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Feb 28

Some 'faux fur' sold in stores comes from real animals
"Some of the nation's biggest retailers, including Neiman Marcus,
Nordstrom Rack, Belk, Jacadi and Gilt Groupe, advertise "faux fur."
But a Rossen Reports investigation found that some of the items
they're selling actually come from the fur of real animals, including
rabbits, coyotes and raccoon dogs (a strange-looking species of wild

Animal abuse fight heads online

Zoo's elephants to be sent to Oklahoma City

Michigan DNR appeals ruling that put grey wolves back on federal
endangered species list

Animal Rights Advocates Pushing For More Changes At Balt. Co. Shelter

NM House panel tables bill to ban coyote-killing contests

Bend businessman charged with animal sex abuse

Should Carlsbad ban puppy mills like Oceanside did?

Fayetteville woman accused of starving family dog to death

Mexico's 'swim with dolphins' sites criticized by animal rights
groups, environmentalists

Brutal Russian Whale Hunt Exposed: Is This the Next 'Cove?'

Wild animals STILL being used in touring circuses - despite
overwhelming opposition
"WILD animals are still being used in two touring English circuses --
despite overwhelming public opposition to the "outdated" practice."

Going vegan could improve mood, productivity of workers at your
company, study shows

The Vegan Experience

Dear Domna: Why be vegan?

Tofu Hut -- A Dining Experience for Meat-Lovers and Vegetarians Alike

Feb 27

Bill would create public registry of animal cruelty convictions
"People convicted of animal cruelty would be required to register with
local law enforcement and have their names added to a statewide
database, similar to the state's sex offender registry, under a bill
filed in the Texas House this week."

Animal experimentation up 73 percent, study says

Sodexo To Implement Changes To Better Animal Welfare
"For all the health nuts and animal rights people, listen up, because
Sodexo, the leading Quality of Life Services company in the U.S,
Canada and Mexico, has announced that they are taking new steps to
improve animal well-being through its supply chain, according to a
recent press release."

Oklahoma Right-to-Farm Legislation About More Than Agricultural Practices

MSU must cut ties with SeaWorld

Shutdown: Cockfighting in the Valley
"PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) -- Cockfighting, a blood sport that pits two
rooster against each other, dates back to the mid 1600s. While some
see it as part of their heritage, others view it as animal cruelty."

Knox County commissioner working on animal welfare ordinance

The Plan to Send Two Russian Bears to Rehab

Poachers slaughter, behead nearly 100 starving deer in Spain

China bans ivory imports ahead of royal visit: Xinhua
"China has announced a one-year ban on the import of African ivory
carvings ahead of next week's visit by Britain's Prince William, a
strong critic of the ivory trade."

Animal rights group calls for urgent action as big cats remain caged
"A leading animal rights charity has called for urgent Scottish
Government action after it emerged lions and tigers are still confined
in cages in Fraserburgh."

Corpses of 84 street dogs found in Bursa

Sentencing hearing for Calgary man guilty of animal abuse delayed another month

Circus puts spotlight on Limerick animal rights group
"THE Limerick-based Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) have been
criticised by Duffy's Circus for making "farcical statements" without
any foundation about animals suffering in their care."

Should America go vegan to ward off obesity and save the environment?
"Two  new reports highlight the benefits of a plant-based diet for
boosting physical health and emotional well-being."

Tips for being vegan in Berlin

NoHo Yum: Los Angeles Vegan Street Fair

Cleveland Vegan: Diners won't know what they're missing at tasty
Lakewood cafe (Review) theyre_missing_at_tasty_lakewood_cafe_review.html

Restaurant owner hopes to revitalize her space to match the freshness
of her cuisine

Feb 26

SeaWorld attendance, revenue continue decline

Putting animals online: Does it protect or destroy?
"Benson, from the University of Pennsylvania's department of History
and Sociology of Science, was speaking at Digital Animals, a one-day
conference aimed at examining what digital perspectives and
technologies means for the future of animal protection."

Animal groups alarmed by legislation
"Dan Paul, the director of Washington's Humane Society, said he was
surprised by the number of bills that he and other animal-rights
activists oppose in Olympia this year compared to past legislative

PETA President Visits Dartmouth

Activists take aim at Carlsbad pet store

Las Vegas pet store owner gets 5 years in puppy arson case

Animal rights activists greet Milk River woman at court
"A Milk River woman, who had more than 200 dogs seized from her
property in December and January, appeared in a Lethbridge court

Fulton couple who abandoned cat, dog plead not guilty in Lysander Town Court abandoned_cat_dog_plead_not_guilty_in_lysander_town_court.html

Cat-costumed crusader among animal film fest funny features
"LOS ANGELES -- When abused, homeless animals appear on TV and the
melancholy melody starts playing, many of us reach for the remote."

Hong Kong fur fair facing more protests as Russian financial crisis hits trade
"As world's largest fur fashion exhibition opens, animal rights
activists slam 'cruel and bloody' trade while firms fear dip in orders
from Russia"

Abused horse in Korea rescued by animal rights group

Animal traffickers grow bold, fire in air to scare activists

Florida naturopath facing charges after treating girl's fatal leukemia
with vitamins and vegan diet
Hippocrates Institute
"The Canadian Broadcasting Company reported on the death of the teen
girl, who was from one of Ontario, Canada's aboriginal First Nation
tribes. Another teen girl from the same community is still in the care
of Brian Clement, who Florida officials have ordered to stop
practicing medicine and calling himself a doctor."

First Vegan Menu at Elementary School to Debut Courtesy of James Cameron's Wife

Students launch Tufts Vegetarian Society

The 2015 Vegan Cheesesteak Contest

Local firm beefs up 'Shark Tank' survivor's vegan cheese space
"A Portland architecture and engineering firm has helped a local
organic food company ramp up for national growth with an expanded
manufacturing facility in northeast Portland."

Lancaster-based neat expands vegan egg replacement offering
"Lancaster-based neat foods, which started selling meat-replacement
products from the home of Phil and Laura Lapp in 2013, continues to
expand its offerings."

SU is vegan friendly
Shippensburg University

Vegan Chocolate Treats PMS Same As Regular Chocolate And Doubles As
Healthy Dessert

Feb 25

Indiana Senate kills ‘Right to Farm' amendment

SeaWorld Orlando ends program that allowed visitors to feed dolphins

U.S. Navy to bring mine-hunting dolphins to Hawaii
"Animal rights activists believe the military's use of the dolphins to
hunt mines is cruel."

Complaint filed over UNC research animal deaths
Stop Animal Exploitation Now
"CHAPEL HILL -- An Ohio-based animal-rights group wants federal
regulators to investigate and fine UNC-Chapel Hill over the deaths of
a rabbit and two ferrets it says were abused."

Mercy for Animals fellow fights for animal rights
"Pierce '15 advocates Meatless Mondays, better farming techniques as
one of 10 fellows nationwide"

Council OKs dog-chaining ban then decides to reconsider it
"For the time being, Nashville has banned chaining dogs outside, but
the fight for animal rights advocates isn't over just yet."

Animal rights activists lobby to protect pets and endangered species
"More than 100 animal rights activists met in Annapolis Tuesday to
talk with lawmakers."

Animal advocacy groups lobby for legislation in Olympia
"Dan Paul, the director of Washington's Humane Society, said he was
surprised by the number of bills that he and other animal-rights
activists oppose in Olympia this year compared to past legislative

Denmark's bestiality ban moves forward
"It's important that Denmark is not viewed as a country where sexual
relations with animals are allowed"

Brigitte Bardot Pays For Russian 'Alcoholic Bears'' Romanian Rehab

Animal rights group turning pet care into child's play through online game 2003612213
"The Taiwan Animal Equality Association recently launched a game on
its Web page that aims to teach children how to take care of dogs and

UK debate on ritual slaughter mobilizes Muslims and Jews

Fury as Ministry of Defence admits it has killed over 100 'War Horses'
in six years

It's not easy being young, black, and vegan

The Middle East Really Likes Vegan Snack Bars

Orthorexia: The New Eating Disorder You've Never Heard Of

Vegetarian Kitchen: During Maine Restaurant Week, vegetarians and
vegans will find plenty to like

Vegan Spots Flourish in Chelsea

Ordering pizza vegan is easy, just know what to ask for

Changing Her Tune: From Cattle Rancher's Wife to Vegan Animal Sanctuary Owner

Feb 24

Senate says no to drone hunting
"Michigan legislators have shot down efforts to use drones in hunting."

Maine human rights panel rejects service animal claim
"AUGUSTA -- A Farmingdale woman failed to win the support of the Maine
Human Rights Commission on Monday for her complaint that she was a
victim of housing discrimination because she had a service animal."

