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July 31

Chimps in New York animal rights lawsuit to be retired from lab
"The retirement of the chimps, named Hercules and Leo, follows a
failed bid by an animal rights group in state court to get the
primates released on legal grounds."

Live Wire: Lawmakers' vote on 'ag-gag' bill tallied
"A: The controversial "ag-gag" bill, officially entitled the "Property
Protection Act," generated a lot of heat at the legislature before it
became law on June 4."

2nd Animal Cruelty Arrest Spurs Petition to Lobby Lawmakers
"Following the second arrest made in an animal cruelty case involving
a Danbury Pet Shop, New York State Senator Terrence Murphy announced
the launch of his Protect Our Pets Petition in an effort to put
pressure on the Assembly to pass what he calls crucial legislation
that seeks to provide added protection to animals across the state."

A Lion Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy
"But the other night, when I shared Vegan Outreach's post, "I Am
Cecil," one reader was troubled by its perceived message that seems to
compare an endangered, charismatic predator to a factory-farmed pig."

Betty White wants justice for Cecil the lion
""You don't want to hear some of the things I want to do to that man,"
she told the Associated Press. "You can't even talk about it, and to
see this king of the jungle and personifying it in every way, this
gorgeous creature. How can somebody do that?""

Animal rights group questions Calgary Zoo's connection to hunting group questions+Calgary+Zoos+connection+hunting/11256161/story.html
"An animal rights group is questioning the Calgary Zoo's connection to
a hunting organization that has in the past included Walter Palmer,
the American dentist who killed a protected lion while on a guided
hunt in Zimbabwe."

'Slitting, not stunning animal's throat more humane'
"Islamic scholar criticises sweeping ban on Islamic, Jewish slaughter
procedures in Denmark"

Animal rights groups in 'conspiracy' to ban rodeos
"The SPCA, SAFE and Farmwatch are lobbying the government to ban
rodeos, which they say are an "abhorrent spectacle" that is harmful to
"Their petition, addressed to Parliament and Minister for Primary
Industries (MPI) Nathan Guy, has notched up nearly 10,000 signatures
in four days on website"

Retiring RSPCA president Dr Hugh leaves lasting legacy of animal advocacy
"That owner -- one of Australia's best-known vets and animal activists
-- ushers his guests inside his home in Melbourne's east."

Why we are Confused About Animal Rights?
"This week, I was reminded of my no-doubt hugely unpopular theory when
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) released a
statement about the appalling killing in Zimbabwe of Cecil the lion by
Walter Palmer."
"We eat meat, but we are horrified by the slaughter of an innocent
lion, and we justify this by telling ourselves there is a world of
difference between breeding an animal for food and killing one for
pleasure. I'm not sure that distinction cuts much ice with the
animals, who end up dead either way."

Lalu's tum-tums draw ire of animal rights activists
"However, the organization of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals
(PETA) has said that the RJD's plan to use horse carts for the poll
campaign would go against the Election Commission of India's 2012
advisory asking all political parties to refrain from using animals
for political campaigns. PETA has also apprised the Election
Commission of its concerns."

Jews and Arabs March Together for Veganism and Animal Rights
"Organized by both Arab and Jewish animal rights activists, the march
marked a meaningful highlight in a continuous collaboration between
the two communities in the north of Israel, where vegan activists have
been working together over the last couple of years."

Nursery was wrong to expel vegan child: court
"A court in the northern Italian province of Alto Adige has ruled that
a nursery school was wrong to expel a child whose mother requested
that he be fed a vegan diet.
"The dispute dates back to February, when a young mother in the town
of Merano attempted to put her 10-month-old son on a vegan diet at his

Confessions of an Amateur Raw Vegan | Jock Gilchrist
"The reasoning behind it is that when you give your body the most
natural, unprocessed, wholesome foods, it extracts exactly what it
needs and energizes you with the highest quality fuel concoction
possible. It leaves you feeling clearer, happier, lighter, and
"I have no doubt that this is true. The unforeseen challenge was the
level of commitment it would take to actually make that happen."

The Animal-Lover's Dilemma: I Don't Eat Meat, but My Pet Does
"In 2012, Bellarmine University psychologist Hank Rothgerber surveyed
more than 500 vegan and vegetarian cat- and dog-owners, to better
understand how they confront what he calls the "vegetarian's dilemma,"
i.e. the conflict that "pits feeding one's pet an animal-based diet
that may be perceived as best promoting their well-being" against
"concerns over animal welfare and environmental degradation threatened
by such diets.""

Hilarious Blind Taste Test Determines if Vegan 'Meat' Tastes Like the Real Thing
"Rhett and Link want to know: Can you really tell the difference
between, say, a hot dog and a vegan dog?"

"Eat Like You Give a Damn" with Herbivore's New Vegan Cookbook

Animal rights activists take on cownose ray hunts 1043&template=southernMaryland
"Mary Finelli, president of Fish Feel based in Silver Spring, teamed
up with representatives of Showing Animals Respect and Kindness --
SHARK -- to spotlight the contests by recording video of the Patuxent
River Battle of the Rays tournament held in Mechanicsville last
month." #FishFeel #SHARK

Activists offer $2,500 reward in 'extreme' dog cruelty case
"A mixed-breed pit bull named Princess -- later re-named Liberty by
hospital staff -- lost part of her tongue after her mouth was tied
closed for as long as two weeks with rope, cutting her skin down to
the bone. Police are hoping for tips to find out who is responsible
for what they consider an "extreme act" of animal cruelty."

Cecil the lion and the silent 50 billion
"A beloved lion, dead.  The killer, in hiding.  The nation, up in
arms.  Social media, trending Cecil. Fifty billion "food animals,"
still being slaughtered worldwide every year."

Ted Nugent Posts Photo of Himself with a Lion Carcass

Big game hunters welcomed at the Calgary Zoo?
"Safari Club International's Calgary chapter is set to host a
fundraiser in 2016 at the Calgary Zoo, a location that has raised
eyebrows and questions on whether conservation and hunting can

Temple Ends Centuries-Old Mass Slaughter of Animals
"The killing of Cecil the lion made this a depressing week for
animal-rights supporters. Here's a counter-punch: A Hindu temple in
Nepal has ended a centuries-old mass slaughter of animals that takes
place every five years"

"Well, in fact, there is a long history of hip hop artists who are
either vegan or vegetarians, especially the Old Schoolers who are of
the Nation of Islam faith and follow a strict diet. But for one reason
or another, there was never a full recognition of the connection. That
was until Keith Tucker launched the Hip Hop Green Dinners, which
promotes a vegan diet through hip-hop culture."

'Plant-Fueled Trucker' cooks in his semi, inspires others to adopt
healthy lifestyle
"But a regulation issued by the Department of Transportation forced
the former Marine veteran to clean up his diet. Under the guidelines,
Andersen says his size would have required him to take a sleep apnea
test -- an evaluation not covered by his insurance."

Herbivore Clothing's owners bring compassion into the kitchen with new
cookbook: Going Vegan herbivore_clothings_owners_bri.html
"For Portland's Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten, being vegan is
rooted in compassion, common sense, and some cold, hard facts about
how food choices affect our bodies, animals and the world around us."

Vegan restaurant 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe set to open in Copaigue
"At the new restaurant, Astafa will be making his own cheese using
cashew milk to make  mozzarella, Parmesan and cheddar, and pureed
Macadamia nuts to create feta, which he cultures and brines."

July 30

Vegan's question for hunter: Why do you kill?
"The hunter explained, 'it's kind of a spiritual thing'"

5 Underappreciated Animal Rights Groups You Should Know About, Because
It's Not Just PETA & The Humane Society

New York Judge Denies Request to Extend Legal Rights to 2 Chimps
"The unorthodox petition -- which sought a writ of habeas corpus, an
age-old method of challenging unlawful imprisonment -- was the latest
attempt by the nonprofit Nonhuman Rights Project to establish that
apes are "legal persons.""

The scourge of animal cruelty in Montana 07/31/scourge-animal-cruelty-montana/30900039/
"Over the past 20 years, I have devoted much time and scant resources
to rescuing and caring for abandoned, neglected, abused animals."

U.S. agencies step up in case of Twin Cities dentist who killed Cecil the lion
"Separately, U.S. wildlife regulators said they will assist Zimbabwe
authorities in their investigation of the shooting of the lion, known
widely and affectionately as Cecil. Palmer has not been charged in
Zimbabwe, although his guide and outfitter have."

Animal rights group questions Calgary Zoo's connection to hunting group calgary-zoo-s-connection-to-hunting-group-1.2017697
"An animal rights group is questioning the Calgary Zoo's connection to
a hunting organization that has in the past included Walter Palmer,
the American dentist who killed a protected lion while on a guided
hunt in Zimbabwe."

U.S. Islamic Cleric Criticizes Ban On Halal And Kosher Animal
Slaughter By Denmark

One horse dies every three days on Australian racetracks – animal activists
"Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses says data shows 115 have
died in the past year, but it believes figure is actually higher as
some deaths unreported"

Peta buys tiny stake in Hermès to force ban on exotic animal skin accessories
"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has acquired a
small stake in French luxury goods maker Hermès, as the animal rights
group tries to force the company to stop using alligator and crocodile
skins to make its products."

"At 32, Ben Gordon is ancient in NBA years. Athletes are always
looking for ways to keep their bodies from succumbing to old age, and
a vegan diet is Gordon's latest venture."

Toronto Food Truck Festival, Vegan Food & Drink Fest _food_truck_festival_vegan_food_drink_fest_twilight_tuesday_pintxosto/
"Tickets are on sale now for the Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival
happening at Garrison Commons at Fort York from 11am to 7pm on
Saturday, August 8."

Vegan week? Challenge completed
"I always considered myself to be healthy and feel reasonably good,
but four days into my plant-based diet, I was like a new person."

Video Brandon Flowers On Building Camaraderie, Why He's Gone Vegan &
What Excites Him About This Team
"Chargers cornerback Brandon Flowers on how long it takes to build
camaraderie, what excites him about this team and why he made the
decision to go vegan."

Chimps are not people, judge rules in animal-rights case
"Thursday's decision means that a pair of 8-year-old chimpanzees
living in a research lab at Stony Brook University are not being
unlawfully detained, as argued by the Nonhuman Rights Project, the
now-losing side of the bizarre case."

Cecil the lion backlash: Where is dentist Walter Palmer?
"The Minnesota dentist has gone underground in the onslaught of
criticism after he killed a prized African lion with a bow and arrow."

What we know about Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist accused of
killing Cecil the lion
"The Twin Cities were at the center of a major international story
Tuesday after a dentist from Eden Prairie was named by
conservationists as the hunter who illegally killed Cecil, a beloved
lion who lived in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, with a bow and
arrow on July 1."
#IamCecil #JusticeforCecil

Killer of Cecil the Lion Finds Out That He Is a Target Now, of
Internet Vigilantism

Animal Rights: Should Hunting become Murder?

From the Ground Up - Animal Welfare Debate In Poultry Industry
"The debate continues between the scientific community and animal
rights advocates. Craig Coufal is a Texas A&M Agrilife Extension
Poultry Specialist."
"Do we really know, does a chicken want to be free range? Does a
chicken want to be out of a cage?"

U.S.-based Doctors' Group Promoting Veganism in India
"Zeeshan Ali of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a
nonprofit health organization in the U.S. established in 1985 which
promotes veganism, however, says that a plant-based diet has been
clinically proven to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and reduces
your metabolic risks."

Nudity alert: Bristol City fan strips off in London for animal rights
"Pregnant Bristol City fan and TV presenter Sarah-Jane Honeywell
stripped down to her undies in the centre of London to prove that she
an animal lover and dedicated environmentalist."

Solnick: Add variety to your diet with plant-based proteins
"Do vegans get enough protein?
"I have just two words for that question: Carl Lewis.
"If a vegan diet is good enough to support an athlete with ten Olympic
medals, it's enough protein."

Man accused of killing dogs flips off animal rights activists in court
#SalemSavesAnimals "About two years ago, Jason Gentry came to a "Salem
Saves Animals" meeting. He left his dog in the car."

Animal-rights protest today at office of dentist who killed lion

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: Book Review and Upcoming Event

Donald Trump's Sons Killed Exotic Animals
"Cecil the lion certainly wasn't the first beautiful African creature
slain by an American. Back in 2012, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump
went big-game hunting."

Lion-poaching dentist Walter Palmer isn't a first-time offender -- he
knew what he was doing palmer_isnt_a_first_time_offender_%E2%80%94_he_knew_what_he_was_doing/
"The Minnesota dentist and big game hunter who illegally killed a
beloved lion in Zimbabwe has run afoul of the law before, both for
engaging in similarly dubious hunting-related behaviors and for
sexually harassing one of his receptionists."

From 'Born Free' to Cecil the lion: Hollywood's impact on animal rights
"Animal rights activists calling for criminal charges after the death
of Cecil the lion are leaning on public love of lions, in part a
legacy of the 1966 film "Born Free."
"Today, many are demanding the prosecution of Minnesota dentist Walter
Palmer, who is accused of illegally killing Cecil, a famous and
protected lion, on a $50,000 hunt in Zimbabwe."

21st Century Authoratative Classical French Vegan Cookbook | Ron Pickarski

Vegans descend on Bellevue | Food crawlers explore Eastside options
for meatless dining
"A swarm of people in bright green T-shirts filled the main room of
the 520 Bar and Grill in the Old Bellevue neighborhood with noise.
Some were longtime vegans, while a few were carnivores looking to try
something new. Altogether, the group was participating in the first
Vegan Food Crawl, organized by Bellevue-based health coach and blogger
Kirstin Wuhrman."

To Shed Pounds, Going Vegetarian Or Vegan May Help
"That could soon become another reason to go meatless. A meta-analysis
published in early July shows that people who followed a vegetarian
diet overall lost more weight than people on an average American

Laura Theodore's Vegan-Ease

July 29

Oakland animal rights activist pleads not guilty, due in federal court
in San Diego
"OAKLAND - An animal rights activist accused of freeing mink from mink
ranches and vandalizing businesses pleaded not guilty in federal court
in Oakland Tuesday to a charge of conspiring to violate the U.S.
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act."

Concerns of animal cruelty addressed as Shrine Circus rolls into Milton

'Animal rights before religion': Denmark bans kosher and halal animal slaughter

Animal activist acts as ambulance in Soweto
"Animal activist, Cora Bailey, transports Soweto patients to hospital
as ambulances and paramedics are too scared to enter the area."
"When the animals are very sick I transport them to the best hospitals
to receive better help. This made me question why I should not do the
same when people needed help."

Morrissey lands lifetime achievement award for animal rights work
"Outspoken pop star MORRISSEY is to receive a lifetime achievement
award from bosses at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
(PETA) for his tireless campaigning.
"The vegan singer is a committed animal rights supporter and often
angers critics and opponents with his forthright comments on the

Standing up for animal rights by paddling nonstop around Lake Tahoe

"Vegan 1 Day is a grassroots effort to encourage the public to adopt a
vegan diet for at least one day out of the year, for health, the
environment, and for animals."

A cornucopia of options in Portland for the visiting vegetarian
"They range from food-truck fare to decadent chocolate-orange tofu mousse pie."

July 28

4 Activists Arrested for Chalking "Save the Animals"
"The four were arrested in Beaverton, Oregon, and face charges of
harassment, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.
"The chalking was done as part of the growing "No New Animal Lab"
campaign, which aims to stop the construction of a new underground
animal experimentation facility at the University of Washington."

Activists Save Minks: FBI Treats Them as Terrorists – Wall Street
Thugs Steal Billions & Walk

Atkins ivory bill sparks debate on illegal trade, property rights
"State Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins was discussing elephant
slaughtering during dinner with a friend when she decided to do
something about it.
""They could become extinct, and that just really hit me," said
Atkins, D-San Diego. "I want to be the person to help change this.""

"For 110 days and across two seas and three oceans, crews stalked a
fugitive fishing ship considered the world's most notorious poacher."

U.S. hunter to be charged with poaching in death of beloved lion in Zimbabwe
"Walter James Palmer was identified on Tuesday by both the Zimbabwe
Conservation Task Force and the Safari Operators Association of
Zimbabwe as the American hunter, which police then confirmed."

Push for 24-hour cat curfew to protect native animals
"Australia's first threatened species commissioner, Gregory Andrews,
said all cat owners should keep their pets contained 24 hours a day,
saying it makes them happier and healthier, and saves native mammals."

Spanish town cancels bullfight so money can be spent on books instead

Denmark Bans Kosher and Halal Animal Slaughter

From now on, no more animal sacrifice at Nepal's Gadhimai festival

Animal rights activists demand roadside memorial for dead sheep Animal-rights-activists-demand-roadside-memorial-for-dead-sheep.html
"PETA wants to commemorate the animals and remind motorists of the
dangers involved in transporting sheep to abbatoirs."

Why go vegan? For some, it's about health: Your Say
"Robert Atcheson, a former police captain, became a vegan after
researching the health benefits of the diet ("Real men don't eat meat:
Column"). Comments from Facebook are edited for clarity and grammar:"

Is vegan food Google's next big thing? It reportedly tried to buy a
synthetic burger company
"Now, an unconfirmed report has it that Google recently tried to
purchaseImpossible Foods, the outfit behind another vegan burger under
development called The Impossible Cheeseburger."

