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Compiled from Facebook and Twitter Feeds
by Allen Schubert

Feb 3

Emotional support animals have some uneasy nUfrOaFgP5L64AboQ9Yk0O/story.html
[Americans With Disabilities Act]

USDA: Staten Island Zoo violated Animal Welfare Act during 2014
Groundhog Day ceremony usda_warning_may_have_prevente.html

Is This Top Scientist Torturing Baby Monkeys?

Terrence Cody indicted in animal-cruelty case in Baltimore terrence_cody_indicted_on_anim.html

Animal Rights Groups Say Animal Dumping Increasing in Miami-Dade

Animal Rights Group Hopes "I, Chicken" Exhibit is Nothing to Balk At

Halal slaughterhouse staff investigated over alleged animal cruelty
"Video footage from animal rights group appears to show sheep being
kicked, hacked at and hurled into structures at Bowood Lamb abattoir
in Yorkshire"

Sorry Islamophobes, this is about animal welfare, not religion

A voice for neglected animals
"SPCA can't respond to complaints alone, but does assist RCMP on some calls"

Museo Jumex Cancels Hermann Nitsch Show Over Animal Rights Protest

Supreme Court vows to re-examine laws over stray dogs after animal
rights petitions

David Duchovny Tackles Animal Rights, Veganism in New Book

Beyonce Launches Vegan Home Delivery Meal Service In Hopes You'll Feel #Flawless

Restaurant Gets Hate Emails From 'CrossFit People' for Trying to Go Vegan

Feb 2

Florida wildlife agency to consider bear hunt

Va. bill would stop killing at PETA, activists say

Pittsburgh Zoo Defends Use of Dogs to Control Elephants

Laura Guttridge and Other Animal Rights Activists Join Together to
Support Save The Chimp's Sanctuary

Ravens' Terrence Cody indicted for animal cruelty

Baltimore County Council poised to create animal commission

Mom Who Posted Video On Facebook Of Daughter Abusing Cat Faces Intense
Backlash, Sparks Outrage [Video]

Local Iranian Humane Society Wants to End Animal Dissection Tournaments

Sentenced to death at the world’s worst zoo: Dozens of animals starve
at animal ‘attraction’ in Gaza
"Zoo owner Mohammed Awaida has blamed the Palestinian and Israeli
conflict for the tragedy- claiming it meant that staff were unable to
feed or care properly for the animals at the zoo."

Cheap Meat Comes at High Cost to Farm Animals, Wildlife

Shake Shack Shareholder PETA Pushes for Vegan Menu Options
"PETA has asked the Shack Shack team to introduce vegan menu options
including burgers, hot dogs, and shakes."

Meatless Monday: Paleo Meets Vegan

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Veganism and the Environment

Think it would be too hard to go vegan? Lindsay Clarke explains how to
ditch the meat and dairy with tasty, animal-friendly alternatives

Nashville raw food restaurant Avo aims for spring opening

Inspiring culinary delights through raw food

Jan 30

The Debate Over State Laws Requiring Bigger Cages for Hens And Livestock _cages_for_hens_and_livestock
[audio; Paul Shapiro]

Singleton & Conaway Bill Targets Animal Cruelty Violators

John and Gill Dalley battle Thailand's illegal dog meat trade
"The British couple moved to Thailand to retire. But when they learned
of the illegal capture and torture of dogs, their plans changed."

UAE law is clear when it comes to abuse of animals
"DUBAI // Owning a pet is a relatively new phenomenon in the UAE and
the public's understanding of pet ownership can be behind where it
needs to be but many vet clinics and welfare groups can offer advice."

Animal advocates see silver lining as result of horrific abuse case
"CALGARY - Animal rights advocates in southern Alberta say a horrific
case of animal abuse has increased public awareness and will help save
other animals in the future."

Animal rights group circulating petition for change
"In a news release sent out Thursday by Voice for the Voiceless, it
says the Animal Health and Protection Act that was passed in the
legislature in May, 2012, "was found to be deficient in a number of
areas by animal rescue organizations and consumers.""

MP slams NDP gun registry idea, animal rights activists

2015 Predictions From Vegan and Plant-Based Nutrition Experts

Doron Petersan's New Vegan Bistro Will Be Called Fare Well
"When Doron Petersan opened her first Sticky Fingers bakery back in
1999, D.C. was a very different place, particularly when it came to
vegan dining."
Details on Fare Well, Doron Petersan's Vegan Bistro, Bakery, and Bar

New Vegan Bakery Coming to West Philly

Beyonce Teams with Trainer for Vegan Meal Delivery Service
"Beyonce wants to help the world get healthier. The singer has
announced a business partnership with exercise physiologist Marco
Borges to launch 22 Days Nutrition, a home-delivery meal service that
provides plant-based food."

Vegetarians, vegans see meat consumption as personal choice

Hot Beans set to serve its last vegan taco hot_beans_set_to_serve_its_last_vegan_taco/
"Sad news for vegans and lovers of Mexican cuisine: Kensington
Market's own Hot Beans has quietly announced it will be closing its
doors at the end of next month."

Beer of the Week: Scotland's vegan-friendly breweries

Reality Check: Tri-State's evolving animal rights laws

Lady bowhunter target of hate campaign
"OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- On Friday night, Jen Cordaro went to bed an
office worker who loves bowhunting. On Saturday morning, she woke up
as the flash point of an international firestorm."

Animal advocates demonstrate, alleged dog-killer appears in Sherburne
County Court

Animals have feelings, French parliament rules
"After more than a year of often passionate debate, a bill updating
the legal status of animals in France was adopted aligning the
200-year civil code with current rural and penal law that already
recognised animals "as living and sentient beings.""

This Egyptian poet could be jailed for talking about animal rights
"A prominent Egyptian poet could face up to three years in jail over a
Facebook post in which she criticized the slaughter of animals at a
Muslim festival, a case which rights activists say shows how the
government is muzzling free speech."

Petition To Ban Religious Animal Slaughter Reaches 100,000
"More than 100,000 people have signed an online petition demanding the
British government prohibit the slaughter of animals without stunning
them first. Yet despite the strength of public feeling, the government
said it had "no intention" of outlawing the type of religious
slaughter that dictates an animal cannot be stunned before death."

Animal rights group says it won't show alleged animal cruelty footage to police
"An animal rights group claims it has uncovered footage of cruelty to
sheep at an abattoir in Wangaratta in Victoria, but has no plans to
show it to police or the RSPCA."

NFL's David Carter Shares His Vegan Super Bowl Party Menu

Lil B Teams Up With Vegan Food Company To Create Emoji App
"Friend to humans and animals alike, Lil B, has met his match in the
food world, a vegan company whose name is Follow Your Heart."

Dining: Randita's Organic Vegan Cafe

Hollywood Vegan Inner Circle Serving Beer Brats, Burgers, and Sweet Potato Pie vegan_inner_circle_serving_beer_brats_burgers_and_sweet_potato_pie.php

Restaurant Spotlight: Native Foods Cafe

Jan 29

Animal rights group rallies for Lodi couple to keep pet bea
"LODI, Ohio- An animal rights group is rallying support for a Lodi
couple and their pet bear."

Environmental, animal rights groups sue EPA seeking air quality
standards at livestock farms

Va. city starts 2nd year of deer-spay program

After PETA Protests, NIH Says It Supports Baby Monkey Experiments

"Though violence of this level is comparatively rare, intimidation and
disruption by left wing agitators are now a familiar part of the
British hunting season, with lives routinely put at risk."

Isa Chandra Moskowitz: A Vegan Life In Four Courses
[interview] caters to vegetarian and vegan travelers

How to not be an annoying vegan

GoDaddy pulls Super Bowl puppy ad

Ban on retail puppy, kitten sales considered in Montgomery Co.

