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June 30

Syracuse activist jailed in foie gras protest; Hollywood star joins
rally to support her _support_for_syracuse_activist_jailed_in_foie_gras_protest.html
#AmberCanavan #SyracuseAnimalRightsOrganization #JamesCromwell #FoieGras

PETA sues California over poultry slaughter law
"The PETA Foundation says the California Department of Food and
Agriculture wrongly defers to federal meat inspectors to monitor
slaughter practices in the state's poultry processing plants. That
leaves a loophole because federal humane slaughter law does not cover
poultry, the group says."

Animal rights group protests at Evanston store
"About 40 animal rights protesters gathered outside a Gordon Food
Service store in Evanston Monday afternoon to protest the animal
welfare standards of one of the company's chicken suppliers."

Moulton Police serve search warrant at Lawrence County Animal Shelter,
find 250 dogs
"LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. -- Moulton Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter called
the situation at the Lawrence County Animal Shelter "worse than we
ever could have imagined it might be" after investigators served a
search warrant there Monday."

More research, fewer killings better for bears

Animal lab a step backward

PETA Protesting Use of Real Animals in CBS' ‘Zoo'

'Pirates of the Caribbean' monkey bites makeup artist on the ear at
Australia movie studio: reports

Shopkeepers In China Are Selling Animal Cruelty As A Worrying New Fashion Trend
"However, there is another trend involving the brutal deaths of small
creatures happening in Beijing -- vendors are selling keychains and
trinkets in the forms of live animals sealed in plastic bags."

Animal activists call for Palio ban after horse dies
"Animal rights groups have called for Italy's most famous horse race,
the Palio di Siena, to be banned after the death of a horse during a
warm-up heat."

Photos: MSG Served Meat During The All-Vegan Morrissey Show

Holistic health counselor aims for better nutrition through
vegan-inspired farming

"Veganic? Combine the vegan idea of avoiding cow and chicken manure
and blood and bone meal as fertilizer, with the concept of organic
farming -- avoiding genetically modified plants and chemical
fertilizers. Among other practices, veganic farmers use cover crops
rather than manure to restore nitrogen to the soil."

Giving leather the boot
"When Heather Whittle co-founded British shoe company Beyond Skin she
marketed the designer vegan shoes at, well, vegans."
""People used to say, 'Oh, they're vegetarian shoes. Can you eat
them?' … Now they're not fazed at all."

The cruelty-free cosmetics con: The top make-up brands testing on
animals abroad (and the ones you CAN trust)

Hollywood Has A New Vegan Peruvian Restaurant Serving Delicious Sangria

June 29

Feral cat bill heads to Cuomo's desk
"The fate of a bill to give a state-backed boost to groups that neuter
feral cats is in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's hands."

Animal Shelter Director makes $146,318; Should Be Replaced, Critics Say

The Bronx Zoo's Loneliest Elephant

Delaware Pets: State agency poised to take over animal control

PETA Targets East Texas Alligator Farm

St. Paul Petland buys dogs from puppy mills, group charges

French pensioner gored to death in bull run
"A Frenchman in his 60s has been gored to death during a bull run in
southern France, authorities said on Monday."

Initiative calls to abolish dolphinarium
"Tampere's Särkänniemi amusement park is one of only two places in the
Nordics that has a dolphinarium. The aquarium has stirred backlash in
Finland for years, and now a new initiative is calling for its
abolition once more."

Video Of ‘Frankenstein Meat' Goes Viral, Enough To Make You Vegan [Video]

Ready for raw vegan lifestyle? We'll help get you there
"How trendy is raw veganism? There are surveys indicating that about 5
percent of Americans identify as vegetarian with about half of those
being vegan, people who eat no animal products whatsoever. But it's
hard to find published studies of the numbers of health-minded --
albeit picky -- eaters who eschew cooking their food above 118 degrees.
Some call this living foodism."

Can this vegan shake replace food?
"A British company claims to have developed a replacement for food - a
vegan shake that contains all the protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and
minerals that the body needs."

Baby Steps & Big Benefits For Beginner Black Girl Vegans

New guide tells growers how to be self-reliant, or even radical

"Will Bonsall's Essential Guide to Radical, Self-Reliant Gardening"
"Bonsall is vegan, but he takes being vegan to the next level by
refusing to use animal manure on his land, making an exception for
human manure -- since humans live there and will consume on site much
of what he grows."

Vegan at the Bend: Crooked Ewe does a great job, especially for vegans

Curious art fans flock to 12 live horses exhibit
"There were lines around the block Friday for Greenwich Street gallery
Gavin Brown's Enterprise, where Jannis Kounellis' "Untitled (12
Horses)" show included just that -- a dozen live horses tethered to the

Falls police probe attempted poisoning at primate sanctuary
"Falls police have recently begun investigating an apparent attempt to
poison a chimpanzee at the Presti primate sanctuary."

Animal rights activists allege severe animal abuse in Los Angeles shelters
"Animal rights activists protested in front of Los Angeles Mayor Eric
Garcetti's home in Hancock Park on Sunday, alleging corruption and
severe animal abuse and neglect at the city's shelters."

Seattle elephants adjusting to life in OKC
"The two Asian elephants Chai and Bamboo arrived at Oklahoma City Zoo
from Seattle in May by way of the San Diego Zoo. They spent 30 days in
Oklahoma City in quarantine, which ended June 14."

Advocates protest 'Lucky the elephant's' living conditions at SA Zoo

Macau animal lovers march for animal rights,english/
"The Abandoned Animals Protection Association of Macau (AAPAM) held a
demonstration for animal rights on Sunday."

Traditional Chinese Medicine continues cultural clash with the West in Vancouver
"Last week, customs officials seized 213 bear paws that were hidden
hidden inside the tires of a van. The culprits were two Russian men
looking to cash in on their medicinal value in China. Their horrific
display of wares had an estimated street value of about 570,000
Canadian dollars."

Sheep and wool industry agreement needed on PETA and animal activists
"MORE agreement was need within the sheep and wool industry on how to
counter animal activist attacks, according to WoolProducers Australia
Richard Halliday. In the latest edition of quarterly industry
newsletter The Sheep Producer, Mr Halliday said while there is some
agreement on how the industry can proactively move forward, "more
agreement is needed on that messaging -- not PR or half-truths, but
genuine reflection and proactive stories.""

Reform or face 'disaster', government warns RSPCA
"The RSPCA must purge radical animal rights activists from its board
or face "disaster", a government source has told The Telegraph amid
fears the charity could be taken over by hardliners."

Ready for raw vegan lifestyle? We'll help get you there
"How trendy is raw veganism? There are surveys indicating that about 5
percent of Americans identify as vegetarian with about half of those
being vegan, people who eat no animal products whatsoever. But it's
hard to find published studies of the numbers of health-minded --
albeit picky -- eaters who eschew cooking their food above 118 degrees.
Some call this living foodism."

New guide tells growers how to be self-reliant, or even radical

"Will Bonsall's Essential Guide to Radical, Self-Reliant Gardening"
"Bonsall is vegan, but he takes being vegan to the next level by
refusing to use animal manure on his land, making an exception for
human manure -- since humans live there and will consume on site much
of what he grows."

Vegan at the Bend: Crooked Ewe does a great job, especially for vegans

June 28

American Veterinary Medical Association Not Happy with Austin County DA's Office
"SCHAUMBURG, Illinois - The American Veterinary Medical Association is
not happy that it was mentioned in reference to an Austin County grand
jury's decision not to charge the former Brenham vet who bragged about
killing a cat with a bow and arrow."

From racing to Rays? Dog tracks eyed as stadium sites

Cat stationmaster Tama mourned in Japan, elevated as goddess
"TOKYO (AP) - Tama the stationmaster, Japan's feline star of a
struggling local railway, was mourned by company officials and fans
and elevated into a goddess at a funeral Sunday."

A Look at Switzerland's Equine Protection Laws

Go vegan to keep memory loss at bay
"Washington DC, Jun 28 (ANI): A new study has suggested that eating
green leafy vegetables can help keep mental abilities sharp."

Civico 1845 arrives in Little Italy
"Ravioli, lasagna, penne alla vodka, pesto, pizza, eggplant -- all vegan"

Heather Mills on how to eat vegan on the go _to_eat_vegan_on_the_go/
"Heather Mills opened VBites vegan restaurant in Brighton five years
ago. She's created vegan substitutes for burgers, hot dogs, bacon and
more, allowing the ‘transitional carnivore' a nutritional and ethical
taste of the food they crave, while bringing innovative vegan food to
a wider audience"

Locals look to capitalize on natural food trend
"Everything at Chris Pilosi's Eden A Vegan Cafe in downtown Scranton is vegan."

Are killer whales persons?: The more we learn about orcas, the more
our assumption of innate superiority looks like a presumption more_we_learn_about_orcas_the_more_our_assumption_of_innate_ superiority_looks_like_a_presumption/
"They have big brains, complex social structures, rich emotional lives
-- how can we still hold them captive?"

Advocacy group challenges summer roundup at wild horse range
"Friends of Animals sued the U.S. Bureau of Land Management on Friday
in U.S. District Court in Montana."

Calling all investigators! The NFL has a job opening
"Are you passionate about anti-bullying, animal rights and have a
knack for sniffing out improprieties when it comes to the amount of
air in footballs and the source of noise in stadiums?"

Black bear crashes college party, gets collared
"The bear remains in the custody of the game commission and is doing
fine, Krieder said. Pennsylvania and New Jersey authorities will
discuss on which side of the river the animal will be released, he

3D Printed Mini Headstones for Animal Rights' Activists
"An animal rights activist is using 3D printing to warn consumers that
they are about to buy an ethically questionable product."

RSPCA faces grilling by MPs after animal rights fanatics who compare
farming to the holocaust and want people to take a test before getting
a pet hijack key posts
"RSPCA chiefs face a grilling by MPs over the way animal rights
zealots have gained a stronghold on the charity's ruling council."

Tory rebellion as new Ministers join Brian May's war on hunting... and
he claims top figures secretly backed badger campaign
"Three rising-star Tory Ministers have joined forces with
anti-badger-cull rocker Brian May to stop the ban on fox hunting being

The day my dog was cooked for dinner
"This week about 10,000 dogs and a number of cats were killed at an
annual dog-meat festival in south-western China, to celebrate the
longest day of the year. For the BBC's Juliana Liu it was a reminder
of one of the most traumatic days of her childhood, in the Chinese
city of Changsha."

Activists rescue 32 animals in Samayapuram, six traffickers arrested

Punjab wildlife department declares more animals as vermins, upsets
animal rights groups

Ex-minister gets notice for illegal possession of elephant

Sao Paulo Bans Foie Gras in Restaurants

June 27

Animal-rights protester pleads guilty in mink release

"One of two animal-rights protesters accused of freeing 2,000 minks
from an Illinois fur farm two years ago pleaded guilty Friday in
connection with the case."

Representatives to HHS: Investigate Hendry monkey farm
"Three U.S. representatives from Florida are asking the Department of
Health and Human Services to investigate a Hendry County monkey farm
already under scrutiny by the USDA and county officials."

Animal rights neglected in both fiction and reality to detriment of humans animal_rights_neglected_in_bot.html

Feds defend Utah prairie dogs rules in closely watched case

Animal Rights Activists Protest Untitled (12 Horses) at Gavin Brown's Enterprise
"Danny Moss, an animal rights activist at Their Turn, told the
Gothamist that he asked Gavin Brown about the horses's sleeping

Campbell animal cruelty case draws protests
Animal rights advocates gather outside Campbell Municipal Court

Cats rescued from shelters are hired for rodent patrol

Alicia Silverstone: 'I went on a quest to change the world'

Brazil: Foie gras banned in Sao Paulo restaurants
"Legislators in Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo, have banned the
production and sale of foie gras, a delicacy made from the fatty liver
of force-fed ducks and geese."

In Grueling Journey, 53,000 Live Animals Shipped from New Zealand to Mexico

REVEALED: Defence chiefs' animal testing shame as thousands suffer
"THOUSANDS of animals have been infected with deadly diseases
including Ebola and the plague in "grotesque" experiments funded by
the British government, it can be revealed."

Bites: Vegan butcher shop plans go kaput, more

LA's Best Vegan Cheesemaker Used to Hate Vegans

New home for Miss Rachel's Pantry

A Meat-Eating Yogi: Is a Veggie Diet the Only Option for a Spiritual Person?

Baking entrepreneur offers gluten-free and vegan treats
"When she named her bakery Brown Rice and Honey, Kristina Stanley
didn't know she'd spend so much time baking for vegans, the strictest
of whom don't consume honey."

June 26

Feds defend Utah prairie dogs rules in closely watched case

Woman charged after 67 animals seized from home
"WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A Williamson County woman accused of
practicing veterinary medicine without a license faces several

Circus protest planned for MPEC event
"WICHITA FALLS, Texas - The circus came to town Thursday, but not
everyone in Wichita Falls was pleased."

Call for Contributions to New Anthology
"LGBTQ animal advocates are diverse in terms of both identity and opinion."

