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Aug 31

Animal rescue moves gala to Console because of Vick

Comcast Cable blocks Christensen Farms attack ad
[PORK Network]
"You could say last week was a bad week for the animal rights
extremist group, Last Chance for Animals.
"The group had prepared to wage battle against Christensen Farms,
which included parking a van outside the Minnesota State Fairgrounds
with an interactive display for fairgoers and airing "graphic
television commercials" on major television networks."

Harry Styles has hurt SeaWorld even more than the Blackfish animal
rights documentary did
"But research by the investment bank Credit Suisse has shown that One
Direction's Harry Styles may have done more to damage SeaWorld's
reputation than the film."

Photo shows the harsh reality of life in captivity
"The picture presents a striking contrast between the zoo visitors and
the orang-utan: a moment's interest and comedy for the visitors and a
lifetime's captivity for the orang-utan."

Animal rights activists detained after demanding "freedom for dolphins"
"Six men are facing charges of "battery and other violence" after they
allegedly broke into a dolphin aquarium, got into a brawl with
security guards and demanded the mammals be set free in Georgia's
Black Sea coastal city Batumi, reports."

UFC fighter Mark Hunt to go vegan after watching animal cruelty video
"At 41-years-old, combat sports legend Mark Hunt may have decided to
make a serious change to his lifestyle. The 'Super Samoan' posted a
disturbing video of animal cruelty on his Facebook feed (click here to
watch) with the caption, "I'm going vegan, hate this.""

Sunniva Holt: raw food champion
"Prolonged and severe morning sickness during her pregnancy with the
now-almost-two Lily, as well as a case of gestational diabetes, was
the catalyst for Holt's radical life-change, where she went from a
standard omnivorous diet to a strictly vegan and raw food regime."

Kite Hill CEO: We want to change the entire dairy landscape
"If current trends continue, almondmilk will account for an
astonishing 19% (dollar share) of the US retail dairy and dairy
alternative beverages market in 2019, predicts Packaged Facts.
However, plant-based products still only account for a tiny fraction
of the cheese, yogurt and butter markets. Why is this?"

Board finds violation in case of veterinarian who killed cat with bow and arrow
"Animal rights advocates were outraged when Lindsey posted a photo on
Facebook of herself, smiling, while holding a dead cat with an arrow
through its head. The caption on the since-deleted post read, "My
first bow kill, LOL. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow
through its head! Vet of the Year Award…gladly accepted.""

Hudson Confidential: Farm-animal sanctuary moving to High Falls
"After 10 years in Woodstock, the sanctuary - which takes in and works
to place farm animals that are victims of cruelty or neglect - is
moving to a 150-acre former camp and retreat center in High Falls --
just 20 minutes from New Paltz."

Concerns Arise Over Disqualification at National Walking Horse Celebration
"SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. -- There have been new concerns surrounding the
Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville, and this
time they have to do with the federal inspectors that give horses the
go-ahead for competition.
"Animal rights activists argued that the illegal practice of soring
horses -- hurting them in training to get them to perform the
exaggerated gait characteristic of the Tennessee walking horse -- has
still been widespread."

Texas about to lay down new laws
"In an attempt to curb the number of dogs shot by police in Texas,
legislation establishing a training program for officers will take
effect, with training by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement to
start in January. Pushed through by humane society and animal-rights
groups, officials have said the new law is designed to defuse
situations in which pets try to protect owners and property and end up
getting killed by police who are defending themselves."

Australian government efforts to lift ban on kangaroo products under scrutiny
"An animal rights activist has filed a complaint with the state ethics
agency against the Australian government, alleging that it did not
properly register its lobbying activities as it seeks to eliminate
California's ban on kangaroo products."
"Lauren Ornelas, a Sonoma County animal activist who has long been
involved in backing the kangaroo ban, filed a complaint with the Fair
Political Practices Commission on Friday alleging the Australian
government is providing the financial backing for the lobbyist.
"Her complaint cites a document from the Australian Department of
Agriculture that states the government paid approximately $100,000 to
the industry group for the purposes of hiring Manatt to lobby against
the kangaroo ban."

Morrissey Slams Tony Abbott, Calls Aussie Cat Cull "Taking Idiocy Too Far"
"Enigmatic frontman of The Smiths, solo artist in his own right and
noted defender of animal rightsMorrissey has made his voice heard once
again, this time labeling the feral cut cull by the Australian
government as "taking idiocy too far.""

Dogs take over Delhi streets
"Three weeks after a six-year-old boy was mauled to death by stray
dogs in Jamia, little has changed on the ground."

Orthorexia nervosa: How becoming obsessed with healthy eating can lead
to malnutrition
"I was becoming more and more limited in what I was comfortable
eating. I even joked about it with friends, calling certain foods,
like eggs, ‘fear foods' because I had stayed away from them for so
long. It was easy to hide behind the shield of veganism when I was at
a restaurant with friends or even grocery shopping for myself.
Anything not clean, oil-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and plant-based
I dismissed because it wasn't within my dietary label."

Demand for meat alternatives and soy products growing in Australia
"Protein or meat alternatives are proving to be a viable market for
Australian growers and manufacturers as more consumers turn to
plant-based diets."

Vegetarian diets: Are they really healthy?
"Research suggests that nutrients are adequate in people following a
well-planned vegetarian diet. However, people following a vegan diet
are at a bit higher risk for some nutrient deficiencies such as
calcium, vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 due to the omission of all animal
products. For example, vitamin B12 is only found in animal products."

Aug 30

Death sentences passed on Turkey's hungry bears
"Rather than feeding hungry wild bears, officials charged with
preserving ecological life have decided to kill 15 of them."

Animal rights activists detained for allegedly breaking through Batumi
"Six men are facing "battery and other violence" charges after they
allegedly broke through a dolphinarium, got into brawl with security
guards and demanded the mammals to be set free in Georgia's Black Sea
coastal city Batumi."

RIP Masyanya bear: Animals die in flooded zoo in Russia's Far East,
locals say (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Sylvain Charlebois: Vegetarianism may rise with meat prices
"Consumers who do become vegetarians or vegans do so for an array of
reasons. However, the economics of vegetarianism have attracted little
attention in recent years. In light of recent protein price hikes,
they should."

Strong Heart Cafe Makes Debut at NYS Fair
"Many many people come up to us and it's their first time trying vegan
food and they come back to the counter and say they couldn't believe
how good it tasted. And that's one of the best rewards we can hear.
When you convince a meat eater that this vegetarian food they just
ate, was delicious and very similar to what they were used to eating."

Proper diet lowers risk, but vegans get colon cancer: doctor
"Colon cancer has been the most diagnosed type of cancer in Taiwan
since 2007, followed by liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and
oral cancer in turn, statistics indicate."
""Dietary habits, heredity and genes may add to the risk, but
sometimes it simply comes from gene mutation. 'Bad luck' happens,"
Chen said."

One Direction Member Bringing About Demise of SeaWorld
""Does anybody here like dolphins?" Harry Styles asked fans at a San
Diego concert in June. "Don't go to SeaWorld!" His urging went viral,
thanks to "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams posting a 13-second
video clip of it, visible to her 1.4 million followers, on Instagram."

Judge explains lack of jail time for man who baked dog in oven

Call Renewed For Control Over Coyotes, Deer After New Attack
"MAMARONECK, N.Y. -- A coyote attack on deer in the Village of
Mamaroneck has prompted Mayor Norman Rosenblum to renew his call for
tougher controls over wildlife."

County picks up 18 emaciated animals in Jacumba
"Laura Ward is a lieutenant at the Department of Animal Services in
San Diego County. She loves animals, and she got a chance to make a
difference in 18 animals lives recently."

Peta sounds the alarm about Morgan the Dutch orca
"Peta has asked the Seprona unit, which deals with environmental
crime, to look into the treatment of Morgan, four orcas owned by the
American Sea World organisation and one orca born in captivity, at the
Loro Parque centre on the island of Tenerife."

Bulls gore, kill 12 in Spanish fiesta season
"MADRID — A 66-year-old Spaniard died after being gored in the chest
by a bull in a village festival in the Spanish province of Segovia
Sunday, bringing the number of deaths by gorings in summer street
festivities this year to around a dozen."

Cruelty of Animals Act should be implemented at the earliest, experts say
"Indian pet-care market is estimated to reach about Rs 800 crore in
2015 but it remains unregulated where cruelty on animals is the norm."

Former spy paid to infiltrate Greenpeace and unions
"Gilchrist's double life was finally revealed in December 2008, when
his then-girlfriend Rochelle Rees, a Labour Party and animal rights
activist found, incriminating emails to police while carrying out work
on his computer. She installed spyware on his computer and mobile
phone to confirm her suspicions."

Injured animals get new limbs -- from 3D printers

Stop to think about why we use animals
Melanie Joy, Gary L. Francione, Sande Nosonowitz

Vegan in the Region: Lessons in eating a plant-based diet in Northwest Indiana
"Consuming meat, eggs and dairy have become such a major part of the
standard American diet (SAD) that most people can't even imagine
leaving them behind, even though they may be appalled by the current
treatment of farm animals or are suffering from health problems that
can be addressed by eating only plant-based foods."

Goat Cheese Gone Vegan: Removing Dairy 'Felt Right,' Say Former
Award-Winning Goat Cheese Producers
"How do you improve on a 20-year award winning goat cheese recipe? You
go vegan! That is exactly what Julian and Carol of The Sanctuary at
Soledad Goats did after retiring from their business as award-winning
goat cheese farmers and owners of a sanctuary for retired dairy
animals, according to one green planet."

Man Food: 7 Must-Try Snack Box Subscriptions
"Whether you're a vegan on the hunt for animal-free products or a
serious athlete looking for food to fuel your workout, there's a snack
box out there for every taste. We've rounded up seven of the most
intriguing that we think you need to try."

11 meals so delicious from International Vegan Junk Food Day, you
won't believe they're vegan
"Today is International Vegan Junk Food Day, but of course you knew
that already. This year marks the 2nd annual global celebration of
vegan comfort food."

Aug 29

Inside Mercy for Animals' Farmed Animal Advocacy
"Mercy for Animals (MFA) is a national non-profit animal protection
organization that exposes farmed animal cruelty, works to eliminate
the cruelest factory farming practices and promotes compassionate food
choices and policies. In this interview, Education Project Coordinator
Alan Darer describes MFA's philosophy, operations, and investigative
findings, and shares his arguments for plant-based food consumption to
reduce animal suffering."

Activists petition state to save deer with arrow in face
"An online petition urging the New Jersey Division of Fish and
Wildlife to sedate the doe and remove the arrow has amassed more than
100,000 signatures from as far away as Malaysia, Germany and even

Charges Dropped Against Suspect In Massive Dog Fighting Ring
"BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A massive multi-state dog fighting ring busted this
past December after an investigation that lasted more than a year. But
now, the Baltimore state's attorney has dropped charges against one of
the alleged ringleaders in the case--a move that has upset animal

Brian May vows legal action over badger cull extension
"Rock musician Brian May has promised legal action over the
Government's decision to extend the cull of badgers in the face of
condemnation from animal rights groups.
"Natural England has authorised a four-year licence for Dorset, where
b etween 615 and 835 badgers are due to be killed over a six-week
period this year, alongside the third of four years of culling in
Gloucester and Somerset."

Three arrested in live animal exports protest

London's Best Vegan Restaurants

Superiority Burger, a Vegetarian Ode to White Castle in the East Village

Anonymous gives final warning to Hunters and Facebook Pages with Cruelty
"Many of us are tired with the fact that we reported the many hunter
groups and Facebook failed to delete them. Good news for all of us as
Anonymous recently released this video giving hunters and Facebook
admins one last warning before they strike and exposing details of the
pro hunting admins to the world. It is great to see that Anonymous are
taking steps to stop trophy hunting. Let's keep up the good fight
tomorrow on twitter as we gather for the online twitter event to
support the Rally outside the Dentist's office."

What Can Blacks Learn From Animal Rights Groups & Michael Vick?
"After reading the statement of Animal Friends, a few questions
entered my mind: Why are we, as black people, so afraid of losing the
little material things and rights we think we have? How can we, as a
nationwide community, reach a level where 'others' know that we will
fight for justice against all odds? What can we, asblack people, learn
from animal rights groups?"

MMA fighter's 'Fight Me Mike Vick!' shirt now available in Steelers colors
"MMA fighter Gordon "Shotgun" Shell retired from the ring in 2010 due
to a serious heart condition, but, he's offering to get back in the
ring under one condition: Michael Vick joins him in a televised battle
to raise money for animal welfare groups."

Ohio school's live tiger cub tradition scrutinized by state and animal groups
"Live tiger mascot 'Obie' appeared at football season-opener despite
questionable compliance with state regulations on exotic animals and
concerns over welfare"

No-kill animal shelter celebrates 44th anniversary, reduces adoption rates

D.A. rejects group's claim Dodge Co. pig wrestling broke laws
"LOMIRA (WKOW) -- Dodge County's district attorney rejects an animal
rights group's claim a pig wrestling event in Lomira this month broke
state laws, and endangered safety."

Australian government efforts to lift ban on kangaroo products under scrutiny
"An animal rights activist has filed a complaint with the state ethics
agency against the Australian government, alleging that it did not
properly register its lobbying activities as it seeks to eliminate
California's ban on kangaroo products."

Stanley Common landlady Victoria Martindale convicted of harassment
"A former landlady has been spared jail after launching a campaign
aimed at harming the careers of NHS staff who helped her after the
death of a tenant."

Cat seeks top political post in Canada
"While he plays on a few platforms, he's running on just one: Animal
welfare, spaying and neutering feral cats. It's the pet project of
Chisholm, a retired veterinarian and campaign manager.
""Our biggest concern is the Animal Cruelty Act, the federal Animal
Cruelty Act. It was written in 1892 and hasn't been looked at since,"
Chisholm said."

Chaka Khan joins 'DWTS' after 60-pound vegan diet weight loss: Reversed diabetes
"Khan credited the plant-based diet for reversing her type 2 diabetes
and hypertension. The 10-time Grammy winner overhauled her diet in
2012 after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and remains committed
to her healthy lifestyle because she wants to be around to raise her

Can This Game Turn You Vegan?
"The creator explains his provocative game where you're a cow who
slaughters humans"

Switching to a Vegan Diet? You'll Want to Read This First
"*G A S P!* "You don't eat meat!? You must be starving.""

Why college students should try vegan

This Trailblazing Vegan and Gluten-Free Bakery Is Celebrating a Decade
in Business
"When her bakery, then called Babycakes, opened its doors 10 years
ago, now-common terms 'gluten-free' and 'vegan' were alien to many,
and the bakery -- serving up vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free desserts --
had to win over often skeptical customers one rich, chewy chocolate
chip cookie at a time."

Comfort food without the cow,0,7797586.story
"There's no Happy Meal, but vegan fast food outlet Healthy Junk aims
for its own version of the Big Mac and other favorites."
"The Healthy Junk menu is completely free of animal products and
replaces typical junky items with vegan alternatives."

WTF Is Nooch?! And Other Vegan Lingo Explained | Maria Rodale
"Nooch's cheesy, nutty flavor is densely packed into tiny flakes,
making it the perfect ingredient to sprinkle over veggies for a
healthy side dish, dust over beans for Tex-Mex recipes, or toss into
tofu scrambles for an omelet-like taste."

Aug 28

Advocating for Animals Makes You a Terrorist?! 4 Ways You Can Help Anyway
"The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), signed on November 27,
2006, is a piece of legislation that allows the government to
prosecute animal rights activists as terrorists if they in some way
hinder the profits of the industry they are protesting."

Texas's last dog track to close, delighting animal-rights activists
"Christine Dorchak, the president of the GREY2K USA animal advocacy
group, told the Statesman the closing was "a victory for everyone in
the state who cares about dogs.""