How the legislature affects your pets and other animals
"From animal abuser registries to dogs in bars, the Nevada Legislature
could have an effect on your furry friends:"

Animal welfare: Discouraging mills
"Michael Vick's participation in a dog-fighting ring that drowned,
electrocuted and bludgeoned dogs to death shocked Virginians. But some
residents might be nearly as horrified by the source of their own
family pets. Puppy mills across the U.S. often keep dozens and even
hundreds of dogs in heinous conditions that would put a slaughterhouse
to shame. The animals are then sold through sometimes ignorant

Animal-rights physicians' group blasts UTMC
"3 billboards go up over use of pigs"

Deceased farmer's family sue animal rights group
"The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the family of the deceased
and other farmers in the area after an animal rights group labelled
the cattle farmer a "slave holder", reported the Süddeutsche Zeitung."

Chipotle's Sofritas Promotion Was So Popular That a Bunch of Locations Sold Out promotion_company_split_on_whether_to_honor_free_burritos.html
"I checked in with Chipotle today, and the company acknowledged that
yes, it did run out of Sofritas in "some restaurants" during its
promotion (it declined to give an exact number). So were those
Chipotle-goers who got there too late out of luck?"

IKEA To Roll Out Vegan Meatballs!

Vegetarian Kitchen: Try 'veganizing' the most meat-centric party of
the year – the Super Bowl

Answer to animal cruelty: Adopt vegan diet

This Chef Can Fool You Into Falling for Vegan Tomato Sushi
"Chef James Corwell makes sushi with tomatoes cooked sous vide style
that looks and feels like sushi-grade tuna"

Jan 28

VIDEO: Super Bowl Puppy Commercial Gets Major Backlash Online
" posted their ad, supposedly poking fun at Budweiser's
puppy commercials.'s ad features a golden retriever puppy
falling out of the back of a truck and making a long trip home only to
be sold online."

Animal Welfare Groups Push for Lesser 'Threatened' Status for Gray Wolf

Kavanagh and Farley propose animal protection legislation

Ontario to ban acquisition and sale of killer whales
"Would become 1st province to set standards of care for such mammals,
according to government"

A Brief Interview With the Boston Yeti: 'I'm a Vegan'

RESTAURANT STARTUP Video Preview: Vegan Hotdogs From Yeah Dawg!! vs.
Rock The Kasbah's Moroccan Cuisine

Proposed ordinance would ban use of bullhooks to train elephants in Richmond

Live updates: Proposed animal sale ban, possible revamp of city
revenue sources top Tuesday's Mobile City Council business live_updates_proposed_animal_s.html

Animal activists against Ibach appointment
"Hearts United For Animals, a no-kill shelter in Auburn, has started a
petition to stop Ibach from being reappointed. They argue under his
leadership, the Dept. of Agriculture hasn't done enough to protect
animals from puppy mills, and punish repeat offenders."

Jury selection resumes Tuesday in Napier animal cruelty case

Over 45 cats, dogs removed from Lockport shelter

Plea deal reached in central Indiana animal cruelty case

Animal protection laws in Rhode Island send right message,99575

Massachusetts Zoo Denies Cruelty to Elephants

USDA Clears Hollywild of Non-Compliance

Animal activists confront alleged puppy farmer Anthony Sammut outside court

Lioness died after cruel owner pulled teeth and claws out to keep her as a pet

The Religious Case Against Wearing Fur & Leather! the_religious_case_against_wearing_fur_leather

Meat May Be Murder, But Tofu Is Too
""That tofu that you eat because meat is murder," he wrote. "It
probably comes from Brazil, where massive soy plantations stretching
from one horizon to another have replaced its once thriving rainforest
and led to the disappearance of thousands of species.""

Campus dining caters to vegans

This Is What I Learned Going Vegan For A Month

PETA hands out $1,000 in vegan wings from Green, invites all to
high-tech virtual reality experience for Super Bowl

Veggie Dog Cafe in Granger Farmers Market boasts zero animal ingredients


Khemistry Bar's Vegan Burger Started as a Customer Suggestion khemistry_bar_vegan_burger_vegetarian.php

Jan 27

California again tops ranking of the most animal-friendly states

Campus animal rights club protests Domino's Pizza location
"A UC Berkeley animal rights activist club held a demonstration in
front of a Domino's Pizza franchise Saturday, protesting an ad
campaign they felt was misleading as well as the company's use of
animal products."

Pregnant dog burned alive, gets help from local animal rescue group
"WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A pregnant dog that was severely burned is
doing much better after being taken in by a local animal rescue

Farming Science, Without the Conscience
"You don't have to be a vegan to be repulsed by an account in The
Times revealing the moral depths to which the federal government --
working as a handmaiden to industrial agriculture -- has sunk in
pursuit of cheaper meat and fatter corporate profits. The article, by
Michael Moss, examines the little-known U.S. Meat Animal Research
Center, financed by American taxpayers, which employs the
sophisticated tools and scientific expertise of modern animal
management -- apparently without a conscience."

Why An Alien Invasion Is No Argument For Animal Rights Invasion_Is_No_Argument_For_Animal_Rights

Aus Day lamb social media backlash
"ANIMAL rights activists have targeted the successful Australia Day
lamb promotion through video footage allegedly taken at Victorian
abattoirs about nine months ago."

Richmond rodeo: Brief and bruising encounters
"Seven protesters from Save Animals From Exploitation (Safe) stood in
lower Queen St at the entrance to the park."

'Cruel and absurd': Cambridge heart disease study starves rats of oxygen
"Cambridge University has drawn the fury of animal rights groups after
it emerged the British Heart Foundation is funding scientific
research, which involves keeping rats in low-oxygen environments."

Protesters egging it on at Whole Foods
"Local members of the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere
descended upon Whole Foods Market patrons on Speedway Boulevard this
Saturday in protest of the mogul's questionable practices, while
intending to spark community conversation."

McFly Report: Kim and Kanye go vegan at Woodland's in DC

Free Food Alert: Chipotle On Monday, January 26
"The much-loved fast-casual burrito chain has rolled out quite a deal
for vegans and carnivores alike: On Jan. 26, order Chipotle's newest
protein option, organic tofu Sofritas, and get your next entree free."

Jan 26

I Was Jailed As An Ecoterrorist--But I Was Set Up By the FBI
"Eric McDavid"

After 44 years, Miami orca may edge closer to freedom

Orca bills being studied in California, Florida

How our furry friends could be costing drivers billions per year

Bobcat resurgence raises trapping talk 150129428
"Protesters were outside Fish and Game headquarters in Concord for
Wednesday's vote. The New Hampshire Animal Rights League started a
petition Thursday and had already received more than 800 responses by
Saturday, said NHRAL president Linda Dionne."

Police: Irate Tacoma man kicks dog, killing it

Ex-CEO filmed kicking dog in elevator charged with cruelty
"STAMFORD, CT - The former CEO of an arena catering business who
resigned in September after video surfaced of him kicking a puppy in
an elevator has been charged with animal cruelty in Canada."

After dove debacle, Vatican makes balloons new peace symbol

Aurora animal rights activists raise awareness
"3 devoted vegans talk denounce animal agriculture"

"HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Forget swallowing tablets and capsules. In the
supplement world, superfood powders are all the rage -- they claim to
be made from real produce and plants and are supposedly packed with
super-amounts of nutrients."

Jan 25

Pigeon shooting contest canceled
"WENTWORTH -- An event that would've put 8,000 pigeons in the
crosshairs of hunters has been grounded.
"Arthur Dick, owner of Willow Oaks Plantation, a 2,000-acre property
near Eden, had planned to release the birds as part of a shooting
contest that started Friday but canceled the event after arousing the
concern of animal rights activists."

Bill would prevent groups from harassing hunters with drones
"FARGO, N.D. (AP) - A bill in the North Dakota House would prevent
animal rights groups and others from harassing hunters with drones."

Animal rights film garners four Canadian Screen Awards' nominations

US Agriculture Officials Call For Independent Review Amid Scandal Over
Nebraska Meat Research Facility

Ravens to release Terrence Cody, who is being investigated for animal cruelty

Illinois bill would ban drones for hunting

Should Hoosiers have a constitutional right to hunt and fish?
"On Monday, the state Senate's Natural Resources Committee will hear a
resolution authored by Sen. Brent Steele, R-Bedford, that would amend
the constitution to forever protect the rights of hunters and

Bitter Whale Wars Fought Out in L.A. Fed Court
"Ady Gil sued Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson last year in Federal
Court, alleging libel, trade libel, slander and other counts. The
filing was in response to several statements Watson made after Gil had
filed a breach of contract claim against the group."


