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April 28

Animal cruelty campaign visits CSU campus

Norway trials 'animal rights cops'
"Norway is creating a police unit to investigate cruelty to animals,
arguing that those who hurt animals often harm people too."

VIDEO: Disfigured toucan raises awareness for animal rights

Al Gore's Climate Change Concerts Won't Commit To Being Vegan Only And
PETA Is Not Happy About It

Q&A: Collegiate vegan makes cooking simple with 'Five' ingredient meals
"Five, a cookbook with more than 50 plant-based recipes that require
only five ingredients or less. It's free for those who subscribe to
her e-mail list."
[Website: Ingredient & Under
Recipes ( and The Collegiate
Vegan Cookbook - Now Free with Email Subscription

Asheville's first vegan bar coming to the YMI

Being vegan in Central Minnesota takes effort

Gluten-Free, Vegan Comfort Food at Juniper
"Five local women blend social justice with triumphant dishes for
everyone at their new downtown food cart."


Nicobella Organics makes gluten-free, vegan chocolates
"Atlantans know they can rely on Cacaofor high-quality, fair trade
chocolate, but there's a new name in town promising truffles that are
also gluten- and soy-free. Nichobella Organics--named after founder
Nichole Dandrea and her poodle, Isabella--has partnered with Cacao for
production and sells its vegan chocolate snacks in Whole Foods

"The veteran vegetarian restaurant has been serving its meatless menu
for seventeen years."

Six must-eat vegan dishes around Wilmington

The Daily Root offers vegan options on all ASU campuses
"Political science sophomore Katherine Gross, president of VEGaware,
said she found ASU's vegan dining hall options severely lacking prior
to recent updates."

5 great vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly restaurants in Cleveland:
2015 A-List dining guide (photos)

April 25

Animal rights activists call for end to dog shootings by police
"AUSTIN -- Animal rights activists met at the Texas Capitol Saturday
in an effort to put a stop to what they feel is unnecessary shooting
of dogs by law enforcement."
"Stronger Laws For Paws"

Hundreds of activists protest against new UW animal lab
"Hundreds of animal-rights supporters marched across the University of
Washington campus Saturday and temporarily blocked streets to protest
a planned $124 million animal-research lab."

Animal rights group calls foul on laboratory monkey experiments
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW
"An Ohio based animal rights group is taking aim at a South Carolina
based laboratory that experiments on monkeys."

SeaWorld prevails over protesters
"Score one for SeaWorld, which this week prevailed in a long-running
suit claiming the San Diego theme park violated the free speech rights
of animal-rights protesters."

PETA claims victory for animal rights in demise of SeaWorld Trainer Barbie

RESCUED: 60+ animals taken from 'smelly house'
"More than sixty animals are being rehabilitated after they were
rescued from a house in north Springfield Friday afternoon. 64
Shelties and two ducks to be precise."

Animal rights activists protest against Araba Shrine Circus
"A circus act is creating controversy in Southwest Florida."

Hundreds join Animal Rights Cambridge protest and say 'there is no
excuse for animal abuse'
"Today's protest, organised by Animal Rights Cambridge, drew support
from beyond the city, with some travelling from Oxford and Leicester
just to take part."

A Place in Los Angeles for Vegans and Their Non-Vegan Friends
"LOS ANGELES -- "Let me explain why we're special," our waitress said
brightly as we sat down to dinner at the Springs, a six-month-old
"urban oasis" in this city's quickly gentrifying downtown. "You can
eat dinner -- everything is raw, vegan, organic, soy free and gluten
free -- and then have your colon cleansed right through that door!""

Why Wine Isn't Always Vegan

April 23

Mattel Dumps 'SeaWorld Trainer Barbie' After Animal Rights Backlash

Animal rights: Think outside the cage

Saving their bacon: Church pig wrestling event cancelled after animal
rights petition wrestling.event.cancelled.after.animal.rights.petition/52735.htm

Minnesota declares state of emergency over bird flu in poultry

EXODUS's STEVE 'ZETRO' SOUZA Is Standing Up For Animal Rights (Video)
"During a recent interview with Animals Australia Unleashed, vocalist
Steve "Zetro" Souza of San Francisco Bay Area metallers EXODUS has
some sound advice for any one looking to get a pet."