What killed Knut, the beloved polar bear? Now we know
"More than four years ago, Knut the polar bear suffered a seizure and
drowned in his enclosure in Germany as horrified zoo visitors

Animal activists will watch for NSW government response on puppy factory report

Badger cull in Dorset condemned by animal rights campaigners
"Animal rights campaigners have condemned a Government decision to
extend badger culls to Dorset in a bid to control the spread of TB in

You Can Be Vegetarian and Keep Your Man Card, Too

Stop wasting taxpayer money talking about mayonnaise
"It's interesting that the FDA has chosen to step in now -- now that
Hampton Creek has gotten its products into places like Walmart,
Target, Costco, and on many college campuses. Of all the issues out
there that our government can focus on, why is the FDA emphasizing
this one? When Unilever dropped its lawsuit, did it simply direct its
lobbying and funds toward the FDA to complete what it failed to do on
its own?"

Aug 27

Heisman Trophy 2015: Meet TCU's Trevone Boykin, animal-rights activist
"And so Boykin, who owns two pit bulls, looked into exactly how food
gets from the slaughterhouse to our fast-food trays. It changed
everything. He stopped eating fast food and dropped 20 pounds, Evans
and Thamel report, and began taking a more activist stance on his
Twitter feed, retweeting photos of mistreated animals at
food-processing plants."

Targeted by animal rights group, McDonald's, Tyson cut ties with farm
"A Mercy for Animals undercover "investigator" worked at the T&S Farm
in Dukedom, Tenn., for about four weeks in July and August, the group
said, capturing video with a small camera."

Animal advocates protest outside walking horse competition
"Animal rights advocates have stepped up their message during
Celebration week. Tuesday, a horse rescue group displayed a registered
walking horse named Gen's Ice Glimmer."

Animal control seizes more than 50 cats from KCMO home

Service dogs in the classroom pose a challenge for city's public schools doe_has_no_policy_for_service.html
"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- From one-on-one para-professionals to help
students with disabilities to extra time for testing, accommodations
of all sorts are made for special-needs students in the city's public

Animal gas chambers banned in Berrien County
"When you think about the dogs or cats at this facility and they are
scared, and they are alone, and if it has to happen, you want it to
happen in the most humane way that it can be. And this is the best

Abandoned, mistreated wild animals rescued from Mexico brought to
Colorado animal sanctuary
"Mexican naval aircraft brought eight African lions, two lynx, a
mountain lion and a coyote to Denver Wednesday night. The menagerie
then traveled to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, joining
about 400 other animals on the 720-acre property."

Government to outlaw animal test
"The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) says the "outdated"
test leaves rabbits with irritated eyes -- so severe in some cases that
the animals have to be killed. The group launched a campaign in May to
stop what it called Government support of the Draize test."

Activists protest tenders for hunting protected wild animals
"Animal rights activists slammed public tenders for hunters who were
granted rights to kill wild animals, such as bears, in exchange for a
hefty sum, claiming the animals should be preserved against

Vegan food makes debut at NYS Fair
"Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - For the first time vegans and vegetarians won't
have limited options at the New York State Fair. Strong Hearts, a
vegan café based in Syracuse, has opened up a booth in the
International building."

NY State Fair Food 2015: What's in those Vegan Wings? state_fair_food_autopsy_whats_in_those_vegan_wings.html

Vegan Stereotypes Vs. Actual Vegan
"No, you may NOT eat my food. Get your own."

Vegan Pamela Anderson's bikini body diet and beauty secrets: Avoids Botox
"It's because of her love for animals that Anderson has maintained her
lifelong vegan diet, which she credited for her age-defying bikini
body at 48. The busty 5-foot-7 Pamela weighs a sleek 115 pounds,
thanks to her plant-based diet, Celebrity Health & Fitness reported."

Mad Fox Goes Cruelty-Free for Vegan Beer Dinner
"Mad Fox Brewing Company isn't known for having an exclusively
plant-based menu, which makes the fact that they are hosting a vegan
beer dinner all the more interesting."

Why does the FDA care about Just Mayo's name?
"Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick is fighting back, according to Inc. He
believes a name change is unnecessary because, "it says egg free right
there on the label, and anyone can look at the ingredients on the back
and see what the ingredients are.""
""Now buying Just Mayo has just become a sign of rebellion against the
machine," said Quilao, "Guess whose sales are going to climb?! I LOVE

Humbled Vick at peace in reserve role with Steelers
"A handful of animal rights activists gathered outside the Steelers
training facility to protest his arrival. Vick says he understands why
some people can't get past his mistakes but stressed he does not let
that affect his mindset."

Shark attack turns victim into hunter, then advocate
"...he has advocated for shark conservation, helping with efforts to
tag and release sharks for research. It was an easy transformation --
to go from wanting to kill sharks to wanting to help them -- because
killing them was wasting valuable resources, he said."

Animal Rights
"Animals don't have a voice to say no. They are forced to endure this
pain. To add to this, animals react differently to certain chemicals
and products. This is an inhumane practice."

Nutley 'miracle dog' and owner start rescue program
"Daniel "The Beagle" Dwyer, and his owner, Joe Dwyer of Nutley, are
expanding their work for animal rights with the inception of "Daniel's
Dream," a new animal rescue that will aim to take pets without homes
and find them new forever homes."

"A similar corn dog was a big selling point at the Veggie State Fair
of Texas, which offers a wide variety of vegan fair food including a
vegan corn dog. The Fletcher's version might have been vegan if not
for the batter, which has eggs and milk, but still, many vegetarians
will likely relish their newfound opportunity to get in on the corn
dog action."

Curious About Maple Water? Here's the Scoop

Aug 26

Mike Tomlin shrugs off backlash to Michael Vick's dog-killing past
"The backlash after the Steelers signed Michael Vick was predictable,
as a number of fans aren't willing to let go of a little thing like
drowning dogs with your bare hands if they weren't proficient enough
at fighting another animal to its death."
"The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society must have season tickets,
because their response was rather muted."

Animal rights activists accuse McDonald's chicken supplier of clubbing
birds to death
"The video taken at T&S Farm in Dukedom, Tenn., which the group Mercy
for Animals says was secretly recorded by one of the group's
investigators, appears to show a man and woman at the farm pummeling
the birds using a pole with a large spike attached to the end of it."

Massachusetts May Require Cage-Free Eggs, Pork, and Veal
"In 2016, if several animal rights groups, including the Humane
Society of the United States, have their way, Massachusetts voters
will be presented with a ballot initiative setting a few basic
restrictions on chickens, pigs, and cows, similar to a California
measure passed in 2008. Industry groups are, predictably, freaking

Owner of dog shot by deputy gets support from animal advocates
"The Jamestown man whose 10-year-old gray boxer was shot by a
Chautauqua County sheriff's deputy told Chautauqua County legislators
Wednesday that he has formed a group called "Justice for Rocky" that
already has 2,200 members."

US a new home for Istanbul's stray golden retrievers
"American animal rights activists have extended a helping hand to
golden retrievers in Istanbul that were abandoned by their owners.
More than 200 dogs will fly to the U.S. as part of the 'Adopt a
Golden' project."

Animal rights activists to protest Temple Grandin and University of Guelph
"We feel that she legitimizes animal rights violations. We believe
animals should have basic rights alongside humans and they should not
be killed and they should not be tormented."

Animal rights group make stand against Porton Down group_make_stand_against_Porton_Down/
"ANIMAL rights supporters used art to raise awareness of the animals
used in warfare research at Porton Down. London-based street artist
Disk (UK) joined Animal Justice Project on Saturday, for an awareness
event at the Cheese Market."

Vegan party running federal election candidate in B.C.
"Jordan Reichert is running for MP in Victoria in the October 19
election with the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada

Top 4 Vegan Eats In Washington DC

Woodland's Ranked #3 Top Vegan Restaurant for Celebrity-Spotting
"When it comes to Washington, PETA isn't just about sending lettuce
biki-clad babes to Capitol Hill. The organization just released a list
of the best vegan restaurants for celebrating spotting, and gave top
credits to a local spot: Woodland's Vegan Bistro."

Phoenix restaurant ranked as celebrity hotspot
"Green New American Vegetarian, located in Tempe and central Phoenix,
counts Kendrick Lamar, Matisyahu, Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy, Pamela
Anderson and Steve-O among the many celebrities who have dined at one
of the restaurant's two locations."

Carrie Underwood Fitness Clothing To Make NY Fashion Week Debut: Her
Vegan Weight Loss Diet

Vista puts off vote on pet shop ban
"VISTA -- In front of a packed house Tuesday, the Vista City Council
postponed voting on a proposed ordinance to ban pet shops in the city
from selling commercially bred animals.
"City Council members unanimously decided to give themselves and city
staffers time to study the matter, which will likely come back to the
council for a vote in late September."

Local Farm Responds To Humane Society's Allegations Of Horse Abuse
"The statement comes after the Humane Society revealed its findings
and accused ThorSport Farm of using soring techniques on Tennessee
walking horses."

Charity condemns Halloween costume "trivialising" Cecil the lion killing

Thailand destroys ivory stockpile amid junta crackdown

Thailand elephant kills keeper and runs off with tourist family on its back

This Is What Kerala Officials Say About Mass Dog Killings

Kids targeted in unique animal rights awareness campaign

NYS Fair 2015: Strong Hearts Cafe reveals vegan menu, plus signature
fair milkshake nys_fair_strong_hearts_milkshake.html

The 6 Vegan Beauty Products You Need To Finish Out Your Summer

Aug 25

Bernie Sanders on Animal Welfare

TCU's Trevone Boykin stands up to animal cruelty -inside-read-1311167343.html
"As TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin sat in a McDonald's last summer
staring at his double cheeseburger and chicken sandwich, he began to
question what he was about to eat. "It just did not look right to me,"
Boykin told The Inside Read. "The meat didn't look right.""

Steelers welcome Michael Vick, criticism that comes with signing
controversial QB

ISU cancels poultry farm classes to avoid bird flu 08/25/bird-flu-iowa-state-cancels-poultry-classes/32335639/

Wild and exotic animal ordinance survives first of two hearings
"The city of Missoula moved one step closer to banning wild and exotic
animal acts after the City Council on Monday night passed a proposed
ordinance 8-4 on the first of two scheduled hearings."

Dead rabbits found on roadside in Bossier City, foul play suspected
"BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTBS) - A local group of animal rights activists
is calling a recent find a disgusting act of animal cruelty. About a
dozen dead rabbits were found along Caplis Sligo Road in South
Bossier; one of them inside a zip lock bag."

Zoo criticised for 'cruel' attraction that lets visitors swim with
tiger cubs for £127
"An American zoo that is charging visitors £127 to swim with a tiger
cub has been targeted by animal rights groups over the "cruel"
"Dade City's Wild Things zoo in Dade County, Florida, is a family-run
zoo that houses around 300 animals from 100 different species."

Want to hunt exotic African animals? Just go to Texas.
"If American dentist Walter Palmer -- who may face poaching charges for
killing Cecil the lionin Zimbabwe -- was so inclined, he could have
saved himself time and money and trouble by killing an exotic African
animal right here at home.
"Talk about convenience! American hunters can legally kill threatened
-- and even endangered -- animals such as zebras, giraffes and rare
African antelope, without ever leaving the United States."

Filthy conditions: Dogs rescued from backyard breeding
"For 15 Belgian and German Shepherds life was a living hell at the
hands of breeders on a Yandina property until the team from Belgian
Shepherd Rescue Australia came to their aid."

Put the cameras in farms, not outside farms-not-outside-20150825-gj75uy.html
"The plain fact is, if meat producers had nothing to hide about the
way animals are raised and slaughtered, they could halt the risk of
"biosecurity" and "illegal practices of animal welfare activists" by
mandating the placement of strategic webcams in their animal sheds."

Why Our Voiceless Friends Need Our Help Now, More Than Ever
"Around the globe, people are unaware of the cruelty endured by
animals for human benefits. Issues such as the torture faced by
animals in slaughter houses, the excruciating misery faced by rabbits
for production of Angora wool or simply, the ruthless conditions that
captive animals are made to live in, are just a few I came to know
about while working with FIAPO. I understood that most of the cruelty
that animals face is due to their commercial exploitation."

FDA calls out vegan spread Just Mayo, saying it's just not mayo just_mayo_not_mayo_fda.html
"A San Francisco company is in a bit of trouble for its product Just
Mayo, which does not meet the Food and Drug Administration's
parameters for mayonnaise.
"The administration sent a warning letter to Hampton Creek on Aug. 12,
outlining several problems with the vegan spread's marketing."

FDA: 'Just Mayo' Ingredients Must Include Eggs To Be Called 'Mayo'
""The use of the term 'mayo' in the product names and the image of an
egg may be misleading to consumers because it may lead them to believe
that the products are the standardized food," wrote William Correll,
director of the office of compliance for the FDA, in the letter. It
was released publicly on Tuesday."

Vegan runner busts meat and muscle myth
"Although Zac's health is his prime motivation for his vegan
lifestyle, he is happy about his animal-friendly diet. "I do like the
fact that I'm not involved in animal cruelty and I don't have to
support industries that are crap," he said."

I love people and animals!
"When I transitioned from eating animals to plants, I had little
guidance on the journey. Now any person wanting to make this change
can find a plethora of help from vegan athletes, plant-based advocacy
groups, vegan doctors and nutritionists, weekly vegan eating plans,
prepared fresh vegan food meal services, vegan cookbooks and recipes
offered on the web and vegan cooking shows. I, too, along with my
partner, George Campas, have started posting free plant-based cooking
videos on a Facebook page called the Happy Vegan Couple."

Sweet Vegan by Emily Mainquist
"Unfortunately there is not a lot of call for such a bakery in my home
town of Warrington. Thankfully, Emily Mainquist has come to my rescue
with simple, Sweet Vegan recipes that you can create from home at a
fraction of the cost. So you can set up your own bakery in the comfort
of your own kitchen."

What Is a Vegan Diet?

WATCH: Farm Animal Living Conditions Could Be A Potential Ballot Question
"...among the submissions was one filed by a coalition of animal
rights groups, veterinarians, farmers and other public health
officials calling themselves Citizens for Farm Animal Protection."

Jon Stewart and Wife to turn NJ Farm into Animal Sanctuary

Animal Rights Champion Jane Goodall To Speak At Danbury's WCSU

Smoking chimpanzee is the latest tourist attraction in Chinese zoo
angering animal rights activists

Activists protest alleged animal poisoning in western Turkey

Bill proposed to phase out animal testing of cosmetics in Russia
"Russian MPs have prepared a new cross-party bill, the first of its
kind in the country, which aims to phase out all animal testing for
cosmetics and their ingredients by 2020."

Water park accused of 'cruelty' as images emerge of killer whales
covered in scars
"BRITISH tourists have been urged to boycott a popular Spanish water
park amid accusations of animal cruelty after photos emerged of its
killer whales covered in scars."

Is It Safe To Follow A Vegan Diet During Pregnancy?

New store shines light on vegan lifestyle 13624095.New_store_shines_light_on_vegan_lifestyle/
"LEADING a vegan lifestyle in Dorset just got that bit easier -- thanks
to new store Sunrise Organics. Run by Liz Josey and Mark Lewis, the
store, in Bournemouth promises that the products it sells are 100 per
cent vegan and they stock everything from Fry's pies, to chocolate,
tea, coffee, juicing requisites and snacks. Liz is particularly proud
of the choice of cheese, the largest vegan selection she says, in the

Vegan cheesecake is not an oxymoron with this online vegan Italian bakery
"Sirabella's delivers vegan cheesecake nationwide
to the rapidly expanding vegan market and to consumers with lactose
intolerance and cholesterol issues."

Aug 24

PETA wants roadside memorial for pigs killed in Lancaster County crash peta_wants_roadside_memorial_f.html
PETA: "The memorial will also give motorists food for thought by
calling on caring people to spare pigs the terrifying journey to
slaughter by going vegan."

Animal shelter investigations prompt calls for statewide change
"GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Accusations of sick animals being left to die
a slow death instead of being humanely euthanize at the Guilford and
Davidson County animal shelters are leading animal rights supporters
to call on statewide change."

Captive Bears 'Retire' to Colorado

'Smoke the Donkey,' former therapy animal in Washington County, to
come alive in book
"While John Folsom of Omaha was serving as a Marine in Iraq, a donkey
wandered into his camp. He and fellow Marines decided it would be fun
to have a donkey -- who they named "Smoke" -- and built him a corral for
a home."