World Record-Holding ‘Spearfishing Huntress' Fights Back Against
‘Hate,' Allegations That She's a ‘Killer'

Animal rights campaigners demand ‘Nancy the dolphin carer' dolls are
removed from shelves in Spain because ‘it promotes animal cruelty'
"The Catalonia-based animal rights group Associació Cetàcea has called
the sale of the doll 'a backward step'."

Beijing Zoo to better protect animal rights with new projects

Why China should host the 2019 World Dog Show

Animal rights activists want to inspect sheep ship
"Fifty-thousand sheep and 3000 cows en route to Mexico from Timaru are
due to arrive this evening in  New Zealand's largest ever shipment of
"Save Animals From Exploitation executive director Hans Kriek says
they've arranged for a local activist to try and meet the ship when it

Mexican Citizens Protest Pet Store After Graphic Video Of Worker
Beating And Killing Animals Goes Viral!

Animal rights activists want to inspect sheep ship

Veganism, Harm Reduction, Moral Baselines, etc., By Mickey Z.


Going vegan has changed my life, surprise surprise has_changed_my_life__surprise_surprise/

5 food vendors to try this weekend at ComFest
"If you're visiting Goodale Park this weekend for ComFest, expect more
vegan and organic foods than ever before."

Adelaide's first vegan supermarket opens in Goodwood as health
conscious inner south looks for new options
"THE inner south is home to a growing number of vegan cafes and
restaurants as people shy away from meat-based meals."

7 Vegan Cheeses Worth Seeking Out

Vegan Café Gratitude Staffing Up For Little Italy Opening
"San Diego's vegan food scene is getting a serious boost this summer,
thanks to South Park's vegan cocktail bar KINDRED and the 100%
organic, plant-based eatery Café Gratitude, which is scheduled to
emerge at 1980 Kettner Boulevard by the end of July."

Superfood myths: Health foods that aren't actually healthy

Tesla Actually Already Offers a Full Vegan Interior

Humane Cosmetics Act to end the use of animals in cosmetics testing

"WASHINGTON, D.C. /California Newswire/ -- This week, U.S. Rep. Tony
Cárdenas (D-San Fernando Valley, Calif.) joined Reps. Martha McSally
(R-AZ), Don Beyer (D-VA) and Dr. Joe Heck (R-NV) to introduce the
"Humane Cosmetics Act" to end the use of animals in cosmetics

Encinitas council votes to ban sale of 'puppy mill' pets

Ricky Gervais Speaks About Animal Activism: 'I've Just Never
Understood Animal Cruelty'

June 25

Animal rights campaigners outraged as Texas veterinarian who posted
picture on Facebook of her killing cat with a bow and arrow is spared
"A veterinarian who was fired from her clinic after killing a cat with
a bow and arrow will not face charges.
"A grand jury found that, after examining the evidence, there was
insufficient proof to charge Kristen Lindsey with animal cruelty and
issued a 'no bill' in her case."

Retirees deciding whether new lifestyle will include pets
"Baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, and many wonder whether
a dog or cat belongs in their golden years. Some seniors want the
companionship, but others worry about declining health, failing to
outlive a new pet, moving to a facility that doesn't allow animals and
tighter budgets. Some, like the Stevenses, just want a break from the
responsibility of owning a pet."

Animal welfare discussed at town hall meeting
"COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Taking care of animals and lowering the number
dying in shelters were the top items at a town hall meeting in
Columbus on Wednesday night."

Circus elephants beat the heat, celebrate final years

Claims of abuse and neglect at Lawrence County Animal Shelter

"MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) -- A volunteer at the Lawrence County Animal
Shelter contacted us with video he says shows the shelter's director
beating a dog. That volunteer spoke with WHNT News 19 about the video
and other pictures he took.'

Korean Meat Farm Dogs Are Now in Arlington 'Living the American Dream'

Why it's so easy to eat one animal and love another

100,000 Tons of Smuggled Meat, Some From 1970s, Seized Across China

Yes, Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Does Offer a Vegan Model S

UMD student starts business to sell all-organic, vegan-friendly snacks
"Monaghan's startup, Bethany's Organics, is based out of the Maryland
Co-op and works to sell healthy foods that are 100 percent organic and
vegan-friendly. They don't contain GMOs, preservatives or artificial

Millennium Bugs

Rehoboth Beach VegFest a resounding success
"Streaming crowds, high spirits, and fabulous food marked the day at
the third Rehoboth Beach VegFest last weekend. On Saturday, the
popular festival drew larger-than-ever numbers of enthusiastic
attendees, eager to learn more about veg-friendly eating and mindful

Suffering acne? Lay off the Marmite and go vegan! Vitamin B12 triggers
breakouts, study reveals

June 24

How 'organs-on-chips' could end animal testing
"Scientists at Harvard have developed slim, see-through microchips
that mimic the functions of human organs, paving the way for the end
of the use of animals in scientific research."

FWC approves bear hunting in Florida
"The agency calls it a "limited bear harvest." Nuisance bear calls and
an increase in bears killed by cars are among the reasons cited for a

Peter Dinklage backs new animal rights act

Neglected dogs removed from Glencoe residence are getting new homes
"Six of the nearly 40 dogs that were removed from a North Shore home
amid cruelty and neglect claims last month have been placed in
permanent new homes."

US animal rights group cries foul over Padenga croc slaughter
"A new video by the US-based People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals (PETA) has revealed what it says is gruesome slaughter of
crocodiles at Padenga Crocodile Farm located in Kariba."

Will Italy Back Down on Hermann Nitsch Show in Palermo?
"Italian animal rights activists have launched an online petition to
stop a Nitsch performance, slated to kick off in Palermo on July 10,
and continue throughout the summer until September 20."

Look: National pole dancing team promotes animal rights by posing as stray dogs
"A collection of photos created by members of the China National Pole
Dancing Team to protest animal cruelty has made waves on the web."

Brigitte Bardot writes anti-fur letter to Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette
"In a bizarre move, cinema legend Brigitte Bardot has written a letter
to Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette, urging the pet to persuade the
fashion designer to stop using fur in his collections."

My Interning Experience at The Vegetarian Resource Group

Demi Moore Hot Bikini Body Secrets At 52: Raw Vegan Diet and Yoga Workouts
"Demi follows a mostly raw vegan diet that features organic
vegetables, fruits, green juices, smoothies, and soups, Examiner
reported. Raw food devotees believe that eating greens, nuts, and
seeds heated below 118°F preserves vitamins and minerals."

Dallas is one of only a few cities to taste test this new ice cream

"Blue Bunny, one of the biggest ice cream makers, is testing a line of
nondairy vegan ice cream in five cities, and Dallas and Houston are on
the list.
"The line includes four flavors -- vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate
chip and mocha fudge -- and can be found at all Kroger stores in Dallas
and Houston. It's also being sold in Denver, Omaha and Des Moines."

Animal activists celebrate passage of Nevada's 'beagle bill'
"Animal rights activists are celebrating as Nevada has become among
the first states to require laboratories that perform tests on animals
to release them to rescues for adoption when they're no longer

PETA Video Accuses Horse Carriage Drivers of Using Aggressive Hate Speech

Protesters say FWC no longer protects animals
"Sarasota, Florida -- The future of Florida's black bears and panthers
lies in the hands of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission. Hearings started Tuesday in Sarasota and came with
protests from wildlife advocates."

Third complaint filed against big cat sanctuary
"EL PASO COUNTY - Inspectors with the US Department of Agriculture
have filed a third complaint against the owner of the Big Cats of
Serenity Springs Incorporated which runs the Serenity Springs Wildlife
Center Calhan."

Rachelle Lefevre And Boyfriend Back Animal Rights Campaign

Activists Call For An End To Fishing Contest

Bill to allow families buried near their pets
"BOSTON (WWLP) -- Some people consider their pets as family members.
Well, you could soon have the option to be buried near your beloved

Coyotes Create Dangers and Divisions in New York Suburbs

Encinitas to consider banning 'puppy mill pets' sales

Preview of this weekend's Mad City Vegan Fest

"There's a festival in Madison this weekend, but unlike most summer
gatherings there won't be hot dogs and brats. The fourth annual Mad
City Vegan Fest is set for this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
Goodman Community Center. Hannah West previews the event on Live at

The 411 on on Moby's Forthcoming Vegan Concept in Silver Lake
"Moby, born in Harlem, was once a die-hard New Yorker. Now living in
L.A., the electronica whiz, architecture buff, and vegan prophet has
no shortage of ownership in his adopted home -- literally."

Health beat: Is veganism right for you?

Vegan newcomer gets a culinary education
"When I say, "I'm vegan," I understand your instinct to start listing
what I can't eat. But while there are off-limits foods, three years
into this lifestyle change, I can attest that it's anything but
restricting. Once you learn to navigate the basics of vegan cooking,
you'll find it's not hard, it's healthy and the options are endless."

June 23

Groups want fishing tourney halted

Yulin dog butchers bare teeth at animal rights protests

Objections don't halt dog-meat festival in Beijing 2015/06/22/objections-dont-halt-dog-meat-festival.html
"As many as 10,000 dogs, many of them stolen pets, are slaughtered for
the festival, held deep inside the largely rural and poor Guangxi
Zhuang Autonomous Region."

Wrestlers fight bulls in brutal event slammed by animal rights activists
"every year in the city of Jiaxing, in eastern China's Zhejiang Province."

Controversial dog meat festival countered by vegan event
"(ECNS) -- A controversial dog meat festival was celebrated on Monday
along Jiangbin road in Yulin city, Guangxi autonomous region,
alongside a vegan event taking place just four kilometers away."

Man who rode moose in B.C. not at prosecution risk in other provinces

Think you could never go vegan? One VERY passionate animal-lover
reveals how a film about the horrors of factory farming made her shun
meat and dairy forever

A vegan diet may help with diabetes nerve pain
"For type 2 diabetics with neuropathy, a low-fat vegan diet may help
reduce physical pain related to the condition, a small study

Inside the NSA farmers market, where even the cupcakes need security clearance
""We see them outside and it's always a big secret," says Ashwini
Paraquad, the owner of Sexy Vegie, which sells vegan and vegetarian
food. "It's like, 'Great seeing you on Friday!,' but we don't mention
where we've seen each other on Friday.""

Author Dreena Burton shows how eating green and healthy is for the
whole family: Going Vegan author_dreena_burton_shows_how.html

For a healthy lifestyle, try vegan foods
"The FDA is considering approval of a new class of
cholesterol-lowering drugs -- PCSK9 inhibitors -- with a projected cost
of $10,000 per patient per year. Ouch. The price alone is enough to
give you a heart attack."

Undercover video sheds light on turkey slaughter
"Turkey hatchlings and embryos at a Foster Farms plant in Fresno were
tossed in plastic bags to suffocate or were ground up alive, according
to a new undercover video released Monday by an animal-rights group."

Animal rights group alleges abuse of cownose rays after graphic video surfaces
#FishFeel #SHARK
""It really just goes to show you the type of depravity that these
killing contests generate," said Mary Finelli of Silver Srping. Her
group Fish Feel helped SHARK try to draw attention to what they said
is an inhumane contest that needs to be banned.

Symbol: Susie's Law making a difference, time will tell how much
"The law, which turned animal cruelty in North Carolina from a Class 1
to a Class H-level felony, authorizes as much as 10 months of jail
time for those convicted of animal abuse, even for first-time
offenders. It is named after Susie, who sustained severe burns and a
broken jaw at 8 weeks old."

Animal rights activists protesting FWC ahead of bear hunting vote this week

Thieves steal $10,000 of animal rescue equipment from Midwest City

St. Bernard looks for feral cat solution
""I have residents calling me. They can't even go out of their house,"
Councilwoman Diana Schildmeyer said at a June 11 meeting. "The stench
from the cat urine and feces is so bad that we have to do something.""

China Dog Meat Festival: Animal rights activists rescue pets destined
for restaurants in Yulin [Graphic images]
"A group of about 25 animal rights activists briefly unfurled banners
in front of the city government office, demanding an end to the
festival, but they were quickly hustled away by unidentified men.
Animal rights activists said they believed the men who stole their
banners were working for the local government."

Conservationists urge prosecution of men 'surfing' on whale shark

"CARACAS, Venezuela, June 22 (UPI) -- Conservationists are calling for
the prosecution of two men "surfing" on the back of a protected whale
shark in a video believed to have been recorded in Venezuela."

June 22

Yes, 'Jurassic World' is a movie about animal rights
"The blockbuster's exploration of how we treat animals has drawn
comparisons to 'Blackfish.'"

DU adds law professorship on animal rights
"The University of Denver Sturm College of Law is adding animal rights
to its list of specialized study topics."

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary relocates to former farm, retreat center in High Falls

Men accused of stealing dogs appear in court, animal rights members gather

Florida black bear hunting could be approved this week

Florida zoo owner charged with mistreating animals

Ryan Gosling writes open letter urging Costco to sell cage-free eggs

Foster Farms criticized by animal rights group over turkey treatment

Are Animals Global Citizens?