Animal rights bodies seek closure of monkey sterilisation centres
"Animal rights activists today demanded the closure of all seven
Monkey Sterilisation Centres (MSC) in Himachal in view of the
traumatic and cruel procedure to control their population. However,
the Wildlife wing dismissed the allegations levelled in a report
submitted to the Animal Wildlife Board of India (AWBI)."

500 animal rights activists to march in Cambridge against university
experiments and AstraZeneca HQ

"When put to the test a la a simple grilled cheese, it passes with
flying colors, melting quickly and creating a final product that looks
identical to its dairy counterpart."

PETA says vegan diet could calm woman who shot at McDonald's after
baconless burger

How dare we put together a vegan and a vegetarian?
"What happens when you mix a vegan, a vegetarian, liberal cocktails
and a dog named Rihana? Let's see how this Saturday night at
Chinatown's Zaytinya turned out for 30-year-old ethical-research
activist Ryan Merkley and 31-year-old social justice advocate Bethany

Hella Vegan Eats' new Oakland brick-and-mortar collaboration
"Chef Eric Tucker and GM Alison Bagby are moving their lauded San
Francisco vegan restaurant Millennium over to the heart of Rockridge,
where they're taking over the shuttered Box & Bells location. And now
comes word that another San Francisco vegan specialist, Hella Vegan
Eats, is crossing the bridge for a brick-and-mortar spot, too."

Dish of the Week: Vegan barbacoa sandwich at Bud's

South Lyon's Shimmy Shack food truck named in PETA's top five vegan
food trucks in the U.S.
"That list included Seed on the Go from California, V-Grits from
Kentucky, GMonkey from Connecticut, BBQ Revolution in Texas, and
Michigan's own Shimmy Shack, a food truck based in South Lyon."


2015 New York State Fair: 6 changes include later beer sales, vegan food nys_fair_6_new_things_including_later_beer_sales_vegan_food.html
"For the first time, the fair will put a vegetarian-only vendor in the
International Pavilion. The state is soliciting for a vendor now for
someone to serve vegetarian and vegan food. The fair is also looking
for a vendor to serve kosher food."

April 22

Animal rights group delivers petition to GFS signed by Pamela
Anderson, 120K others
Mercy for Animals,

Hunters post illegal kill to Instagram, get busted

Are animal rights activists behind Nosey the elephant's performance cancelation?
"FORT MYERS, Fla. - The Araba Shriners in Fort Myers still plan to
host three circus performances Friday -- without their main act."

Animal rights demonstrators protest over testing at the University of Liverpool
"Merseyside Animals Rights group say the university carried out neary
15,000 experiments on animals in 2014"

Animal rights protesters investigated by police over anti-Tory leaflets
"Stop the Cull leaflets fail strict election rules requiring them to
include the name and address of the printer, the promoter and the
person being promoted"

Police officers to be on guard for Cambridge animal rights protest

Does Bill Gates Still Believe in a Plant-Based Future?

My Vegan BBQ at the EPA, Really | Frances Moore Lappe
"Because the United States eats the most meat per capita (with one
exception: Luxembourg), and uses more than half of our cropped land
for feed and fuel, our agriculture feeds fewer people per acre than
Chinese or Indian agriculture. What a stunner, given the widespread
view of U.S agriculture as the model of efficiency."

Vegans celebrate Independence Day with meatless BBQ in Ra'anana
""With the vegan barbecue, it basically started with the fact that on
Independence Day, for almost all the vegans in Israel, there's nothing
to do," Omri Paz director of Vegan-Friendly, told The Jerusalem Post.
"Everywhere you go you need to face dead bodies of animals on

Vegan pizza and wings night raises funds for VegFest Buffalo

Vegan "Food Mall" With Bespoke Burgers Opens In Hell's Kitchen

Bend-Based Next Level Burger is Bringing its Vegan Fast Food to Portland

Little Pine Is Moby's All-Vegan Foray Into the Silver Lake Dining Scene

Dining review: Finding a vegan-friendly brewhouse in Colorado Springs

April 21

Animal rights advocates urge legal action against Harvard's New
England Primate Center

Animal rights group cheers 'big step forward' as New York judge grants
legal rights to research chimps
Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP)

Nanny cam shows graphic video of cat abuse
"SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah -- A horrific case of animal abuse in Saratoga
Springs was caught on camera and has led to one arrest."