Animal love leading to animal rights
"Hargrove said when the calf was put on a stretcher and trucked out to
Florida, Kasatka "was emitting vocalizations that had never been heard
before ever by anyone," which went on for an extended period. The
mother was calling -- or screaming -- for her missing daughter."

Sea Shepherd anti-whaling ship Bob Barker refused entry to Faroe Islands
"Denmark's autonomous Faroe Islands announced on Monday that they had
refused entry to a ship carrying 21 activists from the militant
conservation group Sea Shepherd who were trying to disrupt traditional
whale hunts."

Lion kills safari guide in home of Cecil the lion
"Quinn Swales, 40, a fully qualified and experienced Zimbabwean
professional guide, was leading a group of tourists on a photographic
safari when a male lion unexpectedly charged the group, according to
Camp Hwange Zimbabwe, the company for which he worked."

Kitchener-based turkey breeder guilty of animal cruelty
"A Kitchener-based company that produces 60 per cent of the 21 million
turkeys raised for food each year in Canada has pleaded guilty to
animal cruelty after an undercover video caught workers abusing

Woman Sees Donald Trump In Her Vegan Butter
"Jan Castellano was getting ready to have some breakfast when she
almost lost her lunch. She opened a tub of Earth Balance Organic
Spread with plans to put the vegan butter on her toast -- only to see
what she claims is the image of Donald Trump looking right back at

The real reason I went vegan, and why I'm never going back
"After my preventative double mastectomy was out in the open I
received a lot of messages from people (some nice & so not so)
suggesting I didn't need the operation, and instead what I needed to
do was to change to a plant based diet to avoid cancer. Right. While
this didn't stop me having the operation I did find it a really
interesting concept..."

Toledo's time for vegan coffee shop has come
"There aren't enough vegans in the Toledo area, they say, to make this
a worthwhile venture. People often look askance at the mere mention of
that v-word, not even realizing how many foods they already eat
(fruits, vegetables, french fries, hummus, Oreos, and Fritos, among
them) that don't contain any animal products such as butter, milk,
eggs, or honey."

Hankering for cheese? Still stuck on steak? Time for a little vegan support.
"Cold Tofurky isn't easy. That's why VegUp, the support group that
Velez-Mitchell founded, is gathered on a recent Thursday evening at
Native Foods Cafe, a vegan restaurant on Connecticut Avenue: to talk
about why people slip up."

Now open: A little Latin space with big vegan flavors | Vance Lehmkuhl

The 5 Best Things We Ate at FYF Fest
"Punny donuts, stinky tofu, and vegan mac and cheese waffles stole the
show this weekend"

Raw Food Vegan Dishes Win Iowa State Fair Awards

Edeka: innovating in click & collect, expanding vegan range
"Following on from its trial of vegan counters in 50 stores, Edeka is
launching a new vegan range in its Netto stores. The range is called
'Try it once' and will be trialled in selected stores. Veganism is a
growing choice in Germany, with mainstream retailers starting to offer
a more comprehensive selection of products. By expanding its offer to
reflect customers' demands, Edeka is positioning itself for future
growth in the area."

Chinese officials place bunnies near Tianjin blast site to 'prove' it is safe
"Elisa Allen, PETA's UK Associate Director, told MailOnline:
'Technology eliminated the use of animals as "canaries in the mines"
long, long ago, so to expose animals to chemical poisoning by placing
them inside tiny, cramped cages on the Tianjin wasteland is cruel,
primitive and just wrongheaded."

Bavaria fights activist assault on cow bells
""To expect something like this of an animal just for traditional
reasons should be completely rejected," Nicole Brühl, president of the
Bavarian branch of the German Animal Protection Federation, said on

Animal cruelty in cosmetics testing gets Duma scrutiny
"Russian MPs, backed by animal rights activists, have prepared a bill
that aims to replace the testing of cosmetics on animals with
alternative, non-cruel methods."

Animal rights groups comes after game fishing
"AN international animal rights organisation has prepared a nomination
to list game fishing in Australian waters as a key threatening process
under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
"The Humane Society International, which is linked with the extremist
PETA group, claims game fishing is having a significant impact on fish
stocks in Australian waters through the removal of large predatory
fish, which can lead to "trophic cascades and potential ecological
collapse of marine ecosystems"."

'There was a lot of blood ... it was quite horrific' - Whanganui cop
draws criticism for shooting cow

Is It Safe To Follow A Vegan Diet During Pregnancy?
"Was a vegan diet good for the baby? My (Berkeley) obgyn didn't bat an
eye, and the nutrition and pregnancy books I'd read supported common
sense: Having a nutritious diet matters (whether or not you're
pregnant), but that can come in many forms."

14 Vegan Bodybuilders Who Will Make You Re-Think Everything You
Thought You Knew About Protein

Vegan restaurants convince consumers that the vegan trend is here to stay!

Aug 23

Audit promps federal investigation at UTMB
"The University of Texas Medical Branch's National Laboratory, where
some of the world's most dangerous diseases are researched, is under
federal investigation following a scathing audit that accuses
researchers of using shoddy practices, including allowing a dozen
monkeys to suffer painful deaths after being infected with a lethal

Ohio State's medical research using dogs fuels complaint
"Purchase orders obtained by the Beagle Freedom Project, the group
that filed the complaint, show that Ohio State bought dogs from a
Class B dealer based in Madison County a few months before the rules
took effect in 2014."

SeaWorld spends more on lobbying in face of bad publicity
"The Orlando-based company spent nearly a half-million dollars
lobbying the federal government from January through June, records
show, up 68 percent over the same period last year."

VA announces new rules regarding service animals in VA facilities

Thousands of dollars donated to help find dog killers who left note
reading: 'We beat it 2 death, lol'
"Pomeranian dog Foxx, who was 13 years old, was found dead on his
owner's back doorstep in the small Florida city of Pembroke Pines
earlier this month, with the chilling note taped to the top of his
small body."

Photo of abused macaque sparks outrage
"PETALING JAYA, Malaysia -- Outraged animal lovers took to the Internet
after a picture of a macaque with its fingers apparently blown off by
firecrackers went viral."
"Although the blog report said the incident had occurred in Taman TAR,
Ampang, it could not be determined when or where the Facebook photo
was taken or whether it had actually been doctored."

Video: Rampaging cow shot dead by cops in Whanganui street
"The Royal New Zealand SPCA has  defended the actions of police
officers who shot dead a cow that was causing chaos in the streets of
Whanganui this morning."

Mumbai: Animal rights activists hold workshops for Maharashtra police
"The Thane Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has
started conducting workshops across the state to sensitise police
officers regarding the issue and help them understand the related laws
better. The initiative is also expected to help animal rights
activists get better response at police stations."

FYF Fest 2015: Meaty food options abundant during night of Morrissey's
anticipated performance
"Morrissey, the former frontman to the famed British band The Smiths,
whose sole No. 1 album in the U.K. is titled "Meat is Murder," is an
outspoken animal rights activist who has succeeded in getting large
venues such as Madison Square Garden to not serve meat during his
"Food truck operator Nick Kelley said while they were prepared to
serve all vegan food, they weren't directed to for the weekend.
Smokin' Willie's did, however, still offer vegetarian sides and vegan
tofu tacos along with its pulled pork and other signature barbecue

Here Is A Blog With Photos Of Vegan Food From Literally Every Single
Country In The World
"Animal rights activists Ryan Huling, 31, and Joel Bartlett, 34, are
both avid travelers who've managed to stick to their vegan diets
everywhere they go."

Vegans are spoilt for choice in Saigon this month
"Vietnamese show their respect to their parents in the Vu Lan festival
by wearing roses and going vegan or vegetarian."

Deer reduction redux: Mt. Lebanon tries managed archery to remove deer
"In March, a controversial trap-and-shoot deer cull collapsed after
incidents of equipment sabotage, weeks of animal rights protests and
months of government dithering.
"In July Mt. Lebanon voted to pay $15,460 to White Buffalo to organize
and execute a managed archery hunt that will start Sept. 19, opening
day of the early antlered and antlerless archery season in 2B. It will
continue through the 2015-2016 deer seasons. Unlike a cull, which
requires special Game Commission permitting, the program is considered
a legal hunt subject to all relevant laws and regulations."

Liam Neeson rejoices as De Blasio admits defeat in horse carriages row
"Actor Liam Neeson, who has supported the carriage industry, said he
is glad the mayor is stepping back from his push to ban horse

Taskforce aims to crack down on multi-million pound trade in puppies
being smuggled into Scotland

Mass killing of stray dogs triggers protest in Kerala

Alanis Morissette Talks Dealing with Eating Disorders: What Is
Sobriety with Food?
"Alanis Morissette is also an author: "Eat to Live" is a book on how
going vegan helped her break the unhealthy relationship she had with

Andrew 'luckychewy' Lichtenberger on the Yoga of Poker
"It was a huge change for the better when I decided to eat a vegan
diet. It's simple. It made me a lot more aware of my body. I saw how
addicted I was with food in as much as overeating and over indulging.
I also suffered a lot of health problems during those times as we have
spoken about before.
"I eat simply: I like avocados, rice, hummus, lettuce wraps, green
juices, spirulina, chlorella -- pretty simple stuff."

Aug 22

Christie ribbed by animal rights activists
"During the New Jersey governor's 20 minutes at the Des Moines
Register's Soapbox, two animal rights activists climbed onto the
stage, holding a sign with a picture of a pig in a gestation crate
reading, "Governor Christie and Iowa -- Stop exploiting animals. It's
not food, it's violence.""

Video: Animal Rights Activists Protest Chris Christie In Iowa video_animal_rights_activists_prote.php

Fiona's Legacy: Animal activists protest in front of Lincoln County Courthouse lincoln_county/fiona-s-legacy-animal-activists-protest-in-front-of-lincoln/article_b9d0a71a-48f2-11e5-8a40-6f6b989c6d29.html
"The news of Fiona and the death of her ten puppies has spread across
social media and "Fiona's Legacy" Facebook page, and has created
concern among several animal rights groups in Kentucky, as well as
other states."

Some veterans with service dogs meet resistance from landlords

Checking in on Cecil, online media and where we're going
"The growth of social media seems to have ramifications from political
demonstrations in Egypt, to vandalism in Minnesota, even a mistreated
elephant in Kankakee County. The topics change, but the message
usually is the same: It's all about outrage."

Hunters Debate Whether Cecil Backlash Is Hurting Sport's Standing
"The outcry over the killing of Cecil the lion last month in Zimbabwe
has some hunters worried that the incident hurt the sport's image in
the U.S. at a critical time when participation is dwindling and more
Americans express support for animal rights."

Nestle, Yakult and Danone behind cruel animal testing | UK
"PET dogs, hamsters and pigs are being radiated, force-fed and
subjected to tubes implanted in their organs during cruel animal
testing by the world's leading food giants, can reveal."

Queen of green Natasha Corrett: I pioneered clean eating in this country
"Ella Woodward, the 23-year-old daughter of the former Northern
Ireland secretary Shaun Woodward, has reached half a million followers
on Instagram with the gluten-free, vegan recipes that helped her
recover from a debilitating illness (her book, Deliciously Ella, is
the fastest-selling debut cookbook ever)."

VegFest again takes root in Bethlehem (PHOTOS) 2015/08/vegfest_again_takes_root_in_be.html
"The festival brings together vegan natural food providers, speakers,
chefs, and exhibitions, giving visitors a chance to talk directly to
food producers. New this yearwere food vendors The Taza Truck and
ISKCON Food for Life."

For one day in Bethlehem, veggies rule
"Thousands of people ambled along the South Bethlehem Greenway at the
fifth annual VegFest to sample innovative, plant-based cuisine, peruse
handmade and cruelty-free products, and learn about activism from
those who believe animals belong in the wild and not on a plate."

PICTURES: The fifth annual VegFest

Please Don't Come Back: Picky Dinner Guests | Inga

Animal rights activists interrupt Chris Christie speech presidential/caucus/2015/08/22/animal-rights-activists-chris-christie-speech-iowa-state-fair-soapbox/32194967/
"Two animal rights advocates protesting the use of hog crates climbed
on stage and interrupted Chris Christie's speech Saturday on the Des
Moines Register Political Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair."

Whiting: Battle over Cecil the lion flares in Orange County
"On Thursday night, the fourth-grader from Signal Hill joined about 50
adults protesting a meeting of the Orange County chapter of Safari
Club International."

Drug trafficker mistakenly released early from Elgin-Middlesex
Detention Centre in London
"A notorious U.S. cocaine trafficker and suspected operator of a
bestiality farm was let out of London's maximum security jail when he
wasn't supposed to be -- the second such mistake in a month -- The Free
Press has learned.
"Washington State police, animal rights activists and dozens of social
media sites all know who Douglas Spink is."

Spain: New leftist mayors turn back on bullfighting
schoolbooks? A new breed of local officials in Spain are asking."

Coahuila in northern Mexico becomes country's 3rd state to adopt ban
on bullfighting

Utah animal rights advocates cited for protesting without permit at Lagoon

Police Reports: Woman cited for animal cruelty arrested after false reports

Animal activists: Don't link cougar hunts to wolf recovery
"Animal-rights and conservation groups are petitioning Washington Fish
and Wildlife Commission to ditch a plan to hunt allow more cougar
hunting to relieve tensions over wolves."

Local dog breeder listed among worst puppy mills nationwide
"Clearwater Kennel Inc., in Cushing, has been cited for multiple USDA
violations since 2010 and has been listed three times on the American
Humane Society's annual list of the nation's worst puppy mills."

Man found guilty in Great Falls bird abuse case

Vista to look at banning pet shops
"The City Council will take up the topic at its meeting Tuesday. The
discussion will come at the request of Councilman Cody Campbell, who
said Friday that animal-rights activists have urged him to pursue the

Whale watching tourists only saw dead endangered whales in Iceland

Animal rights activist roughed up by residents in Noida
"A week after news broke out of a run-in between an animal rights
activist and residents in Noida's Sector-34, a video has emerged
showing one of the residents manhandling a woman activist. The woman
was roughed up as she was documenting the altercation between the
animal rights activist and the residents over stray dogs menace."

Kerala-based animal rights group calls to restrict use of peacock
feathers during festivals

Three ministers launch new 'animal police'
"Three government ministers, all from the conservative Progress Party,
gathered in Trondheim on Friday to formally launch their new pilot
project aimed at cracking down on cruelty to animals."

For vegetarians and vegans, it's a new world of appealing options
"Statistics -- less than 5% of people in the U.S. are vegetarians and
less than 1% are vegans -- have not moved much. But vegetarian and
vegan dishes show up on the "hot trends" tracked by the National
Restaurant Assn., and the choices in supermarkets have grown
substantially. Just about every college cafeteria has food catering to
those who don't eat meat."


7 Drool-Worthy Vegan Instagram Accounts To Follow Now

Miami's Jugofresh Is Bringing Cold-Pressed Juice And Raw Vegan Bites
To Whole Foods Market In Fort Lauderdale

Eat Your Way Through The North Side At Saturday's VegFest
"The festival is modeled after VegFest events in other cities,
including Denver, Austin, and Bethlehem, Pa. This is the first
Pittsburgh VegFest, and Sleiman said she plans to keep the event going
every year."

Aug 21

CDC Labs Killed Animals by Drowning, Hyperthermia, PETA Says
"Laboratory animals were killed in accidents or euthanized after
mistakes at CDC laboratories, including mishandling of a deadly
bird-flu virus, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of

Gucci launches Kangaroo fur-lined shoes, animal rights campaigners not impressed

Could a grim summer for lions, bunnies, and bulls boost animal rights?
"Debate over the morality of bullfighting is heating up in Spain
again, in a summer that has already seen furor over Cecil the Lion's
killing in Zimbabwe and the bludgeoning of a bunny on the radio in

Senator blasts PETA, anti-GM activists
"NSW Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm has launched a
blistering attack at animal rights activists and opponents of
genetically modified (GM) crops."

Vegan rockstar and athlete John Joseph on why 'meat is for pussies'
"Now, 35 years on, he is a vegan athlete with five Ironman triathlons
under his belt -- and he puts his metamorphosis down in part to his
meat-free diet. Veganism hooked him -- and inspired him to write a
no-nonsense book on the subject with the name Meat Is For Pussies."