VIDEO: Animal rights activists release hard-hitting seal shooting footage

"The Sea Shepherd seal defence team claim to have caught employees
from the Scottish Wild Salmon Company (USAN) killing the marine animal
at Crovie on the Banffshire coast."

China's dog-meat festival targeted by animal rights campaigner -- video

Horse-drawn vehicles banned from Israel's roads
"Transportation Ministry regulation aimed to stamp out abuse of horses."

Scientists Have Created the UK's First Herd of 'Eco-Cows'

Animal rights protesters clash at dog meat festival

Animal rights activist demand to shut down Tbilisi Zoo
""In a country where animals can't be treated right there should not
exist any zoo," the statement reads. "Beasts shouldn't spend their
lives in the city when they are meant to be in tropics or tundra.""

South Africa Hunters Say Best Way to Save Animals Is to Kill
"The kill, watched by Bloomberg News, is an attempt by South African
hunters to improve the industry's reputation after criticism from
animal-rights groups led to bans by governments and airlines on
transporting carcasses, or trophies such as horns and mounted stuffed

Dog's Best Friend - Xiangping Xu's dogged tale of animal activism
"Editor's Note: As the Yulin Dog Meat Festival grabs headlines around
the world, we thought it would be worth looking at an animal
protection advocate right here in Beijing."

One in ten cats in Sweden are homeless

Local Man Says Plant Based Diet Saved His Life
"South Boston, VA - After a health scare at just 36 years old, one
local man says he completely turned his health around with a
plant-based diet. Now he's on a mission to share the changes that he
says saved his life."

In A Taste Test Of Vegan Foods, Do They Ever Taste Better Than The Real Thing?
"So if you don't have to be a vegan for health reasons, do any vegan
substitutes actually taste good enough to lure you in to the
plant-based lifestyle?"

Letter: Restaurants: Think of vegans

6 Foods that seem to be Vegan but are actually not


Vegan Beer Dinner
[with link to menu]

The Future Is Here And It Brought Some Vegan Mayo Too
[Not all of it is vegan. But vegans might be from the future.]

June 21

Florida zoo owner charged with mistreating animals
"GULF BREEZE, Fla. (AP) - Federal officials have filed an extensive
complaint accusing the owners of a Florida zoo of failing to properly
care for the animals."

China: Hero Woman Saves 100 Dogs from Dog Meat Festival
"On Saturday, June 20, animal rights advocate Yang Xiaoyun traveled
more than 1,000 miles from her home in Tianjin to Yulin to save dogs
from being murdered."

Secret cameras capture preparations for China's barbaric annual meat
festival as tensions mount between traders and animal rights' groups
ahead of tomorrow's official launch

Employers in Taiwan told to help prevent pet-eating incidents
"Most of Taiwan's foreign workers come from Thailand, Indonesia, the
Philippines and Vietnam, where it is legal to eat cats and dogs. Some
migrant workers have been seen preparing meals using cat or dog meat,
sometimes leading to arguments with local people and even court

20k sign online petition against euthanizing Army animals
"MEERUT: Barely two weeks after the Indian Army revealed in response
to an RTI query that Army dogs and horses are euthanized after
retirement, a city-based NGO has announced that its upcoming animal
shelter will be dedicated to such retired animals if the Army permits

Dairy farmers must supply neighbors clean water
"OUTLOOK, Wash. -- A 79-year old grandmother in central Washington may
have changed the way dairies operate across the country.
"In a landmark agriculture ruling, a federal judge defined cow manure
and urine as "solid waste," rather than a nutrient as it's often
referred to in the industry."

Confiscated Ivory Crushed In Times Square To Raise Awareness About
Elephant Slaughters

Animal rescue group protests Gaston County Animal Control PHOTOGALLERY/620009997/PH/1

Animal Rights Groups Urge Obama for Iceland Whaling Sanctions

"The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA),
formerly one of Britain's most respected charities, has elected a
radical vegan who compared farming to the Holocaust to its governing

Saving Gorillas In A War Zone
"Congo's gorilla doctors hike deep into forests swarming with rebels
and genocidaires, risking their lives to treat the endangered mountain

China's Dog Meat Festivals Slowly Losing Popularity
"In northern China, where there is a long history of consuming dog
meat to ward off the coldness in the winter and bring in good luck,
people boast of the refined and sophisticated tastes of their dog-meat
cuisine. However, this tradition is slowly fading out."

Someone convicted under Hunting Act every fortnight
"New figures reveal extent of prosecutions under Hunting Act as
pressure increases on Prime Minister to hold a free vote before

SPCA Selangor laud Animal Welfare Act
"SELANGOR: After two decades of fighting for animal-protection
legislation, the SPCA Selangor was relieved that the Animal Welfare
Act 2015 (AWA 2015) was finally passed in Parliament last week."

Mad City Vegan Fest draws the hungry and curious
"Those who love animals have a variety of ways to work on their
behalf. One of the simplest is just by creating community."

HEALTH NOTES: The clot scare that led Jackson to go 'hardcore vegan'
"Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson became an unlikely poster boy for
veganism after losing 3st on a diet -- and now he has revealed his
motivation: he recently survived a life-threatening blood clot near
his heart."

Patricia Randolph's Madravenspeak: Vegan Fest June 27 celebrates the
sentience of all beings

Wild Animal Performances: Unsafe For Us, Unhappy For Them

Military contractor loses medical license following training abuses
"The Virginia Board of Medicine on Friday revoked the medical license
of a longtime military contractor, acting after a string of Army
medical students testified that Dr. John Hagmann had subjected them to
dangerous experiments and sexual exploitation."
"In a brief telephone interview last week, Hagmann told The Post that
animal rights activists who oppose his use of live animals in training
were behind the allegations."

In Miami-Dade schools, cats are now off the dissection table

Research resumes at under-fire USDA site
"LINCOLN -- An embattled federal facility in Nebraska has quietly
resumed livestock research amid an ongoing investigation into
allegations of animal abuse."

Animal rights group plans Ocala rally against bear hunt
"The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida announced the protests will
occur at noon outside the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission regional office in Ocala was well as outside offices in
West Palm Beach, Ocala, Lake City, Lakeland and Panama City."

Controversial circus performing in San Marcos
"In April, animal rights activists and circus performers got into a
violent confrontation outside the big tent before a show in San

PETA: Be a chicken, save a chicken

Daiya Teams Up with Beyond Meat to Expand Frozen Pizza Offering

Heather Mills reveals all about her food habits

INTERVIEW with Entrepreneur, Paralympic skier and restaurateur Heather Mills

Auntie Loo's Treats to close Saturday
"Auntie Loo's Treats, the Nelson Avenue business that opened as
Eastern Ontario's first vegan bakery in 2009 and was selling its good
in Farm Boy stores, is to close Saturday, its owner announced on
Facebook Friday afternoon."

June 20

APNewsBreak: McDonald's to shrink in US, 1st time in decades

UW animal lab represents archaic, abusive practice

Why SC's animal cruelty laws rank 45th in the U.S.
"We have people that are avid hunters and fishermen and they believe
that anything to do with animal concerns, animal abuse, is going to
take away, infringe on their rights, take away their guns, not let
them hunt and that kind of thing. So anytime you bring something up
about animals you're hitting a brick wall."

1980 Flashback: The legal battle for a dog's life
"She's committed no crime. The only crime that she committed was that
she loved totally her master and for that she's been condemned to

'We're really here for the Cowboy Monkeys': Fans react to Harrisburg
Senators' promotional event were_really_here_for_the_cowbo.html
"Animal rights groups in Frederick, Maryland, expressed concerns over
Cowboy Monkeys three years ago, according to The Frederick-News Post,
but no such voices have been loud enough to create waves in the
Harrisburg area."

China animal activists seek to muzzle dog meat festival

China's annual dog-eating festival prompts social media firestorm

"Warning: This story contains graphic imagery some may find disturbing"

'Vegan pinup' strips to bring attention to cruel treatment of sheep in
wool industry
"Ivory is trying to bring attention to the cruel treatment of sheep in
the wool industry."

Minister attacks coffee chain for bowing to activities over 'cull milk'
"Caffè Nero's policy not to stock milk from farms in the badger cull
area because of pressure from animal rights activists was "utterly
unacceptable", a Cabinet minister has said."

Militant vegan questions meat eaters' right to live

"June 19, 2015: Adelaide blogger 'Freelee the Banana Girl' has sparked
debate online after suggesting meat-eaters don't deserve to live, and
that all people be forced to become vegan."

If Beyonce is Vegan, So Am I: My Weeklong Vegan Diet Challenge
"If you've been living under a rock for the last two weeks, you might
have missed the big news that Beyonce is vegan now. Or that she went
on a vegan diet designed by her trainer. Or that she consumes a mostly
'plant based' diet, but still eats meat. There's a little bit of
confusion over the actual nomenclature, but the general consensus is
that Beyonce is eating a shitload of kale right now, and she looks

What the truck? | V-grits vegan food truck
""V-Grits" stands for "vegan girl raised in the south.""

Fest lets you 'Ask a Vegan' arts_and_entertainment/article_0577e9d8-145c-11e5-a8e8-c33c0ac66d42.html
# MadCityVeganFest #AskaVegan

Latin Vegan Spot Soft-Opens On St. Marks Place Friday
"This Friday they'll finally soft-open their vegan-kosher eatery with
limited seating. The grand opening will follow a week later."

Facade of colourful shutters allows light and wind into Block
Architects' Vegan House

"Now named Vegan House, the three-storey building is located in Ho Chi
Minh City's District 3 -- the quieter and more scenic of the Vietnamese
city's two central zones."


Advocacy groups rally to toughen up animal abuse laws during
arraignment of Reily Township man
#JusticeforBruiser #JosephsLegacy
"Animal advocacy groups like Ohio Voters for Companion Animals,
Justice for Bruiser and Joseph's Legacy are meeting outside the
courthouse for the 1 p.m. arraignment of Robert Lewis, a Reily
Township man charged with four counts of animal cruelty , resisting
arrest and obstructing official business."

Woman sentenced for animal cruelty
"Bowman, 37, told Judge Robert Milich on Wednesday as she was being
sentenced after being convicted of animal-cruelty charges that she has
lost her job and a promotion she worked hard for, and neighbors are
mean to her."

Animal-rights activists set to appear at upcoming court cases
"CAMPBELL -- Animal-rights activists will be at Campbell Municipal
Court on June 26 and at Mahoning County Court in Boardman on June 30
to draw attention to people facing animal-cruelty charges."

The world's most famous utilitarian on whether all carnivorous animals
should be killed
"Most philosophers dream of having one big, deeply influential idea.
Peter Singer has had three."

Controversial dog eating festival could lead to massive spike in rabies cases
"The annual Yulin Festival is more than barbaric - it could be very
dangerous, say critics"

Time to come clean on live animal shipments
"Despite the fact that it floats, the Nada could be described as a
temporary farm. New Zealanders, however, haven't been given the chance
to decide if it ought to be one. Nor have we been given the
opportunity to debate whether live export should only be prohibited
when animals are going to slaughter, as is current law."

Are you Syria's? Pro-Assad game hunters pose with high-powered rifles
and dead deer in rural NSW
"A GROUP of pro-Assad game hunters, including a Hezbollah supporter,
has drawn the ire of animal rights groups after members were pictured
brandishing high-powered guns and posing gaily with sunglasses on
their prey in rural New South Wales."

25 goats sacrificed at Buddhist site in Odisha
"KENDRAPADA: Around 25 goats were sacrificed at the Mahakala temple in
the Buddhist site of Udayagiri in Jajpur district on Tuesday shocking
many Buddhist scholars. On Wednesday, the district administration
asked the local tehsildar to submit a report about the gory incident."

Amy's Kitchen Is Opening An All Vegetarian Drive-Thru
"America is getting another all-vegetarian drive-thru next month.
Amy's Kitchen, a company known for its vegetarian convenience food and
frozen meals, will open its first restaurant in Rohnert Park,
California, a city north of San Francisco."

Choosing a college by its food court selections
"Whether their diet is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or kosher, the
options offered by on-campus dining halls are influential in
determining whether attending a particular college is a viable

"Will Travel for Vegan Food: A Young Woman's Solo Van-Dwelling Mission
to Break Free, Find Food, and Make Love"
"Kristin Lajeunesse ... sold her belongings, launched a Kickstarter
campaign, bought a van and set out on a wild, cross-country road trip,
determined to eat at every single vegan restaurant in the United
States. It took her two years, but she nailed it."

Looking for Vegan Food? Check out These 5 Hotels

Just Open: Vegan delicatessen Smith & Deli, Fitzroy
"Smith & Deli's made-to-order sandwiches and bagels bite back. It's
not only their names -- Maury Ballstein, Hail Seitan, Club Sandwiches
Not Seals -- but their ingredients, with feisty pickles and sauerkraut
in an impolitely large Reubenstein with pastrami and Russian

June 19

Bob Barker Blasts Foster Farms, Humane Association for Animal Cruelty

#AnimalWelfareAct #AnimalLegalDefenseFund

Monkeys used in medical research 'kept in neglectful conditions,' say activists

"New US laws require that researchers treat chimpanzees in an
ethologically appropriate manner, and several organizations say
monkeys need the same rules"
"The rules governing these animals' welfare are minimal and outdated,
says the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and are no longer consistent with
what scientists now know about their needs and feelings."