UW-Madison has ended controversial cat experiments targeted by PETA

PETA Files Complaint Against Hollywild Animal Park

'MasterChef' dumps chimp scene after PETA complains

Iran's campaign for animal-free circuses gains momentum
"Not in Circuses"

Foie gras company on trial for 'extreme cruelty' to ducks and geese:
'We are not barbarians'
"A foie gras producer who supplied Gordon Ramsay and other leading
chefs went on trial in France Thursday for "extreme cruelty" to ducks
and geese in what animal activists hope will prove a landmark case."

'Lion cubs are NOT photo props!': Cara Delevingne is scolded by animal
rights campaigners after posing with a wild animal while modelling for
TAG Heuer

Thousands sign petition against AstraZeneca's plans for animal
research lab in Cambridge

Animal rights campaigners urge deer-death cops to be compassionate in future campaigners_urge_deer_death_cops_to_be_compassionate_in_future/

Animal rights campaigners anger over deer cull

Cutting down on meat for health: More people are trying it

Physicians group criticizes JPS for on-site McDonald's
"JPS is one of 43 hospitals -- seven in Texas and the rest mostly in
the South -- that have a McDonald's, Wendy's or Chick-fil-A inside,
according to a report by the Physicians Committee for Responsible
Medicine, a Washington, D.C., health advocacy group."

Vegan vs. Kosher: Prison policy stirs debate
"CARSON CITY, Mich. (WZZM) - Are vegan meals a suitable substitute for
kosher dishes served to Jewish inmates in the Michigan prison system?"

Going vegan: Dear dairy, will I miss you...?

Will Environmentalists Fall For Faux Fish Made From Plants?

Graze Kitchen in Pismo Beach caters to vegans, meat lovers alike

New vegan eatery, juice bar brings the squeeze to Main Street in Bangor

Florence Cafe Bringing Tasty Vegan Treats to the Valley

AIDA AUSTIN: "Actually, they're vegan. And Leo doesn't drink"

Jan 24

Why Herring established first-ever Attorney General unit for animal law
"RICHMOND, Va. -- Attorney General Mark Herring announced Thursday that
his office is creating a unit to train and guide local law enforcement
and state agencies on how to pursue cases involving animal welfare or

AG Pruitt again urges national animal rights group to disclose information 10082/NEWS
"The Attorney General's Office is reviewing the solicitation practices
of the HSUS in order to address concerns that the group's
solicitations in Oklahoma may be misleading."

Humane Society of U.S. accuses Natural Bridge Zoo of abusing, neglecting animals

No dog dies alone under animal shelter bill

Primate center cited for deaths of infant monkeys but still in
compliance with Animal Welfare Act

Bear on the loose? Not yet, but Little Ricki may soon be freed from
her roadside cage

Man enters plea in horrific case of animal cruelty

District Attorney Hawk announces plans to expand animal cruelty unit
"DALLAS--This week, during a tour of the SPCA, District Attorney Susan
Hawk announced plans to expand the Animal Cruelty Unit."

Anti-fur activists throw animal body parts on Belfast streets in protest

Animal rights groups demand Perthshire deer cull rethink

"Vegan Challenge" Author Offers Tips to Reduce Animal Product Consumption

Study finds plant-based diets lead to weight loss

The Manliness of Vegans

Top chef crafts vegan haute cuisine for new Austin delivery service

PETA calls upon leaders of India, USA to try vegan
"NEW DELHI: Ahead of the 2015 climate change talks in Paris and US
President Barack Obama's visit to India, PETA called upon leaders of
the two nations to use this opportunity to discuss the detrimental
impact of meat and dairy production on climate change."

Eat like a Victoria's Secret model with this hot delivery service
"When Victoria's Secret Angels Lily Aldridge, Karolína Kurková and
their posse of leggy pals want to get into tip-top runway shape, they
turn to their secret weapon: Sakara Life, a vegan, home-delivery meal

Come to the Glastonbury Vegans' January feast

Jan 23

Westminster Kennel Club coming to NYC; animal rights activists protest

Ag-gag bill has few friends as farm groups stay silent
'Ag-gag' proposal meets torrent of opposition in Washington state

Opponents of proposed Islamic slaughterhouse criticize at re-zone meeting
"BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) -- Two local businessmen who want to convert an
old dilapidated building on Broadway into a new slaughterhouse, got a
preview of the rough road ahead, Wednesday afternoon."

The History of Faux Fur
"For more than 100 years, the fine line between finks and minks has
been blurred"

Two World Class Losers: Ted Nugent And Kid Rock

Captive Deer Hunting Operations Under Scrutiny In Rural America

Foie gras producer on trial in France for 'serious animal cruelty'

The cruellest keeper: Chinese zoo worker filmed SLAPPING one-month-old
tiger cub around the head

Editorial: Animal Welfare Act Controversy!
"Former Presidential Assistant, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie described the act
as blindly intimate of western countries, pointing out that it
represents a psychological defeat to the Sudanese people."

How (and Why) Blogger Áine Carlin Went From Meat-Eater to Vegan Overnight

Vegetarian Corner: Famous Vegetarians and Vegans

EDIBLE: The new Carmel Valley Lodge owner eats only one vegan dish,
Rainbow Ssambap®, for every meal.

Going vegan was never this easy: The Purple Carrot wants to deliver
ingredients to your door

Gracias Madre's vegan Mexican food stands the test of time

Support Vegan Black Metal Chef's New Campaign For $1 a Month support_vegan_black_metal_chefs_new_campaign_for_1_a_month.php

Jan 22

America Has a Tiger Problem And No One's Sure How to Solve It
"No one even knows how many of the big cats are in the United States"

Greyhound injury bill passes Florida Senate committee

Bill calls for ban on sales of dogs, cats in Maine pet stores
"Proponents say it would reduce euthanasia and imports from 'puppy
mills,' but critics say it would hurt local businesses and hobby

Washington lawmakers debate undercover farm video bill

Cat-kicker rejects 30-day jail deal

Your Tax Dollars Are Funding a Secret Lab Where Farm Animals Are
Starved to Death

Hoosiers, your squirrel pelts are finally worth something
"In Indiana, it will soon be legal to trap otters and sell their fur."

Animal Rights Group Wants Expert to Assess Asha, the Natural Bridge Zoo Elephant

Animal Sanctuary Owners Charged With Animal Cruelty, Accused Of
Stealing Donated Funds

RISPCA Sees Improvement with Animal Protection Laws in RI

Can You Tell Real Fur From Fake? After All, Those Labels Can
(Unfortunately) Be Deceiving

Animal rights group condemns Kim Kardashian's 'furkini'

Dead Dogs Found Across Russia After Pup-Poisoning Campaign Announced

Costa Rica animal welfare bill gains momentum as horrifying abuse
cases circulate on social media

Swarming like vultures, dozens of people attending bullfight hold down
and butcher a LIVE horse for its meat after it is gored at Colombian

Activist gets six-month suspended jail sentence for disrupting badger culls
"Jay Tiernan, a leading campaigner in the Stop the Cull movement which
backs direct action, was also ordered to pay costs that could total as
much as £55,000."

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce: Live export review sheds positive
light on industry

Discovery of abandoned dog's remains spurs calls for stronger animal
protection laws

Rally raises a voice for animal rights

Dog walker Emma Paulsen to be sentenced for animal cruelty, mischief

Heads Of Skinned Boars Found Outside Berkeley Vegetarian Restaurants

New Year, real you: Try a plant-based diet

An omnivore's journey to veganism

Go vegan on your terms
"Experts: No right or wrong way to become one, no reason to rush it"

Afro-Vegan Cooking for the Masses

Vegan forager on the loose


Sweet Greens vegan organic cafe opens with help from Prince's Trust

Vegan Bacon Grease Lets You Cook Cruelty-Free Comfort Food
"Heavy metal front man Chris Colohan traded in his mic stand for a
whisk so he could improve the state of plant-based cuisine."