More and more people claiming their dog is a service animal
"SEATTLE -- You see them more and more in stores, on airplanes and
even in restaurants: owners making dubious claims that their pets are
"service dogs.""

PETA lobbyist: Bill could force shelter's closure

Penn employee saves bear from abuse

"DUE PROCESS FOR DOGS is an engaging and informative exploration of
the new and expanding body of law that covers pets--focusing on
dogs--dished up with a good deal of humor and pragmatic counsel. Every
chapter in the book covers a different legal issue that dogs and their
pet parents will face at some time. Issues are discussed
conversationally--not couched in legalese."

'Repulsive' hunter targeted by animal rights protesters after posing
on Facebook with dead lion
"The 27-year-old brunette is the subject of an online petition calling
for her Facebook page to be removed and for her to be banned from

Pig-slaughter festivals in Vietnam, Taiwan prompt outrage

Beef producers say Obama is trying to kill their industry
"According to a June 2014 study in the journal Climatic Change, the
average meat-eater in the United States is responsible for almost
twice as much global warming as the average vegetarian and almost
tripled that of the average vegan."

Raw Food Chef Matthew Kenney on Why Movement Has Struggled
"It's a movement that's been hindered by an all-or-nothing mentality,
says Kenney. Proponents need to accept that most people won't be able
to maintain a raw diet all the time."

This Game-Changing Vegan Butcher Shop Is Run by Ex-Cult Members

Doctor sells his practice in New York to start a farm-based practice
in North New Jersey

Warrington welcomes its first 'rawganic' vegan restaurant Shambala _welcomes _its_first__rawganic__vegan_restaurant_Shambala/

Feb 23

Amid Foie Gras Controversy, an Activist Faces a Felony Charge in
Poaching of Ducks
"FERNDALE, N.Y. -- The case of the People of the State of New York
against Amber Canavan touches on a variety of issues: animal rights,
food culture and tradition, and the advisability of posting online
videos of yourself on other people's property. But at its heart, the
central matter in the case -- currently percolating in Sullivan County
-- is this: Did Ms. Canavan steal a pair of ducks? And if so, is the
theft a felony?"

Court to Review Lolita Case on March 24 court_to_review_lolitas_case_on_march_24th.php
"On March 24, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal in Atlanta will
consider the Animal Legal Defense Fund's (ALDF) lawsuit regarding the
captivity of Lolita, the orca exhibited at Miami Seaquarium."

Effort underway to ban horse tripping in Utah

Neglect allegations aimed at local animal rescue Woofs, Wiggles, n Wags

Cats await adoption after being found living in filth at hoarder home

‘Blackfish' writer talks animals, tech

A Greek City Nervously Watches Its Fur Trade Falter

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe to slaughter wild animals as food for his
91st birthday feast

Denmark bans halal, kosher slaughter

Animal welfare lobby accused of 'wild-eyed obsession' with religious slaughter
"Jewish and Muslim leaders accuse animal welfare lobbyists of
campaigning against the non-stun religious slaughter of animals to the
exclusion of almost all other welfare issues"


News & Notes: Cornell hosts Ivy League Vegan Conference

Going vegan changed my life, says health guru
"Healthy living guru Angela Liddon explains how giving up animal
products helped her overcome an eating disorder"

The not-so-simple reasons for going vegan

Tips for making the switch to a plant-based diet

Kosher Vegan Food Truck Rolls to a Stop
"Vegans and omnivores alike are in mourning. Cinnamon Snail, the
popular kosher, vegan food truck, will no longer roam the streets of
New York City."

Feb 22

Heading to Circus Xtreme at Barclays? Prepare for protesters

Is Releasing 2,000 Animals from a Mink Farm an Act of Terrorism?
Federal Law Says it is
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)

Some rural folks taking on big meat producers
"Joined by environmental and animal rights groups in a growing number
of lawsuits, they"re highlighting the debate between the right to
raise livestock and the right to clean water and air."

Mt. Lebanon's deer herd in the crosshairs
"After years of population growth, the South Hills suburb plans to
corral and kill dozens of deer. How did it come to this?"

Public Irate Following Posting Online Of Pooch Being Dragged Down
Shelter Hallway

The bare bones about Fur de Leash: St. George pet shop opens amid controversy

PETA urges action against Indiana man after animal deaths
"CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (AP) -- An animal rights group is pressing federal
regulators to take action against a southern Indiana man following the
deaths of several of the wild animals he keeps on his property."

'If I were FM, I would do something significant for the animals'

COMMENTARY: Whataburger: Put veggieburgers on the menu
"Miguel Villarreal is from Pharr and is a school nutritionist who
started a nationwide petition to prompt Whataburger to offer a
vegetarian burger."

Vedge boasts a clean health record

LA Goes Vegan! The World Vegan Summit & Expo Comes to Marina Del Rey

Vegan leather is a hit with a new generation ENTERTAINMENTLIFE/150229870/13985/LIFESTYLE

Vegan chic: Attire from natural fibres

Feb 21

Activist Teaches Feminist Animal Rights Course At George Mason University
"According to the course syllabus, students are required to write
about how animal rights relates to "sexism, racism, heterosexism,
imperialism, and poverty.""

MI Senate Bills Ban Use Of Drones In Hunting

Phil Reisman: Fighting animal cruelty county by county

$8 million claim filed by 2 caretakers in Arizona dog deaths
"PHOENIX -- Two caretakers who had been charged in the deaths of 21
dogs at a suburban Phoenix kennel filed an $8 million claim Thursday
against Maricopa County and some of its officials."

Fire at animal rescue center kills 16 dogs
Richardson Rescue

San Francisco's New Head Dogcatcher Was A Journalism Major

Prayers for Sam, an Animal Rights Group that Educates about Dog Meat
in Korea, Launches Fundraiser
"Prayers for Sam is Actively Raising Money for a Mixed Breed Jindo Dog
that was Saved from a Dog Soup Restaurant in Seoul"

Ilaria Venturini Fendi, From Animal Rights Target To Slow Luxury Queen
"Handbags made out of volleyball nets and soda cans, courtesy of one
of the sisters of the Fendi family used to face assaults by animal
rights activists."

Protesters stage peaceful demonstration after allegations of animal
cruelty at Butterton abattoir
"Around 30 campaigners descended on S Bagshaw and Sons in Butterton,
near Leek, following claims workers were mistreating pigs, cows and

War of petitions over halal meat in the UK International/War-of-petitions-over-halal-meat-in-the-UK.aspx
"Muslim community organisations believe halal slaughter is under threat"

'Live and Let Live:' The intersection of animals and society
"Speak Out for Species, a student organization whose aim is to provide
education on the moral and ethical treatment of animals, is showcasing
the film "Live and Let Live." This film is part of the Animal Voice
Film Festival Series, which tackles the issue of how our society sees
and treats animals and provides insight to the growing trend of

Hold the meat (and Guinness): Lancaster getting vegan bar

Vegan society plants idea for more dining options
"VINELAND - The American Vegan Society and Eric's Deli have teamed up
for a tasteful partnership."

Plant-based restaurateur seeks to share her foods with WNY
"Imagine eating food that has never been heated past 118 degrees
Fahrenheit. That's meat-free, dairy-free and, in the vast majority of
cases, gluten-free. No steak. No chicken wings. Nothing that kills, or
uses, animals -- yet still is full of life."

Berman advocacy group to air ad targeting animal rights movement on Oscar night
"The Center for Consumer Freedom, a nonprofit that has waged numerous
advocacy battles for a range of anonymous financial backers, has
purchased a 30-second ad spot for $30,000 on local ABC affiliate

NY Advocates Say Animals Don't Belong in Circus
"NEW YORK - The big top opens tonight in Brooklyn and animal-rights
activists plan to be out in force to protest. Julie Cappiello,
co-founder and vice president with Long Island Orchestrating for
Nature, says her group will be among those sending a message to those
attending the event at the Barclays Center that the circus is sending
the wrong message to kids when it comes to treatment of animals."

Protester at Miami-Dade monkey research facility convicted of mischief
but won't do jail time

Forest Park zoo will report animal deaths after 2 monkeys died in Springfield _zoo_city_set_up_reporting_system_in _the_wake_of_two_monkey_deaths.html

The short, brutal life of male chickens
"Hundreds of millions of newborn males are killed each year because
they're no good for egg laying or meat"

110 turtles, 21 snakes, nine geckos and four woodchuck: Staggering
menagerie two Japanese men tried to smuggle in their suitcases
"The pair were trying to smuggle 110 pig-nosed turtles, four
woodchuck, 21 snakes and nine geckos from Suvarnabhumi Airport in
Bangkok to Nagoya in Japan."