Aug 20

Animal activists facing charges for protesting without permit outside
Lagoon facilities
"FARMINGTON, Utah --The cost of free speech? It's $50 according to a
pair of animal rights activists facing charges after failing to get a
permit for a series of protests outside Lagoon amusement park and its
headquarters in Farmington."

White Privilege in the Animal Rights Movement
"If animal liberation is to succeed, the movement must address the
concerns of oppressed humans as well as non-humans. Human oppression
cannot be co-opted or ignored, and it certainly cannot be pushed aside
within a movement that is supposed to be based on compassion and care
for all animals."

Humans are now 'super predators,' and that's a problem, study says
"Humans are throwing ecosystems out of whack by not only killing a
large number of animals, but by killing adults and top carnivores in
particular, a study suggests. One answer is to act more like animal
"Carnivores kill about 2 percent of their populations annually,
usually during competition for dominance; humans kill 18 percent of
the carnivore population."

Carriage horse drivers hesitate to declare victory over animal rights
advocates on proposed ban
"Round one of the carriage horse wars goes to the Teamsters union --
but drivers are skittish about declaring a runaway victory over animal
rights activists."

USDA files complaint against private Dade City zoo
"A Pasco County wildlife attraction, Dade's City Wild Things, is under
fire for the way it treats some of its residents, namely, juvenile
tigers that it allows visitors to swim with for $200 a pop."

Elephant performers with traveling circus come to San Jose for one of
the last times

Pregnant woman in cage for animal rights
"Animals Tasmania member Clare Knight will on Saturday crouch in a
cage on Hobart's parliament lawns, posing as a mother pig to highlight
the plight of animals which are confined and mistreated throughout
their lives until being killed for food."

Limerick animal rights group swoop to defend the seagulls

Animal rights group to move SC against killing of dogs

15 vegan bodybuilders proving that you can be meat-free and strong
"Defying the received wisdom that meat = strong are a new breed of
vegan powerlifters, arm wrestlers and bodybuilders who eat an entirely
meat- and dairy-free diet."

Learning to Veg Out Jewishly in Philadelphia
Jewish Vegetarians of North America
"The demand to create a chapter was coming from the Jews in
Philadelphia. We love Philadelphia -- it is one of the most
vegan-friendly cities in America."

12 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Metro Boston

Q&A: Kona Natural Soap Company
"HONOLULU --Soap maker and partner Greg Colden of Kona Natural Soap
Company talks about some his products -- all 100 percent vegan!"

Bill Maher: "Unlike Lion Killers, PETA Only Goes After Fair Game" (Guest Column)

Animal rights group releases shocking footage of dog sitter beating
pet in her care
"The charity said it was sent the footage last month and went with
authorities to the home in the video and seized 11 dogs - including
the woman's three pets."

Why Ricky Gervais is right about bullfighting 3614182.Why_Ricky_Gervais_is_right_about_bullfighting/

Aug 19

Ballot initiative fights 'torture' of farm animals in 'extreme confinement' ballot_initiative_fights_tortu.html
"The act would also prohibit in Massachusetts the sale of eggs, veal
and pork from animals "confined in a cruel manner" by in- and
out-of-state farmers or businesses beginning in 2022."
"More than 100 food retailers -- including Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's
and Wal-Mart -- have already indicated they will work with their food
suppliers to eliminate food from animals that were severely confined
from their supply chains."

City Council Stands in Way of Carriage Horse Ban, de Blasio Tells Activists
""What I would say to every advocate is, you already have my vote; go
get the votes in the City Council," Mr. de Blasio said in a radio
interview on Wednesday, when the host, WNYC's Brian Lehrer, asked
about the holdup. "Solidify the support in the City Council so we can
make this change.""

Hendry County monkey farms cleared of wrongdoing
"HENDRY COUNTY, Fla. -- Two monkey breeding facilities under intense
scrutiny from animal rights activists have been cleared of any
wrongdoing. Hendry County officials spent the last several months
looking into claims of illegal activity at a facility owned by Primate
Products, Inc., and another owned by Mannheimer Foundation."

Oregon Appeals Court Upholds Conviction In Animal Abuse Case
"What was at stake in Wednesday's ruling was whether each cat could be
treated as a separate victim."

Mammoth undertaking: Elephant bill before council
"Two events would be impacted by the bill -- the Cole Bros. Circus in
the spring and the Maryland Renaissance Festival in late summer and
fall. The bill would ban the use of a bullhook, which is used to
control the animals around people. A public hearing will be held on
the bill at the council's Sept. 8 meeting."

Missouri State Fair director, vet and animal trainer respond to online
backlash over tiger welfare

PETA banner to protest human predators
"Stephanie Jessa, a spokeswoman for PETA, said in a phone interview
that the public's response to the seal being attacked was so great
that the organization wanted to send the message that humans are a
much bigger threat to sharks and marine life than the animals are to

Animal charity hails Spanish woman who jumped into bullring
"Virginia Ruiz, a 38-year-old animal rights activist, jumped into the
"La Malagueta" ring in the southern city of Malaga on Friday in front
of thousands of onlookers and crouched over an injured bull as it lay
on the ground."

'Think of the poor animals that suffer' - fireworks ban backed after
top vet's call
"Politicians are out of step with many New Zealanders in refusing to
ban fireworks, if social media reaction to calls by an animal rights
advocate for them to be prohibited is anything to go by."

Stray Dogs Shot Dead to 'Beautify' Beach; Animal Activists Cry Foul
"CHENNAI: Five dogs were shot dead and 15 more are believed to have
been killed and thrown into the sea at the Kovalam Beach on Wednesday,
allegedly on the instructions of the local panchayat president who
wanted to 'beautify' the beach."

OSPCA raids raise questions about transparency, accountability
"It's hard to know exactly what the Ontario Society for the Protection
of Animals is concerned about. The charity, which receives more than
$10 million in public funding each year, wouldn't comment on the case
and wouldn't release any documents because it isn't subject to freedom
of information laws."

These anti-meat activists 'brand' themselves in protests
"For the most part, Israeli vegan activists are pretty much what you'd
expect -- Seattle-like grunge or hipster and an eagerness to talk
animal rights into the night. But not this bunch. They aren't into
"When they get inside, all hell breaks loose -- one secretary tries to
lock herself in a side office, but Sasha blocks the door with his foot
and barges in with a platter of chicks. Down the hall, a couple of
activists manage to break into the CEO's office. They pour out buckets
of dead chicks and squirt fake blood all over his desk. Eventually
police arrive and arrest the activists. The group is called 269."

Ex-Kaiser player David Carter signs with Chicago Bears and adopts
vegan lifestyle
"In fact, the 27-year-old Carter calls himself the "300 Pound Vegan"
and has created a website devoted to his philosophy."

Why Bill Clinton Couldn't Hack It as a Vegan
"He may not be vegan by definition, but he is well-respected by the
vegan and vegetarian communities"

Plant Food: The vegan revolution begins here

A guide to Bethlehem's VegFest
"It's the fifth year for the free event, which features more than 70
food, craft and organization vendors, a Farmers Market, a Beer Garden,
a dozen speakers and live music."

Hail seitan: A meat lover explores Asheville VeganFest

Amy's Drive Thru: Finally, vegetarians get a fast-food fix

Brad A. Johnson: It's a thin crop for vegetarians
"I would hate to be a vegetarian in Orange County. The bar for
vegetarian restaurants has been set astonishingly low. I've spent the
last couple of months traversing the county in search of a great
vegetarian restaurant. The pickings are slim."
"2. Vegans love fake meat. I don't understand why vegetarian
restaurants are so obsessed with artificial, highly processed meat
substitutes. Imitation meat never tastes better than fresh, seasonal

7 Vegan Cookbooks To Consider If You Love Food, Because Veganism Can
Be More Delicious Than You Probably Think

Can an Animal Have Rights and Still Be Dinner?
"Editor's Note: This is the second in a four-part series on the
philosophical defenses of eating animals. Read the first, "Can Eating
Meat Be Ethical," here."

Attorney calls Saginaw County-run shelter a 'death camp' for animals saginaw_attorney_county-run_sh.html

Couple spends major cash for cat's organ transplant

PETA asks feds to revoke license of tiger handler used by photo crew
at Detroit's Packard Plant

Animal Group Challenges Roundup of Wild Horses in Arizona
"Friends of the Animals sued the U.S. Forest Service on Friday in the
U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona after the government
issued a notice at the end of July authorizing the impoundment of
horses in Tonto National Forest for up to a year."

Cruel moment woman swinging live DUCK bashes animal rights activist
over the head
"The incident has caused outrage and has sparked a petition against
the tradition, which has already gained 10,000 signatures."

The World's Biggest Pet Store Has 250,000 Animals
"This strange business in a small German city isn't one of those
modern pet stores without any pets"

Exactly what is a 'plant-based' diet? Doctors offer sensible meanings
"Given the impact of food choices on health, it's helpful to know
medical understandings of 'vegetarian,' 'vegan' and 'plant-based.'"
"As a writer, I find "plant-based" to be a handy synonym for
"vegetarian" and "vegan" and often use the three terms
interchangeably. As a clinician, Dr. Mary Harkins Becker of Yarmouth
accords the three terms distinct meanings."
"Becker, who practices emergency and palliative medicine at Maine
Medical Center in Portland, closed her letter by pointing out "no
other diet has been shown to reverse heart disease and slow and stop
tumor growth in mammalian studies.""

CrossFitters, investors furious over eatery's vegan makeover
"GustOrganics at 14th Street and Sixth Avenue turned off its regular
customers and hurt its bottom line when it ditched its ­Paleo raw-food
menu because of the "personal beliefs" of manager Kiki Adami and chef
Paul Chang, according to a new Manhattan Supreme Court complaint."

Vegan goes Italian
"As it continues to grow in popularity, the Israeli startup is constantly on the lookout for new culinary talent to
join its highly skilled corps of home-based chefs. To the delight of

Vegan band Wildflowers include Beeston on vegan cafe tour
"They've played Glastonbury, supported Robert Plant and been
championed on Radio 2 by Bob Harris. This weekend, Wildflowers will be
dropping into Beeston on a UK tour of vegan cafes. Simon Wilson finds
out more from Siddy Bennett"

Aug 18

Patagonia Ends Relationship With Wool Supplier Following Graphic PETA Report

Little Mix hope to give wings to Peta campaign against circus cruelty

A clash between protesters at Valley View puppy mill

WeHo Tightens (and Loosens) Its Ban on the Sale of Fur

PETA complains about Packard Plant tiger incident
"Disturbed by pictures of a man with a weedwhacker near the tiger,
PETA is requesting a federal government investigation into the company
that it says provided animals for the photo shoot, Animals of Montana,

Photo of 7-year-old son killing his 'first lion' yanked from Twitter
by proud dad after activists shame him
"An Indiana man who formerly tweeted under the name @Safarihunter77
had shut down his account after animal rights activists discovered
photos he took of his two young sons with lions they had shot and
killed, reports theDaily Record."

Half of animal testing in Israel involves maximum pain allowed
"Study finds experiments on animals are up 12%,;almost every animal is
killed at end of testing"

Drunk man swings a dog around by its paw like a rag doll in Kazakhstan

PETA offers £5,000 reward to find arsonists who killed Stockport pony Reuben
"Pony Reuben died when his stables in Winnington Road, Marple, were
torched last month in what police believe was a deliberate attack"

Man investigated after posting pictures of himself choking seagulls online
"Animal rights activists were in uproar after James Arkle uploaded
photographs of himself choking gulls onto his Facebook page"

Animal-rights activists protest outside ministry
"Prague, Aug 17 (CTK) - Activists from the group OBRAZ (Defenders of
Animals) yesterday installed a cage outside the Czech Agriculture
Ministry in which they will be staying until Friday night, rotating
after eight hours, to protest against fur farms, organiser Daniel Cao
has told CTK."

Investors Sue Vegan Restaurant That Got Hate Mail From 'CrossFit People'
GREENWICH VILLAGE -- A restaurant that got hate mail from "CrossFit
people" for going vegan is being sued by its investors for alienating
the "restaurant's regular customers."

Vegan Cooking Honors Awarded at the Iowa State Fair

Viva Vegeria's New South San Antonio Location Is Now Open

Buffalo couple working on vegan food truck
"We are doing an all vegan comfort foods theme. Our mission is to make
food that is full of flavor that vegan and non-vegans alike will

Vedge chefs dream up a vegan meal for Pope Francis [video]
""I think he'd be really into what we're doing," said Landau. "He's a
really forward thinking pope, and we like to consider ourselves
forward thinking.""

One Lucky Duck Hosts Raw Vegan Dinner This Friday
"Restaurant Week can do a number on your waistline. One Lucky Duck
Texas (303 Pearl Pkwy. Suite 109) is hosting their monthly pop-up
dinner on Friday, August 21, with three seatings of an 8-course raw,
vegan menu."

Viva Vegan Taco Trucks! A Fundraiser For Mama Tierra
"The musician crowd is full of night owls and the veggie-minded, so it
makes sense that they're concerned with the welfare of Mama Tierra. A
vegan taco truck parked outside Bottom Bracket Social Club (1609 N.
Colorado), it's one of the few late night vegan options in town
(others include La Botanica and chugging salsa at regular taco

Eat this Now: Arizmendi Bakery's Vegan Foccacia

Of Course Portland Has a Vegan Cheese Shop: Vtopia Cheese Shop Settles In

Make-Your-Own Cashew Cheeze Class Kicking Off This Friday in Lake Worth
""In the transition to vegan, the one food that seems people are the
most reluctant to let go of, is cheese," says Bean Scene co-founder
Nina Kauder. "I hear all the time 'I can give up meat, but don't take
away my cheese!' So when Sarah Steinberg and I founded Bean Scene, we
wanted to take a stand for making veganism fun and far more
approachable -- an alternative to PETA. And vegan cheese has thankfully
evolved so very much in the last two to three years.""

Tempe Considers Ban on Puppy Mills

Puppy mill people aren't nice

Federal agency files complaint against Cricket Hollow Zoo in Manchester
"MANCHESTER, Iowa -- A federal regulatory agency has filed a complaint
against the owners of an embattled Manchester zoo, initiating a
process that could end in the revocation of its operating license."

A bloody summer for bullfighting could put Spain's brutal sport out to pasture

Landowner in Cecil killing in court for 'illegal hunt'

Brigitte Bardot calls on UN chief to make a stand against 'trophy hunting'

Animal rights activists call for ban on fur farming in Czech Republic

Aug 17

Dental office reopens, but hunter absent
"Walter Palmer's dental practice in Bloomington reopened Monday, weeks
after closing amid animal rights protests and a storm of questions
about Palmer's now-famous lion hunt in Zimbabwe."
Lion hunter's dentist office reopens in Minnesota
"Dr. Walter Palmer's office, River Bluff Dental in Bloomington,
released a statement Monday saying it is "beginning to serve our loyal

Are Obie's days numbered?
"Will the adorable tiger cub Obie be on the sidelines cheering on the
Tigers in the season opener next week? Or will the more than
long-standing tradition of a live mascot be coming to an end?"

Princeton Man Who Tortured, Killed Dog Gets Jail Sentence, Probation
"For all the charges, Sather was sentenced to two years in jail but he
can be released after serving one year and one day if he follows
restrictions Judge Thomas Haynes set:"

It's time to go cage-free
"Eliminating battery cages can benefit both the chickens and the
companies that use them."
"Costco's decision may seem surprising, particularly now. Some of the
world's largest food companies -- Aramark, Sodexo and Compass Group --
have committed to being 100 percent cage-free with clearly published
deadliness. Whole Foods grocery chain hasn't sold eggs from caged hens
in more than a decade. And the European Union banned the use of
battery cages for egg-laying hens three years ago."

Germany gasses or shreds 45 million newborn chicks each year. And it's not alone
"BERLIN, Germany -- This country loves its eggs, but there's a
horrifying fact they'd probably rather not discuss over breakfast.
"German chicken hatcheries send 45 million baby chicks to the shredder
each year, for the simple crime that they can't lay eggs, because
they're male.
"Agricultural Minister Christian Schmidt is calling for a stop to the
carnage. He wants to bring in gender tests on eggs before they hatch."