Rant Van: Detroit Animal Control vs. rescue groups

A year after BAARC shelter raided, former owner found guilty of animal cruelty a_year_after_baarc_animal_shel.html
#BirminghamsAnimalAdoptionandRescueCenter #BAARC

The heroic woman who is trying to save hundreds of dogs from the
dinner plate at China's barbaric annual 'meat festival'
"Yang Xiaoyun, 65, is going to purchase dogs ready for slaughter
direct from traders at the festival and take them to a safe house."

How would you like your meat, sir. Stunned or non-stunned?
"A recent survey indicates that the majority of meat-buying customers
want to know how the animal they are about to eat was slaughtered. Is
it finally time for a change in labelling legislation?"

Soham vegan Emily Keates' campaign to get comedian Ricky Gervais to
visit her house pig, Fella
"Emily, 25, and Fella, a crossbreed pig which she rescued from a meat
farm in Essex, hit the headlines earlier this year as Fella thinks
he's more dog than hog."

UWS restaurant owner welcomes dogs as bill awaits Cuomo's signature
"Pamela Blackwell, owner of Blossom Vegan Restaurants, is one of the
many New York City business owners considering opening its outdoors to
man's best friend."

Does Beyoncé really understand what veganism is about?
"That made me wonder whether Beyoncé understands that the concept of
veganism is rooted in a strict avoidance of consuming or harming
animals -- from wearing clothes and jewelry made of animal skins, bone,
and teeth, to using cosmetics tested on animals."

Veg out Saturday at Richmond Vegetarian Festival

Animal-rights group accuses Foster Farms of abusing chickens
Shocking video shows animal abuse at 'humane certified' farm

Deadwood moves to curb exotic animals
"A Minnesota woman who recently opened an attraction featuring wolf
pups and fox kits in this Northern Hills town has been ordered to
remove her collection of exotic animals from a similar attraction
south of the Twin Cities."

Largest slaughterhouse in Israel reopens days after being shut down
over severe animal abuse allegations
"Animal rights activists petition High Court to force Israel's largest
abbatoir to remain closed until the suspicions have been probed and
punishments imposed."

Diner is killed by an elephant when it gores him in the chest as he
eats at a beach side restaurant in Thailand
"Animal was being used to beg for money by man who now faces charges"

'Killer elephant' prompts call for wild animal ban
"Hesse environment minister Priska Hinz said on Tuesday that the state
would ban circuses from keeping wild animals and push for a nationwide
stop to the practice, after an escaped elephant killed a pensioner on

Vegan DJ Moby beefs with California farmers over drought crisis

More Beets, Less Meat as Vegans Take Moscow
"The Russian capital is undergoing a vegan diet boom. In the past
month, pan-Asian restaurant Shanti has opened a vegan branch called
Shanti-Green, a new vegan market with prepared foods has opened in
Patriarch's Ponds and the Botanika restaurant near Belorusskaya has
launched a raw food menu. This is in addition to the expansion of
Canadian vegan restaurant chain Fresh to three stores last year up
from its original Moscow restaurant, which opened in 2012."

The Pegan diet: When paleo met vegan

Panera: Observation by Lily Donofrio
[includes list of vegan menu items]

Vegetarian Kitchen: Road trip this summer? Take this handy guide to
Maine's best vegetarian and vegan spots

"From country cafés to elegant eateries and everything in between,
they're all over the map."

Why Hundreds of Animal Rights Advocates Just Celebrated LA Pride,
Nathan Runkle, Founder and President, Mercy for Animals
"For the fourth year in a row, many walked with my organization, Mercy
For Animals, behind a rainbow banner that reads, "No one is free while
others are oppressed.""

Research resumes at Nebraska livestock facility amid animal abuse investigation

Bill to halt DEC's mute swan plan sent once again to governor's desk

Safety issues raised as Costco won't commit to cage-free eggs

Police investigating Foster Farms after group says undercover video
shows chicken abuse

As the circus comes to town, the end of an elephant era looms ringling_bros_barnum_bailey_ci.html

Court orders 'vicious' dog returned to owner

Georgia Flooding: Activists Accuse Police Of Killing Escaped Tbilisi Zoo Animals

Vegan nation

"Plant-based diets are becoming a larger part of the U.S. food landscape"

Ex-NBA star to lead a vegan wine tasting
#JohnSalley #VeganWine #VeganVine
"After his NBA career, John Salley has gone into the wine business -
specifically, the vegan wine business, with a company called The Vegan

#BetterBurgerProject goes raw, vegan in Naples

Raw, vegan, gluten-free; but how much is too much when eating healthy treats? how+much+is+too+much+when+eating+healthy+treatsr+,36987
"A nutritionist explains when to exercise moderation."

NYC Near-Vegan Restaurant The Butcher's Daughter Is Coming to Abbot Kinney

Vegan pop-up on tap
"Look for a plant-based pop-up June 26 in NoDa, part of "As You Do," a
dinner series by Brian Williams and Shawn Harrison. The two plan to
employ plenty of house-cultured, sprouted and aged ingredients in the
five-course-plus-dessert lineup."

June 18

Animal lovers demand answers over Georgia zoo killing spree
"After freak floods in Georgia saw hundreds of zoo animals swept to
freedom, activists are demanding an investigation into revelations
that police shot many of the creatures dead as they roamed the

Animal rights campaign urges people to discourage slow loris tickling videos
"Videos of the animals raising their arms above their heads while
being tickled have been a huge hit on social media, but an animal
rights group says the footage is tantamount to torture."

Kangaroo cull photo sparks renewed war of words

Go veggie to save the planet, says world champion freerunner Tim Shieff
"Shieff spoke with the Guardian about his own personal cause -- animal
rights -- and how this generation is already making an environmental
change just in what they choose to buy and eat."

Getting enough iron in a vegan diet 2015/06/16/getting-enough-iron-vegan-diet/28797311/

Uchi to offer monthly vegetarian menu
"Whether you're doing it for your health, for animal rights, or just
wanting to branch out and try something new, Houston is a great place
to give vegetarianism a try."

June 17

Keep a spotlight on animal abuse
"The shocking undercover video of animal abuse at a Fort Morgan dairy
farm is a perfect argument for why states should not discourage
documenting such incidents."

New Jersey game council OKs use of banned animal traps
""They claim they're more humane because they're more selective," said
John Hadidian, a scientist with the Humane Society of the United
States. "But that's a misuse of the word. They may be more selective,
but the amount of suffering and pain they cause is not humane at

The Long Road to Animal Welfare, By Wayne Pacelle

Who Knew?!! 90s' Sex Symbols Barbi Twins Are Awesome Animal Rights Activists!

"They formed the Twin Bunnies Liberation Front or Twin BLF (formerly
known as "The Kitty Liberation Front") in an effort to promote every
animal's right to a safe and free life, support the promotion of
companion animal population control through spay and neuter and trap
and return programs (TNR) and to build public awareness of acts of
animal cruelty both on the part of individuals and corporations."

Animal rights group claims responsibility for setting two truck fires
at Toronto-area research lab
"In an anonymous email sent to the North American Animal Liberation
Press Office, activists from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed
they were responsible for the incident."

Ricky Gervais backs animal rights charity to shut down China's Yulin
dog meat festival

Deadly efficient exterminator enrages animal rights activists exterminator_enrages_animal_rights_activists.html?id=307347161
"Reviled as a Nazi by animal rights activists but hailed as a hero by
Dutch farmers, Den Hertog, 40, is the Netherlands' peerless expert in
the theory and practice of killing large numbers of wild geese."

Animal activists could be jailed under new bill
#aggag #SayNoToAgGag

Retire the elephants, animal rights groups demand
"An elephant that escaped from a circus and killed a man over the
weekend has been relocated to a German safari park. Calls for a total
ban on wild animals in the circus are getting louder."

Morrissey Says 'The Only Perfect World For Animals Is A World Without Humans'

Exposing Food Chain to Human Rights, via Music's Diplomats
"However, in a globe ever more consumed by the notion of eating animal
protein, the efficiency of such production, impact upon our physical
health and the welfare of animals that we exploit is also a more than
timely consideration. Bill Gates has been funding more plant-based
substitutes for animal protein. Animal rights are not human rights but
there is a link, certainly evidence that abuse and empathy may have
universal connections."

Meatless Monday: Raw-food potluck tonight; a tasty vegan cheese?
#MeatlessMonday #VeganCheese #RawFood
"If you'd like to learn more about how to prepare and enjoy raw foods
that don't contain animal products, you might want to check out the
monthly Raw Food Potluck in Kinzers tonight (Monday, June 15)."


"Why do you think most vegan food is over-processed and over-packaged?"

New Jersey game council OKs use of banned foothold traps

Activists rally Wednesday as woman is sentenced in dog cruelty case

New Zealand law highlights battle between livestock industry and
animal rights groups
#HansKriek #SaveAnimalsFromExploitation #SAFE
"Hans Kriek hasn't eaten meat in 40 years. He's been involved in the
animal rights movement for 30. So he's heartened by a new law in his
country that declares animals to be "sentient beings" -- creatures
capable of feeling sensation."

Animal rights activist demand strict action against man who abused
kitten in Bandra

Circus owner: activists freed killer elephant
"A circus owner alleged on Monday that animal rights activists had
tampered with the junction box supplying power to the cage holding an
elephant that trampled a pensioner to death on Saturday."

June 16

Does 'Jurassic World' remind you of 'Blackfish'? How a dinosaur movie
tackled animal rights.

Pet photo series aims to counter 'black dog' theory
"A dog shouldn't be overlooked just because of its coat. That's a
minor element when it comes to the dog."

Retiring Rep. Rick Glazier draws praise from North Carolina lawmakers
#aggag #ncaggag
"Glazier, to the surprise of some observers, helped Szoka pass his
Property Protection Act. This is the legislation that animal rights
organizations call an "ag-gag" law and say will stifle private
investigations into animal abuse in the agriculture industry."

Mendocino supervisors to weigh federal animal-trapping program

"In what's sure to raise the hackles of animal rights activists,
Mendocino County supervisors on Tuesday are being asked to continue a
federal trapping program that includes killing wildlife that preys on

Dairy on Probation after Abuse Allegations
"A Morgan County, Colorado, dairy farm is at the center of an animal
abuse investigation following the release of a video showing workers
punching and stabbing dairy cattle."

Protesters demonstrate outside pet store
"TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A group of protesters clamored outside
a local pet store Saturday to raise awareness of the issues
surrounding the purchase of animals."

Humane Society not in favor of proposed spay/neuter mandate
"SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Humane Society of Greater Savannah says
sterilization of animals will help reduce the growing number of
unwanted animals in Savannah, however they are not supporting the
city's proposal to mandate spay and neutering of all cats."

Letter: If you don't like caged animals, don't eat them, either

Real-estate mogul may have hired PIs to tail horse-carriage drivers
"A deep-pocketed animal-rights activist paid a team of private eyes to
spy on Central Park horse carriage drivers for three months in the
hope of catching them breaking the law."

Tram driver hits animal rights activists in Turkey

Belgium: 'Bite Back' protesters march to end slaughtering of animals

Goose Exterminator of the Netherlands Enrages Animal Rights Activists
"WIJK BIJ DUURSTEDE, Netherlands -- The hiss of gas, released by a red
lever turned by Arie den Hertog in the back of his white van, signaled
the start of the massacre. The victims, crammed into a sealed,
coffin-like wooden case, squawked as they struggled to breathe. Then,
after barely two minutes, they fell silent."

Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2015: China Officials Beseeched By Animal
Rights Activists As Solstice Approaches
"Animal-rights groups across the world are calling on Chinese
officials to put a stop to a solstice celebration in which thousands
of dogs and cats are supposedly killed for their meat and eaten. The
so-called Yulin Dog Meat Festival, in the Guangxi region of China, was
reportedly banned by the local government, but advocates say the ban
has not stopped the slaughter of the animals, according to numerous
press reports."

Lion hunting: the legal and illegal
"In South Africa, killing a captive bred lion on private land is
legal, with certain stipulations. But canned hunting - in a smaller
enclosure where the animal is sometimes drugged and the shot is taken
from the back of a ute - isn't. Africa correspondent Martin Cuddihy

Kangaroos pictured wearing boxing gloves and throwing punches as
they're forced to fight with HUMANS in disturbing historic photos

Meat Free Monday: Vegans need to stop comparing the treatment of
animals to American slavery
#MeatFreeMonday #Racism #Speciesism #Veganism
"Our food industry is a disgusting and oppressive force, but there's
no need to convey that through offensive comparisons"

Vegan Restaurant That Got Hate Mail From 'CrossFit People' Is Closing
"GustOrganics switched over to a vegan menu in November, a decision
that sparked a fiery backlash from its former meat-loving clientele.
Despite an influx of vegan "love mail" at first, Adami said, business
has since crashed."