New-Age-y SoMa Vegetarian Spot Source Closes Citing Labor Costs

San Francisco vegan restaurant Millennium to close
Millennium Restaurant To Close After 21 Years

NYC's First All Vegan Creperie Finally Opens In...

Vegan Food Made for Meat-Eaters & the Veg-Inclined, Plus Cocktails,
for South Park

Jan 21

Kid Rock Posts Controversial Hunting Pics

Springsteen daughter wants Christie to sign N.J. puppy mill bill springsteen_daughter_wants_christie_to_sign_anti-p.html

Gee jailed after pleading guilty to animal cruelty

Shocking Undercover Videos Give 360-Degree View of Life on a Factory Farm

Sick dead dog photo sparks online mob FURY
"Named as Roby Ortiz Magana from Ahuachapan in El Salvador, the man
was pictured smiling in front of an animal which had been run over."

The former 'Ikea monkey' owner apparently has two new exotic primates
and animal activists are not happy

Horrific CAT racing cruelty exposed in shocking video that sparked police probe

300 animal cruelty reports are still to be probed

'Fur is murder': demonstration takes place in Limerick

Protest staged at local Whole Foods

Will the Pope Go Vegan?

Vegan diet helpful to students' bodies, minds, and wallets

Cheese Lovers Day: 5 Vegan Cheeses for Any Occasion

The 7 Types of Vegetarians, Because There's More Than One Way Not To Fry a Fish

Jan 20

L.A. Animal Services Will Inspect Cat-Owners' Homes Under Cat-Limit
Proposal By Brenda Barnette


Don't criminalize farm-abuse whistleblowing

SF SPCA Weighs In On Foie Gras Controversy

Man charged with killing dog with AK-47

Animal Rights Activists Plan Public Meeting In Idabel After Graphic
Video At Shelter
"IDABEL, Oklahoma - A group of animal rights activists are planning a
public meeting in Idabel Tuesday in response to a video taken at the
city animal shelter last week. The video shows one dog eating from the
carcass of another dog that was kept in the same cage."

MP Neil Parish hits out at animal rights group, PETA, who called his
red meat campaign 'out of touch'

NSW puppy farm under investigation by RSPCA

Animal rights campaigners seek's PM intervention to control captive elephants

#BlackLivesMatter, Veganism, & Intersectionality By Mickey Z.
"An Interview with A. Breeze Harper
""If vegans who aren't Black want to show support, they first need to
understand that race matters." - A. Breeze Harper"

A Classic Argument for Veganism

Meet the Jazzy Vegetarian
"Laura Theodore calls herself the Jazzy Vegetarian because she is an
expert vegan and vegetarian cook and a jazz singer. In fact, she
composes the music for her series on Public TV's Create channel, now
in its fourth season."

Bites & Sips - Hungry vegans choose carrot over stick

Is there such thing as guilt-free leather?

Mistakes vegan dieters must avoid

Jan 19

After nine years in prison, accused eco-terrorist adjusts to sudden release
"Eric McDavid"

Why Humans Need Animal Rights
"Many people think that the only ones who should be deeply concerned
about animals are animal rights advocates. Actually, how we treat our
nonhuman brethren also significantly impacts our own human welfare.
The widespread abuse of animals harms humans directly in many ways,
and tolerating animal mistreatment indirectly undermines efforts to
assist vulnerable people."

Hundreds call for killer whale release in 'Miracle March for Lolita'
"VIRGINIA KEY, Fla. (WSVN) -- Hundreds of animal rights activists and
supporters took to the streets Saturday calling for the release of a
killer whale from the Miami Seaquarium, where she has been held
captive for over four decades."

Wildlife Safari accused of mistreating elephants
"WINSTON -- Wildlife Safari was named one of the worst zoos for
elephants this week by an animal rights activist group, In Defense of

Marion PD, animal control warn against 'pet flipping'
"Animal flipping is defined as the act of stealing or knowingly
removing an animal without consent then trying to sell the animal to
turn a profit or receiving an animal for free with the intent of
selling it to make a profit."

Photo of abandoned dog on a couch by the road in Phoenix goes viral

SF activist fights to end Chinese tradition of eating dog

RSPCA raids NSW puppy farm

MP hits out at animal rights group who branded his red meat campaign,
out of touch

Animal Rights Activists Protest Whole Foods for Inhumane Egg Supplier

Latest climate change battle may center on food pyramid

Feast Q&A: Vegan chef sees 'a backlash against bacon'
"Known as New York City's "Green Goddess" thanks to her NYC-TV show,
Avila combined her journalist chops with vegan gusto and created her
own niche in food television."

Small Town Marshall, Texas Mayor Turns Vegan, Whole Town Follows!

Asics Gel Lyte 5 Vegan - Navy / Burgundy

PlanetShoes Announces Their Best Vegan Bags for the Upcoming Spring Season

Jan 18

Animal advocates: USDA warning about rabbit in freezer not enough


Op-ed: Get rid of Utah's unconstitutional 'ag-gag' law

Charges OK'd against hunters accused of videotaping dogs mauling a
coyote, hitting another with a truck charges_approved_against_hunte.html

Debate over status of Lolita creates waves at Miami Seaquarium

Orca bill won't be reintroduced this year
"Delayed legislation would ban SeaWorld from using orcas in San Diego"

What's a wolf to do? Go vegan, apparently
"Our View: New federal regulations bend over backwards to favor
anti-wolf factions. Why would they compromise now?"

Coyote Kill Contest Draws Ire From Wildlife Groups

American's Bid to Take Home Rhino Head Stokes Hunting Debate

Club again sparks controversy by auctioning elephant hunt
"DALLAS - A Texas hunting club again will auction off Saturday a
chance to kill a large animal whose numbers are dwindling, a year
after it faced international criticism over doing the same with a
permit to shoot an endangered black rhino."

Crown drops charges against animal rights activists
"The Crown withdrew criminal mischief charges on Wednesday against six
animal rights activists who had been arrested last November for
blockading an entrance to a slaughterhouse in the west end of

Dog deaths must stop: advocate

Belinda Carlisle Co-Founds Animal People Alliance in India

Assam bans animal fighting

Hunt supporter defends decapitated fox Facebook picture and claims it
exposed 'vicious' animal rights campaigners

Building an 'ARC': New animal rights group holds fundraising dinner
featuring gourmet vegan menu building_an_arc_new_animal_rig.html
"MOBILE, Alabama - Members of a newly formed nonprofit, Awakening
Respect and Compassion for All Sentient Beings, believe we eat too
many animals. According to ARC's website, Americans consume 1 million
cows, chickens and pigs per hour."

Workers at Two Vegan Restaurants Say They Haven't Been Paid Since
Before Christmas
"About 100 employees of "Pure Food and Wine" and "One Lucky Duck"
restaurants claim they haven't been paid since before Christmas."

What Does Paul McCartney And A Butcher Shop In Argentina Have In Common?

So, how do I become vegan?

Jan 17

Vacca draws protestors over horse-drawn carriages
"Demonstrators from the animal rights group NYCLASS want Councilman
James Vacca to support pending City Council legislation to ban
horse-drawn carriages in the city."