Esha Gupta turns vegan

July 27

PETA advocates for the ethical treatment of humans
"The animal rights group has found a new weapon in its battle against
animals being used for entertainment: The idea that their handlers are
in danger."
"The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently won a
legal battleafter disciplining SeaWorld for failing to adequately
safeguard trainers; it said that they should be physically separated
from the whales rather than swimming with them unprotected."

Caitlyn's Animal Society vacation means Skype interviews, birthday fundraiser
"NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The world's favorite advocacy pit
bull Caitlyn spent a week at the Charleston Animal Society while her
foster family vacationed."


Gardener jailed for killing nine ducklings with lawnmower
"Jason Scott Falbo II, 24, slaughtered the ducks while mowing lawns on
2 May in Wellington, Palm Beach, Florida."

Animal lovers step up to help dog shot three times at Akron home

South Australia wants to use underwater bombs to fix seal problem
"Several different areas in the world have problems with seal
populations. Just like Canada, with a state population of more than
100,000, South Australia's Coorong region has had a problem with the
long-nosed fur seal population for quite some time now."

Probe after road markings painted over dead cat in Kerry

Activists Apply Political Pressure To Ban The Toro De La Vega Event

By Chloe Opens in the West Village
"The West Village has a new cheerleader for veganism. Opening
tomorrow, By Chloe is the collaborative brainchild of vegan chef Chloe
Coscarelli and Samantha Wasser of ESquared Hospitality (The
Wayfarer,Horchata de Nueva York, BLT Steak)."

South Philly's Triangle Tavern is an unexpected spot for Italian vegan fare
""If someone orders vegan lasagna it should taste like lasagna," he
says. "I enjoy seeing non-veg people try the vegan fare and actually
having to admit it's damn good, especially the old timers who used to
hang here regularly. That's my reward.""

Going Vegan? Here's What You Need In Your Pantry

7 Vegan Lipsticks For Cruelty Free Beauty And An Awesomely Colored Pout

Cookbook Corner | 'Vegan Everyday' offers delicious alternatives for everyone

Oakland Activists Accused of Freeing Animals Are Charged as Terrorists
"A call-out for support for Joseph and Nicole has gone out for their
court appearance at 9am, Tuesday, July 28 at the Oakland Federal
Courthouse. Court Support for Nicole and Joseph"


Anti-Sea World petition has over 50,000 signatures
"People from around the world are voicing their opinions about a plan
to open SeaWorld in Dubai."

Animal rights groups call for nationwide rodeo ban
""Rodeos are inhumane and are not in the best interests of the
animals," says SPCA New Zealand chief executive Ric Odom."

Stardust Circus rejects animal cruelty claims
"It's animal cruelty. They're not allowed to socialise enough, they're
not allowed to walk around enough. They've got monkeys in cages and a
lion cub in a petting zoo."

Stray dog cull seen as threat to Kerala tourism
"Animal rights campaign on social media could dent the image of the state"

7-Eleven's surprising vegan switch

7 Ways going vegan has helped my relationship

Owner of upscale eatery and celeb hotspot goes AWOL
"Pure Food and Wine -- the upscale raw vegan restaurant where Woody
Harrelson has a house account and Alec Baldwin met future wife Hilaria
-- has shuttered for a second time after owner Sarma Melngailis
mysteriously went AWOL, and staffers say they got a raw deal."

Vegan week? The weekend. (plus ECHO readers' Vegan cooking efforts in pictures)

Seafood, Vegetarian & Vegan Options Provide Healthy Alternatives and
Minimize the Veto Vote, Technomic Finds
"While chicken still holds its status as the centre-of-plate star for
both consumers and operators, demands are shifting. More consumers are
looking past poultry to seafood, vegetarian and vegan options.
Utilizing proprietary intelligence and exclusive consumer data,
Technomic's Canadian Centre of the Plate Consumer Trend Report
identifies and analyzes menu and consumer trends impacting the
foodservice industry today."

Coast Commission should approve larger habitat for SeaWorld's orcas (Editorial)
"The California Coastal Commission had been scheduled to consider
SeaWorld's "Blue World" project at its meeting next month in Chula
Vista. But late last week the item was posponed until this fall
because of the flood of public comment flowing into commission

Social media makes activism easy, but sometimes a spark can burn out of control
"It took less than 24 hours for an 18-year-old Omaha woman's petition
on the welfare of dogs at Tully's Kennels to attract 13,000 signatures
calling for the 51-year-old business to shut its doors."

Animal planet star visits metro Atlanta shelter
"Animal Planet star Jackson Galaxy recently visited east Cobb's newly
constructed, cage-free cat shelter run by the Good Mews Animal

Animal testing for cosmetics banned in Turkey

Fourth jump horse killed: Activists

Fish Are Friends! Puberty Blues starlet Isabelle Cornish slips into
mermaid suit and goes topless for animal rights
"And now Isabelle Cornish is moving her focus to the environment for
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The 21-year-old
posed topless in a mermaid suit for the animal rights group as she
attempts to raise awareness for the mistreatment of fish."

Zoo to close amid animal rights awareness 441705/Zoo-to.htm
"TAIPEI -- A private zoo in Tainan's Madou District in southern Taiwan
is set to be closed for good in January next year, with the owner
complaining that the newly revised Animal Protection Act will make his
business too challenging to run."

'Prosecute owners who mistreat their pets'
"Animal Guardians Malta, previously called Street Cat Rescue, said
that the law currently allowed people to keep a dog chained in an
abandoned building so long as the animal was fed and had shelter."

'All natural' doesn't make food safer, healthier
"When companies demand farmers provide them with antibiotic-free meat,
it denies farmers the ability to treat animals that are actually sick
and keep that sickness from infecting other animals.
"Even People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, the radical animal
rights group that doesn'€™t want you to eat any meat at all,
criticizes the claims of organic and antibiotic-free meat marketing.
PETA notes, "€œIf the cows' udders become infected from frequent
milkings, which often happens, many farmers deny them antibiotics
because medicated animals lose their '€˜organic'€™ status. Organic
dairy farmers are also less likely to vaccinate cows against harmful

Have you seen this silver truck at the Shore? smoothies-delivered-straight-beach-towel/30622201/
"Looking for a way to separate himself from the other juice and
smoothie businesses, Monroe decided to add his yoga friend Mollie
Laurence to the team to bake vegan treats. When asked her title, the
two converged and came back with "cafe manager and vegan menu designer

Group delighted with Vegan Fair _with_Vegan_Fair/
"THE Worcester Vegans and Veggies group was delighted with the
popularity of its Vegan Fair at Cafe Bliss in Worcester on Saturday
(July 25)."

July 26

Ohio zoo presses charges against man who petted cougars

Two Oakland Activists Accused of Freeing Animals are Charged as
Terrorists : Indybay
"The arrests come in the lead-up to the national animal rights
conference in Washington, DC -- an event that gathers hundreds of
animal rights activists from around the U.S., and dozens of
international guests.
"The FBI did the exact same thing last year, when agents arrested two
animal rights activists and charged them violating the Animal
Enterprise Terrorism Act. In that case, like this one, the activists
are accused of releasing thousands of animals from fur farms."

Mississippi woman attacked by Yellowstone bison
"On Tuesday, a 43-year-old woman from Mississippi and her daughter
turned their backs on a buffalo that was only six yards away to snap
an Instagram-worthy pic, but she ended up getting Instagored."

Niagara County man devotes his life to rescuing primates
"The Niagara Falls resident splits his time between his other home on
Livingston Avenue in Niagara Falls, where he has operated the Primate
Sanctuary for 26 years, and the Wilson home, which he shares with his
wife, Christie. The couple bought the 30-acre country property in 2001
with plans to build both a house and a larger sanctuary for his
primates. He said he has never stayed overnight in the Wilson home but
resides in Niagara Falls to care for the monkeys."

Prison program saves pets, brings 'calming effect'
"All dogs are available for adoption by staff employees or the general
public. The cats can be adopted by inmates who have taken care of the
animals once the inmates are released, which has happened twice."

Mammoths Died Out Because of Sudden Climate Change

Ricky Gervais condemns whale slaughter on Faroe Islands

Macau greyhound track faces new pressure to close
"Macau animal charity submits 270,000-strong petition calling on
government to act"

Protest today against killing of dogs in Kerala

Moby joins chicken cruelty protest
"Moby, who says he has been a vegan since 1987, called on supermarket
chain Vons to stop selling meat fromFoster Farms, a west coast poultry
company he says uses inhumane slaughter practices."
"Moby is planning to open an organic, vegan restaurant in the Silver
Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. He also co-founded TeaNY, a
vegetarian and vegan cafe in New York."

Are Birkenstocks Vegan? Some Of Them Are, So You Can Definitely Snag
Cruelty-Free Versions

Editorial: Peace for vegans and meat-eaters
"On the website this week, Nathanael Johnson writes: "The
binary, good or evil view of meat is pragmatically counterproductive –
the black and white strategy hasn't gotten many people to become
vegan. Instead, let's focus on giving farm animals a life worth

Henderson's launch Capital's first vegan restaurant
"Manager Barrie Henderson said the launch was a response to "growing
awareness and interest" in vegan food throughout the UK and across the
city, but was quick to point out the restaurant will be just as
welcoming to those who don't normally forgo animal products."

A Vegan's Guide to Bulking: 5 Must-Eat, Protein-Packed Foods

Crowdfunding can help, but companies must start with a strategy
""Every day is so stressful and exhausting," says Ordemann, 30, who
makes vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free rainbow cookies called
Radical Rainbow Cookies."

July 25

2 Oakland Animal Rights Activists Arrested For Allegedly Releasing
Thousands Of Mink On Cross-Country Road Trips

Alligator found crossing NYC street dies unexpectedly

'We are at the start of a journey to see horses as healers'
"Seagrove set up this centre on borrowed farmland four years ago –
with help from philanthropist Simrin Choudhrie – to rescue abandoned
horses, but quickly realised that the animals could develop a
reciprocal role as what she calls a ''healing herd''."

Israel: A Mecca for vegans,7340,L-4682589,00.html
"Holy Land is leading a vegan revolution, with some 400 food
establishments certified as 'vegan friendly,' including the only vegan
Dominos Pizza in the world."

Real men don't eat meat: Column
"I fall pretty squarely into the stereotype of an all-American tough guy."
"Either eat the food I cook for you, or get out of my house.
"Today, I have the same rule for everyone who enters my home. Except
the food I now cook is 100% vegan -- no meat, eggs or dairy. If I had
things my way, everyone in America would make a similar choice. What
prompted the change?"

The Maligning of Vegetables
"Is kale toxic?  One alternative medicine researcher published on his
web site that he found high levels of thallium in the urine and tissue
of patients who consume large amounts of kale.  He then suggested that
their ailments were due to thallium accumulation."


The District's Best Veggie Burgers
"We've looked at restaurants that are great for vegetarians and the
best vegan joints around--even the best specific vegetarian dishes. But
what about the humble veggie burger--for many years, the only option
for beleaguered vegetarians? Fortunately the rising tide of non-meat
options hasn't left them behind. Toppings on today's burgers go well
beyond your standard tomato and lettuce, and the patties have left
Morningstar in the dust. Let us know your favorites in the comments."

Vegan treatments that are good enough to eat at Dubai's Spa Cordon

Two California animal rights activists arrested after vandalism spree
"Joseph Buddenberg, 31, and Nicole Kissane, 28, are charged in a
six-page indictment with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise
Anti-Terrorism Act, in connection with a spree of vandalism of homes,
vehicles, shops and farms tied to the meat and fur industries, federal
authorities said."

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley requests independent review of carriage
horse collapse

When "Lefty" Advocacy Organizations Sell Out
"Several years ago, when I was a more naive vegan than I am now, I
applied for a job at large animal welfare organization, for a position
that involved being a sort of liaison between that organization and
the animal agriculture industry."

Former Lawrence County Animal Shelter director files motion to halt
adoption drive
"Taylor filed the motion asking  for a temporary injunction to stop
this weekend's adoption effort for the 250 animals remaining at the
ASPCA temporary shelter. Her lawyer said Taylor wants returned to her
seven personal pets that were seized along with the other animals at
her home."

More than 100 animals rescued in Union County, MS
"UNION COUNTY, MS (WMC) - Animal Rescue Corp along with Union County
Animal Control rescued 130 animals from what they are calling a puppy
mill and horse breeder on July 15. Horses, cats, dogs and donkeys
filled a home and barn in Blue Springs Mississippi."

Bears on the loose! Bears escape circus in Iran flood

Animal lovers join hands to save street dogs
"LUCKNOW: In a show of solidarity with animal lovers across the world,
activists and canine lovers of the city will hold a protest at GPO on
Sunday against Kerala government's decision to cull street dogs. They
have also given a call to boycott Kerala tourism and its products."

Michael Murray: An evolution in how we think about animals
"This was made vivid to me recently as I was channel-surfing and came
upon the Calgary Stampede, which was broadcast by the CBC after the
eleven o'clock news. A previous incarnation of me would have paused
and watched the novelty for a spell, I think, but now I just felt
sadness, even disgust."

Vegan eats with sudsy treats at Machesney Park's Pig Minds Brewery
"MACHESNEY PARK -- It is the only of its kind -- anywhere -- as far as
Pig Minds Brewery's owner Brian Endl knows. The combination of a
brewery with a full vegan menu was the brainchild of Endl and
brewmaster Carson Souza."

Second annual WNY VegFest on tap for Delaware Park on Aug. 2
"This year's theme is, plant-based lifestyle and its benefits in an
age of climate change. Event proceeds will benefit the Asha Farm
Sanctuary and Food Not Bombs."

Vegan for a week? Day three
"Am I feeling any better for my three vegan days? Honestly? No. I feel
bloated and my body has gone into junk-withdrawal. This is in no way
knocking the vegan diet I've been following, it just clearly takes
longer than a few days to reap the benefits."

We Tried Vromage's Vegan Cheese And Liked It
"Vromage, a small West Hollywood vegan cheese shop, has developed a
huge reputation as some of the best vegan cheese in the world. It's
all made by one man who got into the business to impress a woman."

July 24

Tourists snapping selfies with wild animals a new trend, but it's not
going well in Yellowstone
"On Tuesday, a 43-year-old Mississippi woman and her six-year-old
daughter were snapping a selfie in front of a wild bison near the
Fairy Falls trailhead just outside Old Faithful. Then the massive
animal attacked."

In a virtual zoo, there are no animals in captivity
"People will be able to visit faraway places and meet creatures that
have long been extinct."

Costa Rica court convicts owner of illegal puppy mill

Sickening video of a yob kicking a tiny cat through the air causes
outrage in Spain as animal-lovers demand a hunt for the culprits

Pet TV talent show comes under fire from animal rights groups
"Since its debut early this summer, a television program broadcast on
Telecinco that shows people performing tricks with their pets has come
under fire from Spain's leading animal rights groups."

NSPCA condemns 'animal cruelty' on ship
"NSPCA and animal rights activists have come out in criticism of the
transportation of animals bound for Mauritius after their images were
made public."

Vegan food fuels record-setting race across the Appalachian Trail
"Jurek thinks of food as fuel and only fills his tank with plant-based
nutrition. And he's not the only competitive athlete to champion a
vegan lifestyle. Many popular athletes - from baseball and football
players to boxers and bodybuilders - are taking advantage of
performance-enhancing animal-free foods."

Dreux Ellis of Cafe Gratitude is firmly planted in the vegan world
"The next time you're feeling grateful eating the Magical veggie
burger or Glorious Caesar salad at Cafe Gratitude, thank Dreux Ellis.
He's the executive chef for the Southern California outlets of the
vegan restaurant chain. But he started his career as a plant-based
chef long before Cafe Gratitude."

PETA Grills National Hot Dog Day with Vegan Dogs

Rick Owens Goes Vegan for His Latest DRKSHDW Release
"For sneakerheads, vegan sneaker options can be a bit limited,
especially in the high-end fashion world. But thanks to Rick Owens, a
luxury option is now available."