Norway at risk of 'cat AIDS' outbreak, animal group warns

Spain: Animal rights activist jumps into bullfighting ring to comfort dying bull

Ricky Gervais condemns Spain's running of the bulls after participants
gored to death

Seven People Gored to Death by Bulls in Spain Since July

Protesters continue fight against beagle breeding at B&K Universal
"Dismayed residents and animal-lovers from across the UK held a
peaceful demonstration with banners and a 12ft-high beagle outside B&K
Universal in Grimston yesterday."

Moscow Could Get 'Baby Boxes' for Unwanted Pets
"Animal rights activists have suggested installing enclosures for pets
similar to "baby boxes," in which parents can leave an unwanted
newborn anonymously and without legal repercussions."

How could someone do this? Thugs tape starving dog's mouth shut before
abandoning her
Cruel owners are hunted after they bound dog's muzzle with TAPE for
two days to stop her barking

Face off between residents, animal rights activist spark protest in Noida
"Residents from Udaygiri society in Sector-34 protested outside
Sector-24 police station on Sunday after four of their residents were
booked by police on Saturday for allegedly thrashing stray dogs and
misbehaving with the members of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals (SPCA), an animal rights body."

Owner of Omaha's Modern Love restaurant opening 2nd location -- in Brooklyn
#IsaChandraMoskowitz #MooShoes
"The New York location will seat around 70 diners and will be the same
concept as the Omaha location: small, seasonal and local, but with a
Brooklyn twist, Moskowitz said."

Vegan Taxidermy art show debuts August 27

Hunt for Organic Deodorant Leads Chicago Man to Kitchen
"Morin is the CEO of North Coast Organics, which produces handmade
organic and vegan personal care products. He started the company in
2012 after he was unable to find certified organic deodorant on store

Frustrations of a Wishy-Washy Vegan
"How can I make people understand my eating preferences? (And do they
really need to?)"

Leicestershire lady wears lettuce bikini to promote vegan lifestyle
"She said: "Saving animals' lives can be as easy as choosing a
plant-based lunch. Vegan foods are a simple way to shrink waistlines
and carbon footprints and spare animals suffering in the meat

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Vegan Leather Picks To Add To Your Closet

10 Vegan Leather Jackets That Are More Stylish Than The Real Thing

Demonstrators protest Starbucks' treatment of barnyard animals
"Organizers say they picked Starbucks to draw attention to the dairy
industry's practices and low wages of coffee-plantation workers."

Arizona Animal Welfare League hoping to get black cats adopted with special deal

Woman says she found dead dog wrapped in a chain on the street

Animal-themed attractions dying out?
"An increasing number of people view places such as marine parks and
zoos as unacceptable and reroute their vacations and dollars

Cecil the lion's killer 'captured': Walter Palmer pictured for the
first time since Zimbabwe hunt usa/11806856/walter-palmer-cecil-the-lion-killer-first-pictures.html
"Exclusive: The Telegraph obtains first images of Walter Palmer in
Minnesota since beloved lion was killed"

Animal Abuse: A look at Conditions of Animal Welfare in Morocco
"Presumably the idea is that we are superior simply because we are
humans, so we are entitled to do whatever we want to animals. Many
hold the idea that animal interests don't count at all in modern
Moroccan society."

Why I was disappointed in Millennium

This Meat Alternative Is Completely All-Natural
"Unless you've spent time scouring Indian rain forests or haunting the
aisles of Asian markets, you may not have heard of jackfruit. This
large, tropical superfruit is causing excitement in vegetarian (and in
less-meatatarian) circles, mostly because of its consistency and
flavor once it's been cooked."

Council to decide dog's fate
"Council members will vote on Monday whether to let 4-year-old Roc, a
pit bull declared a dangerous dog last month, be released to a shelter
out of Central Minnesota."

Leggy Katherine Heigl sizzles in white shorts and black tank top while
attending screening of documentary Saved In America
"And Katherine Heigl along with other celebs like Kim Kardashian
appears in the new documentary exposing animal cruelties called Saved
In America."

Long Beach lawmaker calls for change in coyote protocol
"The current program only calls for trapping and killing coyotes under
specific circumstances - like an attack on a human.
""Throwing beanbags at them, potentially increasing the use of bear
spray on coyotes and things that cause them a little bit of pain is
more effective," Mungo said."

Lights out: China's firefly display called off after animal rights
group's open letter

Cow that fled abattoir is spared slaughter

Now you can see Cory Booker's newest diet on Instagram | The Auditor _new_diet_on_instagram_the_auditor.html
"Now he has embarked on a new eating regiment, cutting out sugar and
carbohydrates, and posting his favorite dishes on Instagram."

A Vegan Menu With Burgers, Meatballs and Barbecue

It's Easy to Mistake Whole Foods' John Mackey for a Progressive
Left-Winger. Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth.
"Because of Whole Foods' trendy customer base and because Mackey is
himself a vegan and champions collaboration between management and
workers, it's easy to mistake Mackey for a progressive left-winger."

Veggie Fest 2015 kicks off in Lisle
"The free event -- considered one of the largest vegetarian food and
lifestyle festivals in North America -- includes speakers, live music,
cooking demonstrations, and food vendors selling culinary creations
that can make even a devoted carnivore hungry."

Pure Food And Wine Workers Sue For Back Wages As Owner Remains AWOL pure_food_and_wine_lawsuit_wage_the.php
"Former workers at Gramercy Park's shuttered raw vegan restaurant Pure
Food and Wine and its affiliated juice bar and mail-order snack
operation One Lucky Duck have filed a federal class action lawsuit
against the companies and owner Sarma Melngailis, who vanished in
early July after three weeks of payroll problems."

Aug 16

When Vegans Won't Compromise
"Francione urges those "who believe that animals are members of the
moral community" to "make clear that veganism, defined as not eating,
wearing, or using animals, is the nonnegotiable, unequivocal moral
baseline …"
"Francione isn't crazy: he's making the same inference that slavery
abolitionists made in the 19th century. They claimed, as many animal
activists do now, that it was pointless to call for the reform of an
unjust institution. You don't fix unjust institutions; you dismantle
them. Entirely. Now."

Critics: Game commission puts predators in 'bull's eye' like never before

Zoo owner tells her side of the story
"There are two sides to every story. I wish to share my side since the
Animal Legal Defense Fund and other animal rights activists have
shared their views of our zoo for the past several years."

Rescued Tigers Roam in Luxury at Former U.S. Base in Germany
"MASSWEILER, Germany -- Deep in the forests of southwestern Germany,
three tigers rescued from private homes have moved into their
luxurious new residence -- a former U.S. Army installation."

Fresh Air Weekend: Elephant Poachers
[Remember Kony? -- See National Geographic's September issue, Aug 25th]
"GPS Trackers In Fake Elephant Tusks Reveal Ivory Smuggling Route:
Some 30,000 African elephants die each year as a result of poaching.
Journalist Bryan Christy wanted to see where their tusks were going,
so he ordered fake tusks and fitted them with trackers."

Italy's Palios: Siena's medieval bareback race should be banned, say
animal activists

Aug 15

New, star-studded documentary 'Unity' rails against speciesism

Padi the dog freed today after biting a child; home with owner Dr.
Paul Gartenberg
"Padi's fate gained widespread attention, even garnering a "Free Padi"
Facebook page showing support from thousands of people."

Records show Hendry County's struggle over monkey farms
"The reason for the scrutiny? Over the last decade, this rural
community quietly became the nation's primate farming capital, with
three facilities housing thousands of lab monkeys and a fourth -- the
one over which the county's being sued -- in the works."

Leon Valley neighbors dispute hoarding of animals, other items; city intervenes
"The dispute is tense between the two neighbors, and the Leon Valley
police were actually called to the neighborhood while KENS 5's cameras
were rolling Friday."

Virginia man found unconscious in home with rare, venomous reptiles
"According to the Luray Zoo, all of the animals appear to be in good
shape and had been cared for extremely well."

Groups clash at A Maze'n Farmyard over puppy sales
"Members of the first group called the facility a puppy mill while the
latter charged that the protesters were uneducated and unfairly
criticizing the family business."

What Patagonia Has to Say About That Horrifying PETA Video
"The company's response was fast. And honest."

Countryside braced for renewed badger cull protests
"Militant groups say plans to extend the cull from Somerset and
Gloucestershire into Dorset will make it easier for them to mobilise
hundreds of activists from across south east England to confront
farmers and contractors who carry out the shooting and trapping of

Wolves, Resurgent and Protected, Vex Swedish Farmers
"Camilla Bjorkbom, president of Djurens Ratt (Animal Rights Sweden),
also opposes the annual hunt of wolves, which she says has caused
"immense" suffering. Ms. Bjorkbom said that in some cases it might be
legitimate to kill specific wolves, and added, "We need to work more
proactively with farmers and think of other ways to solve the

Elephant Skin & It's Great News For Wildlife Conservationists (At Last)

Dairy industry hires The Onion to tell 'The Udder Truth'
"The dairy industry is partnering with The Onion, a source of funny,
fake news, to create a national marketing campaign aimed at boosting
milk sales and changing public perceptions about dairy farming.
"Offbeat humor is linked with serious content on a new website called
"The Udder Truth" from Dairy Management Inc., a farmer-funded
organization that promotes dairy products."

Video: Animal Rights Activist Protesting Pig Wrestling Event Didn't
See This Large Man Creeping Up Behind Him
""Animals should not be used for exploitation." Stephanie Alexander
told KUTV. The pigs are completely traumatized."
"The Utah County Sheriff's Department is investigating the apparent
confrontation between participants and protesters. It did not
immediately respond to TheBlaze when asked to comment on Friday."

Snake brought into restaurant rattles nerves
"Loeffelholz said she notified the restaurant manager -- who said the
couple insisted the snake was a service animal and the restaurant
should allow it to stay."

Big Game Hunter Rebecca Francis Opens Up About 'Kill' Photo Backlash
"Francis asked, "Hunters bring in $200 million per year to the
economy… If we eliminate hunting... how are we going to replace $200
"But Jeff Flocken, North American regional director for the
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), disagrees with the
premise that hunting is the best way to help animals.
"IFAW released a report in 2013 called "The $200 Million Question,"
refuting the claim that so much money actually returns to African
communities. The report claims that most of the money raised from
hunting in Africa goes into a "black hole" on unaccountability and
that only about 3 percent of hunting revenue goes into the local

Updated: Animal Rights Group calls for change of time for Santa Marija
horse races in Gozo

Video of tortured calf stirs uproar in social media
"CAIRO: Social media slammed a video circulated Friday of three men
torturing a calf loaded on a mini-truck."

Aug 14

'Cat Aficionado' Harassed by New York Town, Lawsuit Claims
"A Long Island woman is claiming in a federal lawsuit that she was
bullied by the town of Huntington because she rescues stray cats.
Barbara Rizzi and her attorney, Steven A. Morelli, maintain that
Huntington's actions violated her First and Fourteenth Amendment
rights to freedom of expression and equal treatment under the law."

PETA calls for policy review after police dog death
"At least eight other police dogs have died of heat exhaustion after
being left in squad cars across the United States in 2015, according
to news reports and the Officer Down Memorial Page, which tracks law
enforcement deaths."

Federal horse, burro adoption event designed to help manage population

'Bird man of Elliott' criticized for trapping pigeons in downtown Pittsburgh

Man wanted on 13 felony counts of animal cruelty turns himself in to authorities
"GRANT COUNTY, Okla. -- The man accused of 13 felony counts of animal
cruelty turned himself in to authorities Friday, according to the
Grant County Sheriff's Office."

SPCA Malta welcomes Animal Welfare's position on Santa Marija Horse
Races in Gozo

Government defends massacre of 61 whales which saw bloodshed in the sea
"Five Sea Shepherd environmental activists were arrested as they tried
to stop the traditional slaughter in shocking scenes that left shallow
waters awash with blood in drive hunts known as the grindadráp."

Will Protests and Donations Save the Chimps of 'Monkey Island'?

Animal rights protesters aim to rein in Siena's Palio horse race
"Horses have been raced bareback through the Italian city's streets
for hundreds of years, but activists have won permission to rally
against the event"

Downton Abbey star to open Hitchin charity vegan shop _open_hitchin_charity_vegan_shop_1_4194171
"Peter Egan, who played the Marquess of Flintshire in the hit show,
will be opening the doors to The Dr Hadwen Trust -- the UK's leading
non-animal medical research charity -- at 16 Churchyard tomorrow -- to
sell items not derived from animals."

Food, compassion rule at Sunday's VeganFest
"ASHEVILLE -- Asheville is a haven for the animal product-free set.
PETA, an authority on such matters, has called Asheville one of the
most vegetarian-friendly cities in the country."

How the Plant-Fueled Trucker Saved His Job and His Life
"But when DOT gets after you because you're fat, that becomes an even
bigger issue. I'm a truck driver, and I don't want to do nothing else.
With the issue of sleep apnea and them getting tougher on physicals
and blood pressure, I knew I had to do something."

Vegan Millennium lacks precision in preparations and flavors
"Tucker and Bagby have gone from a fairly traditional and elegant
dining room in San Francisco's Hotel California to a more casual
industrial space, and it feels as if they tried to adapt the cuisine
to the more organic surroundings. The presentations have become less

Adelaide's best vegan and vegetarian dishes: here's where you'll find
25 of our favourite dishes

Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion Lied About Killing a Black Bear
Illegally in 2006 and Apparently Offered $20,000 in 'Aggressive
""As soon as the bear was killed, Palmer and the three guys he was
with -- guides -- they agreed they would lie about it," Vaudreuil told
"20/20," which also obtained photos from the Wisconsin Department of
Fish and Wildlife of the bear hunt."

Animal rights activist responds to owner who thinks it's better for
kids to watch bulls die than to see gay Pride
"Bullfighting is the glorification of torture -- plain and simple."

Stella McCartney to Stop Using Patagonian Wool Over Animal-Rights Concerns

NHRC says human rights should weigh above animal rights, calls for a debate
"National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) has taken suo motu cognizance
of media reports on the stray dog menace and observed that "prima
facie, it is of the view that Human Rights should weigh above animal
rights in a situation where human lives are at risk due to attack by
animals. However, this calls for a debate by the civil society.""

Costa Blanca local paper upsets animal rights fans
"The article, which was about a famous Spanish bullfighter appearing
at Benidorm's bullring was placed near to adverts for PEPA Animal
Charity and Paes animal welfare's conference."

Tuscany's historic Palio horse race to face protests 11803486/Tuscanys-historic-Palio-horse-race-to-face-protests.html
"Siena's famous Palio horse race will face organised protests for the
first time this weekend, as rights campaigners argue the event is
cruel to horses"

Vegan Diet Makes 300-Lb. NFL Lineman Faster, Stronger, And Pain-Free
"Last year Carter weighed 285 lbs. (84 kg) and was consuming jugs of
milk and ice cream shakes to get back to 300 lbs. That is when he saw
a documentary on veganism that explained why dairy consumption can
result in tendonitis, according to Medical Daily. So the next day he
started his vegan diet."

Vegan Scene: Westside's First Completely Vegan Shop, Event Space Lands In Venice
"Rebecca, the owner and founder of Vegan Scene on Main Street, caters
to every circle of vegans and veg-curious for her 100 percent animal
product-free and cruelty-free retail and event space, along with
on-trend cooking, and fitness classes."

Vegan cosmetic brand 'Votre' to soon launch products
""Votre", a vegan, animal testing-free cosmetic brand, which was
launched in Goa, is now heading for a string of product launches in
other Tier-1 and -2 cities across the country, a top company official

Aug 13

Have We Been Lied To? (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

Animal Rights Group Protests At Williamson County Fair
"Members of the group Nashville Animal Advocacy said they have
concerns about a show called "Tiger Talks" which has featured a
husband and wife training team and their six Bengal tigers."

Animal Rights Group Sticks Up for Undercover Videos Exposing Planned
Parenthood Selling Babies
Undercover videos critical to exposing abuse: Column
"Last week, a federal judge echoed this sentiment when he struck down
Idaho's "ag-gag" law, which legislators imposed to single out and
punish whistle blowers at agricultural facilities."