17 Vegan Instagram Accounts You Should Definitely Be Following

Cornell to Host Ivy League Vegan Conference

Artist Restores Rejected Stuffed Animals, Encouraging Others To
Embrace Their Imperfections
"Wonder the Vegan Wolf" ... "...donate 10% of every plush toy sold to
Wolves Offered Life & Friendship (W.O.L.F.), a wolf sanctuary and
educational non-profit."

New cupcake shop opens in Midtown

4th Annual NVA Vegan Chili Cook-off & Cooking Demo
Nebraska Vegetarian Association

Feb 20

Businesses don't live in fear of animal rights activists. Why charge
them as terrorists?
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)
"The American Legislative Action Council, who brought us the
stand-your-ground law, are pushing for more "anti-terror" legislation
that will muzzle free speech"

Non-violent 'Terrorism'?
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)
"The Center for Constitutional Rights joined the defense team to
continue our half-decade battle to have the AETA struck down as
unconstitutional. The law punishes causing property loss (which
includes lost profits) to a business that sells animals or animal
products -- criminalizing not only loss caused by criminal acts but
also loss caused by picketing and other constitutionally-protected
activity. The AETA punishes a wide swath of expression by animal
rights activists if it hurts the bottom lines of corporations -- a
clear violation of the First Amendment."

Former Phoenix officer arrested in 'Noah's Ark' animal-hoarding case
"The retired Phoenix police officer who owned more than 100 animals
including zebras, horses and donkeys, was arrested on suspicion of
animal cruelty on Thursday, more than a month after Maricopa County
Sheriff's deputies raided her north Valley home."

Whistle-blowing chicken farmer sues Perdue for alleged retaliation
"The 48 year-old North Carolina chicken farmer filed a lawsuit on
Thursday accusing Perdue Farms of intimidation after he publicized
animal welfare concerns."

Arizona House tables service animal bill after howls of protest

East Tennessee actress to interview protestors at circus tonight
"East Tennessee native actress and animal-rights activist Elaine
Hendrix will attend a 6 p.m. rally outside the Knoxville Coliseum
tonight to "protest the ongoing cruelty and inadequate care of the
animals forced to perform" at the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey
Circus shows, according to an announcement from her publicist."

Pet Owner Charged With Felony Animal Cruelty After Dog Is Found Frozen
To The Ground
Ecorse, Michigan

Shocking new twist in Napier animal abuse case
Napier Log Cabin Horse and Animal Sanctuary

Extremist activists 'not motivated by welfare'
"The Liberal Democrat yesterday compared Animals Australia and Animal
Liberation Queensland with the radical international animal liberation
organisation PETA, which views the use of guide dogs as slavery."

Circus helps Limerick animal rights group solve sea lion riddle
""The disappearance of the sea lions from Duffy's Circus this year
shows what ARAN has been saying for years-  that these poor animals
are nothing more than money spinners," agrees ARAN's head of research,
Brian Purcell."

Vegan advocate praises dietary recommendations report
"Advocates of a vegan diet are praising the 2015 Dietary Guidelines
Advisory Committee's scientific report for pointing to vegetarianism
as a way to prevent obesity, diabetes and chronic disease."

OPINION: Being a vegan is a healthy alternative lifestyle

Food Not Bombs wants help with vegan meals

The Brando Introduces A Vegan Menu In Its Dining Venues
"TETIAROA, French Polynesia, Feb. 19, 2015 /Nassau News Live/ -- The
Brando, an exquisite luxury resort onFrench Polynesia's breathtakingly
beautiful private atoll of Tetiaroa, composed of a dozen idyllic
islets surrounding a sparkling lagoon 30 miles north of Tahiti, has
introduced a vegan menu in its dining venues--the first offered by a
luxury hotel or resort in French Polynesia."

Animal rights 'terrorists'? Legality of industry-friendly law to be challenged
[Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)]
"Two men will plead for dismissal of federal charges under obscure
2006 law for which damaging property or profit line of animal
businesses can carry terrorism conviction despite absence of violence"

Conn C.A.R.E.S. Explores Link Between Animalism and Feminism

PETA demands federal probe of deaths at Charlestown animal refuge
"A national animal rights organization has asked a federal agency to
investigate what it calls preventable animal deaths at a Southern
Indiana wildlife refuge."

Emmaus man who kept dozens of birds, dogs, dead snakes in home admits
to animal cruelty

Campbell Police seize dog as evidence in animal cruelty case

McCoy fights for animals, fights breast cancer
"Tuesday, Feb. 24, is World Spay Day, which also happens to be the day
when McCoy's breast cancer surgery is scheduled, and although McCoy
won't be able to be part of the campaign, her heart and soul remain
with the animals."

Labour will axe badger cull and ban wild animals in circuses if it
wins election in May

Brian May, guitarist with rock band Queen and animal rights
campaigner: Backing for Labour's animal charter

Richard Linklater Celebrated 30 Years Meat-Free With A 'Boyhood'
Parody Called 'Veghood'

Vegan 'Chili on Wheels': Mom, son deliver food to homeless
"New York City's homeless are just a bit warmer, thanks to one mother
and son due on a mission to provide the neediest with a piping hot
bowl of vegan chili."

Mighty, Not Meaty: Vegan Chili Cook-Off

Five things I learned in my first vegan year

Adopt strategies for a vegan diet ENTERTAINMENTLIFE/150219360/101257/NEWS0301

From vegan-friendly to Czech-inspired pastries, East Nashville is
rolling in dough

Violette's Vegan Sticks to Its Faux-losophy

This awful vegan music video will make you crave 10,000 cheeseburgers

Feb 19

City Councilman decides he would vote to ban horse carriage industry
one day after calling for compromise to save jobs
"A day after calling for a 'compromise' that would save hundreds of
jobs in the embattled horse carriage industry, Queens Councilman Paul
Vallone was acting like a jittery thoroughbred -- issuing a statement
reiterating his loyalty to the animal rights group NYCLASS -- and
saying he would in fact vote for a ban."

Will the elephant rides return? Still no answer from fair board x570379468/Elephant-rides-at-fair-Still-no-answer
"With the issue of animal welfare at the heart of a contentious
meeting of the Kern County Fair board of directors Tuesday, there was
a figurative elephant in the room -- and a real one just outside it."

Animal Alliance targets B.C. tourism
"An animal rights group based in Toronto is taking the province of
British Columbia to task over the recent wolf cull."

PETA team makes 3-D plea for animal rights

PETA urges USDA action against wildlife refuge

Russians Are Allowed to Beg, But Not With Pets, Duma Deputy Says

Tory MP: NDP's 'Radical Animal Rights Agenda' Would Cripple Economy
"A Conservative MP has accused New Democrats of harbouring a "radical
animal rights agenda" that seeks to outlaw the livelihoods of millions
of Canadians."

Labour pledges to tackle animal cruelty, including foxhunting
"Maria Eagle promises to keep ban on hunting foxes with dogs, tackle
abuse in circuses, puppy farms and shooting estates and end badger

Greyhound Racing NSW board steps down after animal welfare 'failure'

Fears of poor conditions for Mass. research dogs

Fire at Noble Horse Theatre Declared Arson
"Spray painted messages that read "freedom" and "save the horses" were
found on the property and owners claim the graffiti wasn't there when
they left the carriage house the night before the fire.
""I believe this is an intentional act," said carriage owner Jim
Rogers. "There's been a history of threatening letters from radical
animal rights activists.""

Court to hear case against Holley 'Squirrel Slam'
"Judge James Punch signed an order late Tuesday demanding the fire
department show why the "Hazzard County Squirrel Slam," as the
fundraiser is known, should not be blocked on grounds that it violates
state environmental law."

Peta slams Chris Brown for 'more ugly violence' over wearing fur

Bill criminalizes not reporting animal cruelty

Series of bills aim to crack down on puppy mills

Should Hawaii Ban Circuses? Zoos? Aquariums?
"House committee is set to vote Wednesday on a bill to make it illegal
to display wild animals for commercial purposes."

Sherburne man charged with animal cruelty after dog dies, police say _charged_with_animal_cruelty_after_dog_dies_police_say.html

Anger at bid to fly monkeys to Australia for Pirates of the Caribbean film

Pressure mounts on New Zealand to end cosmetics animal testing

Zimbabwe covets canines as dog breeding becomes big business

Has the Hunting Act stopped cruelty towards foxes?
"It's 10 years since fox hunting was banned in the UK but the battle
lines are still drawn, with hunters saying the law has failed and
should be repealed, while animal welfare groups hail its success"

Animal rights groups welcome DUP circus ban pledge
"A DUP pledge to ban wild animals in circuses in Northern Ireland has
been welcomed by animal protection groups."