Be vegan, live longer

> Animal Rights Activist Work with Local Lawmakers on New Animal Abuse Legislation
> #DaveysLaw
> Animal rights activists seek charges against Wis. parish for 'pig rassle'
> Bone-Appétit: Dining With Dogs Grows in Popularity
> "New York may become the next major state to adopt a "Dining with Dogs" law."
> Threat Of Closing Shelter Attracts Animal Lovers To Greenburgh Town Meeting
> "On Saturday, Pets Alive officials announced plans to close the
> "no-kill" facility in 60 to 90 days due to building disrepair and
> declining revenue. .Fourteen people are employed by the shelter, which
> cares for 80 cats or kittens and about 80 dogs."
> JUSTICE FOR BUSTER: Alton Animal control saved
> "ALTON - Nearly 150 animal rights supporters showed up to peacefully
> protest on the City Hall steps before the Alton City Hall meeting,
> July 22, in conjunction with a recent incident involving the death of
> an Alton family's pet and the city's essential need to keep the Animal
> Control Department active."
> American Humane Association: The Challenges of Policing Animal Abuse
> "The AHA might have missed most of the media attention if it hadn't
> been for venerable animal rights supporter Bob Barker, who is better
> known for his leading role in the television game show "The Price Is
> Right." At 91, he is still dolling out checks to animal rights
> organizations to the tune of millions of dollars. In Hollywood,
> Barker's scathing condemnation of the AHA found a willing audience and
> a well-appointed podium.
> ""I think they have failed miserably in their efforts to protect
> animals in the movie industry, and obviously they have failed
> miserably in any protection for animals in this food industry," Barker
> said in a press conference at the prestigious Millennium Biltmore
> Hotel in Los Angeles."
> "Animal rights activists demonstrated in Manhattan Thursday night,
> calling for an end to the so-called "Dog Eating Festival"."
> Dubai woman starts drive to launch world's biggest animal rights billboard
> Parliament urged to change animal welfare laws, introduce animal CSI
> to_change_animal_welfare_laws_introduce_animal_csi#.VbHOaehViko
> "Animal rights NGO calls on government to set proper criteria in place
> when employed animal welfare offices"
> Animal rights group rescues dog muzzled, horrifically injured by duct tape
> "An animal charity from Ho Chi Minh City last night rescued and
> treated a dog in Ben Tre Province whose mouth has been pared to the
> bone after someone clamped it tightly shut with duct tape."
> Cal Poly Pomona reaches settlement with student over free speech rights
> "Cal Poly Pomona has agreed to strengthen campus free speech policies
> after reaching a settlement with a student who sued when he was
> restricted from handing out literature promoting a vegan diet."
> "Tomas, a 24-year-old nutrition major and animal rights activist, sued
> the Cal State university in March alleging that the school violated
> his 1st Amendment rights when police and administrators prevented him
> from handing out fliers near a parking structure and required him to
> obtain permits and badges."
> Vegan Black Metal Chef, Reggae Reggae Sauce, Headbanger's Kitchen: why
> do so many musicians cook?
> Delicious Animal Free Diet
> Vegetarian Restaurants, Vegetarian Food, Meat Free
> Vegan's nightmare: Killer kale, and quinoa too
> The 7 Best Veggie Burgers In NYC

SeaWorld's 'sophisticated' spy ring bigger than previously thought,
activists claim
"Blackfish cast member says he has evidence of a recently suspended
SeaWorld employee being active under a different name as far back as
2012, as Peta also suspects espionage extends beyond 'Thomas Jones'"
"Separately, Peta said it was investigating the possibility that
between three to five other people who had acted as supporters may
have been operating undercover in some capacity for the theme park,
having shown similar behaviour to McComb."

Bison selfies are a bad idea: Tourist gored in Yellowstone as another
photo goes awry

Former Toronto Zoo elephant euthanized in California
"The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) says Iringa was
"humanely euthanized" following a long history with degenerative joint
and foot disease."

'For duck's sake: stop serving foie gras' EU attacked over 'cruel' dinner menu

Stray Dog Menace: Cyber World Divided as Animal Lovers Launch 'Boycott
Kerala' Campaign Online
"With the rising stray-dog attacks in Kerala, the cyber world has been
divided into two: a group, which wants to boycott the South Indian
state because of its government's decision to cull rabid animals, and
others who are against the hate campaign."

Could this tech kill off wildlife poaching?
"Wildlife poaching is still at large, with African elephants and
rhinoceroses still being slaughtered despite the best efforts of
animal rights activists and conservationists. However, help is on hand
that could catch these illegal poachers red-handed."

Animal lovers kick up a stink over bacon festival
"Animal rights activists are slamming "indulgent gluttons" planning to
"pig out" at a bacon festival in Cape Town this weekend."

5 Best Tips for Vegans Traveling to Europe: Indulge Your Senses

Suzy Amis Cameron Describes Her Transition To a Vegan Diet

Vegan for a week? Challenge accepted

Does this Lincoln burger business offer the most vegan-friendly menu
in the city?
"The Handmade Burger Company on the Waterfront has registered 17 new
menu items with the Vegan Trademark – the internationally recognised
standard for products that are free of all animal use."

July 23

SeaWorld's 'sophisticated' spy ring bigger than previously thought,
activists claim
"Blackfish cast member says he has evidence of a recently suspended
SeaWorld employee being active under a different name as far back as
2012, as Peta also suspects espionage extends beyond 'Thomas Jones'"
"Separately, Peta said it was investigating the possibility that
between three to five other people who had acted as supporters may
have been operating undercover in some capacity for the theme park,
having shown similar behaviour to McComb."

Bison selfies are a bad idea: Tourist gored in Yellowstone as another
photo goes awry

Former Toronto Zoo elephant euthanized in California
"The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) says Iringa was
"humanely euthanized" following a long history with degenerative joint
and foot disease."

'For duck's sake: stop serving foie gras' EU attacked over 'cruel' dinner menu

Stray Dog Menace: Cyber World Divided as Animal Lovers Launch 'Boycott
Kerala' Campaign Online
"With the rising stray-dog attacks in Kerala, the cyber world has been
divided into two: a group, which wants to boycott the South Indian
state because of its government's decision to cull rabid animals, and
others who are against the hate campaign."

Could this tech kill off wildlife poaching?
"Wildlife poaching is still at large, with African elephants and
rhinoceroses still being slaughtered despite the best efforts of
animal rights activists and conservationists. However, help is on hand
that could catch these illegal poachers red-handed."

Animal lovers kick up a stink over bacon festival
"Animal rights activists are slamming "indulgent gluttons" planning to
"pig out" at a bacon festival in Cape Town this weekend."

5 Best Tips for Vegans Traveling to Europe: Indulge Your Senses

Suzy Amis Cameron Describes Her Transition To a Vegan Diet

Vegan for a week? Challenge accepted

Does this Lincoln burger business offer the most vegan-friendly menu
in the city?
"The Handmade Burger Company on the Waterfront has registered 17 new
menu items with the Vegan Trademark – the internationally recognised
standard for products that are free of all animal use."

In Historic Ceremony, Activists Worldwide to Shine a Light on the Path
to Animal Liberation

"On Saturday, July 25th, activists around the world will, in an effort
to awaken the masses, symbolically shine a spotlight on animal cruelty
and the path to liberation. Wearing blue shirts and holding candles,
activists in 130 countries will take photographs in front of a places
that represent violence toward animals and post them on Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram."

City to decide future of exotic and wild animal acts in Missoula
""You refer to the circus as a tradition, and it is a tradition, but
that doesn't mean that every tradition needs to go on," said Ward 6
council member Marilyn Marler. "Sometimes society's values change.
There are some traditions that we don't do anymore.""

Humane Society of Tulsa rescues 24 greyhounds from large animal
cruelty case in Grant County

New leadership at GCAC adopts 'no kill' policies
"Conditions at Genesee County Animal Control have improved"

Criticism dogs financial panel nominee

Prop-injured dolphin serves as reminder against feeding them

Fox-hunting should never be brought back, vote Derby city councillors

As In Vegan Heaven . . .  So at Earth Below's plant-based food cart
""I was tired of being left out," she says, lamenting the lack of
vegan options in town, but in a tone that is more whatcha-gonna-do
than complaining."

D∆WN Is A New Spokesperson For PETA
"I've been Vegan for a year and a half now and it has changed my life
and perspective."

German meat group Wiesenhof launches vegan lines
"The company already sells vegetarian lines under its Paul's Veggie
brand to retail and foodservice customers. It has now introduced a
vegan sausage and a vegan mortadella - an Italian sausage. The
products are made with pea and soy protein."

Made in Fakenham: Childhood friends turn love of super foods into
award-winning vegan chocolate turn_love_of_super_foods_into_award_winning_vegan_chocolate_1_4162392

"When it comes to making an all-vegan restaurant more approachable to
non-vegans, Roberts says using the term "plant-based" instead of vegan
helps -- as does continuing to offer food that appeals to vegetarians,
vegans or those just trying to cut back on meat intake occasionally."

Ireland Baldwin Takes a Page from Beyoncé, Embarks on 21-Day Vegan Challenge
"Now there have been countless times in my life where I have committed
to veganism and failed miserably due to my lack of willpower and
ignorance as to how to cook vegan, shop vegan and fully take the
plunge into a cruelty free lifestyle."

July 22


SeaWorld orcas live as long as whales in the wild, new study says
""SeaWorld's claims simply don't hold water," said Jared Goodman, the
PETA foundation's director of animal law.
"PETA noted that a previous study published in the April edition of
Marine Mammal Science concluded that the life expectancy of killer
whales in captivity was much lower, only 11.8 years."

Pet porkers pack rescues as trendy teacup pigs fatten up
"It's a common story playing out nationwide, leaving thousands of pet
pigs homeless and rescues packed. The crunch has led many sanctuaries
to limit how many pigs they will accept or stop taking them

Groups want charges issued over Wisconsin church's 'pig rassling'
"Watertown-based Global Conservation LLC and Showing Animals Respect
and Kindness Inc., of Illinois, said that doesn't mean the parish
won't change its mind by next month, or in future years. It notes that
the parish canceled the pig rassle in 1995 after a prosecutor said it
could violate animal cruelty laws, only to bring it back the next

Animal Rights Activists Challenge Moscow Petting Zoo Trend

Brigitte Bardot has penned an open letter to Environment Minister Greg
Hunt, slamming Australia's proposed feral cat cull

Circus coming to town this weekend, despite planned animal rights' protests
"The circus also includes elephants and horses, which has attracted
animal-rights protestors to shows across the province."

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons shares secrets of being a 'happy' vegan

Luxury Vegan Boot Camp in France

A campaign for a vegan cafe that leaves many questions

Added vegan plates just one aspect of the rebooted McCabe's

"The University of Denver recently announced that it's taking a
leading role in training the next generation of animal lawyers:
Starting this fall, DU Sturm College of Law professor Justin Marceau
will begin teaching a series of classes on the subject of animal law.
"The dedicated animal-law professorship is the first of its kind in
the country, and it's being funded by the Animal Legal Defense Fund
(ALDF), a California-based nonprofit that has been advocating for the
growth and legitimacy of animal law for more than thirty years.."

Animal rights activists seek to end cownosed ray tournament
"ANNAPOLIS, Md. --Animals rights group members want the state to put an
end to what they call a pure bloodsport."

Groups call on NY Blood Center to support chimpanzees
"NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - The Humane Society of the United States is
raising money for the continued care of chimpanzees once used for

Manager offers tour of Robinson pet store at center of animal abuse allegations
"A pet store in Robinson Township came under fire Monday after a
Facebook post from a former employee about alleged animal abuse went

Elephants' owner says no to Kern County Fair
"BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Elephants will no longer be at the
Kern County Fair. The company that owns the elephants, Have Trunk Will
Travel, told that to Eyewitness News on Tuesday."

Dog that bit boy's ear at Bradenton clinic may be euthanized

Alton officers euthanize injured dog with service revolver
"ALTON, Ill. ( - On the first day of police officers taking
over animal control duties in Alton, a dog was euthanized with a
service revolver, sparking a firestorm on social media by residents
demanding change."

PETA protest muddies the waters general/news/peta-protest-muddies-the-waters/2738363.aspx
""I will only be confined for an hour - but for mother pigs on factory
farms, this is their life," said Clare Knight, a spokeswoman for PETA

Govt lays down rules to ferry animals meant for slaughter
"Since only two states -- West Bengal and Kerala -- allow cow slaughter,
cows from all over India are transported to these two states for

Madison Carlson's Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta reflects her vegan lifestyle

Food for Thought: 'Thuggy' but tasty: Cookbook gives vegan, vegetarian
fare a street edge
"The recipes are great. But it looks like the book was created for
guys who want to be vegetarian or vegan but don't want to look wimpy
about it. Or at least, that's my impression. "Thug Kitchen" (Rodale;
212 pages, $24.99 hardcover) is almost like cooking with Gordon
Ramsay. It has that many F-bombs."

July 21

Animal rights activist: Rodeos like gladiator times
""As anyone can tell from just being a spectator, the animals aren't
having a good time being involved in that," said Lexie Levitt, an
advocate with Direct Action Everywhere who lives in Salt Lake City and
will be involved in the 'Days of 47' protest. "I believe that animals
are not here to serve as our entertainment."

Anderson facility for dogs, cats taking shape
"The heated and cooled facility, coming together on a shoestring
budget of $25,000, is being built by Anderson County jail inmates,
with Public Works Director David Crowley overseeing them and joining
in the work."

Prominent Egyptian animal rights activist dies in a fire while saving her cats
"Sixty-three year old Salwa Abou Al-Naga suffocated in a fire that
engulfed her apartment while trying to save the cats that she housed
there after rescuing them from the street"

Spanish town gives pets equal rights as citizens
"A town in Spain has become the first to recognise dogs and cats as
"non-human residents" awarding them equal rights to co-exist alongside
their human counterparts."
"It comprises 13 articles including statements such as "all residents
are born equal and have the same right to existence" and "a resident,
whether human or non-human, is entitled to respect"."

Government must reconsider 'cruel' live cattle exports to China, RSPCA says
"It's a 'dark day for Australian cattle', says the RSPCA's chief
scientist who warns animals will be slaughtered in facilities that
don't meet Australian standards"

Why Domino's only sells vegan pizza in Israel
"In Tel Aviv, about 400 restaurants are certified as "vegan friendly,"
including Domino's Pizza, the first in the global chain to sell vegan
pizza topped with non-dairy cheese."
"Tel Aviv beat out Berlin, New York and Chennai, India as U.S. food
website The Daily Meal's top destination for vegan travelers. The
website praised the vegan staple falafel, found on many street
corners, and cited Nanuchka as having "a fresh take on meat-heavy
Eastern European food.""

In the land of milk and honey, Israelis turn vegan
"Nana Shrier, owner of the stylish Georgian restaurant Nanuchka in
downtown Tel Aviv, shocked Israel's culinary world when she removed
all animal-based products from the menu. A year later business is
thriving, defying those who predicted its demise."

Want to try a meat-free life? How to make a vegan diet work for you
"On Tuesday, as part of our series "Secrets of Diet Trends," TODAY
explores veganism."
Joy Bauer offers vegan swaps for favorite foods, Norm MacDonald chows down

A yoga marathon with veganism
"Her adherence to veganism helped her achieve a yoga marathon of 27
hours and 30 minutes last month, said Amrutha Anand from Chidambaram.
Performing 1008 asanas of hatha yoga, with a break of 10 minutes every
hour, the computer science engineer achieved the feat on June 16 at

Why The Pig Is The Most Loved And Most Loathed Animal On The Plate

Pet shop under fire after photos of alleged animal abuse go viral
"ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. --  A pet store in Robinson Township is coming
under fire after a Facebook post from a former employee about alleged
animal abuse went viral Monday."

Animal activist group stages protest of Foster Farms outside local Safeway
"The protesters are currently visiting grocery stores that sell Foster
Farm products in several cities after a video of chicken abuse at
Foster Farms facilities went public. San Jose and Fresno are the next
upcoming stops.
"Foster Farms could not be reached for comment. In a statement
released Friday, the company defended its animal practices and rebuked
Mercy for Animals' claims."

Lakeville-area fur farm Fur-Ever Wild sparks controversy with S.D. expansion
"A fur farm near Lakeville that lets visitors pet baby animals is
raising the hackles of neighbors and animal rights activists from
Dakota County to South Dakota."

Pig wrestling competition goes on despite calls for cancellation
"A petition against tonight's 5th annual pig wrestling competition
received over 23,000 signatures, urging Mayor Daniel of Columbia City
to uphold a city ordinance from 2014 that states that every owner of
an animal within corporate limits must make sure there is no harm done
to any animal. Last month, City Council ruled that this ordinance does
not apply to pig wrestling."

Animal rights groups file suit against Miami Seaquarium
"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Animal Legal Defense
Fund, Orca Network and its director Howard Garrett filed the complaint
in federal court against the Seaquarium and owner Palace

Activists and Animal Lovers March For Abused Puppy

"Activists and animal lovers filled the Santa Barbara Courthouse
Sunken Gardens carrying signs that read, 'Justice For Davey.'"

Activists seek animal testing records from Texas A&M

Puppy Doe's Alleged Abuser Found Guilty Of Larceny
"Radoslaw Czerkawski, 34, the man accused of brutally torturing a
puppy known as Puppy Doe, has been found guilty of larceny."

"A huge step backwards" for animal rights laws in Macau,english/
"The president of the animal protection association Anima, Albano
Martins, believes that the government's decision to set a one-year
maximum prison sentence for animal abuse "is a huge step backwards."
"Martins said that Macau's 9/96 law contemplates a three-year maximum
jail term for those who physically or mentally abuse racing animals.
Therefore, he sees no reason why offenders who mistreat pets should
receive a lower sentence."