Vegan food stall Veg Instead back in business following Surrey Street
police car crash in Croydon food_stall_back_in_business_following_police_car_crash_at_Surrey_Street/

June 15

Nonhuman Rights Project champions animal rights 2015/06/13/nonhuman-rights-project-champions-animal-rights/71059604/
#NonhumanRightsProject #NhRP

FBI must explain prioritizing environmental activists on its terrorist
lists - journalist (VIDEO)
"The public deserves to know why the FBI singles out environmental or
left-wing activists - some from decades ago - as top terrorist
suspects on its most wanted lists, as opposed to violent right-wing
fugitives, journalist Will Potter told RT."

City reviewing public protest regulations
"Protesters stand outside Dyvig's Pet Shoppe in downtown Ames on
Saturday. The group, Bailing Out Benji, hold signs claiming the shop's
dogs come from disreputable puppy mills. But a letter from Main Street
Cultural District Executive Director Cindy Hicks states the group
often blocks the public sidewalk, and has asked city staff to prepare
a memo for the Ames City Council about how other Iowa communities have
responded to potentially disruptive protests in their downtowns."

Greeneville State Representative Hawk extends Good Samaritan law to
car-bound animals
"On July 1, Tennesseans will be within their rights to help save the
life of a animal locked in a hot car if the animal's safety is in

Circus World to keep elephant act, will review policy annually

Reader View: The truth about the Animal Cruelty Hotline

65-year-old man killed by escaped elephant in Germany
"Unnamed man was walking in woods near Buchen in south-west of the
country when he was attacked by circus animal"

Woman facing charges after horrifying video of four-month-old kitten
being set on fire
"The footage, shot in Mexico, shows the woman splashing liquid on the
four-month-old cat before lighting its fur with a match."

Zoo Animals Roam Tbilisi After Disastrous Flooding
"In a nightmare for both human and beast, devastating floodwaters have
inundated the city of Tbilisi, Georgia, killing at least 11 people and
leading to a mass exodus of animals from the local zoo."

Cook Your Week: Plant-Based Is The New Vegan
#PlantBased #vegan #PlantBasedIsTheNewVegan
"But after spending the last few weeks immersing myself in a
plant-based world for the June 14 special print issue on the subject --
ICYMI, plant-based is the new vegan, though we argue it's a little
less rigid -- it's clear that in going more mainstream, the lifestyle
is easier than ever to follow."

Miley Cyrus publicly shares her journey into veganism!

June 14

Animal Planet Hosts "Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl" Free Festival at
Chicago's Stadium Green at Soldier Field with Eyes on Setting a
Guinness World Record

Corps has removed 125 cormorants, 1,700 eggs from East Sand Island
"The birds are shot at night using rifles equipped with silencers and
lead-free ammunition, as required by the environmental impact
statement. Teams work in two and threes and are armed with .22 caliber
rifles, using night vision scopes. Shooting at night is meant to
reduce disturbances to other species and also helps hunters identify
cormorants that have chicks (they're trying to avoid killing roosting
pairs to avoid leaving hatchlings without parents)."

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Alleged Animal Abuse At CO Dairy Farm

Animal rights activists want chimp released from Argentine zoo
"Buenos Aires, June 12 (IANS) An animal rights advocacy group has
requested the courts in Argentina to order a zoo inside the western
metropolis of Mendoza to launch a female chimpanzee named Cecilia,
asserting that the animal is struggling from isolation and
"deplorable" circumstances."

Big idea: the push to grant greater rights to chimpanzees
"Connections with our closest genetic relative -- we share more than 98
per cent of the same DNA -- run deep. Chimps grieving over the death of
a relative will sleep poorly and remain quieter, calmer and have
little appetite for weeks after."

Animal cruelty: NSW government inquiry to probe allegations of vets
ignoring practices on puppy farms

Bay Area eatery brings surprising flavor to vegan cuisine

"KRON's Vicki Liviakis tried the cuisine offered by Millennium, the
East Bay restaurant featured in Saturday's Dine and Dish story."

The impossible? Bay Area company makes vegan cheese that tastes like
the real deal

"The inspiration to pursue high-end vegan cheeses came four years ago
while he helping hotel magnate Steve Wynn develop vegan menus for his
Las Vegas properties. "I remember bringing in some vegan cheeses and
one of the chefs literally spit it out and it was such a turning point
for me.""

June 13

Animal Planet Hosts "Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl" Free Festival at
Chicago's Stadium Green at Soldier Field with Eyes on Setting a
Guinness World Record

Corps has removed 125 cormorants, 1,700 eggs from East Sand Island
"The birds are shot at night using rifles equipped with silencers and
lead-free ammunition, as required by the environmental impact
statement. Teams work in two and threes and are armed with .22 caliber
rifles, using night vision scopes. Shooting at night is meant to
reduce disturbances to other species and also helps hunters identify
cormorants that have chicks (they're trying to avoid killing roosting
pairs to avoid leaving hatchlings without parents)."

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Alleged Animal Abuse At CO Dairy Farm

Animal rights activists want chimp released from Argentine zoo
"Buenos Aires, June 12 (IANS) An animal rights advocacy group has
requested the courts in Argentina to order a zoo inside the western
metropolis of Mendoza to launch a female chimpanzee named Cecilia,
asserting that the animal is struggling from isolation and
"deplorable" circumstances."

Big idea: the push to grant greater rights to chimpanzees
"Connections with our closest genetic relative -- we share more than 98
per cent of the same DNA -- run deep. Chimps grieving over the death of
a relative will sleep poorly and remain quieter, calmer and have
little appetite for weeks after."

Animal cruelty: NSW government inquiry to probe allegations of vets
ignoring practices on puppy farms

Bay Area eatery brings surprising flavor to vegan cuisine

"KRON's Vicki Liviakis tried the cuisine offered by Millennium, the
East Bay restaurant featured in Saturday's Dine and Dish story."

The impossible? Bay Area company makes vegan cheese that tastes like
the real deal

"The inspiration to pursue high-end vegan cheeses came four years ago
while he helping hotel magnate Steve Wynn develop vegan menus for his
Las Vegas properties. "I remember bringing in some vegan cheeses and
one of the chefs literally spit it out and it was such a turning point
for me.""

Game council OKs use of foothold traps for raccoons, opossums

Local animal rights group angry at Lagoon zoo

PETA sues North Carolina over new 'possum drop law
"The suit seeks to have declared unconstitutional a bill Gov. Pat
McCrory signed into law Thursday that says North Carolina wildlife
protection laws will not apply to opossums each year between Dec 29 and Jan 2.

Actress Olivia Munn urges Gov. Rauner to veto bobcat hunting bill
"Hollywood actress Olivia Munn is urging Gov. Bruce Rauner to veto a
bill that would create a bobcat hunting season in Illinois."

Dairy Farmers Of America Urges Activist Groups To Report Abuse Immediately
"It is an ongoing tactic for animal rights extremist groups like Mercy
For Animals to secretly record footage on farms throughout the country
for weeks, even months at a time before reporting any allegations of
abuse or mistreatment. In some states, this is a crime. DFA is
planning to work with the Goederts to press charges."

Alleged animal torturer Jason Brown changes plea in Reno

Why Koreans abandon so many dogs
"Koreans' aversion to adoption, lax regulations lead to inhumane desertion"

Anti-trespass bill 'recommended' politics/antitrespass-bill-recommended/2735000.aspx
"The Committee inquiry received 1671 written submissions including a
large number of form letters prompted by animal rights and protection
groups campaigning against the adoption of potential US-style "ag-gag"
laws in Australia."

This Haryana Man Who Used To Throw His Poor Dog Into Illegal Dogfights
Is Now Caught!
"Identified from his viral Facebook photo of posing with an injured
dog he'd force into dog fights, Surender Dagar has been arrested,
according to Kamna Pandey, co-op member at Animal Welfare Board of

The Impossible? Vegan Cheese That Tastes Like the Real Deal
"In fact, Kite Hill's dairy-free "cheeses" taste so authentic, Whole
Foods Markets actually sells them alongside its real deal Parmesans
and cheddars."

Whole Foods Looks At Whole Picture And Makes Organic Growers Angry

Vegan Offerings at Fine Dining Restaurants Are Sprouting
"Many fine dining restaurants have begun offering vegan and vegetarian
offerings on their menus, even if their focus is meat or seafood, as
of late. In 2013, Chef Grant Achatz of NEXT in Chicago surprised many
of its ticketholders when he produced a 4-start vegan-only menu. And
now with Beyoncé citing a plant-based diet is responsible for her
improved skin and weight loss, it seems more restaurants than ever
are highlighting their vegan offerings."

Miley Cyrus Went Vegan a Year Ago and Now She's Telling the World

Snack attack, vegan-style
"According to natural-foods market analyst Spins, annual sales of
vegan candy and individual snacks increased by 24.5 percent this past
year; vegan chips, pretzels and snacks by 22 percent; vegan cookies
and snack bars, 5.1 percent; vegan crackers and crispbreads, 9.5
percent; and vegan frozen desserts, 16 percent percent."

Transaction Action: Go vegan with city's second Vegeria Restaurant location

June 12

Southern Baptist leader applauds crackdown on animal fighting
"The Southern Baptist Convention and Humane Society of the United
States were among supporters of legislation cracking down on animal
fighting in Tennessee signed into law June 11."

Animal rights group praises new effort to deal with feral cats
"Whitney Luckhart, president and founder of L.E.A.S.H., Inc. -- a
non-profit agency based in Lake County that works to benefit shelter
animals -- issued a statement celebrating the commissioners' unanimous
vote to allow a Trap-Neuter-Return program to be used in Lake County."

Chimps just got major new protection -- from medical researchers

Animal rights activists want chimp released from Argentine zoo

Israel Has 'Zero Tolerance' for Animal Abuse, Shutters Slaughterhouse
"The largest slaughterhouse in Israel has been closed down
indefinitely after allegations of animal abuse were made at the plant.
"The decision followed a request made by Australian veterinarians who
were tipped off by animal rights groups that livestock imported from
the country were not being handled properly once on Israeli soil."

Dairy Farm Under Investigation After Animal Rights Group Records Abuse

Costco stands by egg supplier criticized by Humane Society

Rights group calls for investigation of rodeo animals allegedly
tortured at N.J. county-owned facility _of_rodeo_anim.html
#StuartChaifetz #SHARK
"Stuart Chaifetz, a Cherry Hill resident and member of the animal
rights group SHARK (Showing Animals Respect & Kindness) showed up at
the administration building alone Thursday morning, carrying a
briefcase of information intended for the county government."

Former animal rights executive charged with stealing medication from
sick children former_animal_rights_executive.html
#WoodsHoleResearchCenter #InternationalFundforAnimalWelfare
"BARNSTABLE, Mass. (AP) -- A prominent Cape Cod woman who formerly
served as the chief financial officer at the Woods Hole Research
Center and the International Fund for Animal Welfare has been charged
with stealing prescription medications from the children of a family
that rented a house she owns."

Animal cruelty, 'deceit and misconception' alleged at Colorado dairy farm

Feral cat bill claws way through Legislature

Could your cosmetics be harming animals?
"Vegans arguably lead the way in not wanting to hurt animals. Veganism
however, is about more than just cutting out animal foods like
marshmallows and meat. It is about avoiding animal-based products
altogether and is defined as 'the practice of abstaining from the use
of animal products, as well as following an associated philosophy that
rejects the commodity status of sentient animals'. It is about saying
yes to animal rights and no to animal cruelty. For that reason certain
beauty brands and cosmetic products don't fit into a true vegan

Animal rights activists attack Peruvian men who threw cat into
crocodile-infested lagoon
"Despicable footage from Peru shows two men throwing a cat into a
crocodile-infested lagoon."

Animal rights group angered by dog-dying trend
"Dog owners in Sweden who have jumped on the dying fur bandwagon have
enraged an animal rights group, which claims it is turning them into
"possessions or toys"."

Activist's home raided for farm footage news/activists-home-raided-for-farm-footage/2734967.aspx
"ANIMAL rights activist Chris Delforce's Adelaide home has been raided
during a joint NSW and South Australian police investigation into
video footage of intensive farming practices, obtained via trespass at
rural piggeries."

Animal rights group release video footage of fox cubs it claims were
being reared for hunting _release_video_footage_of_fox_cubs_it_claims_ were_being_reared_for_hunting/
"The League Against Cruel Sports took covert video evidence as part of
an investigation in May of the young foxes being held in outbuildings
on land near Birdsall Estates, near Malton, North Yorkshire."

"More than 200 top chefs have sent a letter to the Tweede Kamer, lower
house of parliament, asking the parliamentarians not to agree with the
plans to put further bans on recreational hunting."