Animal Rights Activists to Protest Inside Berkeley Starbucks

Grizzly bear euthanized after DNA proves she killed hiker

WATCH: Confederate flag waving pig wrestlers toss animal rights
activist over a fence
"Before the evening was over, the protesters briefly shut down the pig
wrestling attraction. Video of the confrontation showed one of the pig
wrestlers tossing an animal activist over a fence and out of the pig
wrestling cage. Another protester was reportedly shoved.
"Jones noted that the men could face assault charges for attacking the

McMahon wants the D.A.'s office to address animal abuse michael_mcmahon_proposes_plan.html
"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Surrounded by dogs and their owners, district
attorney candidate Michael McMahon Thursday stood in Silver Lake Park
and proposed a multi-part plan for the D.A.'s office to protect
animals from abuse and prosecute those who commit the crimes."

NYC pet stores now must have sprinklers to protect animals from fires
"After being spurred by several pet shop fires in New York City, the
stores will be required to have sprinklers to protect their animals."

Protesters attend animal abuse hearing for K-9 handling officer
"Carlton, MN ( - A Ramsey County K--9 handler, accused of
animal abuse, appeared in Carlton County Court today."

Group protests Tyson Foods animal treatment at Greensboro shopping center

Morrissey Accuses Prince Harry Of Being A 'Passionate Animal Killer'

PETA animal cruelty video prompts probe by apparel maker Patagonia
"Aug 13 Animal rights activists released video on Thursday of farm
workers in Argentina slashing lambs with knives, prompting outdoor
clothing maker Patagonia Inc to apologize and launch an investigation
into the practices of one of its suppliers."

Victorian greyhound racing trainers 'feeling angry, bullied' by
surprise welfare checks
"Animal Welfare officers reported a trainer allegedly fired a gun and
attempted to assault them during an unannounced inspection on the
man's property at Rosedale, east of Melbourne.
"Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) stepped up its inspections of
trainers and owners after a Four Corners program earlier this year
uncovered the use of live baits to "blood" racing dogs."

13 things I learned going vegan for a month

I'm Coming Out: Spilling the (Soya) Beans on Being Vegan | Emma Sinclair
"Thankfully, there are a few things that make my vegan life a bit
easier. Happy Cow and Planteaters are the daddy of gastronomic apps.
Press a button and hoards of vegan friendly eateries magically appear.
Christmas in Cancun: Business trips to Basil: Meetings in Manchester?
I find culinary havens wherever I travel."

Anna-Loka: a new 100% vegan Cardiff cafe that even meat-eaters will love
"Crowdfunding can go a long way. In this case, it's made it possible
for Adam El Tagoury, the owner of the sadly now defunct Cafe Atma, to
open up Cardiff's first and only completely vegan cafe."

Neighborhood Eats: Señor Veggie
"Jose Cruz, a French trained chef, recalls the couple being San
Antonio's first vegan caterers."

Cheese Plate PDX Goes Vegan; Closes Food Cart Sunday
"Cheese Plate PDX in its current form may be finished, Dickison and
Rumrill have plans to open an all-plant-based restaurant and deli, Of
Roots and Blooms."

Chimps-have-human-rights lawyer gets nation's first animal-law 'professorship'
"The University of Denver is one step closer to unleashing a real
Planet of the Apes. Its law school recently created aprofessorship
devoted to animal rightsthrough a "generous gift" from the Animal
Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)."

Rock County Sheriff Investigates Luverne Animal Cruelty Allegations
"LUVERNE, MN - The Rock County Sheriff's office says they will be
investigating allegations of animal mistreatment at a Luverne hog
breeding facility after video surfaced showing alleged animal

PETA Wants Federal Investigation Into SeaWorld Orlando

One of Cecil's cubs is killed by rival male after the lion was
slaughtered last month - sparking fears remaining survivors have just
DAYS to live

Animal rights group take to the skies in battle to protect seals
against marksmen
"Sea Shepherd UK are waging war on individuals who they allege have
killed seals to protect salmon stocks."

Be a FARE WELL Founder
"DC's first veggie-centric bakery + diner + bar, a local spot for
comforting everyday fare"

There's nothing fishy about the vegan 'sushi' from Postmodern Foods
""In general, I try not to imitate meat products," said Hicks, who
started Postmodern in 2012 with experience at vegan businesses
including Sticky Fingers, Elizabeth's Gone Raw and Soupergirl. (She
also trained at New York's Natural Gourmet Institute.) "I really try
to focus on what the food is and creating flavor profiles.""

The Wackiest Lunch in NYC Is an Art Project Vegan Rice Bowl
"Chi-So NYC is a bento rice jar project started by artist/DJ Kiki
Kudo, an unexpected chef who pulls inspiration from Japanese tradition
and outside cultures to make these colorful portable meals. (The name
means "earth layers" in Japanese.) That's also where any normality
ends, because everything about Chi-So delightfully makes no sense,
which is how it's become the coolest, weirdest lunch option downtown."

Vegan Black Metal Chef Crowd Funding The "Seitanic Spellbook"

Hull to stage Vegan Festival -- but carnivores are welcome!

Aug 12

Animal advocacy group targets cat and dog research using novel
crowdsourcing campaign
"Using an unusual crowdsourcing technique to generate hundreds of
public records requests, an animal advocacy group claims it has
uncovered evidence that an Ohio State University (OSU) lab has
violated National Institutes of Health (NIH) rules concerning the use
of dogs in biomedical research."
"The animal advocacy group, the Los Angeles--based Beagle Freedom
Project (BFP), was founded in 2010 to encourage laboratories to adopt
out their beagles, the most popular dog breed used in biomedical
research. But the organization eventually expanded its scope to all
dogs and cats, launching its "Identity Campaign" in March of this

Animal advocacy group plans protest of tiger act at WillCo Fair Thursday
"Tricia Lebkuecher is one of the leaders of Nashville Animal Advocacy,
along with Amy Pruett. Lebkuecher said Wednesday she wants people to
know that there are tigers being used for entertainment purposes at
the fair, "because that is an issue for a lot of people.""

Mom Takes On Circus' Animal-Rights Stance
"Now Melanie Sloan claims statements Soul Circus - which operates
UniverSoul Circus - made in support of animal rights are a sham, and
has teamed with PETA to file a class action complaint against the
circus for violations of consumer protection laws."

Army says nay to 700 feral horses roaming Louisiana base army_says_nay_to_700_feral_hor.html
"The officials are trying to find a way to deal with the approximately
700 "trespass horses," and are holding a meeting Thursday to hear
input from residents and animal rights groups, among others."

Pig Wrestling Draws Protestors At Utah County Fair

#WorldElephantDay sparks controversy
"One of the top trending hashtags on twitter Wednesday was
#WorldElephantDay, gaining traction from animal rights activist
organizations like PETA, who tweeted against the captivity of

Animal welfare group wants cruelty charges against hog farm
"An animal welfare group called on prosecutors Tuesday to file
criminal charges against workers and managers at a Minnesota hog farm,
saying its undercover investigation documented 36 specific violations
of the state's animal cruelty laws -- backed up by graphic video

Gruesome footage exposes chicks being shredded alive and left to
suffocate in bin liners
"Warning: Video contains scenes some may find distressing.
Whistleblower goes undercover to film workers disposing of unwanted
"A whistleblower captured the video at a hatchery which only sells
female chicks and eggs to suppliers because the quality of their meat
and eggs are claimed to be superior. The casual worker decided to
expose the sickening cruelty because he said he felt powerless to

"They will also have the task of promoting activities that help locals
understand and respect the rights of animals according to the Law on
Animal Protection and Welfare of the State of Quintana Roo."

Vegan food restaurant Randy Radish closes vegan_food_restaurant_randy_radish_closed323
"Randy Radish, the vegan food business which started in the county
more than two years ago, has sold its food truck and will not move
into the Sterling storefront it had initially been planning."

300-Pound Vegan Bears DT David Carter Reveals His Meal Plan
"Carter opened up about his vegan diet to Luke Darby of GQ, revealing
that he made the change after he had trouble just getting out of the

Say (vegan) cheese!
"Chef Jason Sellers of Plant, whose vegan ice creams are distributed
nationally through Amy's brand, is not one to shy away from the
challenge of dairy-free cheeses. In fact, diners can order an entire
cheese plate at his all-vegan restaurant."

How to lead a vegan or vegetarian diet in the dining halls
"Luckily, at Colorado State University, which wasjust named the most
sustainable university in the nation, it is easy to pursue a meatless
or dairy-free diet."

Stephanie Prather: Move over, bacon martinis -- vegan cuisine is here to stay
"Many (omnivorous) people pity me; they think I am going without by
skipping meat. It's not at all true. Las Vegas has made huge strides
in the recent vegan food scene, but there is still much more to do to
bring us to the front of the pack."

Being vegan in meat-loving Singapore can be 'extremely alienating'
"Turning vegan in meat-loving Singapore -- and during the Hari Raya
season no less -- was the biggest hurdle for her so far, she told
Yahoo Singapore, during a recent interview at vegetarian and vegan
restaurant Create Healthy Lifestyle at Fortune Centre on Middle Road."

Juice, vegan shop proposed in Mentor's Old Village

Cafe DeLuxe owners celebrate food, health, community
"The couple harnessed vegan eating to Electric Blue Elephant, their
vegan food truck that made its Reno debut in late summer 2013.
DiLibero and Selden continue to operate the truck."

Asheville VeganFest: Come for the animals, stay for the food
"Brother Wolf Animal Rescue founder Denise Bitz has a much broader
view of what it means to be an animal lover than just rescuing dogs
and cats. "We advocate for compassion to all animals," she says,
pointing to the no-kill shelter's upcoming Asheville VeganFest as a
public exhibition of the organization's mission."

The inaugural Pittsburgh VegFest sets up on the North Side
"We want to show the thinking that being a vegan or a vegetarian isn't
convenient is out the window."

South Bend woman plans to serve fast, healthy foods from new vegan food truck
"Starting a vegan food truck has been a dream for Jessie Miles for
some time. As a vegan living and working in South Bend for the past
several years, Miles had a hard time finding interesting places to eat
-- especially fast, inexpensive ones."

UNCA students get a mini Mela on campus
""The idea is to provide hot, fresh, home-cooked meals to people on
the go," says Mela Eats operations manager Julie Loveless. "As a UNCA
alumna and a gluten-free vegan, I am well aware of the shortage of
vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options on campus. I constantly
found myself venturing out for meals that would accommodate my dietary
needs and restrictions."

The Record: Animal rights victory
"Monday, during a flurry of activity, Governor Christie signed
bipartisan legislation that will make sure those who participate and
take leading roles in organizing dogfights will be held accountable
for their actions."

Woman has charges dropped after giving up rights to pet monkey
"CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A local woman had charges dropped against her
after giving up the rights to her Rhesus Macaque Monkey on Tuesday in

Animal Activists Try To Save 11 Dogs Belonging To Animal Abuse Suspect
"The group calls themselves "Fiona's Legacy" in honor of the Presa
Canario dog that was not involved in the vicious Lincoln County
mauling of Loretta Stevens. Fiona was euthanized regardless of the
fact she was still in her cage at the time of the attack."

We couldn't save Cecil the lion, but can we save the planet?

Wildlife groups: 41 tigers died in India, South Africa rhino poaching surges
"On the heels of the killing of Cecil the lion, it would appear other
animals aren't faring well when it comes to the hands of man either."

Why World Elephant Day matters

Civil Guard applies new 'gag law' in Extremadura bull-killing case
"Dubbed a gag law by critics, it restricts where protestors can
gather, and gives courts powers to impose heavy fines and prison
sentences, as well as limiting media coverage of the police."

Hundreds of rabbits suffering lonely lives, says Scottish SPCA
"Hundreds of rabbits have been abandoned by owners bored with looking
after them, according to the Scottish SPCA ."

"Cows and sheep and pigs are being shipped from Australia to
Indonesia, from Brazil to Israel, from New Zealand to Mexico. Not for
vacation, though -- for your dinner. And apparently, you are hungry.
According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers"

Halal abattoir accused of cruelty goes into administration

The ethics of kangaroo meat
"Roo has found its way onto supermarket shelves and into high-class
restaurants. Should we be eating it?"

Animal rights groups denounce NSW surfers' call for shark cull as
'morally wrong'
"Many surfers want a partial shark cull. However, community group No
NSW Shark Cull says it's "unacceptable to cull animals that are
threatened with extinction"."

Serena Williams Adds Fashion & Racism War To Tennis, Joins Venus
Williams On Vegan Autoimmune Diet [Video]
"Williams relies on a cookbook, Eat Yourself Sexy, by chef Lauren Von
Der Pool, who also works with the tennis star to help her stay on
track with her diet.
""The cookbook has all these raw meals, green juices, and smoothies.
For me, 'green' used to mean 'yuck.' But I've incorporated a lot of
raw things in my diet this year," added the tennis player. "Our chef,
Lauren Von Der Pool, travels with us because I try to eat really

Walk the Vegan Vine with STL Veg Girl
"Robust Wine Bar will host the "Vegan Vine" dinner, featuring vegan
plates paired with wines from around the world. STL Veg Girl Caryn
Dugan will team up with Robust Chef Joseph Hemp."

To Go Vegan or Not: Pros and Cons Decoded
"What emerged as a pop culture diet from the West a few years back has
found a strong holding among many Indians today. From wellness
enthusiasts, to celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez and R Madhavan,
everyone who's walked these vegan shores have a lot to rave about it.
Health benefitsaside, this diet is more of a lifestyle choice. Respect
for animals and nature are the strong core values of this diet."

20 of Cleveland's best vegetarian-friendly restaurants (photos)‏ of_clevelands_best_vegetari.html
"For many years, eateries catered to carnivores or vegetarians --
rarely both. But the rise in the culinary scene and vegetarianism has
made restaurants expand menus that appeal to all diners and diets."

'Chicken' soup for the soul: All-vegan Burrowing Owl charms a carnivore
"All bars offer some level of respite from the sharp edges of the
world, but few confront the spiritual aspects like the Burrowing Owl.
... First, there's the all-vegan menu, maybe the first in the Springs,
which is also almost entirely organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free."

He makes vegan food convenient, and a business is born
"Windsor chef Vic Robinson discovered his love of cooking when he was
a teenager and became involved in Maine's punk rock scene. "The punk
and hardcore community is very vegan-friendly," said Robinson, 35.
"There are a lot of politics that are left-leaning, a lot of
compassionate ideas.""

Aug 11

Costco CEO Fires Back Amid Caged Egg Billboard
"The Humane Society of the United States is now taking their fight a
step further by showcasing the graphic footage of hens allegedly being
mistreated in the center of Times Square. And Costco's CEO Craig
Jelinek tells that they are being unfairly targeted."

Minnesota hog farm suspends 7 over animal abuse video

Cat found zip-tied by Westfield River expected to make recovery
"The cat rescued from the bank of Westfield River after being found
with its paws zip-tied together is expected to make a healthy
recovery, after fears that the ordeal could have forced the amputation
of her left front leg."

Arizona Puppy Mill Law: Dogs, Cats In Phoenix Animal Shelters Cannot
Be Raised By Commercial Breeders, Judge Rules

3 Tips for Well-Intentioned Readers about Cecil the Lion & Wildlife in
Africa Via Haridev Kaur
"As a former dental patient of Walter Palmer and wildlife management
researcher in southern Africa and now a Kundalini yoga teacher, I
found myself sitting enmeshed within this story with a unique and
complex perspective."

More S Korean pet owners abandon animals during vacation season

Animal activist Louis Ng may be fielded in Nee Soon
"TODAY reports: Mr Louis Ng, 37, the founder of wildlife rescue group
Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), has been
helping out in Chong Pang ward since 2008."

Indian-origin man Britain's animal welfare ambassador

Can Eating Meat Be Ethical?
"This is the first in a four-part series on the philosophical defenses
of eating animals. The arguments presented here are arguments made
within the utilitarian framework. Naturally, many philosophers and
animal advocates reject utilitarianism in favor of a rights-based (or
other) framework. Accordingly, the second column in this series will
explore how philosophers have challenged animal rights arguments in a
way that might clear room for eating animals ethically."