Activists targeting Petaluma farmers
"A recent rash of break-ins by animal rights activists at Petaluma
farms have ruffled some feathers, but not enough that local businesses
are changing their practices. Local farmers say they've gone back to
business as usual and have not beefed up their security

Man says he was just "trolling" online about allegedly killing cats

Spain bans bestiality but not animal fights

Animal rights activists aim to save rooster
"ANIMAL rights activists are suggesting using a rooster made of cloth
instead of a real animal in this year's Pi de Sant Antoni festival in

Animal rights groups welcome cut in funding for animal circuses

NGOs rescue 30 pups from illegal breeders

Top 25 Vegetarian Restaurants in the World

Vegan, Sustainable Condoms Available In Beauty Supply Stores: How To
Make A Man's Product Female-Friendly

West Des Moines vegan cafe is moving

Vegetarian and vegan delights at new Bluebird Cafe in Sherwood

Jan 16

Dallas DA Hawk steps up hunt for animal abusers

DPS targets animal fighting across Indianapolis

Area cat hoarder has history of harboring sick animals

Foie gras ruling protested, celebrated in Hermosa Beach

Moscow pet owners panic as dog cull rumors spread online

Charges dropped against meat packers protesters
"TORONTO - Charges against six animal rights activists who protested
outside a Toronto slaughterhouse last November were dropped in court

Cruelty case against Kitchener-based turkey breeder put over to March 13
Mercy for Animals Canada

Animal rights' group is being set up

A 'manifesto for cats': Cat charity to launch its 10-point proposal at
the House of Commons

After SC ban on animal shows, Sadananda Gowda seeks room for traditions

On best-dressed plates, meatless goes mainstream
"Cocktails in hand, donor guests at the opening of "Body Worlds:
Animals Inside Out" at the Franklin Institute hovered around a carving
station. Instead of roast beef or turkey, however, the Frog Commissary
Catering server sliced away at whole roast cauliflower, plating the
"filets" with a dab of smoked tomato coulis and a scoop of kabocha
squash, kale, and wheatberry pilaf."

'Insane' Russian fights Jenkins on veg diet
"There's a small but devoted community of vegetarian fighters in MMA.
Former UFC great Mac Danzig is vegan, and was the first guy
Karakhanyan called for advice when he decided to give up meat. World
Series of Fighting welterweight Jake Shields grew up vegetarian, and
the UFC's brothers Nick and Nate Diaz are both vegan."

Go on vegan diet for Pope Francis

Raw vegan restaurant Gorilla Food closed

Jan 15

Temple Grandin: Animal Welfare Begins on the Farm

Chipotle Stops Serving Pork at a Third of Its Restaurants, So Find a
Carnitas Alternative Fast
"After the restaurant chain discovered that one of its suppliers
violated animal-welfare standards, Chipotle has stopped serving pork
at a third of its locations, sending hundreds of thousands of
pseudo-Mexican-food lovers into a panic."
Why Chipotle's pork problem is a bad sign for its future
""Given these stark differences, serving pork from conventionally
raised pigs is not an option to us," he said. "We would rather not
serve pork at all, than serve pork from animals that are raised in
this way.""

2 Endangered Monkeys Die at Zoo after Being Left Out in Cold
"The cotton-top Tamarins, weighing less than a pound, were left
outside overnight last week in temperatures that dipped into the 30s F
at the Alexandria Zoo in central Louisiana, officials said"

Plan to open slaughterhouse in city will be presented to Zoning Board
"The proposal did have an unlikely supporter of sorts -- People for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA -- but with a caveat.
The animal rights group said in a letter to city officials that a
glass wall should be erected to allow the public to see the animals
being slaughtered, with a sound system to broadcast the sounds as a
way to raise public awareness about how animals are killed for food."

NY assemblywoman wants to ban cat declawing

Members of Congress challenge merit of NIH monkey experiments 150119898&template=gazette&template=gazette

Hollywild welcomes back injured animals, prepares for new season

Natural Bridge Zoo Named "Worst Zoo For Elephants" In Animal Rights Group Report

Northwest Montana wolf hunt still on as protesters mobilize

What Does "Cage-Free" Even Mean?
"What kind of farm do you imagine when you think of organic or
cage-free eggs? Images of hens frolicking in lush meadows?"

MidEast SeaWorld park would fail, claims animals rights group

Russian 'dog-hunters' who kill dogs for 'sport' plan countrywide 'dog hunt' Russian-dog-hunters-who-kill-dogs-for-sport-plan-countrywide-dog-hunt.html
"Internet-based vigilantes plan a "dog hunt" next week, according to
social media and local reports, and have been known to poison, trap
and kill strays and family pets"

Can foie gras ever be ethical?
"As the ban on foie gras is lifted in California, campaigners continue
to fight against the force-feeding of geese. But what if the geese
gorged themselves voluntarily? On one farm in Spain, the birds do just

Food fight in Parliament: Forks clash over 'Red Meat Month'
"Trouble is brewing in Parliament. First there was vegan month, which
rattled the cages of the establishment's red-blooded males, and now a
proposal for a meat month has led to beef between a Tory MP and Peta."

Cockfight row: West Godavari police caught in the crossfire

Would you try a beer made with whale testicles?
"Animal rights activists, including Vanessa Williams Grey of the Whale
and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), are critical of the brew."

From radical to trendy for Mainers living without meat
"Vegetarians and vegans share their reasons for and results of their
food choices."

A typical vegan's daily menu

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Meats and Meat Substitutes


18 Vegetarian And Vegan Recipes That Go Beyond Meatless Monday

Vegan Strip Club Dancers Demand Pay
"PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) - Two strippers sued the world's first vegan
strip club, claiming the boss pays less than minimum wage and allows
inappropriate touching by bouncers and patrons."
The Devil's Due - Two dancers sue strip club Casa Diablo for unpaid
wages and harassment

Jan 14

Return of Foie Gras Pits Restaurants, Farmers Against Animal Groups
[audio debate]
"Paul Shapiro, vice president, Farm Animal Protection, Humane Society
of the United States"

Chef Who Sued To Put Foie Gras Back On Bay Area Menus Getting Death Threats

To Save Animals' Lives, Florida Lawmaker Proposes New Rules, Taxing Ability

Ex-Sorrento official charged with animal abuse adopted cats from two

Animal-Welfare Audits: A Strategic Move for Meat Processors

Debate over trapping, hunting heats up
"A recent feature about fur trapping in Tennessee stirred responses
both negative and positive, reflective of a growing nation-wide

Other voices: Pass greyhound injuries bill 015/01/13/voices-pass-greyhound-injuries-bill/21688391/

3 questioned in Eastern Shore dognapping

Animal rights group gives Buffalo Zoo's elephant exhibit poor ranking

More details revealed in Hollywood fire; Controversy continues

Animal rights activists bear cold to demand 'Justice for Charlotte' in
dog abuse case animal_rights_activists_bear_c.html

Pretrial hearings set for March 6 for alleged dog-abuser Alsu Ivanchenko pretrial_hearings_set_for_marc.html

Helpline launched to crack down on animal fights
"Anticipating that fights will be conducted next week, the Humane
Society International has launched a nationwide helpline (+91
7674922044) to crack down on cockfighting, dog fighting and bull
fighting, banned under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act."

Display of Inside-Out animals 'will show people they're flesh and
bone, just like us'
"ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP are welcoming plans for German anatomist Dr.
Gunther von Hagens to bring a display of dissected and preserved
animals to Dublin."

Layer hen factory rejected because of smell
"Animal rights groups are rejoicing after Auckland Council rejected a
proposal to build what would have been New Zealand's largest chicken
layer farm."

Animal rights activists demonstrate at Whole Foods in Milford over egg supplier


Animal rights activist James Aspey's vow of silence
"One year after James Aspey took a vow of silence as a dedicated vegan
animal rights activist, he says he didn't realise how important his
voice was until it was gone."

Vegan cuisine moves into the mainstream

Don't Fall into the Trap… Adopt the Vegan Lifestyle the Correct Way!

Consider going vegan in 2015 2015/01/12/consider-going-vegan/21665095/

7 Reasons Why You Should Go Vegan

Midtown Sacramento restaurant owner on a mission

Jan 13

Video: Animal rights activists protest at Whole Foods activists+protest+Whole+Foods/10720125/story.html
"In response to undercover footage animal rights activists with Direct
Action Everywhere held an in-store demonstration at Whole Foods on
Cambie Street on Saturday afternoon."

Protesters Rally at Whole Foods Against Treatment of Farm Animals Used for Food
"Protesters took over the aisles of Whole Foods stores in the Bay Area
and across the world to take a stand against the treatment of farm
animals used for food."