Going retro for animal rights

Shizen's vegan nigiri reminds us 'sushi' does not mean 'raw fish'
Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar and Izakaya
""The word sushi doesn't have anything to do with fish," says Casson
Trenor, co-owner of Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar and Izakaya in San
Francisco. "It just means 'served with rice.'""

Refusing vaccination for veganism is a civil right

Indian recipes for vegans, vegetarians, non-Indians, and carnivores
"Her latest volume is "Indian for Everyone"; all her books center on
the cooking of her homeland, and all have a particular slant. Singla
is vegan, though she was raised in a mixed household, with a
vegetarian mother and carnivore father."

Starbucks Now Offers Coconut Milk On Its Menu
"Starbucks hopes its coconut milk alternative, which is certified
vegan, will fair well with those who have dietary restrictions, or for
those who are simply "curious.""

Vegan dinner puts plants on South Beach Wine & Food Festival menu

Vietnamese is a winner with vegans pho sure
Bowl of Pho; Veg Michiana Meetup group

Vegucate: The Veg Club at Virginia Tech

Feb 18

City Councilman wants compromise to keep horse carriages after
originally supporting ban
"Paul Vallone, a Democrat from Queens, now wants to add more
regulations rather than ban the horse-carriage industry. He's calling
on the industry and the animal rights group NYCLASS to reach a

Study: Greyhound Racing Causes Injury, Death Of Dogs
"WEST PALM BEACH (CBS12) -- It's an animal rights fight that's coming
straight to Palm Beach County, as national groups demand an end to
Greyhound racing."

Non-profit launching campaign against 'service animal impostors'

Couple hospitalized, dozens of animals removed from Belfair home

How Pro-Pitbull Crusades Harm Workers - and Dogs by LEE HALL

In exposing cruelty in greyhound racing, did the ABC need to promote
activists' shock tactics?
"On Monday, Four Corners aired the shocking results of an
investigation byAnimals Australia into the sport of greyhound racing.
The episode, Making a Killing, features disturbing footage of a
practice called live baiting, in which owners train their dogs by
having them chase and maul small animals like rabbits, possums and

New laws could stop revelations of animal abuse
"The Four Corners' expose comes just days after West Australian
Liberal Senator Chris Back introduced a so-called "ag gag" bill into
Australian Federal Parliament. The law, if passed, would make the type
of investigation Animals Australia, Animal Liberation Queensland and
Four Corners have undertaken into the greyhound industry impossible."

Activists welcome at farm raid inquiry
"ANIMAL rights activist Chris Delforce is one of several witnesses who
may be invited to give evidence before a federal Senate inquiry into
proposed federal farm raid laws."

Law to stifle cruelty revelations: Greens

Cruel footage shows piglets, bunnies and baby possums being used as
live bait by greyhound trainers

Lion, elephants and buffalo on Robert Mugabe's birthday menu

US singer & animal rights activist Belinda Carlisle to drive auto
rickshaw across India for charity

How can schools can fight childhood obesity? Go vegan: PennLive letters vegan_diet_fights_childhood_ob.html

This Small-Business Owner Is Redefining Sweets With Her Sugar-Free,
Vegan and Diabetic-Friendly Candy

Children's Book Provides Insight in Veganism
"But Where Do You Get Your Protein?! Healthy Eating the Vegan Way"
(published by Xlibris AU)

Feb 17

Animal abuse groups say greyhound protection bill gaining support
"Five years into their efforts to end greyhound racing in Florida - or
at least protect the dogs from injuries and what they call inhumane
care - animal rights activists say 2015 is the "seminal moment" in
their campaign."

State attorney general launches inquiry into Natural Bridge Zoo

Old Town Horse Fire Ruled Arson, FBI Investigating
"After the blaze, Rogers said he believed the fire was a "deliberate
act" by "radical animal rights activists," adding that the stable has
received threats from animal rights groups over the years."

Elephant Abuse Alleged At UniverSoul Circus

Senator: 'Right to Farm' could protect pot growers
"They say such legislation provides protections from what they
consider to be bogus legal challenges pushed by animal welfare groups,
such as the Humane Society."

Livni commits to animal rights advocacy during shelter visit
""Animals have the right to live with dignity," Livni says, speaks of
intention to transfer authority over animal welfare to Environmental
Protection Ministry."

Austin's first all-vegan grocery store opens on South First Street

Whole Foods in Glastonbury Recalls Vegan Chocolates

Going vegan? Do it the healthy way

Pizzeria serves one of 'best' vegan pizzas in US
"...the Loaded Potato Pizza by Brick Road Pizza Co. in Grand Rapids
No. 5 in its post of the "Best Vegan Pizza in the Nation."

Sheffield runner Rachel's vegan diet boost
"Rachel Ward will run the Greater Manchester Marathon in aid of Weston
Park Hospital Cancer Charity - with the help of a 'clean' vegan diet."

An Investigation: Was A Show Dog Murdered At The 2013 Westminster Dog Show?

Debate arises over cat declawing

Save the date for animal lobby day
"Animal Protection Voters needs you at Animal Lobby Day in Santa Fe on
Friday, Feb. 20 at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe."

Another Voice: Buffalo slaughterhouse proposal should be rejected

Water, air quality concerns heighten conflict between pig farms and
environmental advocates
"DES MOINES, Iowa - Modern meat production, in which thousands of
animals are packed into barns for concentrated feeding operations, has
proven to be efficient and profitable, but comes with its own set of

Should ritual slaughter be banned in the UK?

Animal testing lab plans approved despite strong opposition

British woman bombarded with abuse from fellow activists over troll's
false accusations

Live bait allegations hit greyhound racing
"Live pigs, rabbits and possums have been tied to mechanical lures and
used as bait to train some of Australia's most successful greyhounds."

Vegan leather' sales are booming after name change

Hill goes meatless on Mondays
"Penn Dining has been so successful with their vegan initiatives that
Penn has been entered into the running for peta2's Favorite
Vegan-Friendly College contest."

Meatless Monday: Viva la Revolution -- Let's Eat

Rehoboth Beach VegFest to screen environmental documentary

Lent: A perfect time to try veganism

Feb 16

Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson Gets Married on Valentine's Day

Forrest Lucas gets candid in one-on-one interview with CBS4Indy
"Lucas has started a non-profit political action committee called
Protect the Harvest. It's goal is to counteract the efforts of animal
rights activists."

Animal rights advocates protest fair's pig-wrestling plan

With black bear population on rise, Florida may allow hunts

Ady Gil Pays $2 Million to Save Monkeys Slated for U.S. Laboratories
TEL AVIV, Israel

Colombia's first and only animal sanctuary

Rescued puppies' adoption stalled until 'owner' identified
"The fate of 116 puppies seized by animal welfare officers at Dublin
Port remain in legal limbo despite thousands of prospective dog owners
queuing to give them homes."

Combat Swine Flu by Going Vegan

Teacher uses vegan food truck to promote animal rights

Physician turned patient finds low fat good for his heart _finds_low_fat_good_for_his_heart.html
"Can a modified vegan diet - heavy on tofu, whole grains, fruits, and
vegetables, and low on saturated and trans fats - significantly help
with heart disease?"

The Sixth Annual L.A. Vegan Beer & Food Festival Upgrades To The Rose Bowl

Vegan food is popular, but how easy is it to change your diet?

Whole Foods Recalls Vegan Chocolate for Undeclared Peanut
"Divine Treasures 100000 Smooches"

R.I.P. Cinnamon Snail Truck
"Cinnamon Snail chef Adam Sobel announced the truck[s]'s demise in a
Facebook post today, which coincides with the company's fifth

Feb 15

Former PETA employee calls group deceptive

Queens Councilman Eric Ulrich says no to NYC horse-carriage ban

New Mexico Senate OKs bill to ban coyote-killing contests

Gainesville Man Goes To Jail For Feeding Stray Cats

Animal rights advocates protest fair's pig-wrestling plan

Madison County couple sentenced to probation after dead, malnourished
animals found on farm

Is 'right to farm' amendment for Indiana a 'right to harm'?

Battle continues over Tiger Ridge animals
"Whether a Wood County court has jurisdiction is now the subject of
debate in the continuing legal battle over animals seized from Tiger
Ridge Exotics late last month."

Ringling Bros. protesters put pressure on host cities

Smashed to death with a sledgehammer: Customers watch as Chinese
vendors sell 'fresh donkey meat' by the side of the road after killing
animals in front of them

Inside the Chinese fur farms which breed 'raccoon dogs' in tiny cages
and skin them alive to make luxury coats sold in the West

Labour puts animal welfare at centre of election campaign - with help
of Badger Trust

Rabbits among live animals allegedly used as bait in greyhound racing
"More than 20 greyhound racing dog owners and trainers across
Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland have been suspended after a
series of raids which allegedly discovered the illegal use of live
animals being used to bait and lure dogs."