Doctor's column: Why don't doctors tell patients to go vegan?

Vegan Gourmet Bakery Cinnaholic set to Open 25 Locations
"Cinnaholic has risen to fame since owners Shannon and Florian Radke
pitched their brand on the ABC hit TV show Shark Tank a little over a
year ago. Since then the business that entices the customer to create
their own custom cinnamon roll from a selection of 30 different
flavors and toppings, has been working hard on building up its
franchise business."

Food Column: Feast on vegan delights at VegFest
"This summer, Pittsburgh joins Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore.,
Austin, Texas, and other metro areas in staging a blend of fun and
activism known as VegFest. Justice for Animals, a new organization on
the animal-rights scene in Pittsburgh, will stage the event from 11
a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 22 at Allegheny Commons East Park on the North

Vegan Diner and Bar to Arrive on H Street Corridor This Fall
"A diner-style vegan restaurant from the owner of Sticky Fingers
bakery in Columbia Heights is slated to come to the H Street corridor
in the coming months.
"Fare Well is expected to open at 406 H St. NE sometime this fall. But
an exact date hasn't been set yet, owner Doron Petersan said today."

Brendan Brazier Explains How to Make Your Ride and Life Healthier with
a Vegan Diet | Bicycling
"People don't need to eat completely raw, but when some foods get
cooked and denatured, they are not as useful to your body. Raw is
good, but simple, unprocessed, basic foods are more important. Items
like quinoa or sprouted bread aren't raw, but they are basic and
simple, clean nutrition. Eat mindfully with a purpose, before and
after workouts. Eat for what you want to achieve."

Ellie Goulding reveals the intense fitness regime and vegan diet
that's transformed her body, skin and lifestyle

What's the Best Vegan Protein Powder?
"Beyond protein, plant-based powders are packed with probiotics,
vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega-3s, and green powders, says Sharon
Palmer, RDN"

Valley View Kennel: the puppy mill with a family-friendly front
"But the Haags don't want you to see where they breed the dogs or the
conditions in which they're raised. For good reason. The family
operates one of Minnesota's largest commercial dog-breeding

Pamela Anderson to Work with Russian Officials on Animal Rights

Australian industry plans calving induction phase-out, looking to
avoid animal welfare scrutiny

Animal event in Cheltenham cancelled after complaints
"A children's event featuring animals has been called off after
organisers were "bombarded" with animal rights activists' complaints."

Do animal lovers need to be vegan?
"Vet Pete Wedderburn questions the ethics of whether it is possible to
be a meat-eating animal lover"

From Vienna Sausages to vegan
"Recently I had the opportunity to speak with cookbook author Dreena
Burton about her Newfoundland roots and living a vegan lifestyle.
(She's a distant cousin, although I didn't know that until I got to
speak to her.)
Dreena has been a vegan for almost 20 years, and in that time has
written five bestselling cookbooks charting her journey as a
plant-powered cook and at-home mother of three. Her newly released
cookbook "Plant-Powered Families: Over 100 Kid-Tested, Whole-Foods
Vegan Recipes" is a must read and valuable addition for any kitchen."

If You Can Be Vegetarian in Iceland, You Can Be Vegetarian Anywhere
"Piper is vegetarian and I eat a lot of vegan food because I'm dairy
free, so we approached our trip optimistically looking for vegan and
vegetarian options at every opportunity."

Vegan Bites That One-Up Raw Meat
"Vegan foods are becoming more popular thanks to their convenience,
she says, and foods made without meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy and
other animal ingredients "can be acceptable to a wider range of
people," plus they meet the criteria for heart healthy or diabetic

Bar Bombón: Vegan Latin flavors on a Rittenhouse corner
"Menu, all vegan as at Marquis' other restaurants, will include Puerto
Rican empanadas (from her mom's side), arepas (inspired by Marquis'
aunt and uncle in Venezuela), and tacos ("because everything is better
on tortillas," she said)."

Aug 10

D.C.'s first cat café becomes hotspot for animal adoptions

Lesniak Wants to End Shipment of Endangered 'Trophy' Animals to N.J.
"The case of Cecil the Lion, where American dentist Walter Palmer shot
the animal dead in Africa, set the internet ablaze with many calling
for prosecution of the animal's killer. Now, on the heels of that
case, state Senator Raymond Lesniak has called for bills (S-3146 and
S-3416) that would prohibit the possession and transport of endangered
animals into ports under Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
jurisdiction. Bill S-3416 also expands existing legislation to include
more animals like the African lion as protected species."

MN hog farm suspends 7 employees after animal rights investigation
"A farming operation based in southwestern Minnesota has suspended
seven employees after an undercover investigation by an animal rights
group at the company's hog farming facilities."

Missoula City Council backs down on banning wild, exotic animals

Animal rights activists protest Tyson Foods practices

Another death at elephant center founded with Disney ties

Humane Society ups PR ante in battle with Costco
"Starting Monday, the animal welfare group will broadcast graphic
footage of hens allegedly being mistreated at a Pennsylvania supplier
of eggs to Costco on a 1,700 square-foot billboard in Times Square."

Animal welfare ruling: impact on US meat industry

"US animal rights organisations have claimed a victory as so-called
'ag-gag' laws have been ruled unconstitutional by a judge."

Hamptons Film Fest Adds Social Justice Themes To Signature Programs
"The Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) has added new
signature categories for its upcoming run with the Compassion, Justice
& Animal Rights program, which will provide filmmakers the opportunity
to advocate social justice issues and animal rights."

Dogs euthanized after attack, group fights for other animals

"The Free Fiona Facebook page plans to keep fighting. They say this is
about all animals who are abused in Kentucky and are planning to
protest the judge who gave the order."

Maneka Gandhi's books on animal rights should be part of law school
curriculum: Gowda to Bar Council
"In a letter to Bar Council of India Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra,
Union Law Minister Sadananda Gowda has recommended to books written by
his cabinet colleague Maneka Gandhi on animal rights in the curriculum
of law schools and colleges. Mr. Gowda wasreportedly reacting to
letters from Gandhi, highlighting lack of awareness about animal
welfare laws."

Meatless Monday: Bon Appetit -- Julia Child, Dan and Annie Shannon and
"Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking" | Ellen Kanner

Walls Up at College of Charleston's Kosher/Vegan/Vegetarian Dining Hall

Juice bar trend comes to Midtown Fort Collins

Steve-O Arrested After Climbing Crane in Hollywood in Apparent Protest
Against SeaWorld

Protest against animals held in captivity outside Twycross Zoo
"Representatives from Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) held a
demonstration outside the zoo to highlight their concern for captive

Q&A With World Peace Yoga's Anna Ferguson and Vegan Chef Mark Stroud

Creator of 'Earthlings' looks at bigger picture in 'Unity'

Why Being Rejected On Shark Tank Was The Best Thing For My Startup
"Being on the show made me realize we were sending too many messages.
We had the whole natural and vegan theme and the bar theme. The Sharks
noticed that it was too much. You can only get one sticky message out

Ames expands dietary options for vegan, vegetarian students
"The Ethical Eating Club on campus is a source for students who are
interested in ethical, sustainable, vegan and vegetarian diets."

Aug 9

Miami Beach mayor, South Florida leaders call for orca's release from
Miami Seaquarium

28 California colleges, universities have 'restrictive' protest,
demonstration policies
"In the settlement, the university agreed to revise its policies and
pay student Nicolas Tomas $35,000 in damages and attorney's fees. The
24-year-old nutrition major had been handing out pamphlets advocating
a vegan lifestyle and attacking the treatment of farm animals.
According to Tomas, he mostly worked the sidewalks between the
university's parking garage and the main campus, where he would see
most of those coming or going from campus."

Backyard chicken rescuer tries to seed compassion for birds
"But Grillo is attempting to do something more than save a few
chickens from a catastrophic end. He's using the rescues as marketing
device, trying to foster widespread compassion for an animal he says
is largely underappreciated and mistreated."

Human foosball replaces pig rassle
"The parish started the new tradition after controversy befell the
long-running pig rassle, which had been the highlight of the
Stephensville Roundup for decades. Global Conservation, a
Watertown-based animal-rights group, protested during the 2014 event.
The group claimed pigs were "punched in the face, kicked,
body-slammed, jumped on, yelled at and thrown into a bucket.""

27 dogs, puppies rescued by WNY animal group
"Pilots N Paws flew to Ohio and West Virginia to rescue the animals
from high kill shelters and abusive situations."

How far will India's dog-lovers go to save strays?

'Remove the animals': Ottawa protesters gather outside circus

Festival du cochon in Canada where you catch GREASED pigs to toss in barrels

Sports Bra Saves German Cyclist and Sets Off Debate Over Hunting
"The cyclists had unwittingly headed into an area where a wild boar
hunt was under way when they heard rifle fire and the woman felt a
sharp pain in her chest...."
""The incident in Gadebusch shows once again that when there is
hunting, there is danger for every living thing nearby -- whether human
or animal," said Vanessa Reithinger, PETA Germany's technical officer
for wild animals."

Cara Delevingne auctions watch for animal conservation team
"The catwalk beauty is now taking action by selling off her worn TAG
Heuer watch on auction website to raise money for researchers
at Britain's Oxford University's WildCRU, or Wildlife Conservation
Research Unit, who were studying Cecil for years before his death."

Is there a moral case for meat?

Long Valley doctor uses farm, food to heal
""I don't like to say vegan, because vegan doesn't necessarily
indicate a healthful food," he said. "Potato chips are vegan. Jelly
beans are vegan. That's why we like to say eat a plant-based,
whole-foods diet, or a diet of unrefined whole-plant foods.""

Malia's Cafe channels inner veggie lover in diners 09/malias-cafe-oceancity/31372175/

The Spot: Vietnam Restaurant
"The Vietnamese community had dwindled with an exodus to the suburbs,
but the University of Pennsylvania was making improvements, and the
area became a hotbed of veganism. Benny seized on this and shifted his
market's focus away from Asian retail goods and more toward prepared
food. He began selling tofu Vietnamese hoagies - banh mi - which
quickly developed a rabid fan base."
"...I noticed there was a big vegan community forming, so I put
together a banh mi with tofu. At first we went through one bucket of
tofu every 2 days; now we go through 12 times that much. The people
who make the tofu for me, in Chinatown, always ask, "What are you
doing, giving it away?""

Carrie Underwood, No Makeup Needed, Gets Her Post-Pregnancy Glow On
With Workout & Vegan Diet [Photos]

Couple accused of pouring scalding hot water on dog resulting in
serious injuries
"Officers say through the investigation, it was determined Broadbent
lied to officers and encouraged her children to do the same."

On International Cat Day, CNY celebrates dogs at Canine Carnival (photos, video) international_cat_day_cny_celebrates_dogs_at_jamesville_canine _carnival_photo.html

Cecil the lion's death a flash point for a better relationship with Earth
"The baiting, luring, killing and beheading of Cecil, the renowned
13-year-old lion, for a Minnesota dentist's trophy, has proven to be
one such flash point."

Cecil's Pride and Joy: Researchers say the cubs will be fine
"Brent Staplekamp, who works for the Hwange Lion Research Project was
the last man to have caught and collared Cecil for study, last
November. He was also one of the people who confirmed that Cecil's
brother, Jericho, is still alive, despite reports to the contrary last

Is India Selling Out Its Tigers?

Culling of stray dogs invites wrath of activists
"In a complaint lodged at the Peramangalam police station, Sachin
Stalin, an activist, alleged that ten dogs were killed at Adattu, near
Kendriya Vidyalaya, by local residents two days back."

Concern for dogs in KMC custody
"KOLKATA: Dog lovers, animal rights activists and NGOs are making a
beeline for the Kolkata Municipal Corporation headquarters to demand
action against a section of civic employees who are responsible for
the drowning of two dozen strays at Dhapa dog pound during last week's

Higher egg costs cut into profits; many N.J. businesses reluctant to
raise prices
"Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, a Rutherford-based vegan bakery, does not use
|any egg in its products. According to co-owner Jake Vance, the
business has seen a slight spillover from customers reacting to rising
prices at other local bake shops. "We've heard some people mention
it," |he said. "It's kind of indirectly benefiting us.""

Local couple manufactures soaps and cleaners from nontoxic ingredients
"Lion Bear sells six base products with different scents: the Every
Thing Cleaner, Face and Hand Soap, Head to Toe body wash, Nuttin But
Suds soap, Dish Powder, and Laundry Powder. All of its products are
billed as nontoxic, vegan and nut-free."

Aug 8

Repulsed by Animal Cruelty, Attendance (and Profits) at SeaWorld Plummet
"Since the 2013 release of Blackfish, a bombshell documentary exposing
animal cruelty at SeaWorld, the aquatic theme park has lost increasing
levels of both profits and visitors, reporting an 84 percent plunge in
net income in just three months."

U.S. Parks Service: Hold Your Horses On Roundup
"The Tonto National Forest is backing off on a plan to round up dozens
of wild equine. In a statement, Tonto supervisor Neil Bosworth said
they will take another approach to managing the growing population of
strays in the forest."

Bear hunt brings fiscal windfall
"Tens of thousands of dollars poured into state coffers during the
first four days of bear hunting license sales in Florida."

Exotic animals thrive on ranches in Texas, Oklahoma

Cecil the lion's killer paid California $45,000 at auction to bag trophy elk

Zimbabwe prosecutors: We're waiting on the police
"Zimbabwe still plans to ask the U.S. to extradite the Twin Cities
big-game hunter who shot the famed African lion Cecil, but not until
the police send over charges, an official of the African nation said

Amidst Protests Over Culling, Kerala Starts Sterilisation Drive for Stray Dogs

Affordable vegan vacation tips
"Keeping your travels cruelty free is no small feat. Hidden dairy,
eggs and animal-tested hygiene products stocked in your hotel room of
choice are just a few of the pitfalls vegan vacationers need to tiptoe
around on a regular basis. Following are a handful of strategies to
try during your next getaway."

Aug 7

Moving Beyond the "Ag" In "Ag-Gag" -- the Next Wave of
Anti-Whistleblower Legislation? | Molly Knobler
"Recruited by animal welfare group Compassion Over Killing, Radig
collected video evidence of employees at Quanah Cattle Company in
Colorado routinely abusing newborn calves. But when she turned it over
to the Sherriff's office, Radig was the one arrested on charges of
animal cruelty (for supposedly taking too long to report what she
found). It was only after a huge public outcry that the charges
against her were dropped (as was Colorado's ag-gag bill)."

Exposing abuse of farm animals

Florida Hunting License Sales Indicate Hunters May Outnumber Bears,
Creating Possible Extinction Hazard

VIDEO: Protest targets Puppies & Kittens owner
"Animal rights activists and customers who said they were sold sick
and dying puppies protested outside American Breeders: Puppies &
Kittens in Wappingers Falls Friday evening with a common goal -- to
shine a light on charges of animal cruelty brought against the store's

Pet store draws scorn from animal rights advocates
"Alan Braslow and other area activists have been picketing Pat's Pups
pet store at Saw Mill Village shopping center on Route 70 since the
store's opening July 16."

Measure would ban sale of cats and dogs in Jacksonville Beach
"The City Council there is now considering a proposal to ban the
retail sale of dogs and cats and pet stores. It is getting strong

Activists call for Walter Palmer's extradition at second protest
"Animal rights protestors called for Walter Palmer's extradition from
the 46th Street overpass of Interstate 35W in Minneapolis Friday
"This is the second protest organized by the Animal Rights Coalition
in response to Cecil's killing. Dr. Walter Palmer has received
worldwide criticism since The Daily Telegraph revealed more than a
week ago that he had shot the lion. Palmer has since closed his dental
office in Bloomington and retreated from the public eye."

Animal Rights Group Differs with Demonization of Killers of Cecil, Other Lions

South Africa, Namibia criticize airline ban on trophies

Spanish activists see red over bullfights as tide starts to turn
"An animal rights organisation, Pacma, has filed a complaint, alleging
that the killing of the bull broke the law."

Fake wool from slaughterhouse waste: Novel solution or 'creepy?'
"Animal activists are trying to unravel the yarn spun by Swiss
scientists who are spinning slaughterhouse waste in a possible
cashmere replacement."