Denmark bans bestiality in move against animal sex tourism

Animal rights activists march in support of protection law in Nicaragua

This Is the Best Vegan Restaurant in the World
"This year, San Francisco's Millennium restaurant topped our list of
The 25 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the World -- which is an amazing
feat for a restaurant that is 100 percent vegan. Beyond that, San
Francisco Magazine claims that the sophisticated and creative vegan
fare at Millennium "intrigues even the most devoted carnivores among

Domino's stockholders reject PETA proposal to add vegan options

Earth Day for vegans and vampires
"And now the Count and Countess have pushed further onto the cutting
edge. They have become the loneliest of outliers: they are vegans in
Mount Airy."

Why You Need to Become a Vegan


Small Bites: Bean Vegan Cuisine comes to Asheville

Restaurant Review: Vegan delights at the Sheraton Hotel
"The Sheraton Tel Aviv has launched a diverse new menu."

Vegan burger joint from Bend coming to S.E. 41st and Hawthorne vegan_burger_joint_from_bend_w.html
"A former U.S. Marine and private equity investor, de Gruyter opened
his Bend restaurant last summer in hopes of creating a healthier
alternative to the classic American burger joint. The menu features
"plant-based" burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.
"The food is all vegan but de Gruyter said he favors the term
"plant-based," which he said is broader, encompassing the pursuit of
plant-based foods, embraced by Bill Gates and others."

Vore to satisfy vegan, veg, GF and meaty needs
"Regarding the name, it's meant to apply as the suffix to carni-,
herbi- and loca-, as Vore aims to please vegetarians, vegans,
gluten-free eaters and regular eaters alike."

April 20

Judge's ruling grants legal right to research chimps
"In a decision that effectively recognizes chimpanzees as legal
persons for the first time, a New York judge today granted a pair of
Stony Brook University lab animals the right to have their day in
court. The ruling marks the first time in U.S. history that an animal
has been covered by a writ of habeas corpus, which typically allows
human prisoners to challenge their detention."

Clowns clash with animal rights protesters during crazy circus fight

Graphic Video Of Annual Canadian Seal Hunt Released By Animal Rights Group

Celebrities support demand for improvement of animal rights in Turkey
"Several celebrities offered their support at a workshop held by the
Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) and the Animal Search and Rescue
Association (HAKUT) at İstanbul Technical University (İTÜ) in İstanbul
on Monday to promote greater animal rights and the protection of
animals, both wild and domestic."

Animal Rights Group Hoping to Propose Fixes to Protection Act

Animal rights activists plan series of pickets against circuses
"The 'Northern Ireland Says NO To Animal Cruelty' group said on
Twitter: "Well done guys. We are protesting all animal circuses in the
country at the minute - get joining.""

Eat well: Vegans in Colorado Springs have plenty to look forward to this year
VegFest Colorado

This Is the Vegan Roadie's Favorite Vegan Dish in Philly
"The sixth episode of The Vegan Roadie goes online tomorrow, and guess
what city he's in this time? Philly! Harder checked out a slew of
vegan restaurants, but tomorrow's episode will highlight Vedge and
P.S. and Co."

Counter Culture Labs is making vegan cheese. It's not an oxymoron;
it's biohacking. counter_culture_labs_is_making_vegan_cheese_it_s_not_an_oxymoron _it_s_biohacking.html

European Street Café: Vegan Approved
"Metro Jacksonville's Brandi Gregory visits European Street Café, a
Jacksonville favorite and a visitor must-try."

Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin gets pampered by her glam squad as she preps
for vegan photoshoot

April 19

Clowns Brawl With Protesters Under Circus Big Top in San Bernardino
"Hundreds of spectators watched the fight break out when workers
allegedly tried to stop the activists from forcing their way inside"

Tossed from Target, teens take animal rights message to downtown Northampton tossed_from_target_teens_take.html
Teen Animal Rights Activists of Massachusetts

Animal rights activists protest USF animal experimentation
Animal rights activists protest USF animal experimentation
"Members of Stop Animal Experimentation Now are protesting the
University of South Florida's use of domesticated farm animals today
in Tampa."

'Goatchella' Draws A Huge Crowd, Along With Requisite Animal Rights Protestors
Direct Action Everywhere, Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy

Activists laud Denver-based Leprino for new animal-welfare policy
Mercy For Animals

Animal Animal Advocate Stella McCartney: Cruelty-Free Fashion, Meat
Free Mondays & More

'Heartless' Pippa Middleton Slammed By Animal Rights Groups After
Eating Whale Meat

Animal rights activists march in support of protection law in Nicaragua

Animal rights campaigners slam universities which give cocaine and
ecstasy to mice and guinea pigs
"According to the Animal Justice Project (AJP), scientists at various
UK universities including the University of Cambridge, University of
Surrey and University of Sussex have used at least 4,000 animals in
drug-based tests since 2010."

Animal-Rights Activists In Shiraz Protest Apparent Stray-Dog Killings
"A group of animal-rights activists protested on April 17 in the city
of Shiraz, the capital of Iran's Fars Province, against animal cruelty
and abuse of stray dogs."

Oakland Veg Week Wants You to Know That Veganism Isn't Just for White People oakland-veg-week-wants-you-to-know-that-veganism-isnt-just-for-white-people

100 year-old shares secrets to long life

I Rode Bikes With Mexico City's Most Fearless Vegan Sandwich Artists

Rapper Common stops at Ann Arbor vegan restaurant ahead of U-M concert

Pamela Anderson Visits Jail, Serves Vegan Meals for Inmates
"Maricopa County jail has eliminated meat since September 2013."

Delicious vegan options pepper model-actress Terra Incognita's dining
hotspots: 5 for Friday delicious_vegan_options_pepper.html

April 16

Comedian Bill Maher: A Stand-Up Guy for Animals

Youth group plans animal rights protest at Hadley Target store group_plans_animal_rights_prot.html
"A group calling itself Teen Animal Rights Activists of Massachusetts
(TARAM) plans an in-store demonstration at the Target store at the
Hampshire Mall on Saturday."

Pa. State Police probe rash of dog killings after remains found in creek pa_state_police_probe_rash_of.html

Horse export protesters picket Calgary airport meeting
"Animal rights groups rally against shipping live horses to Japan,
where the raw meat is seen as delicacy"

Animal Rights campaigner Mark Pearson beats No Land Tax Party's Peter
Jones to seat in the Upper House
Animal Justice Party

Ricky Gervais Hunter Row Accelerates As Rebecca Francis Accuses Him Of
'Using Influence To Target Women' In Her Industry

Hunter Ian Gibson Trampled To Death By Elephant He Was Tracking To
Kill For Ivory

Animal Rights Groups Turn Guns On Tories In Online 'Cull'
"ANIMAL rights campaigners turned the guns on top Tories yesterday,
launching an online game that allows users to "cull" the nasty party's
MPs from Parliament."

PETA animal rights campaigners told to 'stop using women as sex objects'
"Set up by Jake Jordan, of Warrington, the petition says important
messages that PETA is trying to get across are not working."

Pamela Anderson visits Phoenix to promote vegan meals at Maricopa County jails

So Am I a Vegan, Vegetarian, Ovo-Lacto, or Pecetarian?!

To live green, go vegan 16/live-green-go-vegan/25892165/
"EDITOR: Just in time for the 45th anniversary of Earth Day on
Wednesday, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has made it
official: U.S. consumption of animal products is not environmentally
sustainable at current levels."