Toronto to get vegan community hub and event space _community_hub_and_event_space/

Sea Shepherd's vegan chef readies launch of cookbook

PETA's go vegan campaign: 'Feeding kids meat is child abuse'

Obese kids may lower heart disease risk by going 'vegan'

Russell Simmons on how to "make your heart happy"

Dark chocolate's white lie
"59 percent of those bars that had no milk labeling at all did contain milk."

Bad wolf a secret vegan in new 'Little Red'
"The evil, big bad wolf of "Little Red Riding Hood" is secretly a
vegan in a new version of the classic tale from Davenport Junior
Theatre that opens today."

Beyond Meat's High-Protein Veggie Burger Is the Best Thing to Ever
Happen to Vegans

PETA features Shippensburg University in contest for Favorite
Vegan-Friendly College

Vegans can have their cake and eat it too

Feb 14

Animal rights activists protest primate abuse at UC Davis Research Center

Montana Senate Kills Animal Abuse Bill Over Agriculture Fears

Animal rights advocates like Manatee's new direction

Pug mutilation hearing, protest postponed

Fort Bragg soldier accused in puppy drowning appears in court

Baylor pulls safari trip from auction after outcry

Bill Kirby: Accused soldier hires a lawyer

Danica Patrick sniffs at animal activists for getting GoDaddy puppy ad pulled

Belinda Carlisle: On the 'Go' for the Animal People Alliance belinda_carlisle:_on_the_'go'_for_the_animal_people_alliance

Animal cruelty bill about silencing critics, not protection: Voiceless
"Animal rights group Voiceless says a bill tabled in Parliament this
week by WA Senator and veterinarian Dr Chris Back is about silencing
critics of factory farming, not protecting animals."

South Korean Dog Fighters Jailed In Philippines' Pit Bull Fighting Raids Go Home

Animal welfare in Vietnam

Wildlife officials: Famed Thai temple doesn't abuse tigers

Silent lobster vigil in Cambridge: case collapses after woman blew
whistle at protest
"She was arrested and accused of repeatedly blowing a whistle as 14
animal rights activists from Animal Rights Cambridge and the United
Shellfish Front held a 'silent vigil' to protest against the boiling
of live lobsters."

Animal rights fight erupts over fish dish

Secret slaughterhouse footage sparks inquiry over alleged mistreatment
of animals

Breakout Brands 2015: Native Foods Café

Soya think you're funny? Introducing the UK's first Vegan Comedy Festival

How to Throw a Vegan Dinner Party

Elite athletes who thrive on a raw food diet


Vegetarian-friendly options around campus

Is Soylent the End of Solid Food As We Know It?
"Classified as food (not people) Soylent leads the way in meal
alternatives. We gave it a try."

Feb 13

UCF alumni head Animal Rights Foundation of Florida

Animal welfare groups target greyhound tracks

New York Fashion Week horse-carriage rides marred by animal rights protesters

Professor bites into issue of animal rights

Please Support National Animal Rights Day 2015
National Animal Rights Day (NARD)

BEEF Editors' Blog: Have we lost the battle on animal welfare?

Calabasas resident, animal activist killed in high-profile crash
:A Calabasas woman was being mourned by the community this week
following her death in the Feb. 7 Malibu traffic accident involving
former Olympian turned TV reality star Bruce Jenner."

City considers ban on wild animals
"City Council could consider passing the ordinance, which may ban
exotic and wild animals from the Santa Monica Pier, Third Street
Promenade, and public parks, on Feb. 24, Pier Manager Rod Merle said
at a Pier Corporation meeting last week."

Selling the Sacred Cow: India's Contentious Beef Industry
"In a country where cattle are considered sacred, they're also
paradoxically becoming a lucrative export."

Wildlife Officials: Famed Thai Temple Doesn't Abuse Tigers

Too good to be true? Woman launches a range of 'healthy' vegan
chocolate which she claims will help overcome PMS

Vegan diet benefits obese children, Cleveland Clinic study shows cleveland_clinic_study_shows_v.html

The Selfish Vegan: A Personal Essay On Why I Switched To A Plant-Based Diet

The Hungry Vegans Ask SOU; Where's The Veggies?

How to Respond to Common Vegan Questions

Founder of WNY Vegans talks about her diet, misconceptions about veganism

The Dish: Does raw vegan fare from Rawlicious stand up to its healthy

Feb 12

Animal Rights Activists: "Miami Seaquarium Needs to Be Torn Down" animal_rights_activists_miami_seaquarium_needs_to_be_torn_down.php

Penn accused of inflicting animal injuries
"Penn researchers were accused of giving five pigs unapproved head
injuries and burning a monkey over the course of last year."

PETA's Virginia shelter killed 88% of rescued pets last year, up 30%: report

WHISTLEBLOWER: PETA Ex-Employee Alleges She Was Encouraged to Steal
and Kill Pets, and to Falsify Records

Investigators working to save hundreds of neglected animals
"A Muskogee man is facing multiple counts of animal cruelty after 199
animals were discovered on 200 acres of land."

Bucking the American rodeo tradition
"US bull riding and wrestling competition comes under fire from animal
rights groups who call it cruel."

Protest planned during pug-mutilation hearing
"Animal rights activists are planning a protest Friday, the same day a
Newark man is going to court for allegedly mutilating a pug so
brutally some of the dog's body parts were never found."

Pink poses nude for animal rights campaign

Animal rights group asks The Deep to stop serving fish

Animal rights movement needs to be taken more seriously

Sick cat-punching Facebook page is BACK with even more vile images of
mistreated moggies

Company bosses slammed for rewarding workers with LIVE PIGS as end of
year bonuses
"The real-estate firm, based in China, set workers the challenge of
carrying the live animals down a specially marked track during their
Chinese New Year celebrations."

Animal rights and Christianity in focus at Canterbury meeting

Edinburgh students targeted over animal experiments
"Edinburgh students are being warned not to give out too much personal
information after anti-vivisectionists targeted undergraduates who
work with animals."

Back tables anti-trespass Bill general/news/back-tables-antitrespass-bill/2723400.aspx
"SENATOR Chris Back has tabled his private Senator's Bill, which aims
to curtail escalating trespass by animal rights activists on livestock

It's 2015. Fashion Is Full of Vegans. So Why Is Fur Still Trendy?
"Restaurants like Dirt Candy in New York and Café Gratitude in
California are helping make vegetarianism and veganism easier and more
appealing than ever-not to mention trendy. But at the same time, Prada
created modern art-splashed fur coats for spring 2014 and Louis
Vuitton is reinventing the Breton-striped tee in mink."

Vegans, meat-eaters navigate "inter-diet" relationships

Their Big Fat Vegan Wedding
"When alone lists some 50 vegan-friendly
restaurants, you'd think throwing a vegan wedding here would be easy.
But as Brittany Kregiel and Madhur Paharia learned, most venues'
in-house caterers seem less than thrilled with the prospect of an
all-vegan sit-down dinner for 200."

New book explores Austin's vegan businesses, culture, community
"Vegan Survival Guide to Austin"

Vegan Society brings Michael Greger via Skype Sunday
Rochester Area Vegan Society

Chef Chloe Coscarelli to Open a Vegan Eatery in NYC

Vegan Nirvana Opens in Huntington Beach vegan_nirvana_opens_in_huntington_beach.php

Feb 11

Animal welfare groups target greyhound tracks in Texas, 6 other states

Drone ban wins support from hunters, animal advocates
"A proposed ban on using aerial drones for hunting and fishing was met
with a warm reception in the Oregon House Committee on Agriculture and
Natural Resources on Feb. 10."

Bear sent to sanctuary after years as ice cream shop draw
"The Animal Legal Defense Fund announced Little Ricki's release
Monday, ending a legal and animal rights battle that drew worldwide

Protestors hope to end annual dog eating festival in southern Chinese city

Ilkley Moor grouse shoots to continue as animal rights groups lose campaign
"ANIMAL rights campaigners have vowed to continue disrupting grouse
shooting on Ilkley Moor after councillors rejected their pleas to ban

Why I am a Pegan--or Paleo-Vegan--and Why You Should Be Too

6 Ways To Ease Yourself Into Eating Vegan, According To A Professional Chef

1 month as a vegan made her appreciate color in food and nourishing advice

Vegan meal options on the rise in fast food restaurant chains!