N.B. 'pig scramble' has animal rights group squealing

Vegans protest Whole Foods: 'Humane is not the same as good'

Venus Williams talks about parenting and 'cheagan'/vegan
"G: You embraced a vegan diet after you were diagnosed with Sjögren's
syndrome, an autoimmune disease. Tell me about life as a vegan.
"V: "I'm cheagan.""

Can you buy a car if you're a vegan?
"It's something that will never cross the minds of the vast majority
of people, but in actual fact it's virtually impossible to buy a car
that's 100 per cent vegan-friendly."

Eating vegetarian is worth it, morally responsible
"The Ripe Cuisine food truck is Houston's only all-vegan food truck
that offers seasonal and locally-sourced food with plenty of options
for every meal."

The Golden Age of the Veggie Burger

If a Vegan Diet can Power a NFL Defensive Lineman, can Plants Power
You too?, by David Carter
"How can a 300lb pro football player maintain muscle mass on a plant
based diet? David Carter, defensive lineman in the NFL, shares his top
4 tips for how he stays strong."

Video shows arsonist torching popular BK restaurant Strictly Vegetarian: police

How Crossroads Kitchen Managed to Pull Off a Vegan Seafood Tower

New locally owned coffee shop will include vegan pastries
"Expected to open in mid-September, Jason Taylor will focus on the
coffee part of the business. Sweet Sugar Vegan, his wife Tasneem
Brown's bakery, will provide pastries."

Editorial: Animal abuse whistle-blowers, not criminals

Animal Rights Group to Deliver 150,000 Petition Signatures to Tyson Foods

Mom Lindsay Holiday's crusade against a Minnesota puppy mill

Shocking footage shows a giant whale shark being sawed into pieces and
sold at a Chinese market while STILL ALIVE

A vegan venture...
"Entrepreneur, Paralympic skier and restaurateur Heather Mills
launched VBites vegan restaurant in Brighton five years ago. She's
created vegan substitutes for burgers, hot dogs, bacon and more,
allowing the 'transitional carnivore' a nutritional and ethical taste
of the food they crave, while bringing innovative vegan food to a
wider audience"

Jill Milan Announces Line of Vegan Coats and Jackets for Fall/Winter 2015

Aug 6

Animal rights activists plan protests for Shrine Circus in Ottawa
"A PETA spokesperson confirmed the organization is teaming up with
Ottawa Against Circus Cruelty to protest the Shrine Circus, which will
be at the RA Centre Aug. 7-9."

Lawsuit against private Manchester zoo going to trial
"CEDAR RAPIDS -- A federal-court decision later this fall could
determine whether the owners of a private Manchester zoo can keep some
of their animals."

Mink farm attacked
"The Canadian Mink Breeders Association is offering $100,000 for
information that leads to conviction of animal rights activists blamed
for breaking into two Ontario mink farms this year. "

This heartbreaking viral image will make you NEVER want to visit a zoo again

Comparing Lions to Factory Farmed Chickens Is Pro-Human Bigotry

The world's largest animal sacrifice declares end to mass killing
"Leaders of the Gadhimai Temple in Nepal have announced they will not
permit the slaughter of any animals at the Gadhimai festival, the
world's bloodiest animal-sacrifice event, which has been held every
five years for the past 265 years."

WATCH: Brooklyn Arsonist Sets Popular Vegan Restaurant on Fire
"A video released on Thursday afternoon by the NYPD shows the moment
that Strictly Vegetarian Restaurant -- one of Brooklyn's best-loved
vegan joints -- went up in flames during the wee hours of July 23."

Champion of vegan lifestyle at Roberts Creek VegFest
"Baur -- author of the new book Living the Farm Sanctuary Life -- helped
found the sanctuary out of his conviction that raising animals to kill
and eat them is unneccesary and unethical. He was famously dubbed the
"conscience of the food movement" by Time Magazine for his devotion to
protecting animals and promoting the vegan lifestyle."

Maoz Vegetarian Restaurant Becomes Kosher-Certified Again
"In fact, the restaurant's offerings are very close to vegan, but he
said he can't bear to rid the restaurant of one of his customers'
favorite non-vegan sauces: the garlic mayonnaise."

SeaWorld earnings plunge on lower attendance

Cecil the lion backlash will pass 'like a fart in the wind,' Alberta hunter says
""It's just a bunch of people with loudmouths, and that will go away
in a little bit," said Corey Kristoff, a big game hunting guide who
operates west of Rocky Mountain House."

Shocking moment a bull is 'illegally' executed with shotgun in front
of baying crowd on Spanish street after goring man to death
"The incident - which has left the town facing a fine which could soar
to 30,000 euros (£21,000) - has sparked outrage from animal rights
group PETA, who have denounced the pointless slaughter as an

V for Veg: Almond milk hits the big time _hits_the_big_time.html

Vegan restaurant Back2Roots Bistro opening on Main Street Thursday

Best Bets: Barbecue at Imagine Vegan Cafe

Take a Bite: Odin leads vegan mission at Satori
"Some people achieve nirvana, described as a state of bliss or peace,
through meditation. Others find it through music, or food. The latter
group might want to head to Soto Mission of Hawaii, at 1708 Nuuanu
Ave., where Satori Hawaii offers Shojin Ryori, or contemporary
Buddhist cuisine, for lunchtime bliss from noon to 2 p.m. Saturdays."

When Does Animal Rights Activism Become Extremism?
"Hazlitt calls the AETA "unprecedented in scope" and compares it to
ag-gag laws that penalize whistleblowers in the agriculture industry.
"These people are political prisoners," Hazlitt says of Buddenberg and
Kissane. "And they've already been convicted by the media.""

Filmmaker goes undercover to expose puppy mills
"Filmmaker Kim Sill of Thousand Oaks went undercover to expose the
truth behind puppy mills and produced the documentary "Saved in
America," which will run for a week, from Aug. 14 through 20, at
Regency Agoura Hills Stadium 8."

Kansas City Wants Citizen Help To Improve Animal Abuse Ordinances
"Like animal lovers and animal rights activists, city leaders are
frustrated. Responding to calls from concerned citizens, the city
animal shelter took in 3900 abused or neglected animals last year."

California bans trapping of bobcats amid protests over cruelty

Protest planned outside Wappingers Falls pet store

Animal rights activists condemn vandals who hit home of lion killer
"MARCO ISLAND, FL - Animal activists are condemning vandalism at the
house of Dr. Walter Palmer, the man who killed Cecil the lion."

Animal rights group asks Minnesota board to investigate dentist who
killed lion in Zimbabwe

Trial delayed for guide in Cecil the lion hunt

Animal activists demand an end to pig festival

UPDATED: Animal rights protest planned for Shrine Circus in Brockville
"The Ottawa Animal Defense League will conduct protests at 2:30 and 6
p.m. prior to both shows at the Brockville Memorial Centre. A news
release indicates there will be activists from Ottawa, Brockville,
Kingston and surrounding areas."

What is all this business about a goat in a cage?

Sex, lies, and eggless mayonnaise: Something is rotten at food startup
Hampton Creek, former employees say

Taste is at the root of her organic offerings
"Vegans, vegetarians and fans of gluten-free fair coexist at Tasty
Roots Organic Grab n' Go Café. Kirstin Coolman picked Davis Islands
for her cafe because she loves its small town, friendly vibe."

Vegan-friendly business Creative Nature scoops Great Taste awards for
superfood snack bars

Aug 5

With Idaho Law Gone, Attention Turns to Other "Ag-Gag" States
"Laws in Iowa, Utah, North Dakota, Missouri, Kansas and Montana have
also made it illegal for activists to smuggle cameras into industrial
animal operations. But now those laws' days could be numbered,
according to the lead attorney for the coalition of animal welfare
groups that sued the state of Idaho.
""This is a total victory on our two central constitutional claims,"
says University of Denver law professor Justin Marceau, who
represented the plaintiff, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, in the case.
"Ag-gag laws violate the First Amendment and Equal Protection Clause.
This means that these laws all over the country are in real danger.""

Should Austin ban bullhooks?
"Animal rights activists have taken a different tack this year and
have been working with the city council members on a proposal to ban
the use of bullhooks -- metal devices used to train and control

Texas's Exotic Wildlife Imports: Hot Commodities to Hunters Everywhere
"Texas is home to about 5,000 big-game hunting ranches that import
exotic wildlife from across the sea, according to an estimate from
Texas Exotic Wildlife Association Executive Director Charly Seale."

Naples taxidermist reacts to ban on shipment of trophy animals
"He's not happy about the new ban, but he said even though Delta,
United and American airlines aren't allowing trophy animal remains to
be shipped into the U.S., it won't kill his business."

Cecil the lion killer Walter Palmer's Florida vacation home vandalized

'LION Killer!' sprayed on Florida home of Twin Cities hunter
"Pigs feet made to look bloody also left in the driveway of the Marco
Island residence."

Trial due to open in Zimbabwe over Cecil the lion's death

Zimbabwe has suspended the hunting of wildlife following the death of
Cecil the lion

Dubai expat's billboard campaign to raise awareness of animal rights

Animal rights organisation against proposal to export dog meat
"Kochi, Aug 4 (PTI) An animal rights organisation today termed as
"illegal" a controversial resolution adopted by gram panchayats in a
Kerala district proposing export of dog meat to China to counter stray
dog population, saying the state government was bound to follow rules
established by the Centre in this regard."

Bears' David Carter: 300 lbs of veganism
""I was shocked. When I first started, I was, 'What the hell? I have
more energy. I'm a lot stronger than I was before.'""

Veg out at Vegan Expo
"Admission is free to the second annual Spokane Vegfest Healthy Living
Expo on Saturday."

"Edinburgh's very first Vegan Festival takes place this Saturday (read
more about it in our August foodie events guide) with talks, tastings
and treats galore taking place for vegans."

Sophia's Naturals Debuts Their Handcrafted Vegan Beard Oil Line for Men

The Line Is Already Out The Door at This New Vegan Eatery

Aug 4

Animal Rights Activists Log Big Win in Courts

Major U.S. airlines halt carrying African hunting trophies after Cecil
the Lion killing
"American Airlines AAL, says it's joining U.S. carriers Delta Air
Lines DAL, and United Airlines UAL, in banning hunting trophies from
baggage if they are from endangered species. This comes as worldwide
outrage over the killing of Cecil the Lion, Zimbabwe's most famous big
cat, by a Minneapolis dentist last month shows no sign of abating."

'Canned hunting' of lions in South Africa raises concern, debate

Guide who led Twin Cities dentist to Cecil defends his actions
"The guide who led a Minnesota dentist on the hunt that killed Cecil
the lion defended his actions Tuesday, a day before he was scheduled
to stand trial in Zimbabwe."

Air Canada bans shipments of hunting trophies after killing of Cecil the lion

Pigs gassed to death from own excrement
"The Association against Animal Factories Switzerland (VgT) has
published photos of the farm that it says shows pigs there have been

How Vegans Should Be Responding to Cecil the Lion

Vegans protest Whole Foods: 'Humane is not the same as good'

'Babe': 20 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Talking Pig Movie
"Cromwell, who was already a vegetarian, went the rest of the way and
became a strict vegan and committed animal-rights activist after

Vegging out at India Joze -- a rich piece of Santa Cruz's culinary history

United, Delta Banning Big-Game Trophies After Cecil Killing

Highlighting animal rights with art (VIDEO)

'We're not the same as animal rights groups': RSPCA wants to dispel
'myths' in farming community
"President of the RSPCA Western Australia, Lynne Bradshaw, admits the
charity has a long way to go to 'win over' the majority of farmers."

Dog meat export proposal in Kerala being countered by animal rights organisation
"An animal rights organisation on Tuesday termed as "illegal" a
controversial resolution adopted by gram panchayats in a Kerala
district proposing export of dogmeat to China to counter stray dog
population, saying the state government was bound to follow rules
established by the Centre in this regard."

Aspen Institute speaker: Go vegan to reduce Alzheimer's risk
"Dr. Neal Barnard said Monday that people who want to drastically
reduce their risk of Alzheimer's disease must go vegan. A plant-based
diet free of animal products is the cornerstone of seven guidelines
developed by Barnard and other international researchers in 2013 to
reduce the risk of Alzheimer's."

Bragg's Factory Diner Goes Entirely Vegan With New Menu
"Don't let it come as too much of a surprise that Bragg's Factory
Diner recently made the move from having both vegetarian and vegan
options to serving solely vegan fare. Dana Stern, one of the owners of
the downtown Phoenix diner tells us it's just an indication of things
rolling along according to plan."

Aug 3

Clyde's, Whole Foods overrun with meat protesters
"WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- About a hundred meat protesters stormed Whole
Foods Monday and Clyde's Sunday, chanting "it's not food, it's
"The protesters from Direct Action Everywhere occupied the
establishments for several minutes as part of their national
conference seeking animal rights."

Why we no longer idolize big game hunters
"We used to idolize those who hunted big game. Now we shame them on
social media. What happened?"
"People are becoming more educated and realize 1) we don't have enough
wildlife to kill it just for the sport and 2) there is no great skill
involved in shooting an animal in a small management area where the
animal is confined and unable to escape, which is what we see most
often on these African hunts."

Our Evolving Ethics on Animals

Chinese animal activists save 1,000 cats to be slaughtered for meat in China

Animal rights group wants puck taken out of Kerry fair
"Animal rights activists are urging organisers of this year's Puck
Fair in Killorglin, Co Kerry , "to take the live goat out of the
festival", saying tradition can never be used to expose animals to
physical and psychological damage."

VegFest attracts crowds with a message about vegan, vegetarian lifestyles
"The second annual Western New York VegFest brought floods of people
to Delaware Park on Sunday's sunny afternoon."


Living Well: My vegan week

Aug 2

Spying allegations a new headache for SeaWorld

The fur is flying in pet-people clashes in the skies
"Confrontations between pets and passengers are at their worst now,
during the dog days of summer. More pets are flying than ever, yet
only half the respondents in a recent survey say animals belong in the
passenger cabin of a commercial jet."

2 Martinsville women charged with animal cruelty
"MARTINSVILLE, Va. -- Two Martinsville women face animal cruelty
charges stemming from the discovery of neglected and dead cats in a
Police found 27 live cats and 10 dead cats inside. Some of the cats
had health problems.

Reality TV show unveils life as a trainer of animal actors
"He is bringing the motley crew to reality TV in "From Wags to Riches
with Bill Berloni," the Discovery Family Channel's first original
series, debuting next week."

A Haven From the Animal Holocaust holocaust_20150802
"The crates are delivered anonymously under the cover of darkness.
This is because those who liberate animals from factory farms are
considered terrorists under U.S. law. If caught, they can get a
10-year prison term and a $250,000 fine under the Animal Enterprise
Terrorism Act."

2nd American killed lion in illegal hunt months ago, Zimbabwe alleges

New law seeks to safeguard rights of performing animals
"TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The new Performing Animal Industry Management Act
(展演動物業設置及管理辦法) has been published and is set to come into force this month or in September."

Bulls with flaming horns are chased through the streets of a Spanish town

Aug 1

Exotic animal show raises questions
"Marta Maxwell had a very different reaction when she visited the
display. To her eye, the cages were much too small, the pacing and
lethargy were signs of stress and the whole display was appalling."

New Podcasts Explores the Ins and Outs of Animal Law

Animal rights activists calling for boycott of Abbotsford Agrifair
"Peter Fricker says the Vancouver Humane Society is pushing for the
elimination of Calf roping, steer-wrestling, and team roping."

'Cat café' for St Vincent de Paul strays vincent_de_paul_strays__#.VbzcmpNViko
"Following complaints about the treatment of stray cats at the St
Vincent de Paul elderly home, Animal Guardians NGO said it reached a
compromise agreement with the facility, which will include the
establishment of a 'cat café'"

I went vegan for 60 days - and it changed my life
"Beyoncé, Jared Leto and Mike Tyson are all fans of the vegan
lifestyle - but is giving up meat, fish and dairy good for you?
Veteran carnivore Anna Magee decided to find out"

It's a piece of cake to go vegan
"Following a vegan diet is becoming more and more commonplace, with
vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes popping up in towns and cities
across the UK."

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