This Philly Restaurant will Turn You Into a Vegan

April 14

Vegan vs. Vegetarian Diets: How Each Will Impact Your Health

Cow Milk Without the Cow Is Coming to Change Food Forever

These Photos Prove Man v. FoodHost Adam Richman Is Not Strictly Vegan After All

SeaWorld Class-Action Lawsuit: 'Tell The Truth' About Orcas'
Well-Being, Animal Rights Group Demands

Activists Push For Passage Of TN Animal Rights Bills

Post and past Singer: Absolutism and animal rights

Animal rights group brings 'pay for view' tour to Kansas State University

Pa. slaughterhouse recalls 1,800 pounds of uninspected veal pa_slaughterhouse_recalls_1800.html
"IMLER, Pa. (AP) -- A Pennsylvania slaughterhouse is recalling 1,800
pounds of veal carcasses that were sold to families for Orthodox
Easter without being inspected."

Coldstream chicken farm accuses Animal Liberation Victoria of trespass
after bird photos are shared around the world

Women may have pioneered hunting with weapons
"An analysis of spear-wielding chimps, most of which are females,
suggests the idea may not be as eccentric as it might sound."

Why Men Are Afraid of Going Vegan

Vegan teacher settles lawsuit against Ohio district
"A vegan teacher has settled a lawsuit with the northeast Ohio school
district that fired him last year over a Facebook post critical of
dairy farming practices."

Pamela Anderson to visit Arpaio, tout vegan diet
"Sheriff Joe Arpaio is scheduled to join former Baywatch star Pamela
Anderson and a representative from People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals on a tour of the sheriff's food-production facility before
visiting Tent City and eating one of the vegetarian meals served to

Red Herring: serving Vegan food for a purpose

April 13

SeaWorld faces damning animal welfare lawsuit: 'Drugged, sunburnt
whales in shallow pools with painted-over injuries'

The Elephant's No Longer in the Room: Four Lessons Animal Rights
Groups, Zoos and Circuses can Learn From the Shift at Ringling

Animal rights activists try to stop Kelly Miller Circus in South Russell
"SOUTH RUSSELL, Ohio - Animal rights activists plan to make one more
bid to stop a circus from performing on village-owned property this

Animal-rights advocates call for investigation of Anderson County officers
"Animal-rights advocates have launched a social media campaign asking
for an investigation of Anderson County animal-control officers'
handling of some dogs seized from the troubled Golden S Rescue near

Peta anti-shearing activist is a 'spiv' in a 'vegan wonderland',
Barnaby Joyce says
"Agriculture minister attacks Jona Weinhofen, an Australian musician
living in California, over anti-wool campaign featuring a bloodied
lamb with the words 'here's the rest of your wool coat'"

ISU professor suggests veganism for all
"Illinois State University English professor Kirstin Hotelling Zona,
an advocate of the vegan lifestyle, encourages all students, faculty
and just about anyone to try veganism."

Know the difference of going vegan or vegetarian

Vegan lifestyle would avoid humans' bird flu concerns

April 12

Animal Rights Activist Who Used to Work at Sea World Busted With
'Fishy' Ultra Racist Video

Animal Rights Activists Stage Passover Protest in Eilat
"Demonstrators from Let Animals Live, Anonymous for Animal Rights and
Israel Against Live Transports gathered at the boardwalk wearing
shackles and splattered with fake blood to draw attention to the
treatment of animals on board the ships."

Morrissey accuses Glastonbury's Michael Eavis of 'censoring' show's
animal rights film because he's a dairy farmer
"The former Smiths frontman claims a film about factory farming he
wanted to accompany his song Meat Is Murder at the 2011 festival was
banned by Eavis"

Supporter of Tonbridge animal rights group scales Trafalgar Square
statue to protest Grand National
"A supporter of Tonbridge animal rights group Animal Aid has scaled
the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in protest of today's Grand

Animal rights campaigners criticise 'exploitative' racing industry
over death of Seedling at Aintree

SHINee Jonghyun's fans donate to the Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth
"Just as SHINee's Jonghyun is known to be thoughtful and generous, so
are his fans!  To celebrate his 26th birthday that recently passed,
his kind fans recently donated to Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth
(CARE), an act that Jonghyun would no doubt applaud and love."