MEP Marlene Mizzi recommends the creation of a 'one stop shop' for
animal welfare

Heather Mills is Opening 25 Vegan Delis Across the U.K.
"Mills previously had a former incarnation of VBites back in 2010,
which ultimately closed. But it seems now that the Paul McCartney's ex
is back with a-vegan-ance."

Ben & Jerry's to release vegan ice cream next year

To vegan or not uMRc5ttmpEOyP29vChjHfw

Hella Vegan Eats plants a twist on American, Latin American fare
"Co-owner and culinary food maker Sylvee Esquivel makes a bacon cheeze
hella burger made of tempeh bacon in the kitchen of her Hella Vegan
Eats truck in San Francisco, California, on Wednesday, June 3, 2015."

Underground dinners: S&M Vegan Chefs
"It has only taken 18 months for S&M Vegan Chefs' pop-up dinners to
evolve from sandwiches pulled out of a toaster oven to six-course
meals where braised artichokes with tomato-bean ragout segue into
pickled-ramp cashew cheeses, morel confit and crusty brown bread, all
paired with beer."

First look: Meet Farm Spirit, Portland's first vegan tasting menu
restaurant, in Southeast Portland first_look_farm_spirit_former.html

Vegan Seed + Salt nails the 'wow' factor
"We get a lot of people in here who are not vegans, and we have one
shot at changing their minds. It's why we really wanted to create some
heartier things -- oftentimes when you eat 'clean' food you walk away
feeling hungry."

June 11

Animal rights group files formal complaint against OSU
"OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- An animal rights watchdog group has filed a
formal complaint against Oklahoma State University after a federal
report outlined several violations of veterinary standards as part of
the university's training program."

State high court gives Napa foie gras lawsuit the go-ahead
"The state Supreme Court gave the go-ahead Wednesday to an
animal-rights group to sue a restaurant that served foie gras, but the
suit will proceed only if federal courts reinstate California's ban on
the dish."

Rodeo animals tortured at county-owned park in N.J., animal rights
group says (VIDEO)
#SHARK (Showing Animals Respect & Kindness)

Bulls whipped, shocked on video during rodeo at county-owned park
"Stuart Chaifetz, from Cherry Hill, shot the short video at an event on May 17."

New Nonprofit Wants You to Skip Showers to Eat Beef #Moby

Florida bear hunting season gets push back from animal rights groups

Brasher Falls man charged with threatening Massena animal-rights
protesters with baseball bat

Crossbow case: Can an owner euthanize his own dog?

Animal-rights group settles lawsuit with city
#StocktonAnimalShelter #ALDF
"STOCKTON -- Citing ongoing improvements in the conditions at the
Stockton Animal Shelter, a national animal-rights organization has
settled a lawsuit it filed against the city 15 months ago."

The legal rights of non-humans

PETA struggles to reel in S.F. passersby for orca video
"By using wireless virtual reality goggles, viewers are able to "swim
with the orcas" and meet a mother orca whose baby was captured and
sent to SeaWorld."

Massive live sheep shipment threatens New Zealand reputation: animal
rights group

Animal cruelty row over circus' arrival
"Peter Jolly's Circus, which features wild animals, opened up on
Wednesday but animal rights group Animal Defenders International
(ADI), has urged people to stay away."

Ben & Jerry's Is Working On A Vegan Ice Cream
"Company co-founder Jerry Greenfield told Metro UK that the company is
currentlyexperimenting with dairyless ice cream, using either coconut
milk or almond milk as a base."

Vegan-Friendly Pizza Chain Opening 30 Locations Nationwide

Heather Mills went vegan to save her leg

Vegan donuts plentiful in Toronto's new culinary corridor
"Six vegan restaurants have popped up along Bloor Street West"

How to Create Your Own Personalized Vegan Cookbook

Vegetarian, vegan dining in Morris

June 10

Activists burn circus tickets
"KINGSTON - Animal rights activist Jo Ann Kiernan admitted on Tuesday
that she gathered up free kids' tickets to the Cole Bros. Circus and
tossed them into a bonfire."

Rally set Friday in Youngstown to protest man charged with animal cruelty
"YOUNGSTOWN -- Animal rights activists will have a rally outside city
hall at 9:45 a.m. Friday before a pre-trial hearing for a 22-year-old
Youngstown man accused of beating a puppy."

Midstate egg farm responds to allegations of animal abuse
"GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) -- The Humane Society of the United States is
alleging inhumane practices at Hillandale Farms in Gettysburg."

Monkey business angers activists at Pinecrest City Hall
"PINECREST, Fla. (WSVN) -- Animal activists see it as animal
brutality, but companies see the positivity in providing monkeys for
research in South Florida."

North Carolina's Ag-Gag Law Might Be the Worst in the Nation
"The North Carolina legislature has approved a law that proponents say
is aimed at protecting businesses from property theft. But critics of
the law say it is actually meant to silence whistleblowers who want to
expose wrongdoing on factory farms and other businesses."

Arizona Animal Welfare League uses reading to help animals become more
" someone reads aloud and focuses on the material instead of the
animal, that animal becomes accustomed to the person's presence and

Why PETA invests in companies it labels animal abusers

D.C.'s first cat cafe (yes, a cafe with cats) opens this month

Wool grower believes live animal export industry needs to work
alongside animals activists for better welfare and trade outcomes
"The live export industry needs to start talking more positively and
stop demonising those opposed to the trade, according to NSW farmer
and Australian Wool Growers Association director Charles 'Chick'

To vegan or not to vegan

Exploring the vegan fad: healthy or hurting

Why this chef is turning mushrooms into 'bacon' and tofu into 'blue cheese'
"To some chefs, "vegan" is a dirty word, representing an
expletive-punctuated scramble in the kitchen to pull together a
vegetable plate for a diner who eschews meat, eggs and dairy. Todd
Gray, however, sees things a little differently."

Wandoo Ityavyar: Would You Give Up Suya to Go Vegan?
"What is the hardest thing you have ever done? Surely being vegan will
never be one of them because being vegan is EASY (but maybe a tad
challenging in Nigeria). Whether it is dodo and gizzard, suya, nkwobi,
meat pie, pepper chicken, amongst others, it's not easy to escape meat
in Nigeria."

Shareholders Ask Elon Musk to Make Tesla Cars Go Vegan
"Tesla Motors Inc.'s Model S sedan already ditched gasoline. Now two
shareholders from Texas want the electric-car maker to stop using
animal products as well."

Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting: Texas Vegans Pitch Their Proposal To
Get Leather Out Of Tesla Motors Cars
"Elizabeth Farrell Peters gives her 3-minute pitch on Tuesday to
convince Tesla Motors to phase out the use of animal products. Tesla
offers leather in two $3,000 option packages. Peters, along with her
husband Mark and others, say using leather is antithetical to Tesla's
goal of reducing carbon emissions."

Vegan cheese makes some say: I can't believe it's not dairy
"Maine cooks help meet a rising demand for plant-based cheeses that
please even fans of the animal-milk varieties."

Vegan cooking entering your Hyde Park home

8 Smart Reasons to Go Vegan for Heart Health
"With a plant-based diet you can avoid plaque buildup in your blood
vessels and lower your risk of heart disease."

13 Cool Vegan-Friendly Businesses That Inspire

June 9

Odenton man charged in cockfighting operation
"More than 250 birds were rescued"

Let My Simians Go: Should Chimps Have The Same Rights We Do?

Hartford police to receive PETA award for saving kitten
"HARTFORD -- Police should expect to make some space on the wall for an
award from the animal rights group PETA for rescuing a kitten from a
storm drain last week."

Israel shutters slaughterhouse following animal-cruelty allegations
"Agriculture Ministry closes country's largest abattoir after Channel
2 report showed systematic abuse of lambs, sheep and calves"

Frightened dog escapes death, rescued from Poland's highest mountain
in 10-hour operation

UPDATED: Animal rights group claims responsibility for blaze that
destroyed two trucks in west Mississauga

Animal rights activists slam community centre over Gone Fishin' event
"An long-standing community event at a downtown Toronto swimming pool
is being blasted by animal rights activists."

Gored bullfighter who lost testicle glad 'nothing vital' was damaged
"Marco Galán, a bullfighter who lost a testicle after being gored,
says he is relieved "no serious damage was done""

Animal Rights Group Plans Protest Outside Georgia Aquarium
"Georgia Animal Rights and Protection organizers say a group is
planning to protest outside the Georgia Aquarium Saturday at noon."

Dozens protest dolphins at Sea Life Park
"Empty The Tanks"; Animal Rights Hawaii
"HONOLULU --Dozens turned out at Sea Life Park on Saturday demanding
Sea Life Park release its dolphins."

Exclusive: Doctor who trained U.S. troops suspended for macabre techniques
"The taxpayer-funded training has long troubled animal rights
activists, who contend that Hagmann's use of live, wounded pigs to
simulate combat injuries is unnecessarily cruel. But an investigation
by Virginia medical authorities alleges that pigs weren't the doctor's
only training subjects."

Animal Rights Activist Being Sent to Jail: "The Animals Have it Far Worse."

Teen group aims to be a voice for animal rights
Teen Animal Rights Activists of Massachusetts (TARAM)
"NORTHAMPTON -- A group of youths stood in front of the Subway at
Wal-Mart on a recent Saturday morning chanting, "Don't buy the humane
lie. Animals do not want to die." They told people that grain consumed
through meat production could instead feed 11 billion people."

Activists fight for stronger animal cruelty laws
"ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -- Animal rights activists will gather in Albany
Tuesday, to call for more training for law enforcement when it comes
to animal cruelty laws."

Dog fighters may be taking pets from Georgia homes

Animal rights activists protest over 'The BFG' shoot
"Activists say more than 35,000 people have signed a petition urging
Steven Spielberg to shelve plans to shoot the Roald Dahl adaptation in
the Faroe Islands in protest over an annual whale hunt."

Creatures Great and Small
Kifaru Exotic Animal Auction

Group fights for animal rights 2015/06/08/group-fights-animal-rights/28693681/
Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP)

The Unbound Project Highlights Women in Animal Activism
"In a focused effort to celebrate and champion the work of women
animal rights activists comes Unbound, a multimedia and book project
honoring those who fight for animals around the world while
chronicling the history being made in the present."

Israeli ministers move to criminalize cruelty to animals
"Neglecting an animal now a criminal offense, causing them serious
suffering carries jail sentence."

China: Animal welfare campaign against Yulin Dog Meat Festival‪
"I witnessed the Dog Meat Festival in 2014. Some dogs were still
wagging their tails when they were being killed in the slaughterhouse"

Critics slam Chinese 'Frankenstein' surgeon who spliced the heads of
1,000 mice and now wants to perform monkey head transplant
"Controversial Chinese surgeon Xiaoping Ren has made his name by
transplanting mice heads onto different bodies."

Horrific abuse of Australian cattle in Israeli abattoir captured on camera
"The hidden camera footage, obtained in an investigation by animal
rights group Animals Australia, shows cattle having their tails
deliberately crushed, attempting to regain their feet after having
their throats sawn and being hoisted upside down while fully

Animal group barking over Swedish dog dye

Animal rights group claims responsibility for blaze that destroyed two trucks
Mississauga; Animal Liberation Front
"Peel Regional Police is investigating claims by a North American
animal rights group that its members set fire to two trucks in west
Mississauga over the weekend."
"In an anonymous email to the North American Animal Liberation Press
Office today, activists from the Animal Liberation Front claim they
destroyed the two trucks, which are owned by Harlan Laboratories,
according to Animal Liberation Front.
"In the anonymous email, the organization says it planted incendiary
devices under trucks belonging to Harlan Laboratories. Harlan is a
company owned by Huntingdon Life Sciences. Animal Liberation Front
claims the company is responsible for supplying research animals and
animal feed to vivisectionists."

One year later, no animal cruelty charges laid against Chilliwack cattle workers
"VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) -- Tomorrow will mark a year since an animal
rights group brought forward a video appearing to show workers at a
Chilliwack cattle farm abusing cows, yet nobody has been charged in
relation to the case."

Animal groups want greyhound ban
"AN animal rights group fears an inquiry into NSW Greyhound racing
will only result in piecemeal changes to the industry, which they want

Amy's Kitchen Tries Organic Fast Food
"Amy's Drive Thru"
"Fast food is universally recognized as being artificial and
unhealthy. But Amy's Kitchen is trying something different: All menu
items at the new fast food joint will be vegetarian and GMO-free, and
95% of ingredients will be certified organic. And, if you desire, each
item can be made gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan."

A Better Condom for Women, By a Woman (And Her Dad)
"Most of us see condoms as a grab-and-go type of purchase. Meika
Hollender, the 27-year-old co-founder of vegan and eco-friendly condom
start-up Sustain, saw them as a business opportunity."

Heather Mills pictured in Chester promoting vegan food brand alongside
snooker champ Neil Robertson

June 8

The Unintended Consequences Of North Carolina's 'Ag-Gag' Law

A legislative recap on animal welfare
"New Mexico's latest legislative session was a frenzy two months when
years of work on policies -- both helpful and harmful to our state --
received a public debate."