WATCH: 'Schmeat' May Be the Future of Burgers–But Would You Eat It?
"No, this isn't tempeh, tofu or some other form of fake meat. This is
actual meat -- the real deal -- only it's generated from skeletal muscle
fiber stem cells from a cow and grown in a lab. That's right–stem cell
"For 20 years researchers have been working on a way to create this
meat because raising and maintaining cattle is not only expensive but
it's draining on the environment. Environmentalists, animal rights
activists, and even NASA have been waiting for the day when an
alternative to conventional meat using stem cells becomes a reality.
That day has finally come."

Hundreds line up for debut of Amy's Drive Thru
"Eager eaters had been circling the Amy's Drive Thru for weeks as
staff began training and final touches were put on the Golf Course
Drive restaurant."

Kung Fu-Themed Vegan Restaurant 'Toad Style' to Open in Bed-Stuy

"Toad Style is set to open at the end of July, featuring items like
mushroom lentil burgers, esquites with almond cheese crumbles and
cayenne chili spice, and twists on classic sandwiches."
"The 14-seat restaurant at 93 Ralph Ave. takes it name from the 1978
martial arts film, "Five Deadly Venoms," which follows five kung fu
fighters with their own animal styles."


North Georgia prof. raising money for jailed animal-rights extremist
"University of North Georgia professor Barry Friedman is using his
faculty page toraise funds for jailed animal-rights activist Camille
"Friedman, who teaches in UNG's political science department, is
asking "every friend of animals" to provide a "financial gift" to
Marino "to pay for food that is compatible with her vegan diet,
clothing, toiletries, postage, and telephone calls."
"Marino has been jailed since February because of a domestic violence
charge filed by her former friend, University of Texas at El Paso
Professor Steven Best, who is no stranger to extreme positions on
animal rights."

"An October 2010 list published by the Humane Society of the United
States (HSUS) called "Missouri's Dirty Dozen" included the kennel of
Mary Ann Smith.  The list, which purportedly listed, "some of the
worst licensed kennels in the state," was part of a public relations
campaign designed in some measure to urge voter support of Missouri
Proposition B, a 2010 ballot initiative that sought to limit the
number of dogs a person could own."

What's the difference between eating pork belly and puppy belly? Not much.
"In anticipation of Grist's meat series, I turned to the person I know
who has the most to say about meat: Hal Herzog, a man I also refer to
as "dad." My father has spent 30 years studying the unique
relationships people have with animals, and he's the author of Some We
Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It's So Hard To Think Straight
About Animals. We spoke about vegetarianism, eating puppies, and why
it's more moral to eat blue whale than chicken. You can hear a podcast
of our conversation above, or read an excerpt below."

Investigators: Animal abuse cases tough to close
"The four puppies are out of reach for investigators with Pima Animal
Care Center, but Field Investigations Officer Mike Eckelbarger
explained on Sunday why it can be difficult for responding agencies to
make an arrest."

Petition against 'shameful' puppy breeding centre for medical tests
signed by 300,000 people
"The Tories insist their hands are tied over the Yorkshire centre -
but campaigners are begging the PM to block the plans in a last-ditch

Prophet who made congregants eat live snake arrested
"PRETORIA – Controversial Soshanguve "prophet" Penuel Mnguni has been
arrested for making his congregants eat a live snake during a church

Vegas chef teaches healthy eating with a meaning

How Do You Become Vegetarian if You Enjoy Eating Meat? _how_do_you_eliminate_meat_from_your_diet.html

Is there a moral case for meat?

Reflections on my veganism
"The benefits and struggles of living a lifestyle without animal byproducts"
"I can still remember, a couple years ago, being asked "would you ever
go vegan?" with my response being, "No way. Never." Ironically enough,
after living a vegetarian lifestyle for a year, I made the decision to
do exactly that."

Meatless Monday: Steak Chefs Go Meatless for Culinary Clash

A&M won't discuss animal lab tests

Marchers Vow to Change Animal Abuse Laws, Punishment to Prevent a
Future 'Puppy Davey' _davey_animal_cruelty_case_20150719

"Activists and animal lovers gather in downtown Santa Barbara to
remember tortured puppy in bid to inspire change"

Four arrested on animal cruelty charges
"Police said they received an anonymous tip of a possible cockfight
near the 3000 block of East Telegraph Road about 7 a.m. Saturday."

PETA Says Undercover SeaWorld Employee Posed As Animal Rights Activist

Legislation committee backs bill to toughen punishment for animal abuse
"MK Itzik Shmuli's bill would make prison term mandatory for those
convicted, with maximum sentence increased to five years."

Nearly 225,000 animals used for scientific tests in 2014
"Almost 225,000 animals were used in scientific procedures in Ireland
last year, according to new figures."

Sonia Faruqi's Project Animal Farm shows animal rights and big farms can coexist
"Once a Wall Street banker, Faruqi's fateful visit to an organic dairy
farm outside Toronto turned a financier into an investigative
journalist, and a city girl into an animal-rights champion.
"That is not to say Project Animal Farm is a militant call to
vegetarianism or veganism."

Pigs fly for punters as summer revellers enjoy festival fever
"Now in its 24th year, the Seabreeze Festival's annual pig race went
ahead without a hitch, despite protests from animal rights activists
who had labelled the race "cruel"."

July 19

NYC's Kennedy airport building luxury animal terminal
"The ARK is billed as the world's first air terminal for animals. Set
to open next year, the $48 million, 178,000-square-foot shelter and
quarantine facility will take in every kind of animal imaginable --
even an occasional sloth or aardvark. From here, they'll head to
barns, cages, racetracks, shows and competition venues in the United
States and abroad."

Simmons: Animal Abuse Reference Wasn't About 'The' Holocaust
"He told The Associated Press on Sunday that he wasn't comparing the
conditions of carriage horses to the experiences of Jews in World War
II or to slavery. The committed vegan and animal rights activist said
he was talking more broadly about animals globally and the conditions
they face.
"He said he didn't intend to offend anyone and would use different
words in the future."

Jerusalem Park Aims to Host Wildlife, Coexistence
"JERUSALEM--Israeli environmentalists say an unconventional nature park
they recently opened in Jerusalem can be a model for how to sustain
wildlife in urban settings - while also helping the human animals

Centre urged to ban export of buffalo meat
"CHENNAI: Animal rights activists have urged the central government to
ban export of buffalo meat even as they lauded Union ministry of
commerce's recent statement that export of beef has been prohibited in
accordance with country's foreign trade policy."

200,000 sign petition against beagle breeding at B&K Universal

Tracy Murphy leaves corporate world to save animals

"This followed her establishing the Buffalo Vegetarian Society (now
Buffalo Vegan Society) in 2007 after learning about the common abuses
of animals in factory farming. The Buffalo Vegan Society, with about
500 members, is now an outreach program of Asha Sanctuary.
"Murphy's journey from corporate executive to full-time animal rescuer
and vegan educator has been studded with surprises, challenges,
heartbreaks and successes – and always the conviction that she's doing
exactly what she is supposed to be doing, she said."

Vegan chef dispelling stigma of 'bland' food

"Who are your customers?
"Some are vegans. Some are people trying to transition to a
plant-based diet. Some are just trying to get more veggies into their
diet. But the bottom line is they all want convenient, good food they
can afford."

Protestors to hold march for abused puppy at SB Courthouse
""We don't often get these types of cases," said Sgt. Riley Hardwood
of the SBPD. "We deal with domestic violence all of the time, but this
isn't the type of case that happens often.
""The combination of two things (animal abuse and domestic violence)
is pretty alarming, and a lot of people would say that's indication of
violence in the future," he continued."

Walking horse group successful with flat-shod rules
"But some anti-soring activists and opponents of the padded
performance horse shows aren't waiting for Congress to act. A
grassroots effort fueled by online petitions is urging the boycott and
protest of Tennessee Walking Horse shows that feature the padded
performance class.
"They say that soring remains widespread and point to how even
veterinarians are dropping their association with the Celebration and
other events."

10K caged monkeys plus storm season equals worries
"What would happen if thousands of monkeys got loose in Southwest Florida?
"It may sound like the set-up for a low-budget disaster flick, but
with three large primate farms housing some 10,000 animals operating
in Hendry County, where storms and wildfires are facts of life, it's a
fair question."

Local group protests Lagoon's treatment of animals
"According to the protest's local organizer, Lexie Levitt, the
amusement park's Wild Kingdom Train Ride and zoo in particular house
animals in tiny concrete and wire cages and those animals should be
released to the natural environment."

Adoption event for animals rescued from Lawrence County shelter
"LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - ASPCA has organized an adoption event
for the hundreds of animals rescued from the Lawrence County Animal

Raccoon thrown from car in Baltimore was rabid

Officials rescue 27 buffaloes from overcrowded truck
"As many as 27 buffaloes, tied at the neck and stuffed in a truck,
were rescued by the Indian Centre for Animal Rights and Education
(ICARE) near Tharamangalam in Salem on Saturday."

Ethical Veganism with James Cromwell

10 things about: Ultra marathoner and raw food vegan Grant Campbell

Brisbane's Institute of Culinary Excellence offers first vegan
Certificate II in hospitality
"THE Institute of Culinary Excellence is Australia's first registered
training organisation to offer a vegan cookery qualification."

July 18

ADL Rips Russell Simmons for Comparing Animal Abuse to Holocaust and Slavery

More than a dozen cows rescued in Wellington raid
"Walesky says property owners qualify for agricultural tax breaks
because of cows on their property."

Coupeville woman reflects on decades of animal rights activism

Owner of cow on highway says its death was unnecessary Police_shoot_kill_runaway_cow_on_Farrington_Highway.html?id=316078951
"A loose cow on Farrington Highway that was shot dead by police did
not have to die, its owner insisted Thursday.
"But "some yahoo" -- apparently a bystander -- spooked the animal, said
Bud Gibson, owner of Rocker G Livestock Ranch near Makakilo."

Civet Cat Poop Coffee, the World's Most Expensive, Brews Up Animal
Rights Controversy
"The Indonesian Civet Coffee Association acknowledges past animal
cruelty but now says it has set minimum standards for raising civets
humanly in captivity.
"In 2013, PETA released a video of civets in captivity secretly filmed
on various coffee farms in Indonesia and the Philippines. In the
video, the civets are kept in small cages. They bob and sway, bite and
scratch themselves and run around in circles."

Sioux City native creates menu translator for wandering vagabonds
"Simply put, if you have a food allergy, diabetic, vegan or need a
gluten-free diet, you can communicate that info with a waiter when
dining out in another country."
"Currently, the EatAway app translates English into French, German,
Italian, Portuguese and seven regional dialects of Spanish. By late
July, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese will be added."
"That's important for world travelers Green and Gnauk, who also are
both vegans."

Clarence food blogger shares her plant-based nutritional philosophy

"A health scare, followed by an online nutrition program within the
last two years, means there is a new vegan lifestyle at home for the
entire family, including daughter Sophie, 12, and Sam, 9."

July 17

Animal rights group files complaint against Baptist
"Stop Animal Exploitation NOW, based in Milford, Ohio, filed the
complaint on June 29 with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, stating
that Wake Forest Baptist violated the Animal Welfare Act on two
occasions this year."

Milstein ignores picketing animal rights activists outside his Park Avenue pad
"Animal rights activists on Thursday night picketed outside the Upper
East Side home of the Milstein Properties head, with around two dozen
people protesting the New York Blood Center chair's role in the
organization's treatment of research chimpanzees in Africa."

Woman accused of sexual misconduct involving animal
"State Police were called to a domestic incident between 27-year-old
Chelsea Perry of Richburg and her husband last Friday. During the
course of their investigation, troopers say they obtained evidence of
sexual misconduct involving Perry and an animal."

Activists steer public perception to oppose animal entertainment

Animal advocates say dog auctions contribute to puppy mill problem in Missouri
"In the state known as the "Puppy Mill Capital of the U.S.," some
animal welfare groups say the auctions directly contribute to the
puppy mill problem."


Watch Spooked Circus Elephant Attack Car After Apparent Whack by Employee
"A group of distraught circus elephants' recent rampage in Danish
seaside town Karrebaeksminde was caught on video by a tourist and has
sparked animal rights activists to petition Denmark to ban wild
animals from circuses."

Howard restaurants put their best plates forward
"Great Sage opened in Clarksville in 2004 as a vegetarian restaurant.
Six years later, it went all vegan."

'Proof's' Matthew Modine breathes easier by living in the moment
"I am primarily a vegan. Occasionally, when I travel, I have to bend a
little. … My father and subsequently my brother died of pancreatic
cancer, which is why I live this vegan lifestyle. I think sugar and
alcohol (which is basically a form of sugar) have a tremendous impact
on the pancreas. I believe that eliminating alcohol and processed
foods is vital."

Slideshow: New products from Annie's, Daiya, Nestle

Christie Brinkley's Bikini Body at 61 Stuns: Her Anti-Aging Vegan
Diet, Beauty and Yoga Workout

Russell Simmons Says He Won't Apologize for Comparing Animal Abuse to
the Holocaust
"A Jewish city councilman is demanding Russell Simmons, the hip hop
mogul and activist, apologize for comparing the suffering of animals
to the Holocaust.
"Sitting in an antique car outside City Hall to protest horse-drawn
carriages, Mr. Simmons said this morning that the suffering of "100
billion animals" is comparable to slavery, Jews being put in ovens and
"ethnic cleaning." This offended Councilman David Greenfield, a
Brooklyn Democrat who is the grandchild of Holocaust victims"

Super Model Katie Cleary Is A Kick Ass Animal Rights Activist
"Popdust: Why do you think it is that so many women who are so
beautiful they make their living off it, become animal rights
"Katie Cleary: Animals and women can be exploited and since women are
natural nurtures, we want to comfort animals who have been abused, or
neglected, and need a voice. A lot of beautiful women aren't able to
use their voice because they're just objects so I think they see
kindred spirits in animals."

What's the difference between eating pork belly and puppy belly? Not much

Brian May 'sickened' by Government go-ahead for Grimston beagle farm Brian_May__sickened__by_Government_go_ahead_for_Grimston_beagle_farm/
"Rock star Brian May has said he is "sickened" by a Government
decision to allow the construction of a "beagle farm" breeding dogs
for laboratory experiments.
"The Queen guitarist, famous for his opposition to fox hunting, joined
a chorus of condemnation from animal rights organisations after Local
Government and Communities Secretary Greg Clark gave the green light
for the facility in Grimston, East Yorkshire."

David Guetta vows not to bring 'stressed' horse on stage again after
complaints from furious animal rights campaigners

Constitution must recognise animals as emotional beings: Activists
"New Delhi: A two-week campaign to involve people in a dialogue on
animal rights concluded here on Friday with animal activists demanding
that the constitution recognise all animals as emotional beings."
Activists push for constitutional rights for animals today
"The two-week campaign titled "Demand Justice for Animals" was
launched by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations
(FIAPO) on July 3, and has participants from 20 cities across the

Vegan Ice Cream From 'Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream'

Just opened: Vtopia, Portland's first all-vegan cheese shop and deli just_opened_vtopia_portlands_f.html


If you want to add four to eight years to your life, shifting to a
vegetarian diet could boost your chances.
"Dr. Tofi Sison, who is probably the only doctor in the country who
has specialized in both fields of psychiatry and dermatology, shares
in the July issue of H&L (Health & Lifestyle) magazine that becoming a
vegan is one of the best decisions he has made. For him it is simply
the right thing to do and it feels right doing it."

July 16

SeaWorld suspends worker accused of posing as PETA activist
"SAN DIEGO (AP) -- SeaWorld suspended an employee accused of posing for
years as an animal-rights activist and trying to incite violence among
peaceful protesters, company officials said.
"CEO Joel Manby said in a statement Wednesday that SeaWorld
Entertainment hired an independent outside counsel to investigate
claims made this week by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals."
SeaWorld suspends employee accused of infiltrating animal rights group
"The American theme park says it is investigating allegations that a
man known as Thomas Jones was a company staffer who tried to undermine
welfare group Peta"

WATCH: Animal rights group launches anti-Rodeo TV ads
"About 30 spots by Los Angeles-based Last Chance for Animals are
running daily on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC across Comcast, Direct TV and
AT&T networks serving the Central Coast and the San Francisco Bay

Animal Rights Group Protests Outside Portland Grocery Store
"Protestors from the animals' rights group Mercy for Animals gathered
outside of Fred Meyer in downtown Portland Thursday as part of a
multi-city tour to voice dissent against large food corporations they
accuse of mistreating chickens."
Activists protest Foster Farms outside Portland Fred Meyer

New sanctuary aims to help animals get back on their hooves, claws and paws
"The Hanoshes said they were shocked when they learned, as students at
UC Davis, how animals are treated in the food industry, and they
eventually became vegans."
"...they are working to raise $350,000 in donations through their
GoFundMe campaign ("

Ex-animal shelter director charged with animal cruelty

New N.J. pet store, animal activists face off over source of puppies _pet_store_face_off_over_pu.html
"Alan Braslow, an organizer and animal rights supporter, said Thursday
that Pat's Pets is more than likely getting their puppies that are for
sale from so-called "puppy farms" or "brokers" used to obscure the
actual source."

Two men accused of dragging, killing dog in Lexington

Animal rights activists condemn Austrian artist over dead animal show
"Hermann Nitsch, 76, has featured several dead animals on crucifixes
in Palermo, Sicily."