Utah prosecutors dropping controversial 'ag-gag' charges

Idaho's "ag gag" law faces constitutional test

Washington lawmaker introduces ag-gag bill
"An Eastern Washington legislator has introduced a bill emulating
Idaho's "ag-gag" law, which criminalizes undercover taping at
agricultural operations."

N.J. Senate panel moves to expand hunting nj_senate_moves_to_expand_beaver_hunting.html

California Foie Gras Food Fight Turns on Federal Preemption

Lawmakers push to crack down on animal cruelty
"As debate rages more than Mayor de Blasio's strategy to ban horse
carriages, state lawmakers are pushing measures in 2015 to crack down
on alleged cruelty against circus elephants and other animals."

Animal rights group names Edmonton Valley Zoo into its "Hall of Shame"

Dallas Animal Services issues apology in dogs' deaths

Fire at South Carolina zoo leaves 28 animals dead

15 ways to help animals in 2015 peopleandevents/animalspeak-15-ways-to-help-animals-in-2015

'My Heart's Always Been For The Animals': Man Turns Toyota Into
Animal-Rescue Vehicle

Cruelty-free luxury is not an oxymoron
"From haute couture to high-end vacation packages, today's vegetarian
and vegan consumers aren't willing to compromise quality in their
quest for a kinder lifestyle."

Randy Radish moves to storefront randy_radish_moves_to_storefront234
"On a cold December day just before Christmas, Nancy Jezior and Sharon
Lindblad stood in the no-frills dining area of the Randy Radish, a
vegan food business the two started in 2013, drinking warm liquids and
discussing their current and future plans for expansion."

Author promotes vegan ideology in new book
""I'm articulating an ideal that may take a very long time to achieve.
It's a process that, even if it happens, will take hundreds of years,"
says James McWilliams, author of "The Modern Savage: Our Unthinking
Decision To Eat Animals.""

Simple Recipes for Joy: Chatting with Jivamukti's Sharon Gannon

Jan 12

Whole Foods, Organic Valley targeted by animal abuse video
"Protests planned in several American and Canadian cities including Vancouver"

Animal rights group files Animal Welfare Act violation complaint
against Oklahoma State University

Animal Rights Group's Video of Hens Raises Questions, but Not Just for Farms
"Direct Action Everywhere"

Carriage protesters use dead horse prop outside council district offices carriage_proponents_protest_at.html
"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- With signs saying, "Horse Carriages + Traffic
= Disaster," and "Ban Horse Carriages," animal rights advocates staged
protests that included a fake dead prop horse in front of the
Mid-Island and South Shore council district offices on Friday."

Discovery's new boss says so no more mermaids, giant snakes
"There's a new boss in charge at the Discovery Network, and he's
anxious to get rid of mega-sharks, mermaids and man-eating snakes."

The World's Largest Fast-Food Chain Is Floundering
"...the whipping-boy of food activists, labour activists,
animal-rights campaigners and those who simply dislike all things

Animal Rights: Torture of Mother Pigs at Walmart Factory Farms
"Hi, I'm Joaquin Phoenix, and I need your help with a very serious
issue: ending the sickening abuse mother pigs endure at Walmart pork
supplier factory farms. Please sign my petition asking Walmart to
phase out inherently cruel gestation crates within its pork supply

Bay Area chefs begin serving foie gras as animal rights groups hope for appeal

Could Our Own Fear Of Death Be Affecting The Way We Treat Animals?

Horse's death leads to animal cruelty charges

Animal control officer: Pendleton County drops 14 animal abuse charges
against Butler, Ky. man

Star Pups under fire from protesters

The puppies saved from the dinner table! Grateful dogs who were
destined to be turned into food until US charity stepped in

Morrissey heaps praise on bull for goring 'serial killer' matador
"Cries of "of course he did" no doubt echoed throughout Mexico City
after Morrissey exclaimed he was "delighted" to witness a bull gore a
"serial killer" matador in the capital."

UBC defends use of animals for research
"The group Stop UBC Animal Research is voicing outrage over the fact
the university continues to use animals in the lab."

BBC chef Tom Kerridge criticised for eating a puffin
"Chef Tom Kerridge was accused of being 'colder than the weather in
Iceland' after eating a puffin"

Two rhinos poached in Assam, toll rises to three

Fight obesity, cancer and diabetes with a plant-based diet
"Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the best moves you can make for
your health, writes nutritionist Carrie Dennett."

Chipotle Will Give You a Free Burrito if You Try Its New Sofritas Menu _buy_a_sofritas_item_and_use_the_receipt_to_get_something.html
"As of July, Sofritas made up just 3.5 percent of entree sales in
restaurants, Chipotle co-CEO Steve Ells said on the second-quarter
earnings call."

Girl Scout Cookies News: Gluten Free Cookies, Thin Mints Now Vegan

Artisanal vegan cheese comes into its own

Jan 10

Animal rights group targets Petaluma egg farm, Whole Foods Market (w/video)

Federal agency looks into animal welfare complaints against Oklahoma
State University

Court allows animal rights groups to intervene in wild horse lawsuit

Bear paw found on Vernon animal activist's yard undergoing DNA testing on_animal_activists_yard_undergoing_dna_testing_police_say.html

Ridgewood councilman apologizes for telling animal rights activist
that 'younger bears taste better than older bears' ridgewood_councilman_apologizes_over_bear_hunt_remark.html

N.J. Pigs Are Political Pawns, Farmers Say

PETA protesters picket against foie gras in S.F.

Queer Animal Liberation activists take a stand
"Trickle-Up Queer Animal Liberation"
"My goal is total animal, queer, and trans liberation."

Cowboy Monkey Rodeos Exist and They Are Everything You Want Them To Be

Animal rights group, local hunters clash over annual event
"Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - Coyote, bobcat, and fox hunters have been
waiting for this weekend - as the Bob Evans Memorial Predator Calling
Hunt kicks off on Friday."

27 Animals Die In Fire At Hollywild Animal Park
"SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. - Dozens of animals were killed Friday in a
fire at a popular animal park in Spartanburg County."

Animal Rights Foundation of Florida to protest Ringling Bros. circus
at Amway Center

Va. group saves dogs from slaughter in S. Korea

Koala mittens needed to help bushfire victims with burnt paws
"Animal welfare group provides sewing pattern for people to knit their
own as it braces for flood of animals injured in recent bushfires in

Gogoi asked to stop animal fight during Bihu

Chipotle is offering free food on January 26th!
"The catch: – of course there was one – you have to try any of their
Sofritas meals.
"The food chain recently released a new vegan option in all of its
U.S. and Canada locations."

Cornerstone's vegan offerings could convert any carnivore

Jennifer Lopez unveils fitness program: Vegan diet fueled 10-pound weight loss

Veganuary: An Omnivore's Attempt at Going Vegan for January

Jan 9

Foie Gras Legal Again in California: Federal Judge Rules

Audit questions U.S. oversight of lab animal welfare

In Our View: Ag gag
"Utah's 'ag-gag' law is unconstitutional. Because it targets on the
would-be whistleblowers and benefits only the special interest."

Owner says he'll 'do what's right' for Little Ricki the bear

Oceanside bans sale of 'puppy mill' pets

$5K reward offered in poodle abuse case

Edmonton's Sarah Duiker aims to increase the number of vegan options
in the city's restaurants

Vegan restaurant Flora sprouts in Jenkintown _Vegan_restaurant_Flora_sprouts_in_Jenkintown.html

The Secret To Vegan-Friendly Bacon? Coconut.

Getting through the lobster feast as a vegan

Jan 8

(France) animal advocates killed at Charlie Hebdo
"Tribute to Charb, and Cabu, killed in the shooting, who spoke up for the Animals through their drawings. Prayers for the departed, for their families and for their co-workers ":
"Luce rabbit, journalist at 'charlie' and activist for animals, is in a state of shock but Safe and sound. We do not have the words to express our dismay and sorrow. Nothing can justify hatred and acts of such violence. 'charlie hebdo is the only french newspaper who dedicate every week one of his columns to the rights of Animals." a.395048019756.170472.350866824756/10152959539939757/?type=1&theater

California activists charged under Utah's 'ag-gag' law for
photographing pig farm
"Four California activists who photographed a Circle Four pig farm in
Iron County in September may be the first defendants prosecuted under
Utah's "ag-gag" law."