Celebrity Vegans: Ten Famous Stars on Plant-Based Diet

What's Good Here? Lamb's Bread Vegan Cafe

Soaring "Pet Rent," Other Fees, Take Toll on Southern California
Apartment Dwellers
"The growing trend of 'pet rent' is making the dream of dog or cat
ownership impossible for many Southern California animal lovers."

Michigan Senate plans vote on animal cruelty penalties

Kentucky Considers Bill To Stop Dog Fighting In The State (Video)

Revive dogfighting initiative

Compassionate Conservation: More than "Welfarism Gone Wild"

Animal control seeking owner of neglected dog

AL woman found guilty of animal cruelty
"Reing is the owner of Southern Dogs Rescue and has been known by
animal enthusiasts as an animal breeder and advocate."

Horse owner pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Fighting animal cruelty in LatAm, one tweet at a time

Air France shareholder is a 'monkey' on its back

Animal rights activists 'bribe students with beer money to hand over
friends' details'
"An academic at a pro-research group brands the group's tactics as
akin to 'terrorism' and could hinder essential scientific studies into

Facebook 'Valentine's Day Cat-Punching' Page Taken Down After Animal
Rights Outrage

Is this 50 Shades of WRONG? Betting agency criticised over 'demeaning'
parody of kinky book series depicting a woman and a greyhound having a
'sexual affair'

Sickening footage shows yob kill dog with shovel in despicable act of cruelty

Contradicting cancer claims from Hippocrates Health Institute director
"WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Eat raw, eat vegan and help your body fight disease."

Lush offers handmade Valentine's gifts

Sharon Shannon brings a vegan menu to The Restaurant

Dairy-free, vegan soft serve ice-cream
"Sadhana whole foods cafe in Enmore has what is claimed to be Sydney's
first dairy-free, vegan version, made from naturally sweet and creamy
coconut water."

Rocky River has farm-to-table vegan options, but they're a little rocky

Going vegan doable at the UA

Meatless meals: Vegan and veggie options for Valentine's Day

Feb 10

Amendment would guarantee hunting, fishing and trapping
"A proposed constitutional amendment that would guarantee the right to
hunt, fish and trap in Kansas is designed to turn away any efforts by
animal rights groups to restrict or ban those practices, one of the
amendment's sponsors said."

Des Moines' pit bull law ineffective, ARL chief says

Animal rights activists outraged over video of teens shooting dog

Bear Sent To Wild Animal Sanctuary After Years As Ice Cream Shop Draw

Animal Advocacy Organization Welcomes Bankers Healthcare Group CMO To
Its Leadership Board
"Bankers Healthcare Group Chief Marketing Officer Chris Panebianco has
recently been named Community Outreach and Development Coordinator of
Cuse Pit Crew, a Syracuse, NY based animal rights group that focuses
on advocacy for pit bulls and other misunderstood dog breeds."

Man Gets 2 Years In Prison For Killing Family's Cats

Bruce Jenner Speaks Out On Crash Investigation
"The dead woman, Kim Howe was a wealthy animal rights activist."

Here are 5 barbaric ways people mistreat animals

Montreal Is Hosting A "Winter Vegan Food Festival" At Palais Des
Congrès Next Month

Vegan, gluten-free bakery Vegan Vee opens in Sylvan Park
"Vegan, gluten-free baker Vivi Peatman has opened her own storefront
after years of wholesaling to Nashville-area businesses."

All-Vegan, Half-Raw Café Coming to Downtown Cleveland

Bean Vegan Cuisine coming to S. Asheville

Legislator wants to introduce controversial 'ag-gag' bill
"MADISON -- A state legislator is planning to introduce a bill that
would force anyone who videotapes or photographs incidents of animal
abuse on a Wisconsin farm to report it to law enforcement authorities
or face a fine."

McConaughey Missteps: Is Celebrity Shaming Good Animal Rights
Activism? | Karen Dawn

VTrendlines: Treat animals 'with decency' vtrendlines-vermont-animal-welfate/22941267/

Animal Abuse, Theft Highlight Longtime Problems

Find a valentine at Stockton Animal Shelter

Muskogee man arrested for animal cruelty; several animals found dead in a field

Federal agency's decision on bat's status of great interest to Kansas developers

Inditex bans angora sales worldwide after animal welfare protests
"Owner of Zara and Massimo Dutti stores joins M&S, Topshop, Primark
and H&M in banning fur after Peta campaign highlighted cruelty to
rabbits in Chinese factories"

Animal rights groups raising tourists' awareness of mistreatment of
elephants in Thailand

Animal rights activists welcome move to phase out battery cages for hens
"Batting for making eggs safe and producing it minus the cruelty, the
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) -- a
collective of organisations working for the promotion of animal
welfare in India -- has welcomed the move by the Allahabad High Court,
earlier this week, which has issued notices to one of the world's
largest poultry equipment manufacturer "Big Dutchman", the Uttar
Pradesh State Government, the Animal Welfare Board of India and the
Government of India."

"FRANCE has cancelled plans to buy up to 20 live elephants from
Zimbabwe, as the EuroZone's second biggest economy succumbed to
pressure from global animal rights groups, French authorities have

Protests at hare coursing event in Clonmel
"The picket was led by members of the Animal Rights Action Network
(Aran), who have called on the Government to allow a free vote on
coursing in the Dáil in their attempt to have the sport banned."

Students launch cupcake delivery service

PETA picks Portland restaurant's vegan pizza as one of best in U.S.
"PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Sizzle Pie in Portland makes one of the
country's best vegan pizzas, according to PETA."

Study finds plant-based diets lead to weight loss

Inspired Vegetarian Swap-Outs

Feb 9

Tulsa Animal Rescue Foundation saves 10,000th pet this month

Legislator wants to introduce controversial 'ag-gag' bill
"A state legislator is planning to introduce a bill that would force
anyone who videotapes or photographs incidents of animal abuse on a
Wisconsin farm to report it to law enforcement authorities or face a

Outrage over government's animal experiments leads to USDA review

HISTORY: Where was Hopefield Animal Sanctuary born & when did it move
to Brentwood?

Local activists prompt useful discussion about dissecting animals

Protect one species, damage another? The battle of protecting the
species challenges the experts

Animal rights groups rally behind creation of NSW Office of Animal Welfare
"Pressure is mounting on the NSW government to declare bipartisan
support for the creation of an Office of Animal Welfare after the
Greens announced it would take the policy to the election on Sunday."

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: No fur, no meat - and no toffees

When does obsessive healthy eating become a full-on food disorder?
"...a book, Breaking Vegan, about her experience in October. 'Many of
them are suffering from orthorexia. They've been vegan, vegetarian or
on some other dietary regimen that has started to take over their
lives. It becomes less about the dietary label and turns into a
full-blown eating disorder."

From Beyoncé to the Baftas, vegan culture gets star status
"With quinoa on tonight's awards menu, the lifestyle is getting a
positive makeover"

This Meat-Eaters vs. Vegetarians/Vegans Shit Needs to Stop

When in Mumbai, go vegan!

Girl Scouts now sell vegan Thin Mints

New Dubai restaurant dishes out delicious and healthy vegetarian fare

Feb 8

NYC bill banning horse-drawn carriages, film could have ripple effect
in Charleston 1177/will-nyc-bill-film-about-horse-drawn-carriages-renew-debate-on-ban-in-charleston

Proposal calls for constitutional right to hunt, fish, trap in Kansas

Elephant center with Disney ties raises questions from animal groups

Roswell group buys billboard to plead for longer stays at shelters for animals

Circus feeling backlash from protesters

Trainer accused of animal abuse toward dolphin
"ATLANTA (CBS46) - Shocking video has surfaced of what some are
calling animal abuse, as a dolphin is hit, kicked and screamed at by a
man who seems to have an extremely short temper with animals."

Midland County kennel labeled 'puppy mill' by activists gives its dogs
to rescue groups midland_county_kennel_branded.html

Russia's woes sting US fur trappers' hides
"Economic forces including market slowdowns in big fur-buying
countries like Russia, China and South Korea - as well as a continuing
trend toward distaste for fur as a result of animal welfare concerns - make Cogill among a dwindling number of trappers catching fur-bearing
beasts in the wild."

Animal campaigners in desperate fight to save alcoholic bears blinded
by abuse in Russia
"Animal rights campaigners are fighting to save two blind alcoholic
bears in Russia, as rescue centres across Europe turn down offers to
take them in."

Vietnam suggests changing name, limiting public view of pig slaughter fest

Ole! Colombia reverses ban on bullfighting
"Bullfights are returning to Colombia's capital. And this time, it
looks like Bogota's pro-animal rights mayor won't be able to stop the
matadors and their fans."

Monday at 11pm: Contact 5 Investigation into vegan VIP's credentials and claims
[Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach]
"WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Eat raw, plant-based foods and teach your
body to heal itself!"