Could livestock breeding to reduce animals' capacity to feel pain
allay welfare concerns?
"The Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy, Activismconference was
convened by the Australian Centre and the Human Rights and Animal
Ethics Research Network and featured a number of international
speakers addressing a range of issues concerning interaction between
humans and animals, with an emphasis on animal rights and welfare."

Beach Buzz: Vegan, gluten-free kosher bakery Bunnie Cakes expands to Aventura
"Bunnie Cakes, a Midtown/Edgewater-based vegan, gluten-free and kosher
bakery will open a second location in Aventura Mall at 10 a.m.
Saturday, Aug. 1. Customers will receive a free cupcake with every
purchase between 2 and 6 p.m."

Green Bay company Au Naturale caters to sensitive skins 16/green-bay-company-au-naturale-caters-sensitive-skins/30247329/
"Organic and vegan are terms most often used to describe food, but to
Ashley Prange and her staff at Au Naturale Cosmetics in Green Bay,
they mean so much more."

Salt Lake City Vegan Treats

Brad Pitt weighs in on the Costco egg debate
"Actor and producer Brad Pitt is following celebrities Bill Maher and
Ryan Goslingin calling on Costco Wholesale (COST) to live up to its
promise to stop selling eggs from caged hens."

Russell Simmons Compares Animal Abuse to the Holocaust and Slavery
"Russell Simmons, the hip hop mogul and activist, thinks abusing
animals is on par with the Holocaust and the enslavement of

Austrian artist angers activists with dead animal show

Activists to seek constitutional rights for animals
"To mark the International Day of Justice on Friday, animal activists
will come together in the national capital to demand that the
Constitution recognise all animals as sentient beings.
"The two-week campaign titled "Demand Justice for Animals" was
launched by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations
(FIAPO) on July 3, and has participants from 20 cities across the

Plans to expand 'beagle factory' for scientific experiments criticised
by animal rights groups
"Plans to expand a beagle farm to supply dogs for animal testing have
been criticised by celebrities and animal rights campaigners."

Controversial B and K Universal beagle breeding plans for Grimston approved

Animal rights activist left "shaken and exhausted" over campaign to
cancel Wicklow pig race
"Wicklow's annual Arklow Seabreeze Festival has been attracting
attention for all the wrong reasons this week."
Animal rights activist Ciara Fitzgerald blasted for trying to cancel a
pig race in County Wicklow
"The race is harmless. You're a vegan. You're a hippie.'"

Rodeo takes centre stage in Rehoboth… animal rights group itchy
"Brigitte Meisner of the SPCA in very strong terms condemned the
sport. She says anything that involves animals as tools is not sport
and can only be described as violent conduct towards animals."

Arklow pig race to go ahead, despite efforts of animal rights activist
"Ciara Fitzgerald, an animal rights activist has called on the
organisers to stop the running of the pig race at the festival."

Animal rights group PETA calls for memorial to 120 sheep killed in A127 crash

Animal welfare will be 'decisive criterion' for lab-grown meat
"Most people accept that animals have been slaughtered for meat
because they have no choice – but lab-grown meat could change that,
says Professor Mark Post."

Powered By Plants On The Ultramarathon Trail
"When a vegan friend of mine posted on Facebook about Jurek's
record-smashing pace on the AT, he asked, tongue planted in cheek, a
variant of the single question vegetarians and vegans must hear more
than any other: "But where does he get his protein?" (For some vegan
humor, check out this great 2-minute video)."

Europe's First Chain of Vegan Shoe Stores Opens EU-Wide Online Shop
"German vegan and ethical shoes retailer, avesu opened its new
dedicated online shop for customers across the EU. Vegans and ethical
consumers from outside Germany can now visit to order
from avesu's carefully selected and currently unrivalled range of
vegan and ethically manufactured shoes."

Dreams Come True For Vegetarians And Vegans – Scientist Discover
Seaweed Healthier Than Kale But Tastes Like Bacon
"It is admirable whenever someone decides to become a vegetarian or
vegan for ethical or health issues. That means the individual chose
their health, their livelihood, over indulgences Americans in general
will back (pizza, fried foods, etc.)."

July 15

Animal group plans protest at Maine State House
"Dozens of concerned citizens are expected to rally and march at the
Maine State House Thursday over authorities' refusal to investigate an
animal crueltycase. The case, in which approximately 50 endangered
Caspian Horses are being neglected in Houlton, Maine is drawling
national attention. Chris Johansen, a former sheriff's deputy with the
Aroostook County Sheriff's Department says he was forced to resign
after he filed a complaint regarding the neglect."

Several circus acts coming to town, despite protests
"PERRY, Ohio -- A popular circus coming to town is drawing a lot of
controversy among animal rights groups.
"Threats of gun violence to a telemarketer promoting the Kelly Miller
Family Circus in South Russell, Ohio effectively cancelled the circus'
July 27th show."

Florida Man Arrested for Having Sex with an Alligator
"People have had sex with pit bulls, donkeys and even parrots, but
this incident is on another level. Rupert Darwin, 59, kept a 12 foot
alligator tied and blindfold for the last month, sexually assaulting
the reptile multiple times a day. Darwin is a relatively unknown
fisherman who lives in the outskirts of the remote town of 400."
Did Rupert Darwin Really Keep An Alligator As Sex Slave After It Tried
To Eat Him?

SSB awarded for role in preventing animal smuggling to Nepal
"The award, given out by Humane Society International and People for
Animals, is for SSB's role in preventing smuggling of animals across
the Indo-Nepal border."
"The award, given out by Humane Society International and People for
Animals, is for SSB's role in preventing smuggling of animals across
the Indo-Nepal border, most of whom were intended to be slaughtered at
the notorious Gadhimai festival in the neighbouring country's Bara

"Workington MP Sue Hayman has welcomed the Government's decision to
shelve a vote on relaxing England's hunting laws, but said she will
continue to fight for animal welfare issues.
"Mrs Hayman met with Queen guitarist and animal rights activist Brian
May ahead of the planned vote on Wednesday."

Piketty's Capital should force a rethink on animals as property
"But what about animals as capital? Should animals be treated like
other forms of property such as land, machinery and "stocks"? What
role do animals that are owned by humans play in the concept of global

Vegan Diet May Increase Breast Cancer Therapy Effectiveness
"The study, led by investigators with the University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health, found that such diets may starve
tumor cells, which are fueled by an essential nutrient called
methionine. The amino acid is abundant in meat, fish, some legumes and
nuts, but low in fruits and vegetables, the researchers noted."

Compassionate Bedrooms and Vegan Living | Dylan Kendall
"Before I became vegan, and before I really figured out what was
making my fluff fluffy, I had down duvets and pillows. I knew they
were down because of the occasional quill that would pierce the cover
but I did not make the connection that there was anything harmful in
consuming down. I never thought about the ducks who provided the down,
or that they were being raised on industrial farms."

At more Maine restaurants, it's ask and you shall receive plant-based cuisine
"Vegans have excellent luck getting dishes cooked specially for them,
even in unlikely places."

At West Asheville's new Dobra Tea, tea snacks grow up
"The menu, naturally gluten free and about 80 percent vegan, seems as
though it would be at home at a California spa. It's the work of
former Cali resident Nikki Moon, who with the owners' help has
developed a lineup of foods focused on organic and local, with some
produce coming from the West Asheville Tailgate Market, which sets up
shop across the street on Tuesdays."

Vegan Chef Matthew Kenny Opens Asia's First Plant-Based Culinary Academy
"Evason Hua Hin resort in Pranburi, Thailand is joining forces with
vegan chef Matthew Kenney to open Asia's first-ever  plant-based
culinary academy."


"VegeNation is not Salads R Us. It's a full-on restaurant with a
full-on menu, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's true that
there's no meat to be found, but that seems incidental. The concept is
constructed not around vegetables but on favorite street foods and
snacks from all over, burgers to bao, pizza to tacos."

Russell Simmons, animal rights activists pushing Bill de Blasio on
horse-carriage ban
"The mayor's hoof-dragging on the horse-carriage ban is making some of
his animal rights activist allies angry -- including hip hop honcho
Russell Simmons.
""The carriage horses are STILL not retired? @BilldeBlasio you should
be riding @nyclass horseless carriage 2 work/pressuring NY city
council," Simmons tweeted Tuesday."

Del. Ag. Sec. Calls Alleged Chicken Abuse Video a "Hatchet Job"
"DOVER, Del. (WBOC) - Delaware's Secretary of Agriculture has strong
words over a video released last week alleging animal abuse at a
chicken farm in Sussex County that contracts for Tyson Foods."

Comedic Role Reversal Sees Animals Campaign for Human Rights
"Animal rights campaigners in New York organised a comedic role
reversal for a protest in May 2015 aimed at raising awareness of the
issues surrounding animal liberation."

Animal rights activists plan protest at Tacoma grocery
"A touring animal rights group will introduce a seven-foot-tall
replica of a damaged chicken at a Tacoma grocery Wednesday (July 15).
"Abby the Abused Chicken," described in a release from the group Mercy
for Animals, will appear from noon-1 p.m. Wednesday at the Safeway at
1302 S. 38th St. in Tacoma's Lincoln District."

Animals rights activists protest circus in Southgate doc55a5a5aac66a0415462576.txt
"The Circus Pages came to Southgate Tuesday for a pair of shows, both
of which were protested by a small group of animal rights activists."

Lawmakers not ready to let possum issue drop
"The bill passed by the House Rules Committee repeals a 2014 local law
known as the "Possum Right to Work Act" that applied only to Clay
County. It leaves in places a 2015 law that says state wildlife laws,
which ordinarily preclude the capture of live wild animals, don't
apply to possums anywhere in the state from Dec. 29 through Jan. 2
each year."

Animal Research Declining in Some Categories, USDA Says

State Attorney Dave Aronberg tells jury starved dog was 'about to
become another statistic'
"An animal rights advocate who owns a Basset hound named Cookie,
Aronberg asked for a conviction of Anthony T. Herring, 38, who was
arrested nearly a year ago and accused of starving Bella and illegally
tying her up in a backyard."

NAIA study confirms fewer dogs, scarce purebreds in US animal shelters

Breeders up ante after second break-in at area farm
"Canadian mink producers have upped the reward money for information
leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for breaking
into two St. Marys area farms over the last six weeks.
"A reward of $75,000 was posted by the Canada Mink Breeders
Association (CMBA) shortly after approximately 1,500 nursing females
were released at Glenwood Fur Farm at the end of May."

Animal rights groups urge public to stand for the Hunting Act
"Demonstrators in Exeter staged a protest and hunt while dressed as
hounds, a fox, a hunstman and a terrierman.
"The campaigners from Devon Coalition to Save the Hunting Act carried
out a 'kill' in Bedford Square."

"Pet owners bent on providing a vegan diet can add synthetic versions
of these nutrients to their cat's feed."

Vegan Paul Maguire says living without animal products can be easy | POLL
"It took some time, but it occurred to Elderslie writer Paul Maguire
that the human race can exist without ­eating meat."
"The shift in dietary choices happened over many years for Maguire,
who has released his first book called vegan ninja – a cookbook of
confronting ecological proportions and personal meaning."

Vegan cheese festival held in Worcester festival_held_in_Worcester/
"WORCESTER'S first-ever dairy-free cheese festival was held last weekend.
"Everything on offer at the event at St Mary's Hall in Northfield
Street was made from soya and other vegetable products rather than
animal milk."

Firestorm Cafe: Vegan treats, bilingual books
"With Firestorm Cafe and Books opening on Haywood Street, West
Asheville has a new independent bookstore and vegan cafe."
"The bookstore carries nearly the entire inventory from AK Press, a
radical publishing company, as well as an impressive collection of
cookbooks, vegan and otherwise."

Salad Power Now Available Online Through Vegan Cuts and Ryze
"DENTON, Texas (July 14, 2015)--One hundred percent natural, 100
percent non-GMO, lower calories and sugar, more vitamins and
vegetables first – that's what new super premium vegetable
juiceSaladPower® delivers, and more."

All the Vietnamese favorites, without the meat
"While the word chay in Vietnamese alludes to vegetarian cuisine, All
Chay goes one step further: Everything here is vegan. That means the
menu features not a trace of fish, fowl or farmyard."
"True veganism means this crucial condiment -- derived from deliciously
fermented anchovies -- is strictly off limits. As a result, these
dishes lacked a depth of character."

July 14

""The Price Is Right" host is "painfully alone at a time when his
spirits could use a lift," said a friend. "He had an amazing career,
and has done so much good work as an animal rights activist, but his
retirement hasn't been as fulfilling as he'd hoped.
""He's invited to events hosted by animal rights groups, but hardly
anyone checks in with him regularly.
""Bob has complained: 'I'm alone, and I feel like that every day.'""

SeaWorld accused of sending employee to infiltrate animal rights protests
"Peta released photos of a SeaWorld employee and an activist who urged
others to get 'aggressive' against SeaWorld – and they appear to be
the same man"

Ringling Bros. elephants might be making their curtain call in Anaheim

Man accused of tossing dog into snowbank headed to court
"Protestors from several animal rights groups are expected in court
when Ryan Baker makes his first appearance on the charges."

Feeding stray dogs moral obligation
"PUNE: Major General (retd) R M Kharb, the chairman of the Animal
Welfare Board of India (AWBI), on Monday condemned the rumour that
feeding stray dogs increases their population. Animal activists said
some city-based organizations have been allegedly spreading the

Animal rights campaigners celebrate hunting vote delay
"Anti-hunting campaigners have celebrated the postponement of
tomorrow's hunting vote, heralding it as a victory for the animal
rights movement."

Brian May hails fox hunting victory as a 'humiliation' for PM but
warns battle goes on
"Downing Street has been forced to back down in a bid to use
Parliamentary procedures to change the 2004 Hunting Act to allow whole
packs of hounds to pursue foxes."

Sketch: 'This is Team Fox!' Masked protesters celebrate their victory... for now
"Brian May from Queen leads an animal rights protest outside
Parliament, as the Tories postpone a vote on repealing the fox hunting
""Fight for the fox!" they all chanted. "Blood, blood, blood on your hands!""

LA's 8 Best Vegan Restaurants That Would Make Bourdain Eat His Words

9 Vegan Celebrities That Might Surprise You
"Becoming vegan is a bold and increasingly popular lifestyle choice
that many celebs have already made. Can you name a famous vegan?"
"Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is
possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty
to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose."


Vegan Juggernaut Green Panther Expands to Latin Quarter With Beer

VeganSmart Helps to Spread the Vegan Word with Series of Fun Brunch Events
"VeganSmart, the premier choice for all-in-one nutritional vegan
shakes, vegan recipes and an interval cleanse program presented a
public vegan brunch Sunday, July 12th in downtown Los Angeles. The
event was hosted by Bad Ass Vegan (fitness trainer and health
influencer John Lewis) and @VeganFoodShare, a vegan lifestyle
awareness group. This was the second successful brunch event presented
by VeganSmart. Through these events, VeganSmart intends to educate the
community about all the health benefits that could come from adjusting
to a vegan lifestyle while having a good time."

Protest Planned At Bend Safeway

"Bend, Ore. – An animal rights activist group is planning a graphic
protest at the Bend Safeway store on 3rd street tomorrow."

SeaWorld whale dies three weeks after premature birth
"A newborn beluga whale at SeaWorld San Antonio has died, according to
a statement from the company."

AEO pulls t-shirt that was criticized by animal rights group
"Clothing retailer American Eagle Outfitters has stopped selling
T-shirts that were criticized by an animal rights group because they
featured a circus elephant."

Video: A return to Bloom County?
"Bloom County took aim pretty much equally across the political
spectrum, although its final couple of years got too tangled up in the
animal-rights movement, which Breathed championed (while still calling
some of its zealots "terrorists")."

Some animal rights groups are calling for changes after 54 stingrays
died in the habitat at Brookfield Zoo on Friday."

Salinas Rodeo Hides Animal Injuries in Violation of California Law
"ALDF and SHARK accuse the defendants of significantly underreporting
the number of animals injured at the California Rodeo Salinas, the
largest rodeo in the state and one of the largest in the country."

Man claims self-defense in Tahoe bear shooting
"Foy said game wardens had previously offered the man a permit to
legally shoot the bear due to damage at his property but he turned it
down due to fear of retribution by animal activists."

Threats of gun violence cancel circus event in South Russell
"Animal rights activists, including Linda Hernandez-Walker, of Solon,
have protested against the circus in the past and continued to submit
documents supporting their allegations of animal abuse."

Animal rights group doubtful Stampede will improve safety for chuckwagon horses
""They've made all kinds of promises before and made changes that
they've promised will make a difference, but again, the horses just
keep dying," said Vancouver Humane Society spokesperson Peter Fricker.
"Nothing they've done has made any difference and we're not confident
that they're going to take the action that's really necessary.""

