouver Vegan Prom

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