Vegan bloggers make mincemeat of TV chefs
"Ella Woodward, a 23-year-old vegan blogger from London, has
translated her 300,000 Instagram followers into a publishing

Vromage makes an art out of vegan cheeses made with nut milks

Feb 7

Outrage Over Government's Animal Experiments Leads To USDA Review

Despite opposition from animal rights group, Ibach to head ag dept.
"Lawmakers have confirmed Greg Ibach as director of Nebraska's
Department of Agriculture, despite criticism that his agency hasn't
done enough to clamp down on illegal puppy mills."

"I believe this is an intentional act. There has been a history of
threatening letters from radical animal rights activists."

Animal Issues Abound for Bill de Blasio
"Last month the de Blasio administration quietly named a point person,
Jeff Dupee, to handle issues of animal well-being in the city."

Animal Welfare Triumphs as European Commission Proposes Strengthening
the EU Ban on Cruel Seal Product Trade

Alcoholic Russian Bears: Animals Forced To Drink Beer And Live In
Filth To Entertain Sochi Tourists

Dogs caught by corporation are missing, say activists
"CHENNAI: The fate of 21 community dogs from the secretariat campus is
uncertain because they "went missing" after corporation staff picked
them up for sterilisation on Thursday, activists said on Friday."

The Lanza de pava in Cazalilla: animal rights protestor punched
"Each year the town is fined for breaching Andalucia animal protection
laws, and each year the townsfolk have a whiparound to pay the fine"

Vegan January was full of good food and wise lessons

Uncommon Ground Serves Up Terrific Vegan Brunch Fare

Vegan Aphrodisiacs to Get You In the Mood

Food truck news: One is almost ready to open, another is closing for good
"First the happy: Rochelle Collins is almost ready to get her vegan
food truck, called Kind Kravings, on the road."

Animal rights groups protest Predator Masters
"About 150 protesters lined the street along Silverbell and Speedway
with signs, posters and costumes to bring attention to a convention
being held this week at the International Wildlife Museum."

Proposed bill would mean tougher penalties for animal fighting
"One of the biggest fights at the Tennessee State Capitol is between
animal rights activists and agriculture."

Animal rights activist posits solutions to meat industry abuses
"Cheryl Leahy (A.B. '03), an animal rights lawyer and lecturer at
UCLA, discussed the tactics and legal tools used to address
large-scale animal rights issues in the United States at the Law
School on Tuesday afternoon. She described the suffering animals
encounter in factory farms and the specific logistics of exposing and
changing the abuse."

Matthew McConaughey Gets Death Threats By Animal Rights Activists Over
Hunting Ranch

Activists say video shows new Georgia Aquarium VP hitting dolphins

Fighting extreme farm animal confinement

Owner of seized goat speaks out

Odessa Animal Abuse Suspect in Custody

Manatee County learns a hard lesson from animal abuse case

Harry Potter - Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Backs Animal Rights Campaign
"Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch has thrown her support behind a
campaign to abolish the farming of animals in cages."

Death threats at abattoir at centre of animal cruelty allegations to_abattoir_at_centre_of_animal_cruelty_allegations/

VET'S DIARY: Animal welfare versus religious freedom

Is Starbucks milking the vegan trend?
"The coffee conglomerate is expanding its vegan menu with coconut
milk. Does this reflect a real cultural shift?"

The Baftas go vegan with 'plant-based' menu

Never underestimate a vegan hippie chick with a racecar and solar panels

Find great places to eat on campus as a vegetarian or vegan

Without fish, plenty more food in the sea 20150205_Seafood__No__just_vegetables_here.html

Pig Minds brewery serves no meat, but reviewer doesn't mind pig_minds_brewery_serves_no_meat_but_reviewer_doesnt_mind
"As an unrepentant carnivore, I admit going to a vegan restaurant
didn't excite me. In fact, I was sort of dreading it. Vegan is more
strict than vegetarian: no animal-derived products such as eggs, dairy
or honey. Nice philosophy, but it sounds bland."

Green Pea Cookies: Vegan Cookies Made of Peas are Actually Delicious
"What is small, round, salty, sweet -- and green? That would be the new
Green Pea Cookie, a vegan treat based upon a traditional Singaporean

Feb 6

Monkey Deaths Spur Anger Over Primate Research at Colleges

Graystone Ranch relinquishes exotic animals

Florida may restart bear hunting season

Irvine shelter ordered to stop euthanizing animals

PETA Euthanized A Lot Of Animals At Its Shelter In 2014, And No-Kill
Advocates Are Not Happy About It

Animal Rights Groups Call Vietnam to Stop "Inhumane" Cat Disposal Policy

IDF Now Offering Vegan Mess Hall, Healthier Fare

Leather-loving Beyonce launches vegan meal delivery service and other
news headlines

Meet Meredith Wadlington - the "Vegan Runner" barista

Oakland author offers "30-Day Vegan Challenge"

Vegan Eating at Whole Foods Downtown Miami (Photos) vegan_eating_at_whole_foods_downtown_miami_photos.php

Vegan fashion grows more fashionable as textile technology improves

Feb 5

California says will appeal ruling making foie gras legal

Va. bill intended to stop killing at PETA passes Senate 2015/02/04/virginia-peta-bill-passed/22871007/
"A bill supporters say is a step to stop euthanization of animals by
PETA was approved by the Virginia Senate."

Matthew McConaughey's rep denies he owns hunting ranch after animal
rights activists launch petition attacking him
Matthew McConaughey in crosshairs over cries of 'canned' hunts on family ranch

Tiger, tiger, burning rubber: meet Tony, the truck stop mascot
dividing Louisiana

Captive Killer Whale Is Ruled to Be Member of Endangered Species
"The federal government listed a captive orca at a Miami aquarium as
an endangered species on Wednesday, though the new designation doesn't
mean the killer whale will be released anytime soon."

TTIP is a lethal attack on food safety and animal welfare 2741624/ttip_is_a_lethal_attack_on_food_safety_and_animal_welfare.html
"As 300 protestors gather at the European Commission to protest at the
resumption of TTIP trade talks between the EU and the USA, Oliver
Tickell finds that the EU's newly released draft 'chapter' on food
safety and animal welfare is a disastrous capitulation to corporate
interests that will strip governments of their powers to regulate."

'Scrap Cambridge animal testing lab' petition gains almost 5,000 signatures
"The online petition launched by Cambridge against AstraZeneca
Planning (CAP) is entitled 'AstraZeneca -- Please Drop Your Plans for
an Animal Lab in Cambridge.' It has gained almost 5,000 signatures
since its launch only last week on"

Museum Cancels Animal Blood Art Show After Public Outcry
"Museo Jumex in Mexico City has pulled an upcoming exhibition of work
by Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch after protests from animal rights

Traveling With a Vegan Family

Vegan for a Month: Lessons Learned

Enjoying veganism in winter weather

PETA: Portland pizza one of America's top 10 vegan pies peta_names_portland_pizza_one.html

Seven Sisters Bistro auction: Former Hadley bison farm could become
vegan restaurant seven_sisters_bistro_auction_f.html

Charlotte-based Bean Vegan Cuisine coming to Asheville

Animal rights group to sue Woodland Park Zoo over elephants

Irvine shelter ordered to stop euthanizing animals; director resigns

Bill in General Assembly takes aim at PETA
"PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) -- There's a big push in Richmond to further
protect shelter pets, and it has the backing of a statewide animal
rights group, and some of our local lawmakers."

Odessa Police Searching for Animal Abuser

Pennsylvania's animal cruelty laws have more bark than bite

Costa Rica's Solís tables Animal Welfare Bill in favor of highway
construction project

Seized Vietnam Cats Reportedly Buried Alive
"The thousands of cats that were seized in Northern Vietnam and
destined to become cat meat were reportedly buried, as local police
did not have the means to turn the cats over to other sources, nor
euthanize them. An online petition was started and an appeal was sent
to the Vietnamese embassy in the United States to save the cats to no

Vietnamese pig-halving festival causes animal rights outcry

Animal rights activists fight baby elephant exports
"LOCAL animal rights campaigners and conservationists will this week
stage a demonstration to protest against the planned export of wild
elephants to the United Arab Emirates and China."

No meat, no bullfights, no zonkeys
"Animal-rights activists took to the streets of downtown Tijuana again
on Saturday, January 31, in their most recent protest against what
they say is the maltreatment of the city's iconic zonkeys -- donkeys
painted to look like zebras."