New regulations introduced to protect B.C. dairy cows from cruelty cows+from+cruelty/11211370/story.html
"Changes were prompted by videotape of employees at Chilliwack farm
hitting animals with chains, rakes"

Animal rights activists detained for cockfighting
"Turkish police raiding an animal rights nongovernmental organization
(NGO) called Association for Protection of Poultry in northern
Turkey's Zonguldak province, revealed members of the NGO used the
premises for a cockfighting event."

"CAPE TOWN - Grandt Mason is a vegan and for years he sought a pair of
vegan shoes. Real Vegan shoes – not faux-vegan. But he found none… So
he decided to make his own."

Green Elephant Juicery
"All the products coming out of Green Elephant are vegan, but even
meat eaters will be excited about the menu."

5 Delicious Substitutes for Vegan Foodies
"Sticking to a vegan diet can be challenging without the right
information. Food blogger Angela from The Veracious Vegan has some
tips on how to play by the rules and love what you eat."

The top six best sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans

We're asking the tough questions on meat
"Meat: What's smart, what's right, what's next"

Harry Styles praised by animal rights activists after telling fans
'don't go to Sea World'

Animal mobile adoption trailer ready to hit the road
"BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Kern County animals looking for their forever
homes are about to hit the road."

Dog Owner Hit Record on Her Camera Inside an Animal Shelter. What She
Captured Is Disgusting.
"A dog owner secretly filmed her walk inside a Detroit Animal Control
shelter. When she reached her dog's cage, she saw blood pooled and
dripping out of it onto the floor."

54 Stingrays Die at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo

Marsupial vendors at Sailfest tout animals' attributes, but PETA disagrees


Stampede unhappy with animal safety record

Brian May and Virendra Sharma are 'Team Fox'

Queen star Brian May tells how bumblebee killing stung him into action
on animal rights

"Best Alternative Burger, The New Vegan, Delray Beach"

Meatless Monday: Indian Spice Meets American Speed in "Vegan Richa's
Indian Kitchen"
""Indian food is easily veganized," she says. "Most of the meals are
not dependent on cheese or ghee or milk. The sauce is what gives it
the flavor.""

Meat Free Meals: Vegetarian and vegan diets rank number one for weight loss!

July 13

Proposed Ban on Horse-Drawn Carriages Gains Little Traction
""We don't want to take anything for granted," said Allie
Feldman, a spokeswoman for NYCLASS, between lobbying council members
recently. "We never let up. We never stop organizing.""

Tyson investigating claims of animal abuse at chicken farms

"NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - Tyson Foods said it is investigating claims
that chickens raised for the company face brutal treatment and harsh
living conditions."

New law targets fake service dogs
"Starting this month, people who try to pass off their pets as service
dogs in Florida can be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to
30 days in jail."

OPINION: 'Animal Farm' comes to Princeton

CALM's rehab facility is close to capacity since the closure of animal
treatment center at CSUB

Labour urges SNP to oppose foxhunting repeal
"SNP's 56 MPs will be crucial in vote on Conservative proposal to
change law to allow use of dogs to flush out foxes to be shot"

Ultramarathoner sets Appalachian Trail record
, #GeorgiatoMaine, #SJAT15
"Jurek is best known outside of the running world as a prominent
character in Christopher McDougall's New York Times bestseller Born to
Run. Jurek also wrote his own bestseller Eat & Run, which chronicles
his journey in ultrarunning and vegan dieting."

Scott Jurek's speed attempt on the Appalachian Trail is a real Nail Biter
, #GeorgiatoMaine, #SJAT15
"The long and short of it is, Scott Jurek is a world renowned ultra
runner (winner of the Western States Ultra (100 mile) race 7 times),
featured in Chris McDougall'sBorn to Run, and author in his own right
(Eat and Run-part memoir, part vegan athlete manifesto, recipes
"The plan was to get at least 50 miles a day, which would add up to
easily beating the record. The trail of course has had other plans for
Scott, with injuries and terrain slowing him down."

Why Loma Linda residents live longer than the rest of us: They treat
the body like a temple
"Studies have shown that Seventh-day Adventists, who have a broad
range of ethnic backgrounds, live as much as a decade longer than the
rest of us, which led to Loma Linda being identified as one of five
longevity spots, called Blue Zones, on the planet and the only one in
the United States."

Go Smoothies 1st year anniversary celebration in downtown Detroit

"Marking the business milestone, GO! Smoothies owners, Callie Bradford
and Monique Dooley have expanded their brand of juices, GO! Press, by
making a $25,000 investment in a state-of-the-art hydraulic
cold-pressed juicer that replaces its previous juicing process."

Ultrarunning Legend Ran 2,189-Mile Appalachian Trail in 47 Days
"To make this tremendous mark, the vocal vegan fought through a knee
injury (205 miles in) and severe quadricep strain (the following day),
vaulting the legend to superhuman status. But this attempt was more
than a mere (rather impressive) number for the books; he intended for
the journey to inspire the community surrounding him, constantly
updating both Facebook and Twitter along the way."

Savannah Animal Advocacy protests horse drawn carriages

India floods kill 10 endangered lions near Gujarat sanctuary

Topless animal rights protesters stages protest against Pamplona bull run

Man mercilessly tortures street dog, posts video online
"A Delhi-based activist has written to police commissioner BS Bassi
demanding action against a man who uploaded a video of himself
mercilessly whirling a street dog around before flinging the animal
against a car."

Identity of kangaroo shooter handed to cull activists

Former girlfriend of undercover spy sues corporate security firm
"Environmental activist who had a relationship with spy Mark Kennedy
is taking legal action against Global Open – thought to be first
lawsuit of its kind"
"He also became involved in campaigning on animal rights issues –
something he had previously shown no interest in, according to several
campaigners. The woman says that "monitoring animal rights protest was
a core focus" of Global Open's work."

How the pig changed Israeli society
"Supreme Court Justice Daphne Barak-Erez has written a fascinating
book about the history of the pork laws, serving as a fascinating case
study into how Israeli society has changed."

IDF to Start Offering Vegan-Friendly Menu in Nationwide Bases
"The IDF also plans to distribute pre-packaged vegan breakfast boxes,
offering assorted cereals, tahini, almonds, nuts, dried fruits, soy
products, and more. Some vegans also refrain from wearing animal
products, and the IDF is working hard to accommodate, providing
non-leather boots and berets."

Cleanses: Can drinking your greens jump-start your health?
"I would go to the farmers' market and just buy everything that I
could find and see, and I would juice half, make salads with the other
half. And it was amazing how quickly I rebounded from the toxins from
all the chemotherapy. My hair grew back quickly, my skin started to
really glow-- and then the energy, I'd never had that much energy in my
entire life."

After diagnosis, a switch to 'veganic' growing
"Veganic? Combine the vegan idea of avoiding cow and chicken manure
and blood and bone meal as fertilizer, with the concept of organic
farming _ avoiding genetically modified plants and chemical
fertilizers. Among other practices, veganic farmers use cover crops
rather than manure to restore nitrogen to the soil."

Vegetarian, Vegan, or Meat-eater Diet? Listen to Your Body
"Consider the personal testimony of Simone Samuels, raw food chef and
blogger for The Wellness Warung on Going on a raw
food diet changed her taste buds. She stopped needing coffee every
morning and her sugar cravings got replaced by more savory ones."

Veggie alert: Five places where you can get the best vegetarian and
vegan food in Bristol

July 12

Irvine Park Zoo defends removal of baby zebra from upset mother;
animal rights advocates alarmed

Dogs saved from Korean dog-meat farm arrive in Calif.
"Nearly 60 South Korean dogs raised for slaughter have arrived in
Northern California to begin new lives as human companions instead of

Illinois county fair ignores protests over monkey event

Animal shelter striving to save lives

Harry Styles to One Direction Fans: 'Don't Go to SeaWorld'

We Need to Talk About Courtney Stodden's Barely-There Comic-Con Costume
""I'm here with PETA at Comic-Con to help defend helpless animals,"
she told toofab's Brian Particelli outside the Convention Center.
"We're encouraging people to go vegan and what better way to do that
than to grab some attention for a good cause.""

Is animal welfare on election agenda in Sri Lanka?

Protesters urge French Riviera marine park to free dolphins
"ANTIBES, France (AP) - Several hundred people protested Sunday at a
popular marine animal park on the French Riviera, urging it to free
the dolphins kept in its pools."

WATCH: Activists and circus go head to head in Conwy over treatment of animals
"Campaigners staged a protest outside the big top which is currently
camped on land at Dwygyfylchi - but the circus has defended the way it
treats its animals"

Bear to stay with 'mom'
"The legal battle over the housing of a bear, which had been the
subject of a lawsuit for seven years, has finally come to an end after
it was decided the animal would stay with her adopted human "mother,"
daily Hürriyet has reported."

My Instagram: Madeline Heising

Your wallet and body will be healthier if you go vegan and_body_will_be_healthier_if_you_go_vegan/

The vegan cafe going down a treat with locals in Colchester _a_treat_with_locals_in_colchester_1_4147507
""We steer away from the typical vegan food, such as falafel or
hummus," she added. "We want to break down those stereotypes.""

July 11

Pet tales: Reports of the slaughter of dogs and cats in U.S. for food
lack credibility
"Nearly 200,000 people want federal officials to pass laws that would
make it illegal to raise dogs and cats to be slaughtered in the United
States and sold as meat for human consumption.
"Perhaps you have seen this petition shared on social media. The
petition author is "Sue Lee" on the Care2 Petitions website
( The petition makes an unsubstantiated claim
that "dogs and cats are often bred right here in the United States for
the purpose of human consumption." It also claims that 44 states allow
the slaughter of dogs for food, attributing that information to "the
Humane Society.""

U.S. goes after wages of PSU official to recoup restitution in
eco-arsons of his radical youth _after_wages_of_psu_off.html
"Jacob D.B. Sherman once was an eco-saboteur whose firebombings on
behalf of the Earth Liberation Front shook the Portland area. Now he's
a key official in a sustainability program at Portland State
"Earlier this year, the Portland Tribune carried a feature story about
Sherman's transformation from a long-haired vegan, bumbling
eco-arsonist bent on sabotaging corporations to a meat eating,
marathon running family man who works within the system."

Sled Dog Sanctuary offers second life 2015/07/11/sled-dog-sanctuary/30004005/

"ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Sometimes, Raven Vinter prefers not to know where
the sled dogs come from."

Use of regulated animals in U.S. biomedical research falls to lowest
levels on record
"The figures do not include most mice, rats, birds, and fish, which
make up 98% of lab animals but are not covered under the 1966 Animal
Welfare Act (AWA)."

Rutter: Gary school officials must answer for hiring dog killer
"Davis has never acknowledged his conduct was criminal, though the FBI
and federal prosecutors do not view professional dog-fighting
entrepreneurs merely as indiscreet hobbyists."

Four gored at Pamplona bull run

Spanish Festival Season Set to Claim 60,000 Lives for Our Entertainment

'Human beings are not the master species but the servant species':
Andrew Linzey, Oxford animal theologian
"The advocation of progressive disengagement [from cruelty]. If God so
loves the world, non-rational creatures must have a look-in too. Human
beings have a responsibility of a kind that mice or giraffes don't. We
are not the master species but the servant species. Our power should
be exercised in looking after creation."
"Linzey proposes the establishment of a body called AAA: "Animal
Abusers Anonymous. We're all guilty either through products we use,
food we eat or taxes we pay, so I think self-righteous zeal is
entirely inappropriate. When there were protests against the animal
laboratory in Oxford I didn't participate because there was violence
and illegality.""

Man who strangled kittens and smashed them with a hammer fails to
overturn animal ban
"John Akrill, 48, from Whitby, North Yorks, dumped the little bodies
in a wheelie bin, in a brutal revenge act against his ex-partner, from
whom he had recently split and who was deeply fond of the kittens."

Anti-hunting vote: Nobody has the right to be cruel to animals

Annie's Adds New Varieties Annie-s-Adds-New-Varieties101221

27 of NYC's Best Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Venture some vegan?

MIA: Bunnie Cakes Vegan Cupcakes Come To Aventura Mall

Medical testing lab with N.J. ties responsible for 39 guinea pig deaths _nj_ties_in_deaths_of_lab_guine.html
"A Rockland County, N.Y.,  company's failure to protect lab animals at
one of its facilities resulted in the death of 39 guinea pigs,
according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture."

General Mills working toward animal welfare goals, including the use
of cage-free eggs
""Certainly the highlight of this announcement is the commitment to
(work toward) 100 percent cage-free eggs," said Wayne Pacelle, head of
the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which has worked with
General Mills and other large companies on animal welfare principles."

Advocates seek puppy mill ban in Santee
"Nearly two dozen animal activists told the Santee City Council
earlier this week that they don't want local pet stores to sell
puppies from unscrupulous breeders, and they want the city to ban the

Unlucky And Locked Up At The San Antonio Zoo
"The San Antonio Zoo and One World Conservation created dueling
websites over whether Lucky -- an aging 55-year-old Asian Elephant --
should be moved from the San Antonio Zoo to arefuge in Tennessee.
"And both organizations disagree on the facts."

Meat is murder? Rockers go head to head over animal rights
"Macca and Morrissey detest meat, yet Metallica and and Kid Rock shoot
animals for sport. Who are the true rock'n'rollers?"

Fox-hunting: Ministers misleading public over proposed changes to ban,
say campaigners

Animal rights group pushes Queens Council members on horse carriage ban longcarriagehorses_2015_07_10_q.html

Malaysia Passes New, Stricter Animal Welfare Act

More than a meal: vegan investing in Asheville
"For many vegans, dietary commitments represent a single facet of a
wider-reaching lifestyle. And at least one financial services firm in
Asheville -- Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. -- is working to
make vegan-friendly investing options accessible to those whose
animal-conscious ethos extend beyond the dinner table."

Is Going Vegan the Solution to Climate Change?

5 Things You Should Know About Portland's First Vegan Cheese Shop

July 10

How Animal Advocates Avoid Getting Totally Depressed
"Anyone who works to help the less fortunate does incredibly hard
work. But when the less fortunate are so unfortunate they aren't even
considered by many to be part of society, the toil can feel

NC's Ag-gag bill impacts whistleblowers

"Many called the law the Ag-gag bill after animal rights activists
said it would prevent them from exposing animal abuse at farms."
"State Rep. Rodney Moore from Mecklenburg County is one of the
sponsors of this bill. He said the bill is about corporate espionage
and not about punishing whistleblowers."

Trainer sentenced for beating horse in Snohomish County
"Animal right activists demonstrated outside the Snohomish County
Courthouse Thursday, demanding jail time for a trainer who beat a
client's horse so badly it collapsed."

Pit bull-only requirements stripped from Wilmington law

Circus Elephants' LA Appearance May Be Last, As Bullhooks Ban Set To
Go Into Effect

PETA honors Salt Lake firefighters for rescuing dog from ledge

Pamela Anderson writes open letter to Vladimir Putin urging Russian
President to take action against whale meat trade

Argentina proposes animal testing bill
"A bill promising an end to animal testing of cosmetic ingredients has
been proposed in Argentina."

Agriculture minister calls for camera installations at all slaughterhouses
"Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel called on Wednesday night for the
immediate installation of cameras in all slaughterhouses as well as
the establishment of a central control room to monitor activities,
following recently exposed cases of animal abuse."

People Aren't The Only Ones Getting Hurt At The Running Of The Bulls
"Most articles, though, neglect to mention one group
disproportionately injured and killed at the event: the bulls."

This man has just 3 days left to break a 2,189-mile speed record
spanning hundreds of thousands of feet
"Pharr Davis told Runner's World that she supports Jurek's effort, too
-- apparently it's an unwritten rule that if you are going to try to
break the record, you call the current record-holder first.
""If he does break it, I will take him out for a vegan dinner," she
told Runner's World -- Jurek is a noted vegan, and says a plant-based
diet helps him perform at an optimal level. "Although if he doesn't
break it, maybe we will have to go get barbecue.""

Art of Aging: Plant-based diets
"Shannon Fisher of Swarthmore, Pa. says, "I try to eat at least two
meals a day with no animal products."
"She is part of a growing trend, people who are at least part-time vegetarians."

13 best vegetarian restaurants
"To compile the list, Community Manager Howie Kaibel mined data from
three cities, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos, to find top-rated
eateries for those who prefer leaving meat out of the equation."

Ariana Grande's doughnut licks raise vegan doubts
"Ariana Grande's doughnut-licking and gobbling antics have fans
questioning her meat-free diet - because none of the treats she was
caught sampling on surveillance camera footage were vegan."

Departure's 5th Annual Summer's End Vegan Dinner Announced
"Chefs Gregory Gourdet and Joshua McFadden celebrate all things veggie
at this collaborative feast."

Vegan café sees greater demand for local food

July 9

Animal rights group: Video shows abuse at Dagsboro chicken farm

Kinnelon girl turns love for animals into Gold Scout award
""I'm very passionate about animal rights. Two years ago I became a
vegetarian. I chose my Gold Award project called SPEAK (Service,
Protection and Education about Animals in Kinnelon) Up for Animals to
draw attention to animal rights, which is a topic I feel is
neglected," said Madeline, who recently finished up her freshman year
at Kinnelon High School (KHS)."