Tip for FBI: Agents Need a Vegan Diet | Neal Barnard, M.D.

It's Time to Consider Veganism if You Care About California's Drought

Penn Jillette's 105-pound weight loss in 100 days due to vegan-based diet, HIIT
"Penn follows a mostly vegan diet based on Dr. Joel Fuhrman's
Nutritarian diet, which excludes animal products, processed grains,
added sugar and salt."

Dear Dr. Roach: Vegan does not need fish to be healthy

Vegan Pizza in Salt Lake City

Nutrition News: What Kind of Vegan Are You, Eggs and Diabetes, Brain
Benefits of Leafy Greens

April 10

Living the Vegan Dream on a Farm Sanctuary
"Longtime animal activist Gene Baur talks policy change, Portland
vegans, and his new cookbook, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life."

Chef Fired After Expletive-Laced Rant Against Animal Rights Activists Online

Animal rights activists say skip the circus
"SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The Shrine Circus is in town for the weekend. The
show opened on Thursday night at Missouri State University's JQH
Arena, and the campus was bustling with families, clowns, and animal
right activists."

Animal rights group questions Forest Preserve District's deer culling program
Steve Hindi, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)

Animal rights activists demand freedom for cattle, sheep from overseas
"Aiming to illustrate the suffering of cattle and sheep shipped to
Israel from overseas, about 55 protesters took to the Eilat boardwalk
on Wednesday night."

Animal rights group files complaint against Maple Lodge Farms
Animal Justice, Mercy for Animals

Adam Richman Goes Vegan, Except His Instagram Pictures And Interview
Say Something Different

The Big Veg 2015: 50 Vegetarian/Vegan Things to Eat Before You Die
"San Francisco is for lovers--and by lovers, we mean vegetarians. Our
city is second to none when it comes to vegetarian and vegan cuisine,
which ranges from decadent, splurge-worthy meals down to
hole-in-the-wall gems that understand that a good vegetarian dish is
so much more than just throwing some peas on a plate."

BRYNIARSKI: For cultural veganism

Fifth Mad City Vegan Fest set for June 27 arts_and_entertainment/article_4131b138-dd35-11e4-8b6a-af1e691f906e.html

"While We're Young" Vegan Ice Cream at Jake's

April 8

Animal Rights Group Pays People to Watch Graphic Video
"SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- An animal rights group visited Missouri State
University on Monday, to raise awareness about how animals are treated
on farms and at slaughterhouses."

Animal rights group protests GFS
"GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- A national animal rights group protested
Gordon Food Service in the Grand Rapids area today."

Animal welfare activists press Bartlesville to allow pit bull adoptions

Animal rights watchdog says Purdue violated federal law
"Purdue University has long prided itself as one of the premiere
academic institutions for research in a variety of fields. Now, a
group called Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! has put the University
under fire for the mistreatment of animal subjects."

Defending man's best friend; Animal Rights Day spotlights need to give
pets their due
"Dogs -- and their other animal friends -- had the run of the campus of
Andover's Massachusetts School of Law last weekend for the celebration
of its ninth annual Animal Rights Day."

ARFF and other animal welfare groups want citizens to tell FWC not to
reopen bear hunting in Florida

Animal rights' groups protest new rodeo romance The Longest Ride
"The Longest Ride, a film based off of a Nicholas Sparks movie and
starring Clint Eastwood's son Scott Eastwood, premiered 6 April, with
a makeshift western rodeo set up on a famous stretch of Hollywood

Animal rights protestors demand Langley's zoo changes
Greater Vancouver Zoo

Animal rights campaigners 'not surprised' at the possibility of more
greyhound mass graves

Man v. Food's Adam Richman: 'I've been vegan for three months'

Why Vegans Should Praise Chipotle and Subway

IKEA Is Officially Serving Vegan Meatballs

Culinary Q&A: Vegan restaurant opens on Merritt Island

Venerable vegan restaurant moving to Rockridge

Bean Vegan Cuisine gets closer to opening day; now hiring
"The Charlotte-based Bean Vegan Cuisine is working hard to open its
newest Asheville location."