Children Ringlead Protests Over Circus Coming To Town
"For many Idahoans, the circus coming to town is a fun excuse to treat
the kids to some family friendly entertainment. But animal advocates
protesting a circus performance in Hailey say the way these circuses
treat their animals is inexcusable."

EarthTalk: Do animals have rights?

No-Kill Wichita Falls takes encompassing approach to helping animals, owners

Montgomery farmers engage animal rights activists via social media

Abused, neglected farm animals thrive at sanctuary
"CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- There's a place on our First Coast that's become
a safe haven for abused and neglected farm animals from all over the

Stray Dogs in Egypt Find Sanctuary Abroad


'Ban on Victorias will save the lives and joints of horses'

Victoria joyrides illegal, one year to phase them out in Mumbai: HC

Puppy farm crackdown demanded by protesters

Montreal Is Opening Its First-Ever Vegan Cat Café

WAYNE CREED: 96% Vegan, 2% Vegetarian, 2% Cheater

Vegan diet? Should world class athlete get 'back on the wagon?'
"Once the proverbial poster boy for the vegan diet, Tim announced last
fall he was a meat-eater again, much to the chagrin of die-hard vegans
who may have put him on a pedestal."

5 Vegan Foods That Aren't as Nutritious as They Seem
"Food marketers know that certain nutrition "buzzwords," such as
natural, organic, gluten-free and vegan, are perceived by consumers to
be healthier. Don't fall for that trap, often referred to as the "halo
effect." Just because a food is vegan doesn't mean it's necessarily
healthier for you than its counterpart that contains dairy, egg or

Covington-based Grateful Grahams serves up tasty vegan treats
"COVINGTON, Ky. -- Rachael DesRochers hates when "vegan food tastes vegan.""

Natural Grocers brings a new shopping choice to Fargo
"Fargo, ND (WDAY/WDAZ TV) - It's a first in North Dakota, and it's
sure to fill a need and some cars, in the Fargo-Moorhead area."
"Reporter Sophia Borrelli has a sneak peek in the opening of a unique
grocery store." ... "They are the new kids on the block: an all
natural grocery store."

"People think vegan is all kale and spinach and green stuff and it's
not. It's educating our community that there are other options that
are vegan-friendly and you're not sacrificing the taste."

June 7

Idaho Students Spend Their Saturday Protesting Outside Touring Circus:
'They're a Relic of Medieval History'

'Court dogs' are furry comfort, stress reduction
"HABIT, or Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee, is a University of
Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine program that offers
animal-assisted therapy."

VIDEO: 'Empty the Tanks' protesters at Mystic Aquarium oppose holding
whales, dolphins

Animal rights activists in heated exchanges with security at Ocean Park
"'The activists were part of the global "Empty the tanks" campaign, a
movement aimed at shutting down aquariums that use dolphins and other
cetaceans in live shows."

Activists plan to storm Sainsbury's HQ in protest at milk from badger cull areas
"Animal rights activists are planning to invade corporate HQ of
Sainsbury's in campaign to force the supermarket giant to stop selling
milk from badger-cull areas"

Sainsbury's shareholders targeted by badger cull extremists who have
pledged to hijack its AGM

This Haryana Man Throws His Dog Into Illegal Dog-Fights And Then Shows
Off Its Bloodied Pictures On FB For Likes!

'Tofurky' Dog Eating Contest Held At Philly VegFest

Hell for leather: why vegan fashion could be the next big thing

Peace Festival brings message of harmony to downtown Baton Rouge
"Highlights at the Peace Festival included a "Vegan Village,"
acro-yoga, an area for children's crafts and games, a silent auction
and musical performances."

June 6

Do animals have legal rights?
Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP)
"Non-human rights is a term coined by animal welfare activist and
lawyer Steven Wise, who has campaigned for three decades to achieve
actual legal rights for members of species other than our own."

Can Sea Shepherd survive its own success?
Ady Gil World Conservation vs. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS)
"With a new $12m ship on the way and the Japanese whaling fleet on the
retreat, the conservation organization is having a banner year --
provided the Whale Wars stars can navigate a rising tide of
multimillion-dollar lawsuits"

SeaWorld may be bouncing back from 'Blackfish' backlash

Baby beluga whale, born in captivity in May, dies next to mother at
Georgia Aquarium

Animal rights group plans protest outside Georgia Aquarium

Ceretto pushes for distressed animal law
"WHEATFIELD -- A press conference held on the lawn of the Niagara
County SPCA called for an expansion of citizen rights to help a
suffering animal."

New Leeds MP sets out mission
"But then on issues of animal rights I'm more to the left I think, I
take animal rights quite seriously, I'm a vegetarian, I am against the
badger cull."

Woman 'punishes' cat in washing machine, gets slapped with child abuse probe
"A young Russian woman got more than she'd bargained for after posting
a kitty torture video involving a laundry machine. She is now facing a
criminal child abuse case, as online outrage uncovered footage on her
social media page of a kid beating as well."

Vegan preschoolers? Some parents same it's a better way to raise their kids

Visit VegFest: Turkey's first-ever vegan festival
"On the weekend of June 13-14, Turkey's blossoming sustainable, vegan
and raw-food networks will be banding together to create a very
special two-day festival: Turkey's first-ever VegFest."

Good Karma Diet lets you eat gently, lose weight and age in slow
motion: Going Vegan good_karma_diet_lets_you_eat_g.html
"I first went vegetarian in 1969, and since then I've been looking at
people all these years, and what I've observed the people who have
been eating more raw food, and they are literally acing aging. It's
not the only way to be vegan or healthy, but it certainly seems to
give an edge in the area of vitality"

June 5

Pinecrest to propose ordinance that would restrict protests in
residential neighborhoods
"The ordinance was requested by village residents who have been the
target in recent years of protests by animal-rights activists, Matt
and Brooke Block.
"The couple, who own a company called Wordwide Primates, a supplier of
monkeys for research, including government, university, and
pharmaceutical fields -- requested the ordinance in April, according to
an email to Mayor Cindy Lerner."

Animal activists: N.J. Christian school's rodeo was un-Christian
Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)

Dust Off: Service Pets for Vets
Paws of War program; "Help a Vet … Save a Pet"

Ocala, Florida, family fighting to keep potbellied pigs used for child therapy

Memphis firefighter relieved of duty after animal cruelty arrest

French court removes bullfighting from country's cultural heritage list 11655767/French-court-removes-bullfighting-from-countrys-cultural-heritage-list.html
"French court rules that "le corrida", or bullfighting, should be
taken off a national cultural heritage list"

Mink breeders offer $75K to find out who set 1600 mink free in St. Marys mink-breeders-offer-75k-to-find-out-who-set-1600-mink-free-in-st-marys-1.3102214
"The Canada Mink Breeders Association is offering a reward of $75,000
for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person
or people who broke in to a St. Marys area fur farm and released
nearly 1,600 mink from their cages Saturday night."

Quebec tables landmark animal rights bill
"MONTREAL -- Animals in Quebec will be considered "sentient beings"
instead of property under a bill tabled in the national assembly

Opponents to UTMC testing on pigs protest outside facility
"Opponents of the University of Toledo Medical Center's use of live
pigs to train doctors in emergency medicine continued their campaign
Thursday, demonstrating outside the hospital and delivering to UTMC
staff a petition calling for the practice to end."

Celebs, lawmakers launch animal caucus

"After a Hialeah cop left his two K-9 partners in a hot car all day,
killing them, PETA is advocating for police departments to install
heat alarms in K-9 unit vehicles. The animal rights organization says
several K-9s die every year from being left in hot police cars."

Prestigious high school ends feline dissection after anatomy students
make dead cats 'dance' to 'Meow Mix' theme song and post the video
"An Oklahoma City high school will end its dissection of felines after
a video posted online of students making the dead felines appear to
'dance' drew criticism."

Cat declawing ban sent to Senate floor with tighter exceptions cat_declawing_ban_sent_to_sena.html
"A Senate committee on Thursday sent a bill to ban cat declawing in
Oregon to the Senate floor -- but not before amending it to tighten

Hunters and animal rights advocates await governor's decision
"Naseem Amini of the Humane Society of the U.S. said in a news release
that Rauner should veto the bill for several reasons, including what
the Humane Society considers the unnecessary nature of the hunt, the
allegedly cruel and inhumane methods used to kill bobcats, the fact
that bobcats are not consumed by humans, and the fear that hunting an
animal for its fur commercializes the species."

Animal rights protesters make voices heard when circus comes to Wyandotte doc557062abb16b4324538010.txt

Elephant treatment controversy aired as circus opens in Colorado Springs
"Members from PETA organized a protest in partnership with the Pikes
Peak Animal Rights Team and Vegan Society of Colorado Springs during
the tail end of the circus' "elephant brunch" for military families."

Four animal shelters team up to adopt out cats and kittens for the
annual Baltimore 500 event
"This week kicked off the seventh year for the Baltimore 500 event.
BARCS, the Baltimore Humane Society and the Maryland SPCA team up each
year to try to adopt out at least 500 cats and kittens during the
month of June."

Billings police called as group protests wild horse contraceptives
"BILLINGS, Mont. -- The group Friends of Animals spent 22 minutes
Thursday morning in the lobby of the Bureau of Land Management
Montana-Dakotas state office protesting the agency's proposal to
gather 25 adoptable young horses from the Pryor Mountain wild horse

Animal rights group thanks Falcons for waiving Prince Shembo

Police Investigate Report Of Neglect At Davie Farm
"DAVIE (CBSMiami) -- Animal rights advocates were back at a Davie farm
Thursday to check on animals they described as "malnourished".
"Richard Couto with the Animal Rescue Mission (ARM) said roughly
twenty animals including ponies, goats, chickens and pigs had not been
fed or given water in some time."

Brutal domestic violence, animal cruelty charges described at Waukegan
man's arraignment
"A Waukegan man accused of brutally torturing and killing several pit
bulls with tools also intimidated an adult female family member by
choking her, beating her in the head and threatening her with a
machete, prosecutors said Thursday at his arraignment in Lake County

European Commission Rejects Petition to Abolish Animal Research

MP CM's 'no-eggs' stand gets pat from animal rights group
"Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan may have
received brickbats from some quarters including his own colleagues
over keeping mid-day meals egg-free, but he has been now bestowed with
a special award by leading animal rights group PETA for his "healthy"

Animal rights activists to campaign against sentence reduction for
Nathan Thompson
"Animal rights activists are outraged that Kurri Kurri puppy killer
Nathan Thompson has appealed his jail sentence."

Animal rights group wants roadside memorial - for dead CHICKENS

Animal rights activists to campaign against sentence reduction for
Nathan Thompson
"Animal rights activists are outraged that Kurri Kurri puppy killer
Nathan Thompson has appealed his jail sentence."

Model Heather Mills in Chester to open vegan concession at Holland & Barrett

Toronto Food Events: Mac & Cheese Fest, Toronto Raw Vegan Festival,
Toronto Taste, High Tea & High Tops _cheese_fest_toronto_raw_vegan_festival_toronto_taste_high_tea_high_tops/

Vegan snack stand opens downtown
"Rabbit Patch Vegan Snacks is open for business. The twice-weekly
vegan snack stand, owned and operated by Battle Creek resident Debra
McCulloch, greeted customers in its first official day of business
Thursday in the downtown area. McCulloch's products previously have
been featured at Brownstone Coffee House as well as at the Spring into
the Arts festival."

Jay Z and Beyoncé's Trainer and Life Coach Marco Borges on the
Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

June 4

Lawmakers override McCrory veto on controversial 'ag-gag' bill

State legislators call for registry of animal abusers
"ALBANY--Amid a sea of dogs, cats, and even a lone horse, Republican
Assemblyman Jim Tedisco and Republican State Senators Sue Serino and
Phil Boyle commemorated the fifth annual Animal Advocacy Day on
Wednesday by calling on their colleagues to pass laws protecting
animals from abuse."

Logan's Law Revisited By Michigan State House Of Reps To Prevent
Animal Abusers From Adopting Pets

Video: Animal Rights Activists Stage Disruption Inside New York Blood Center

Alliance lobbying for more animal rights laws in Myrtle Beach area

Group to USDA: Revoke monkey farm's license after deaths
Michael Budkie, executive director of Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!

Ex-MMA fighter, 2 women indicted in dognapping
"Ex-MMA fighter Gordon Shell, an animal-rights advocate who once
challenged professional quarterback Michael Vick to a fight, said in
an April hearing the three are volunteers who were only delivering dog
food and other supplies to the Eastern Shore of Virginia on Jan. 11 -
the day police say they took a dog from someone's front yard."

Court official: Youngstown woman skipped animal cruelty sentencing
Justice for Hershey

Animal group announces Milagro Award winners

Santa Monica's ban on exotic animals implemented smoothly

Animal rights activists save dog in Sweden from death

NGOs criticise Brazil's animal testing bill
"A delegation of animal rights groups in Brazil has criticised a bill
to ban animal testing of cosmetics at a public hearing of the
country's Commission of Science and Technology (CCT), this week."