Animal Abuser Binds Poodle's Muzzle With Rubber Bands

Garrett to serve 2 years in animal cruelty case
"Garrett had pleaded guilty in August to a reduced count of 10 charges
of animal cruelty after more than 140 dead dog carcasses and 43 live,
severely malnourished dogs were found on his property off Howe Hall
Road near Goose Creek."

Willowick continues talks on possible circus ban

PETA protests SeaWorld orca tank expansion

From Idaho to Utah, "wolf massacre" continues

Tougher penalties sought for animal cruelty
"Austrian animal rights activists and politicians are calling for
tougher sentences for animal cruelty - saying that the current penalty
of up to one year in prison is not a strong enough deterrent."

Veterinarians trying to stop stray dog shootings
"When packs of wild dogs in northern Quebec grow too large or
dangerous, police often have to shoot them. There are few
veterinarians in the towns up north, and controlling stray dog
population is a problem."

Animal-cruelty accused to undergo psychiatric review; defence plans
Charter challenge

Stationmaster Tama Fund to honor animal rights activists

Meet The Doctor Who Prescribes Vegan Diets
"Robert Ostfeld, MD, the director of the Cardiac Wellness Program and
associate professor of Clinical Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center"

Meet The Vegan Artist Making Fruit And Veg Look Beautiful With Her Designs

Montreal Now Has A Vegan Delivery Food Service That Will Bring Meals
Right To Your Door

Vegan sushi, the elegant way 10706453/story.html

Vegan recipes to the rescue
"Humane Society gala to include a three-course vegan meal."

Now open: The Vegan Cafe settles into downtown West Palm Beach

From omnivore to vegetarian: 'No gray area'
"The truth is once we stopped eating meat all the other ingredients on
the plate take on so much more excitement."

Spoiler alert: Some of your favorite foods may be vegan

Vegans Will Hate This! Indulging In Real Vegan Cheese Might Make You A
Cannibal! [Video]
"Real Vegan Cheese is using human DNA to make their brand of vegan cheese."

Seattle Company introduces new ground-breaking vegan cheese

Plant Based Pizza Serves All-Vegan Fare

Jan 7

Animal rights group says animal deaths at John Hopkins violated law
Stop Animal Exploitation Now

Humane Society accuses Minnesota chicken processor of animal cruelty

CNY hunting contest 'immoral' and should be banned, says animal rights group _condemns_foxcoyotebobcat_hunting_contest_set_for_this_weeken.html

Neighbors defend Andrea Mikkel, Phoenix woman accused of animal cruelty

Baltimore County Council considers forming new animal shelter advisory group

Animal Activist Files Lawsuit To Stop TNR Program In Albuquerque

Activists Outraged By 'Wrongful' Dog Euthanasia

Horrific scenes as bull stabbed and beaten to death at Colombian festival
"Government officials and animal rights activists call for action
after video appears showing crowds in Turbaco, Colombia, chasing a
bull and killing it with machetes, rocks, knives and kicks."

Bosses at the Orange Rooms are looking for a new home for their
tropical fish after pressure from animal welfare campaigners Southampton_nightclub_looking_for_new_home_for_tropical_fish_ after_animal_rights_campaign/

Polidano following animal welfare instructions on Montekristo zoo animal_welfare_instructions_on_montekristo_zoo#.VKxt9IrF9Hg

Veganuary: Go meat and dairy-free this January

How to Be Vegan in College: Part 1

How I gained weight as a vegan--don't let it happen to you Gained_Weight_as_a_Vegan___Don_t_Let_It_Happen_to_You.html

With diligence, vegan diet can work for an athlete

How to Make Your Own Egg Replacers for Vegan Baking

PETA releases vegan starter kit for the blind

Jan 6

Humane Society targets Minnesota chicken processor for animal cruelty
"The Humane Society of the United States this morning will announce
the results of its investigation of Butterfield Foods, a company about
45 miles southwest of Mankato that processes hens that are no longer
commercially useful for egg laying."

Cory Booker's animal-rights extremsim
[NY Post needs spell check]

School District Administrator Charged With Dog Fighting, Animal
Cruelty, Child Abuse

Wisconsin Bowhunter Gets Attacked By Deer He Shot With Arrow --
Internet Reacts In A Big Way

Animal rights group sues to free black bear 'Little Ricki' caged
outside ice cream parlor

Wolf Population Unchanged After Controversial Idaho Hunting Contest

Hernando County deputies say they found a child covered in animal
feces, living in filth

MCSO investigating zebras, other animals reportedly involved in
Phoenix animal cruelty situation

Author makes case to avoid eating animals
"The Modern Savage: Our Unthinking Decision to Eat Animals."

All Forms Of Life Are Sacred

A Woman With Heart: Emma Page and Animal Rights

Europe should embrace a cosmopolitan approach to animal rights

Nearly Fifty Wild Apes Found In Trunk Of Chinese Car

The Non-Human Rights Movement Is Exciting, But We Must Tread Carefully

Meatless Monday: Kickstarting Veganuary

Magic Vegan Bacon Grease May Be The Weirdest Vegan Food Yet

Your Sugar Might Be Made With Animal Bones. Sorry, Vegans.

Veggie Chef: What Do Vegans Eat?

Vegan pub opens in Toronto vegan_pub_opens_in_toronto/

How 'healthy' is the all-new White Castle veggie slider?

Jan 5

Sarah Palin to PETA: 'At least Trig didn't eat the dog'

Circus protests at Amalie Arena

Before killing a rhinoceros bull, a hunter faces anger, death threats


Satanists sacrificing animals in Bolivia, activists say

Elephant sale sparks firestorm in Zimbabwe

'Test-tube steak' could be coming to your plate soon
"Meat grown in a lab may soon be carnivores' best option, as Tel Aviv
University launches a pioneering feasibility study"

How to solve animal abuse? Education and prosecution
"There is no register of the kinds of animals present in Malta. The
only control in place is that animals imported from abroad need to
have a passport showing they came through Customs and border
inspection, and were checked by a vet."

Activists rescue pigs from illegal slaughter

Animal rights activists protest against AstraZeneca in Cambridge

Jan 4

Organizations help financially struggling pet owners
[Baltimore Humane Society]
"They may not be feeding grain-free, vegan food, but they're getting
that animal into the vet."

Wolf Hunting Event Breeds Controversy in Idaho

Animal-rights activists blast Ridgewood Councilman Mike Sedon over his
bear hunt remarks

SeaWorld copes amid PETA pressure on whales

New stray animal rule upsets PETA
"The new ordinance states public or private shelters may not euthanize
animals that are healthy or treatable without first seeking placement
of the animal at every rescue shelter on a city registry."

Counties eye trap-neuter-return programs to cut shelter costs

Union Co. ends use of gas chamber for animal shelter euthanasia

Charlotte Wonjah Arrested For Aggravated Child Abuse And Animal
Cruelty After Beating Son And Killing Family Dog

Judge orders Easley Chihuahua retuned to original owner

Only 120 inspectors check U.S. dog breeding operations 2015/01/03/inspectors-dog-breeders/21201649/

Should Primates Have the Same Rights as Humans?
"Last month, a court in Argentina took up the case of Sandra, a
29-year-old who has been held captive all her life."

No furry business
"Ingrid Newkirk, PETA founder, talks about animal rights, during a
protest outside a fast food outlet in Mumbai."

Video: Animal rights activist Janet Olson says she speaks out for
those who can't those/10697546/story.html
"Animal Activist Janet Olson addresses the media outside provincial
court in Surrey during a break in her sentencing hearing for theft and
break and enter. She took dogs she believed had been abused or

Welfare group welcomes sticky rodent trap ban

Watch: Animal rights campaigner sticks 2,500 needles into her back
"Colombia animal rights campaigner Fanny Pachon, said she was so
angered by the local traditional bullfighting festivals, that she had
some 2,500 needles put in her back to protest cruelty against bulls.
She said it was an "almost act of desperation.""