Vegan restaurant, Elements, opening soon in Asheville
"ASHEVILLE – Elements, a juice bar and cafe, is set to open on Liberty
Street April 14. The restaurant will serve an all-vegan menu, and will
also specialize in ready-to-cook dinner kits."

Coffee house serves up vegan local menu


April 7

'No Bear Hunt' banner hung on I-4 overpass to protest black bear hunting in Fla.

Berlin's beloved bear may have to be put down, warns animal rights group
"Bear Alliance says city's 34-year-old mascot, Schnute, is ailing and
apathetic and offers to give animal 'dignified end to her life'"

Animal-rights protesters take their case to Aldergrove zoo +take+their+case+Aldergrove/10947670/story.html
"Vancouver Zoo, shame on you"

Tnuva to give animal rights groups NIS 2.7m. for slaughterhouse abuse
"Israeli food giant Tnuva is set to contribute NIS 2.7 million to
animal rights groups and NIS 1.5m. worth of food products to
food-distribution organization Latet in a class action settlement
regarding slaughterhouse abuse announced Sunday."

Animal rights demonstration at Twycross Zoo

Federal report: Vegan diet best for planet

Tips for Avoiding Activist Burnout

Food La La: Roy's Waikiki offers vegan menu

Whole Foods to offer P. Terry's veggie, vegan burgers
"AUSTIN -- Tired of waiting in the drive-thru line? P. Terry's can be
found in a more convenient location: Your freezer."

New Food at Dodger Stadium to Include Carne Asada Fries, Loaded Vegan Nachos

Vegan 'Big Macs,' 100 vegan beers at this year's Vegan Beer & Food Festival
"Food- and beer-loving vegans can flock to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena
on May 16 for the sixth Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival. There
will be vegan grilled cheese, burgers and doughnuts -- and more than
100 vegan beers with unlimited pours, organizers said."

New vegan Hendersonville brewery to promote animal protection
"Sanctuary Brewing plans to open this summer at 147 First Ave. East in
downtown Hendersonville. Owners Lisa McDonald and Joe Dinan will
support local animal rescue groups and "a certain amount of the
proceeds" from beer sales will go to those organizations."

April 6

Brooklyn Rabbit Owner Arraigned on Animal Cruelty Charges
'Rabbit hoarder' fights back with bizarre $2B suit
"A hopping mad Brooklyn bunny hoarder was hauled into court Friday on
charges ofkeeping 176 of the critters in a filthy junkyard -- and on
the way out she served a bizarre $2 billion lawsuit on the
animal-rights activist who ratted her out."

Animal Advocate: Alicia Silverstone
"In honor of Animal Abuse Awareness Month, we re highlighting
celebrities who fight for the rights of our furry friends in a big

Michael Jackson s alligators, crocodile boiled to death in blaze,
Oklahoma animal sanctuary owner says

Dog lovers across the Emirates talk about animal rights april/nationgeneral_april31.xml

Exploitive petting zoo at New Watford Market cancelled after animal
rights group campaign 12871828._Exploitive__petting_zoo_at_ New_Watford_Market_cancelled_after_animal_rights_group_campaign/
"It sparked outrage from the Hertfordshire Animal Rights group which
urged supporters to "reflect our concerns to the management of the
market" to prevent the 'exploitive' event from happening."

Vegetarian-vegan diets seem OK for pregnant women
""Although vegan–vegetarian diets are increasingly popular, no recent
systematic reviews on vegan–vegetarian diets in pregnancy exist,"
noted Giorgina B. Piccoli, MD, of the University of Torino in Italy,
and colleagues."

WeHo's Vegan Beer Festival Leaves for Pasadena

Letter: Vegan diet helps region s health

Disney World Now Has a Vegan, Gluten-Free Bakery, Proving That Magic
Lives Beyond Childhood

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