Here's what happened when humans tried to live like chickens

'Inexcusable levels of animal abuse' at El Rocio pilgrimage in Huelva,
says animal rights group PACMA

I Credit Veganism with Helping Me Recover from Being Paralyzed by ALS

Guest Post: Why isn't the world going vegan?

Meat and Dairy Eaters Anonymous Is Alcoholics Anonymous For Vegans 06/03/meat-and-dairy-eaters-anonymous-is-alcoholics-anonymous-for-vegans/
"There's now a support group and 12-step program for people trying to
go vegan. Meat and Dairy Eaters Anonymous will host its first weekly
meeting tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the headquarters of People for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals at 16th and Q streets NW."

Finding a Superior way to make vegan Italian at the market Superior_way_to_make_vegan_Italian_at_the_market.html

Miyoko Schinner whips up artisanal vegan fare lifestyles_entertainment/article_f7db2952-0a2e-11e5-a053-9fd85b8046a6.html

Vegan ramen and pho stall headed for Grand Central Market
"Ilan Hall, chef-owner of the downtown L.A. restaurant the Gorbals,
which closed in late 2014, and the winner of the second season of
Bravo's "Top Chef," plans to open L.A.'s first vegan ramen and pho
restaurant at the downtown market this summer."

Is vegan ice cream the future of New York's hipster economy?

Cinnaholic, Vegan Cinnamon Rolls Company, Opens 9 New Stores

Vegetarian Society Utah potluck to feature local greens this Saturday

Carrie Underwood's Post-Baby Weight Loss Stuns: Her Vegan Diet and
Workout Secrets

June 3

VIDEO: Police head back to school to better protect animals
"Police officers from several states are taking a week-long class to
learn to help animals."

Senate panel delays vote on cat declawing bill; sponsor proposes changes senate_panel_delays_vote_on_ca.html
"In a Tuesday work session that included tears and a tale of removing
a dog's teeth, a Senate committee put off a vote on a bill that would
ban cat declawing in Oregon."

Falcons try to move on after Shembo arrested for dog killing
"FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) - New coach Dan Quinn says the Atlanta
Falcons made the right decision to cut ties immediately with Prince
Shembo after the linebacker was arrested last week for killing a dog."

Petco's History of Condoning Animal Cruelty and Suffering [Graphic Video]
"A few days ago, an innocent Golden Retriever's life was cruelly taken
from him as a result of employee negligence at a Petco in Midlothian,
Virginia. The tragic incident went viral on the Internet, outraging
animal lovers of all kinds."

Push on to stop accepting out of state rescue animals in PBC
"WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Palm Beach County officials are holding a
news conference to discuss the county's desire to stop bringing in
rescue animals from other states."

Dog found with muzzle taped shut: How well do US laws protect animals?

Second Yellowstone visitor injured by bison

Greenpeace crashed the seal-product market, and Inuit livelihood along with it
"The week of May 20, a delegation of native Greenlanders descended on
the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, advocating for the
repeal of a 2009 ban on the import of commercially harvested seal
products to Europe."

Sydney Film Festival film tells tragic story of Tyke the circus elephant
"SHE broke free from the circus, killed her trainer and went on a
30-minute rampage through the streets of Honolulu."

Demand to arrest actor for 'tusker act'
"Actor Fahadh Faasil has courted a controversy following the dangerous
manoeuvres he performed on an elephant at an unidentified location,
and an animal rights activist has demanded his arrest. A 21-second
video of his daring act appeared on Facebook on Monday night, in which
he is seen swinging on the elephant's trunk and holding the tusk while
a photographer is busy taking snaps without any safety measures."

Sania Mirza paddles for homeless and stray animals in the new PETA campaign
"The professed animal lover Sania Mirza urges people to not buy pets
but rather adopt stray and homeless animals."

Millennium Reopens In Oakland On Thursday
"Vegans across the region can rejoice that Millennium is returning
this week in the former Box & Bells space in Rockridge. The beloved,
high-end, vegan eatery thrived for 21 years, first on McAllister and
then on Geary Street, before being forced to close a month ago, but
chef chef Eric Tucker and partner and general manager Alison Bagby
vowed to reopen in the East Bay and launched a highly successful
Kickstarter to help them do so."

Vegetarian Kitchen: Portland festival promises good vegetarian food
for thought and for noshing
Vegetarian Food Festival, sponsored by the Maine Animal Coalition

Trader Joe's Best Low-Calorie Snacks
"Trader Joe's is my happy place. Aside from all the healthy
ingredients like fresh fruits and veggies and some of the tastiest
(and cheapest!) vegan options, they are also bursting with unique
good-for-you snacks."

Vegan salad dressings in 5 flavors

"Darbster, one of Palm Beach County's most beloved vegetarian and
vegan restaurants, has closed its Boca Raton location -- but only for
the summer months."

June 2

Suspect arrested in malicious animal cruelty case
"NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- North Charleston police say they have
arrested a man accused of binding a dog's muzzle with electrical

Charges dropped against St. Louis woman accused of setting dog on fire

Retirement means death for Army's canine comrades
"CHENNAI: What happens to Indian Army dogs - including the decorated
ones - once they are not fit to carry out their rigorous duty? They
are euthanised, says an RTI reply."

Jewish groups encouraged by EU study on food labeling
"A European study indicating that many consumers are not overly
concerned about knowing if their meat came from pre-stunned animals
received a warm welcome Tuesday from European Jews, who hailed it as a
victory for kosher slaughter."

Summer solstice is coming and so is the annual Yulin dog meat eating festival
"Every year for summer solstice in Yulin, a town in the Guangxi
province of southern China, an annual dog eating festival is hosted by
residents in which it is said that over 10,000 dogs are cooked and
eaten during the festivities."

Activists protesting UW animal lab come down from excavator
"SEATTLE - The University of Washington says two animal rights
activists who climbed to the top of an excavator at a construction
site to protest the building of an animal research facility have come
down with assistance from the Seattle Fire Department."


Activists meet to "Free the Monkeys"
"LEE COUNTY, FL - A group of animal rights activists in Southwest
Florida met Sunday afternoon in Centennial Park with a message, "Free
the Monkeys.""

Alpha Male Lawyer Angrily Denies Comparing Blacks To Chimps
""The Daily Caller has stood out as providing the most consistently
hostile media coverage of any media outlet in the world, time after
time," he emailed on Sunday. "Nobody thinks we are comparing
chimpanzees to blacks and you know we are not."'

Triad Animal Rights Group Fights for Susie's Law

Dogs of owners charged with animal cruelty finding homes
"PRESCOTT - The 20 dogs surrendered in an animal cruelty case are
finding homes through the Yavapai Humane Society."

Charges dropped in dog shooting case

Leona Lewis - Leona Lewis Pushes For Animal Test Ban In Brazil

Animal rights extremists blamed for mink deaths
"ST. MARYS, Ont. -- Animal rights activists are being blamed for the
deaths of more than 100 mink at a local farm."

Sadistic side of greyhound racing must change
"A Queensland inquiry has offered the greyhound industry a last gasp
chance to survive after accusations of "animal cruelty on a scale
never seen before". But there's reason to be sceptical things will
change, writes Michael Hutak."

Animal rights activists' threats force children's charity to cancel fundraiser ____threats_force_children_s_charity_to_cancel_fundraiser/

Badger protesters target Sainsbury's on milk sales: Leader of animal
rights group threatens 'mayhem' if chain sells milk from areas where
culls are planned
"Animal rights fanatics are threatening to create 'havoc' in
Sainsbury's supermarkets in an attempt to halt the badger cull."

Are meat-eaters more likely to be racists?
"According to a new study by an international team of researchers,
your thoughts about marriage equality and racial justice could be
linked to your affinity for steaks and sausages."
"It's simpler to make excuses - "I grew up eating meat; it's normal,"
or "A plate of spare ribs is so nice after a hard day" - than it is to
change behavior."

Vegan Chouhan doesn't want MP kids to eat eggs
"Eggs will not be part of the meals served at anganwadi centres in
Madhya Pradesh with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a vegetarian
himself, rejecting a proposal in this regard."

"Apiecalypse Now pizza shop opens near Christie Pits"

June 1

Animal Rights Group Protesting Morocco Shrine Circus In Jacksonville

Activists rally Wednesday as woman is sentenced in dog cruelty case

Activists suspected of releasing 1600 mink from St. Marys farm
"Provincial police are investigating after animal rights activists are
suspected of breaking into Glenwood Fur Farms just east of St. Marys,
Ont. and releasing up to 1,600 mink from their pens."

Saputo announces animal welfare policy
"MONTREAL -- Montreal dairy giant Saputo says it will refuse to buy
milk from farmers that don't treat their animals humanely."

Animal rights activists protest the abuse by horse carriages of Princes' Islands
"Think twice before you jump into a horse carriage in Istanbul's
Princes' Islands this summer, as over 500 horses die in a year due to
abuse, heat, overloaded carriages and exhaustion"

Marching for animal rights
"For the first time in India, a nationwide march was carried out
across 17 cities to sensitise people to a basic fact, "Animals are
individuals like us who deserve freedom, not commodification. And when
we consume animal-based products or services, we rob them of their
deeply cherished freedom.""

Moby Slams California Farmers Over Drought

NBC Seeking Vegan Singles For New Dating Show
""First Dates" is based on the U.K. edition, which documents people on
dates at the same restaurant. The U.S. version will be exec-produced
by Ellen DeGeneres, and according to producers, is specifically
seeking single people who are on plant-based diets."

The 10 Stages Of Being A Vegan During Grilling Season -- And How To Cope

Activist locked to excavator at UW to protest animal lab
"Two animal rights activists climbed to the top of an excavator at the
animal science lab construction site at the University of Washington
early Monday."

San Luis Obispo 12-year-old becomes youngest animal rights activist to
be recognized nationally
"Zoe Rosenberg is just 12-years-old, making her the youngest animal
rights activist to be recognized nationally."

Animal advocates gather across the country carrying deceased animals and photos
"SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)- Animal advocates all around the country came
together for a ceremony to observe the 5th National Animal Rights Day,
including here in San Francisco."

Activists ask legislators to pass animal rights laws
"Operation SHAME, which stands for Stop Hurting Animals and Making
Excuses, brought animal advocates from all over the state to rally for
better animal protection laws. More than 100 people came to the South
Carolina State House Saturday to make their stand."

A Drive In The Controversial e-Carriage That Could Replace Horse Drawn
Carriages in Manhattan
"Wenig created the nine-seater e-Carriage at the behest of and with
funding from New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, Safe Streets, or NYCLASS
for short. The animal rights group is seeking to ban the horse-drawn
carriages that cart tourists around Central Park and is proposing to
replace them with Wenig's creation, or something like it."

Falcons LB Prince Shembo waived after animal cruelty charge

Stockerton, California Animal Shelter Offers 'Free Pit Bull' Adoption,
Pit Bull Critics Enraged

Orange County animal shelter in 'utter disrepair,' grand jury report says

Activists want justice after puppy stabbed to death

Omaha zoo worker injured by Komodo dragon bite Sunday

Dropping it like it's hot! Geoffrey Edelsten's fiancee Gabi Grecko
goes sans bra in a tight white T-shirt to draw attention to her risque
dance moves... for charity PETA

Merger of animal rights groups
BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection)
"The newly formed body will now be known by the name of the other
organisation, Cruelty Free International."

Activists turn fire on Sainsbury's in war over badger cull milk
"Caffe Nero says it will not serve milk from badger cull areas after
threats from activists who say their next target is Sainsbury's"

Constable: Essay could win you Downers Grove restaurant and a dream
"The Borrowed Earth Café isn't just an upscale Michelin Guide-rated
restaurant in Downers Grove. The organic, raw-food, vegan vegetarian
eatery started in 2007 as the dream of owners Danny and Kathy Living
of Naperville. Now, the Livings want to pass along their dream and
give away their award-winning restaurant to someone else with a

Vegan-centric page touts Philly offerings to tourists
"A new page at, headlined "Veg Out: Many Philly-Area
Eateries Make Vegans, Vegetarians & Gluten-Free Diners Feel Right At
Home" promises that "Veg-loving visitors to Philly have plenty of
options from which to choose" and then delivers, with scores of pithy
descriptions accompanied by full info to match the veg-oriented with
their soon-to-be-favorite Philly venue."

Vegan 'Lookbook Cookbook' mixes models with food

Vegan en Vogue
"While veganism isn't for everyone, for some it's a natural choice.
SUE CAG, creator of the local group Wilmington Vegan, found the choice
to give up all animal products - including fish, dairy, and eggs -
from her diet an easy decision."

Market stall offers tasty ready-to-eat vegetarian and vegan food

Thousands turn out for some vegan fun at Stadium of Light

Meatless Monday: Dairy-and-egg-free vegan baked goods
"Brittany Volk at the Tampa Bay Times has an answer. She compiled the
following list of vegan dairy substitutes, as well as a few recipes in
which to try them. If you find success with any of these vegan baked
goods, let us know."

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