Newsmaker: Brigitte Bardot
"But there is another interpretation of Bardot's cri de coeur. When
she urges the pet to have a disapproving word in her owner's ear about
the fur show for Fendi in the current Paris Fashion Week, is it not
the mark of a driven woman, who, even at 80, knows precisely what she
is doing? As publicity stunts go, it was timely and incisive, grabbing
column inches and airtime."

Bangladesh sees first animal abuse arrest
"Police on Tuesday arrested three people for beating a dog in the
streets of the capital's Rampura area last month."

Second horse put down due to chuckwagon accidents at Calgary Stampede

Horse Deaths After Wagon Race Raise Animal Safety Concerns
"Two horses were put down after sustaining injuries at the Calgary
Stampede chuck-wagon race, causing animal rights activists to
criticize the event."

How a trucker lost 65 pounds by cooking vegan meals on the road
"One man is proving that what seems like a trying task to most can be
done with a little dedication -- and vegetables. We're talking about
losing weight. Long haul Mississippi trucker Bobby Anderson realized
that after 21 years on the job, it was time to reevaluate his
"Spending about 14 hours a day, six days a week, behind a wheel, the
sedentary lifestyle began to catch up with Anderson, a veteran

Capitol Hill food+drink | Sugar Plum a sweet new direction for eating
vegan in Seattle

"CHS first told you about Howell's plans to transform her 15th Ave E
cafe into a vegan sweet shop last fall. She utilized community
financing and her strong reputation to push a brand new concept
forward and reinvent her part of the 15th Ave E food and drink scene."

Murder Dog. Threaten Wife. Get Probation.
"An Alabama man slit his dog's throat, took a picture of it, and sent
it to his wife with a voicemail that implied she was next. He won't
see jail time."

Animal rights activists call for circus boycott in DeWitt; plan protest activists_ask_people_to_boycott_circus_in_dewitt_plan_protest.html
"Jan Markarian, speaking for People for Animal Rights in Central New
York, said the group and other similar groups are asking that people
boycott the circus, which is presenting several shows Friday, Saturday
and Sunday in the parking lot of the mall opposite the former Macy's
department store."

Animal rights activists protest at local food retailer
"Abby and roughly 25 protesters, who held signs showing images of
abused chickens and the message "Gordon Food Service tortures
animals," gathered at lunchtime July 8 as part of a multicity tour
protesting against Gordon Food Service and demanding the company
implement a meaningful animal welfare policy."

Toccoa woman charged with animal cruelty
"Shirley said that 21 dogs were taken to the Toccoa-Stephens County
Humane Shelter."

Donation box stolen from HALO Animal Rescue
"HALO Animal Rescue, a large no-kill shelter, provided a photo hoping
to catch the individual who stole from animals in need at its
Metrocenter Mall adoption center near Interstate 17 and Peoria

Fendi debut "haute fourrure", animal rights activists protest outside venue
"PARIS: Italian luxury label Fendi made its haute couture debut with
an "haute fourrure" or high fur collection in Paris on Wednesday as a
group of animal rights activists protested outside."

Anti-fur protest and celebrity concerts cap Paris couture
"The animal-rights Brigitte Bardot Foundation claimed responsibility
for disruption -- when an unnamed woman, dressed in a fur coat, ripped
it off outside the venue to reveal beneath a shocking bloodied body
suit, with breasts visible."

Brian May blasts David Cameron's plan to relax fox hunting laws
"Queen guitarist Brian May says the Prime Minister has "smashed" the
Hunting Act"

Ricky Gervais says B.C. conservation officer who wouldn't kill bear
cubs should be reinstated
"Bryce Casavant had been suspended without pay for refusing to kill
two black bear cubs near Port Hardy after their mother was killed for
repeatedly raiding a freezer full of meat and salmon."

Learning to love animals will soon be part of Kerala school curriculum
"School children across Kerala will soon receive a daily lesson to
ensure a future in which animals, the environment they live in and
human beings are treated respectfully."

Director of show featuring lions and tigers hits back at animal rights
campaigners _featuring_lions_and_tigers_hits_back_at_animal_rights_campaigners/

Circus owner decries criticism

Dem Sen. Cory Booker Complains: 'No Vegan Options' at Obama's Cocktail Party
"Also present at the event were Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and
Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.), though both took early departures.
"Booker's reason for leaving on an empty stomach had much to do with
the lack of "vegan options" to satisfy the appetite of PETA's "Hottest
Vegetarian Senator."
""I can tell you that there were no vegan options, so I'm going to
have to complain to my congressman," Booker detailed of the event.
"You would think the president would say, 'Cory's coming.' C'mon.""

Simons: Virtual vegan witch hunt serves up social media at its ugliest hunt+serves+social+media+ugliest/11198757/story.html
"Banister, who chairs the sustainability committee of the Edmonton
Youth Council, believes passionately that reducing meat consumption is
critical to food sustainability."
"A decade ago, a little story like this wouldn't have rated much
attention. But this is the age of social media and the online mob.
When they challenged Alberta's sacred cows, the 16 members of the
youth council, who range in age from 13 to 23, found themselves in the
centre of a national social media storm."

Exclusive: Interview with Vegan Chef Doug McNish

PETA seeks banner at Arkansas Capitol
LITTLE ROCK -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on Wednesday
asked Secretary of State Mark Martin to approve the placement of a
banner promoting veganism at the state Capitol.
"The animal rights group said it wanted to join other groups seeking
to place displays honoring various belief systems at the Capitol in
the wake of the state Legislature's approval this year of legislation
calling for a Ten Commandments monument to be placed on the state
Capitol grounds at private expense."

Do I have to be vegan to combat climate change?
"These conversations with the scientists left me slumped in my chair,
mentally cataloguing which of my favorite recipes I would have to
modify or eliminate altogether. But when I asked if I really had to be
a vegan, both Eshel and Soret let me off the hook a little."


'The Homemade Vegan Pantry' Offers Plant-Based Recipes for Omnivores
and Vegans Alike
"Miyoko Schinner is one busy woman. One might think that launching her
own line of plant-based cheeses – or as she calls them, "artisanal
cultured nut products," which are made in Fairfax and are available
under the Miyoko's Kitchen label in many natural food and grocery
stores near you – last year would be enough on her plate, but no. The
longtime vegan has just released "The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art
of Making Your Own Staples" with a foreword from Isa Chandra Moskowitz
(Ten Speed Press), her fourth cookbook."

July 8

Dog deaths during grooming revive calls for regulations
"Dogs have been killed or injured by hot dryers, sharp clippers or
their own leashes if left unattended during grooming, which doesn't
require a license and has rules that vary by business."

Dead Dog Walking
"What happens when a husband-and-wife team fight to save the life of
every violent dog?"

Campaigners welcome ruling on seal shooting disclosure
"Campaigners have welcomed a ruling forcing the Scottish government to
reveal how many seals are shot each year at individual salmon farms."

Pamela Anderson Wants Vladimir Putin to Save the Whales
"Over the weekend Anderson wrote an open letter to Putinasking him to
block passage of the Winter Bay, a ship reportedly containing 1,700
tons of fin whale that's meat en route to Japan from Iceland--two of
three countries in the world where whaling is still legal, Quartz

Cruel and Sadistic Running of the Bulls Must Stop

Pamplona Running of the Bulls 2015: Peta brands men gored as 'mostly
drunk' and 'idiots'

Animal Rights Activists Tie Themselves to Deli Factory Gate
"The police dispersed six animal rights activists who tied themselves
with chains to the gate of the Western Galilee Soglowek deli factory."

Animal rights group condemns Calgary rodeo as 2 horses are euthanized
after accidents
"Animal Justice condemned what it called "inhumane rodeo practices" at
the Calgary Stampede. It says chuck wagon racing is so dangerous that
more than 50 horses have died in the event at the Stampede since

Do you have to be a vegan to help fix climate change? – video

For first time, IDF to cater to vegans
"The Israel Defense Forces announced Tuesday that starting next week
it will provide soldiers with new culinary options to cater to vegan
soldiers' dietary needs."

Salinas Rodeo Hides Animal Injuries in Violation of California Law
"#ALDF and #SHARK accuse the defendants of significantly
underreporting the number of animals injured at the California Rodeo
Salinas, the largest rodeo in the state and one of the largest in the

Pet store gets reprieve in Arlington Heights
"Despite passionate pleas from an articulate trio of elementary school
students, the Arlington Heights Village Board voted unanimously this
week to "opt out" of Cook County's so-called puppy mill ordinance."

Private tigers showdown looms near Waldo
"Ohio's Department of Agriculture (ODA) is moving closer to seizing
five tigers from Mike Stapleton, who houses the exotic cats in a cage
and barn near his home just outside Waldo."

Debate continues over whether Kentucky's bear hunting season should expand
"The topic of whether bear hunting season be expanded in Kentucky is
being debated by sportsmen and sportswomen and one major animal rights

Israeli Kosher Slaughterhouse Linked To Rubashkin Agriprocessors
Affair Shuttered Over Persistent Animal Abuse
"Hidden camera footage shot by Anonymous for Animal Rights shows
workers yanking chickens caught between the bars of cages, kicking
live chickens, piling live chickens one on top of the other in heaps,
and swinging them while dancing and laughing."

Salmon farms that slaughter protected seals to be 'named and shamed'
after landmark ruling
"More than 200 seals were legally shot by marksmen in Scotland last
year to protect stocks of salmon and other fish, according to official
figures – leaving orphaned seal pups to starve and calls from
campaigners for a consumer boycott of "lethal Scottish salmon"."

Greens blast anti-trespass Bill
"The Bill is aimed at animal rights activists trespassing on
livestock facilities to take covert video footage and protracted
delays in reporting any subsequent evidence of malicious animal
cruelty offences, to proper authorities."

Elephants sent to China are 'better off' in mainland zoos, says Zimbabwe
"Wildlife minister says struggling parks' level of care is inferior to
mainland facilities"

Ricky Gervais Goes On Epic Twitter Rant Against Dog Meat Festival, Bok
Nal Days In South Korea
"Ricky Gervais has gone on an epic Twitter rant against a "Dog Torture
Festival", which is believed to refer to the Bok Nal Days in South
"Bok Nal - also known as Malbok - is held on separate days in July and
August, supposedly the hottest of the year, when Koreans eat the most
dog meat."

Concern over rise in animal drownings
"The Otago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it
was taking a zero tolerance stance to intentional drownings of

Protesters gather at waterfront #DxE "The group of
about 10 protesters – members of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) – held
signs that read "We Are All Animals" as they chanted and marched along
Marine Drive."

Council to mull vegan platter vs. cold cuts in October
'We're not asking them to become vegetarian or vegan in their personal life'

Groups call for Hindu, Satanist displays at Arkansas Capitol near
Christian monument groups_call_for_hindu_satanist.html
"The Arkansas Capitol lawn could soon get crowded: Existing statues
that honor Confederate soldiers, fallen firefighters and the nine
black children who integrated Little Rock Central High School might be
joined shortly by tributes for vegans, a monkey-faced deity and a
cloven-hooved demon."

Chef de Tucson: Sunny Anne Holliday, chef and owner, Lovin' Spoonfuls
"Sunny Anne Holliday, (formerly known as Margaret "Penny" Raisglid ),
joined a friend for a presentation on vivisection, the surgical
dissection of animals for research, or in the case of this particular
event, the practice as it relates to food preparation. It was the day
Holliday became a vegan."

Homemade bakery rising in Woodland
"Erika and Sharan Virdi started their vegan and gluten free bakery
from their home last summer and have been bringing their creations to
the Woodland Farmers Market ever since."

R&D pays off: Chef perfects vegan and no-gluten Italian dishes

""I can't stand the word 'vegan' because most people, as soon as they
hear that word, their eyes glaze over," he said, "In today's society,
that term is associated more with self-righteous animal rights
activists and socio-political conflicts between meat eaters and plant
eaters than with healthful eating."
"So, in his typically creative fashion, he coined his own term for the
kind of animal product-free food he specializes in cooking:

Dining out vegan in SJ is getting better
"As vegan menu options are cropping up almost daily, several south
Jersey restaurants and cafes are offering a bigger selection for
diners who prefer fresh, vegetable-focused meals that go far beyond
basic garden salads."

Nutritious You Raw Vegan Organic Shop

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Modmarket comes to Tarrant County
"A slew of health-themed restaurants have opened in Dallas recently,
including True Food Kitchen, LYFE Kitchen and Modmarket, all focused
in various ways on "clean" eating."

Pamela Anderson Launches 'Sensual Vegan' Cooking Show
"Pamela Anderson has launched her very own online
cooking show where she and her friend Delahna Flagg make easy vegan

Portable farms take root as new use for shipping containers
"Imagine a world where drought and pests have no
impact on crop production, and where fruits and vegetables can thrive
even in the harshest climates. It's all possible in a 40-foot
"Inside Local Roots' Los Angeles shipping container, stacked rows of
hydroponic lettuce line the side walls. "Vertical farming is the term
for it," says Kuenzi, who founded Local Roots Farms with his business
partners in 2013."

July 7

General Mills working toward animal welfare goals including using cage-free eggs
"Golden Valley-based General Mills' cage-free egg goals were announced
Wednesday as part of declaration of broad animal welfare goals for its
supply chain."

Arlington Heights pet store exempt from puppy mill ban, for now

PHOTOS: 'Naked' PETA Activists Protest Fur Fashion Show

Three People Gored At Annual Running Of The Bulls
"Two Americans and a Briton were injured by bulls in Pamplona, Spain
on Tuesday. The annual festival kicked off Monday despite animal
rights protests over the weekend calling for an end to the tradition."

Israeli slaughterhouse shuttered after video shows abuse of hens
"Agriculture minister calls for greater supervision and pledges zero
tolerance for animal cruelty."

ACT government cull ends early after 1700 kangaroos shot dead

Investigator Speaks As She Heads to Jail for Exposing Factory Farm Cruelty

"A few days ago, animal rights activist Amber Canavan began a jail
sentence for photographing and rescuing several ducks from Hudson
Valley Foie Gras, where ducks are force-fed until their livers are

Animal-rights group sues to end Hasidic chicken sacrifices
"The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporas has filed suit against the
city, the Health Department and several rabbis, seeking enforcement
and fines to end the ritual.
"The lawsuit charges that makeshift slaughterhouses used by observers
are a "nuisance" and a "public-health risk.""

Activists hold chicken abuse protest in Goodlettsville activists-hold-chicken-abuse-protest-goodlettsville/29784131/

"This is the sixth in a series of 10 protests planned at locations
nationwide of Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Gordon Food Service, the
largest private food service distributor in North America."

Viral Facebook Post About Veteran And Service Dog May Not Be Completely True
"A Facebook post about a Lisbon veteran who was attacked because he
brought his service dog into a local bar has gone viral. But police
say it just proves you can't believe everything you see on social

The story of the dog 'Bear' and the mystery over who owns him
"LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A mystery over who owns a black lab mix,
comes with lessons about what you should do if you find a lost dog. A
Lincoln County family said it tried everything possible to find the
owner, then finally implanted a microchip. That's when the dog's owner
showed up to take the dog back."

Mexico Bans Wild Animals in Circuses

Zimbabwe activists deplore sale of 24 elephant calves to China
"Animal rights groups have described the export as 'extremely cruel'
and condemned the separation of the baby elephants from their mothers"

UBC marine biologist heads study on cetaceans in captivity animals+captivity/11192903/story.html

Cyprus Greens demand 'Animal Police Force'
"THE CYPRUS GREEN Party has sent a letter to the Minister of Justice
demanding that an 'Animal Police Force' is established on the island."

Pamela Anderson to launch TV cooking show

"Actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has launched her
own vegan culinary show online as she prepares to publish her first

Meatless Monday: The Summer of Veggie Love | Ellen Kanner

Centro Latino offers health advice, educational activites, vegan lunches

What Meat Eaters Get Wrong About Vegetarians

The best new products for a vegan lifestyle

Edmonton City Council faces divisive vote on whether to make all of
its catered meals vegan or vegetarian

July 6

'Monkeygate' scandal hits Florida as breeding farms face abuse investigation

"Video by Peta animal rights activists allegedly showing abuse of
primates prompts report on 'trauma, pain, injuries and stress' among

Animal Ag Alliance Pleased with Call for HSUS Investigation
"Indiana lawmakers are requesting the State's Attorney General issue a
consumer alert about the fundraising of HSUS and clarify confusion
between the national group and local animal care groups."

Animal Rights Groups Challenge Washington Cougar Hunt Quota
"The Humane Society of the United States says there's no scientific
justification for it. Dan Paul, the society's Washington director,
says cougars often inhabit wolf country – and since wolves are
off-limits to hunters in the state, he suspects cougars are paying the

Animal cruelty video angers netizens
"MANILA, Philippines - Netizens are angry over a video of a woman
brutally torching a dog alive that has been making the rounds of
social networks."

Police Detain Russian Shooting Stray Dogs from Apartment Window
"Stray dogs roam the streets of many Russian cities and town, and
attacks by -- and against -- the animals have become increasingly
frequent. While animal rights activists call for humane control
measures, vigilantes around the country have sought to kill the stray
dogs by shooting or administering poison."