New vegan food delivery service from Forks Over Knives
"Forks Over Knives announced this morning, January 2, 2015, their meal
delivery service, Fresh Meals-To-Your-Door. The company is now
accepting orders for the Mid-Atlantic states of the country (see
below) with deliveries beginning January 16, 2015."

Longmont woman goes vegan indefinitely following New Year's resolution

Over 10,000 People Worldwide Celebrating Veganuary

Add 1-month vegan challenge to New Year's resolution list

Personal trainers bring organic food store to West Covina

Meatless Mondays start at Good Earth Market Jan. 6

Jan 3

Organizations help financially struggling pet owners
[Baltimore Humane Society]
"They may not be feeding grain-free, vegan food, but they're getting
that animal into the vet."

Wolf Hunting Event Breeds Controversy in Idaho

Animal-rights activists blast Ridgewood Councilman Mike Sedon over his
bear hunt remarks

SeaWorld copes amid PETA pressure on whales

New stray animal rule upsets PETA
"The new ordinance states public or private shelters may not euthanize
animals that are healthy or treatable without first seeking placement
of the animal at every rescue shelter on a city registry."

Counties eye trap-neuter-return programs to cut shelter costs

Union Co. ends use of gas chamber for animal shelter euthanasia

Charlotte Wonjah Arrested For Aggravated Child Abuse And Animal
Cruelty After Beating Son And Killing Family Dog

Judge orders Easley Chihuahua retuned to original owner

Only 120 inspectors check U.S. dog breeding operations 2015/01/03/inspectors-dog-breeders/21201649/

Should Primates Have the Same Rights as Humans?
"Last month, a court in Argentina took up the case of Sandra, a
29-year-old who has been held captive all her life."

No furry business
"Ingrid Newkirk, PETA founder, talks about animal rights, during a
protest outside a fast food outlet in Mumbai."

Video: Animal rights activist Janet Olson says she speaks out for
those who can't 10697546/story.html
"Animal Activist Janet Olson addresses the media outside provincial
court in Surrey during a break in her sentencing hearing for theft and
break and enter. She took dogs she believed had been abused or

Welfare group welcomes sticky rodent trap ban

Watch: Animal rights campaigner sticks 2,500 needles into her back
"Colombia animal rights campaigner Fanny Pachon, said she was so
angered by the local traditional bullfighting festivals, that she had
some 2,500 needles put in her back to protest cruelty against bulls.
She said it was an "almost act of desperation.""

New vegan food delivery service from Forks Over Knives
"Forks Over Knives announced this morning, January 2, 2015, their meal
delivery service, Fresh Meals-To-Your-Door. The company is now
accepting orders for the Mid-Atlantic states of the country (see
below) with deliveries beginning January 16, 2015."

Longmont woman goes vegan indefinitely following New Year's resolution

Over 10,000 People Worldwide Celebrating Veganuary

Add 1-month vegan challenge to New Year's resolution list

Personal trainers bring organic food store to West Covina

Meatless Mondays start at Good Earth Market Jan. 6

Jan 2

Bid in New York to extend legal rights to chimps fails, again
"Less than a month after a New York state appeals court ruled that
chimpanzees do not have legal rights and cannot be released from
captivity, a case involving a second chimp has been dismissed."

Animal rights groups slam Sarah Palin

Snowmachiner says he and buddies dug moose out of avalanche in Hatcher Pass

Laramie woman accused of suffocating cats

New diet guidelines might pull back from meat
"A panel that advises the Agriculture Department appears set to
recommend that you be told not only what foods are better for your own
health, but also for the environment. That means that when the latest
version of the government's dietary guidelines comes out, it may push
even harder than it has in recent years for people to choose more
fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and other plant-based foods --
at the expense of meat."

A month without yogurt; giving the vegan life a try

Beyonce and McConaughey are Vegan Until 6pm: The VB6 Plan Lets You
Ease into Veganism

Phoenix restaurant has second-best juicy burger on Buzzfeed list
"Green ... is a 100 percent vegan restaurant that features
american-style comfort food."

Animal rights legislation took huge steps forward in 2014

Sarah Palin's son Trig Palin uses family dog as a foot stool, she
congratulates him in Facebook gaffe

PETA Calls for Federal Investigation of Ringling Bros. Circus

Search for person dumping animal parts in Taylor

Dog breeding inspections increase after taking heat

More room for chickens likely means costlier eggs
"FRESNO The new year is expected to bring rising chicken egg prices
across the U.S. as California starts requiring farmers to house hens
in cages with enough space to move around and stretch their wings."

Young-Williams Animal Center kicks off 'Happy Neuter Year' campaign

Into the wild: The souls of zoo animals

China Focus: Law revision on captured animals

Vet abandoned in wilderness and forced to find way home to highlight
problem of stray dogs
"An animal welfare charity has warned that thousands of dogs are being
abandoned in the UK and Ireland every year."

Lab animal use at UBC declined by 5 per cent in 2013 10695054/story.html
"The number of animals used in scientific research at the University
of B.C. dipped by almost five per cent in 2013 from the previous year,
though there was a slight increase in the more invasive and painful
categories of research, according to a recently released disclosure

Woman walks dog while sitting in her Mercedes
"The animal rights group Association Against Animal Cruelty (VGT)
filed a complaint with the district authorities in Baden, against the
woman whose car bore a Tulln number plate."

Veganuary 2015: 30-day Vegan Challenge for the New Year veganuary_2015_30-day_vegan_challenge_for_the_new_year.php

Looking for a change? 'Vegan Vitality' shows how

Vegan lickin' good

German Neo-Nazis Embrace Vegan Cooking, Techno Music, Stylish Clothes

Eating Vegan at Disney World: It's Easier Than You Think disney_world_its_easier_than_youd_think_draft.php

Vegan Diet: Is meat-eating boxer weaker without it?
"Should Bradley reacquaint himself with the Vegan Diet?"

Are You Vitamin B12 Deficient? (And Does It Matter?)

Leicester Vegan Challenge: Are you up for it?

Jan 1

Reflecting On The Year In Animals

Lawsuit seeks new home for York County's best-known bear

Man dies after being shot by officer outside animal shelter
"Authorities have said the man became disorderly after he dropped off
a stray animal and was asked to show identification."

#4 News Story-City council votes down proposed circus ordinance

A win for animal rights activists
"Ozarks man sentenced after pleading guilty to intentionally killing a goose"

Grand Canyon's Lone Gray Wolf May Have Been Shot

Disgust at hunters animal torture
"THERE has been outrage after the brutal torture of a hare by a local
hunter was revealed in a YouTube video."
"Both the Green Party and Animal Party Cyprus expressed outrage at a incident."

British Web Site Urges Visitors To Try Veganism In First Month of 2015

How Veganuary Can Help You Go Vegan for a Full Month

3 ways to try out a vegan January

Vegan delivery service statewide
"Nourish, a company based in Charlotte that delivers vegan meals to
people's homes, has expanded its service statewide."

White Castle's Craver Nation finally open to vegetarians and vegans
Read more: White Castle's Craver Nation finally open to vegetarians
and vegans | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco
Architecture, Green Building
"Despite the efforts White Castle has taken to keep their veggie
sliders sacred, they've fallen short in one important area: the bun.
Currently, the bun sold with the veggie sliders is technically not
even vegetarian, as it contains l-cysteine which is derived from duck
feathers. Hopefully, vegetarians and vegans within driving distance of
a White Castle restaurant will make their voices heard, and be
rewarded with a fluffy new vegan bun to accompany their fast food

Northeastern grad launches vegan eBook to help college students

For SortaSausage creator, life's taught reinvention silverton/2014/12/31/sortasausage-creator-lifes-taught-reinvention/20880649/

Former East Village fro-yo shop now DF Mavens' vegan ice cream

Turkish food group to produce vegan products after halal, kosher

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