Lab animal use at UBC declined by 5 per cent in 2013

Thousands of animal rights campaigners support AFC Wimbledon's return
to Plough Lane of_animal_rights_campaigners_support_AFC_Wimbledon_s_return_ to_Plough_Lane/

Puducherry forms Animal Welfare Board

Don't like halal slaughter? Go vegan

An Australian Vegan Restaurant Refused to Exterminate Its Cockroaches
Because It Didn't Want to Kill Animals

A day of vegan dining provides plenty of tasty dishes

Proof that veganism is NOT wimpy

Feb 4

Emotional support animals have some uneasy nUfrOaFgP5L64AboQ9Yk0O/story.html
[Americans With Disabilities Act]

USDA: Staten Island Zoo violated Animal Welfare Act during 2014
Groundhog Day ceremony usda_warning_may_have_prevente.html

Is This Top Scientist Torturing Baby Monkeys?

Terrence Cody indicted in animal-cruelty case in Baltimore terrence_cody_indicted_on_anim.html

Animal Rights Groups Say Animal Dumping Increasing in Miami-Dade

Animal Rights Group Hopes "I, Chicken" Exhibit is Nothing to Balk At

Halal slaughterhouse staff investigated over alleged animal cruelty
"Video footage from animal rights group appears to show sheep being
kicked, hacked at and hurled into structures at Bowood Lamb abattoir
in Yorkshire"

Sorry Islamophobes, this is about animal welfare, not religion

A voice for neglected animals
"SPCA can't respond to complaints alone, but does assist RCMP on some calls"

Museo Jumex Cancels Hermann Nitsch Show Over Animal Rights Protest

Supreme Court vows to re-examine laws over stray dogs after animal
rights petitions

David Duchovny Tackles Animal Rights, Veganism in New Book

Beyonce Launches Vegan Home Delivery Meal Service In Hopes You'll Feel #Flawless

Restaurant Gets Hate Emails From 'CrossFit People' for Trying to Go Vegan

Feb 3

Florida wildlife agency to consider bear hunt

Va. bill would stop killing at PETA, activists say

Pittsburgh Zoo Defends Use of Dogs to Control Elephants

Laura Guttridge and Other Animal Rights Activists Join Together to
Support Save The Chimp's Sanctuary

Ravens' Terrence Cody indicted for animal cruelty

Baltimore County Council poised to create animal commission

Mom Who Posted Video On Facebook Of Daughter Abusing Cat Faces Intense
Backlash, Sparks Outrage [Video]

Local Iranian Humane Society Wants to End Animal Dissection Tournaments

Sentenced to death at the world's worst zoo: Dozens of animals starve
at animal 'attraction' in Gaza
"Zoo owner Mohammed Awaida has blamed the Palestinian and Israeli
conflict for the tragedy- claiming it meant that staff were unable to
feed or care properly for the animals at the zoo."

Cheap Meat Comes at High Cost to Farm Animals, Wildlife

Shake Shack Shareholder PETA Pushes for Vegan Menu Options
"PETA has asked the Shack Shack team to introduce vegan menu options
including burgers, hot dogs, and shakes."

Meatless Monday: Paleo Meets Vegan

What You Probably Didn't Know About Veganism and the Environment

Think it would be too hard to go vegan? Lindsay Clarke explains how to
ditch the meat and dairy with tasty, animal-friendly alternatives

Nashville raw food restaurant Avo aims for spring opening

Inspiring culinary delights through raw food

Feb 2

Animal advocate sues pet cemetery

Goats offered as alternative for clearing area of plutonium

Live exporters hit back at latest Animals Australia campaign

IDF adopts new, vegan-friendly menu
"Ophir pointed to a 2012 visit from vegan activist Gary Yourofsky, his
first outside the US, as a turning point for many Israelis. Besides
speaking several times around the country, parts of his speech were
broadcast on Channel 2, resulting in one of the channel's most-watched

Parenting: What do you feed a vegan carnivore?
"Do NOT put MEAT in my lunch tomorrow, declared my 9-year-old daughter
at the dinner table about a week ago. She had just watched a
documentary called "Vegucated.""

POLL: What would you do if your child wanted to eat vegan?

Controversial amateur shark fishing tournament criticized after
Hammerhead shark dies before it could be released back into sea
"A Florida fishing tournament is drawing criticism after a Hammerhead
shark died during its release back into the ocean Friday."

'Canine Commandos' Help Train Dogs At Animal Center

OUR VIEW: 'Humane' animal care is not free
"Events unfolding recently in the City of Lockport serve as a subtle
reminder: Stray-animal care is a community problem with no easy

Israel--and Conservatives--Are Going Vegan
"The nearly 5 percent of Israelis who are now vegans is the highest
per capita total in the world. Another 8 percent are vegetarians. This
is a very dramatic rise from just four years ago, when Israel's
Central Bureau of Statistics found that only 2.6 percent of Israelis
were either vegetarians or vegans."

Promote 'Meatless Monday'? Not here, UNL says
"Is even one day without meat too many in Nebraska? It is for some at
the University of Nebraska-Lincoln."

Feast Q&A: Pam Giarrizzo, Sacramento Vegan blogger

Speakers announced for Rehoboth VegFest June 12 to 14

Life more sweet when both are vegan
[Valentines Day]

Vegan Leather: Innovative Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Option

Feb 1

Coventry campaigner Jill Phipps remembered 20 years after her death
"Friends and family of Jill Phipps are remembering the campaigner 20
years after she was killed at Coventry Airport.
"Jill, 31, from Hillfields, was demonstrating against the export of
veal calves to Europe when she was crushed beneath a 50-tonne lorry on
February 1 1995."

France's Glavany Amendment: animals now considered "living beings
gifted sentience"
"While the French Civil Code considered animals to be "movable
property" for 200 years, Parliament voted this Wednesday, Jan. 28 that
a change in legal status was in order (even if the Senate rejected the
Glavany amendment last week). Animals are now considered to be "living
beings gifted sentience." In this way, an animal is no longer defined
by its market value but its intrinsic value."

Inhumane extermination of wild hogs comes to an end in Charlotte

200 animals rescued from Muncie pet shop

Shake Shack Shareholder PETA Pushes for Vegan Menu Options
"PETA has asked the Shack Shack team to introduce vegan menu options
including burgers, hot dogs, and shakes."

Four former Massillon 'Obie' mascot tigers in limbo after state seizes
Tiger Ridge Exotics animals four_former_massillon_obie_mas.html
"Among a host of exotic animals seized Wednesday by the Ohio
Department of Agriculture were four tigers used as "Obie" mascots at
Massillon Washington High School football games."

Animal Protective League to take custody of 100 cats from Cleveland's
Cat Crossing shelter

UC Berkeley Students Protest Domino's Pizza For Using Cow's Milk (Video)

Custody Battle Brewing Over 'Zombie Cat'
"A custody battle could be brewing over the Florida cat that was
supposedly thought to be dead, buried and found alive several days

SUNY ESF prof: Coyotes everywhere in NYS, but impact on deer numbers
is 'minimal' coyotes_are_everywhere_in_nys_but_overall_ impact_on_deer_is_minima.html

Anniston restaurant owner responds to animal abuse charges

Phillosophically Speaking: Animal activists unite! Part II

The Director of White Godon the Movie's Animal Rights Message _korn_l_mundrucz_on_the_movie_s_animal_rights_message.html

Why Our Travel Company Decided to Stop Elephant Rides

China collars illegal dog trade rings

Halal slaughter: Large increase reported in number of animals not
being stunned at abattoirs
"There has been a large increase in the proportion of animals killed
through religious slaughter, a survey for the Food Standards Agency
has found."

RSPB deer cull under fire from animal rights campaigners

Morrissey bans meat from his Belfast show at the Odyssey Arena: Heaven
knows we're miserable now...

During American Heart Month, take the advice of a vegan cardiologist
"February is American Heart Month, so follow the example of Dr. Kim A.
Williams, the new president of the American College of Cardiology
(ACC), and eat healthy vegan foods rather than meat, eggs and dairy

VIDEO | Sailin' On vegan food truck finds success in Edmonton

Ephraim: Son of locals is a Vegan Iron Chef

New vegan eatery has a way with soy

Raising vegan kids
"SINGAPORE - More people are raising children to be vegan like
themselves, according to a recent report in The Sunday Times.
Therefore, they should plan their children's diets carefully."

It's not about the packaging for vegan beauty products maker
"Just the Goods"

Benjamin John Power: Why I'm Vegan

Animal-Free Super Bowl Feasts: Because Vegans Love Football Too 2015/01/vegan_super_bowl_feast.php

Live better, longer with vegan diet
"FOR A long time in our communities, veganism was like a dirty word.
Not to be uttered in the presence of South Africans who so love their

13 Things That Look So Good You'll Forget They're Vegan

I Can't Believe It's Vegan

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