Warsaw dolphin aquarium meets criticism,Warsaw-dolphin-aquarium-meets-criticism-
"Environmentalists oppose plans of building a dolphinarium in Poland."

'We're a violent nation' – director tackles Spain's festival culture
of animal cruelty
"As tens of thousands flock to Pamplona for the annual running of the
bulls, Miguel Ángel Rolland explains why he made his documentary Santa

China Should Buy Back Stocks, Close Ivory Markets For Good: IFAW
""We are recommending to the [Chinese] government that they buy up all
the remaining ivory within China's borders," Grace Ge Gabriel,
regional director for China at the International Fund for Animal
Welfare (IFAW), told RFA in a recent interview."

Animal activists protest at circus
"Pretoria - A handful of activists protested on Saturday near the
McLaren Circus in the city."

Should I go vegan to lose weight?
"Veganism can reduce risk of some health problems, and recent research
showed that dieters who cut out meat, eggs and dairy lost more weight
than others"

10 Male Athletes You Didn't Know Were Vegan

Are your cosmetics vegan?
"GEHNA MEHRA follows the vegan make-up trend."

Rexam partners Acáo to launch organic vegan 'smart drink'
"Rexam has teamed up with Acáo, the German drinks start-up, to launch
a new organic vegan 'smart drink' in Rexam's 250ml slim cans."

Meatless Monday: Try seaweed wrapped around nontraditional sushi roll
"Recent articles, such as one on, imply seaweed is the new
kale, sliding onto the stage as the latest trendy vegetable. Maine is
developing a thriving seaweed-growing industry."

Baboons Bred In Oklahoma As Resource For Research
""There are studies that are depriving monkeys of food to look at
dieting in women, there are studies that are taking babies away from
their mothers now to see what maternal deprivation does," she said.
"I'm not saying certain research doesn't have to take place but there
is a lot of excess where we don't need animals being replicated in
studies over and over again for things we already know.""

Valley pets spooked by Fourth of July fireworks end up at shelters,
often aren't reunited
"Lt. Reynolds says it happens every year after Independence Day. In
fact, the intake rate is about 40 percent higher than normal during
the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve."

Progress, one paw at a time
"Less than one month ago, ongoing improvements at the shelter were
validated when the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a national animal-rights
organization, settled a 15-month-old lawsuit against Stockton."

'Throwaway' dogs bought online after viewers see them on TV shows such
as Game of Thrones, Twilight and Eastenders causes rapid rise in
cruelty cases
"TV vet Marc Abraham warns people are buying 'fashionable' dogs breeds"

Zimbabwe's young elephants sold to China zimbabwe/11719546/Zimbabwes-young-elephants-sold-to-China.html
"Several young elephants being transported by air from Zimbabwe to
China, eight months after capture of 27-strong group in north-west of
the country sparked outrage"

New video game aims to raise awareness of pink dolphins' plight in LatAm
"A video game developed in Costa Rica aims to raise awareness in Latin
America of the need to protect the Amazon river dolphin, or pink
dolphin, and other river species, such as the manatee, that are
threatened by illegal fishing and habitat loss."

Tech firms show appetite for lab-grown food
, #VeganCheese
"Lab-grown meat, vegan cheese and "animal-free" milk and eggs are
headed for consumers, often with backing from the tech sector and its
financial allies."

Pure Food And Wine Workers Walk Out, Claiming Two Weeks Without Paychecks pure_food_and_wine_workers_walk_out.php
"Newly unionized workers at the upscale raw vegan restaurant Pure Food
and Wine in Gramercy walked out on Thursday after they say they
weren't paid for a second straight week. Now, they say the restaurant
has ground to a halt as they remain off the job, the rent is past due,
and vendors have stopped making deliveries because they too aren't
getting paid."

Edmonton city council to vote on vegetarian choice vegetarian+choice/11190190/story.html
""Most of us said, 'What the heck?'" said Coun. Tony Caterina,
surprised at a formal motion from Edmonton's youth council that asks
councillors to make all their catered meals vegan or vegetarian
because of the impact reducing meat consumption typically has on water
use, land use and carbon emissions."

The Benefits of Almond Milk
"#NotMilk is a company run by three generations of vegan South African
women. We strive to meet all dietary requirements – vegan, raw, gluten
free, sugar free, dairy free and people following the Banting regime –
by providing fresh, clean, delicious dairy alternatives."

July 5

Local veteran's dog killed because of fireworks wants others to take precautions
"If I would've known about the fireworks that night. Moses would still
be alive."

Sea lion dies at Oklahoma City Zoo
"Jaxon, a 2-year-old sea lion who was rehabilitated in California
after being stranded, was found dead in his pool Friday morning at the
Oklahoma City zoo."

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival urged to ditch rising return of fur
"AN ANIMAL rights charity is demanding the Telstra Perth Fashion
Festival follow Melbourne's lead by becoming a fur-free event."

Circus entertainer dismisses calls for ban on keeping big cats
"Entertainer Thomas Chipperfield spoke out after Scottish Government
announced the results of its consultation over the future of wild
animals in circuses."

Online trade of Cites-listed animals illegal
"Abu Dhabi: Saif Mohammad Al Shar'a, Undersecretary of the UAE
Ministry of Environment and Water's External Audit Section, has said
that online trade of animals and plants listed in the Convention on
International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
(Cites) through social networking platforms and websites is illegal."

Animal rights activists cover themselves in blood red paint to protest
Pamplona bull fighting

Amazing pictures show men GRAPPLING with wild horses which are rounded
up then groomed in traditional Spanish festival

Calgary Stampede: Horse euthanized after breaking leg in chuckwagon race

Meet Meet Anthony Alderman: The 53-Year-Old Crazy Ripped Vegan

My divorce cost me my reputation
#HeatherMills #VBites

July 4

Owners of former Vick dogfighting house clash with county
#DogsDeserveBetter #Vick
"The ghostly relics of the former Bad Newz Kennels have been retained
because the current owner of the 15-acre compound, the anti-chaining
organization Dogs Deserve Better Inc., wants to keep people aware of
animal cruelty now that public attention to the 2007 dogfighting case
that landed Vick in prison has faded. The star quarterback served an
18-month federal prison sentence for running a dogfighting ring.
""We want them to see that this is what dogs go through," said Kenny
Sayre, chairman of the Dogs Deserve Better board of directors. "We
don't want people to forget.""

Ohio-based animal rights group protests outside Gordon Food Service in
West Toledo

Animal-rights groups, Maitland handler battle over fate of endangered tigers
"A dispute between a Maitland-based exotic-animal handler and an
animal-rights group over six endangered Bengal tigers has stretched
from Mexico to Minnesota -- and it's not over yet."

Petition to save Pitt Co dog
"GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) -- Animal rights supporters created an online
petition to save the life of a dog."

Baby wallaby has animal rights group fuming at UM 03/university-michigan-peta-wallaby/29671795/
"An animal rights activist group is unhappy with the University of
Michigan's handling of an exotic animal -- a wallaby -- that it says two
UM students tried to sell online."


Removal of animals from Lawrence County shelter continues today
"More than half of the 300 animals housed at the Animal Rescue Shelter
of Lawrence County were removed Friday, and transport efforts will
continue today."

Giving bimbos a bad name: Twin bunnies Shane and Sia Barbi on life after Playboy
"THE Barbi twins were the ultimate Playboy icons of the 1990s ... are
militant vegan animal rights activists, who have campaigned for
veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and started their own
political party."

Fur Is Back in Fashion and Debate
"Fur has always been a hot-button issue in fashion, and now more than
ever because the consumer has the ability to research and decide for
themselves where they want to stand."

Protesters splattered in fake blood decry Spanish bull run

We won't hound fox hunters anymore says RSPCA: U-turn by animal
welfare charity after it was accused of  wasting funds on politically
motivated prosecutions
"The RSPCA has announced it will no longer chase fox hunters through
the courts."

Brave dog Leo honored with monument in Serbian town
"PANCEVO, Serbia (AP) -- Normally, Leo would run away at the sight of a
bigger dog. The small dachshund liked most to cuddle with his owners
or ride in the back seat of the family car. But, one day Leo showed
that true bravery knows no limits."

P.E.I. Animal Welfare Act comes under unfair criticism
"The act has the backing of the P.E.I. Humane Society and the Atlantic
Veterinary College both of which were involved in drafting the bill.
The bill could be properly termed the Wheatley Act."

What the Grateful Dead Had to Do With the Rise of the Veggie Hot Dog

Vegan Italian parents investigated for neglect after baby son found
severely malnourished
"The parents said they were not aware of the impact of a vegan diet on
their child"

'Weird Al' remembers Michigan for a great 'vegetarian corn dog' weird_al_remembers_michigan_fo.html
#DietforaNewAmerica #WeirdAl
"A friend gave him a book called "Diet for a New America" (by John
Robbins), and "it made a very compelling argument for vegetarianism
for various heath reasons, and ethical and political reasons," he

Los Angeles' 2nd Annual Vegan Oktoberfest is Returning This October

Meatless meals: Where to find vegan, vegetarian BBQ
"For the vegetarians and vegans who still want to get their summer
barbecue grub on, White Tiger Gourmet LLC and Pulaski Heights BBQ
cater to vegetarian diets while maintaining a sweet and savory
barbeque flavor."

July 3

Family joins with welfare group to save pet dog
"Ms Gesler appealed the decision and was told by council she must
prove Crowley's breed which she did through a DNA test and letter from
a local vet."

Animal rights group files complaint against California poultry firm
"WASHINGTON -- Just as the chickens were about to go to slaughter,
employees at a Foster Farms poultry company in Fresno County, Calif.,
began hitting them and pulling out their feathers."

Feds refuse to move wolf to "threatened" list
"The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it won't change the status of
the gray wolf in Michigan and other Great Lakes states from
"endangered" to "threatened.""

Humane Society: Celebrating rights, freedoms of animals

"The practices and standards of care employed by the Humane Society
for Greater Savannah are based upon the internationally recognized
Five Freedoms (also known as Brambell's Five Freedoms), a compact of
rights for animals under human control first articulated in 1965 by
England's Farm Animal Welfare Council."

Animal rights group protests in Pleasant Hills yourmckeesportmore/8659328-74/animal-gordon-chickens#axzz3eqKTJsb6

Dozens protest outside Burlington pork processing plant
"Members of the animal rights groups Toronto Pig Save and Golden
Horseshoe Farmed Animal Save took up positions on the corners of the
busy Appleby Line and Harvester Road intersection for a planned 7
a.m.-7 p.m. vigil outside the Fearman's pork plant."

Hometown hero Humphries kicking off Stampede
"The Stampede, which runs through July 12, is not without its
detractors. Animal rights activists say innocent animals are injured
and killed in the rodeo events have called for their cancellation."

Annie's Now Sells Vegan Mac And Cheese

Michigan settles vegan prisoner's lawsuit for $20,000
"George Hall said rights were violated when prison didn't honor his
request for vegan meals"

Halifax's enVie restaurant raising dough through crowdfunding
"The vegan restaurant is expanding to keep up with demand"

5 Beauty Benefits Of Going Vegan
"From glowing skin to stronger hair, vegan diet expert Lee Watson
explains the health benefits of following a vegan plan"

Veganism row: Come Dine With Me host flees kitchen in tears
"A vegan Come Dine With Me NZ contestant was brought to tears after
guests discussed "slaughtering" chickens in front of her."

Judith Woods: Veganism is the way to lose weight? Yuck
"As schools are given permission to confiscate unhealthy snacks, we
learn the unwelcome lesson that veganism is the ultimate way to slim

Vegan Oktoberfest, Oct. 3-4

No meat city: Glasgow's vegan eats and alternative beats
"Reputation for animal-free dining is growing, and is intertwined with
the city's music scene"

July 2

Animal research cost of living on the rise
"The University of Iowa now pays more to care for animals used for
research purposes on campus."

Animal-rights activists clash in Springfield with circus patrons over elephant
"SPRINGFIELD -- Emotions got heated and the township police had to be
called to the Crescent Shrine Circus on June 25 after animal-rights
activists clashed with patrons of an elephant-riding station."

Protesters accuse Gordon Food Service supplier of torturing chickens (photos) protesters_accuse_gordon_food.html

Jail time now possible if you have a fake service animal content/news/articles/cfn/2015/7/1/service_dogs_law.html
"ORLANDO -- A new Florida law means jail time if you pose your pet as
a service animal."

PET PROJECT: Animal hoarding is a persistent, difficult issue

What are so-called non-human rights?

Quebec animal welfare advocates wants province to ditch no-pet clause
"Mass moves coupled with the legal right of landlords to insert no-pet
clauses in leases result in a dearth of animal-friendly rental
accommodations and leave many pets in shelters or on the street."
""It's really sad to be seeing families torn apart like this," said
Anita Kapuscinska, spokeswoman for the Montreal branch of the Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."
"Quebec introduced a bill earlier this year that, if passed, would see
the status of animals upgraded from "movable property" to "sentient

'Puppies' raised by farmer in China's Yunnan province turn out to be
endangered moon bears

Lismore animal rescue group struggles to survive
"Animal Rights and Rescue founder Barbara Steffensen planned to retire
last year, but she fears for the group's fate - and that of the
rotating cycle of roughly 60 to 70 animals in its care - should she
call it quits."

Animal rights campaigners outraged as big cat 'circus' set to open in
market town
"Born Free and Animals Defenders International call for ban as show
featuring tigers and lions set to open in Welsh town"

SAFE: Any dead sheep is too many

"Nearly 200 sheep and one cow have died on a shipment to Mexico after
a 15-day voyage."

Vegan and vegetarian diets are the best for losing weight, new study finds

Worried about climate change? So why aren't you vegan? worried_about_climate_change_so_why_arent_you_vegan.html
"The biggest intervention people could make towards reducing their
carbon footprints would not be to abandon cars, but to eat
significantly less red meat."

Vegetarian, Vegan Restaurant Avo Soft Opens in Midtown
"'Plant-based' restaurant and bar Avo has opened quietly in the new
OneC1TY development in Midtown."

This trio of vegan women are having a local impact 20150702_This_trio_of_vegan_women_are_having_a_local_impact.html
"As V for Veg readers may recall, the Pledge has been going on in
Philly every January since 2010 (Klein also taught at this winter's
session), but now PAN's Leila Fusfeld is adding a summer session."

Good Taste: Ventnor goes for vegan 20150702_GoodTaste_Ventnor_goes_for_vegan.html
"The vegan food and juice revolution that's been a rising
"fast-casual" wave in Philadelphia is starting to make some ripples at
the Shore."

July 1

James Cromwell Joins Animal Rights Demonstration Outside Courthouse
"Babe Star James Cromwell Joined A Demonstration Outside A Courthouse
In Pennsylvania On Tuesday (30jun15) To Support An Animal Rights
Activist As She Began Her Prison Sentence."

'Right To Farm' Amendment Upheld By State Supreme Court

"Critics, including many small farmers and animal rights groups, say
the ballot language was misleading to voters and opens the door for
foreign corporations to exploit Missouri farmland."

Animal-rights group protests case of animal cruelty

Bristol activist stages dramatic naked protest outside London shop

Thai police uncover truck filled with dog carcasses
"The Soi Dog Foundation, which campaigns against the dog trade, said
their undercover volunteers had tipped police off about the vehicle
which was headed to Tha Rae, a town renowned for its underground
canine industry."

Going vegan can lead to weight loss: study

To shed weight, go vegan
"People on a vegetarian diet, and especially those following a vegan
one that includes no animal products, see better results than dieters
on other weight-reducing plans. In fact, they can lose around two
kilograms more on the short term, says Ru-Yi Huang of E-Da Hospital in
Taiwan after reviewing the results of twelve diet trials. The
findings¹ appear in the Journal of General Internal Medicine²,
published by Springer."

NYCLASS unleashes ad blitz for carriage horse ban claiming drivers use
hate speech, offending undecided council members

GOP lawmakers seek investigation of animal-welfare group

"In a letter Tuesday, Steele and five of his fellow GOP senators asked
Attorney General Greg Zoeller to open a consumer protection
investigation of the Humane Society of the United States, a national
animal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C."

Catholics deny animal rights 13361840.Catholics_deny_animal_rights/

Animal Rights Activist Exposes Factory Farms Using Drones
"Smithfield Foods has a lot to answer to after a drone just exposed
the vile environmental practices happening at one of its pig farms in
North Carolina."

Animal-rights activists attend Boardman court hearing

Activists are on the warpath over use of actual wild animals on Ten's
new US show, Zoo

Faroe Islands Pilot Whale Massacre Photos 2015: Animal Rights Group
Condemns Controversial 'Grindadráp' Ritual

MP Andrea Jenkyns to fight for animal rights with Queen's Brian May
"Morley MP Andrea Jenkyns has joined forces with rock royalty to fight
for animal rights. Queen lead guitarist Brian May met Ms Jenkyns last
week to discuss fox hunting in the UK."

US-based doctors' group promoting veganism in India

Experts outline the pros and cons of eating vegan

Wheeling family hope to promote healthy eating with vegan cafe

Go Vegan for Lunch at Downtown's New Helio Terra Cafe

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